SECURETEAM10 Steven Greer TTSA and a whole lot more on MUST SEE AUDIO

By | May 6, 2020
SECURETEAM10 Steven Greer TTSA and a whole lot more on MUST SEE AUDIO

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Alex I have shaved my head while shaved It the other day was actually great when It’s grown but it was getting a bit out Of control I’m not receding it’s always been like That ever since I was a kid so before Anybody says in the comments I like your receding hairline it’s not Receding it’s not receiving guys at all And I was in a interview the other night I’ve been interviewed for once by Must-see audio I’m going to leave all The links to where you can listen to the Podcast in the description below so make Sure you check out the description guys Make sure you look in that description And you can see what platform you want To watch on because these are many Platforms iTunes Spotify and many of us But yeah it was an interesting Conversation we had a couple of beers And genuinely a very nice guy is going To call an alien addict soon as well so I’m gonna I’m gonna booger off now and Let you listen to this five or six Minute clip but I hope we all doing well And I will see you soon well security I’ve watched their stuff for up for all Ages um and like I when I first came Across that it was like there was a lot Of clearly hokey stuff going on with That stuff and then it kind of went the Other way for him it seems where it

Drifted into things that seemed more Credible yeah I mean interviewing people You had Steven Greer on I mean that’s er He’s an interesting fella well I Actually had that I’m a little little Thing a note too brought up to ask you What you think about mr. Greer I’ve Stuck up for dr. Greer mr. Greer Steven Ned Flanders without moustache I’ve stuck up for him a few times I mean watch the recent documentary I Haven’t yet know what I’ve watched the Others yes I actually lights on Acknowledged mmm I like tonight no we don’t acknowledge To the little alien a little no that was So serious serious serious disclosure Yeah yeah yeah I see I enjoyed that one As well I found that that little Mummified fetus thing but really Interesting it’s a funny story we I I Did a video stick you know because what Happened was with do you know what Happened with the The Mummy the little Fetus I I know it got to a point where It got really blurry as what what the DNA results actually were this is [ __ ] amazingly interesting if you ask He’ll look into it so what happened was Steven got a guy called Gary Nolan which Was was a doctor and he he was doing all The the DNA results everything look at That getting a team to look at the bone Structure absolutely everything and he

Was totally on stephen side throughout Most of the documentary while all of it Pretty much and then all of a sudden Gary starts to work for tts a oh really And then TTS a put an article up to two Stars Academy as well as down into this Yeah So the stars Academy Tom DeLong’s Company put an article saying that this Thing is very unusual but it is only a Fetus but Gary Nolan was now with TTS a Row so Greer kicked off he went on a Live stream he looked like he was gonna Cry and I’ve put a video out about this He’s not done really well to be fair to Be fair YouTube in UFO videos don’t do Anymore anyway youtuber than anything That isn’t it seems to be people digging Toys out of play-doh or tech that seems To be all sorry all random vloggers that Do like 24-hour vlogging in their house That’s what YouTube is now it’s [ __ ] It’s it’s [ __ ] I will find another Platform bet for anybody listening to This I’m mainly an update coming coming Give me some more visit the link is in The description if you go and look at The description because I’ll make sure It is I appreciate that Lee yeah this is this Is the way I love this subject and I Shouldn’t really be it’s the drama in it I’m the drama if a lot of people are Honest they love the drama in this

Subject and there’s a lot of drama and If you look at Steven Greer and Tom DeLonge there is a like some sort well Like Steven Greer Maybe not Tom DeLonge to the stars Academy mm-hmm Steven Greer thinks Tom’s Being used okay at the same time I a lot Of people have said to me no Stevens He’s definitely a he’s not in this for The right reasons Mm-hmm and I think there’s probably a 80% of Steven is in it for the right Reasons yeah but is that 20% that I need To make good money I do think he’s you Know if it was the 1970s he probably Have a cult he has that cult of Personality yeah so but I say 20% They’re nice to make money I’m not Saying that’s a bad thing All I’m just not into the whole you know The spiritual thing where he summons These UFOs and the command-c I don’t Don’t if I buy that yes if he can show Me how this is actually done without me Paying twenty thousand pounds of Whatever it costs to he probably goes Club yeah That the club bothers me it’s in the Same way as the other guy that bothers Me a little bit is Roger Sorry it’s a virtual [ __ ] is it Roger David Wilcock a food will [ __ ] its mark Up David yeah yeah for the floppy headed Fella him I he just seems to a waffle

What appears to be like completely Unsubstantiated nonsense and then say And you can read more about this in my Book I get I get so upset by the the Constant there I’m grand with people Being authors and I understand you get People that specialize in something and They’ve write books and they either I Will watch hours of certain authors Speak because I because I’m just Interested in what they have to say but I don’t understand why these people only Come out of the woodwork when they’ve Got a book yeah I mean with David Wilcock I mean quit well on that I mean The whole Corey Goode thing with the guy That as can has been fold in time and This than the other East just absolute Garbage yeah absolutely how anybody eats That sort of [ __ ] yeah Is beyond me it really is but the great Thing I finished I think it’s a lot of Good ingria and I do sometimes I feel Sort of if you watch the new documentary There’s a part of it in it the way he Burst into tears and if it’s fake then He’s a [ __ ] amazing actor cuz yes Good it’s good trying it’s like it’s Like almost like a sob he does seem like A sensitive soul yes he how do you think I think he’s very a very sensitive man I Was amazed though when I first saw him Because I saw lots of like pictures of His head just talking and then there was

A comment where it was there was one Thing I watched often where he was stood Up like he’s [ __ ] jacked right he’s One big bastard dude do you like my Little grim Meem the home one yes they like it [Laughter]