5 Incredible Angel Encounters That Changed People’s Lives

By | April 10, 2020
5 Incredible Angel Encounters That Changed People's Lives

For centuries angels have been described As supernatural beings able to mediate Between humanity and the heavens as Divine messengers they are said to have Been present at major events in human History bringing news of good tidings or Even warning mankind of impending Disaster it is to them that man prays During times of hardship it is also by Their hands that God’s will is delivered In modern times as many as 80% of people Believe these celestial creatures are Real with many claiming that their lives Were forever changed after encountering Them for those who believe in angels it Is often said that sensations we might Attribute to intuition actually come From an external source that a sudden Gut feeling instructing us to modify our Course of action may actually be a Message from an angelic being Jackie Newcomb a British author who has Written extensively about angels and the Afterlife described in 2002 how she was Approached by a lady named Teresa who Claims she had experienced just such a Thing it was the autumn of 1997 and Teresa was driving home along Canada’s 401 Highway after attending a night Class she stated that out of nowhere she Felt her hand touch her right shoulder Which triggered a very clear vision in The vision Teresa witnessed herself lose Control of her car she saw the vehicle

Flip over and stood beside the ensuing Accident scene she saw the next day’s Newspaper and even attended her own Funeral in her words I saw far into the future and how my Family’s lives were affected by the Tragedy shaken by the sudden vision Teresa immediately turned off the music In her car and slowed her speed to about 80 Kilometres it was then that she heard a Very loud bang and started to lose Control of her car Theresa described how She was able to pull to the side of the Road at which point it became clear her Car had a problem with no cellphone to Call for help She sat there in the dark and wondered What she should do yet before she had a Chance to do anything a tow truck Appeared Theresa claimed that two very Friendly and courteous men hopped out And helped her with her broken car The man supposedly discovered three Large holes in the driver’s side tire They explained that if she had been Traveling any faster than she had been She would have most likely flipped her Car and been in a serious accident after Checking she was okay the men towed her And her car to their garage and replaced The tire only charging her half the cost The men had seemingly appeared at the Perfect time saving Teresa from spending

The night broken down on the side of the Road Teresa was convinced she had experienced Divine assistance not only because of The tow trucks appearance something Happened that made her slow down the Hand on her shoulder the ensuing vision Without either Teresa was certain her Night and perhaps even her life would Have ended very differently In 1975 the philosopher and psychologist Raymond Moody Published a book which would go on to Sell over 14 million copies worldwide Life after life is a groundbreaking Study of near-death experiences and Details the experiences of people who Despite being pronounced clinically dead Survived through their combined Testimonies seemingly impossible Knowledge is shared what it is like to Die perhaps surprisingly the experience Is described as being much more positive Than one might expect with those who Experience and the ease left forever Changed because of them something which Moody describes as perhaps the most Incredible common element of near-death Experiences is the appearance of a being Of light invariably encountered by those Who come close to death This light is often said to have an Indescribable brilliance as it manifests It increases in brightness but does not

Dazzle or hurt the eyes of the Experiencer rather the light emanates Warmth the light it is claimed by those Who have seen it is in fact a being According to Moody’s research the person Who is passing over feels an Irresistible magnetic attraction to the Light the person is comforted and feels Utterly accepted by the being one person Describing their experience to moody Explained how it was beautiful and so Bright so radiant it is a light of Perfect understanding and perfect love Shortly after its appearance the being Invariably communicates with the Experiencer it has been said that this Communication happens telepathically With thoughts being exchanged between The dying person and the being of light Often the being is reported as asking Questions such as are you prepared Died some of those taking part in moody Study stated that they believed the Being of light was an angel there to Guide them through the dying process The experiences featured in life after Life are not unusual many have reported Angels being present during near-death Experiences in the words of a lady who Developed a near-fatal infection after Undergoing surgery nearly dying changed Me I no longer saw the world the same Way over the course of four days she Reportedly spent time between two worlds

Being shown the vastness of the universe By several angels according to her Testimony the angels she supposedly Encountered during her near-death Experience changed her life in a Significant way reports of angelic Intercession are not always so life or Death sometimes angels are claimed to Intervene when someone is experiencing Financial hardship such is the case of Ellie who has reported being visited by An angel in 1994 whilst she was living In Melbourne Australia it was late Afternoon and Ellie was outside Gathering laundry from the clothesline Suddenly a small whirlwind of dust and Leaves appeared as it rushed past Ellie Supposedly noticed something blue Whirling in the middle of the dust and Leaves she managed to grab hold of it And was pleased to see it was a $10 note A few days later Ellie noticed something Lying in the grass of her garden it was A twenty dollar note not long afterwards She claims she found a five dollar note In a different part of the garden and Then later another twenty dollar note Despite the high winds of summer the Notes had seemingly remained on the Ground for her Find Ellie’s suspicions of the money Having a heavenly origin were reinforced A few days later when one of her sons Rushed in from the garden holding yet

Another $20 note allegedly he had Discovered it on top of the compost heap Whilst it is easy to dismiss Ellie’s Testimony Assembly having been lost cash spread About on the wind Ellie was convinced That the money had been placed in her Garden by angels After all about a week later she is said To have found something else this time Inside her home early described how she Was cleaning out under the bed when she Discovered what she has called a little Grace note a 50 cent coin nestled in the Toe of a discarded slipper the Much-needed money she concluded had been Sent by angels in early 2019 footage Taken from a CCTV camera outside a shop In Turkey made its way online To many it appears to show a guardian Angel in action the video shows a Shopkeeper working outside his shop as a Stranger dressed in black walks down the Road in his direction as the unknown man Passes by he can be seen touching the Shopkeeper on the shoulder looking up to See who was behind the shoulder tapping The shopkeepers attention is immediately Caught by a white van speeding down the Road within milliseconds a large metal Gate swings out from the back of the Vehicle the shopkeeper leans back just About able to dodge the gate visibly Shocked the shopkeeper appears to look

For the man who had alerted him to the Potentially fatal collision he had However disappeared it was only after Reviewing the CCTV video of the incident That the shopkeeper was able to fully Comprehend just how miraculous the Encounter had been There was no doubts that if it had not Been for the mystery man’s intervention He would have suffered a terrible Potentially fatal injury to the head When interviewed later the shopkeeper Explained that the driver of the van Came to apologize for nearly crashing Into him as for the stranger who tucked His shoulder there was no trace the Shocking video has now been viewed Thousands of times with many asserting The man in black was a guardian angel Sent to protect the shopkeeper from the Deadly gate one commentator has even Described the mystery man as a genuine Holy messenger in 1916 nine year-old Lucio de Santos and her cousin’s Francisco and Yancey tamato were herding Sheep near their home in Portugal Despite their young age it was not Uncommon for children to be trusted with Such work in rural early 20th century Communities the three children took Every opportunity to be outdoors playing Together as they watched over the Animals in the spring and summer of that Year they rotated their families few

Sheep through the small plots of land Owned by their parents in different Parts of the mountainous plateau on Which the village of Fatima was located What they claimed to have experienced Those months set in motion a series of Events that would change not only their Lives but also the history of the Catholic Church and the lives of Christians worldwide writing her memoirs Years later Lucia explained how that Spring she and her cousins were playing A game when a strong wind began to shake The trees looking up they watched as a Light whiter than snow began to manifest In the distance above the trees the Light took the form of a young man Lucia Described him as being quite transparent And as brilliant as crystal in the Rays Of the Sun as he approached the children They were able to see him more Eventually he spoke telling them not to Fear him and to pray with him with watts Lucia described as a supernatural Impulse they now – besides the luminous Man and joined him in prayer after they Repeated the same prayer three times he Is claimed to have disappeared sometime That summer the man supposedly appeared Before the children again Lucia wrote That he chastised her and her cousins For lacking spiritual discipline it was During this second appearance that the Man revealed to the children who he was

He stated that he was their country’s Guardian angel the angel of Portugal it Is claimed that he instructed the Children to make spiritual sacrifices to God for only then would they bring peace To their country after this he once Again disappeared in either September or October of that same year the angel Visited one final time seemingly happy With the children’s spiritual Development he presented them with a Chalice in – it fell drops of blood After getting the children to repeat a Prayer three times the alleged angel Instructed them to eat and drink the Body and blood of Jesus Christ according To the story Lucia and her cousins were Now prepared for another visitation the Following year on the thirteenth of May 1917 a lady dressed in white is said to Have appeared to the children during a Lightning storm According to Lucia she shone brighter Than the Sun and gave out rays of clear And intense light when she spoke the Lady explained that she had come from Heaven before the end of the year the Lady supposedly visited the children Five more times It was during her final visit of the Year on the 13th of October that she Claimed to be the Lady of the Rosary Between 50 to 70 thousand spectators Witnessed the final apparition and event

Which is now known as the miracle of the Sun according to eyewitnesses the rain Which had been falling stopped and the Sun Suddenly appeared shining through a rift In the clouds it is then said to have Rotated as though it had broken free From the clouds entirely and hung Separates from the sky first appearing a Dull silver color the Sun proceeded to Throw off multicolored light before Plunging to the earth giving off heat as It did afterward the Sun is said to have Returned to the sky as normal the Phenomenon was witnessed miles away and Lasted an estimated 10 minutes Our Lady of fátima as the series of Events became known remains a mystery to This day it is claimed that the female Apparition made predictions and revealed Secrets some including Francisco and Jacinta succumbing to illness at a young Age are said to have been proven true Whatever the case may be and whoever the Lady of the rosary was her appearance is Claimed to have been heralded by an Angel thank you for watching don’t Forget to Like and subscribe for more of The paranormal so you don’t miss an Episode please ensure you have enabled All notifications by clicking the BAL Icon you can also subscribe to our Newsletter the link to which is on Screen now until next time