3 True Scary Ghost Stories | Real Paranormal Stories

By | May 23, 2020
3 True Scary Ghost Stories | Real Paranormal Stories

The following accounts have been Submitted by subscribers These stories are claimed to describe True events I ask you to listen in good faith and Decide for yourself What to believe I have always believed that those kissed By death have an uncanny ability to see And hear the dead born on the last day Of the year in 1996 I came into this world clinging to life The umbilical cord wrapped around my Neck I was born with one foot on the other Side From the time i could talk my parents Recalled me seeing things that were just Not there I would look at the ceiling and giggle Murmuring the word angels to my Religious mother’s delight She praised me until one day i saw my Grandma I was three when my mother’s mom passed Away and my mother did not even know of This yet I simply walked into the room and said Grandma bye bye My grandmother passed that day the next Year both my grandparents on my father’s Side passed within months of each other My grandpa in the hospital and my

Grandma alone in the chair It took them days to even find her when My grandpa Died my dad already knew but i had no Idea he was even sick I was only four and my parents felt it Best not to alert me I had drawn a picture of the family and Had both my parents and my grandma in The picture But my grandpa was not when my dad Looked at the drawing he asked where Grandpa was I apparently pointed at the ceiling and Said he went up the stairs He’s waving at you after these Experiences My mother no longer praised the things i Saw There are three experiences that i can Recall after this that shook me to my Core Once when i was about six the next at Fourteen And the last at twenty my mother and i Believe our house is haunted by a man With big boots Who reeks of cigarettes no one in our Home is a smoker but on certain mornings When you wake up The entire house mouths of cigarettes Almost as if one was Put out in the hallway most nights as Well between midnight and around 2am

You can hear heavy boots walking down The hall Stopping and turning it only happens Once and we had got used to the sound Until one night my dad and i had spent The morning building a cardboard box Fort in the hallway next to my room And i had eagerly elected to sleep there That night We put blankets pillows and stuffed toys Into the fort And my parents kissed me good night and Went down the long hall to their room I stayed up a bit playing with my toys In the fort Before i crawled into my makeshift Bedroom and called it a night As soon as my eyes shut the bootsteps Began They walked the path straight to my box Growing louder and louder with each step I squeezed my eyes as tight as they Could go and in my head Begged the footsteps to stop and they Did I opened my eyes and looked out the Window of the fort and saw no one So i returned to attempting to sleep Suddenly one of my toys in the hallway Began to play its song I had a toy winx club playhouse that had A blue lever on the front of it When you pulled the lever the doors Opened and played the theme song

In an instant that song began to play The blood rang in my ears and my heart Jumped from my chest I sat there in silence as the song Stopped Hearing nothing but my own heartbeat Then Suddenly the smell of cigarettes I stopped breathing my eyes shut hard in Fear as i heard and Felt the breath of a man against the Back of my head And forehead the next thing i remember Was my parents Rushing to my aid only believing i had Had A nightmare by the time i was about 14 I had seen and heard many more things One however Involving this entity makes me shake to This day I was lying in bed with my cat who was Fast asleep At my side on cue the footsteps rang Down the hall I just continued texting on my phone Then Suddenly they stopped the footsteps Didn’t make it all the way down the hall They stopped right at my door my cat Picked up his head and looked at the Door just as the knob started to rattle He jumped down under the bed and i Dropped my phone watching

In panic as the door rattled and the Knob quickly shook I had a guitar next to my bed and i Heard the strings start to pluck And my cat start to hiss i never once Screamed I just sat there frozen in panic waiting For it to stop As quickly as it began it ended My last big experience in my home was a Few years ago My childhood dog had just died and i Fell into a horrible depression The way she died was graphic she had Cancer And the tumor bled profusely after she Died for about eight months i had Nightmares of her Every night dripping in blood although i Could brush that aside as the trauma From her dying This experience was different Two days after the nightmares started i Elected to sleep downstairs on the couch Thinking getting away from my room would Help The downstairs couch shares a wall with The backyard At the head of the couch outside the Wall is the gate my dog used to go Through in the mornings to get to the Backyard It is a big six foot tall metal gate With a lock on the top

After her death we padlocked it shut i Laid down for the night with the gate Closed And my parents asleep upstairs at about Two am I woke up to hear the gate rattling Thinking it was the wind I went back to sleep what felt like only Two seconds later I had this strong feeling i was being Watched I popped my eyes open and looked about The dark living room And saw nothing so i went to bed but the Feelings stayed I woke up a second time and saw Something i will never Forget or rather i smelled it before i Saw it A black figure reeking of rot stood About seven foot High in the room just feet from me it Was lanky And nearly touching the ceiling its Features distorted and resembling Slenderman But it was black no blacker than black My stomach dropped and a cold sweat Started Too scared to scream i just stood there In the face of what i thought Was death i heard the blood pounding in My ears and then Nothing just blackness

I passed out i could brush off this Occurrence as a nightmare if not for one Thing The lock on the gate outside which was Padlocked shut with a key Was found on the floor the gate swinging Wide open I was born and brought up in delhi but My family originally belongs to birha Some 1 200 kilometers from delhi All these experiences started when i First went to visit my grandparents When i was around two or three years old Because i was so young I don’t remember the incident at all but My parents and other villagers have told Me about it Many times my grandparents home was a Two-story building without railings And i was playing on the roof besides my Sisters and cousins who were reading It was around six in the evening and the Sun wasn’t fully set My mother went downstairs to get Something leaving me with my elder Sister who is 14 years older than me Somehow after my mother left i fell Off the roof when my mother came back And she couldn’t find me Within minutes the whole village came to Help for around two to three hours they Searched Eventually someone found me under a Bible tree

A tree with lots of thorns without any Clothes and without a single scratch on My body I was lying there as though someone had Placed me there Yet that would have been impossible no One could have taken me from my Grandparents house without being noticed As the stairs go right through the Middle of the house and there were over 20 family members present In the building at the time after this i Was taken to a priest Who said that someone or something was Linked to me When i again visited my grandparents This time at the age of 13 i spent a lot Of time roaming the nearby fields While going home late one evening i saw A beautiful girl who seemed to be of the Same age Appear out of nowhere we talked a bit And became Friends after this we met again and Again At first we would meet around a Particular place But after those first few times there Grew to be no fixed Time or place she would just appear out Of thin air Especially whenever i was in a bad mood These meetings took place over a long Time period

As i used to visit my grandparents every Year staying there only for a week or so As time passed i kind of became addicted To her I knew that there was something odd About her because whenever i used to ask Her about her parents or where she lives Or any personal questions She used to avoid answering them yet i Still longed for our meetings She also used to wear the same white Dress every time we met When i asked her about it she smiled and Answered that i used to like that dress Very much But i remember very well that i had Never once complimented her About the dress before when my Grandfather died we stopped visiting the Village as my grandmother came to live With us I didn’t see the girl until the month When i used to go visit my grandparents This was the first time i saw her here In delhi At first i was very happy although a bit Shocked to see her I must have been 18 at the time when i Came back And talked about her with my mom my Grandmother overheard us And was furious in my village it wasn’t Allowed for a boy and a girl to spend Time alone in the evenings

When i described her appearance my Grandmother refused to know Any such girl my village isn’t a big one And my grandmother spent over 60 years Living there So she was very confident that the girl I described must have been from some Other village However the nearest village from my Village is about five kilometers It wouldn’t have been possible or Allowed for a girl to travel That much distance all by herself and That late In the evening after telling them this My grandmother and mother were left Feeling slightly worried but didn’t say Anything else other than to invite the Girl to the house The next day when i met her and asked Her to come to my house She answered in a very strange way I can still hear her voice fresh in my Head Smiling she asked do you really want me To come with you to your house There was just something about the way She spoke that startled me So i murmured not right now and instead Suggested she visit tomorrow She agreed and left and so i returned Home to tell my mother about it The next day i asked my mother to make Something nice for my friend

We waited together for her to come but Time passed and there was just no sign Of her My mom said that she was going to pick The clothes up from the roof And would come back quickly just seconds After she left the girl Arrived i invited her inside and shouted To my mom and grandmother from the Stairs I asked her to wait as i ran to the Kitchen for the cookies that my mom had Made for us After some time standing together Waiting for my mom to return The girl said it was getting late and That she would have to leave I convinced her to wait some more Wanting her to meet my family After 10 minutes or so she said that it Would soon become dark and hence she Should really be going Now promising to meet my mother some Other time so She left now i was furious at my mother As she said she would be right back But over half an hour had passed whilst My friend waited to meet her As i was about to make my way towards The stairs to find her i saw her coming Down I yelled at her questioning why she Hadn’t come when i called My mom looked confused she said that she

Had never heard anything and asked why The girl Left so early when i told her that we Had waited for her for over half an hour She answered much to my surprise that She had only been gone for five Ten minutes at the most upset i said she Was just Making excuses and ran to my room This was the first time my mother Started to believe that something was Very wrong After this every time the girl met me Others wouldn’t be present Due to various reasons my mother became So worried that she decided to place a Camera in my room where most of our Meetings used to take place The camera didn’t show anything my Parents thought that i must have a Psychological problem And consulted with a psychiatrist Various tests were done But the results always came back normal My grandmother who was a very spiritual Woman asked my parents to take me back To the same priest Who had examined me in my childhood the Priest performed some rituals and gave Me some sort of pendant Instructing me to never remove it from My neck Yet as soon as i came back to delhi i Fell sick

I was admitted to the all india Institute of medical science But none of the doctors could determine The reason for the high fever i was Suffering For three months i suffered from some Unknown disease Until one day my nephew who was around Six years old at the time Came to visit me along with my parents My brother-in-law told me that my nephew Had begged to see me all morning And hence they had to bring him whilst My brother-in-law and mother went Outside for some time My nephew came close to me then all of a Sudden He snatched away the pendant and threw It out of the window I could not understand why he did that But before i could react I saw her the girl still in that white Dress Standing right behind him i passed out After some time i eventually woke up to The doctor Examining me as the doctor left my Mother nephew and brother-in-law came Into the room My nephew was crying most likely having Been scolded by his father for what he Did They were asking him why he threw the Pendant away and to everyone’s surprise

He said that a dede Referring to a girl older than himself Had asked him to do it We were all shocked to hear that but Didn’t dwell on it for long As surprisingly i wasn’t sick anymore I was feeling well and within a week i Was discharged from the hospital Despite this incident having freaked me Out whenever she used to meet me Afterwards I couldn’t resist her these meetings Increased significantly when i moved Elsewhere With my cousin for studies it was then That my family members too Started to sense her presence my mother In particular often felt as though Someone had just entered into my room Despite there being no one there it was Also around this time that bad things Started to happen To people who were mean to me for Example a boy who made fun of my glasses Said that someone pushed him down the Stairs on the same day Some time passed like this until one day My father called me to say that he was Coming to meet me and that he had got a New pendant from the priest For me on the night she told me that she Wouldn’t leave me this time And that no one could interfere the next Day when i came back from my classes

I saw i had many missed calls from my Mother When i called her i was shocked that my Father had had an accident Whilst he was coming to the railway Station i remembered what she had told Me the previous night And i was grasped by sheer fear i wanted To be with my parents But my mom said that as my exams were Only weeks away I didn’t need to come i didn’t say Anything else and hung up the call That night when she came to meet me i Was frightened I told her that i didn’t want to meet With her anymore and that she should Leave I can’t remember anything after that but After that night I never saw her again as i used to Still to this day i dream of her It is the same dream every time she and I are sitting on a bench in front of a Huge Tree and she is wearing the same dress That’s all i can remember from the dream But this happens every full moon And whenever i am feeling very sad other Than those dreams i have never seen her Again Not since the night i told her to leave I don’t even like Using her name because even just the

Sound of it Is so unnerving to me I have always been a skeptic and believe In the power of suggestion And the human brain picking up on things Subconsciously so i’m not saying that This is completely paranormal But it is strange and it’s a hundred Percent true My grandmother had been suffering with Dementia heart problems and failing Kidneys Since i was about seven so her death When i was 15 Wasn’t a shock it wasn’t exactly Expected She had been very ill for a long time And there was no indication of her Getting any worse And if there was my overprotective Father wouldn’t have talked about it in Front of me So there was no reason for me to suspect That she might be dying Anytime soon it was a perfectly ordinary Weekend With me revising for my exams reading And doing homework Everything felt fine until it came to Going to bed on saturday night I have always been a poor sleeper Struggling with insomnia night terrors And nightmares since i was a very young Child

So when i couldn’t sleep that night and Lay awake for a while feeling Wrong i put it down to my normal Sleeping problems Or maybe some new horror of my anxious Teenage brain My sister was asleep in the bed next to Me and my dog was asleep on my feet Clearly they didn’t feel anything off so The problem was with me Eventually i drifted off into an uneasy Dose In my dream i felt twisted and stiff And unable to move all wriggle away from The distressing And uncomfortable feeling that was all Over my body as i lay there Twitching and turning all i could see Were the waves of the ocean And a small canoe-like boat that was in The distance The water was close not stormy just Steady with the waves passing me by I jerked awake an hour or so later i Still felt restless and uncomfortable And left distressed by the dream Although i couldn’t say why The strange thing was i was in an Unnatural and uncomfortable position When i woke up On my back with my back arched off the Bed my legs ramrod straight and pressed Together My hands folded tightly over my chest

Normally i sleep curled into a tight Ball on my side After shaking myself and cursing my Terrible circadian rhythm I tried once more to get to sleep only To fall back Into the same dream the discomfort was Slightly less now but i still Tossed and turned restlessly the water Seemed closer now all around me but not Like i was in danger of drowning But like it was on a video that was Zooming in i glimpsed inside the canoe It was empty the water kept rushing past Again i woke up feeling disoriented and Tired Like i hadn’t slept at all only to Realize it was still the middle of the Night Again i was in the same odd position Nearly tearful with tiredness and Frustration i flipped my pillow Rolled onto my side and tried to sleep Again Surprisingly i did manage to fall asleep And yes Slipped straight back into the same Dream only it was hazier now Less vivid i wasn’t so uncomfortable and Twitchy The waves now filled my vision the empty Canoe was nearby Somewhere it was all fading to nothing As i went deeper into sleep

When i woke up again i was back in the Same strange position But without the tense straining in my Muscles It was still the middle of the night so I couldn’t have been asleep for long But this time i felt more rested the Only problem was I was terrified there was a pit of Anxiety in my stomach Something was wrong i wanted to scream And wake everyone up Because something just wasn’t right then I noticed my dog standing up Struggling and attempting to get off the Bed something was wrong I just stared heart pounding as i was Staring the phone rang I heard my dad get up to answer it when Has a 3am Phone call ever been good when i heard Him come Back up he popped his head into my room Expecting me to be asleep Only to find me sitting up and urgently Whispering that there was something Wrong with the dog I got up and we helped her down from the Bed and into the hall So we could look at her in the light Without waking my sister My dad woke my mum as she was examining The dog i asked him about the phone call He just said it was the nursing home

Your grandma has taken the turn for the Worst I’ll need to go and visit her in the Morning the next morning After spending the whole night in my Parents room monitoring the dog We got dressed and took her to the vet When we got back And told my dad the news that the dog Was going to be fine with time and an Injection of some steroids He told me that he had lied about the Phone call the previous night You were just so scared about the dog he Said and i didn’t want to tell you right Then But your grandma died that was the phone Call I was so overwhelmed with everything That had happened Thinking about how awful it had all been The bad dreams the uneasy feeling My dog getting sick then learning that My grandma had passed That i didn’t connect it until later how Strange it was That i had known something was wrong the Timings are what bothered me and still Bother me the most As i was dreaming of being trapped and Uncomfortable Writhing in my own body waking up Position like a body in a coffin My grandma was dying as my dreams got

Weaker She got weaker the dreams fading to Nothing as she passed Just minutes before my dad got the call As i dreamt i was trapped watching the Waves My grandmother died in the bedroom of Her nursing home On the promenade which looked out to sea I dread another night like that and what Might be wrong Or who might be gone when i wake up in The morning Thank you for watching and thank you to Everybody who so Kindly and courageously shared their Stories with us today Also an extra special thank you to our Members For all the support that they show this Channel it is very much Appreciated if you enjoyed this please Do subscribe Ensuring that you have turned on all Notifications for More paranormal content you can also Sign up to our email newsletter over on Our website And if you cannot wait until our next Video why not watch the one suggested on Screen now Until next time