The Real Story Of “THE CONJURING” | The Paranormal Files

By | May 10, 2020
The Real Story Of “THE CONJURING” | The Paranormal Files

Hey everybody its Colin here it is Thursday night so I’m gonna be uploading This video on Friday so it’s literally The night before I’m uploading this I’m Here in South Dakota I hope everybody’s Quarantine is going really well quickly Before we start this video I know this Is a long one please comment below what You have been doing to keep busy during This quarantine because I’m going crazy Here this is the house that’s isolated It’s outside of Sioux Falls and Renner There’s nothing to do around here Obviously everything’s closed I wouldn’t Even want to go out if I could because I’m a diabetic so a couple of updates There’s a lot to talk about I’ve heard all of your guys’s questions Online there’s some issues that need to Be addressed that are going to be very Very soon but before all of that happens I have a couple videos to bring you guys Including this one this is a very Exciting video What’s interesting actually and why I’m Kind of framing this video as a Conjuring style video is that this house That I’m in is haunted this is a random Rental house outside of Sioux Falls Obviously my family sold our haunted House that we were living in back in August and my parents moved down to Austin but we wanted to come up and see

Some family because both of my Grandmother’s have been in the hospital Recently it’s been kind of a rough time With that there’s been a lot of Different things in life that have just Been piling on this year we came up here And what’s interesting is that the very First night that I got here it was just A little bit creepy there’s an eerie Kid’s room upstairs in this house with Kids decor there’s a little crawl space Down here filled with kids toys and I’ve Been facetiming different people and Talking to them while I’ve been here in Quarantine and multiple times while I’ve Been facetiming people we’ve heard Things and I was joking with my friend The other night and we were talking About the potential to do a ghost hunt Here in the house and we were just Laughing about it saying oh you should Go sign here I’m like oh yeah of course But what’s crazy is that today out of The totally random blue the owner of the House actually came to my dad and told Him that at one point a group of women Came over to the house for a party and They were just you know hamming it up Talking and this one woman took the Owner to the side and said I’m a psychic Medium I keep this on the down-low but There are 13 spirits from Ground that are inhabiting the house That come and go when they were kind of

Disturbed when you started building this House and there are three two and three There are three male entities that Inhabit the home at all times and they Do not want you to finish constructing The building which is interesting Because there’s still construction Equipment out back they’re still Building on to this place and it is Finished like the part that we’re in the Part that we’re in is finished but there Are projects that are still going on and The very first night I’m sleeping down Here in the basement area alone I was Hearing bangs and little bumps upstairs And I thought one of my parents was Walking around in the middle floor so I Yelled out hello and nobody responded And I was like oh well that was kind of Creepy and second night I was also Hearing some weird things I thought I Heard this weird humming my friend came Over the other night and we heard this Weird kind of shuffling noise out by the Garage area but it was about 3:00 a.m. And they were leaving the house and no One was around but they were very loud Noises and so to have this kind of weird Ominous feeling oh and then I shouldn’t Add in here my toilet in my bathroom Just randomly started leaking and I’m Not talking I didn’t clog it or anything Don’t think I’m disgusting it literally Just started like spewing water and it

Turns out it was a groundwater leak and The people who came to fix it we’re Talking about how random that was and How weird and everything in the Homeowner literally looked at my dad Because this was after they had told us About this and said it’s like the Spirits really don’t want us to finish This house stuff like this happens every Single week I’ve been attributing it to The ghosts and so I’m down here Completely alone and at the end of this Video and throughout the video I’m Actually going to do a paranormal Investigation of this home Maybe I’ll film or if you guys liked it Please leave a comment and let me know If I should investigate this property Because it is really creepy in here some Of these rooms also are just eerie that Is all besides the point of the video Today so if you notice the beginning was An homage to the film the conjuring and This whole video is the love letter to That movie and we have a star-studded Lineup I’m gonna be talking to a number Of paranormal celebrities like Dave Schrader host of beyond the darkness Darkness radio Susan Who’s been in our videos she’s a close Friend of mine Bridget Marquardt the Girl next door who has her own podcast And many others including Andrea Perrin Who is one of the daughters from the

Parent family who experienced the Original conjuring haunting and worked Alongside ed and Lorraine Warren when All that stuff went down and the current Owners and residents of the conjuring House and this video is going to be Released the day before the conjuring Live event happens if that’s starting Saturday on the dark zone Network I’m Gonna be going live two nights Throughout the event in one of the Nights I’m going to be doing a very very Spooky experiment with the family who Lives there live on air and I’m gonna be Interacting with you guys the the Tickets for the whole week are already For sale and they’re gonna be live Streaming coverage from the conjuring House 24/7 for an entire week we were Just on People magazine and in Business Insider and a bunch of different news Outlets and I’m so happy to be involved With this event so if you guys want to Support that I’m going to put the link In the description below because I’m Really excited that the event has Allowed me to connect with a lot of These different people and catch up with Old buddies of mine but without further Ado I’m going to start this video with My interview in quarantine with the Current owners of the conjuring House in Rhode Island so yeah thank you guys so Much for watching leave a comment and a

Like below subscribe to the channel I Love you and let’s get spooky Sup guys hi how’s it going Glad to finally patch-through tonight on The on the channel everybody that’s Watching we have two very special guests I mean the whole story and their Experiences speak for themselves so I’m Just gonna let you guys start us off by Introducing yourselves I’m Cory heinze and uh I guess we’re the Proud owners of the conjurer knows crazy Owners I love it I would love to live There I love you know haunted buildings And staying in them for extended periods Of time so you guys are living my dream Right now it’s different that’s for sure Yeah I mean could not imagine the things That I’m about to hear from you guys but Well get this started My first question is kind of just an Obvious question that I feel like a lot Of people would have but did you guys Know that the house that you were buying Was the conjuring house when you bought It oh god yes yeah yeah we did all the Research before we came to it and we Knew what we were getting ourselves into For the most part I mean you come in With a little bit of skepticism because You know Hollywood embellishes story so Much but it hasn’t hasn’t really uh Disappointing no so you guys actually

Went out of your way to purchase this House yes we knew what it was when we Bought it yeah Has it lived up to its reputation would You say yeah it’s a little nerve-racking Buying a I mean it wasn’t cheap it Wasn’t a cheap house to buy so we take That chance Knowing what it could be either way it Could be really exciting and it could be Terrifying but it’s actually been great Like we’ve really had a lot of awesome Experiences and we’ve shared it with a Lot of people already and they’ve had a Lot of awesome experiences and so far We’re really enjoying ourselves well That’s I mean the best thing that can happen in That situation I feel like so that’s Good to hear Just to start this off we’ll kind of get A little bit of a base ground how long Have you guys lived in the house now now We’ve been here since June 21st of last Year so just under a year yeah okay Almost the year anniversary almost yeah We just had our year anniversary for the First time we looked at the house so That was exciting Okay well you’re getting close big Milestones now you got the first Live-streamed mega ghost hunter event Coming live from the house No not sure you can do another so for

You guys I guess I love history and I Love giving a real history of the places That I like to visit in profile so just Tell me about what you know about the House and kind of things that have Happened there in the past paranormal or Historical uh as far as the history of The house it was deeded in 1680 to the Richardson Arnold family by Roger Williams Roger Williams actually was Assisted by John Smith John Smith of Pocahontas name which was really neat we Weren’t made aware of that until a Couple months ago but um so in 1680 they Started building it and throughout that Time they had the King Phillip’s war Going on in this area so there was a lot Of bloodshed in the land around like not Just this house our neighbors have Problems It’s just stigmatized so but anyways the House was finished being built in 1736 And it housed that family for eight Generations so Wow I mean it’s it saw The birth and it’s a civil war it’s all It has a lot of history it really does Anybody ever actually died on the Property or in the house so that part’s Been really hard for us because I don’t Feel like they keep records like they Did back then so unless we find Actual paperwork that shows us who did Who didn’t die we haven’t been calling It a fact but we know for sure at least

Two people died on the property of Exposure I think they were listed as Drinking and fell asleep in the cold in The snow yeah we know for that two People died of that we know for sure a Young boy they called it a suicide but He had drank horse liniment yeah and Then he crawled into like this weird Crawlspace if you will in the basement And died in there and those are the only Three that we were able to actually like Have tangible evidence that we can show People yeah so it’s like that’s what we Go on like as far as the drownings and Stuff like that the hanging like we’re Not calling anybody like frauds or Anything like that it’s just we can’t Prove it ourselves we we just want to Provide the facts that we can right so Right that’s what matters I mean the Real history that’s what I’m interested In and what did you say that he drank Horse white horse liniment that’s that’s What it’s called what it is I couldn’t Tell you it killed him yeah but I think It’s used for we looked it up one time Did you I mean I can’t remember it was Listed as a poison of some sort Something in it must be poisonous and Something that was used for all I Remember what it was for though now that You say that no interesting what a weird Thing to drink for that young boy yeah Sad but why I wonder why he would drink

That so we’ve got yeah you’ve got these Deaths you’ve got all of the history That’s happened in the area the Different wars and and I mean it’s such An old house too when you consider like Me being in Texas a lot of the stuff in Texas especially in Austin was built in Like the 80s or 60s it’s a very new city So to have a house that old here in the US is truly you know kind of hard to Find unless you’re on the East Coast Yeah that’s very true new English it’s All old yeah definitely compared to like California or anything like that so I Want you guys to kind of just take me Through the last year like right when You moved in what were the first things That you noticed Not even paranormal about the house just How did it feel and then kind of just Tell me the story of what started to Happen in the home the first thing that Really stuck out to us the day that we Moved in I’d probably have to say was The mortgage payment not really but Moving in I mean the day we moved in Honest to god we walked in the front Door and what within five minutes a door Rate and the main room opened up for us Right and I mean it’s it’s a rough door They’re all watches like the old-school Latches and it’s it’s a hard door to Open it is and just swung open and then My daughter was in another room going

Through some pictures that former owner Left and she heard a growl yeah she yeah This is weird just a lot of strange Things happening in the beginning I Guess now we’re kind of used to it but Beginning a lot of just strange things It’s nothing like the movie like Everybody’s like oh my god is anybody Possessor and yeah it’s nothing like That it’s just very mischievous I would almost say poltergeist activity Because a lot of things get moved thrown Misplaced but you know nobody’s getting Hurt people have been grabbed scratch Scratched Yeah and like the family hasn’t been Yeah it’s not it’s it’s weird to say but It’s not it’s it’s not a scary feeling That we get from it it doesn’t feel like Harmful it doesn’t feel evil it doesn’t Just doesn’t feel scary so you guys you Guys would say that it’s not I mean Obviously if you watch the conjuring That’s like Such a scary movie and it’s filled with All this like very negative activity but Me you guys live there and it’s it’s More just activity to you it doesn’t Really have that sinister it doesn’t Give us that feeling we’ve had people That have been here before that have Felt that we’ve had if you get that We’re supposed to stay overnight and They’ve left because of the feelings

They or I mean what they’ve gotten from EVPs or spirit box we just ourselves Haven’t had that feeling I don’t know if It’s just because day one we came in With an attitude that we can just talk To them like they’re people we you know We decided to try and coexist and that’s Just how we live here and we just Haven’t had that evil you better get out Of the house scary feeling it because Believe me I would run yeah that’s a Good thing I would imagine for you guys Since you actually live there we are Lucky enough that we still have a home Up in Maine our daughters a college Student and we decided to keep the house Out there for a little longer really More or less because we didn’t know what Would happen here you never you never Know what’s gonna happen in a house like This so we decided if we keep the house Up and me and we have a backup like so We have a place to go if we need it yeah In case you need to run out take all the Bags just leave yeah you’ve got Somewhere to get honestly there attack You need a break from year there are Times where it’s just so draining that It’s nice to do to get away for a couple Days and take a fresh breath of air Sometimes it’s not hard to explain it’s Weird it can be a lot living in an Environment where you know anything can Happen cuz I lived in a haunted house of

My own in high school for five or six Years it’s not always comfortable and It’s not always uncomfortable it’s a mix Of both it’s not like it’s not a daily Activity happening here that we’re like You know overwhelmed but at the same Time I’m like it can be draining if it’s Gonna happen it’s gonna happen like You’re gonna get scared because we’re Not psychics we don’t see them walking Up on us so you know it could be Casper The Friendly Ghost and he comes over He’s like hello and it’s still gonna Jumpy So it’s like just accept that we’re Investigators this is what we do you Know so yeah so do you guys think that The energy and kind of whatever was left Over from the original events that the Warrens covered in the house has faded Or kind of left the property I I do but We have had several several psychics Come in that have told us that the house Is fooling us so we are cautious all the Time and we’ve been told that they feel Like the house is starting to awaken I Guess they say yeah a lot of people have Voice concerned because of the black Mists the shadow figures and stuff like That because you’re talking about in Theory it’s it’s to do with Native American spirits and you know I’m sure This house has been cleansed I’m sure this house has been blessed

Numerous times and that’s probably amped Up the energy so it’s like you know Trying to deal with what’s going on in The past and how is that affected what We’re dealing with now right so you’ve Gotten like actually warnings from People but you don’t feel like it’s Really negative it’s very it’s a very Interesting kind of parallel what but I Guess you know my question would be then Kind of focusing for a moment on the Darker side of stuff what has been like The scariest experience that you’ve had Where you have had that moment where you Wanted to run out honestly um I would Say the flashing lights uh I’ve been Doing this for a little over ten years Now and I’ve I’ve heard stories of like The energy bursts people see in rooms or Whatnot I’ve never witnessed it myself Until I’ve come here and it’s like Somebody standing in the room with like The old school folks on a camera and you Just get this big bright flash real Quick and then you’ll see like a little Blue ball and it’ll fizzle out and pop Then all sudden you’ll get another flash And another Corner of the room are on the floor it’s Like all over the place I’ve never seen Anything like that and it’s like and you Go blind just for that one split second And it’s like you know once I get my Sight back and so I’m gonna be standing

In front of me or something like that That’s I really did it for me I mean Yeah I haven’t seen that myself that I Was not here when that happened what Would you say is your freakiest Experience um I think probably the most Profound experience I’ve had is when him And I both saw a shadow figure standing In the doorway in the middle of the Night and I wouldn’t say it was scary Looking back it should have been scary But it in the moment it didn’t scare me But it was I guess it was profound I Guess it was yeah I mean it could have Been who knows what could have happened It just stood there and it was gone But it’s just kind of scary to think About it standing there yeah don’t worry I’m not trying to frame you guys as Having intensely very negative activity Because I love that you guys are Actually down to be like it’s not as Scary as people think it’s just activity Because that’s what I think the big Problem is with ghost hunting shows is That it’s like always the dark demons Coming for your soul but in reality I Never have once really felt like in Danger or attacked that felt you know Creeped out because of the location and Like of course you’re in an abandoned Hospital like it’s freaking creepy but Like it’s never really been that evil so Yeah you guys that’s awesome it and out

That’s how I describe it to is profound When you have that like intense Experience it kind of just it makes you Think deeply about what just happened And why it happened what what do you Guys think the lights are right what do You think caused that all right no idea I’ve caught the lights on video before From a camera in a separate bedroom so The it’s I don’t know you don’t see These you don’t see the sizzle thing That you talk about you see hearing but It’s weird like it’s we’ve got like I Don’t know probably three days worth of Footage of the lights at night Just blinking but it it’s in one corner And then it’s on the floor like a big Circle and then it’s on the side of the Bed and I have no idea out of everything That we’ve caught on camera from me that Is the only thing that blows my mind That we just can’t explain because it’s It’s it’s mostly located in the middle Bedroom upstairs and then five DVRs We’re on a fifth DVR system and like I’m Not like a tech savvy kind of person but I know that there’s like a timestamp That’s good for the whole entire system But yet the one camera that always Messes up and the timestamp jumps full Wait three minutes backwards You know the timestamp doesn’t match all The other cameras and it’s like how does That work right and I mean we’d switch

Out the would switch them all out and Just try to make it a different a Different channel and it still would do It they’ve been a couple other cameras And different rooms that do the jump and When you try to view the footage it does That jump ahead three minutes where it’s Kind of all over the place the middle Bedroom is one that’s consistent with That it’s it’s strange it’s weird so I Was gonna ask you guys what what’s the Most active I guess part of the house Would it be the middle bedroom I’d say In the middle bedroom in the library Which is strange because they’re on top Of each other right it’s the same Section of the house but those are the Two I’d say those are probably the most Two active rooms in the house yeah yeah And what what kind of happens they’re Typically two people or yourself The library is definitely the where we Get a lot of objects moving as far as Like the books have come off we’ve had Books come off the shelf and one book Came off the shelf twice the same book But we’ve had other books that have come Down we randomly set up weird objects in There just to catch it Moving on camera because we just think That stuff’s cool so dad’s had a lot of Stuff within the room that’s moving The middle bedroom besides the lights in Physically being in the bedroom there’s

A lot of weird stuff like it’s just a That is the room that physically messes With you I think well we did catch a Remember the shadow that was up on the Ceiling yes and it set off the motion Sensing light that’s on the DVR camera Yeah and you actually see it because it Was kind of like during the day but the Middle camera remember that so we have a Camera in the middle bedroom and a bed In ER in the bedroom next to it in in The middle bedroom you see a black Shadowy thing take over the whole camera It just kind of comes up and it takes Over the whole camera and it sets off The deterrent light in the bedroom on The outside and when it sets before it Sets off the light you see a black Shadow on the ceiling so yeah I forgot About that so what do you what do you Think the black shadows are you have any Theory on what that would be I don’t Know it’s it’s thickened like when you See it like I know Keith and Carl Johnson’s start when they first Investigated here before the warns and They I mean they explained it to a tee Exactly what we were saying before we Had even talked to them and it’s just it Looks like a smoke if that makes sense But it’s just black it’s black is black And when it actually collects up enough You can’t see through it Light can’t pass through it right like

There’s no there’s no ambient light to Be seen and you know you’re in a darker Room but your eyes get used to a dark Room but when this thing shows up you Ain’t singing past it and you know it’s There because you just have that feeling Like your space is being invaded and It’s like mmm you know and yeah that’s Usually what happens to us a couple People have seen it with Connor or more A few times so we don’t have any idea What it is no idea yeah do you think That’s what I mean let me rephrase that Do you guys think that The energy in the home is like happy With you being there or doesn’t want you In there what do you guys feel from These encounters I think it’s happy with us being here And we’ve been the same psychics that Tell us to be careful also we’re telling Us that the house is happy that we’re Here it’s it’s weird I’m mixed I think There’s probably something that’s here That they say is laying dormant and That’s what we have to watch out for and What do they think that that is whatever Is not really manifesting any ideas We’ve a lot of people think it’s a no Until like something that was here Before anything was here and the Interesting thing is the property Actually sits on two ley lines where to Lay lines intersect um plus it sits on a

Giant aquifer um And that right there I mean that that’s Like we were well in the basement as Well and a lot of people are saying that That’s where they think I mean yeah it’s Not manifesting from but coming from Something it’s not helping well as well What what do you guys think is like the Most common thing that you experience Like what kind of activity happens in The house the most common thing is Probably the doors opening I mean Objects moving so it’s a lot of physical Kind of like poltergeist activity yeah But it’s it’s childish you know it’s Like yeah this might feel it feels too Playful that is so interesting I love You know like physical stuff that’s my Favorite type of evidence when you can See something moving it takes it beyond The realm of yeah tools and everything And you’re actually totally unable to Explain like what you just saw but yeah The coolest thing to capture for me do You ever had like family and friends That You invite over to the house that don’t Want to come or is it more of like a fun Experience to come over to like the Conjuring house good mix of both I think Yeah my family like used to come here You know they they believe in the movie Too much you know a lot of them will Comment during the day and see the house

But it’s trying to get them to stay the Night that that won’t happen probably Ever like the conjuring the movie that Come out to see the house yeah Unfortunately there’s nothing wrong we Were getting ourselves into when we Bought it it’s like you know the the Previous owner had problems with Trespassers and stuff like that and it’s Like okay well if you give them what They want they want to experience you Know to see if it’s based on true events And stuff like that give that to them And say look if we give it to you it’s Yours to lose so don’t be a bunch of Pecha heads and we won’t we won’t close It up on you guys sorry can I say that But I mean we haven’t had a problem with Trespassers the only problem we have are Just the looky-loos that like stop in The middle of the road and get out of That car and take pictures like and it’s A busy it’s a busy road there’s no way To pull over and people just don’t care They get out and they just take pictures And it’s like dude you can’t do that Right you know you’re gonna get somebody Hurt you’re gonna get killed the Neighbors hate it yeah the neighbors Really hate it and that’s I don’t I feel Bad I totally say that where they’re Coming from we have cameras all over the Place and we see them pulling up and Stopping in the middle of the road and

We call and say something because we Just I don’t want somebody to cause an Accident here on the streets and I don’t You see them go one way you see them Come back you see them go one way so you Know they’re turning around a neighbor’s Driveways I totally get why they’re Annoyed I don’t blame them I mean that’s probably been the hardest Part for people if we lived on a side Street where it wasn’t annoying other People they’d be better but Unfortunately we don’t yeah that’s That’s got to be a headache for you guys Just dealing with that sometimes but I Mean at least you’ve never had someone Try to actually force their way into the House or anything like that I feel like That would take it to the next level Definitely oh we have German Shepherds I Feel like anybody that was I would say Good luck to them before I do another Ghost on the property I guess at the Very end of the day I’ve got like two More questions what do you guys think is In the house what kind of what what’s The entity or the energy or who or what Is it it’s a my opinion I thought she’d Be here during a EVP session and oh my God she was here well no kidding because Everybody is asking for the Shema it’s It’s becoming pk it’s psychokinetic it’s It’s gonna take on that role the more And more you ask it so it’s it’s

Something that just it knows it knows How to fool people so and it’s Definitely intelligent it’s not residual And I don’t think it’s necessarily even The house I truly believe it’s the land I think this land has saturated so much With so much history that it’s it’s so Hard for us to even sort out I mean we Almost do believe a lot of it is Native Americans like it’s the neighbors have Told us about some of the issues they’re Having I just I really think it’s the Land I don’t think it has to do with the House in general I think it’s where it’s Located so what are you guys what do you Guys think is gonna happen this week When the cameras are on all the time do You think Crazy activity or or what kind of stuff Are we gonna see it’s so hard to say Like it’s not like we can guarantee Anything Because I mean you could go four or five Days without anything happening so it’s I mean it it’s hard to say but I hope That things will happen especially at Night I’m excited because we’ll be able To leave up I mean we have a camera System and they’ve got some cameras that They sent to us so we’ll be able to Leave cameras up at nighttime so feel Anybody that wants to log on and like You called it help us do our job and Look for stuff that we might be missing

Because I mean that’s what I hope for It’s just the activity that is going on When it’s it’s subtle little things that We’ve noticed that have caused us to Review some of the tapes that we have Like when that book come from why is That book on the ground okay so we’ll Review the tape okay the book got thrown Off the shelf you know so I always tell People it’s like if a tree falls and Wood does it make a sound you know damn Well it does so you know obviously Something’s gonna happen in the house Just keep an eye on we have to just be Vigilant and watch the tape because I Feel like it happened so often for us That unless it’s an odd thing like a Book in the middle of the floor that Wasn’t there we are just so used to it That we’re probably missing so much as It is first probably three or four Months we watch the cameras continuously And now it’s just kind of like oh let’s Just go back and see when we know Something moved like if the motion Sensor goes you know it’ll just be nice It it’s I love that everyone can Interact with us and help us see stuff That we’ve probably missing that’s what I hope for I hope it’s gonna be it I Think what they have me and you we’re Gonna be I’m like you want us to do what I’m like does he know we’re doing this I’m excited that was my idea

I was talking to Jay oh yeah This it’s gonna be a pretty freaky night Definitely and you know above all I Think with the quarantine and having Kind of an interactive event like this People are gonna notice those things Because in our videos and the stuff that I put out I miss like so much evidence Because it’s like you guys when I’ve Been doing this so long and you kind of Go into the locations so often you miss These little things or in the video Edits sometimes I have to rush it out And I’ll miss an EVP or something and It’s having that extra I just be kind of Watching like the omnipresent watchful Eye I guess however you’d phrase that it Helps you find a lot of stuff so I’m Excited because I’ve been bored as hell In this quarantine everyone else is Excited to be able to watch this stuff But I’m excited like I’m just excited as Everybody else because I just can’t wait To see and hear what everybody else gets To like I am excited this is gonna be Fun Awesome guys we got more than enough I Got a call another person at 7:00 and Someone else at 7:30 so I got a full Rest of the night but thank you guys so Much for doing this I appreciate it Really oh is that it is a custom Ouija Board it is Wow it’s a it’s a blood Board what does that mean uh when he

Sands it down he actually uses his poem And he bleeds so it soaks into the wood And they do it what on a full moon yeah It’s like a weird way that we haven’t Used it yet it’s just sat there because We think it’s beautiful that would be oh My god I didn’t even know that people Did that that’s crazy yeah yeah no I Want one Well guys I’ll let you get out of here Thank you again I’m gonna go get some Water and then got a call in in five More minutes but thank you again and Next week okay sounds good thanks man Thank you guys thanks oh my goodness Unbelievable can you hear me yes yes I Can Okay very good first of all it’s a Pleasure to join you I thank you very Much for the opportunity to do this you Know it’s obvious that you’re you know Just one of these wonderful people in The paranormal who totally totally gets It so we’re doing this event this coming Week for a variety of reasons first and Foremost we’re all trapped at home for Living in the age of what is the top of My head so this event that we’re doing This coming week starting on May 9 it Was really a brainchild in the making I Had spoken at length last well I know Jay Lemkin Scott Perlman for years and We’ve always wanted to work together and Then I come to find out they’ve been in

Touch with the new owners of the farm And when he called me close to the end Of December last year he said you know Let’s do an event at the farmer you know Would you be interested in and I’d been There to film Ghost Adventures I’ve been There with my family to film kids in Spirits we just did another documentary There at the beginning of March you know So I was like I don’t want to be Overexposed in terms of the farm but I Also loved the forum and so to have Access to it again has been very special And very important to me because it Really is the only place that’s ever Felt like home to me Everything else is temporary the farm And I know I had gone about six years Not having access to it because of Falling out with the previous owner Around the contouring and all of that so I have contracted myself from and kind Of given up the idea that I would ever Be able to go there again any time soon Anyway so when it was sold to this new Couple and their family in June of last Year I was delighted and I only knew Them a little bit like peripherally like Hi in a paraffin or something but we Connected almost right away after they Bought it and and I’ve done everything That I’ve been invited to do because Every invitation means another trip to The farm and being able to revisit my

Childhood home and so it’s been Delightful for me to be able to be Involved now on jonesing for my friends In the paranormal because I’m telling You Colin and you’ll you’ll probably Agree with me witness the happiest People I know are absolutely obsessed With death yes all right that’s so true Those and freaks of nature it’s not They’re obsessed with death really what They’re really obsessed with is the Search for afterlife but right now we’re Going to focus on the farmhouse and this Upcoming event which for me is a joyful Experience and I think of it the way It’s going to be set up is there will be A lot of cameras set up all throughout The house so it’s kind of a remote Viewing thing if that makes sense Mm-hmm and then they were going to be People that come in and talk and not Just about the farm but you know what They’re doing it’s kind of a remote Virtual paranormal conference where the People that come into it and interact With those you know their favorites in The field but also while they’re doing That they can watch and see what’s going On if anything in the house mm-hmm me I’m interested to see if the spirit World reacts to it if the energy Exchange I want to particularly sing it While I’m on screen if there’s any extra Activity because usually when I’m in the

House stuff happens so I’m very Interested to see that and so for me it Is a truly grand paranormal experience And experiment ken DeCosta who is the Founder of rise up paranormal this man’s Been involved in this field for 30-plus Years he’s done hundreds of Investigations he’s probably best again At the house more than anybody that I Know and you know my friend George Lopez Who has a very personal attachment to The farmhouse George called me late one Night I wrote a book with him called in A flicker where longtime friends and Co-authors and we’ve been kind of Pairing off Normal compatriots for a while and he Called me very late one night which is Not unusual I mean sleep is for mere Mortals I don’t require much um that he Called me and he said I see Cindy I just Had a vision and I saw Cindy my sister And you’re you were all living at the Farm and Cindy snagged a cigarette out Of your mother’s pack and went out Behind your bar and she’s sitting on a Large metal square then it has holes in It And she smoked a cigarette and she Tapped it out on the metal and then she Put the bottle down hole and I I was Flabbergasted I was like George There was no way that you can know that There is absolutely no way that you can

Know that I said I haven’t even thought About that in 45 or 50 years you know But I do know that my father had a Little English Rover that he picked up For a song and it needed a new engine so He took it into the barn and he lifted The engine out and they took it and they Put it around the back of the barn Because it was winter and he left it out There into the spring and Sidney picked Up the very bad habit of smoking at About 14 or 15 years old I was already Off to college but you know my sister’s Of course ratted her out to me and Cindy Would go out behind the barn and she Would smoke a cigarette and then she Wouldn’t happen And she would put it down in the hole Where the spark plugs that go on in the Engine and so when they came and they Lifted that engine in the late spring or Early summer of the following year all These butts fell out of the bottom of it My father’s like where did she’s come From and you know mums know her and Nobody’s riding Cindy out and you know And then they took it and disposed of it Or trained in it and they’re melted it Down or whatever that they did but there Is absolutely no way that George could Have known that at all unless he was Tapping in to another level of Consciousness and not just current Consciousness but in a historical way

You know that that is absolutely Fascinating afternoon he called me and He said you have a scar on your left Shoulder from a protruding nail that was Sticking out of the horse air plaster You and your dad were going down into The cellar he was carrying a bag of Potatoes you were carrying a crate of Oranges stuffed down in the root cellar Then you lost your balance on the cellar Stairs then you leaned against the wall And scraped onto one of the protruding And hewn ales and cut your shoulder open Wow like no there’s it is absolutely Impossible it defies all logic illogic There is no way George had never seen my Bare shoulder I was always fully dressed When their eyes Oh George there is no Way that he saw that scar on my shoulder Or how it happened and even said and Your father stopped in his concern as You’re bleeding I said I’ll be ok and Then we came up and you know cleaned it Off it didn’t mean stitches or anything It was just a deep scrape but what is That what is that you know George has Stories like that to share and I think That the world would be fascinated to Hear them and you know with all the Superstars we’re going to be and there Are social superstars that are going to Be on this event but if all of them were Superstars that just were looking at This as more of a curiosity rather than

Being able to express their personal Connection and detachment whatever that Is alarm or to me you know I mean was is George tapping into my consciousness Into memories that I don’t even remember That I have until he expresses them There’s so much we don’t know Colin and I think that’s the most fascinating Thing about what we’re doing I think That once this is all over and we have a Chance to think about it reflect on it I Think that we’re going to find that We’ve done something that is truly Groundbreaking that we established a new Template I love this home I love being Able to share it with others to you know Have them feel the energy to the extent That they are able to see the interior Of this house perhaps for the first time You know many many things happens to our Family at that house over the ten years That live there and and they’re all Chronicled and documented In my books house of darkness house of Light with three books the trilogy that I wrote about it the movie the conjuring Good as it is there’s no actual Resemblance to our story so this gives Me an opportunity as well to tell people The true story for those that come into This event and have only seen the movie And only nomar story because of the Elements of that it’s it’s so much more I think it’s the only time in movie

Making history that they just decided to Tone down the story rather than Exaggerate it now there were things About the film that were true but mostly It was conjured in the lines of a couple Of screenwriters nice thighs twin Brothers awesome guys but you know Everybody is a fear-based carbanion if You’re a human being you have your beers And executives at Warner Brothers who Are afraid to tell the truth because After James Wan read my books and Everybody else associated with the film Did they were like oh hell no oh hell no You know we can’t actually even have all Of this in this movie they want to stay Till the end to watch it and so they Relied on method and formula and what They knew that you know then in the past Something that people could tolerate and There are things about it that are true But mostly it’s just it’s conjured up But in the overarching theme and scheme Of things it leaves people have you seen With them okay yep love it tell me if I’m wrong I think that it leaves people With certain impressions overall Impressions and that is number one that Good conquers evil that love conquers Fear and that the Marin family endured An extreme wanting that they all survive People are left with those impressions Mm-hmm the rest of it is written between The lines in fifteen hundred pages of

Three books that chronicled the ten Years that we’ve been there in a Timeless environment a swirling Netherworld of activity that I often Describe as a portal cleverly disguised As a farmhouse now people will get to See the portal and hopefully feel the Energy of it and be enthralled by its Beauty and know that they are looking Into with a bird’s-eye view as it were Into one of the original colonial Farmhouses it were built in this country Before it was a country and so I invite Everybody who feels compelled to want to Explore a little get away from the news For a little while have a place to jump In and see some of their power celebs That they’d love to follow and I’ve seen On different shows and you know done Different things to be able to actually Hop in chat and interact with them and Answer ask questions and you know I Think that ultimately it’s going to be An extraordinary event and I want to Invite everybody that’s willing and able To hop on in with us and we’ll see what Comes of this won’t we yeah it’s gonna Be exciting I’m really ready for it Going crazy and Quarantine yeah you know I have my own distraction princess Buttercup right now what I can tell you About the farm and my experience of the Farm over the 10 years that I lived There that for me it was the most

Significant decade of my life I learned so much It was formative in so many ways it Opened my third eye wide it taught me That we don’t live in a Three-dimensional five sensory realm That we live in a multi-dimensional Universe it set my path in life in terms Of my own intellectual exploration it Fundamentally changed me as a human Being and even though thirty years of my Life passed before I ever wrote a word About it it made me who I am and I will Always be grateful for it My sister Cindy wish that it never Happened my sister Nancy wish that we Had never sold the farm my sister Christine would like to bury and forget As much of it as possible my sister April who very sadly passed away in March of 2017 loved the farm and went Back to visit it as frequently as she Could over the years and walked the land And revisit the river and it was an Integral part of who she was and my Father loved it my mother hated it and Said she would never go back and she has The dream in Reverse he’s the day we Left that property in June of 1980 I Have visited it many times as I can Humanly get there and it is a permanent Part of my existence and possibly been In more than one life and I’ll leave it At that and we’ll explore that idea more

As we jump into this event so you know Thank you for giving me an opportunity To chat with you you know I hope we get To do this again please know maybe do a Follow-up after Let’s maybe get together now that we Know how to connect with each other and Talk about the galactic family you know Anything that you want to talk about you Are charming young man and I deeply Appreciate the opportunity to share my Perspective about this with you of Course thank you for coming on it’s Really all about love I have I have seen Evil I have seen the face of evil I have Seen the dark side of existence and I Choose everyday deliberately choose to Live in the light and I like to spread That around as liberally I want it to be As contagious as this virus I want to Infect the world with love and you know Maybe that’s what will come of this You know horrific event is that we Learned to really appreciate each other And embrace each other you know Metaphorically at a time when we’re not Really allowed to embrace each other Physically I think that it’s so Interesting and ironic that we realized What social creatures we are and how Much we like to touch each other and how Close we want to be in terms of our own Space when we’re not allowed to anymore It’s been a real wake-up call this far

And this is just the beginning So let’s love each other well in Cyberspace and see how that goes yeah That’s the point of this event just Bringing people together so could you Give me before you go and then I’ll let You hop off just like a very short in Your own words I guess summary of your experience maybe Like three or four on two or three Minutes long just so I can kind of cap It with black In my experience of the farm over the 10 Years that I lived there that for me it Was the most significant decade of my Life I learned so much it was formative In so many ways it opened my third eye Wide it taught me that we don’t live in A three-dimensional five sensory realm That we live in a multi-dimensional Universe it set my path in life in terms Of my own intellectual exploration it Fundamentally changed me as a human Being and even though thirty years of my Life passed before I ever wrote a word About it it made me who I am and I will Always be grateful for it my sister Cindy wished that it never happened my Sister Nancy wish that we had never sold The farm my sister Christine would like To bury and forget as much of it as Possible My sister April who very sadly passed Away in March of 2017 loved the farm and

Went back to visit it as frequently as She could over the years and walked the Land and revisit the river and it was an Integral part of who she was and my Father loved it my mother hated it and Said she would never go back and she has The trigger rewards he’s the day we left That property in June of 1980 I have Visited it many times as I can humanly Get there and it is a permanent part of My existence and possibly even In more than one life and I’ll leave it At that and we’ll explore that idea more As we jump into this event perfect well It’s good for me I’ll let you take the Little diva well thank you for talking And uh hanging out I’m sure we’ll be Seeing each other more there is Obviously very soon because okay thank You very much I will thank you so much for talking and Have a great night when the caffeine Wears off bye what’s up : To see your face bro doing good doing Good I’m out here quarantined in the Deserts of Joshua Tree yucca valley Wow How is that it’s pretty awesome I have All the space I need to quarantine in I’ve been like hiking every day I’m Shooting paranormal caught on camera Season three here from the living room Which is something I’m getting used to Doing but I’m excited need to get my Roots done human me both in the same

Situation I know are we zip legs it Looks like we could be sibling creepy [Laughter] What about you I’m great just uh I’m personally quarantined in South Dakota in the middle of nowhere really I’m on a farm you can kind of see There’s like a field back there oh nice Yeah this is the view back here is like Desert land oh my god that’s very Different than what I’m seeing yeah yeah You look like you’re in a better spot Than me I’m not Why I have a pool of jacuzzi it’s on a Steam room not to brag but yeah why Would you tell me that that’s what I Want dude just a hot tub I’d be okay With anything yeah it’s been really nice And that’s getting hot now the desert Heat is starting to pick up so I’ve just Been enjoying it I actually had to put On clothes for this interview because I’ve just been walking around like Brian Underwear because it’s like a hundred Out here total opposite of where I am It’s been like 40 50 degrees oh hey Springtime warm up now geez barely it’s Been raining the whole time too not Today but most of the days have been Gloomy and just kind of sad please dude I would love to yeah it’s gotta happen Cuz last time you were here we went on a Whirlwind of like investigations Following the trail of all the Manson

Family murders yep that was the last Time Oh no I’m lying I went to Austin well Good memories choose to that drinking Coffee right now Can you explain to people online in case They didn’t see the Manson series who You are I’m Susan slaughter and I have An independent paranormal content site Called the dark zone and you can find it At WWE TV and you Colin And with the paranormal files and the Dark zone got together and did a whole Slew of Investigations in Hollywood Where we went to investigate David Oman’s house The Omen house off Cielo Drive and then we went to the Manson Family caves and we investigated that as Well and I’ve been reviewing your stuff For paranormal caught on camera So you’ve been featured once already on Paranormal caught on camera but I also For season three have just reviewed Another featured footage from you guys From you in a 10 so I can’t tell anybody What that is yet obviously but you’re Gonna have another cameo on the Travel Channel Sunday night So yeah you and I have been Collaborating on all sorts of things Recently mm-hmm and it’s gonna continue What did you just Susan hmm I see you now okay yeah I see You too first question for you Susan oh

My gosh there’s a jackrabbit look it’s Really so very sorry I got sidetracked Did you know do you think it’s gonna be Scary are you afraid of what could Potentially happen I you know everybody Asked me about like the fear of it but I Definitely don’t fear the paranormal and Anyway or even like the more intense Negative energies I don’t have a fear For but yeah I I I’m more excited to see The relationship between the new family In the home and the supposed spirits That have been living there all these Years you know I’m I’m curious to know If like if that was something that just The parent family sometimes you know it Could be a familial thing you know and But behind since have said that things Have been going on and I’ve seen like These little clips of something like you Know books falling off of shelves and You know for reading devices being Pushed off of furniture and things like That so obviously there is activity Going on there I’m just trying to see How it all transpires you know I’m Excited It’s gonna be definitely a spooky event All around I think so too and I’m really Stoked for all the guests that are gonna Be taking part of this as well as you Know related I am part of it you’re part Of it but it’s awesome I think that’s so Cool that the Heinz’s are shining

Examples in that way you know like Sharing this field with everybody else They’re not coveting this home and Saying this is our place these are our Ghost you know what I mean they’re Sharing this with people and they’re Sharing this with experts I think that’s A lot to say for the Heinz’s as parent Because they’re also paranormal Investigators you know I’m so kudos to Them for that 100% agreed on that it’s That’s like the most important thing is That we’re all just people doing the Same weird hobby and we just got Together well Susan I gotta go thank you so much you rock All right you rock – Collins good to see You let’s hang out soon okay please Actually yes yes stay spooky friends you Too friend okay I’ll talk to you later Bye bye hey hey Colin how you doing good Everybody I’ve been on Dave’s show Before but in case you don’t know him I’m just gonna let him introduce himself Well I’m Dave Schrader and I’m the host Of darkness radio we just celebrated our 14th anniversary on the air as one of The prominent paranormal talk radio Shows in the marketplace I’ve also been Featured on Paranormal State Ghost Adventures where I also work behind the Scenes as well as on about 7 episodes Paranormal challenge the mini series on Travel Channel and of course known part

Of the Holzer files on Travel Channel as Well I remember I was watching an Episode of paranormal challenge on YouTube like six months ago and I had no Idea that you were involved with the Show and you popped up I was like Dave Funny man Huge I mean we had trucks and trucks of Equipment and and people because we just Moved from one site to the next to film These episodes and it was remarkable Great great opportunity and a fun little Miniseries my question for you is I want To know I guess this isn’t really Question it’s more a statement I would Like for you to give me a spooky story That you’ve heard recently or even a Spooky experience that you’ve had in Filming your show or even creating the Content that you create you know I I Guess a couple of things jump to mind One night while I was doing my radio Show live I have my home studio and my Wife who is my assistant as well she was Off to my side working on things and While we’re doing the show at about 1:30 In the morning suddenly the TV in the Living room just starts blaring and I’ve Mute my microphone get out there who Which one of the goofy kids is up this Late at night she goes out there the TV Goes off a few seconds later boom it Goes back on and the audio is going Through the roof

Then it all goes off again a few minutes Later my wife comes in just looking Drained of color we’re going into a Commercial break so I I say goodbye to My audience we’ll be right back with More darker You know up on the TV I can see all Three remotes on the table nobody’s Touching him and now I’m you know I’m Also logical maybe a neighbor’s got the Same TV and remote and doesn’t realize It and he’s waving it around pushing a Button and it’s it’s signalling my TV Shows that’s what I thought but I turned The TV off it turned back on and the Volume went up again so I unplug the TV The minute she did that the DVD player Turns on in the door starts opening and Shutting and opening and shutting and Opening instead while while she’s doing This so she’s telling you this I come Back I’m excluding to the audience what Just happened when all of a sudden we Hear boom and it feels like the whole House what happened and we lose all of Our connection in our power no other House in the neighborhood is affected Just ours so I get knocked off the air That was a really kind of unnerving Because it then it’s it’s there it’s in Your home trying to get your attention I Like it when I go see it at haunted Locations I don’t like so much being Isolated at home and middle of the night

Having weird things start happening That’s you know that’s where it starts Getting unnerving for me where are you In quarantine at the time you know it Just feels like it because I live in Minnesota and we spend stuff inside Anyway so we’re shooting this episode of Texas and this family home and we just Uncovered this really weird unusual Story about the family and we just lit Up Shane was in the basement and turns out He was being affected negatively Affected by the spirits he was getting Enraged Cindy was upstairs channeling And trying to communicate and I was down In the other side in the middle of the House on the other side of the house to Try to avoid any kind of contamination Of sounds and during that we the Cameraman and I heard this female voice Speak out loud and we’re like what was That was that in the room behind us we Get up and we walk out and I opened the Door and we had a Laser grid shooting Down the stairs both lasers are out and I said all the lasers are out but there Are two independent lasers on two Independent Energy sources they both went out well We didn’t know what happened place the Batteries the next day while Shane and I Are reviewing the evidence we find out That when I hear the voice and you see

Me get up we capture on camera this this Huge ectoplasmic mist move up and around The stairs and goes up and at that exact Moment both independent light sources Dim and go completely out so that was That was a really cool moment for me Because again it showed how powerful the Paranormal can really be when it wants To make itself known that’s crazy and Then if you want a good creepy story I’ve actually been told yeah you know we Started a radio show over the years We’ve had people call in and share or Email their stories to us and the Black-eyed kids phenomenon really kind Of got popular seven eight years ago and We were really kind of you know Entrenched in it on our show and I got a Message from a local listener in in Minnesota at this point we had had like Two weeks of just non-stop rain and her And her husband were listeners they Would watch the news till 10:00 go into Bed turn on the radio and listen to us From 10:00 to midnight and they’d go Turn off the TV after the news and they Hear what sounds like kids playing Outside and the husband said there was Wife he said why are they playing Outside it’s 10 o’clock at night she Reminds money we’ve had a lot of rain The kids and the parents are probably Going stir-crazy they just sent them out We used to play in puddles when we were

Kids I mean that’s all it’s going on They go to bed well about 3:00 3:30 in The morning the woman wakes up to see Three children standing in her room next To her bed and she is startled she goes Dave I’m a big fan of the radio show I’ve learned what you’ve had to share There’s the hypnagogic and hypnopompic States going in and out of dreams when In reality and dreams seem to come Together so I know if I just close my Eyes and take a deep breath everything’s Gonna be fine so I close my eyes take a Deep cleansing breath and open my eyes And the three children are still Standing there So she starts to reach over and opens Her mouth to scream for her husband and The little girl in the middle steps Forward and gets close to her and just Goes Shh we just want to look at you They whisper at her she screams her Husband leaps up they turn around kids Are gone they go from room to room in This house turning on every light switch Trying to see what was that nothing they Left all the lights on for the rest of The night cuddled up huddled in bed Backs to the wall until Sun broke and When it finally did and they started to Drift off asleep they were awoken by the Sound of kids outside laughing again she Said that really impacted her but my Favorite part of that story I got to

Tell you is a couple days later Tim and I are at work we closed down at midnight I come down about 12:30 and there’s two Cars two cars parked behind my car and Tim’s car and I automatically think oh My god somebody’s dead they came to tell Us I come down they’re like are you Dave Schrader Yeah he’s Tim Dennis here I’m like yeah We need him down here please okay so I Called Tim Tim goes I go Tim there’s Moves down here he goes tell him I’m not Here I go if they’re standing right in Front of me then I’m wondering what did You it is there a body in his trunk he Comes down the cops are like we just Want to tell you big fans of the show But when you did that black-eyed kids Show we’re cops we use logic these Stories are so far out there and so Insane it’s hard to believe all the Wackadoo x’ he goes but we’re listening To your show it’s about 11:45 at night And we hear that story you go to Commercial break suddenly our radio goes Alive and we get a call that there is a Woman who’s distressed there are three Kids in her yard at 10 for 11:45 at Night and she has no idea who they are And he he said I looked at my partner he Looked at me and we both said oh that And they turned off the radio and used To take the call so I loved that we were Able to get in the heads of even the

Police officers Pizza guys were right Into a saying dude you can’t tell Stories like that at this time of night I’m delivering pizzas on streets with no Lights on Well fling the pizza and text them to go Out and get it themselves mmm so I love Those kind of stories but my favorite Creepy stories from right here in Minnesota yeah that’s so she didn’t have Any sort of a haunting in her house Before it was just attracted to her that Was it one and done and usually in the Cases of black-eyed kids you know They’re trying to get in there asking Permission it almost falls into that Vampiric or demonic folklore where they Have to get permission or acceptance to Get ahold of you she woke up and they Were just three of them standing in her Room at the side of her bed made no Sense terrified her and her husband but They remain great listeners and Continued write from time to time well That’s one of my all-time favorite just No thank you story is I have 11 kids if If kids show up in my room that are not Mine with black eyes completely black Jet black eyes at 3:30 in the morning Some throat punching and screaming That’s all I gotta say yeah no I would Definitely I don’t know I would like to Think that I would grab my camera and Try to get a photo but in a situation

Like that you kind of just blank because I’ve seen things like shadows in my room And I’ve hated myself for not taking a Picture or a video of it but when you’re So afraid it’s kind of like you just Don’t think like that here’s the thing How often when we do take a picture are We able to even get something I’d rather Stay in that moment and witness it then Scramble for my phone turn it on get the Camera on by that time it’s over and I Didn’t see where it went Which is worse to me did it just start Underneath my bed is it gonna grab my Ankle in the middle of this but you know Sleeping that unnerves me more I want to Keep an eye on it know where it went What happened and then worry about Putting up cameras at another time to Try to capture whatever I wish that kind Of stuff would happen to me sometime but Unfortunately No black had children yet yet thanks now Tonight I’m sleeping in this basement All along it’s kind of creepy down here I’m on vacation right now I really not In the mood just trying to chill well a Quick question before I get your Conjuring house bit do you think that I’m just listening to a program like Yours or watching even a live stream of The conjuring house could potentially Invite a spirit into your life maybe Even through a screen or through the

Fact that you’re watching or listening Because I’ve had a ton of people online Comment to me saying they were watching An episode of the show and they had the Same type of activity that was happening In the video happened in their home and At first I was kind of like yeah I don’t Know but as time went on I’ve gotten Hundreds of these comments and with the Event like the conjuring house Livestream where people are just gonna Be you know watching this live feed of a Haunted house it’s I know it’s what do You think you know it’s it’s hard to say Right we know that the spirit realm Seems to be able to manipulate media our Cameras recorders things like that so we Have no definitive way it’s not like There’s a spectrogram that we can set Down on the – you know next to the TV And as we’re watching and see if spirits Come through the screen at us we don’t Know that’s possible but here’s the Thing people are attracted to you in Your show people are attracted to me in My show because they enjoy what we bring They make a connection a simpatico Connection so theoretically if we are All connected you’re talking to them About these experiences and they’re Engrossed and enraptured in what you Have to share why wouldn’t they maybe Get some of that residual back up why Wouldn’t they get some of that it’s a

Possibility I also think a lot of it has To do with the power of intention right If you go into a thing fear full and Afraid it’s going to affect or impact You you might react In a way that that you’re something very Small is being blown out of proportion So I just help people be very cautious With what it is you think you’re Experiencing you know I was very proud In Holzer files it would have been Really easy to have some of these Experiences and jump to the conclusion That we were dealing with the demonic we Understood some of these were darker Forces but it doesn’t necessarily mean It was evil it was just something that Was frustrated angry old wanted Attention and it wasn’t getting it so You know if we went in and we’re jumpy And afraid that there were demons Everywhere we might invite that into our Realm and and allow things to mess with Us But we’re very cautious with that and And I think with shows like this the Conjuring if you’re going in with an Interest and a fascination in history And seeing or possibly witnessing for Yourself anomalous activity I think You’re fine it’s hiding underneath the Blanket peeking through your you know Dealing and being terrified being in That state you also have to ask them are

You really getting something dark and Malevolent or listen when I die I plan On hanging out as a ghost for a while I Get a lot of kids I want to see them Grow up I want to see their their kids Grow up but if I get bored I will haunt People and if I see you shivering Underneath the blanket you’re the first One I’m going to screw with because It’ll be fun for me because that’s just My personality and so in life so in Death so I would say a lot of times what People perceive as something scary might Just be a prankster ghosts who thinks It’s funny to tug your hair give you a Poke or whisper in your ear to get your Attention doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Something that’s looking to feed off of Your soul but again we have no real way Of tracing where these things come from Or how they find us yeah that’s the Interesting part and I think it’s just Gonna be it’s such a cool experiment to Be able to do this at the conjuring House with all these different people Bringing all their energy and all of Their intention into these live streams And connecting with the family And everybody online that’s gonna be Commenting so speaking of all of this Tell me about what you’re gonna be doing Throughout the event and kind of what Your role is well like so many people I’ll be watching and seeing what takes

Place during this live experiment in Terror right we’re able to actually Spend this isolation period outside of Our minds and in this home of one of the Most notorious and haunted homes on Planet Earth and you get to find out for Yourself what’s going on and and help Direct how this is going to happen so my Role is really is as an observer and as A journalist to kind of keep an eye on Things I know I’m gonna be stopping in On the show on Wednesday the 13th to Interview some of the participants and People involved to see where we’re at And what’s going on maybe even encourage Them into some new experimental ideas That I’ve been seeing people suggest or That that I’ve thought of might be good For them to try to incorporate during The investigation so that’ll be my role At this point cool well you want to plug All your stuff one more time I’ll let You get out of here let me know let the People on line know where they can find You hey well first of all it’s always Great to catch up with you and thank you Very much for having me stop by darkness Radio every Saturday and Sunday we Continue to examine the strange and Anomalous of ghosts UFOs monsters myths Legends conspiracies and then every Tuesday we do true crime Tuesday you can Find information on all my radio Programs over at darkness radio calm and

For your followers and only your Followers if they go into the iTunes Store or their Google Play Store I will Make available to them free of charge The darkness radio app so they can Download the app and find us and listen To us anywhere it’s free all the time But still for your follower specifically Even more free right now So they can go from the darkness rated Lappets it’s gonna be this cool kind of Skull microphone logo you’ll see that Button connected download it you can Listen to the shows and then keep Watching the Travel Channel for the Holzer files we’ll be back this fall With all new episodes in season 2 we did 10 episodes in season 1 13 episodes for Season And we’re hoping to get back out on the Road and continue the rest of season Two’s filming we need to still make an Episode of paranormal files together Sometime if I’m ever in Minneapolis we Need to go do it yeah let’s do it I’ll Be more than happy to join you I love This stuff there’s a forepaws it’s a Place that I’ve wanted to investigate And the soap factory I’ve been up in to The soap factory and invested and had Some really creepy things take place see That’s what I want so that would be Perfect [Laughter]

So tell what you should do is come up And investigate the Palmer House Hotel In Sauk center we’ve always had great Experiences and weird stuff take place There and it’s a great fully functioning Hotel with a bar and restaurant and and They give you some you know amazing Concessions in order to ghost hunt in Some of the most haunted rooms and Haunted spots in the building and Actually encourage that as you know for Their visitors so that’s a great place I’d be happy to join you there again as Well awesome well let’s get it set up Man oh I’ll let you know what I’m coming Up next time all right as long as Everything is lifted and we’re back into The real world I will be looking forward To that yeah that makes perfect sense to Me Haha great talking to you man stay Spooky my man you nailed that damn is Really good holy everyone else is like Put the shame in this video now yes I do Not see you guys no I missed you guys Too to everyone online obviously you Guys know Jane Murray at vulture City we Had a really crazy night when we were There back last when was that last February a little over a year ago now Over here mm-hmm And we had a blast at the the Paracon – Gonna be there again this year yeah We’re looking forward to a man I had

To you thank you man it was some really Good energy man I mean we tried to Really like try the best that we can to Like get good people with good energy And the only drama that you just want to Have fun and just make sure the people That are paying for tickets to come out That they’re equally enjoying it as much As clean are so I’ll put a I’ll put a Link in the description this video to The event page to for everybody online If anybody lives in Arizona wants to Come meet me I’ll be there and your Guys’s event and obviously you can meet Jay and Marie because a couple of Badasses So how scored key for you guys what do You guys been up to you know I did core I haven’t murdered him yet it’s right I Look forward to the days that we go have We’ve been helping out Vulture City on the weekends because It’s recreational so it’s been allowed To be open from like walking because It’s like 15 acres so we’ve been spread Out so on the weekends I’ve enjoyed it Because we sit out there and been able To enjoy the weather up until he Recently got pretty hot but in the Evenings we’ve been hitting a hard like Go stunning so we’ve really gotten some Great footage it just seems that the Spirit energies just coming through like That much stronger during this

Quarantine that’s kind of what we’ve Been doing besides like trying to avoid Killing each other quarantine in our House and then we get to go out on a Weekend and that’s that to Boulder City So that’s been our life for life whether Teenage son – so it’s like yeah that’s True lets us get out to the ghost town And let it all go Yeah I was gonna ask you guys actually That’s one of my questions what’s Something like crazy paranormal that you Guys have captured lately or an Experience either we were just talking About that on Friday okay like we had a Team that came out to investigate the Town and they you know they were getting Pretty decent results and they came up To the roost where we were we were Hanging out myself and one of my camera Guys Damien and my son Brandon they’re Like so what do you guys you know do to Get these things to communicate so I do On the ITC application man Immediately dude these spirits start Talking to us and there’s a little girl Named Izzie that we’ve discovered lives In the town part time and part time in My freaking house dude Thanks for marina telling me for the Longest time but like she comes through A lot so like is he comes through the Little girl then she says through the ITC applications he says go hug my dolly

And the dolly behind us that was Allegedly haunted now I never really Revised to much into it because someone Said this someone said that and I’m like Les I see it myself I don’t believe it So I might you mean the dolly that Tom Brought which is one of the workers There and I walked over to a duty before Where I had even touched it it’s the Music box started playing and obviously That’s kind of the creepy moment so we Took it down we took it down then added Up a building since you’ve been there They’ve had a church house there that Was originally there back in the day They brought it back and that’s where is He hangs out in a lot so he records Hall Into the church house and the doll was Literally admitting its own EMF and it Increased in temperature I want to say Like seven degrees and drop temperature By seventy degrees which is usual right But that was just last weekend about Three weekends before that the piano Played in the roof the foam raised it Was all caught on video the phone rang Hundred years old yeah it rang you Knitting oh yeah thrill just pick it up I did hello you know and it had just Like strong like that go behind it a Little crackle to it and I just kind of Like froze okay cool like I could put it Back down but the towns crazy man it Seems like the more we interact with

These things the more they talk so it’s Been a really good play I think with This whole thing going on with Cove at 19 to be honest with you the town was Hit hard back in 1918 With the Spanish flu it killed hundreds And hundreds of people so I’m like I Sort of felt like that it’s sort of Bringing up a lot of other stuff Throughout for sure that is such an Interesting concept that I had no idea That the Spanish flu had hit vulture City oh yeah yeah the cemetery that’s Behind it primarily is that bodies of Whole bunch of children yeah yeah since The quarantine actually dispute it Actually has gotten almost everybody Know even throughout the day we have Guests coming up and saying oh my Goodness you know the building the Brothel they’re having all these imagine Like having experiences you know it’s Been really cool for us those two days Then were there I know I wish I could be There seven days rather than sometimes I Feel that being in an apartment I’m just Like man give me an abandoned Hospital Yes just a quick question now on that do You think that the corona Stuff has made the town more active like Dang chronic big energy in the Environment has kind of reminded people Of what that was the Spanish I believe That wait there’s a lot of difference

That even though the town is like 15 Acres and everybody’s able to separate We still had to we have signs up there About distancing you know and there’s a Sanitizer stuff everywhere you know Everybody wearing masks and everything Like that so I think it’s reminding the Spirits time there that when they were Going through a tragic event such as We’re going through now but what’s funny Is we we have signs up they say a Turkish state a turkey vulture leaked Away from one another and that’s what They used back in 1918 is to stay of Almost sick what’s a turkey vulture is Wingspan is about six feet away from one Another that was kind of like a what They implemented back then in 1918 to Get people to realize for some you know There was none faison all restaurants Hotels everything saying everything’s Closed everyone stayed in your home Everything cools down I thought Americans maybe learn back Then but I guess we did It’s what it’s quite interesting though The correlation right now so it’s been Pretty exciting for us and you can be Sad I guess sometimes some of us stuff We’re getting so I guess to get into the Conjuring house What is your guys’s role in the event Like what are you guys gonna be doing And just kind of like explain that to me

Can you tell me first so that way I know To my understanding that we’re going to Be interviewing the new owners of the Home and just asking some questions the Interest when the people reached out to Us the producers were that Marie and I Are kind of dubbed haunted survivors so And we talked about that you know that About us that like you know not only What we haunted before we’re still Haunted today and just kind of like you Know kind of being able to relate to Them in a different level they purchased This place I think trying to open it up For you know tours and different ghost Hunters and it would be kind of be a fun Like a research type environment but Then it kind of flipped on them so I’m Kind of curious you know on how they’re Reacting to some of the hot things that Are taking place we’re really big on the Fear response you know you and I’ve Talked about that a lot so I’m wondering How much fear they’re they’re kind of Feeding this thing you know and if these Cameras aren’t gonna make it even 10 Times worse because now the world is Watching and I’m wondering how that’s All gonna go because I’m I know how that The spirits interact with some of the Telecommunications views even when we’re Doing interviews like this I’m curious How it’s all gonna go but I’m really Excited because Ed Lorraine Warren were

Like people that we looked up to I Looked up to as a child and I mean to me That they’re freaking paranormal rock Stars so to be able to talk to someone That’s now honing the house and being Part of this is really it’s really Awesome I’m really excited for it no I I’m really excited it’s gonna be cool For like us as being a married couple And then being a married couple and sort Of seeing the difference you know yeah Like what we’ve gone through how we were Able to survive certain stuff you know And stuff like then hopefully were able To give them some suggestions yes I mean On some stuff but yeah so what do you Think is gonna happen what I mean I Don’t know what the hell to expect from This place I think it’s gonna be like scary are you Guys afraid of what’s gonna go down or Or what well I’m gonna be praying Everything you say please do not come Into my house I have enough in my house Yeah there’s a side to me just knowing The haunting and whatnot and what it Entails and what’s possibly there and What’s been suggested to be there and as I said you know we have a we have a huge Problem with a piggyback effects from Investigations and I wonder how that’s Gonna affect us in this home while That’s going on so my intent is to Document anything out of the ordinary

For those of those days that they’re Going through quarantine themselves here Because sometimes I know that spirits Know that we’re coming and we’re gonna Be a part of something they like to show Themselves you know in our own home First so it would be interesting to see If we could get some of the same stuff And not knowing it that they’re getting Any kind of match set up that would be Something that would be huge as far as Like research and understanding Hauntings you know that’s so something That I’ve noticed is that people who Like watch my videos Well sometimes go on and comment that They had something similar to what Happened in my video happened to them at Home right do you guys think that like Maybe by doing this we could potentially Have something come through or even like Viewers online have something from the House kind of come to them I think the Danger is very you know real I mean that That might happen I mean one thing I Know about the paranormal is it’s very Unpredictable at times especially if You’re dealing something malignant Possibly demonic I mean something with a High you know magnitude of energy like This is that there is a huge possibility That bridge so I mean viewers discretion Be advised and participating in this I Think it’s a unique experiment really

Unique all the people they have chosen Yeah I mean just amazing people like Yourself Colin and I mean Dave Schrader I mean there I mean I mean there’s Somebody doing Sam I mean Sam is on there I mean yeah I Mean it’s just gonna be amazing all These different takes on everything on Because every paranormal investigator on TV on YouTube or not on TV I mean all Have a dick If you on everything and they’re all Just amazing so I honest him I’m looking Forward to watching the whole thing I Mean that’s I really will say I’ll be Watching a lot of it just because I’m Very interested in it I’m super stoked But I will honestly say before we even Go on cases things do start happening at Our home now that’s our own experiences Can I say it’s gonna happen too and this I I can’t say I just know what our past Experience I’m gonna be documenting sort Of entire week I’m gonna have my Handheld right next to me ready to go so If something does pop off I can record It document it and hopefully share it With the viewers somehow that’s gonna be Possible You’re ready to go exciting this is a Freaking conjuring house So if you guys online wanna attend an Amazing paranormal convention I was There last year and it was such a blast

We were doing ghost hunting we were Doing Ghost Tours I was hanging out all Day meat and all sorts of fun and Amazing people and people that are Actually friends that I still talk to You I met at the parikamma and we filmed With in El Paso like Johnny Barbosa he’s A great guy but you can go to their Website vulture City Paracon comm buy Tickets you can see who’s on the lineup You guys have some awesome names just Here like John Zaffis – that’s gonna be Dope yeah we’re excited about it we Can’t wait there’s a lot of work going Into it and tickets now absolutely get Them now laughs yes does it take I mean For the go side is only limited tickets Mm-hmm that was packed last year – Remember I saw that big ass spider when I was there yes the people over to look At it and they were like so creeped out And maybe I might pee my pants watching That yeah oh no I would any final words No words at all I just hope to see you Guys during this live stream I hope to See you guys out of Ultra City and Everyone out there stay spooky Thanks Hi bye hey spooky Hey Hi how’s it going good how are you It’s rainy out it’s a it’s a gloomy day In South Dakota so I’m enjoying it You’re in South Dakota yep outside of Sioux Falls in a very small community Called Renner

That’s one state I’ve never been to Really I’ve been to North Dakota but not South where North Dakota Fargo um no uh What Minot and then we we were we Weren’t really in Minot we flew into Minot and then we drove like another Hour to add like an Indian Reservation And had like a it was a Playboy Fight Night energy drink a big event there in North Dakota yeah I don’t think there’s Much else to do so you can go stun and Check out the fields but it’s about it Well you know what we did during the day One of the guys took us he’s from the Casino he took us out on his boat and we Went out on the lake and stuff like That’s what I was amazing mm-hmm it’s Pretty but it’s just very desolate I saw Some Buffalo yep there’s plenty of them There a white one even a white buffalo Yeah I think they call them pink ones Cuz you can kind of see you know their Skin through their white fur so they’re Kind of pink okay pink Buffalo what I’m Jealous Oh what I’ve been only been to one Dakota had I’ve seen more than you have I’ve been like I mean I live here or I Did well we’ll get this thing started Just so we can give the viewers an idea Of who you are why don’t you introduce Yourself tell us what you’re doing in Life hey everybody I’m Bridget Marquardt You may know me best from girls next

Door I was on that for six years where I Lived at the Playboy Mansion with Holly And Kendra and that was really fun um Since then I went on to do a Travel Channel show and but the whole time that I’ve been doing all that stuff that I’ve Always had a passion and love for the Paranormal ever since my first Experience when I was 12 years old but Playing with the Ouija board and I Summons my great-grandfather and I Started having Um weird things happen from that point On I’ve just been obsessed and I’ve been Ghost hunting since then um in one form Or another there was before there was Equipment and that kind of thing but I Would always like try to go to hunt Places or hunted cemeteries or or just Creepy cemeteries I don’t even know if They were haunted and walk around and Try and see if I could feel anything or See anything or experience anything and And so now it’s led me to this where I Have my very own podcast it’s called Ghost magnet and it airs every week on Monday morning and I get to talk to Everybody about their ghost stories About their experiences their equipment They use like whatever all aspects of The paranormal and I love it well I have Listened to your podcast and I also love It I think it’s introduced through Susan Because she was on my saw her post about

It and you do a really great job of Interviewing people and the production On it just sounds great thank you Mm-hmm I just started a podcast to like Two three weeks ago filmed a whole Season in Ohio and we started to go live In haunted buildings across Ohio and we Captured some just crazy activity Multiple times we were shooting video And audio and we were at this place Called the Deaf car in Cleveland and in Yes have you been there No but that’s so funny because I just Record just before I call it we called Each other I was recording my podcast And I was recording with Zakaria the Witch and he is he was I don’t know if He’s originally from Ohio but he used to Live in Ohio and be part of a Ohio Paranormal group and I was like oh every Time I talk to somebody from Ohio I want To know if you’ve been to the haunted Railcar and he’s like no I don’t know What you’re talking about nobody knows What I’m talking about and I was just Talking about it like a few minutes ago And now here you are bringing it up on Your own that’s weird it’s really weird Because I feel like nobody as many Paranormal people as I know and even People from Ohio do not know about this Railcar it’s so tragic it’s such a Tragic story but I’m fascinated by it Because I’m weird and I want to go there

So I’m trying to get stories from people Who have been and everybody’s like what Real car I’ll have to look that up I Don’t know what you’re talking about so Anyway please please tell me your story Yeah yeah we were there for the whole Night and it was just frigid cold Because this was in February and we set Up the podcast equipment outside of the Actual car itself in the main area the Wheelhouse where they they also have a Ton of activity because workers have Died there and there have been just Weird accidents and in the middle of This podcast I’m interviewing well we we Did interviews with like actual railroad Workers who worked there and they had Some crazy stories about seeing ghost Lights on the tracks and stuff but I’m Sitting there watching this guy talk who Is the guy who like connects with the Spirits the most there his name’s Steve And our camera on a tripod literally got Pulled like three feet backwards on the Ground unravel and we got it on video it Literally went and everyone looked down That’s good that you got it on camera I Know almost missed it but it was right In the other shot and we tried to debunk It like a hundred times and jumped on The platform next to it and tried to Shift the position but it literally just Got yanked and that car is creepy to the Actual death car itself yeah I hear you

That it smells like smoke and you can You can hear screams or like EVPs and Stuff like that just hikes but but also Exciting for a paranormal investigator If you ever go to Cleveland you should Definitely go because it was awesome is A lot of fun yeah I was in Cleveland Once but it was before not before I was Investigating but before I had any kind Of tools or anything like that so we Didn’t stop there but okay Anyways so why don’t you give me a Spooky story that maybe you’ve heard or Experienced lately because I’m genuinely Interested with all the quarantine stuff What people have been up to well I Haven’t had any paranormal stuff Necessarily happen while I’m on Quarantine I don’t think my house is Haunted in any way but we were doing What we call check quarantine check in Episodes we’re still doing them where we Just we were we started wandering one Day like okay it really sucks to be Quarantined and everybody’s kind of Losing their mind and stuff but but what If your house was haunted and you were In self-isolation In your house but haunted and you had I Mean the only time you can groceries you Know like what then and so and Unfortunately we happen to know a lot of Those people who are in those situations From doing the podcast so we started

Making contact with them in fact I’m Gonna be talking to Cory Hines in after We’re done talking about his experience But we’ve talked to David omen Naomi Grossman Robinson ah grass even Holly Madison my co-star from girls next Door she lives in a haunted house and She’s had like crazy stuff happen so We’re gonna start playing those weekly And everything but while we were Recording those on three of the episodes We actually got something weird happened Now I can’t investigate it so I don’t Know 100% that it’s paranormal but when We were recording was David omen one of The things that happens at his house is He has these beetlejuice figurines and They always flop over and he was talking About how they’ve been flopping over a Lot lately but his paranormal activity Hasn’t been excessive it’s actually been Lower than usual but his figurines keep Still going falling over while we were Talking we could hear the thud of one Fall over behind him and he’s home alone So that was that was pretty cool and Then um when we were talking to Robin Snodgrass there was like this a weird Image that like a light thing that would Go by almost look like a car was driving By past a window or something and that’s Just all I figured it was until when we Were getting sort of to the end of Recording with her Rob my producer said

Did you guys notice that light go by and I was like that’s the third time I’ve Seen that and she’s like and then she Scanned the room for us and said she’s Not in front of any window or door so And then I was I have an upcoming Podcast with Jay Rodriguez he’s done Broadway and lots of TV shows and stuff Like that and we were sitting there Talking about um about all kinds of Haunted stuff and how somebody was Murder couple was murdered in his Apartment complex and a long time ago Back in the 80s and and then he was also Telling me about how his dog passed out On the very table that he was Recording from and he was asking me if There is such a thing as as Petco so I Was like absolutely and stuff and he’s Like oh I wish my dog would give me a Sign or something I’m like she probably Does but maybe you haven’t noticed and Just as we were talking about that his Garbage disposal started which is scary Because good thing nobody’s hands were In there but he was like he like freaked Out he was like oh my god is he grabbed His whole laptop and ran over to the Sink and we just and it shut off on its Own – only way it started for like a Second and then stopped and he was like Showing the goosebumps on it is in his Hair on his arms was like that I had the Chills and we were like oh my god so um

So like three things happen just via Skype during quarantine talking people In haunted houses really lucky you know I know that’s why I told Rob bagg I Can’t prove that any of those things Were necessarily paranormal that David’s Dog didn’t run into the fish tank that The the figurines are on or that Jay Doesn’t have a glitch in his and it’s The garbage disposal or whatever but Like it’s pretty weird you know well What’s your role for this whole Conjuring thing let’s talk about the House and everything good question so I Interviewed Corey um back in October it Was recently right after he had Purchased the house or at least he came Public purchasing the huh purchasing the House and we talked about the history of It and and what he had experienced at That time in there which he hadn’t been In there very long then um and he was Talking about how he wants to eventually Open it up for paranormal investigators And stuff and he was getting ready for Ghost Adventures to go in there that was The last time I talked to him so like I Mentioned earlier we’ll be doing a Quarantine check in with him and today In a few minutes and we’ll see if any Other things have happened but for the Live show that they’re doing on Saturday May 16th I will be calling in and doing My pot but them for like an hour or so

And seeing what’s been going on what They’ve experienced yeah just getting All that information from everybody That’s there I’m excited I wish I could Do it in person yeah me too What do you thinks gonna happen you Think there’s gonna be Activity it’s a good question I mean I Think there’s gonna be activity because I think that house always has activity And there’s all kinds of stuff that goes On 24/7 but I have to assume I don’t Know what Rhode Island’s rules are right Now but we’re still sort of on lockdown Over here so I can’t imagine they’re Gonna have too many people physically in The building and they’re gonna have to Keep their distance and I feel like That’s gonna affect the energy a little Bit um well I don’t know if it affects It negatively or positively but we’re Gonna find out I know I’m excited it’s Gonna be just a spooky week-long affair I’m you know I’ve never been there and I Just met everybody that’s involved Including Andrea Peron and it has been Just crazy listening to everybody’s Stories and I got to ask you one more Question because this is something that I’m not talking about with people do you Think that it’s possible for someone Who’s watching a broadcast even if it’s Pre-recorded to have some sort of energy From the location come to them I would I

Would I would say it depends on who You’re interviewing and what you’re Talking about I would say that typically I would say No it wouldn’t create any kind of Paranormal activity for the person Watching if you’re just interviewing Somebody about their experiences but if You’re interviewing somebody like for Instance we did a live seance with patty Negri when she’s opening that portal and You’re watching and listening her open That portal you’re part of that seance Now and I think if you don’t close it or Stay till the end and close it properly Then then you are actually inviting Things in and you need to close it but If you’re just listening to someone’s Stories I would say it’s probably more Coincidence if things are happening but If you’re expecting that like a hundred Times and that’s more than coincidence And maybe there is something more to it But but I would my first initial Reaction is no it would be coincidence Unless you’re doing something where You’re opening the portal and they’re Involved well that makes what I’m about To do spookier because I’m doing a Ouija Board with the family everybody who’s Watching this is going to get A good dose of the old portal opening Yeah well then they should also get a Dose of how to close it – it’s over well

Thank you for talking to me I have more to do today so I’m gonna let You go on and get back to the quarantine Work schedule which is interesting yes That’s how it’s been I mean luckily we Have nice weather here so we’ve been Able to go outside and sit by the pool And barbecue and things like that so it Kind of takes away some of that but we Did at the very beginning have a lot of Rainy cold weather and it was like a Puffles well baked something and then I’ll eat it and then I’ll do some more Puzzles and now we’ll watch a movie and No so I’m in the kids toy room actually This is the kind of creepy closet area Thank you for joining me on this little Video have a good day Have fun with the interview bye So anybody down here with me in the Basement There’s a scrappy little kids cornerback Here Can you give me a sign by moving Something or tapping something or using Your voice if you hear with me They’re just upstairs Can you give me any sort of a noise If you’re upstairs Okay guys since it’s really late here It’s about 3:00 a.m. and I just have to Finish editing this video to get it out Tomorrow Because the event starts so soon I’ve

Been investigating for about an hour now And I actually did capture some crazy Things but I feel like it’s an injustice To include the the footage at the end of This episode I’m going to cut a whole Episode out of my investigation of this Place they used the rem-pod Using the ovule Asst all these different Tools so that’s gonna be coming soon on The channel but thanks for watching Please join in for that conjuring Livestream on the dark zone and we’ll Put the link in the description below I’m going to be going live with them a Couple nights during the week and There’s a lot of amazing guests it’s Gonna be an amazing event and I’m so Happy and blessed to be a part of it but Updates coming soon thanks for watching Shawshank Prison is up next and that is A hell of a creepy video Jeff gets Scratched and we captured some crazy Poltergeist activity even during the Interviews the whole video is intense From start to finish so anyways y’all It’s calling here thanks for watching And as always stay spooky Hello