The Devil Made Me Do It: The True Story Behind The Conjuring 3 | Documentary

By | April 25, 2020
The Devil Made Me Do It: The True Story Behind The Conjuring 3 | Documentary

At around 7 p.m. on the 16th of February 1981 police hauled away a despondent on Cheyenne Johnson whilst Alan Bono lay on The floor breathing his last gouged into Bono’s flesh were several wounds Inflicted by a knife that was recovered By police officers on a nearby Tree-lined path to think that only a few Hours before Johnson and bono had been Having drinks together at a nearby cafe And would have called each other friends The police and prosecutors afterwards Concluded that a drunken Johnson and Bono Had an altercation over a woman which Ended him blood they stated that Johnson Age 19 had ended the life of Alan bono Johnson on the other hand consistently Stated that he had no memory of the Incident this combined with the events Leading up to the crime was claimed by The demonologist and medium ed and Lorraine Warren to evidence Johnson as Having been in the grips of the devil When he held the knife after the Incident Lorraine Warren told how she Knew this case would end in tragedy it Was inevitable but Arne was the last one We would have ever thought it could Happen to it is true that the actions Attributed to on Cheyenne Johnson that Evening were out of character he was not Known to have been violent previously And had never been arrested he worked as

A tree surgeon and lived with his Girlfriend Debbie glut so next to the Kennels which Alan bono managed Johnson And bono were known to have seen each Other on occasion and socialized Together amicably before that tragic Night why that February night ended in Such violence has been debated ever Since According to Johnson’s family and the Warrants the crime had nothing to do With earthly arguments instead it was a Byproduct of a struggle with demonic Forces a struggle that had been waging For months The origin of the incident it was said Could be found with Debbie glasses Younger brother David who had supposedly Been combating demons for some time with The help of the Warrens And the Catholic Church in the summer of 1980 David Glassell started experiencing Disturbing visions it began when his Sister and Johnson moved into a new home During a visit David is said to have been pushed by Unseen hands whilst alone in the master Bedroom of his sister’s new house it was Then that he saw an elderly man wearing A torn plaid shirt and blue jeans who Turned to him and said beware he would Later claim to have seen the same man Again except this time his skin was Charred and black and his bare feet

Looked as though they belonged to a deer As strange as David’s alleged Visitations may sound his mother Judy Had no doubts that her 12-year old son Was telling the truth Stating that she believed him instantly When Judy glance’ was interviewed later For The Washington Post She described how she had read about the Supernatural and had heard the Warrens Lecture when David explained to her what He had seen she at first thought it was A ghost for the next 12 days David Became increasingly more disturbed judy Later described how they were living in Hell as David writhed in agony on his Bed shouted obscenities screamed and Struggled with invisible hands that Appeared to be choking him it is claimed That the boy would even flinch in pain From invisible knife wounds as well as Causing David pain his condition also Brought suffering to his family he Attacked me quite a lot judy glutes all Reported to the newspaper he spit at me Kicked me squeezed me in the bust david Is said to have even attacked his Grandmother with an The family became so terrified of what They had started to refer to as the Beast living inside of David that they Began sleeping during the day at night The whole family would gather to hold David using their combined strength to

Keep him on the bed it was claimed that Just before the Beast took possession of The boy his head would lower to his Chest and then slowly lift his features Now hideously distorted with nothing but The whites of his eyes to be seen David Would snarl and laugh monstrously with The situation unbearable judy felt Compelled to call the warrants as soon As they arrived the couple claimed they Knew they were dealing with multiple Demonic forces according to Lorraine a Self-styled clairvoyant the pieces of The puzzle just fit very very early the Warrens soon contacted the Catholic Church to arrange for a priest to become Involved a reverend francis was assigned By the local diocese to investigate for Possible diabolical possession Reverend Nicholas Greco who was the director of Communications for the diocese at the Time later described how it was the First time he had known of the diocese Ever assigning anyone for such an Investigation in some ways it can be Said that the diocese considered the Case of David glut saw to be Unprecedented the church clearly Considered it to be worthy of their Attention on several occasions reverend Francis led other priests in performing Deliverances a lesser form of exorcism For the boy he also performed a mass in Their home

None of this however seemed to quell the Demons the Glatt saws have been Described as a close-knit family and so It was only a matter of time before Debbie Glassell and her boyfriend aren’t Shy and Johnson became involved for one Reason or another they had never moved Into their Home and were living with Debbie’s Parents at the time eager to help with David’s affliction Johnson would help Pin David down and bring a crucifix to His forehead it is sad that one night in A fit of exasperation Johnson dared the Alleged demonic forces to come in to him Instead of his girlfriend’s brother I’ll Fight you he is reported as having said Come in to me David’s demons are said to have found This amusing with the boy supposedly Having announced they’re laughing at you When speaking with reporters afterwards Lorraine Warren explained how Johnson Made a very big error in inciting the Demons she claimed that he never Realized there were so many demons in The boy when asked just how many resided In David she alleged that they Discovered a total of 43 demons According to an interview The Washington Post it with Debbie Glassell Johnson Began to change after that night she Reported how he stood staring out of the Window blankly before saying there he is

The Beast there he is Johnson then supposedly began growling And baring his teeth Debbie explained that she had to slap Her boyfriend twice in order for him to Come to his senses to her it was clear What had happened Johnson was possessed after the incident Johnson’s behavior is said to have Changed Debbie reported to the newspaper how he Would wake up in the night and smash Furniture in a rage and once whilst in Church he is stated to have yelled Obscenities screaming about how he Wanted to leave on the day of Johnson’s Fateful crime Debbie claimed that she heard two Horrible voices emanate from his mouth At the same time It was clear to those involved that as David’s demons had not been exercised Formally tragedy would inevitably before The household Lorraine Warren was Especially keen to this sense four Months before the crime she called the Brookfield police to warn of the Possibility of danger in the glass or Household the day after the crime when Johnson was in custody It was Lorraine who called the police to Inform them that he was possessed after The incident the police immediately Reported they felt a little

Uncomfortable with the case they talked About how most cases do not make you Question the existence of demons Exorcists or spirits let alone those Strong enough to compel the young man to End the life of a friend speaking to a Local newspaper an officer on the case Called sergeant John Lucas stated how as A basic religious precept it’s all Possible but in this case he was just Not sure by the time of the trial the Police’s testimony seemed to contradict Their initial feelings as reported in The newspapers they called it a routine Incident and an open-and-shut case the Word routine was an odd choice of word For the police to use considering this Was the town’s first ever recorded Homicide despite scoffing at claims of Their having been demonic interference Police Chief John Anderson was not above Having some supernatural protection he Had a gilded crucifix hanging on the Otherwise unadorned wall of his office When questioned about it he commented Dryly I figure why push your luck it was Clear regardless of the words used by The prosecution that this was not a Normal case even taking out the alleged Supernatural elements what would compare The young man with no priors to attack And A good friends life debbie Glassell met Alan bono when she started working for

Him at the kennels she him and Johnson Would socialize together frequently According to Debbie we all just hit it Off just right They even mused about one day opening a Pet shop together all of this makes a Potential motive for the crime Difficult to identify after the case was Over the defense attorney claimed with Some justification that in their pursuit Of a conviction the state showed no Motive no character flaw and they never Exposed some love triangle the attorney Believed that any floor they supposedly Proved was done so solely by innuendo And it is true the prosecution was never Able to establish a motive The prosecutor water Flannigan merely Stated that Johnson did what he wanted To do why I don’t know but he did it Motive is not necessary for a criminal To be convicted in Johnson’s case all That was stated was that an altercation Over a woman had led to the fateful Events of the 16th of February which Woman however is unclear when discussing The incident with the Washington Post Wanda Johnson on sister gave an account Of what happened that day she explained That they met with bono at a cafe for Some food and a few drinks Bono’s she claimed was doing most of the Drinking something which was his usual Behavior whenever he socialized with

Them the afternoon continued normally With Johnson fixing Bono’s stereo after The cafe it was when they went up to Bono’s apartment above the kennels that Things changed Bono Wanda Johnson claimed became Violent and grabbed hold of some of the Girls Johnson was heading out to the car When he heard the commotion he headed Back up to find bono holding on to his Stepsister Mary Johnson demanded that he Let her go whilst Wanda restrained him Johnson was like a stone wonder claimed That she simply couldn’t budge him It was then that Johnson supposedly Began growling like an animal after Which he mortally assaulted Bono Johnson’s defense attorney later stated That the wounds inflicted would have Required superhuman strength another Version of events reported on the 9th of November that year suggested that Johnson ran out of his home with someone Else around 6:40 p.m. to attack bono At his kennels the reason it was said Was retaliation after bono allegedly Insulted Johnson’s girlfriend Debbie This was the sequence of events Presented by the prosecution against Johnson what actually happened that Night is thoroughly confusing in the Months after the February incident in The lead-up to the trial which began in October several versions of the story

Were told according to the prosecution Johnson’s sisters had testified and Later recanted in court that Johnson had Been beating Debbie before the incident A testimony given by the ambulance Drivers stated that he had heard Debbie Exclaimed to her father that Johnson Didn’t mean to do it you know how he Gets when he’s been drinking events Really changed however when the judge Dismissed the use of demonic possession As a valid defense Johnson’s attorney Who had until that point been intending To use demonic possession as an excuse For his clients behavior was forced to Change tactics at the last moment now he Argued for self-defense the knife the Sisters had previously admitted in Newspapers and testimonies as being in Johnson’s hands was now in Bono’s Ultimately it was a hopeless defense Both fought valiantly and was at least Able to lower the maximum penalty that Could have been allotted to Johnson on The 24th of November 1981 Johnson was Convicted of first degree manslaughter And was sentenced to serve And to twenty years in prison according To Gerard brittle who afterwards wrote The book about the case supernatural Occurrences were reported to have Happened in the courtroom during the Trial one example he gives is how lights Routinely flickered in the room it is

Also suggested that problems experienced By the jurors which included a business Catching Fire were the result of demonic Forces after the sentence was passed the Defense spoke about there being an Appeal Johnson however did not wish to Pursue the matter further and risk Having to serve more time in prison they Don’t want to hear possession Johnson is Said to have exclaimed ultimately Johnson only served five years of his Sentence before being released he and Debby married whilst he was in jail and Lived together after he left prison he Has continuously affirmed that the devil Was behind the events of 1981 the case However can be said to have continued Long after Johnson was released David Glass Hall is recorded as having Predicted that the trial would never Finish and in many ways he was correct The legacy of an Shia and Johnson’s Trial is represented by decades worth of Books television shows and films all of Which have been produced on a subject That no concrete verdict has ever been Reached to say that it was alcohol that Compelled Johnson seems reductionist Blaming demons on the other hand can be Said to be overly sensational asides From the $2,000 paid to the family by The Warrens book publisher Johnson and The glasses do not seem to have been Financially compensated the demonic

Possession defense probably caused them Much more trouble than it was worth Indeed if it was not for Johnson’s good Behavior in prison he would not have Been let out after five years the full 20-year sentence would have most likely Been served That there were probably a million Better ways to have presented a defense For Johnson ultimately the case is one Which has no clear answer what happened That night and why remains a mystery Individual belief plays a large part in Interpretation it is almost hopeful to Think that such a horrible crime was Indeed caused by the devil rather than The much more human hands of a young man Just starting out in life whose biggest Problem according to Debbie Glassell was Being too good thank you for watching And an extra special thank you to our Members both here on YouTube and on Patreon your support means so much to us If you enjoyed this and haven’t done so Already please do subscribe for more of The paranormal ensuring that you have Turned on all notifications by clicking The BAL icon and if you cannot wait Until my next video why not check out The one suggested on screen now until Next time You