Bigfoot Encounters – Episode #017 – What Lurks Beneath

By | May 18, 2020
Bigfoot Encounters - Episode #017 - What Lurks Beneath

This is an old report but recently after Watching the better Bigfoot programs on TV it dawned on me that what we had Experienced was a Bigfoot Every September my husband and I would Go hiking to see the color this trip was In September of 1972 Pikes Peak State Park located on the highest bluff on the Mississippi River in Iowa September is a Time when the kids are back in school There was only one other car in the Parking lot so the trails were deserted Pikes Peak had several walking trails And we had decided to take the longest Which led to the Overlook on Mississippi We had hiked almost to the point of the Overlook fall had a scrunching on the Fallen leaves when we heard a large Thump thump thump from behind the trees Followed by a loud animal scream that we Had never experienced before having Hiked in the woods almost weekly we Learned to identify most of the animal Sounds around us this was not an Identifiable animal the screech scared Us so badly that we immediately turned Around and ran as fast as we could all The way back to the ranger station Having reached the ranger station We immediately inquired about the animal We had just encountered we explained in Great detail what had happened but the Rangers said that they had no clue wood Had encountered and that nothing similar

Had ever been reported to this day I am Still haunted by the sound of the Footsteps in the screech until the Bigfoot programs I had never considered That what we had encountered could be a Bigfoot Now I'm 90% sure of my identification I saw a Bigfoot when my aunt cousin and Parents were camping in our property we Had a fire blazing and we kept hearing These strange noises Branches breaking and thumps after about An hour of this I was wondering what Might be lurking in the woods so I went Over to the area where I heard the Noises to see what it was I went about Ten yards from the fire and all of a Sudden something about waist-high ran Very fast in front of me to this day I don't know what it was I turned in About nine feet away I saw an eight-foot Creature staring at me I didn't get any Facial details I was too far away from The fire I could tell that its head had A point on top it stared at me for about Ten seconds but I felt like it was ten Minutes then it did this slow turn away From me and walked off I ran back into The cabin and I did not come out for the Rest of the night I did not tell anybody Right away because I thought it might Have been a trick being played on me Played by my cousins six months later my Parents and I found a 15-inch footprint

Alongside the pond at our property when We were fishing near the area of my Sighting we took pictures of the Footprint and about two years after my Sighting my dad and I were camping out Out our land the same area me and my dad Heard a knock the next day I found a 20 Inch footprint I had a camera with me And I took pictures of the same Footprint I have no doubt that there is A sasquatch that has been living around Our property and I think it still might Live there Here is my written account of the four Bigfoot sightings I told you about I Will start by giving you a little Background as to the year area and Season the year is about 1978 give or Take a year so the area is between Adele And West Des Moines Iowa roughly Following the Raccoon River it is late Fall in November the story starts when a Girlfriend of mine told me about a Neighbor of hers a farmer who said that Early on one morning about 4:00 a.m. as He was making coffee he noticed a big Creature standing beneath his yard light He described it as staining about seven Feet tall and covered with black hair he Watched it for a while until it walked Away I didn't think much about it until A few days later when I heard on the News that a truck driver on i-80 the Vicinity of the Raccoon River saw

Apparently the same creature in his Headlights I was surprised when I heard This given the story for my girlfriend Just a few days prior as it happened a Few days after that I was talking to a Friend of mine from high school about The same sightings he began telling me Too that he had seen the creature almost He did not report it he said that one Evening during the same time period and In the same area he went to a small Cabin he built in the woods near the River as he approached the structure a Tall creature with black hair jumped up And ran out the door he assumed it had Been sleeping on the floor in a pile of Leaves this building was not completed And there was no roof It was just turning dark so he didn't Get a good look at it but because he was So close there there was no mistaking Its size he described it as about seven Feet tall and covered with black hair it Scared him so much that he ran in the Opposite direction what happened next Was truly amazing to me a few days later My brother who farms with me was driving A tractor home from the fields very late At night it was around 11:30 p.m. with a Full moon and just a dusting of snow on The ground He stopped in a rural portion of West Des Moines and watched his to Bigfoot Creatures walked calmly by the side of

The road they were about a hundred yards Away and walked parallel to the road Beside a fence in an open area that has No trees one of the creatures was taller At about 7 feet and a second was about a Foot shorter he said they had long Swinging arms a short neck black hair From head to toe and they were not Afraid of his presence although he was Some distance away he reported to me That the next day he went back for Another look and to his surprise Discovered that the area where these Creatures had been was covered with Dense short prickly underbrush there is No way a human could walk so freely in That area it's just not possible but There is more the next right or so as I Was working in our farm shop late into The evening I heard a sound that I'll Never forget I can best describe it as a Long loud mournful cry or wail I suppose It lasted five to ten seconds and I Heard it twice it was not a dog coyote Fox er owl I know the sounds of these Animals and I've never heard a large cat Wail before but it was a bit until like That I suppose when I first heard it I Immediately noticed that our two dogs Took off running for the barn that I'd Never seen before Usually animal sounds are returned with Loud barking we live about three miles North of where my brother saw both

Creatures and my mother heard it too I live in Greensville Texas north of Town just off of highway 69 North I have Lived here for 12 years and have had Strange things going on in my house Since I moved here but in the last two To three years things have really Started happening more I live down a Dirt road off of highway 69 there are There are a lot of woods around me also Have several neighbors around me too In late summer of 2017 I was jolted Awake in the middle of the night by a Loud banging on my house I knew I wasn't Dreaming because I shot straight up and At that exact moment my two little dogs Flew off my bed Barking and carrying on I stumbled to The kitchen wondering what could be Happening and it was 2:30 8 a.m. my two Big dogs outside were not barking which I thought was odd to make a long story Short I called the sheriff's department And two deputies came out but found Nothing from that moment on every 2 or 3 Months I have several incidents for a Week or two and then nothing for another Month or two or three then things happen Again this past winter from November of 2019 to February 2020 I have had several Things happen on three separate Occasions while I've been propped in bed Watching TV I have heard a loud growl outside my

Bedroom loud enough to hear it over the TV it was loud and guttural I've had Tapping on the back of my house during The night it is usually always around The same time of night in January of 2020 I was once again propped up in bed Watching TV and over my TV I heard Something rubbing on the back of my House on where the wall to my bathroom Is my bedroom and bathroom run together And my two little dogs jumped off the Bed into the bathroom at the back wall Barking I've had rocks thrown on my House I'm home alone most the time but This past Saturday night April 18th 20 20 My husband just happened to be home Between 11:00 and 11:30 p.m. my dog Started barking and wouldn't stop so I Got her to holler on her to hush as I Got my bedroom door open my cat was Lying in my rocking chair next to my Door I paused the ladder out about the Time I heard that same loud guttural Growl at my backdoor My cat heard it wheeled around and Looked at the back door I went and woke My husband up he looked out the back Door and saw nothing I went to the front Door and opened it and called my dog she Would not get close to the fence and was Barking looking towards the back of the House towards my neighbor's home behind Us all of a sudden she jumped back like

Whatever it was coming towards her I ran To my guest room to look out the window Facing that direction and back towards Northwest I saw something huge and dark in color Going across my neighbor's back pasture Moving fast my neighbor behind me lives Alone and she has had the same things Happening at her house June 28th 2006 I have early reported a Bigfoot sighting several years ago this Happened to be in Iowa dekotora County And so is this occurrence if you have Ever been at least a part-time sportsman And found yourself loving the nature Around you then you may know what I am Speaking of there are creatures and Certain sounds that go along with any Given area sounds that birds and other Familiar creatures will make it wasn't Until today June 24 2008 that I put it Together a sound was recognized by Myself which I believed to be a Bigfoot I will explain as best as I can I Returned to the parcel of land which I Had my first visual experience of the Creature he sort of scared me off I Brought a friend with me to shoot some Guns as it is a very safe place to do so We hadn't put too many rounds downrange Into a steep vertical bank which is Probably 50 foot high we were less than 200 yards from the sighting location and I could hear two huge rocks being

Smacked together it was no coincidence I Have heard this before while in the Woods but only at two locations It was quite rhythmic and the number of Smacks were like always equaling four to Six in the count I even mentioned too That the man who was with me but the Noise had stopped by the time he heard Me over his ear protection I also had Earplugs in but had no problem hearing The sounds I kind of think this rock Smacking is to let all others of their Kind know about humans are around I'm Also thinking that it's to give an all Clear message as it is happening at a Specific time each time I also think That they used the calls of nature's Wildlife to communicate particularly That of a great horned owl and a crow This is due to the frequency of time and Occurrence which I can't quite explain It is something you have to experience For yourself I was an avid Indian artifact hunter Service finds only though I got out of College classes early that day and Decided to give it a go in a creek I had It been over for some time as I drove Down into the area I noticed a pickup Parked with two gentlemen sitting on the Tailgate in the shade from the hot Sun The truck was a ford two-tone in color White over brown i asked them if they Were practicing as to where so i could

Stay out of their road they said there Was a special deer season open and they Were tracking one i walked to a Different place than I had planned to Hunt and told them where I would be I Walked over to the creek and started in I guess I was into the area maybe 50 Yards and the truck didn't waste any Time spinning up the hill they came North and one guy jumped out and the Other guy drove on north and got out I Found this a little disturbing and Decided they might be hunting me I Climbed out of the creek in short order And was about to walk back to my truck And leave as I came over the bank there Was this creature sitting on the ground Leaning against the tree it could have Been 12 feet tall if it was standing up I was only 20 feet from this thing it Was an oaf looking creature sitting on Its butt with its back against a large Oak tree it was sleeping with its hands And fingers locked together stretched Out across his knees It was sleeping there with massive Amounts of leaves in this very long Brownish hair which covered it head to Toe including the face and it didn't Seem to matter what color shade they Were the hair seemed to blend in Perfectly I'm wondering if it's hair is Hollow like a deers hair I honestly was Completely shocked

And all the hair on my body rose to Attention I recognized this thing from Pics and magazines and such I felt Nauseous and confused as I hopped back Into the creek out of sight from it it Rose and bolted east right in the Direction of those guys I heard it cut Across the gravel on the road And that was it it never went back to That Creek I took my son miles fishing Behind sundown mountain ski resort we Turned west off of Asbury road onto twin Springs Drive where there is access to The stream I had been promising my sons Some night fishing we sat on a couple of Buckets facing south to the rock Outcropping in wooded area across the Creek we were fishing in the deeper Water across the creek near the rocks We heard sticks breaking and rustling Which I assumed were Coons as this is a Good [ __ ] area then we noticed something Larger coming toward the other side of The creek from a distance thinking that This was one of the many deer that we Often see thought nothing of it until we Caught sight of it in the back light of The city or moon from the other side of The hill that we were facing this was a Large bipedal animal very unlikely to be A person in this time of night without a Light although we were fishing without a Light source also it came up to the top Of the rock outcropping direct across

From us and stood between two trees and Then squatted down and just sat there Watching us my son was scared and I was Intrigued within 10 minutes another came To join the first to his right and Stayed just across the ravine no more Than 6 minutes later another came from The south just to the left of the one Squatting across from us as this one got Close it let out a piercing shriek Nothing like the calls that we had heard On TV shows this was high pitched and Frightening the other two took notice And began to move toward the shrieking Squatch at this point we had enough and Grabbed our fishing gear and ran back to The truck Around 7:00 a.m. let's say the first Week of November of 2007 I was making a Phone call to try and get some help on a Very large roof that I was working on Standing to the right of the house Facing the back is a large open grassy Field surrounded by woods I was looking To the back staring at this particular Tree that stood out to me when suddenly Something very tall very large stepped Away from the tree looking at me my arm With the foam dropped and my jaw dropped And I was thinking to myself what the Hell is that it's fur was brown to Reddish brown and it covered the entire Body that I could see from the waist up

Just as quickly as I had seen it it made Its way across the field in a matter of Seconds I was on the phone But I took note of where I was standing And that was around me next to me were a Couple of snowmobiles and about five Feet in front of me was a red quad and Was on the far right corner of concrete Pad the grass was very high because the Day before I had noticed a couple of Deer walking through the field and all I Could see was their back neck and heads The next day my brother-in-law came out And we walked back where I saw this Thing when I looked back towards the House I couldn't see the red quad or Snowmobiles at all I saw no clear Footprints out there there were lots of Trails to the grass that could have been Made by anything when this thing ran Across the field it was slightly leaning Forward it had to have been at least Seven or eight feet tall in order for me To see its entire upper body over the Grass the next day when I showed up I Couldn't get in the house because the Alarm had been triggered I called the Homeowner and he said that something Triggered in the basement door alarm in The basement window along that same Night he had to leave in a hurry and Forgot to reset the alarm I thought that Was very interesting but I did not tell Him what I had seen the morning before

It was in the fall of 2006 we were Camping in the Volga River recreational Area in Fayette Iowa it was myself and Five other friends we were sitting Around the campfire I'm gonna have to Say it was surrounding 30 p.m. there was A campsite farther down from us with a Husband and a wife they also were Sitting by the fire my friends and I Decided to take a walk about the Campsite there's an open field along the Road in the campsite Josh and I decided To sit there to see if we could call in Some coyotes that night because the moon Was full that night making it easy to See the rest of the guys went back to The campsite Josh and I went and sat Along the side of the field we were Sitting there making the sound of a Dying rabbit the field is border with Large trees and bushes after about five To ten minutes we see a large person Step out onto a little hill at the edge Of the trees off to our left we had a Tall friend with us so started saying to The person haha Mike very funny gestures of that sort And that person didn't move nor speak All we could see was its upper torso and Its eye colour and I can't recall the Exact color so we ran back to the Campsite to make sure it wasn't just our Friends spooking us and sure enough they

Were all there Josh and I grabbed a Shotgun that I had brung for safety and When we got back to the spot the person Was gone we were both very frightened by This and we ran back to the campsite Told everyone what we had heard but Nobody believed us later that night I Saw it again this time it was in the Woods across from our campsite just on The edge of the woods the moonlight was Bright and this time I called everyone To come look over and this time Mike Josh and me all saw a very large Black shadow across the road moving Towards the first spot we had just seen It after the incident I really had no Idea what this was It was very large like a man probably About eight feet tall and I could tell It had its back to us and it was black In color I also saw eyes and then as all I can Recall from the incident hearts were Definitely racing at the time I was Riding in the rear seat of a car with Three others all college students we all Live same house and Fayette it was a Friday night weather called for heavy Snow overnight we all were from the same Area about 25 miles away decided to head There for a weekend or would be snowed In at Fayette by morning we headed south In my brother's car there was four Inches of snow on the road so we were

Going slow about 25 miles an hour I was Leaning to the center of rear seat to See out front I saw something moving in Field up ahead just in headlight range About 200 feet ahead it was big and Moving towards the road I hollered what The hell's that an elbowed owl who was Sleeping next to me my brother let off Gas as we rolled on we all watched as The creature never broke stride stepped Over a fence at least 40 inches high Into a ditch across the ditch up onto The road shoulder to center road to Other shoulder across ditch over another 40 inch high fence going into darkness As we passed by it passed in front of us From right to left about 50 feet away When it was center of road it was big at Least eight feet tall covered from coned Head to feet with dark brown hair it had A barrel shaped body with long arms and Legs it just walked like a human taking Long strides and swinging its arms it Crossed an angle from Northwest to Southeast never turning to look at us so We did not see its face after passing All were in shock and someone said let's Stop to go look out for it A big no was the response and we went on Our way I like to go to GWACs Park and watch the Eagles I used to stand in the middle of The bridge for a cigarette before I went Home from work I had done this a few

Days in a row and that day I got out of My truck and felt like I shouldn't be There as I walked to the middle of the Bridge I felt very uneasy I let my cigarette And stared out over the river I felt Like I was being watched and I started To get scared it was coming from the Other side of the bridge on the right Hand side whatever it was I knew that it Was not human nor an animal and it was a Big male I felt like he was just curious As to why I went there every day to the Same spot and just wanted to watch what I was up to I looked around and could Not see anything I built up my courage Look down and started walking slowly to The other side of the bridge as I Started walking I heard a big crash into The river and saw a huge log floating Down then I heard a low Huff like Someone letting out the air through Their nose in frustration with a little Noise from the throat the log had dried Vegetation on it so I knew it was laying On the forest floor I don't know how Many pounds it was but it was huge the Biggest guy I know wouldn't have been Able to throw this thing in the river With little to no effort I look to where It came from and saw nothing I slowly Turned around and walked slowly back to My truck I wanted to run but I didn't Want it to run after me if I ran I got

Into my truck and took off I was scared And shaken I haven't been out on that Bridge by myself ever since Me and five friends were walking in the Woods at night on April 2nd the shear And we saw something pretty big and real Thick and furry crouching behind a bush That was in between two trees he had his Hands on the tree and poked up to look At us we had a video camera with us at The time but it does not show the Creature the reason we had the camera With us was because the all the dogs in Our town were going crazy the last few Days and we had heard odd noises coming From down in those woods which were Right alongside the Des Moines River we Got extremely scared at the sight of This thing and took off running Right after we flipped the camera light On to try to get it on tape the next Morning we went down to the same spot to Try and find some evidence we found Nothing really important there except Some broken twigs and whatnot However a little ways away we found a Large femur bone either from a cow or a Human it was much too big to be a deer And wasn't a horse this led us to dig Around and we found 22 more bones we Also noticed a bunch of fur around the Area like rabbit or something about a Week later we went back during the day Because we were scared of at night and

Found a deer dead with its rear bit Completely off shredded You