OVERNIGHT in HAUNTED Manor *they were there* | Abandoned Hospital | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | April 22, 2020
OVERNIGHT in HAUNTED Manor *they were there* | Abandoned Hospital | THE PARANORMAL FILES

This place is haunted this place is very Haunted the energy is very it’s very Strange energies in this building We’re here tonight in New Castle Pennsylvania the notoriously haunted Abandoned Hill View Manor an institution Which saw thousands of deaths was once The county board and even saw it Recorded 33 suicides Little-known fact about this building is That behind it there used to be a mass Grave containing thousands of bodies Hundreds of which were unknown john Doe’s that were illegally buried back There by the county and the people who Ran this institution it’s just Jeff the Night tonight it’s 33 degrees out it’s a Bone-chilling cold and we have the Entire three-story abandoned mental Institution nursing home and poor farm To ourselves this is unquestioned this Is insane I mean the amount of Parham Activity that has been required in this Place is crazy But before we start this video we just Recorded an episode of our podcast back There in the chapel behind us which is Notorious for violent paranormal Activity morning the podcasts that You’re listening to right now is being Broadcast and recorded from ok morning

The podcast that you’re listening to Right now is being recorded in the Middle of a haunted location in Pennsylvania if you’re frightened easily I may recommend to you to turn this off Because you never know what’s gonna Happen on these podcasts who is the Creeper he’s up on three yeah I don’t Know too much about him but he tends to Follow you around as you can see right Now I Rock and the parent will follow Spooky merch you can find this in our Teespring google self-promotion because I’m dying here it’s so cold they need to Get a little bit of promotion in here I Love all of you guys so much and tonight Is an extremely exciting opportunity for Us we drove a long ways to be here and We’re really excited to bring you this Investigation jeff real quick yeah just Hear yours get back on the shirt out Myself A creepy place that’s cold again last Night was absolutely freezing this is About a little bit warmer but still my Hands are frozen and let’s let’s get to It And it’s a father-son spooky night it’s Top of your spooky baby sir welcome to The paranormal files You’re buying in typically here in Kitchen

Just little pop there is this the seaman Seems colder to me all the windows there Okay that makes sense a lot of people Think the windows don’t actually there Oh yeah I think that was empty Yes it’s just yeah I thought that’s Broken out yeah that’s a creepy doll That’s Raggedy Ann that’s Raggedy Ann That’s Raggedy Ann there anybody here With us anybody cookin You took it over there this is Holly Who’s like yeah or we can go language Sure yeah which one is the creepers hall High school dancer this is the old nurse At one of the old nurses stations come Up today we will put pennies a certain Pattern and then we’ll come up in the Patterns changed crazy crazy Boy right here packing that’s all area Sorry you died Yeah where he died I can’t follow There’s couple people like to ask you Some questions if you don’t mind you Here tonight Angelo did somebody hurt You Angela is there anybody here in this Hallway In any of these rooms with us through Two or three on the side one 206 for me And the two most active groups I just Heard noises in 206 yeah this hallways a Good one to just sit on in the chairs And literally just be quiet so if she Wants a chance sorry hello

Can you walk over towards the sound of My voice please Is that you walking like you make Someone once You’re free to walk around Yeah So let’s just have a regular Conversation how’s everyone’s day going Everyone feeling cold really cold do you Think it’s cold here wake you two Upstairs Really third floor is definitely cold Upper and it’s the exact opposite heat Supposed to rise not up there well third Let’s sit here a couple more minutes cuz Like door was huge the most okay can you Make a noise and yeah what I heard the House ain’t exactly resistance I hear That exactly Oh it’s called the power it’s called the Pelletier effect look up the Pelletier Effect I got the cold paralysis effect Right now Archer freeze Nice light anomaly just around the doors Those two of the villages we hear all It’s hard yeah all the time But sometimes it’s just as you know Sometimes it’s a lot of sway there was One column they were talking did you not Hear that wrong he was down here I Didn’t think that door wasn’t so laying

There yeah those over the way louder Than any of those noises well we should Look at that area before we go I’ve no Idea Kitchen it could have been sounded like It was always like things the assaults The assault listen why don’t we just Pull lights out for a second cue before We go up it’s okay Did you slam a door just now yeah I just Saw someone misty down there hello we Have games and some snacks Can you just move one of the doors it’s A little game if you move one all move One behind those doors and left or you Can see the light keeps changing I had Two footsteps go down the hallway here Is where auntie footsteps go down the Hallway out us down the hallway out us Down the hallway out us can you make Another noise I keep seeing something peeking It’s just the Holy Ghost on that we get There very good around here so I’m Seeing something moving maybe we should Go down this hallway down by this exit Sign over here what do you guys think You know I just wear the beauty shop yes It is still here Like a bein out there My bags I’ve also felt residual like Kings from like what they were they Involved I felt like yeah and pricked by Like a needle like getting a shaman yeah

My arm before doubt on one Lord said Maybe you’re feeling about that yeah That ever feeling yeah I feel I see a Shadow you see out on the floor seems [ __ ] she’s hoping that her down there on The left he’s done during the look oh I Saw it just move yo creep bird are you Really that creepy super chill there’s Definitely a shadow dancing around here Were you one of the pets was there a pet Kept there I’m wondering if the creeper Wasn’t up here This was a big Italian time so they Could have variable thoughts on from That with them from Italy that door Slamming moving head to be here then This video place where you’re standing With right now mister I saw it at the Bottom of the door here and I’ve sought Like shadows upon the see allocation Freak yeah wow you know it just doesn’t That’s reversal walk walk the cherry she Survived so explain the story movement Of this person so Mary Aiello was Originally a butcher from what I believe In New Castle and she somehow lost her Both of her eyes and she had a up here And this is her room this is her Original rocking chair you can see these Are padded because she would rock so Violently that it would hit the floor Making noise and father people on this Floor and below us and occasionally People said an even during operation

That this would rock by itself even when She wasn’t in it even now it does so Patient property she nurses will put in A report patients saw a little boy There’s a fun little girl I’ve seen a Nurse’s record with that actually this Is her original walk campaign as well Because it is one person my one buddy That fell over with he actually felt me In this room you sit right over there it Fell over by itself when it was right About your camera shuts off YouTube Wait sir name was Mary Mary Mary I don’t Actually other thing that happens is Well how we even turned off but we Thought about themselves cause on its Board when I count on this long I will Break down like there’s no way Yeah well I think that’s ironic because Your name is Jeff you know you’re Married to Mary it’s my mom actually Don’t tell me why don’t you ask this Your name’s Jennifer hey Mary my name is Jeff my wife’s name is Mary can you make A noise move the chair whisper something To us about her condition Yeah I’m actually an optometrist I Understood that you lost both of your Eyes I’m sorry about that but we’re here Just to visit lovely to hear from you or Make you sound Kind of sadness in here Mary were you Sad most your life she was known to be a Little bit more obedient you third floor

And dude third floor The an older brother goes over bad news Days for the adoption farmer But his age taking a budget with a bid On a picture from that’s our two Characters and we have on three we have Jimmy and Jules Although Donnie is one of them now Lester instead of jewels but there are Two characters and and we have had Confirmation of the tricks that they Would pull just down the road from here Was a Fisher big wheel think like a Kmart and I was gonna say I do not know What yeah I think like a Kmart back in The seventies and they 70s and 80s they Walked down the street walked into the Store put a TV in a cart walked out and Said charge it to Hill view walked it Back up the hill and we’re in the Process of setting it up when they got Caught Wow And literally that we’ve had people Confirmed that’s exactly what they would Go out and sit at the golf course and When people would hit the balls under The rough they would steal him and when The color would come looking for the Balls they would say oh if you see my Golf ball oh no no but I have one here To sell you for it all or haha sell them Back their own golf ball

Yeah this is the I thought she would’ve Minded sure she will see the marble Walls Oh sure you have a marble yeah Jimmy This way Jimmy I hear it all – you’re obviously well I’m certain about this way I wasn’t yeah You know yeah there was oh yeah for sure Bye Thomas I thought I heard voices yeah This way yeah right This is the room that the man supposedly Either jumped or was pushed off on all Windows so very likely yeah I think you Could that could be a very survivable Fall can somebody make a noise up here Real quick Jimmy Jules Lester any patients up here You just give us one good noise and We’ll leave you alone Downstairs High school this is cold down here a lot Of people say there’s long weird This is your last chance guys yeah do it Again We’re on a third floor yeah I’m hearing Voices people playing adherents like and Now hallway it’s like it is weird Yeah really weird no people what is that Like fire so Jess well we’ve had a good Night here the Hill View Manor social Shut up – always a joined us okay so Check them out and check out my boy

Donny and Nick I’ve been at Dark Matters And Matt dark matters and mysteries of Western Pennsylvania it’s dark Investigations blogspot.com Awesome well crazy ending to the Investigate We’re gonna pack up and head out thank You guys for watching and as always Hello