The Exorcism of Roland Doe: The True Story Behind The Exorcist | Documentary

By | May 9, 2020
The Exorcism of Roland Doe: The True Story Behind The Exorcist | Documentary

In 1973 the legendary horror film The Exorcist shocked its viewers and became A massive success the film was not only Commercially successful but was Critically acclaimed achieving 10 Academy Award nominations of which at One – the movie has since established Itself as an icon of classic cinema the Movie portrays the demonic possession And exorcism of a young girl called Reagan as shocking as the scenes Depicted in the film are they are said To have been based on true events the Story which inspired the Exorcist Centers on a 13 year old boy who lived In a suburb of Washington DC in the late 1940s for decades his real name has been Kept hidden for privacy reasons one of The most frequently used aliases Attached to the child however is Roland It is important to specify that the Exorcist took many liberties with the Story of Roland changes that went beyond A gender change the iconic scene in Which Reagan’s head spins all the way Around for example is perhaps Unsurprisingly not claimed to have Happened in the true story that said There were many other sensational events Which were claimed to have occurred Throughout the case which seemed to Suggest the supernatural After the Exorcist was released an army Of researchers sought to uncover the

Truth behind the film one of these Researchers was Steve Edmond who in 1975 Wrote an article for fate magazine Titled the truth behind the Exorcist in This article he revealed alleged diary Entries from a priest believed to be Father Raymond J bishop an eyewitness And participant in the exorcism Rite Administered to Roland according to the Diary anomalous events began on the 15th Of January 1949 when a strange dripping Noise was heard in Roland’s Grandmother’s Room scratching noises also started to Be heard under the floorboards of the House on the 26th of January and aunt Tilly a name associated with the family Passed away at the time Roland’s mother Is said to have believed that her death Was connected to the peculiar events Happening in the house in particular Aunt Tillie along with her nephew Roland Is said to have experimented with a Ouija board after this so the diary Claims the family started to experiment With the manifestations occurring in the House Roland’s mother once asked if you Are Tillie knock three times it is said That waves of air immediately began Hitting the family after which they Heard three mysterious knocks this Experiment was claimed to have been Repeated more times with the same result The events in the house seemed to center

On its youngest resident Roland the boy Claimed to have heard what he described As squeaking shoes on his bed at night Whilst trying to sleep nor like scratch Marks were even said to have been Discovered on his mattress on the 17th Of February still being plagued by the Strange happenings the family called a Local Lutheran minister named Reverend Schultz impressed by the seeming Genuineness of the case he invited the Boy to spend the night at his church House for observation the minister Supposedly experienced several Inexplicable events including the sound Of scratching witnessing the boy’s bed Vibrate and seeing a chair tip over Whilst Roland was sitting on it by the End of the month mysterious scratches Began to appear all over the boy’s body It is even said that Roland’s mother Witnessed the markings form markings Which she claimed began to form words Other events which happened prompted the Family to turn to religious protective Items such as holy water and Candles however far from easing their Troubles these objects seem to only make The situation worse One day the family even attempted to Have Roland baptized he is said to have Responded with a furious rage the Episode escalating to such a point that Roland had to be admitted into

Georgetown University Hospital for three And a half days it is here that it is Claimed a psychiatrist attempted Unsuccessfully to treat the boy back in January the phenomena appeared to have Occurred generally throughout the house Perhaps being connected to aunt Tilly’s Passing by March however it was clear That the events were completely fixated On Roland he was the center of the Seemingly supernatural activity the Family decided he had to leave the house After the psychiatrist failed to treat Him they moved Roland to where they Thought he would be safer to a Relative’s house in Normandy Missouri Yet the events continued in fact whilst Living at this house the family’s Religious fervor gained incredible Momentum two Catholic priests were Called in father Raymond J Bishop and Father Bowden according to the diary Excerpts Bowden blessed Roland read a Special prayer by saint francis xavier Fixed a relic encrusted crucifix Underneath the boy’s pillow and left him To rest soon after however a loud noise Was heard coming from the boy’s bedroom When the family rushed to investigate They found chaos a large bookcase had Been moved a bench had been flipped over And the crucifix had been moved to the Edge of the bed upon entering the room To the family’s horror they discovered

Roland’s mattress with the boy still Upon it shaking violently it would not Stop in a fit of panic his relative Shouted until II stopped only then did The horror cease why it did however Remains a mystery was the spirit of aunt Tilly somehow involved in these events At the time Both the family and members of the Catholic Church were convinced of Something else that the boy was Demonically possessed on the 16th of March Archbishop Joseph II Rhetta gave Father bounden permission to administer The formal Rite of exorcism on that same Night Bowden accompanied by father Bishop and the Jesuit scholar water Halloran began reciting the ritual Prayers of exorcism the exorcism was a Long and grueling process for all Involved it would take over a month During which time the boy was frequently Shuffled between his aunt’s home in Missouri and the Alexian Brothers Hospital in South st. Louis the Roman Ritual was performed on the boy in much The same way that it had been on Similarly afflicted people for centuries I cast the out thou unclean spirit along With the least encroachment of the Wicked enemy and every phantom and Diabolical legion in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ depart and vanish from This creature of God throughout the

Process Roland is reported to have had Dramatic outbursts supposedly he would Curse excessively vomit urinate and use Latin phrases a language of which he had No knowledge the family became so Traumatized by these events that they Converted from Lutheranism to Catholicism during the exorcism Roland received his First Holy Communion After which it is claimed a six inch Portrait of the devil With its hands held above its head web Stretching from its hands and horns Protruding from its head appeared Scratched into the boy’s calf the Exorcism supposedly climaxed on the 18th Of April at the hospital in st. Louis Prayers were set into the night until at 11:00 p.m. with a new deep and masculine Voice Roland interrupted the ritual Satan Satan I am st. Michael I command you Satan and the other evil Spirits to leave this body in the name Of Dominus immediately Now-now-now Rowland had one more violent Spasm before finally becoming calm when He later awoke he said he is gone Telling father bowdern that he had a Vision of a flaming sword being held by Saint Michael the arc angel known for Defeating Satan it was claimed had come Into the boy’s body in order to free him Of the devil Undoubtedly the exorcism was traumatic

So traumatic it is said that the Hospital allegedly boarded up the room In which it took place it must be Emphasized at this point that there was Never any financial incentive for the Family who underwent this ordeal unlike Other infamous cases of demonic Possession there was no book scheduled To be published at the time and no movie Deal the family did not give interviews And even kept their identity a secret When in communication with the church The family might have even provided a False address so as to conceal the true Location of their Washington home the Family and subsequently the priests were All eager to keep this case 100% Anonymous as far as they were concerned It was a personal struggle involving a Sick child and was never meant for Public consumption if it were not for William Peter Blatty who read a vaguely Written and inaccurate article about the Case dating to 1949 we might never have Heard of Roland story inspired by what He read Blatty published a fictional Book called The Exorcist in 1971 based On Roland’s story it became an instant Bestseller and immediately secured a Movie deal after the film was released Now many decades after the original Events nothing was heard from the family They did not seek fame or enumeration For the film’s success indeed it has

Only been through the hard work of Investigators over many That they have supposedly been found Some investigators claimed to have Located the family who was subsequently Adamant about their identities being Kept a secret according to the Investigative journalist Markab sass Nick the man believed to be Roland was Alarmed when he was discovered he firmly Stated he did not want me to ever call Him back again the journalist reported If there was a motive for fabrication it Is highly unlikely It was financial so worthy events of 1949 real some have suggested that if There was any motive for falsification It lay not in dollars but in an Allegedly troubled thirteen year old Roland someone who claimed to have been Roland’s childhood friend described Young Roland as having been mean with a Love of prank bullying and cruelty one Of Roland’s favorite torments he claimed Was to compel his bad-tempered dog to Chase and scare other children such a Mean streak can be said to have been Demonstrated in the midst of his Possession according to the diary Extracts during one of the train rides Roland took with father Bowden to visit His hometown from Missouri he became Completely maniacal and started striking The priest furiously in between the legs

Yelling that’s a nutcracker for you Isn’t it arguably such an incident is More in keeping with a bad-tempered Child than a case of demonic possession Does this suggest then that far from Being in the grip of Satan Roland was in Stand in the grip of hormone fueled Means streaked adolescence an interview With father water Halloran the Jesuit Scholar involved in the exorcism many Years later also revealed some Suspicious details about The case when asked whether the boy Understood the Latin he was speaking Halloran stated I think he mimicked us He was also asked whether there was ever A change in the boys voice to which he Simply responded not really when asked About the other claims regarding the Demonic possession Halloran undermine Some of the details revealed in the Diary source while spitting was frequent He said but it wasn’t significant and There wasn’t any vomiting or urinating That I recall other claims have also Been disregarded by skeptics of the case The rattling of the bed so synonymous With the 1973 movie could have easily Been done by Roland as it was a spring Mattress the same could be said for any Of the furniture which was claimed to Have rattled or tipped underneath him in Regards to the spitting an alleged Childhood friend stated that Roland used

To practice spitting and had developed Quite a technique whereby he could spit With great accuracy up to ten feet in Many ways there is much evidence to Suggest that Roland’s demonic possession Was an elaborate way to trick his Zealous family to get him out of school For a month such a prank was not beyond His personality and temperament it might Even be said that the death of a close Family member in January triggered this Extreme behavior as a way to manage his Grief all of this is not to say that Roland’s demonic possession has been Thoroughly debunked there is however Good reason to doubt it as with all Cases of the alleged paranormal it is Important to explore ordinary Explanations alongside those of a more Sensational nature what makes this case Particularly difficult to analyze is That evidence only started to be truly Gathered decades after the events Actually happened memory is not the most Reliable source and exaggeration is a Two-way street Just as some might be accused of overly Sensation A case others can be said to overly Downplay an event significance in the Case of father Halloran whilst he did Downplay the sensation allottee of Roland’s case he did stand by his belief That there was something sinister at

Work when asked about the most Terrifying part of the ordeal he Described the markings on the boy’s body I don’t think there was any way they Could have been self induced when the Evil spirit took over the child there Seemed to be nothing he could do about It some would even argue that Roland Being a troubled child may have only Increased the likelihood of his demonic Possession being real with such a child Being the perfect host for the devil Where is the line between a misbehaving Boy and a demonically possessed one Ultimately there is too much mud in the Water to tell without hearing the Personal testimony of Roland himself the Rest is speculation whilst we do have Interviews from priests involved the Diary excerpts on which the story is Based can be described as problematic Where did these pages come from it is Said that at the time of the exorcism Father Bishop kept a detailed diary Starting the 9th of March so as to Provide a case study of exorcism for Future generations of exorcists several Copies of this diary were supposedly Made a copy kept by Halloran was Allegedly burnt others of which there May be between 4 and 8 were dispersed With some being in private hands whether Or not the diary extracts referenced by Researchers matched those from bishops

Original diary is unknown after all Inconsistencies are common in the Handling of this case with investigators Unable to agree upon even the simplest Of aspects such as the number of total Pages in bishops original diary with it So difficult to access a genuine copy of Bishops writings we cannot know for Certain if the diary or indeed diaries Which researchers reference actually Describe the true events of 1949 whilst There may not have been a financial Motive for the family to fabricate Events the same cannot be said for the Many investigators who published works After the Exorcist was released in more Recent times alleged copies of bishops Diary continued to surface rather Conveniently many of the people involved In the original case are no longer with Us Making it impossible to test the Veracity of these sources there is Simply no way for us to know how much of These sources if any describes true Events not only that bishops original Diary began early March meaning much of The earlier phenomena connected with the Case was not documented therefore it is Only through muddled sources that we can Try to peek through the decades at an Event that many at the time wanted to be Forgotten indeed it took decades for Researchers to ascertain where Roland

And his family lived with some still Disputing the location no absolute Conclusion is possible at the moment and Given that the distance of time only Continues to increase the full details Behind the story that inspired the Exorcist may never be known thank you For watching if you enjoyed this video And would like more of the paranormal Please leave a like and make sure you Are subscribed with all notifications Turned on and if you cannot wait until My next video why not watch the one Suggested on screen now such as my look At the Roman ritual that would have been Used during Roland’s exorcism until next Time You