Alien in The Forbidden City

By | May 10, 2020
Alien in The Forbidden City

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Edit This is a video that meant about many Years ago um Well a couple of years ago and i’m in China um But um i kind of didn’t feel like i Could put this Video out i don’t know why maybe it was Something to do with work at the time But anyway here it is this is me in the Forbidden city And uh i have to say the sound is Terrible But uh nevertheless i thought i’d share It with you Enjoy oh and by the way this is an alien Ufo channel Yeah i’m not a like a travel channel um I just thought i’d put this out people Keep taking pictures of me I don’t know if it’s because i’m in English It’s um they’ve subscribed Yeah that’s it i’ve got a few Subscribers In china i’ll speak a word of chinese Maybe we should learn something Very busy Forbidden Wow now this is from the ground Square Check this out absolutely

Stunning Space apparently big square It’s got 999 rooms I don’t know what the further there’s Nothing in them Um so there’s all these soldiers Guarding them so In theory they’re actually regarding Nothing Unless i’ve misunderstood what i’ve just Been told There’s nothing in them apparently yeah Nothing Giant tortoise And it’s got like some sort of Stabilizers on it I think it’s just for fun though i don’t Know if these actually Existed because it’s like a dragon with A tur in a dragon turtle A dragon turtle dragon tortoise yeah i Don’t know if they Actually existed i doubt it But if they did it pretty cool i can’t Go in this temple but you can Have a look in so i’m going to try and Do is raise up the gopro And have a look inside see what i can See but i can’t force i can’t sneak in Or get arrested but let’s take a look Be honest with you So yeah this is this is the this is the Forbidden city but this building you are Forbidden from going in which is uh

Crazy i’m sure somebody must go in there To clean though at some point Because let’s face it every every Building needs cleaning Other than that it might be really dusty Inside I’m sure if you go in there you Might sneeze i’ve been sneezing a lot in China And if you see the air there it’s very Small yeah look you’ve noticed that Everywhere You look it’s smog Um but at the same time very beautiful And sometimes with the fact that this is Small It looks quite atmospheric It just keeps going on and on i wish i Kind of wish i wasn’t on my own at the Minute because maybe i could tell you What some stuff actually is but I’ll be looking when i get back i might Put some writing in the pod Really interesting Idea looks a little bit random the smell Of Disney Compared to the other stuff apparently The entrance in the middle that’s the Entrance that the emperor went through Maybe it was really tall Gonna go through it Foreign