Our Scary Night In The Most HAUNTED Building in Ohio (Madison Seminary) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | May 21, 2020
Our Scary Night In The Most HAUNTED Building in Ohio (Madison Seminary) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

But this was the place for the worst of The worst these people were suffering up Here I’m gonna tell you guys we do this For real We just show up in a messy so a lot of Times it’s not that scary because we do It we’ve been doing it every night this Week I’m terrified right now Let’s give a role on the lay upstairs Just in case Those noises just started it was like Everything out it sounded like a Wheelchair We just provide some context we just Packed up all of our podcast stuff and That scared to Shannon and me hold on Before you go down let’s just ask why Shouldn’t if that’s really bad Hello it’s okay to come out of your Rooms you don’t have to stay in the Rooms you can come out You’re welcome to come out of your room You don’t have to stay in your room keep Coming you can walk towards us we’re not Gonna hurt you Can you bring me one of the wheelchairs Or one of the rocking chairs I really Need one to sit this way you sure stop This is so creepy we haven’t even Started filming the video yet okay hold Up let’s just sit here first thing it’s Okay to come out of your rooms

Can you step out of your rooms it’s okay I know in the bathroom right here there Was a murder I don’t know who you are if You’re there in this bathroom we know That you committed suicide there and That’s fine I’m sorry for your pain but You’re you’re free to come out show Yourself That’s dark Try to just move that wheelchair just a Little bit Okay guys so I know that that intro was A bit all over the place but I’m telling You this place is really freaky Jeff and I are both on edge this is the first Time I felt like this any of these Locations we’ve been at it reminds me of When I first started ghost hunting this Place is very active we were warned by Other paranormal investigators in Ohio That this is the not only the scariest Place that they’ve investigated but also The most active and it’s proven to be True immediately upon entry we’re here Right now at the Madison Seminary this Is an infamous building here in Madison Ohio and all those clips you just saw Were completely raw Jeff and I just Filmed the podcast this place is Supposed to be really physically haunted And the people who work here say it’s Dark and we just heard a phantom clock Start ticking I heard the wheelchairs

Move multiple times we’re hearing Banging we tried to source footsteps we Couldn’t find any source for that like Just like most boat friends yeah I was a Packet yeah the homeless song like that Write that so we’re about to heaven We’re gonna do two locations in here Tonight and focus on them we’re heading Up top to the asylum where the physical Violent dark energy is and then we’re Gonna head to the basement of the Building which is where every person Tonight told us they were afraid of we Also have to go to where they thought There was Yes the whole human remains okay so We’re gonna do a walk up Valley hi I’m Shelly I’m remembered the man crew of The Madison Seminary I’ve been doing This for about almost two years now this Is the oldest part of the building were Sitting in right now was about 1947 it Was originally a wooden structure called The Wittenmyer cottage it was an All-boys school for many years then it Switched over in 1889 to a place for the Women that were misplaced in the Civil War it has many different layers we’ve Had as the Madison home which was the Home for the elderly we had the police Run out here in the 1970s to the 1980s Along with the Commissioner’s Office We had the home for boys which was a School actually and they would graduate

From here we actually did have some Criminally insane and mentally Challenged and handicapped people in the Asylum from the times that back then When they would bring these people in a Lot of times they weren’t really Certified crazy or insane people could Be dropped off here for many different Reasons so some of these people like Husbands can drop with their wife’s off Just because they no longer were in love With them and they could just tell them Oh with a regret to me books say so Or they don’t agree with my politics so They would just drop him off and no Questions were asked so then they would Have all these medications given to them And they if they weren’t crazy when they Came here usually yet they’ve been here A little while they were so tell me About the paranormal what do people Experience here one main thing that Happens a lot is this around seven-foot Tall shadow man I’ve actually seen him Myself he was actually in this room over Here We were just in this room across the Hall actually investigating and I was Sitting on the floor and I looked across And there’s an armoire in this room that You can’t see right now and it’s tall But it’s not seven-foot but I can tell Her whatever was standing in front of it Was taller and I kept looking and then

Another volunteer actually looked at the Same time and as we both look together He actually took his stuff towards us so Two of us actually saw that we hear Singing on the side a lot footsteps on The stairwell this side is what we Consider the more mellow Haunting is not as active it is active It’s just not it seems to be more Residual maybe the other side were the Asylum is and stuff we’ve had people Touched We’ve had people scratched we’ve heard Disembodied voices the shadow figures Light anomalies we’ve had people to Christ like activity we’ve had stuff fly Off chairs a doll actually there’s Actually video online about that or a Doll was sitting for nine days on the Same chair than all sudden she just like Went forward and the way she fell we Tried to reenact it we couldn’t get her Off the chair the same way she fell so What about yourself what are you two Favorite experiences that you’ve had Here probably one I had to be removed From the asylum I have a connection with One of the spirits up there that I feel A connection with for some reason ever Since day one there’s a room up in the Asylum that I go to all the time is what My favorite rooms we were in there Investigating and I actually had like a Breakdown there’s almost like I don’t

Even how to describe it because I don’t Remember it I have it on video we’ve Seen the video of it I know I cried as I Was coming out I’m arguing with them Telling him I can’t leave her then they Finally get me outside and my men are Actually at the time was called me a Word and she’s like well you’re not one But you’re being one right now and you Don’t act like this so what is going on So it’s almost like an emotional control They came over me so that was kind of Weird because it was like I don’t Remember a lot of what was going on at The time so it was almost like a Blackout that was kind of creepy but I Kind of liked it too because it’s cool Because it shows something’s going on Here Get anymore creepier than that We’re gonna go up Creepy doesn’t help that it’s also Snowing right now and I’m really windy And just sounds so creepy outside okay Just now I’m gonna tell you guys we do this for Real we just show up and investigate I Said a lot of times it’s not that scary Yes we do it we’ve been doing it every Night this week I’m terrified right now

I am Denise I have been a volunteer here At Madison Seminary for a year and a Half now and I’m at the building Probably about three days a week the Room that we’re standing in is referred To as the Buried room you’ll see that There is actually a hole in the floor we Have always heard legends about a woman Being buried in the floor and a lot of Urban legends come with some truth to Them so we actually brought in cadaver Dogs they had free reign at the hole Downstairs we didn’t bring them to this Room two of them came right into this Room and did their tell which is to pad On the ground and sit we then brought in Ground-penetrating radar they found an Anomaly right in this spot three feet Down we cut a hole in the floor And dug down to three feet and didn’t Find anything we were a little Disappointed so we brought in at the Cadaver dog that is actually the active Duty dog for the police department it Came right into this room went right to The dirt pile and did its tell pat it on The dirt and sat down according to the Handler that means that sometime within The last thirty years or so there was a Body here at some point we didn’t find Anything in the hole we didn’t find Anything in the dirt but it’s possible That there was a body here that was Moved we do have a lot of people come in

Who are psychic and will say that they Don’t think that the body is here and a Lot of them talk about water or things Like that so I I definitely think that There was someone here but that they Were moved in this room if you start Asking questions about the girl if you Start asking who she was or what Happened or where she is this room will Become so dark that you can’t even see The windows anymore we have a lot of People we’ll be investigating in here And it’ll seem like the person next to Them is reaching out to them and then What once they turn on a flashlight they Realize the person never moved or it’ll Seem like somebody standing right next To you and you’ll see their outline but When you turn the flashlight on there’s No Hmm yeah are you here with us right now You step as close as possible to me There’s somebody following us or Something you’re just standing right With us Oh Mike I just had to know Honestly I feel really creeped out this Place you’re really disoriented I just So here’s where they thought they could Have her dogs found a body I’m just sitting that chair yeah one Goal exiled Yeah guys so like Jeff just said this is The body room where they think that

There was a body buried at one point but They don’t think that there is one here Anymore we’re both really freaked out I Feel like I’m in a different state of Mind It’s like affecting both of us this First time this has happened this whole Trip something bad is going on here Jeff just got like mentally attacked Upstairs with the migraine and Everything yeah we’re just come here to Talk to whoever’s in here we’re not here To hurt anybody again or nice people We’re sorry if something happened to you But if your spirit is still here please Make contact with us now please do it Now Could you come out there of that how you In that bowl I will be honest and say that I am a Chicken and I am afraid a lot in this Building I think then you would have a Hard time figuring out which part of the Building is the most active just because There’s not a part of the building that Isn’t active it used to be that the Civil War side was a little bit more Calm you know it was it was active but Not so scary but that’s all changed too We honestly don’t have a most active Part I think it just depends on the day It depends on who’s investigating and it Depends on what time of the night it is You’re here again thank you for moving

Like you did it sounded like could you Do that again for us again we’re here as Friends and we’re sorry for what may Have happened to you but we’re just here To make contact with you please do Something now please Now my ears ringing are you here Ear piercing loud Two years doing that exact same thing Yeah that’s what – right now yeah that’s What – but it hasn’t Palm down right now Keep coming Can you shut that door for us please Yeah Dudes pressure we’re here right when They called the storm is hitting Let’s go up to the most violent and end Of party building P this is where ice Big ball late and you saw step away from Are you guys here you didn’t like that This is treated like a horror movie This is truly like a horror movie do you Make that no you go lights out Okay thank you I’m just knocked over here can you that Again I want to remind everybody right Now we’re in the asylum or a lot of Abuse took place there’s a lot of people With mental disorders up here Together we gotta go Missed him literally right next you want To go against ICU yeah but you want to Go I tell you I just want to ask Something here with the ramp on what’s

Off That’s very spiky this is where you said The shadow figures boys that’s right He’s staying in this corner we have to Do it but I said if they’re so loud we Might miss a place or something but just Please just do one thing My name is Jim commonly would koloth Around here is the gangsta and the owner Of the building gave me that name but I’ve been here since August of 2018 I Came for a public hunt and I haven’t Left since I sort of the hunt got to me And I knew I had to come back every week This is uh my home away from home and Right now we’re standing in the asylum This was the what we call the rec room Here because it we think this is where They would have brought the people out And they put him in wheelchairs in the Alcoves here but this was the place for The worst of the worst they more of us Had him hidden in the back so nobody Could really see them up here the Windows do not open in the wintertime Nick that chilly there was some heat in The building but I’m sure not a whole Lot get up to here there was enough that They survived in the summertime it gets Up to a hundred 120 degrees up here like I said the windows do not open so these People were suffering up here there’s One name over here in the corner that Has been engraved into the floor and

Into the windowsill his name was Rudy we Have had some EVPs come through with the Name Rudy I have had some experiences up Here with feeling sick one night I Walked into off the stairs into this Room and it was like hitting a brick Wall I didn’t know what was going on I Had never felt that before but I had to Back back out of the room that same Night I had to escort another girl out We had gone into a room down there what We call the mind-warped room in his hens To make you feel a little funny as far As your emotions and physically Physically and the girl was in there and She she had to get out yeah I brought Her out in the hallway thinking okay She’s out of the room she’d be okay but She wasn’t she looked like she was Getting worse and I got her out under The stairwell out of the asylum and she Started getting better this this is a Active place up here in this this area How many of you are here get on the bed Do you want us to go anywhere boxes on Trip hey everybody my name is Colin I’ve Been in a mental hospital before I said that’s fine yeah If you guys can come and talk to us we Love that you just want to hear your Voice you don’t want to hurt you We’re not going to is the surgeon here Can you say yes

So I think we have to let it run a while You know surgeon here my ears are just Clicking ringing what oh my god my ear Hole ears ringing on this side it’s like Clogged are you in here Are you walking towards us It’s okay you can come out of the rooms Should you do that again but even Stronger please Why no my ears were clocked it’s all I Kind of tried it I don’t know why it Just happened to me I’m just it’s been Happening since my dad my ringing in my Ear is still going on both of them are You making my head Paula might feel like Pressure my head Hello