My Dad Saw A GHOST?… | Haunted Abandoned Theater | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | April 15, 2020
My Dad Saw A GHOST?... | Haunted Abandoned Theater | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Wow I just looked up there somebody Something walked in front of that window Just now just now wow it’s moving if you Understand my voice are you guys seeing This dancing hey everybody its Colin Here so it’s about 11:30 p.m. right now Jeff and I are in Cleveland Ohio and can Tell I’m freezing cold it’s about 33 Degrees outside it feels even colder Than that the Apple weather says that it Feels like 21 degrees right now so we’re Like boom chilled but tonight we are Here at the Variety theater in Cleveland This is a major location for us just Because of the history of this place and How well preserved the building is the Variety theater is it’s not technically An abandoned building because it’s owned And managed by a group but it is you Know a dilapidated building I don’t know How to put that exactly but variety Theater was founded in the 1920s long Long time ago here in Cleveland and it’s Supposedly one of the most haunted Buildings in the entire city I mean We’ve been here about four or five hours Now we just recorded a podcast warning The podcast that you’re listening to Right now is being recorded from inside Of a notoriously haunted building and You’re about to hear real accounts of Hauntings from the people who have Experienced them if you guys want to go Listen to that the entire podcast with

Patrick who is friends with all the Spirits here is on our podcast Channel It was just posted I would highly Recommend you go check that out to get a More learning view of this building you Can hear Patrick’s perspective on all This stuff and hear his stories of Encounters and in addition we had some Weird paranormal stuff happened during The podcast recording he said he felt it Was like people were here watching she Moved it in curtsy Now the other freaky thing is this 21 Year old girl who’s sitting behind me Said oh my god she curtsied turn around I said how do you even know what that Term is she goes I don’t even know why I Said that Hearing it yeah we heard like a rolling Crunching kind of scratching sound from The stairwell right behind us so so if You want to see that it’s actually Pretty crazy we had a lot of different Things go wrong and stuff happen so That’s live now five minutes ago walking Around the building getting b-roll I was Hearing a lot of different things like Some bangs even possibly a voice so I’m Gonna include that now so I’m just Kidding b-roll right now and I’ve heard A lot of different things – some voices Some bang I’m gonna play those clips for You now I’m using my little mix GH 5 so It’s really zoomed in but you gotta hear

Some of the stuff that I just heard it’s Crazy There was a bang right there that came From in here somewhere Hello Hello See what I mean it’s creepy as hell in Here Hello That’s you can you walk over to me See it’s like dead clientele you hear Something So now that you’ve seen that before we Start the video I just want to ask you Guys I talk about it all the time but my Opinion is that theatres are haunted Because there are so many different People that come through here in the Crowds and the actors and when you have Like performances even if it’s music or A play You have people exerting a huge amount Of energy and the crowd exerting that Amount of energy back at them amplified Times 10,000 so I feel like that kind of Energy gets stained on the walls of an Environment if you have any other theory As to why feeders are still haunted Please comment it below let me know if You agree with me on this theory if you Disagree I just want to start a Discussion about why feeders are so Haunted because we come across haunted Theatres so much when you study haunted

Locations across the US and even the World comment that down below we’re Gonna start right now we’re here right Outside of the main area here in the Theater and Jeff wanted to do an Experiment here’s Jeff right here here’s Your k2 well yeah what I was explaining Earlier is that when we set up the Podcast area it was all lit up and Patrick had mentioned this it seemed Like there were some people entities if You will or spirits Kind of watching and intrigued what was Going on and after I was all kind of Done I kind of felt like they felt like Hey I haven’t even asked him so you guys Really like this right I reckon and so I Got the Katie to meteor on it’s so cold I can’t talk and and it was going crazy Over here and I still kind of feel like They’re in the same area I don’t know if They’re gonna be but I thought we should Try this right yeah okay I’ve got the Mel meter right here as well so I’m Gonna turn this on check that out okay Okay so I’ll see 36 degrees right now so If you guys are here like I talked to You earlier and you really enjoyed what We set up here can you try Use your energy and make this device Look a little bit there and flicker a Little bit for us here I kind of felt Like there oh they were double okay what Kind of Patrick’s right here and they’re

Kind of thank you if you would try even I’ll hold this – there’s the millimeter What I kind of thought they were kind of Like all right right here yeah this is The same kind of Wow I mean this doesn’t Lonnie doesn’t this doesn’t go off Ralph did last night it didn’t hit once And as I got towards here it’s almost Like I was gonna go I was I was talking To my cave well there’d be someone that It would be like taking a ticket here Anything in their ass right so that’s Why I kind of felt like hey like this Like there’s someone here in this area Right here kind of watching if you’re Here yeah you’re doing thank you so much If they’re making this strong signal What had happened going like it was like Up in nothing on the millimeter but let Me see the millimeter but he’s 33 Sisters went on like there’s an area In here I don’t know we’ll find in there But I’m gonna move on him yeah okay cool See ya Great we said that yeah come on all the Way to red So here’s the stage there’s the creepy Little bear My hands are like shaking why you sir Something to my right okay so we’re now In the main room here in the theater It’s like really quiet there’s anybody Here in the variety theater my name is Colin brown here with my dad Jeff you

Guys know Patrick could you let us know That you’re here by maybe knocking on Something Patrick doing a has room to do Something for us there’s anyone here I Believe there are could you make try and Make some sort of noise let us know You’re here It’s just crazy all that well banging And creaking that I was hearing to read Before literally 10 minutes ago that not A single bit of that I just looked up There okay see where that window yeah This won’t pick it up it’s infrared and Somebody something walked in front of That window just now just now is that Moving on the right curtains do you know I’m seeing something moved across there John Sam what is that like a glowing I Don’t know if I can pick this up look at That there’s something over there every Time that I lose every time that I look To the look at that window I see like a Full-body shadow in that top window yeah Every time and then I look at it in a Disappears it’s like it’s like it walks In the front gate Tom can you take this What did you see When you mention yeah yeah That’s what I’m thinking yeah that was Exactly what you meant I can’t pick it Up with this camera maybe my eyes are It’s like kind of like moving a bit Though moving you’re right it’s like Look at that I mean it’s like an actual

What that thing on the right yeah yeah Yeah it’s like hovering hello It’s like that hands everything well yes If you understand my voice can you try Coming toward me that okay if you Understand my voice as I believe you do And you try come toward me it’s like a Head that keeps him looking into the Window our hands look at that right There I’m not actually I’ve never it’s just Like I’ll say a spiritual what in the World I can’t believe this Can you move to your left if you Understand my voice what is that is that A window aren’t even any trees I’m Patrick what do you think that it’s Moving it was a way over to the left of Us it was way over to the left that Moved their left left it’s way over just Right I don’t look it’s going up look at That that is crazy this is what you Think this is what you said it over here But you can’t see that the orange look Look at it’s moving I don’t know what You’re saying oh you could where you Look at your column it’s up there up Yeah it’s like it’s like orange okay It’s been moving back and forth that’s Really creepy and it’s actually like a At rent and it’s glowing around it right Now are you guys seeing this Yeah dancing by moving back and forth I’m like astounded actually

Unfortunately it doesn’t show up on the Camera You’re moving it’s moving do you see That it’s going up look at this thank You for showing yourself oh my Should we just walk over there and look At it okay [Applause] But I sought against that yeah when you See it here on this wall and then it’s Moving like it went up in the air and it Went good I don’t know if it’s my eyes That was the strangest thing that I have Really seen damn you were asking Questions from the wrong place here in The variety theater here over by the Stage could you give us some sort of a Sign sent you Shut you shut you Yeah okay so behind us is the basement Of the variety theatre Patrick and I were down there earlier Today taking a look at some of the old Machinery that’s down there and talking About how it used to be an impromptu Break room that kind of like a torture Chamber and there seems to be some sort Of a dark unhappy spirit down there Jeff Hasn’t been down there yet so we’re Gonna head through this very ominous Creepy doorway and did whoever’s down Here we’re not afraid of you we don’t Want to hurt you we just want to talk if You’re down here with us can you move

One of these doors and make a noise let Us know that you’re here There’s anybody down here can you say The word yes to let me know that you’re Here It’s freezed Wendell I’m like sure Enough series do that’s frozen solid Oh God look at this back here there’s Anybody here with us can you say Something and use your voice Not have Patrick If there’s anyone here can you tell us Your name The first time we’ve done anymore he Recognized my voice you know what I’m Just gonna make the decision he’s Freezing cold we’ve got a drive – yeah Okay guys so it’s the end of the night We didn’t get to investigate as long as I was hoping to but that’s because Jeff And I have to drive an hour and a half Now to our hotel and then get up at 9 A.m. and drive another hour and 30 Minutes and then film something and then Drive another two hours then film Another thing so we’re just going to Call it good tonight I hope you guys Enjoyed the stories of the feeder and The investigation Jeff and Patrick have A crazy moment together and I also was Seeing the weirdest stuff topside and Timing perfect Patrick on that cuz this Wasn’t such a big thing to me that I

Never ever seen that I mean I give that Over there that light was formed yeah And it was moving like a head with hands Yeah it means crazy mm-hmm there’s Nothing moving that missus crazy crazy Goose yeah so Regardless heard a bunch of stuff heard Some amazing stories we got a bunch of New videos coming your guys’s way along The podcast don’t forget to check that Out please like the video comment on it Like I said before subscribe the channel If you enjoy these spooky adventures That we go on kind of came to talk But it’s 33 degrees out so we’re gonna Call it a night As always guys thank you for watching And stay smooth and also Jeff is also Here and stay spooky See ya peace [Laughter] Hello