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Well I woke up today to two strikes on My channel after this individual Basically took the last most recent ten Videos that I posted and filed false Claims on them Good evening folks and welcome to Alienates I sound a little bit croaky And it’s it’s not it’s not because I’ve Got any sort of I don’t know you know And I haven’t gone I could I’ve got the Thing You know I ain’t got the thing I see What it is it’s the kids I spent all day Shouting so this is what happens when Parents get points a lockdown we shower As children I loved a lot of bases as Well you probably put foam down for that But you know embrace its sense of humor Just take if you if you’re American you Know you might want to call your kids a Little smile again may feel better Anyway on with this this runs security Intend has received to copyright claims Of somebody that I know and somebody That I have been friends with for quite A long time on YouTube in fact we used To debunk security in ten together and For me at the time it was a bit fun I Enjoyed doing debunks about third phase In moon secure team ten mainly the big Channels probably to get views if I’m Honest but This same person by the way who’s given Security in ten these strikes help me

Remove my strikes in December just gone When Scot see where and decide to just Try and take my channel out so I know Exactly how this feels Which is why I’m making this video so I’m not gonna name the person who is Giving Tyler these strikes by the way Because anybody on this channel already Knows the story you’ll know who I’m Talking about And if if you new to the channel and you Don’t know the whole thing then you Probably don’t want to know anyway you Know it’s a load of old [ __ ] that’s Gone on between myself security in ten UFO proof has been involved and the Unmentionable name Unni rocks been Involved is so many people being Involved that goof on radio has been Involved in you know maybe doing Negative videos about Tyler but I mean I’ve been friends with Tyler now for a Year in a bit maybe quotes two years I Don’t know I’d have to look back through The Twitter that [ __ ] but I’m making This video now because well want to get Views and to because I think is wrong And three because it needs to stop human Beings sending copyright claims are Copyright strikes to YouTube then a bot Decides this is number three by the way Then a bot decides that yes I’m gonna Put give you two strikes it’s not it’s Not a human being giving them strikes

It’s a [ __ ] robot I’ve got to them All bastards in my house It’s nice not not my children I love Them to pieces but you know the Google’s Google ok Google why he’s such a bastard And if he heard that but she said he was An accident Weird right Yeah to to copyright claims and you get A third one you’re done and a robot can Decide that a robot he’s I keep looking At myself I’ve put myself too big on the Screen and he said I don’t know he’s I Think it’s this sexy beard I’m not you Know I’m growing it locked down and all That but the second one yeah the first One was is to give you ski but the Second one is I think it’s bloody wrong I think it is wrong and by the way an Any YouTube channel that does a video Like this and says I’m doing this Because I absolutely love security Intend I love Tyler I love you know blah Blah blah shut the [ __ ] up you little Bell end you know they’re doing it to Get views I wish people would be honest In this world but that’s what I want More honesty you know I speak to Tyler He’s you know he’s like he’s showing me That people are making videos about this He probably won’t retweet this on his Page because he might not like exactly What I’m saying because you know I don’t Think that everything that Tyler’s done

He’s brilliant you know I don’t I think The guy hasn’t made a lot of mistakes in His life I’m not gonna go into his Personal [ __ ] but I think he has made a Lot of mistakes on his channel which is Why I used to debunk him and Enjoy debunking him but I ain’t gonna Get personal and copyright striking Somebody is in my book is really [ __ ] Low it’s the lowest of the low that’s You can destroy somebody’s livelihood Like that I don’t agree with it and I’m Sorry to the person who’s watching this That you might think well I fought you My friend alien elites I am your friend And I’m asking you as a friend remove Those strikes because it’s not on you Help me get rid of mine it’s [ __ ] Remove them my friend I love you to Pieces but get them removed I’m at the Same time I understand why us as humans Of a YouTube is if ink all over YouTube Is human I understand why we do these Copyright strikes I’d never do it but Something could get you so somebody Could something something could get Somebody that riled you know the thing They just [ __ ] hear bond and what I’m Saying is it shouldn’t be allowed it Should not be allowed for a human being To be able to hit a couple of buttons it Go to a [ __ ] robot and that robot can Pretty much any career or the the human First ng career I’m ranting I’m ranting

Have you seen this I’m one gray yeah It’s about time I suppose well I ain’t Got a gray head head I ain’t got gray Hair my head I’m going off track but It’s because he’s a hard video for me to Make this and anybody that’s been Long-term with the channel or know why This is hard for me to make but I’m feel Like I need to make it it’s it’s not on Dumb Copyright strike somebody fight with Words you know and yes I know your your Channel got deleted I don’t know how he Got deleted all I’m saying is making up A channel Okay fight with words if that’s what you Want to do but I think it needs to stop I think the the whole attacking secure Team ten constantly when I’m saying five Words I mean just add bet against any Other YouTube about the Tyler situation Needs to stop people need to just [ __ ] leave the guy alone now you know Just just back off I think he’s probably Going through enough [ __ ] this year and Last year you know to last a lifetime I don’t think he needs this as well and People doing videos saying you know he’s Not gonna he’s gone you know he’s gone Off YouTube this button the other I kind Of get why he may not be making videos I’ve got a hip cops when you they stress That all and that’s she live in and You’ve got a load of stuff stuff going

On your personal life it is [ __ ] you Know by the way this is not the normal Video that I make I don’t make these Type of videos well like I do wanna Don’t but I’m normally a bit more cheery You know and you’ll see these little [ __ ] move about but they’re not gonna Move move you know they’re not gonna Move I think I’m too close to my mic as Well um I’m very wired today you know I’ve been looking after my little Cherubs all day and I was joking in the Beginning by the way you know I don’t Call them little [ __ ] to the face Oh but these kids in the comment section Never man the security in 10 and the Other person’s stuff in the comment Section let me know if looking after the Kids full-time He’s killed slowly killing you but yeah It needs to stop the secured team 10 Stabbing and whatever in it needs to Stop we need to make this just stop this This let’s stop it okay people they’re Doing copyright strikes you need to Think the only time you should ever be Copyright strike in another channel is If that channel is just literally Uploading your videos and that is a a New channel appears alien addict Matt – Yeah and he just uploads videos of me Constantly because he finds me sexually Attractive or she does it’s Understandable but it’s you know there’s

Not enough room for two alien addicts Out there I wish I wouldn’t have called Myself a lien on it to know as well Because sometimes when I say it I sound Like I’m saying alien a dick because They come me a bit of a dick but yeah Regardless of me being a bit of a dick Make sure you like share and subscribe Most of all I hope helped Tyler sort This [ __ ] out you know I’m going to Leave the the link to his original video In the description and Tyler stop being A little [ __ ] and come on for that Interview you know I know he might be Scared what I might ask you but I’m Gonna be nice very nice We’ve been speaking for two years now Stop being a little tart Come on the channel do it do it do it Guys I’m a lien addict make sure you Like share and subscribe to the channel Okay and I do have a patreon page it Does help me out loads these little Buster’s here I don’t know if you can See these but they they move okay Now sometimes I may lose a leg or an arm A head it’s also they need replacing So patreon it helps these little guys Out so yeah good night god bless mind The books don’t bite