LIVE! ALONE in a Creepy Empty Haunted Church Cemetery at 2 AM

By | May 11, 2020
LIVE! ALONE in a Creepy Empty Haunted Church Cemetery at 2 AM

Sup everybody so we have something Pretty crazy that’s going on today Something very interesting here right Now in a very creepy abandoned well not Technically abandoned but it’s just Empty in the parking lot of a of a Church here in South Dakota I drove your Own alone everybody who follows me on Instagram and follows the paranormal Files just watched my whole thought Process behind coming out here it was a Split-second decision but I figured that Since I came all the way out here I Would bring all of you guys with me Because it’s it’s it’s freaking eerie Out here man I was here yesterday and I Got just bad vibes from the church just To give you guys a perspective of where I am here’s the church leaning out Creepy that steeple is up there it’s Massive so yeah I’m here completely Alone there’s my passenger seat I’m out It’s about 134 a.m. what’s up everybody Hey Claudia capable 25 from Oregon how Are you Prove it paranormal yes I’m out without A mask because I’m alone in my car and There’s nobody around except the dead People haha in the cemetery so yeah I do Have my mask though I’ve been wearing it Diligently a lot of people that I’ve Seen in public have not been wearing Masks and it’s just it’s kind of eerie To see in Austin you are required to

Wear a mask and then coming up here you Are not which is strange what’s up Jenna Wilkerson Stefan hello Michele speeder Charles Graham jr. miles Lauri how’s it Going thanks for watching the special Everybody who watched that Claudia I Don’t know how long I’ll be live so What’s up to everybody who’s a channel Number as well she Thing chef how are you guys doing I see You have the green symbols which is Dealt the next month symbols are great I Don’t know how its dreams thank you so Much for the $5 donation you guys don’t Have to donate I’m just doing this for Fun Mary thank you so much thanks for Being you thank you for that thank you So much thank you guys Of course shifting chef I got you el Don Yes I do have new music dropping very Very soon I’ve literally completed three Albums that I’m working on a fourth Extremely violent and heavy trap album I’ve got the beats ready I just need to Record the vocals and then I’m going to Get back to making music and music Videos I’ve been hanging out with a lot Of creative people lately thanks Don of Course Ron you see dead people not yet You don’t see any yet this place is just Creepy I love how we can get everybody Here in the chat together hanging out During these live streams because it’s It’s great it’s great to just be able to

Hang out with everybody and it gives Everyone the chance to interact with People Thank you shifting chef you rock you’re The man bro much love it’s much love and Respect so are you thank you for that That’s way too kind any donation is a Great donation and because I’m doing a Surprise live everybody that donates Tonight thank you so much Laurie oh my God the picture you are amazing thank You Laurie thank you so much And Dazzler 25 with a little heart thank You oh my god guys you didn’t have to do This please you don’t have to I love you Guys thank you though and Taylor oh my God thank you yes if you guys don’t know Online so that contouring video was Released as promotion in part for the Event that I’m a part of tomorrow at 1 P.m. Central Standard Time I’m going to Be going live on the conjuring Livestream with the family and Interviewing them talking to them kind Of guiding them through an investigation I’ll probably probably be popping in Later that night as well tomorrow and Then Wednesday I’m doing a live seance With the family with a Ouija board on Both ends so that’s going to be really Excited yeah there’s no one behind me This is I’m just alone in my car so I’ve just Been so bored lately yes I by the way to

Everybody I’m in South Dakota I’m Actually in crooks South Dakota in Minnehaha County out in the middle of Nowhere Thank You Davina Phalke and Danny thank You guys so much with the black hat and The rainbow it’s kind of funny you got a Black thing and then all the colors ha But thank you guys everybody who donates Tonight since I did a surprise Livestream we’re going to be announcing Two winners of free merch on the next Livestream and I’m going to count any Donation tonight and then pick one from Everybody who donated here and then Donations from the last livestream as Well so yes if you want to win free Merch donate $0.99 $2 Thank You hot boy Cool ha ha hopefully I can get you guys I wish I could send you all some free Merch but sadly I am NOT a rich man I Have sent a lot of people a free merch Though and we’ve been having a little Trouble lately with shipping because of The corona virus but uh Thank You miles So much man when you come into Utah That’s actually I would love to come to Utah because there are so many spots in The area like 2l and Ted Bundy’s old Cellar that I want to go to so that’s One of my next trips actually Thank You Kylie Murray also keep up the amazing Videos thank you you’re entered to win Some free merch Emma Kotter wacky hope I

Said that right watching from Japan that Is badass I would love to go to Japan there are so Many locations there that I would just Love and Michael Prison offski I hope I Said that right man spooky gang that’s What’s up spooky gang lives and dies Together big do big spooky goth energy Yes and thank you guys so much for just Joining me Thank You Rachel Keiko High-collared love your stuff hearts From New Zealand that is so badass I Love that we’re all around the world Watching this together yes oh my god you Guys that damn kitten glad to see you Well thank you so much you’re entered to Win free merchants will I can’t wait to Send all this out to you guys Angie oh My god a hundred dollars Thank You Angie Holy [ __ ] you are just so ha thank you I Don’t know how to you need to send me Your address so I can send you some Stuff please email it to me Paranormal files crew at and I’ll give you the big doom shout out you Got that and thank you Mia with the Peach I love the peach obvious impeach Man Okay sorry that joke was too far Angie once again though thank you so Much to everybody who’s donating thank You all I don’t mean to you know but Just thank you Bray boo Bray Beauty Thank you so much

To love you in your channel so much I Love you too I love all of you guys it’s So freakin much that’s what I love going Live and just hanging out with y’all Great you’re entered to win the free Merch as well and you Emily I love you Too Emily thank you for the two dollars Here’s a kiss for me too you just I’ll With the black cat I want to get a black Cat tattoo next it’s one of my next tats Thank you for the 99 cents you’re Entered to win free merch as well I Literally just put the names into a jar I actually write them out and then just Pick one out So everybody’s entered the same pruvit Paranormal welcome to the family thank You so much we’re going to be doing an Exclusive live stream this week because There are so many places here I’m gonna Be going to Omaha tomorrow and editing a Bunch but we’re just sitting here right Now waiting for this to happen thank you Kiss it I hope I said that right she Said Johnson High fan from Philippines Watching your latest video then you get Notified I don’t know what to watch First haha so thank you so much for the Donation I’m hoping that you win so I Can send someone in the Philippines a Piece of merchants it over there Obviously you should probably watch this First because I’m live and you can go Back to that one but thank you so much

Thanks everybody that damn Kenton Kate Francis Rob from the UK as across from Australia poets dreams so thank you so Much for the five dollars come to New Mexico Billy the Kid country yes that Would be bad asked to do a Western Series kind of like when I was in Arizona with my dad and we were wearing The old Western garb with the best I had Pistols and everything but yes I’ll be Sweet so you’re entered to win as well Thank you And Angie oh my god thank you so much Angie you are killing it what the hell The limit is $99 per chat Angie thank You and I hope that you’re not wasting Money on me I don’t want to take your Buddy please I just wanted to go live And bring you guys in with me so we can Hang out because I’m here all alone it’s Creepy and thank you proof of paranormal You remember the family and you donated Thank you come to Seattle yes actually One of my best friends is most likely Moving to Seattle soon so I’m gonna go See him and and and do a series I want To do the the tunnels in Portland the Shanghai tunnels and there’s just a Bunch of stuff there’s feel like I keep Seeing somebody walking around my car You guys if you guys actually see Anything sketch please do let me know Because yeah I keep seeing like random [ __ ] and I’m literally out here alone I

Didn’t even tell my parents and so I was Coming out of here no one knows I’m here With you guys thank you so much just out For the 20 dollars as well thanks for Being you thank you for being you and For helping out because this summer I’ve Got so many videos planned for you guys Amazing stuff and so many big Opportunities coming to work with so Many great people we’re doing Sanitariums hospitals traveling Throughout Europe going to Miami heading To Georgia all across Texas and it’s It’s a lot it sounds like a lot of fun But at the end of the day it still is Work and sometimes it’s a constant grind Even while I’m home I work 1215 hours Every single day for the most part it Takes up my entire day and I have not Seen friends for a long time so I’m kind Of going crazy but it’s so that I can Bring you guys the best most authentic Paranormal content that I can because I Care so damn much about you guys and What I could share thank you so much Angie again what the hell yours Wow Thank You Angie you are killing it Thank you oh my god I mean everybody in The chat let’s spam Angie for just like Being so nice holy [ __ ] Thank You Angie Email me I want to send you merch please You like a piece of everything and thank You Nick for the $5 as well what up G Be safe yeah I’m being as safe as I can

All you guys including Nick you you guys Are all entered to win the free merch on The next livestream including everyone Else that donated last week we’re going To be giving away two pieces maybe I’ll Just make it three because you guys have Been so kind and thank you Kate come to Washington nuclear Kate Francis thank You for the $2 come to Washington Nuclear reactor to explore near me Whoo-hoo that would be sweet I still Have a video from Seven Mile Island in Pennsylvania to release and I’m actually I’m planning on what I’m planning on Doing is a series called American toxic Kind of like American Gothic and I want To dress up in a in a full body nuclear Suit and walk through like different Public places wearing the mask and Everything to make a statement about the Food and everything and the kind of Chemicals that were exposed to and I Want to go to abandoned toxic places Like Picher Oklahoma and there’s Brentwood Houston area there’s an cancer Alley in Louisiana and then the ultimate One which hopefully I’m going to be able To just try to FaceTime me I hope I Texted her to let her know that I’m Gonna be live-streaming but yes sorry About that Elena but I was going to say I got to get to you Elena Chernobyl would be the final part of That doing an overnight ghost on in

Chernobyl with the full-body radiation Suit and everything so that’s what I’m Trying to bring you guys I’m trying to Bring you the closest I can to these Places and you can watch the adventures Play out live through the screen Thank You Elena Williams you are a wonderful Distraction hard times thank you thank You for distracting me you guys are the Ones that distract me through all this Stuff because I have something to work For and I have a goal to achieve and a Passion and so many people out there That are so amazing that are just Keeping me going so thank you all Kylie Marie thank you so much love from Perth Western Australia we have so many fans In Australia Australian fans if you’re In here spam the chat I would love to Come to Australia get drunk with you Guys go out to some pubs and bars head To some abandoned building Do some investigations it would be so Much fun to have a big fan meet up and Have everybody come out to say hi we’d Have to keep our separation because this Isn’t going away anytime soon and have Some masks on but you know it kind of Fits the paranormal files aesthetic That’s how I started wearing the masks And yeah it really wouldn’t matter Matt Baker thank you so much love watching Your investigations Thank You NAT I Appreciate that genuinely from the

Bottom of my heart you’re enter doing Free merch as well Emily Bartel thank you please stay safe With the three hearts thank you so much I am I’m being as safe as possible but This place is really eerie and I don’t Want to bore you guys it by just talking Because let me show you here’s where I Am right now here here’s this little guy Has been in a Bring Me The Horizon tour Video which is funny because I was Driving them around in my car in Houston So if you ever seen that tour video that They released this skeleton I call him Skeletor he was in there but this church Is mega eerie we’re about to go take a Look at the cemetery together Thank you Michael once again with the $2 You’re entered to win more free were Free merch my man watching from his Supposedly haunted hotel okay I’m jealous I would love to do that There’s actually a hotel in Georgia that I’m trying to see if my friend would Want to go to who lives out there where It’s a pretty crazy history they had the Largest hotel fire in American history Over a hundred and I think 30 people Perished in this one incident and Because the the fire was spreading from The bottom to the top people were Literally jumping out of the windows From the upper levels to their deaths to Escape burning alive which is a terrible

Story but supposedly a very haunted Place that I would love to go visit Carrie thank you so much for the five Dollars Carrie poen I hope you go to Kentucky again would love to meet you Someday you’re awesome no you’re awesome Thank you guys so much you’re killing it Tonight everybody is just killing it Thank you and I would love to come to Kentucky Obviously Waverly Hills I have some Friends they’re gonna be in Kentucky or We’re supposed to go to Waverly Hills That got canceled on recently because of All those corona stuff which sucks but I’d love to do Waverly Hills and then do The haunted amusement park in West Virginia and explore Whole area William Kathy thank you so Much my man I live in San Antonio can we Meet of course just send me a DM man I Love meeting up with any any of you guys If you’re I’m ever in your area I always Post where I’m at on my stories on my Personal Instagram and stuff like that So if you don’t follow me there you Should because if I’m in your area and I Post a story any time people comment to Me that they want to link in the area I Always meet them I’ve met literally Hundreds of you guys by now and if you Ever see me in public or anything come Say hi because that just happened Tonight when I was getting dinner

Someone was I was picking up my food and The guy who was delivering or bringing The food out was like Collin oh my god I Love paranormal files and I love Chatting even if it’s for just five Minutes because you guys mean so much to Me you’re helping me make my dreams come True and you’re inspiring me to lose Weight 20 pounds down baby only going Slimmer and more muscular so just wait This summer is the summer of buff spooky Big spooky baby Thank you peg 1 1 2 2 thanks for doing a Live investigation No thank you for the Donation you’re entered to win free Merch god I can’t even get through all Of you guys thank you Lori Ayler nice to See you call and stay safe out there Alone the chat has your back Thank You Lori yes I’m glad you guys are gonna be Watching like I said if you guys see Anybody outside these windows please Comment because I am out in the middle Of the country all alone and no one Knows where I am besides you guys online So we’ll see what happens Shifting chef proud of you man you have A heart of gold thank you I’m just I’m Just doing me I’m trying to be as Authentic as possible I’m not afraid to Admit my shortcomings and I’ve analyzed Them and lately I’ve been doing a lot of Art and drawing with markers and crayons Trying to get my emotions and feelings

Out and it’s just me this channel is Literally me expressing myself to all of You guys and taking you with on the Journeys because there’s no fakery There’s no strings attached if nothing Happens nothing happens but the history Is important the locations are amazing The cinematography I take pride in Because I was a film student at UT Before I dropped out to do this Full-time so I just love film and I’m a Huge cinema nerd so I love making the Movies like many horror movies even you Guys who are watching on my Instagram Before this I was playing like creepy Music When I drove up here so I love adding That kind of stuff Crazy feel theologian I hope I said I Write theologian thank you for the $10 If you ever explored further locations In Texas I’ve done a joiner help explore Areas that may seem too much I have a Lot of knowledge and experience with the Occult and spirituality you’re entered To win free merch and if you want to Please DM me on Instagram because I Would gladly like to have you out Because I’m always looking for people Right now I’m looking especially for Special guests and people that want to Come out I love having fans out that’s Actually how I met Cassidy from the Bobby Mackey’s video and she just moved

To Austin we’ve been hanging out she’s Awesome or it’s really cool just getting To meet you guys and and connect face to Face because what the number one thing People actually tell me which is I’ve Always thought was funny is that I Talked the exact same way that I do in The videos and I behaved the exact same Which is true because it’s not like I Have some personality where I’m like Tonight on the paranormal files we’re Going to be investigating this Notoriously haunted abandoned asylum and Analyzing it for paranormal activity Welcome to the paranormal files it’s not Like that I’m usually like hey what’s up Guys welcome to the paranormal files Tonight we’re here at a very creepy Place and I talk like this real life so Yeah it’s though thanks to all 465 you Guys for watching right now by the way Armenia Liz Tim shift la la rip 8 vetti Brittany Henderson push friendly Kym Pilgrim Alec Alec Whiteman thank you so Much you guys all are killing it tonight Andre it’s Andres Aggie err Aguilera I Can’t [ __ ] you talk tonight man Andres Thank you so much big fan of your Channel from El Paso I’m planning on Coming out to El Paso soon so anyone in El Paso hit me up as well there are some Locations I want to do one including a Forest haunted supposedly by the ex Rituals of Richard Ramirez The Night

Stalker I’m a huge serial killer nerd Too I could talk you guys here off about Killers but you’re entered to win free Merch Nick thank you so much for the $2 Man Nick and I live in Austin yeah where I live in Oak Hill right now so Southwest Austin and I’m always looking For new people to chill with so just DM Me I’m telling Guys DME davina foul welcome to the Spooky family thank you so much like I Said I’m gonna doing a live Ouija board And and an investigation with you guys On the spooky fam and we can talk and I Can read all your guys’s messages and It’s gonna be great to get to interact In a close level Kaitlyn H thank you so Much as always you’re so sweet Hi Collin stay safe love you I love you Too thank you guys I love you all who Are watching there’s almost 500 of us at 2:00 a.m. it’s pretty crazy we’re all Night owls here I guess Emily Bartel thank you for the heart as Well I’m cheering you twice for the free Merch at this point Taco expirations yes Andrews asked about news to ask you I Was just chatting about this I’m a we’re Gonna be moving to England for a few Months to film a ton of investigations And explorations soon and living with Them and we’re gonna get a house and There’s so many different people that We’re gonna be filming with and so many

Places we’re gonna go things we’re gonna See and I also have an entire movie Planned a paranormal files film and I’m Not talking about a documentary I’m Talking about a horror film like a Found-footage horror that I’m planning On directing and making the scariest Video you’ve ever seen in your life so That’s going to be filmed most likely in The Denby asylum in England the largest Asylum in all of England in the UK which Is a crazy place so watch out for that That’s coming soon prove it paranormal Thank you for the $2 again so much thank You We’d love to link when you’re in Seattle Yes please when I come to Seattle please Let me know follow my Instagram and Watch where I am and if you’re if I’m in Your area just DM me and I’ll instantly Respond Thank You Jose Flores stay safe Wherever you’re going man I love Watching your YouTube videos come to Houston I actually am gonna come to Houston very Soon so you should also DM me because One of my best friends lives in Katy so I’m trying to go out and see him when I Get back to Austin next weekend and do Some filming out there Chris you guys Whiny fans a joint in North Dakota yes I’m gonna be most likely in North Dakota This week filming a series that a couple Notoriously haunted locations so please

Message me instantly on Instagram so That I can link you up and get you get You involved because it’s going to be Doe I love North Dakota it’s where half my Family’s from so the state has a lot of Significance to me we’re most likely Going to be investigating fort Lincoln Which was an old fortress on the on the Pioneer or the Pioneer what the hell is That called the Prairie I guess what you know what I’m trying to Say but it was also in one of the Japanese internment camps during World War two so a very dark history that I Would love to be able to tell on the Channel and something I’d like to Explore in depth with parallels that are Happening today in our culture but Anyways jo-ann Apple thank you so much For the four dollars as well you who are Killing it princess lizzy and Dazzler 25 Both of you guys welcome to the spooky Fam we got a lot of new members tonight I’m so excited we’re gonna do in a Lengthy livestream this week and get I’ve got a bunch of new devices that I’m Gonna use and break out so if you want To watch that join the channel I think It’s so it’s a very only a couple Dollars per month and it helps out so Much with production fees because as Much fun as it is it’s you know it’s not It’s it’s still work when you come down

To it especially the Ohio series was Filming day after day every single day In the freezing cold 35 degrees for six Seven hours bringing in podcast Equipment setting everything up then When you’re done you got to come home And edit every video in each video I’d Like to painstakingly edit so it takes 15 16 hours per video just just to get It out to release so it is a lot of work But I’m glad you guys are here to enjoy It with me because the whole point is to Take you all along with me on the ride And that’s where we are right now Once again Rhiannon Gamache stay safe And spooky love from Alaska thank you so Much I’m gonna come to Alaska soon – There’s a couple places I’d like to film And in addition my one of my best Friends uh actually just moved to Alaska Two weeks ago so I want to go take a Trip out and see him up there but if I’m Ever up there like I said let me know Send me a message and we’ll link up Kat Butte My hero thank you so much of glad that I Have your hero that means a lot to me it Actually does you guys are killing it Tonight Thank you winter Miller thank you again Seriously have been the most genuine Paranormal investigators Thank you for that stay spooky from Canada I would love to come to Canada

Also I have some friends up there dying To visit there’s so many locations so Yes thank you again you’re entered to Win free merchants while all of you guys Are but cut your names out later tonight And draw it out just like I did with the Last the last winner of the stream which I’m just gonna announce on our next live Stream Octavia firestorm when you come to North Dakota also you’re a good person really Care for your fans thank you coming to North Dakota this week and yes I do care About all of you guys I’ve gotten so Many messages over the years and even People that have been really stressed Out and you know a lot of people that Have been dealing with issues on their End and I’ve talked to them and tried to Comfort them and help them through some Tough stuff so don’t feel afraid to Reach out to me I do get a lot of Messages so don’t feel bad if I don’t Respond right away Because that’s just the nature of social Media and it’s it’s a strange beast of Its own but I do try to get through to Everybody who messages me on the Different platforms Instagram is the Best way to get at me if you if you want To get something through to me but thank You again I do care about all of you Guys online Sandy Jun hiya hiya there you go

Re-enacted ah that’s what the look hacks Do it thank you for the $5 you’re going Into the merch giveaway as well Laurie As well for you thank you so much almost Three my four beds stay safe and stay Spooky Thank You Laurie always such a Pleasure having you in here and one day I hope I get to meet you in person like With all of you guys that are here so Thank you Laurie good night Caitlin we Got to catch up if we ever in New Zealand Please I’m dying to come to New Zealand There are so many places that I would Kill to investigate there so I will 100% Desert 25 join since I’ve been watching For over a year thank you so much and Even if you guys aren’t donating or We’re doing anything it just means the World to me that you at least give me Your view and a subscription are these Comments because it’s it’s it’s a tough World doing YouTube and it’s a lot of Work and you got to be driven and have a Drive to succeed and you guys inspire me Every single day so thank you all Shoutout to blurry night 78 David ash Stephen Lacey Brian Cherokee Madison yes I want to Come to Florida soon I might be in Miami This summer Jared I would love to come Back to Maryland and do more Baltimore Videos Hannah your videos hit different High I totally feel that I guess I can’t

Get into my own personal life here but Just I feel that Rhiannon again thank You so much love from Alaska spooky fam I got to come to Alaska now trust I’m Coming don’t even don’t even tell me I’m Gonna come and Pasha Fiala with the Little thumbs up little pair man thank You for the $3 Pasha you’re entered to Win is well just L you should visit Florida fun for spooky times yes I’m I Want to do Key West and I want to do Robert the doll that would be amazing And then I want to do a Santeria series With my tattoo artist Kat because she Has a crazy personal story with some Santeria and some kind of stuff that Happened in her own family I would love to profile that Trevor Pierce horror game thoughts thank you For the $2 by the way one of the videos That I want to shoot next actually is Playing haunted video games because I Was reading a list with my friend a Couple days ago about video games that Are cursed or haunted and I want to do Like a playthrough and use some some Equipment and while I’m playing and see If there’s anything that comes through Because you never know it and I’m in Quarantine and I got to come come up With some video ideas so I thought that Would be interesting but I love horror Games especially zombie games I’m a huge Zombie nerd I’ve been a zombie

Conventions met a bunch of zombie Celebrities when I was in high school Made zombie films so if you guys want to Discuss zombie movies we can get into That too and that’ll last a while Yes hundred percent man six oh five That’s my that’s Josh whoo Josh was in The first episode of paranormal files Ever at Lincoln High School if you guys See him the chat 6:05 Paranormal Society I think that’s you running this Josh if It’s not sorry to whoever’s running the Account but when I’m here let’s do it if You guys got a location I’m free every Night so just hit me up text me kW shout Out shout at you from Callie stay spooky Thank You kW you’re entered to win Murch As well and shout out to Cali to Everybody watching out there Cheyanne Miller welcome to the spooky Fam we’re gonna do a livestream like I Said this week so everybody I’m all post About that tomorrow what I’m planning to Do and know that I’ve never been to this Church before I just discovered it two Days ago but we’re about to get into it Guys don’t worry I’m almost to the Bottom of the donations I just got to Thank everybody for the support who who Has done this Daniel J I’m in the same County as you we should meet up Hit me up Daniel like I said I’m here Anybody if you just text me on Instagram Shoot me a message I will I will help

You on the phone why don’t I just say That I will help you I will help to Provide the link to meet us up so we can We can chill cuz I’m just hanging peg One one two two what’s your email addy Paranormal files crew at is How you can get at me on email and thank You for the five dollars that means so Much to me thank you peg you’re entered To win as well as you were before when You donated so thank you Hey Rayna to everyone who’s in here Geeky karma I would love to do the Sallie house Travis we’re about to head In right now I’m almost to the bottom Thanking you guys sin doll X X X 666 X I Enjoy your content and personality and Family thank you so much for the two Dollars you’re killing it love the Profile name and I love my family too so Thank you for those kind words and Kat Butte again eventually I hope you’ll Make it to San Francisco much love from Cold foggy San Francisco I love the cold I love the fog and I love California I’ve never been to San Francisco so That’s on the top of my list actually I Have a lot of friends out there so I’d Love to come out just out with a good Job thank you so much glad you think I’m Doing a good job of just sitting here Entertaining almost 600 people Oh which Is bizarre Brian Edwards Welcome to the spooky fam like I said

We’re gonna be doing that live stream This week so you’re gonna get in on that Everybody who’s donated to it has been Entered to win free merchandise on the Next livestream that we do just I’ll Thank you again so much for the five Dollars what does that say trying to Read it number one yes we are number one We are number one anybody understand That meme or just think that I’m a huge Nerd you could you could go either way Alright We are number one man Alexis Jenkins Thank you so much for the $2 love your Videos come to Utah love to meet you I Would love to meet you as well I would Love to meet all of you guys online Truly I wish we could all just hang out Right now in a group because what we’re Doing basically virtually is chilling Typing messages to each other Interacting it’s like we’re hanging out But I’m the same way in person where we All get along we did the bar crawl in Austin last year at had around thirty Thirty-two people come out and we were Just all the whole night drinking beers Buying each other shots hoppin bar to Bar we did a ghost tour while we were Drinking I was explaining haunted History of different buildings in Austin So we’re gonna do that again this year In some different cities because it was It was a lot of fun Sean Seymour got to

Come to South Carolina we got a link I Got so many locations to show you Thank You Sean that would be dope I’ve been to South Carolina once but there’s a lot of Locations that I could hit in South Carolina that’s one of the place that’s Also on my list so I’ll be sure to hit You up or likewise you can hit me up if You ever see that I’m there Andrei’s uh Era Aguilera Sorry man I keep slaughtering that I’m So tired I can’t talk thank you for the $2 there’s no message but Liz Liz Vig Are I want to join the families link you Just got to hit the join button on the Channel right below this video yeah we Should all do a huge zoom meeting who Who said that Tony Brianna Brown we Should do a big-ass zoom meeting with All these people that are in this that Would be dope if we can all just hop on It and hang out thank you Trina Briana By the way hey called love your videos Hey Trina my love to you and thank you For watching the videos and thanks for Helping support the paranormal research That we’re doing here on the channel Nick thank you so much for the $2 man And you guys are all entered to win the Free merch where I’m from originally I’m From South Dakota from about 20 minutes From where I’m sitting right now I’m Just outside of my hometown of Sioux Falls so once again guys I think it’s

About time to get spooky There’s the creepy Church Let’s see I got through all the Donations thank you again to Angie for The justice so kind donations thank you To every single one of you that’s Donated tonight and that has joined the Fam we are going to do that livestream This week and I brought my Ouija board From Texas so I’m going to go to a Really creepy place that’s around here And I’m also going to be going back to Get you man into I’m proud to announce That here in the next couple of days by Myself alone and I’m gonna attempt to Camp out overnight in the murder cabin So yeah anyways I’m going to take my Seatbelt off I guess turning this light Off of my car okay guys I’ve got a diet Coke with me right here so I’m gonna get Out and show you actually so the one sad Thing about this is that this all Started this Thank You Preston so much I’m glad I looked right then loving the Videos for a while I can see the hard Work from Columbia South Carolina thank You so much it is so much work and it’s A lot of work it’s filming editing I Have to fund all the videos from my own Pocket because there’s no production Company that’s backing us I have to find All the locations contact all the owners Set up contracts and agreements handle Legal things and work with producers

That I’m involved with all these Different events and paranormal Conventions but it’s so awesome and this Lifestyle is beautiful I would not want To be doing anything else with my life And above all thank you guys so much for Watching at home thank you for just Being here with me right now it is such A beautiful thing to be able to turn on My phone and have almost 600 people that Are watching with me as I embark on These adventures because I know all of You out there are just as crazy as I am And you would love to be doing this with Me right now which is what’s dope Because you can do it with me just Online and you don’t have to go through The creepy kind of perils of heading to An abandoned cemetery in the country Alone at 2:00 almost 3:00 a.m. so yeah Let’s do that Guys I’m gonna back up here you go I’ll Show you what I’m looking at here so Here’s the creepy church [ __ ] there’s Nobody out here either this was this is A creepy ass area okay let’s go over to This historical marker right here I’m Gonna let you guys read this by the way I just saw that donation Mary win thank You so much for the fifty dollars thank You Mary thank you thank you thank you Kisses and hugs and love so much love to You be safe sending my personal spirit Guides and angels your way thank you I

Appreciate that because I’m here all Alone so if there’s something in this Spooky ass church cemetery it’s Definitely attaching to me it’s Definitely gonna try hitch a ride and And come back home so and our house is Haunted that I’ve been staying and I’ve Got some crazy experiences that I would Love to tell you guys that an Investigation footage like I said in Today’s video I’ve been investigating Almost every night and I’ve gotten some Really eerie stuff Isabel Mesa thank you So much I live two blocks away from a Haunted restaurant called forepaws Isabel my mom this whole trip that I’ve Been here has been saying for pause for Pause because I actually shot a video There three or four years ago before I Even met Payton and I interviewed the Staff but I didn’t investigate and now The restaurant closed before corona Because of some staffing issues and and These different monetary things so the Building’s empty it’s a just giant Beautiful to give you guys a little I Love the story of forepaws it’s a Beautiful place it’s it’s an old Gothic Mansion that is a restaurant and the Forepaugh himself the guy had an affair With a maid I think it was it was a Worker in his home and she ended up Getting pregnant and because she Couldn’t bear the pain of what what was

Gonna happen she literally killed Herself and hung herself in the kind of Turret of this Gothic mansion which is a Dark story it seems like that would be a Myth or a fable but that actually Happened there and then for Paul himself Met a very mysterious sad Because after that happened after he was Digesting it for a while he just walked Down to the river right near the Restaurant with a gun and killed himself On the river there have been a couple Other deaths on the property it’s a Beautiful beautiful mansion if you guys Want to look up a picture right before We go in here it’s called for pause I’m Trying to get in there to investigate Because it is so eerie in that place When I was there before what even just I Loved going to haunted places and not Even filming like I used to go with my Family to Minneapolis and we would just Go to for pause to get dessert just so That we could be in the haunted place For a little bit to experience sakes It’s so refreshing and it’s such a great Energy to be able to feel Tara thank you So much hi Tara Oh it’s great seeing you thanks for Popping in can’t wait to see you on the Dark zone you’re entered to win free Merch all of you guys are entered to win Free merch who donated tonight love hugs And kisses to all of you guys thank you

So much and yes Tara like I said at the Beginning guys tomorrow 1 p.m. Central Standard Time I’m gonna be going live With the family from the conjuring house Talking to them helping them investigate And then later that night I believe I’m Going to be on there again and then Wednesday I am going to be doing it live Seance with the family on their end and My end to see if we can somehow Transport energy and be doing a big very Creepy experiment I’m going to be Inviting whatever energies are in that Home means in my life so we’ll see what Happens with that but thank you so much Caitlin for $3 love you guys definitely Come to Arkansas yeah I’m gonna be in Arkansas next month with a guy Eddie and His he’s got a whole crew They got exclusive access to blowing Cave which is a famous alien Disappearance Native American cave that I’m really excited to get to investigate It’s so creepy So you’re entered Winfree merge thank You so much for that Katelyn Pitts also Today’s my birthday okay Caitlin you’re Entered to win free merch and I got to Sing it to you happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you happy birthday Dear Caitlin happy birthday to you whoo Thank you so much Caitlin you got a Reverse gave me a birthday gift but Thank you

So much I hope that that little happy Birthday kind of set you up for a a Beautiful day and I hope whatever age You’re turning this year turns out to be The best year of your life and you have Some amazing experiences and a great Birthday even though it’s during this Pandemic I’m sure you’re gonna have a Great time much love for myself and Thank you again Tita Philips thank you For the little pair guy that’s kind of Coughing and going cuckoo your enter to Win the free birch as well Thank You TIA NAT Leighton Matt Leighton I believe should come to London United Kingdom as I said before I’m moving to England this summer I’ll be in London And I’m moving to Manchester area to Film a ton of videos across England so Yes that’s coming up okay guys I love You all so much I’m gonna start reading All the comments and we’re gonna explore This together but let’s first okay this Is now when it’s going to get creepy Except in here Sorry about that guys can you hear me Again caffeinated Christy thank you for The $2 I love your videos good luck can You hear it I thought I just heard Something right when I was speaking ok Sorry guys when I was ok so I’ll take You through what I just said I said this Church is massive there’s a Gothic Church bell up there it’s so interesting

So let me read this again to you guys Peter big prairie fire victim Peter big Was born near the tiny village of Hulk South cutland Ute hland I don’t know say that Denmark After emigrating to America in time he Settled on a claim located two and a Half miles southwest of this spot he Basically built a house then he goes the Spring conflagration ’he’s consumed Large areas of tall tinder-dry grass Which had lain dormant during the winter Peter big unaware on April 9 1880 he Failed to notice the advancing fire Pushed by an east wind until it was too Late what I’m saying was funny is that They spelled to tio instead of tio oh She’s just kind of funny trying to Outrace the inferno he rushed to the Straw stable to untie his cow but was Engulfed in flames horribly burned an in Agony he survived until morning and then He obviously died Peter big the first Adult to be buried in the Benton Lutheran Church cemetery was interred in An unmarked grave so yeah there’s There’s the the first burial here was an Unmarked grave which is still a lost Grave of a guy that was burned alive and Suffered an agonizing death which I Imagine could create some sort of a Haunting Thank You Caitlin Pitts for the Two dollars by the way thank you so much That literally made my day

Ok good well I’m glad I can help make Your birthday special ok holy [ __ ] guys It’s freaking freezing it’s 39 degrees And with the wind my Apple weather says It’s it feels like It feels like 32° [ __ ] okay y’all so Like I say before yeah Shoutout to everybody who’s uh who’s Who’s watching right now at 219 a.m. got 610 people watching that’s so crazy A man ski lease Jilly I’m not to say That my brother The entire town burned to the ground Hundreds in survived that’s insane Yes I’ve been sober for the last while I’ve only had like one or two nights of Drinking with a couple friends when I’ve Been in South Dakota but I’ve been Losing weight I’m 20 pounds down which Is great I’m continuing this journey of Fitness and trying to get a six-pack by The summer or like late summer so that I Can be the buffest paranormal Investigator and overtake mr. Baggins as The is the buff guy because I’ve never Had a six-pack and I’m like come on man Let’s go Okay though let’s uh we’re gonna do this Together I’ve not been here at night It’s a very very eerie place I want you To all remember that story of Peter big Who uh who died in this area burned Alive and agonizing death and then he’s Buried here somewhere in an unmarked

Grave and so I’m just saying screw it Let’s drive in everybody this is creepy Tournament I’ll turn my actual brights On so I can show you you guys the graves That we’re gonna pass by I also just Really hope no one comes up and drives By because like I said I’m alone out Here I don’t have any sort of protection Or anything Okay here we go Thank you so much joy of reason none of My friends like haunted history so I Really love everything you do for us Spooky’s appreciate the heck paint from Dallas I’m in Dallas all the time let me Know I’ll be in Denton next week but You’re entered to win free merch here we Go guys yeah I’m out in the middle of The country there’s nobody to help no One that can save me now you’re alone it Is very very eerie out here man I’m not Gonna lie to you guys I don’t even think Of a damn flashlight Okay I’m gonna pull over just a tiny bit I’m not going on to any graves but just To show you guys this is the cemetery Right here Mark I don’t only read out the donations Messages to set the record straight guys If you donate that’s a really really Kind thing for someone to do and so I’m Thanking people and I have to it’s not In my DNA to not thank people for doing Something so nice for me so I have to at

Least read them out to say hi and then People have just been donating like Crazy tonight so so it’s been it’s been Constant but I’ve read plenty of Messages that are we’re not donations Tonight as well so I will turn the Camera back Okay everybody actually I do have my I Have my ghost box and yes thank you all I love you all so much so deeply we’ve Got a we’ve got a lot to talk about Later on like I said before I’ve heard Your guys’s questions trust me but uh Everything is gonna make sense very very Soon I’ve just got a little bit of Preparation to do am I in with a lot of Different things And yes I’ve been growing my hair out I’m growing my hair out long again Everybody seen so many comments for People who want me to grow my hair out So I’m just gonna do it man it’s my damn Life it’s ready I’m ready Okay so let’s see maybe I have a Flashlight in here really hoping I do no But I do have this pamphlet about the Spiders of Texas effect which is not Gonna help me literally whatsoever right Now you guys might have to deal with the Total total darkness when I go in here Yeah I literally started this live Stream on my Instagram asking people if They’d want to just go visit a cemetery And everyone was like yeah let’s go

Sounds like [ __ ] let’s do it and I do Not think about it so now I’m here Without a flashlight which is creepy Maybe I have one in my trunk I’ll check My trunk who can I turn my hair on can I Turn my flashlight on when I’m streaming Wow I cannot believe I just said can I Turn my hair on that is hilarious Okay well You know what I got my new tats I love Rocking them out but I’m gonna have I Got my I got a new snake tattoo as well But I’m gonna roll my sleeves down Because it’s uh it’s really really cold Outside like I said it’s now 38 degrees And with the windchill it says that it’s 31 outside I’m like really it’s May in Austin it’s literally like 82 degrees And it’s freaking like winter weather Right now you all don’t smoke to that my Man the spiders sick if you guys are Smoking right now drinking toast one to Me because I’m doing this [ __ ] right now And I’m a little freaked out So enjoy everybody I’m just gonna send It full send here off into the the dark Abyss of this church you guys ready And uh I’m not drinking beer I’m Drinking diet coke for everybody’s Wondering I would not drink and drive Live on YouTube I’ve never drank and Drove in my life actually it’s something That I tell people that I’m proud of so Let’s do this [ __ ] it’s just like I said

Before full sin I’ll show you what I’m Looking at so there if you can see the Light from the church that is the that’s The church right here and then there are Graves I’m literally just walking Amongst the graves you can see there’s My car over there I’m now deep in this In this cemetery you know just kind of Weird guys I’ve been like it’s kind of Funny because I’m like talking to you Guys online so it’s it’s like the Reality of a situation I didn’t really Stop to think about it but I can just Now I I just it just kind of clicked Into my mind that I’m just standing here In this cemetery I’ve ever been alone in A cemetery in like so long especially Not dead at night like this so It’s just dead silent man listen to that The silence is just crazy Let’s see I’m gonna see if you can see These graves can you see that this is a Big monument right here Father father spooky that’s me Daddy spooks got my EMF meter right here Thank You HK Fred the sweaty face right There it’s exactly how I feel do you Guys just hear that though how silent This is it’s very peaceful it’s creepy And it’s freaking freezing cold but yeah I’m out here alone here’s another Monument right here if you can see it’s Got old carvings on it you know what I Noticed

Actually in this cemetery when I came Here earlier there was a lot of Vandalism on the graves which was sad But I noticed that there had been a lot Of carvings made onto headstones by People here’s another view of the church The steeples way up there oh my god I Wish you guys could see this it looks so Golf so creepy and yes it is freezing Cold I’m dying right now No pun intended okay let’s ask some Questions if you guys have any questions You want me to ask send them in the chat And I’ll read them out for you so Anybody here with me Who was a member of the congregation at This church The dead quiet is just crazy I’m just Trying to see where I’m walking god damn I should have brought a flashlight I Cannot believe I just drove all the way Out here they don’t leave without a Flashlight – any spirits entities any Energies that are here in the cemetery I Invite you to rise from the ground come Down from wherever you are I’m opening Up a portal using myself as a vessel you Can take my energy and use it you can Manifest however you’d like I just want to communicate with you if You’re here is there anybody here in the Cemetery with me who was a member of This church The charge up there yeah it’s definitely

Unbelievably quiet out here thanks for That suggestion Hannah do any of you Guys watch the paranormal files on YouTube are you fans of the show if only You guys could actually be here right Now And like see what I’m seeing it’s just Pitch-black I do see a car in the distance though Welcome to the spooky families we’re Gonna do this again on a private Livestream later this week at a very Very spooky location I can’t even see Where I’m walking it’s freaking dark is Peter big here Peter did you die in a And if fire can you lead me to your Grave My eyes are playing tricks on me I just Got the chills there’s a there’s a Little a little like black shape Sticking out from behind the church over Here Point out it right there and it just Keeps looking like it’s moving are you Waiting for someone to come back to you Or to join you welcome to the spooky Family age game mini hugs kisses love You guys thanks for you guys for joining Please like this livestream if you’re Here because this is ballsy Here’s another monument you guys can see If you guys have any questions be sure To type them out Brian I got you if

You’re here with me right now Anywhere in the cemetery or maybe even In the church that’s right in front of Me did you make some sort of a noise so Let me know that you’re here I just heard something actually it’s so Quiet Here’s me some real nice carvings on it No I tried to use the flashlight from my Phone but it won’t let me I wish one of You guys can join me right now because It’s creepy I think what’s really eerie About this place is that there are trees Everywhere and yes to everyone who’s Watching I started this off on my Instagram live and I didn’t actually Expect to come out here but you crazy People convinced me to come out I was Just gonna go home and take a bath but Unfortunately I’m a bit loopy Thank You Jessica welcome to the spooky family yes This is cemetery from the 1800s and if You guys missed the story a man named Peter was burned alive or burned to Death in a prairie fire in his grave is Somewhere here in an unmarked plot they Don’t know where he is so I thought I Thought that’s very interesting there’s My car way over there who’s the little Girl who died in the 30s mr. Church is Just a freaking creepy man and also guys It’s literally like it’s literally like 39 degrees but I’m telling you it feels

Like 21 are 31 degrees Oh look that’s kind of strange that Right when I asked that question Here’s a small headstone typically for Like children you know what I mean Let me see Benson I try to find the First name I’m sorry I’m using the Eldon December December 3rd 1915 Eldon yeah Really really cold oh you guys heard Something what did you hear Brian if you Heard something okay female whisper and You could anybody hear anything because I did not hear anything in person and That would be absolutely insane if you Guys actually heard something and it uh Oh my god my hands are killing me man It’s so cold Robert my man you can join Me by just messaging me on Instagram oh My god and my new tattoos are being Exposed to the cold Okay so I’m seeing that everybody heard Something like a whisper I’m just gonna Mark it in the tape that I didn’t hear Anything in person but I’ll go look back At that later on and then it’s a I’ll Mark that down too cuz I wasn’t even Looking when that happened I was showing You guys this grave Benson and then Strangely enough this kind of if you Guys heard like a I don’t know small you Just have another question that I should Ask their little girl whose spirit is Trapped here in the cemetery Oh so I haven’t even looked the camera

Yeah it just went up the connection I’m Out kind of in the country so I might Have just walked through I guess it’s a Bad spot but I was still seeing the Messages popping through I didn’t assume That anything was wrong with that stream I was just trying to ask the question Listen intently cuz you guys heard Something sorry yeah well I didn’t do Anything I didn’t try to freak you guys Out I’m sorry did that happened it’s Probably a bad time And it is freezing like I said is there Anybody here with me can you use your Voice again I can’t I gotta go back to My car guys soon cuz I’d also just got a Really creepy vibe and my hands are like Going numb oh well that’s freaky but I’m Not gonna call that anything paranormal That it cut out but that is weird that’s Happened before on our live streams but I am in the country just walking around With a very low sell signal here is the Church right here it’s an old church From I don’t know the exact time where This church or when it was built but as You can see I’m just like way down a Country road walk on down a country road I’ve had this running the whole time in My other hand and There is very spooky old church yeah I Got to go back to the car cuz my hands I

Think are getting like little frostbite I’m gonna go home and take a long bath I’ll ask one more question when I get Back here thank you guys for joining me On this adventure I’m gonna get in the Car and we’ll talk a little bit more Because I’m not really process this Church is so eerie man I literally have To use my phone like to Sikhs it’s so Dark I obviously can’t be as respectful as Possible here but uh sometimes when You’re walking alone in these kind of Places and I just sounded just like Almost a twig snapping just now hello There’s anybody here with me please I Just would like to hear your voice all I Want to do is communicate with you if You’re stuck here Peter yeah I don’t Have any of my equipment because I just Drove out here I’m like out in the Middle of the country walking back to my Car Oh no hits on the EMF just kind of Creeped myself out I guess losing the connection is strange But I’m not gonna call it paranormal Because I am just out oh my God my Freakin hands guys Holy crap oh yeah I was gonna say I’m Not gonna call it paranormal because I Am out in the country holy [ __ ] oh my God give me a second

Oh No look how red my hands are do you See that oh look at my fingers Oh God Look at the regular tone of my arm Compared to my fingers holy crap man That was freakin cold and ya know I Couldn’t use my armpits because I had Both hands out one on the Mel meter okay Here I’m gonna let me just put this back It’s that I can warm both of my hands up Cool things I do for this channel I Literally could develop frostbite Because I’m diabetic not as good Circulation as I should oh my god dude Look at my hands they’re literally Spoiled my fingers my extremities I just Killed that reminds me of yeah yeah I Know I know what gloves are the sad Thing is that like I said I didn’t think That I was coming here so I didn’t bring My warm jacket I did not bring any of my Equipment I just decided to adventure and head out To hang out with you guys so yeah you Can see though my fingers look at that The count starts here and up and how red They are I was not lying about how cold It is out here I don’t lie that’s like Some crazy [ __ ] oh my god So Yeah interesting Cemetery I didn’t Really hear anything or I mean I felt Just kind of creeped out and I was only There what 20 minutes but still okay Hold up I’m gonna someone just said that

They Oh my god That is actually really painful my Fingers are like actually burning Oh I was gonna say yeah that reminds me of When I was filming with Dan Belling Baltimore and they went to a bridge and It was 17 degrees out and I was out There for like 10 minutes when I got Back in the car My hands were way more red than this and I couldn’t even move my fingers okay one Second guys someone just sent me the Video of whatever you just heard on Instagram hey so I just listened to that And it actually did sound kind of like a Whisper that was kind of creepy it’s Like like kind of like that that’s weird Thank you for thanks for catching that Guys that’s pretty interesting I’m uh You know I’m always very skeptical about All this because I don’t want to lead You guys down to believe about a path of Belief that I don’t personally believe In but that is Mac and why is kind of Creepy whoo oh my god I am literally Chilled to the bone like I can feel it Through my muscles on my arms and bones God 37 degrees Fahrenheit right now on My car let me see oh I’ll probably blow Your guy’s mine yeah can we hit 500 Likes on this video we’re at 489 because Of this insane crap that I just did

Where I froze my damn hands for this Little livestream I’m gonna check the Weather one second so it says welcome to The fam life of sark sarcasm by the way Thank you so much and we’re doing that Live stream this week I’m gonna do it Again hopefully in a warmer night and Like I said I’m gonna go back alone to Get you man into and try to camp all Night but thinking about it right now I Don’t know how that’s even going to be Possible With this weather yes Diane I have hoodies for sale online They are they’re actually really cool Like their I try to design our merch to Be like a street wear brand like some Real kind of trendy trendy designs that I would rock cuz I love fashion that I’m Super into clothing so I always put a Lot of effort into making the designs Look really cool Thank You Caitlin so Much for the fingers you’re entered to Win free merch if you donated it all Tonight $0.99 or $100 you’re entered to Win the merch on the next livestream so Yes yes should all get hoodies I’m not Trying to plug anything business-wise They’re just they’re really good quality And they’re really comfy and my dad Wears his constantly even when we’re not Doing anything I can’t escape paranormal files my dad Wears paranormal files stuff costly my

Mom wears her shirt I I didn’t realize I’m wearing right now I didn’t even mention that this whole Video I’m wearing this day spooky shirt Right now this is uh I designed this Whole thing myself on the on the Computer and and yeah that’s uh someone Said that somebody donated $300 but I Did not see that I don’t think that That came through you’re wearing the Same shirt you’re wearing this stays Spooky hell yeah everybody big stays Spooky energy in here and thank you Angie so much once again if you’re still In here you need to message me so I can No matter what just send you some some Free merch and yes that April Fool’s Prank was was badass So I’m gonna drive out of here so I can Go home and go to bed at a regular time Because I got to get up tomorrow and do This conjuring livestream but I’ll show You guys the cemetery as I Drive out Yeah I’m just kind of my hands are doing Well they’ve they’ve calmed down and Remember guys this is this is spooky Forever this is not a temporary thing This is my passion and my love I’m not Gonna stop until I can safely say that I’ve proven the existence of the Paranormal so you guys are here To see it all my entire journey Documented from beginning to end and yes These are my high beams

Well once again I’m back out to the road I believe I know what way to get back Hopefully well we’ll see [ __ ] it’s not the road sorry I didn’t Mean to swear oh [ __ ] that must just Drove off into That’s okay I almost drove off of the Road into us into a like pit thing and Yes you can see there we go we’re Leaving the church behind well oh my God Why does he keep shooting that terrible Angle thanks to all of you guys for Hanging out with me on this fine spooky Sunday even so surprised that we can Pull 600 people at 3:00 a.m. oh my god I’m leave I should have stayed for four More minutes should I go back to the Cemetery at 3:00 a.m. Okay I’ll scrub Whip her out Oh god oh [ __ ] I literally almost just Ran into a ditch that would be tragic if That happened right now okay just for You guys I’m gonna do this I’m gonna go through The cemetery with all my windows down Turn my car off for two minutes and just Sit there in the darkness right when it Hits 3 a.m. we can be in the cemetery How did I not think of that okay also Thank you to jailor ends by the way for The $10.00 about to head out from Albuquerque to Eugene Oregon to Portland Being an essential trucker thank you for

What you’re doing man you are serving Such an amazing cause and continuing to Work right now is just so amazing thank You so much man for what you’re doing For this country and for uh for Everybody that lives here all essential Workers thank you all for doing what you Do thank you to any nurses health care Workers and professionals that are Watching I appreciate all of you guys And everybody who has helped to keep This amazing country thriving and alive Throughout this terribly stressful time Okay guys it’s 2:57 right now hopefully We’ll see one of these hopefully we’ll See one of these in the next three Minutes once again before we end this [ __ ] it just got so cold thanks to Everybody who uh who donated tonight You’re all entered to win the free merch Thanks to everybody who joined the Memberships for you to be doing another Livestream like this but I’ll be reading Everybody’s questions and comments I Love all of you guys so much online I Love doing this weird crazy [ __ ] thank You sinned all for what you’re doing Being a caregiver and working all of you Guys who are watching like I said if You’re working still throughout this To provide services and essential things That people need in their lives thank You so much and I appreciate it and I Love all of you more than I can ever

Express through video wish I could just Pop out through your screen right now to You who’s watching handout give you a Big old hug maybe a high five Kick it for 20 minutes you know kill a Beer or something send it and then hop Back through the screen and come back to Come back to the cemetery that I’m in by Myself at 3 a.m. ha ha ok everybody here We go I’m gonna roll down my windows Actually let’s do that Right when it hits 3:00 a.m. Love you guys time to get spooky let’s Try countdown three two one three two oh Okay almost okay it’s 3:00 a.m. here I Am in the cemetery we put this back on Here okay I roll down by windows hey you See the wind blowing in [ __ ] I mean [ __ ] And the total darkness it’s 3:00 a.m. Here we go guys There’s anybody here in this cemetery That I talked to tonight that came Through to me anybody at all who feels Trapped or lost follow the sound of my Voice come over to me I will gladly talk To you or give you a hug Anything you need okay guys we’re gonna Get ultimate spooky I’m gonna turn my Car off Hello sir anybody out outside of the car 3:00 a.m. supposedly this is the time When you guys can do this stuff the best So if you’re out here come out and chat With me welcome to fam Jay you know

After my first investigation at Lincoln High School in that video actually when I was driving home I had a panic attack Because I looked in my rearview mirror This is something I’ve actually never Told anybody but I’ll tell you guys now I looked in my rearview mirror and I Thought I just could swear to God that I Saw a like a black shadow in my rearview Mirror and I called Nick Doty who’s Obviously been on a lot of our channels We were talking about it because I was So freaked out I couldn’t be in the car Alone I couldn’t just couldn’t just keep What happened to myself so that’s Happened that’s creepy Thanks taco for joining by the way I Love you guys there’s anybody here with Me this is your last chance use all the Energy you can Oh my god Piercing headache oh I need some water Go take my bath and go to bed I’ll ask One more one more question for you guys Since I’m here you’ve drawn me back to You some sort of an energy convinced me To come back at 3:00 a.m. is there a Reason why could you throw a rock at my Car Also you’re more than welcome to hop in My passenger seat or my the back seat if You like come home with me I’d love to

Talk to you there as well more than Welcome headache is killing me man oh I’m like dehydrated it’s like right here Above my left eyebrow and then kind of Into my head deep in my head it just Came on to your last chance got anything To say Anything at all anybody hello like I Said before you’re more than welcome I Have a open passenger seat right here You can hop in right here there’s a back Seat of my car I just heard like a tap On the side of my car if you heard that It’s kind of creepy yes if there’s a Demon here – you’re more than welcome to Come join me in my car I imagine we have A very interesting car ride home if You’re here we could just have some Intelligent polite conversation anyways Thank you guys so much Whoever’s here just kidding I got you Guys my car is definitely starting that Was just a little joke sorry guys I like My uh my dumb humor anyways guys one More time my passenger seat is open I am Right here you can sit right next to me I would love to have some company on my Ride home or the back seat if you’re Here but thank you my blessings to you I Hope that if you are still here and You’re not joining me that you work Through what And then you find that happiness one day I only have love and respect for

Everything and anybody that’s here so Blessing see you and much love I’m gonna Leave now it’s great hanging out with You guys but thank you well you know Roll my windows up oh my god my head is Actually killing me though that’s not an Over-exaggeration it’s like here now Started here and then it’s here and like Just like spreading so I’m gonna drive Out to show you guys it’s interesting Raina Well that was a good good eight-minute Little session from the car how did I Not think to come back at 3:00 a.m. Anyways guys I’m gonna drive home now And I can’t read your guys’s messages While I’m driving so I’m just gonna sign Off here hopefully there’s nobody here In the passenger seat with me I’m gonna Take a bath and then get up tomorrow Oral for my conjuring livestream I got Really lightheaded – all of a sudden When I stopped like freezing calling to Crank up the AC thank you to everybody Who donated you’ve been entered like I Said for the free merch giveaway thank You guys for all the kind bath wishes Haha it is is a much-deserved bath after The hellish cold that i dissidence again For tuning in and supporting paranormal Research nothing overdraft nothing Overdramatic I can’t even talk as my Head hurts so bad no no no dramatics and Stuff it’s just raw investigation

Passion for the paranormal a drive to Find out what’s happening that we don’t Understand in the world which is what The end of the day why I do what I do And I also just love doing weird creepy Crazy stuff so like yeah I’m hoping that The spirits do not join me in my bath That could go wrong very quickly but I’ll say goodbye to some of you guys Thanks taco is always man Reyna it’s Always great Lena Jane I love all of you Guys so much Katelyn you’re so great Kayla Carli Jessica Karina everybody That’s here Coupe DeVille mandy Fantasma House 13 Leanne Natalie kW Silvia Emily Edward of course Taylor you’re so great Yep I’ll see you tomorrow at one o’clock CST in the Condrey house live stream It’s on the dark zone TV I’ll be doing My live stream portion Monday and Wednesday it’s going to be a lot of fun Doing the seance The family oh my god my head is killing Me oh my god A kiss hit me I need water like really Badly but uh yeah the cemetery is still Right behind me oh and hopefully there’s Nothing in my back seat or passenger Seat or hopefully there is because if it Follows me home then I can just Investigate 24/7 but thank you all gold Star Melissa Brian of course sin doll Thank you again thank you to everybody Who donated thank you forever to

Everybody for joining me on this if you Want to continue this livestream I’m Gonna go live and listen to a little Little peep my drive home so if you want To continue we can still talk a little Bit more but I’m gonna go to my Instagram calling brow and CEO Li NB ro W en and I’m just going to bump some Tunes with y’all and I’ve got a little Mix that I’m gonna listen to all I’m Driving so we can we can bump that Together if you’d like to join so Colin Brown on my private Instagram anyways hi Didi hello thanks Dee Carol for joining Good night to you thank you crazy Theologian of course Emily you guys all Rock John Marcus everyone that I’ve been Shouting out thank you again I love you So much if you want to watch the live Mix add to my Instagram about to go live On that before I take off and set my Maps up so I’ll see you guys in about 30 Seconds there whoever’s coming through But I love you all so much let’s all Spam a stay spooky before I go I want to See a big big stay spooky from everybody Let’s see the fam all together chanting It in one massive spooky chorus Hell yeah guys and I hope you know when You type that message it means a lot More than just a comment on a live video That means that you are spooky you the Person who’s sitting there typing this Out maybe you just sent the message

Maybe you’ve had a bad day maybe you’re Dealing with a lot of crap in your life You’re anxious you’re depressed this Pandemic is getting to you I want you who’s listening right now to Hear my words you are a part of a bigger Family that reaches beyond anything Conceived this is the spooky family the Spooky gang we’re all united in this and You’re never alone you have all of us Here I’m always going to be here anyone Who’s involved with our channel we’re Always going to be helping out as much As we can to fix what’s going on in your Life to cheer you up And you’re always going to have people That care about you right here on the Channel because it’s not just oh you Guys loved the videos you’re a fan it’s Nothing like that we are a family Together We are the spooky family so when new Types stay spooky that is far beyond Just a simple comment it means so much More so thank you guys for watching Thank you specifically who’s watching This and listening to me preach about Random crap thank you for watching and For everything that you’ve done for me So I love you guys so much my Instagram Is calling co li n brow and BR o w en Like I said I’m a sign off now and then And then we’re gonna have the music mix Coming live some og chilling hits before

I go to bed so I love you all be kissing A hug and as always everybody from the Back country of South Dakota I wanted a spooky Cemetery at 3:00 a.m. And the freezing cold as always it’s me Your boy calling and stay spooky I love Y’all Good night and thanks for watching