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For millennia people have spotted Mysterious objects in the sky most Witnesses are ordinary sensible people Startled at what they see many now Report their encounters to government Officials who deny any knowledge of UFOs Conspiracy cover-up or an ominous Miscalculation of the power of the Unexplained 1980 140 miles outside London on the east coast of England Woodbridge and Bentwaters naval bases Under the command of the United States Air Force together they form the largest Tactical Fighter Wing in the world the Two bases were separated by a three-mile Stretch of heavy woods known as Rendlesham forest the backdrop for one Of the most investigated UFO sightings In history this is what it looked like Just after midnight on December 27th Woodbridge security supervisor sergeant Jim Penniston rushed to the east gate Where sentries alerted him to strange Lights my first thought on was it was The aircraft downing possible aircraft Crash there was a color scheme of red Yellow and some white light that’s the Reaction I get with chemicals Penniston radioed back to the flight Supervisor and was given permission to Investigate he in the Sentry’s advanced Into the darkness until they stumbled on A site they could not explain the error For example had a feeling electricity in

It my feelings at the time ran from Confusion to disbelief I could not Understand for the life of me what this Could be the craft itself measured Approximately 9 feet by 9 feet Triangular in shape They had no cockpit as far as I could Tell there was no windows it’s just very Highly shiny black glass-like material And I think the most fascinating part of It at least far as I was concerned as an Investigator was the fact that this had Identifiable inscription symbols on the Side of it Penniston says he approached The craft it was warm when he touched it Suddenly it began to move Lifting up silently right before his Eyes and disappearing into the night sky Peniston claims he drew this sketch of The craft at a debriefing the next Morning with the deputy base commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles halt the next Night halt received word that the Strange lights had returned well the Base commander and I looked at each Other quite in disbelief and I said well We both agreed we needed to put this to Bed eager to debunk the entire affair Halt collected a Geiger counter Night-vision star scope and a handheld Tape recorder then with a few men from The disaster preparedness unit he drove To the area where Penniston had seen the UFO soon the portable lights they had

Brought mysteriously flickered and died Halt concern for the safety of his men Ordered several of them back to the east Gate with the rest of his unit he walked Into the forest checking radiation Levels He says they seemed unusually high Suddenly off in the distance Halt spotted a glowing object this is The actual recording halt made of his UFO encounter that night and there we Stood well we didn’t know quite what to Think of that but when we looked to the North suddenly there were objects in the Sky and we watched this in awe suddenly The object came toward us at high speed It moved directly toward us I can’t estimate the speed but it moved Very rapidly stop and send down a pencil Light beam at our feet and just as fast As the beam appeared it just clicked off Disappeared I still have questions as to What happened I really don’t know what It was I do know it was something Strange something that was controlled by Some type of intelligence and that’s About all I really know Two weeks later halt describe the Incident in a one-page memo sent to the British Ministry of Defence the British Government never responded to the memo But word of the encounter spread three Years later UFO researchers pressured the Air Force

Commander to release the document under The Freedom of Information Act while he Released it and the very next day I got To meet BBC One BBC two ITV German TV Japanese TV every local radio Station and they were waiting on my Doorstep at home and at the office it Was just unbelievable news of the Rendlesham incident also generated Enormous interest from UFO researchers And skeptics here was a case with highly Credible witnesses trained Air Force Personnel Tucson astronomer and retired US Air Force pilot James McGaha is a UFO Skeptic who investigated halt and Peniston’s alleged encounter McGehee Insists halt mistook the beams from a Lighthouse five miles away for a Spacecraft that object that was winking At him which is on the tape is clearly The lighthouse now he’s looking at the Lighthouse I think with a starlight Scope now remember here comes this beam Of light he’s looking at this light with A hundred thousand times intensity what It’s gonna do is it’s gonna burn out the Image in the center so it can become Black and that’s what easily explains The beams and these other things when Halts tape has played against the Flashing from the lighthouse this seems To be the case I can’t explain that I Really don’t know I never gave it any Thought I do know that the whole time we

Were out there we could see the Lighthouse and the lighthouse was about 35 or 40 degrees off to our right from Where this whole thing took place did Area radar operators confirm the UFO Sighting halt says maybe They really didn’t confirm they find Anything although later I found out that When they reviewed the tapes they did Find some things on the tape if he has a Radar report I’d like to see it because I investigated this and I couldn’t find One Skeptics also suggest the Rendlesham UFO Might have been a meteor bright stars or A Russian satellite that fell out of the Sky that night I to me this is just a Case of where a number of people saw Some lights got a little excited Thought about UFOs and all of a sudden Everything they see is a UFO the first Night it was a combination of a Satellite reentry a meteor fireball and A police car driving around in the woods The second night it turns out to be a Lighthouse some microwave antennas and Some stars in the sky We had a controlled landing apparently There was no crater we also had a craft That was able to take back off with Absolutely no sound which tells me High-technology And maneuver back through the tree line Rise over the trees hover momentarily

And then take off at incredible speed It’s just totally ridiculous To even consider that it was a Russian Satellite or a meteor impossible in 1991 Believing serious questions were still Unanswered the British government Finally responded to the Rendlesham Incident Nick Pope it’s top UFO Investigator reopened the case I’ve Always felt that Rendlesham forest is a Case which displays a lot of important Factors all drawn together you have a Multiple witness event those witnesses Are trained military observers the Defence radiological protection service Had no explanation as to why the Radiation readings taken by Colonel Holt’s team were so high undoubtedly Something very strange Pope requested Further investigation The British government said no and Closed the file perhaps in part due to This fact sergeant Penniston arrived at The site at approximately 1:00 a.m. and Re-emerged from Rendlesham forest After dawn but can only account for less Than an hour of his time skeptics Question how Penniston could make such An historic discovery and yet not report Back to the base for several hours what We had thought it was apparently only Maybe hours worth an investigation time Turned out to be four hours I got a Feeling that might have been the

Adrenalin we were pumped up at that Point in time what is it that Penniston Says he saw and touched that night to This day he is perplexed by the entire Incident something that can sustain a Control flight something that has mass Something that makes no sound and Something that can take off at Incredible speeds back up into the Atmosphere explain it I can’t Unknown forms in the sky surprise and Alarm citizens below sometimes causing Governments to do battle with the Unexplained Belgium the center of Europe And the focus of one of the most famous UFO encounters in history on the evening Of November 15 1989 police officer Francis Mitchell’s ik had completed a Few hours of routine patrol in Anza Belgian village near the German border When Mitchell success he looked up and Became one of the first witnesses of the Belgian wave the famous epithet odorous Yellow we saw a large mass in the sky a Triangular mass with three lights Oriented downward about 200 meters from Our police may object physically Ethiopia the object was silent and Immobile this object did not correspond In any way to anything we’d seen before The sea Two weeks later D de plume ins a member Of the Jean dawn-marie the Belgian

National police force heard over his Police radio fellow officers nearby Reporting a strange object in the night Sky at first when we heard our Colleagues talking to dispatching we Thought they were crazy Ploughman’s requested permission to Investigate and when he reached the edge Of town he says he witnessed an Astounding sight How he pissed off us that he’s out of The pool we stopped right in front of The nursing home and there was an Immense object over our heads the object Had three lights at its extremities and A blinking red light in the center at a Certain point I saw a small object leave The large thing an object which was also Flashing which came straight down and Then turned and flew around the back of The nursing home after that the large Object transformed itself into a single Light and we followed it toward Germany Belgian radio and TV soon were filled With reports of similar sightings Prompting hundreds of calls to the Office of the top UFO research group in Belgium known by its acronym so bets Over the next several months researchers Documented more than 800 so-called Close Encounters So BAPS eventually published too thick Volumes on the Belgian wave specific Characteristics of the phenomenon were

Reported by many many many people we Have hundreds of reports of people who Mentioned something below a distance of Hundred meters then on March 30th 1990 The Belgian wave story took a dramatic Twist near midnight several police Officers called a NATO radar Installation with reports of a UFO Within an hour that facility and a Second radar station were both tracking An unknown flying object the chief of Operations for the Belgian Air Force Lieutenant colonel wilfred de Brouwer Ordered ground command to scramble a Pair of f-16 fighter jets armed with Missiles a supersonic high-tech cat and Mouse game ensued the jets radar locked On to their targets nine times but with Each lock on the object drastically Changed its position after an hour the F-16s lost contact and returned to base For weeks the encounter was kept under Wraps but colonel de Brouwer felt Compelled to share what he knew during An interview with a reporter from one of Europe’s most popular magazines Paris Match de Brouwer described what happened The story stopped the presses Within days de Brouwer called a news Conference and told reporters from Around the world what he knew and what He didn’t know this is what the pilots Saw on their radar the UFO appears as a Diamond in the center of the screen

What this pilots detected was well Outside the normal flying envelope of an Airplane in other words sometimes they Had what we call low counts on a target Which gave a parameter is varying from Speeds between 150 knots till 990 knots An acceleration which occurred in a few Seconds these speeds would be impossible To tolerate for a human being Colonel de Brouwer never suggested the Mysterious flying craft was from outer Space he only said its speed and rate of Acceleration were unexplained over the Next few months the sightings became More sporadic and the Belgian wave came To an end Did the skies over Belgium become a Waystation for alien spacecraft if not What did thousands of people witness Physical evidence is the key to proving The existence of UFOs the Belgian wave Despite hundreds of credible Eyewitnesses has produced only one piece Of convincing evidence this photo taken By a civilian bystander in the town of Petit Rayshawn the photo was examined by Former NASA scientist Richard Haines a Specialist in vision optics and human Perception my analysis of the petit Rochon photograph suggests very strongly To me that the object that was Photographed does not obey laws of Physics as we know them second point I Would make is it’s not a forgery and

Finally I think that there may be some Clues in this photograph having to do With propulsion and lift Belgian Scientists and skeptics tried to calm What they considered the UFO hysteria of The Belgian wave a professor at the Astrophysics Institute at Belgium’s Prestigious University of liège Pierre Mega decided to put the Petit rashon Photo to his test we try to reproduce This photograph and we produce this this Picture which is a well very close to The original picture and so I think the Only way to go ahead and to try to Understand more is to is to do as we did To analyze the witness report together With with the photograph and to see if Everything is consistent and there are So many inconsistencies that that it’s Very hard to believe it it’s a true it’s True picture I don’t see how someone can Recreate this down at the almost the Grain level of the film it would take a Steven Spielberg kind of a capability to Do this in a technical laboratory the Most convincing evidence for the Skeptics position involved the radar Lock-ons by the f-16s Belgium’s Electronic war center analyzed the radar Tapes and found that the object Descended below ground level at Points of physical impossibility the Center concluded that all but one of the Radar lock-ons were really caused by

Electromagnetic interference or unusual Atmospheric conditions eventually even So BEPS agreed but one major question Remains unanswered and unexplained Experts say that when ground-based and Air based radar tracked the same object Simultaneously the object is real one of The lock-ons A simultaneous tracking of the UFO by One of the f-16s and the ground radar Station has never been explained if I Remember its lock-on number 9 which has Some very word characteristics and this Characteristics doesn’t fit with Atmospherical explanation not at all Thousands of people still wonder if what They saw came from another world others Asked if that single perplexing radar Report is a clue to civilizations and Distant galaxies questions for those who Find answers in the unexplained For years the US government seriously Investigated sightings of UFOs thousands Of cases passed through the hands of Military and other government agencies Most of these cases had rational Explanations the rest remain classified As unexplained 50 year-old Polish immigrant and amateur Geologist Stephen mahalik looked forward To his weekend getaways alone in the Falcon Lake area 90 miles east of his Home in Winnipeg Manitoba this was

Mahalik sphere at prospecting site Around noon on May 20th 1967 as he Examined a quartz formation Mahalik was distracted by some unruly Geese he looked up and was transfixed he Says he saw two cigar-shaped objects Glowing red in the sky the following is A recording mahalik later made of what He saw next the size was amazing wind Speed I just can’t describe amazing Speed mahalik says one of them stopped Suddenly accelerated then disappeared The other land at about 50 yards away he Watched in awe great cone it stainless Steel and it was pink hot then I can Feel the breeze on my face that that Paint is parked outside there was my Notebook there was more fancy mahalik Claims it was round about 40 feet long And about 10 feet high his curiosity Took hold and he approached the craft he Examined the outside of it slowly Touching the glowing skin with his Gloved hand it was fiery hot nearly Melting the palm of his rubber glove Mahalik says the craft rotated turning Its grid like exhaust vent toward him The blast of hot gas from the vent Knocked him to the ground setting his Shirt and undershirt on fire the craft Suddenly lifted off the ground according To a holic and soared straight up he Threw his burning shirts to the ground Dazed and in severe pain from burns to

His chest and stomach Mahalik says he wandered around for what Seemed like hours before he managed to Gather up his supplies he found his way Out of the woods caught a bus and later That night arrived back in Winnipeg Still in pain he rushed from the bus Station to nearby Misericordia Hospital Where he was treated for first degree Burns Mahalik claimed the blast from the craft Had edged a grid-like pattern into his Abdomen that matched the pattern on the Exhaust vent the next day Sunday he was Spirited off to the st. Regis Hotel After convincing the managing editor of Winnipeg’s highly regarded daily Newspaper the Winnipeg Tribune that his Extraordinary encounter was real at that Time I said ok as any newsman would have Done dried I gave him a piece of paper I Think that drawing has become the most Famous UFO piece of evidence in the World today he sat down he drew it in Front of me I hid it I talked to him I Called doctors I called police and I Sure as hell didn’t won the Winnipeg Free Press getting the story Monday’s Edition of The Tribune led with this Headline Mahalik soon became a sensation Worldwide what followed was one of the Most intensely examined UFO cases on Record over the next two years

Mahalik spurns kept recurring and no one Could explain why he was examined by More than a dozen physicians in Canada And the United States including doctors At the Mayo Clinic An investigation by the Royal Canadian Air Force concluded that the abdominal Burns sustained by mr. mahalik remain as Unexplainable as to the source of the Burn the Mayo Clinic psychological Report concluded that mahalik was not Prone to delusions hallucinations or any Type of emotional disorder perhaps the Most influential investigation was Conducted under the auspices of the United States government the chief Investigator physicist Roy Craig is now Retired and raises llamas on his Colorado ranch his job was to examine UFO reports and find physical evidence We responded to the Falken lake report As soon as we could Now there’s no value in in seeing a Landing site that somebody’s had a Chance to go back and prepare for me to Look at but if we could get back and Find a landing site that had not been Seen by anyone else or been altered by Human beings there may be something There that we could use as real evidence That he had a real experience I mean Comparable with the appearance of human Beings on earth two weeks after the Encounter

Craig flew to Winnipeg and joined Mahalik on his first return to the Landing site He guided this on what he said was a big Search for the site actually we just Roamed around in haphazard circles Coming back to about where we started And didn’t go very far at all He was trying to give us the impression Of leading us on a search for a site and We all concluded that the site probably Did not exist with no apparent physical Evidence Creig classified the case as without Merit the American investigation was Over University of Manitoba astronomer Chris Rock Kowski believing the Government reports left many questions Unanswered launched his own Investigation in 1994 he published the Falcon Lake case to close an encounter In the respected Journal of UFO studies The terrain around the site is very Rugged very rocky the brush is very very Dense the trees all look alike the rocks All look alike and to a person who’s Disoriented not feeling very well it Might be very very difficult to find the Exact site after some period of time has Elapsed Skeptics disagreeing with Rutkowski also Do not believe that mahalik would make Physical contact with an extremely hot Object he assumed was a UFO but this

Does not surprise his son he is the kind Of fellow that fear is not in his Vocabulary not that he’s a fearless man But that when he sees something he Doesn’t understand he doesn’t fear it he Just chooses to understand it skeptics Wonder why no one else saw the craft I Talked with the people who were in Charge of managing the fire tower it was Man at that time and the people were Absolutely certain that there was no way The two vehicles like he described Glowing as they were could fly into that Space and out again there was no way That that could happened without their Seeing it my conclusion on that case is That all the evidence that I found Pointed toward hoax rather than a real Experience And not even a skillful hoax of a very Inept hoax Mahalik became bedridden and Incapacitated in the 1980s was this Hard-working and devoted family man Capable of crafting such a hoax for my Dad to fabricate something as large as This would require more than I think he Had more than he has he’s a simple man He grew up and lived a very straight Hard life this was no con man this was a Man who later went down a male they Couldn’t figure it out I couldn’t figure It out the doctor I had there couldn’t Figure it out I am not about to be taken

By anybody this guy didn’t take me This guy was legit Steven mahalik never Wavered from his story He believed he had encountered a UFO Roy Craig and the US government disagreed But they never classified the case as Solved the official report lists mahalik Sighting as unexplained In the past the US government routinely Took a keen interest in reports of UFOs Now it denies any investigative role Leaving only questions for witnesses of Close encounters with the unexplained on The night of March 8th 1994 something Strange was sighted in the skies over Holland Michigan on the southeastern Shore of Lake Michigan witnesses were Startled and called police By four or five lights and they’re all Flashing off the top always on the Bottom The lights hovered over the outskirts of Town near the home of Holly and Daryl Graves their fifteen-year-old son Joey Was sitting in the living room watching TV out of the corner of my eye I saw White and I looked out the window and There was a round circle of light I Called my parents and and they were Sleeping they didn’t they didn’t know What was going on and my mom she called 9-1-1 To get a cop or someone out here to look

At it it looked like this fear the Lights were really weird because they Changed but they kind of faded into a Different color so it wasn’t like Regular lights so it was kind of weird We watched it up to about a half hour Just slowly moving south We were just in awe I think about the Whole thing there was no noise it was Very peaceful out we just stood there And watched this object at that moment Officer belt house pulled in the Driveway What I saw were two bright lights their Movement was something that really Caught my attention Their speed accelerated and then it Slowed down again and I decided to have Our 911 dispatcher contact a radar Operator in the ski gin’ Michigan it was A clear night was about 10:00 p.m. I was Alone on duty and we had a call from the Central dispatcher in Ottawa County Which is quite common for the police Department to call us whenever they have Any type of weather questions Shaun Checked his radar for any images what Radar operators call returns These are bigger than playing Lake Michigan what was extraordinary About this case was that radar Apparently detected the object at the

Same time witnesses saw it it is a level Of confirmation rarely achieved in Reported UFO sightings airplanes look Like they’re moving these were just Sitting still and then a few minutes Later they would disappear from one spot And show up somewhere else I really Didn’t know what it was strange lights In the night sky moving at otherworldly Speed the image confirmed on a radar Screen was this finally convincing Evidence of a technology far beyond our Own pad alien spacecraft paid a visit to Holland Michigan there was no Explanation for these sightings a Reporter for the Muskegon Chronicle Michael Walsh decided to investigate for Himself he too found the story Remarkable we’ve had past articles where People have reported some strange Phenomena especially at this time of Year but not once did we ever have any Dual confirmations visual plus the the Radar others began looking into the Incident fascinated by the radar Confirmation a professor of Natural Sciences and at the same time the editor Of the Journal of UFO studies UFO Researcher Michael swords met with radar Operator Jack Busha we went into the Radar room this young fellow really knew How to use the equipment he would he Would show us the difference between a Hard count of something like an airliner

And a soft response of something like a Storm cloud and it was obvious this was An extremely competent operator skeptics Point out that Bouchon was still a Weather Service intern at the time of The sighting California engineer and Skeptic Robert Shafer thinks he can Explain what the images really were the National Weather Service says that they Tracked a number of objects over Lake Michigan but of course not everything On radar is a solid object radar is Subjected to Mirage conditions of Various kind Schaefer believes that the Sightings over the lake can be explained By a natural phenomenon which usually Happens over Lake Michigan in the spring Warm air moves over the cold waters of The lake the layer of cold air trapped Beneath the layer of warm air creates a Mirror effect in the sky by bending the Light this effect is called a Temperature inversion one of the Best-known investigators of UFO Sightings Philip J class is a technical Journalist for Aviation Week in space Technology and an expert on radar Systems ground radar especially during Temperature inversion conditions the Rays can be instead of going straight Out they can be bent downwards so where You get echoes from the ground we’re Trained to know the difference between Temperature inversions and for instance

Precipitation because they appear to be The same thing class is that since Bouchon was using old linear radar not The newer Doppler radar the images were Probably atmospheric tricks it is a Weather radar it is not designed Especially to detect metal objects or Aircraft these returns were not only Hard returns but they showed up in this Geometric pattern and that when say the Lead returned would move out into Lake Michigan the other two would stay behind Then they would move to reform the Triangle in fact according to Muskegon Chronicle reporter Michael lost most of The UFO witnesses did report strikingly Similar patterns shapes and sizes I Believe that each of them sincerely Believed what they saw was something Extraordinary that’s not to say that It’s extraterrestrial or paranormal it May very well be a very physical Manifestation of some That we don’t yet know about there is no Consensus on what the UFOs over Holland Michigan might have been skeptics point To a temperature inversion and its Effect on both the lights in the sky and The radar on the ground witnesses Including a Weather Service radar Operator say they know they saw Something real but what was it I’ve no Idea personally I’m not sure what I saw Either well it was a UFO I was like in

Awe do these eyewitness accounts and the Radar confirmation merit further Investigation the government answered That question long ago it says no Leaving this encounter one that may Forever remain unexplained since the 1940s believers in the unexplained have Charged the US government with Conspiracy and coverup in the 1990s Those charges concentrated on a super Secret military base In the heart of the desert on the Outskirts of Las Vegas sits Nellis Air Force Base 85 miles to the northwest is Restricted area for 808 e popularly Known as area 51 a jumble of mysterious Hangars and runways in one of the most Desolate places on earth officially it Does not exist here the US tests its Most exotic and advanced flying machines The b-2 stealth bomber the Blackbird and The u2 the area 51 control tower Identifies itself to area pilots only as Dreamland there are no tours of area 51 Instead soldiers carry loaded machine Guns with the authorisation to use them This base shrouded in secrecy has become For many the focus of the world’s Fascination with UFOs and its hope for Contact with extraterrestrial life UFO fans from all over the world drive The extraterrestrial highway a lonely Stretch of road that hugs the perimeter

Of the base to mailbox Road from this Location hundreds of UFO sightings have Been reported the vast majority have Been explained as lights from the latest Earthbound military technology some However are harder to identify author Chuck Clark describes a remarkable craft He says he has seen many times it can go From a hover to several thousand miles An hour and back to a hover instantly it Can make very sharp right angle turns And sharper than right angle turns I’ve Seen 120 degree terms at high speed it Appears and disappears in midair things That normal RAF don’t do UFO buffs Contend the US is testing an Extraterrestrial craft that area 51 but Skeptics and UFO researchers agree that Area 51 is a UFO bust almost all the Sightings I hear about happen at night And at night you can’t judge distance You can’t judge easily type The sky you can’t judge speed you can’t Judge actual performance what I think is That there are no UFOs there there are No UFOs being developed there there’s no UFO technology there today the Government does not investigate UFO Sightings but for years they were a Vital interest beginning in 1948 the US Air Force began what became known as Project Blue Book the government’s Official UFO investigating arm but both Skeptics and UFO believers say Project

Blue Book was half-hearted at best as Time went on and especially after the Year of 1952 Blue Book’s mission was Changed it was changed from being a Somewhat serious look at unidentified Flying objects to be basically a public Relations office to try to diffuse Emotionalism that was occurring in the American public about this so because This was a rather unsatisfying task to The people at wright-patterson Air Force Base They tried rather continuously from the Mid-50s onward to get rid of this task In 1966 the US Air Force commissioned The University of Colorado to conduct a Thorough evaluation of the UFO Phenomenon the Condon Commission named After its chairman dr. Edward Condon Began an 18-month investigation that Ended in controversy Condon was an Eminent physicist who ridiculed UFOs he Didn’t take it seriously he didn’t spend Time on the project so the project went Wrong because essentially from the top Not the scientific staff but from the Top it was designed to help the Air Force get rid of the UFO problem well How could it be designed to do that Unless it said UFOs weren’t important Weren’t serious and weren’t a scientific Problem retired physicist and former Investigator for the Condon Commission Roy Craig strongly supports the

Commission’s work We’d have some excellent reports come in With all sorts of proof that there was a Strange vehicle there and each bit of Evidence that we checked out turned out To not be what it really sounded like to Start with and the evidence just plain Got less and less the more we learned About the case the less mysterious it Became the Commission considered whether UFOs were a threat to America’s airspace Demanding military investigation there Was no threats to our security Therefore they really didn’t have to Interject themselves in the Investigation they could leave this over To civilian agencies we don’t have any National security defense against this Anyway And if these characters wanted to do Something really overtly and Catastrophic alina Farias to us this Would probably go on on a long time ago The Condon Commission concluded that the Government should stop investigating UFOs as a result in 1969 after 21 years And 15,000 UFO reports including Thousands classified as unexplained the Air Force closed down Project Blue Book But interest in UFOs remains high Despite the official position taken by The government was the government Justified in terminating its UFO Investigations most scientists and

Researchers including astronomer Larry Tupik of Chicago’s Adler Planetarium say Yes we don’t find that the stories of Aliens in some government hangar are True we don’t find pieces of spacecraft I think when people look at the sky and They don’t know what they’re seeing they Tend to think of unusual things and They’ve heard reports so reports can Stimulate them to make their mind see Something they’re not really seeing I Don’t reject the idea that there are Flying saucers on earth from elsewhere On the basis that has always been given That our universe is so vast That they couldn’t get here and Therefore they aren’t here we could not Because of our ignorance of our universe Say that other other beings could not be Here I think it’s arrogance to make that Kind of statement on the basis of our Current scientific knowledge but that Doesn’t mean that I think they are here I don’t believe we’ve been visited by Extraterrestrials I’ve seen the evidence For it yet so we say the question is Very much open and and should be studied Carefully for thirty years I’ve been Looking I have yet to find a single Piece of scientifically credible Evidence to indicate that we have alien Visitors all we have are unexplained Cases have we been visited by Extraterrestrials could the elusive

Evidence be found in a small number of Mysterious reports that defy explanation Almost all of them turn out to be things We as scientists can identify even Though most people couldn’t now those Last few are always questionable because Neither we nor the observers know what They are these are the unexplained People will always stare at the sky and Wonder about its mysterious images they Then will turn to their leaders for Answers the leaders turn to science in The end people have a choice except the Answers of science or embrace what lies And the vast reaches of the unexplained