DEMON Caught ON CAMERA @ Haunted “SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION” Prison | Ohio State Reformatory

By | May 15, 2020
DEMON Caught ON CAMERA @ Haunted "SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION" Prison | Ohio State Reformatory

I’m just curious on my neck I don’t want My neck oh I do you do yeah you do like I’m feeling yeah you got scratched she’s Yeah I’m bringing it No all right I’m Naomi Jacobsen and I’m with Tracy Ghost hunters and I work here at Mansfield reformatory what experiences Have you had here I’ve had quite a few The most recent one I had was over here We were standing and a line like this There was a shadow on the wall but there Was three of us so I thought it was my Friend on the end she was also a Teammate and there was like a little Light reflecting behind us we were Standing here it was her shadow me and Then two other people and we were just Standing there talking looking for the Shadows to come in and out of the cells That we always see and all of a sudden This tall tall dark shadow got bigger And then it just started walking this Way along the wall and I thought it was My friend I thought she moved and I Looked and she is so still we their Faces were dropped like it was it was Crazy but it was standing in line with Us just like right here in line and then Just took off walking down and at the Same time we were hearing cells opening

And shutting down here wow so you’re Good Alright my name is Greg phonetic I am The lead investigator here at the Ohio State Reformatory the bio State Reformatory was completed in 1896 which Included the administration building and The West cellblock the East cellblock Was completed in 1910 back then This was actually a reformatory wasn’t Technically a prison as we know today There were inmates here but they only Spent eight hours a day in their cells And that was just basically for sleeping The other sixteen hours were spent the Going to church learning a trade going To school but that started changing as The years progressed it slowly started Turning into a maximum-security prison And by the early 1970s it was a Full-blown maximum-security prison where Inmates spent 23 hours a day in their Cells at the time the inmates decided That this was Inhuman punishment so they filed a Lawsuit with the state eventually the Inmates one new prison was built for Them and the last inmates left December 31st 1990 the location that we are Sitting in right now call this the third Floor east admin at one time this was an Area for guests VIPs dignitaries they would actually Spend the night here back in the early

1900s when dignitaries would come and Visit the prison they used to have to Come by horseback or a horse and buggy So it took him a while to get here so Instead of going home at night they used To just spend the night here this place That we’re in right now I would consider And a lot of the other volunteers would Consider one of the most active places Inside the prison which is kind of crazy When you think about it because this was A living area for you know staff members And dignitaries there were inmates here But you know they were mostly trustees So why is this area so active I’ve had Several experiences here I’ve been Investigating the prison since 2004 I Rarely ever see anything but last year Sitting up here almost sitting in the Same location I’m sitting now I saw a Black shadow figure kind of coming up The stairs into this area made a Right-hand turn walk down the hall which You know when I first saw it it was like Whoa that I just see that because he’s You don’t don’t see things just a couple Minutes after that I heard growling Coming from the middle of the room other Volunteers have her growling coming from This third floor and not just the area That we’re in but throughout the whole Third floor it sound like it came from Right in the middle of the room then Right after that I heard church bells

Now he said you can’t make this stuff up It was like okay what what what the heck Was that growling she had old church Bells Just last month of me and another Investigator were sitting up here almost In the same location it was very quiet Two of us and all of a sudden we heard This loud crash at the time and almost Sounded like lightbulbs falling on the Ground and smashing we jumped set a Couple choice words and then we got it Investigated this whole area we could Not find anything that had fallen that Would have caused that noise the first Time I investigated the Ohio State Reformatory was in 2004 over on the west Admin third floor there were four of us My wife went into this one bathroom and She’s sensitive she came out and said Who I don’t like it in there so Naturally I’m like well we’re going in So we all went in we shut the door and It was so dark you could not see your Hand in front of your face now what Happened next wasn’t frightening We were just in awe as we’re sitting There in the darkness this light shows Appeared on the ceiling it was just Swirling colors of light just swirling All over the ceiling and I’m like you Guys see that and everybody’s like yeah And we watched it for maybe five to ten Seconds and it slowly dissipated which I

Mean we were just left awestruck Tell me movement yeah it was like a Sweet mMmmm we came from one of those Rooms of them see now and I’ve got I’ve Got got that the feeling mm-hmm You know up in this area sometimes I Come up here and I’m okay I don’t get Feelings other times I come up here and It’s just like the hair standing up you Get dead electrical charts feeling Exactly I feel like it’s just got colder – yeah yeah I was gonna comment on that Before that even happen that I felt just Like right yeah whoo yeah son Yeah I feel cold us all around me now And there’s no one up in this area no no There’s only two ways to get up here and There there behind us and I’m looking at Both of them and nobody’s up here Wow He said this is the most miss the most Active area hi my name is Lindsay Cecil I am a tour guide here at the Ohio State Reformatory I also help out with our Paranormal programs right now we’re in The West I’m sorry I just messed it up Where right now we are in the East Cellblock this is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records this is The largest freestanding steel cell Structure in the world Meaning if we brought a crane in here Picked up the cell block and set it Outside in the parking lot it would Still be freestanding just as it is

Something built very similar is the Eiffel Tower in France the East Cellblock was actually known to the Inmates as the motel 6 the other side That was the Hilton you really wanted to End up over at the Hilton because the Cells were a bit larger it was also made Of brick and there was a little bit more Privacy over there here on the East Cellblock is where you got thrown when You first came here it was the worst of The worst they said while we were trying To sleep over there you could hear a pin Drop and over here guys could be Screaming until whatever time in the Morning it was just really nasty to be On this side of the prison over the Years also many of the different rooms They would change depending on who was The warden the room right over here Behind us is the library that’s what it Was last but it also used to be the Hospital you can imagine that there Would have been all sorts of beds lined Up through there and actually if they Knew that you were coming close to Passing away they actually had a tiny Room which has been nicknamed the death Room right off of it and they would take You in there there would just be a bed And a window there so you could pass Without all the inmates staring you down And you could just have a little bit of Peace in your final days the violence

There’s varying reports because at the Time they also didn’t they didn’t keep Records of everything you can get Reprimanded around here not only for Fighting you could get reprimanded for Looking at a guard funny maybe you had Your collar popped it could get you time In the hole which was solitary Confinement and actually how they Discipline inmates that really evolved Over the years when it first started out There was a hot It’s down in the basement which was a Big steel box that was close to the Boilers they would throw you in there we Don’t know for how long we don’t know How many at a time this was a story Passed down from guard to guard to guard But why would they throw you in a hotbox Because think about how you feel on a Hot summer day it would take the fight Out of you who would almost make you Lethargic and that’s also the same Reason why later when we got to our Solitary cells that they would usually Keep it a cool 90 some degrees in there To take the fight out of you it would be Bread and broth for the first few days You would get a meal on the last day Your meal consisted of loaf which was Anything that was left in the kitchen All mixed up together and a blender and Then baked into a loaf of bread and some Of the guys said that they’d rather go

Hungry than eat loaf yeah yeah it was Pretty disgusting how about your Experiences here sugar paranormal-wise Oh gosh I’ve actually had quite a few Things happen to me here what actually Kind of compelled me to start Volunteering here I came here actually Originally for Halloween with some Family they wanted to come see the Halloween attraction and I just thought The building was amazing so I came back Here for tours and on one of my first Day tours here the day tour bright and Early during the day you know we were Walking through solitary and I saw what Almost looked like an outline of a guy Leaning up against a cell and looking at Me and I just thought okay just turn Away just don’t look at him and nothing Will happen well then I felt a presence Behind me and felt a hand coming around My wrist and I can still to this day Tell you that right here is where I feel That thumbprint it’s like it never goes Away and we kind of have a saying around Here that the building chooses you you Don’t choose the building and I feel Like between that and just feeling Compelled to come back here that the Building kind of chose me to come here As a volunteer Another now when I’m sitting over here Like where we are now and it’s Completely dark you can see it out of

These cells you can see a man or whoever Peeking in and out of the cells just Looking at you and when we close up at Night or just like now you hear the cell Doors just shut move by themselves my Oldest daughter and I were here like Just a couple weeks ago was her first Time here and we heard the loudest bang I’ve ever heard it scared me and it Sounded like like but somebody hit the Metal of the door with a pole and it was Like chain rattling so I looked to see If it was anybody there and there was Nobody there we just came from there but I still checked and then so I said you Know I’ll fix you could you do it again And the next it did it again and it was So loud but nobody heard it but her and I and there was two other people with us So that was that one scared me that one Was loud what do you think is the Freakiest thing that’s happened to you Here getting touched I get touched a lot Here My hair gets played with and moved a Little bit but that’s fine I’m used to That but when I was in solitary one time Up on the second floor I was getting Touched a lot and it was not a good Touch it was like really uncomfortable And that scared me I didn’t even want to Go back in there I don’t even like that Area anymore I still have to go in there But that really scared me

That I could just feel the hands Touching me that’s yeah it was pretty Bad also up until 1960 the warden the Assistant warden and the chaplain and Their families all lived here on site And I often get people asking you know Why would you want to raise your family On the site of an active prison well the Last family that lived here the last Warden and his family that lived here Was Arthur gladion his wife Helen and They had two little boys those two Little boys have stayed in contact with Us over the years and they said best Years of their life living here they had The front pond to swim fish and ice Skate they even had a BB gun shooting Range downstairs in the basement But sadly life actually didn’t end up Very good for the glad keys in 1950 I Believe it was Helen the wardens wife She was in her room getting Ready for a for church or mass and she Was reaching up into the closet for a Box I believe it was a jewelry box or a Hat box but she did not know her Husband’s loaded service revolver was up There it fell hit the floor discharged And shot her through the lung the boys Were getting ready in the room across From her and they came in they found her They were able to get her to the Hospital where she coherently told them What happened there are a lot of rumors

Going around that ghost got her or the Warden killed his wife but that just was Not the case she was coherent and she Was able to tell them exactly that it Was a freak accident but she sadly died Three days later from complications due To pneumonia now in 1960 the boys were About high schoolish age and they came Home from school one day and they did Find their father slumped over at his Desk he had a massive heart attack again They were able to get him to the Hospital but he sadly passed away Shortly thereafter but lots of strange Things happen and it’s not all just During the nighttime daytime actually I Get a lot of stuff happening I was here For day tours one day and I was taking One of the side stairwells and all of a Sudden I smelled smoke and the first Thing I thought was oh wonderful I’m Gonna have to find whoever’s doing this They’re not supposed to be smoking in The building I have to tell them that They’re gonna have to walk outside but I Stopped and I smelled a little bit more And realized it wasn’t cigarette smoke And I consulted one of the other Volunteers when I got to the ground Floor and they said oh wait it was was That cherry pipe tobacco and I said yeah That’s exactly it I was like it’s so Weird it kind of came and went and they Said that was art glad Kees favorite for

Smoking in his pipe and about a month Later I was walking the opposite Stairwell and again it came all of a Sudden I just smelled like there was Smoke everywhere and then it was gone it Was that same cherry pipe tobacco and I Just said hi art because our third Blackie who also known as art must have Been walking by back in I think was About 1993 the movie Shawshank Redemption was filmed inside the house Reformatory a lot of the scenes from the Movie were filmed here the warden’s Office was filmed here the parole board Room was filmed here the dining hall was Filmed here a lot of the scenes outside Were filmed in the back of the prison But soon after the film wrapped up they Started tearing those buildings down so Those are no longer standing but a lot Of the movie was filmed here even the The Breuer hotel where Brooks spent was Filmed here the only part of the movie The main part of the movie that was not Filmed here were the cellblock scenes Are inside the house State Reformatory The cells face outward toward the Exterior walls in the movie the cells Face inward and it’s just that the Director wanted it that way because it Would just make for a bit better scene Filming of both sides of the cellblock Now there were over 200 deaths here that Occurred in the prison but there were no

Executions but there were accidental Deaths there were murders and there were Suicides back in 1960 in May by the name Of James Lockhart was on the East Cellblock cell number 13 on the north Side his parole was denied he became Despondent took some flammable fluid From one of the shops went into a cell Shut the door and set himself on fire a Couple murders here back in 1932 there Was a guard by the name of Frank hanger Who was murdered in the area of the Solitary by several inmates who Bludgeoned him to death during an escape Attempt there were murders that occurred In the barber shop one inmate slashed Another inmates throat another murder That we know about occurred in 1957 There was a riot in the East cellblock And they had Put a bunch of the inmates into solitary Now there were so many that were Involved that sometimes they had to put Two to three in a Cell well two inmates Were in this one cell and they did not Like each other and when they were Released only one came out they found The other inmates body stuffed Underneath the bunk I mean I’ve been Touched I’ve had the keys pulled for me As I was walking closing up at the end Of a ghost hunt but I would have to say The West attic the West attic is one of The most crazy places in fact we have

Volunteers who will bring in lawn chairs And they will bring their lawn chairs Toward the back of the West attic and Sit there and wait for the stuff to Happen there’s no windows it’s pitch Dark in there you can’t see your hand in Front of your face you know there’s People that go up there that they’ll see Balls of light dancing around the chapel I’ve known a lot of people who have seen Bright balls of light and little balls Of light just dancing around I’m up There there was my wife a couple other Volunteers plus some guests I think They’re about nine of us and they were All seeing these balls of light I Couldn’t see him I’m like I don’t see These lights they’re like they’re right There here comes another one and I’m Like you guys are crazy There’s no lights there I cannot see Anything so I put a rem-pod section of Duct work that was up there I’m saying If you guys see a ball like please let Me know so they’re like here comes one Now I don’t see it you guys are freaking Crazy I don’t see a ball like and I’m Like here comes one down the left-hand Side and I’m looking I’m like I’m like a Lot closer and I can’t see it well this Next ball I made sure that I saw and we All saw and the best way that we can Describe it and we all described it the Same way it was like a lightning bolt or

A shooting star struck my proximity Sensor and it exploded in this golden Flash of light and immediately I was Overwhelmed with this ice coldness This occurred in the summer but Immediately it turned of ice cold and After that happened I went back to where There were living people you want to go See the death room sure by the way That’s this is what the interior of the Hospital would have looked like a right Here so you can imagine all of these Beds lined through here but the last Thing it was used for was a library now In here within the death room some of These more ways are larger than others That so that they can fit burning Through them right in here you can tell It’s been popular in here because There’s a chair goes when I’d love to Come in here this would have been the Death room so if you can imagine there Would have been a bed here maybe a table Side Either I let that slam too hard or Someone’s having a little bit of fun and Then of course you have a window get a Little bit of sunshine and air as you Left this world but at least you could Be in here and have some privacy not Have anyone you know ruining your final Hours we also do have a graveyard out Back it’s not accessible to the public It is still on state grounds and it’s

Still being used that graveyard was only Used if your body was not picked up by a Loved one but if your body was not Claimed and you died here in the system They would bury you out back in a box That was made in the woodshop a coffin Your buddies would carry you out there The chaplain would say a prayer the Warden would come along they’d put you In the ground and bury you and your Tombstone would only say one thing and That was your number when you came in Here you there was no dates there was no Name you came here under your number and That’s what you died under miss the most Active area and I know especially my Wife has been down on the second floor Below us and you know she’s been like Having an event where she’s had her Group of people down there and they’ve Heard heavy footsteps walking up here This is a lot of people’s favorite areas It’s not the most creepiest believe it Or not what do you think is the creepies Oh central hallway but you’re on the Third floor just because of all the Share with people that are seen up here Mm-hmm third floor I’m trying to walk Over you have to finish this up 6:05 that’s my area code from South Dakota I know This is one of the only places where That noise could have come from and These were just guest beds and I’ve

Always wondered why is this area so Active this area I don’t like this Hallway right here this is the room Where Saturday night we had one of our Female guests scratched this room this Room right here what’s the history of The room nobody knows I mean nobody Knows it’s uh it’s the only room that Doesn’t have any windows you know we Think it was used for storage but it’s Good in here there no watches no record Of what happened here no no windows and They say that if you like move the chair To one area the room when you come back It’ll be moved back people hear voices The chillers start vibrating moving with You on it There were a group of six in here the One woman she was sitting on the chair And she felt something like slap her Face she started complaining about a Burning sensation on her back when they Pulled down her There were two I mean really big welts The middle of her back that were burning And that happens right here in this room Just this Saturday night Three days ago three days ago waha we’ve Had volunteers walking past this room And if her growling coming from the Middle of the room and before we move I Want to come back here that I’m gonna So just for the record the chairs over There in that corner this this hallway

Right here what investigators will do They will sit on these benches I’ve Never seen any of the shadows but what Was that Did you hear something really loud I Just got a weird just a cold weird just A cold weird just a cold on my hand I Don’t know I feel creeped out it’s like You said I’m kind of like did this this Area right here creeps me out And I guess there’s a lot of shadow Figures people if you will that are seen Up and down here there were a couple of Investigators sitting on the bench they Saw a shadow standing over here Looking at them and as they’re watching It the shadow figure then got down on All fours and scurried down the hall What the hell so why why do you think That this is the creepy area is there Anything that when it’s I just it’s just Everything about it the the peeling Paint the the the intersection of the Hallways and the activity I mean the Activity up here can be intense anything More violent – okay it seems frightening Up here mm-hmm Are you feeling that cold I feel cold This coming down my left side here I’m Like I got goose bumps under my to my Ears all of a sudden yeah and it’s not Real cold up here it’s you know we are In the chapel the original chapel there Are people who have said they’ve seen a

Woman in green up here Hold that let me get shot of that That’s not parable yes you can feel the Cold breeze coming through there we are Off on the above fifth tier of the West Cellblock it is ice-cold watch your step Here We are a long ways up wow that’s crazy So this is where everybody has seen the All the walls of life oh yeah oh yeah if You want move we can take a walk down There with the lights on or we gonna Take a walk with the lights off It’s two lights off let’s go you know People will say well why is an addict so Haha haunted back in 1930 there was a Major fire at the Ohio penitentiary in Columbus they had to find new prisons For the other inmates some 300 of them Were transported here and they put him Up here this was almost like a big giant College or military dorm room in 1930 This was still a reformatory for Nonviolent offenders now they’re Bringing all these violent offenders Here murderers rapists and this is where They held them may jail cells I can’t See any guards coming through here’s a Patrol it looks like they pretty much Had the run of this place that ductwork You see those two ductwork I saw the lightning bolt and this is Where everybody else was standing

There’s a whole bunch of graffiti on the Walls it’s just hard to believe that It’s still here like that yeah I mean Some of these you’ll see 1932 and other You know what later dates Oh what is That it was the first hospital oh [ __ ] Not too many people up there investigate Really yeah Can you go up oh yeah nice so excited to Start this area definitely feels so Different too Yeah I know what you mean So we’re just tearing down the podcast And we just started to hear some noises Some banging coming from down there You see bony finger yeah [ __ ] that’s Hella creepy okay everybody so tonight We have a very very special episode There’s only four of us here and we are In the Ohio State Reformatory this is I’ve said it before but one of the most Haunted places in the US and it’s crazy In here it’s huge it’s ice cold as it’s Been on every shoot that we’ve done onto This trip we’ve only had one building With heating so we’re coming used to This weather but we’ve done the podcast Already if you want to go listen to the Podcast or watch it you can go to those Or the channel that that is going to be On the paranormal files official podcast When we were doing the podcast we were

Hearing in this cell Hearing movement and banging and all These different sorts of noises that no One could explain what we were doing the Podcast and it kept interrupting us so I Highly recommend you go watch that Podcast because there was some activity And amazing stories and whatnot but Randomly when I was over in a dark cell Getting a b-roll shot my light died just 10 minutes ago so all we have tonight Our flashlights Like I said we’re the only four people In this entire prison complex it’s huge We’re gonna start out here in one of the Cell blocks do a little bit of time in Solitary confinement and then head up to The administration area which is the Kind of vortex of the haunting where a Lot of people have these negative Experiences so without further ado i’m Joined by we show the whole crew here’s Everybody we’ve already met You come dark back there Craig About it mark I can’t talk to cold okay Ready no yes here it’s time to get Spooky no questions to anybody who’s Here in the Ohio State Reformatory my Name is Colin here with some people that You know and my dad Jeff I just want to Let you guys know that we want to talk To you We’re not afraid of you me respect you So if you could do something for us and

Let us know that you’re here by maybe Opening your cell door for us Could you do that again for us if that Was you we heard you I’ve never seen That in here right where you’re right Where the light is is where I’ve seen it Could you make a noise for us if you’re In here Okay We saw some shadows late are you over Here in this cellblock Hello Could you knock on something for us hey Guys can you do something for us please Just make the loudest noise you can Think of yeah stay in the bullpen Can you do something for us If you don’t do something for us we’re Gonna go to another area okay we’re Gonna head in a solitary confinement Area this is place I think is one of the Creepiest You ready you know let’s go Oh I can sense something next to me you Know Different smell appearance yeah rusty There’s anybody here in solitary Confinement with us are you angry Max what do you hear in solitary Confinement over here you can use your Voice and talk to me there’s someone Here with us you say yes Can you tell us your name

Coulda been like the personalized why Were you sent here that’s you down there Come on over walk over to us can you Come down here with you guys I know it can’t get any colder it seems Like there is a cold air that came in Mm-hmm it’s cold like right here yeah Like out here even though it’s really Creepy in this area it doesn’t feel like Anything’s gonna happen you know you can Kind of feel that to me it feels kind of Dead right now so we’ve got a couple Other spots we want to go ahead thank You guys You see in boo so creepy button I don’t feel I don’t feel like yeah I Hear you swinging Warren inside Isn’t that definitely a warmer here not Though Wow gosh yes here yeah Are you here on the third floor what What what just one of you by yourself go Sit in that hall and see if you get Anything where I can’t see come over and Tickle my leg or grab my hand I got my Hand hold up pull my how about pulling On my coat kind of dizzy who’s out here Who’s out here it’s just open right here It’s really disorienting up here are you There Can you say something so I can hear you Please all right we’re gonna go

Somewhere else then it’s been a long Night but it’s been some kind of like It’s doesn’t it seem not really quiet You know like people are just kind of Subdued and see they’re loud or quiet Yeah I mean I don’t really feel up here I don’t really feel free good to meet You holy definitely all down there that Has puppies from this no this is just Where you heard that loud yeah bang Earlier Are you okay yeah I’m just gonna say it Well we heard that in there before but I Have this exactly what it’s on the plate Is there anybody in here okay guys so we Didn’t get as much time to investigate As I would have liked to have here Because the podcast is something we’ve Been setting up this whole time so Sometimes our timetable gets off we got Here a little bit late the drôme got Broken had to set all of our stuff up so We got delayed but we want to come back We’ve heard so many different footsteps And bangs tonight even just a few Minutes ago hearing those with really Loud bangs like how to shut the building But at the end of the day we’ve had a Really good night here and we’ve had Some great company thanks to these guys Over here and hey guys Working on the show let’s just see the Edge there that water pitch-black so the End of the night it’s Jeff and I hear

Mansfield Ohio we’ve got our last major Location of the trip tomorrow But we’re gonna call it a night because We’re freezing cold it’s almost 3:00 A.m. and we’re exhausted so it’s calling Here thank y’all for watching so much we Love you And stay spooky it’s not about a little Okay we’re gonna go all the way down to The third tier I’m sure I don’t have anything I’m just Curious on my neck just to see you do Like I feel yes okay did you touch Yourself though no I’m feeling a brain Actually down on my back No they’re right there and they’re my if You pull my shirt is it really yes it’s Growing we’re watching it grow Oh God no No I’m also there’s no there’s no dry Skin no it’s just strictly burning it’s Burning Yeah and it’s we’re actually watching it Grow how about if you pull down like It’s hot I came out of it like oh it’s Her skirt she got scratched She’s yeah I’m brain it’s right when I Was walking down in those a nice walk Coming down the stairs I think it’s farther down my back guys It might be but it’s cuz we’re watching It like grow you know I think it’s Turning from one sketch to three it’s

Down into my shoulder see yeah it is It’s going longer you see it more yeah I Can feel Can you pull my darn any further or yeah I have no idea if you could get any more Don’t like oh my gosh all there it’s Good just narrow its yeah just now Coming down the stairs I don’t see any More back there it’s also on your neck Er it probably feels like it but here Feel it where it’s not yeah because it’s No there’s there’s a definite it’s Obviously we haven’t fully developed Close up this way yeah no no really It still is burning yes There right there it’ll burn oh you Don’t remember when you first started Feeling it no bones coming down the Stairs the stairs oh when it’s okay no Just in the stair like what I think you Know I think why I actually oh my god do You think when I started feel something And then when I got down to the bottom I Thought do you think you said that Because you felt it or you got that she Said it no I think I I think Because I said it okay that in the last Flight think though it was no but I mean Yeah it was I said that wasn’t the last Time the last play yes yeah that’s what Happen You always get these weird things that Happen to you okay yeah that was yeah It’s still kind of you know burn yeah

That’s how I knew it scratched as soon As you said burning I knew it was a Surrender of their thoughts plate too Tired Think about it like you said maybe It’s before that happened oh this is the Time when ya gonna say that Well same time – yeah almost autonomy to Relocation It’s fading pretty quickly yeah But what I’m trying to say is it’s so Weird because you can people online Should know you can see there’s no white Skin on the side like just learning like If you would have scratched at all I Didn’t want to just point that out yeah Wow yeah How do you feel It’s kind of mixed emotion like being Like ever Don’t feel well I’m really all retired It’s cold but I just feel like A little disoriented I think it’s like Why’d it’s right why’d I get scratched I Mean why What is the reason for that I would like to be still burning It’s weird cause like it’s definitely is That what you felt when you got Scratched but there it’s just a burn

That’s what it is it’s all I could Explain to people on camera it’s like It’s a variant sensation Feeding really fast yeah it’s gonna be Gone like so quickly that’s trippy Hello