11 BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS – EPISODE #012 – What Lurks Beneath

By | April 6, 2020
11 BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS - EPISODE #012 - What Lurks Beneath

Monday August 31st 2009 this was the Third day of Colorado's archery elk Season the day before I was hunting a Familiar Ridge and noticed a remote Looking hanging valley across from the Ridge I was hunting and decided that if I didn't get into any elk that afternoon I would try to get into the hang Valley Early the next morning Monday morning I Started out before a light by 6:30 I was Climbing up a steep elk trail through a Patch of very thick forest I remember Thinking that I had never been in this Area before despite the fact that I had Hunted this unit for over a decade and At this patch of forest was as close to Old-growth as I had ever seen in central Colorado I climbed onto a flat swampy And very lush area filled with thickets Of brush I started to feel the hair Stand up on the back of my neck and that Was sure but I had found this spot where I would have the opportunity at a bowl I Could see a fairly large clearing just Past the brush with a large wallow in The middle I set it behind a thicket with a clear Shot into the clearing knocked a narrow Set down the bow and blown the hyper hot Cow call three times immediately I heard Him coming in from about a hundred yards Away but not from the direction I Expected he was coming in just to the Left of where I had just walked through

I was surprised he wasn't catching my Scent I could hear him coming in very Quickly through some very thick timber Just past the clearing I had my bow Ready and I could see shadows move as he Approached they couldn't make out an elk He stopped in the timber just outside The clearing at 30 yards and then it got Super quiet I didn't want to move a Muscle So I just sat there motionless for five Minutes and then blew the cow call again Nothing nothing but silence I waited for another five minutes and Decided he had blown my cover and left Silently I noticed it was 7:15 I got up And walked over to the Wallow and I Remember thinking that I had never seen An alcohol oh look anything like this Before It looked like a tab made by a man it Was perfectly rectangular about ten feet Long and four feet wide and about a foot Deep and appeared that the mud had been Scooped out by hand the water was Perfectly clear so I knew nothing had Used it recently I admired it for a Minute and then started hunting up Through this hanging valley I hunted all Day up through the valley and to the top Of the mountain without seeing any elk Or much fresh sign I started down the Mountain thinking I really wanted to Find that wallow again not so much to

Hunt today but to have a better sense of How to find it in the future At about 4 o'clock I knew I was getting Close but I was exhausted from battling Of the timber all day then I stumbled Upon another wallow that was also very Strange this one was around about 7 to 8 Feet in diameter quite deep with the mud Walls scooped up like a mini volcano Cone I remember getting a very weird Feeling while looking at this swallow How could an elk roll in the mud and Create this perfectly round hole in the Ground this one had been used very Recently because the water was very Muddy and there was fresh mud all over The surrounding brush and trees I Started walking down the hill towards The first wallow and realized I was on a Heavily traveled game trail I followed It down the hill about 300 yards and it Dropped me into the clearing from the Morning I walked over to the first Wallow once again admiring how handmade It looked I took one step away from the Wallow towards the direction that I'd Entered the area that morning and Started to hear a knocking sound at First I really didn't pay attention but Then I realized that it was a time with The breeze and not consistent I stopped And the sound had stopped I took a step And knock knock I took a couple more steps in

Knock-knock-knock Much louder okay now the hairs are Standing up on my neck as I realized the Knocking is directly timed with my Movements the sound is coming from Inside the swampy thicket area about 60 Yards from the edge of the clearing I Get to the edge and stop the sound stops I take a step to the right and Knock-knock a few steps to the left and Knock knock knock Very loud this time so now I think there Must be a bow hunter and a tree stand-in There who is messing with me and I'm Starting to get pissed I decide to take Off my backpack and sneak in there where The knocks are coming from as quietly as A seasoned bow hunter can I noticed that As soon as I enter the brush I had no Longer hear any knocking I keep sneaking In and finally get to where the sound Was coming from and nothing I searched the area high and low looking In every tree for a tree stand and Nothing now I'm really mad and go Crashing out of there the way I came in I get back to the clearing and swing my Pack onto my back and knock knock knock Very hard coming from right where I was Just standing a couple of minutes ago Now I'm totally freaked out I grab my Binoculars and start glassing to the Brush and timber looking for a window That I could see through I take a couple

Steps to my right while looking through The binoculars and I see a log swing Through the air and hit a dead tree Knock I quickly try to focus on the spot Where it comes into focus in a small Sight window through the brush I can see A large grayish black hairy figure I can See a large grayish black hairy figure I See its torso arm shoulder elbow and Hand clutching a log about four feet in Diameter and smacking it against a dead Tree knock knock I move to try and get a Better look but it moves from the window But as it does I distinctly see its Movement it was a very human-like move As it turned I could see it turn at the Hips while its arms swung in time with a Movement just like a person would While walking and turning 90 degrees Realize I am looking through binoculars At 60 yards so all of this is crystal Clear It was totally covered with hair about Three to four inches long and appeared To be matted with mud I judged that it's Elbow was at at least five feet off the Ground almost going into complete panic Now I start running the other way I only take a few steps and force myself To calm down I tell myself that if that Animal wanted to harm me It would have already done it so I Started walking diagonally away from it In a direction that will get me off of

The Shelf the knocking continues Intermittently as I put yards between us When I get about 150 yards away I hear What I can only describe as the sound of A log flying through the air crashing Through the brush and hitting the ground With a thud at about fifty yards from me I never heard any more sounds but as I Worked my way down through the dark Timber I found myself on a heavy game Trail and I came on a switchback where a Tree had fallen or have been pushed over As I approached I could see and smell This rancid black liquid on the ground Where the tree used to stand I can only Describe it as a huge puddle of Pitch-black diarrhea buzzing with flies There did not appear to be anything in It like seeds or hair or bone that you Would associate with bear I see lots of bear sign in this Certainly didn't appear to be bear I got Off of that slope as quickly as possible Without further incident it was an hour And a half dr. camp I arrived and camp Disappointed to find that all three of My hunting partners had already left It was a long semi sleepless night in The tent with my pistol by my side but Uneventful I was 17 and on a backpacking trip with My family in grizzly Creek Canyon it was Night and we were sitting around the Campfire talking suddenly a foul smell

Came into the campsite it smelled like a Combination of rotting meat body odor And Musk our dogs went crazy barking and Growling staring past our campfire Behind the tent we couldn't see anything But suddenly we heard an extremely loud An extremely close vocalizations coming From just outside the ring of light made By our fire the sound was unlike Anything we have heard before it was not A mountain lion or an elk it is hard to Describe the sound it was guttural and Undulated sounding like something was Strangling a goat it vocalized 2 or 3 Times each time the sound started to Slow and then would build an intensity My dad grabbed his gun but didn't fire After a few more minutes The smell dissipated and the dogs Eventually calmed down I have never been More frightened in my life and remember Wondering if I would live through the Night the next morning we explored the Area where we felt the sounds were Coming from there was an area of smashed Grass behind a large boulder Approximately 15 to 20 feet from our Tent but nothing else significant I have lived in Colorado for 29 years 18 Of those I spent working in a ski resort Over the years I've seen hundreds of Deer and elk as well as dozens of bear Everything from Cubs two large 400-pound Males in the last four years I've had

Three separate sightings of four Creatures that I hesitate to identify my Third sighting occurred in November of 2001 between Vail and Eagle I was Driving west on i-70 with my girlfriend Who was sound asleep next to me it was Around 10:00 p.m. a day or two after the Full moon it began as snow very hard Almost whiteout conditions at times some Were after Vail and before eagle the Snow stopped for a few moments even Though it was night it was very bright Out due to the large moon and all the Fresh snow as I rounded a long curve in The highway my headlights hit two Figures walking in the middle of the Colorado River my first thought was oh No those people have wrecked in the River and they're trying to get back Cross the highway I started to pull my Jeep to the side of the road and when I Got even with them I saw two fuzzy Looking people with very long arms Walking down the river I can only see Them from the knees up but it was Obvious they were human in shape upright With elbows and knees I stopped the car Pretty quickly just past them and put on My emergency flashers there was no break In the snowbank on the side of the road So obviously there was no wreck with my Girlfriend still asleep I got out and Stood on the edge of the bank looking up The river for the two figures it was

Maybe 20 degrees out and when they Didn't round the bend I have figured I'd Backed the car up to them as soon as I Put my reverse lights on a semi truck Came around the corner and almost hit us So I parked again and sat there for a Couple of minutes I had a camera with a Flash I figured I might get a picture Since it was so bright outside but I Couldn't bring myself to wake my Girlfriend up to tell her I was going to Run back up the highway to take a Picture of mr. and mrs. Bigfoot And I wasn't about to leave her there Sound asleep on the side of a Snow-covered highway so when it began to Snow again I put the car in gear and Just drove home of my three siting this I find the third one the most compelling I suppose someone in a costume could Have fooled me On the first two however someone in the Costume walking in the middle of the Eagle River at night probably wouldn't Survive very long my girlfriend and I Were hiking the Lake Charles trail in The Holy Cross wilderness area we had Hiked approximately three hours or six Miles when we reached a basin which Included two to three small lakes upon Reaching the Basin area which was Basically just a clearing after climbing A steep switchback we immediately heard What sounded like a large scream coming

From approximately 75 yards away And a dense pine cluster at the base of A mountain the sound grew louder as the Animal was moving and in diagonal to us Through the pine cluster somewhat Towards us the vocalization now sounded Like a large man wailing or moaning in a Loud rhythmic pattern the vocalization Would last for three seconds then pause For five then start up again this went On for two to three minutes I am an avid Hiker and an outdoorsman and am well Familiar with animal vocalizations Including bear elk coyote and a mountain Lion I could say that what we heard was Not an ordinary animal I had with me two Dobermans that have a tendency to chase A moving animal however on this occasion They were motionless showing a curious Stance and looking in the direction of The sound as the sound grew louder I Became extremely framed due to the Volume and unknown nature I leashed the Dogs and reached for my pepper spray as The sound moved towards us I cannot Emphasize enough the rhythmic nature of This call and sheer volume the Vocalization eventually stopped and we Continued our hike Five minutes later we passed a white River forest Lisa who we questioned regarding the Vocalization she had heard it also and Stated that in her years of service she

Has never heard a sound like that before She had no idea what it was I work at Arrowhead golf course and Roxboro Colorado me and two other of my Co-workers were going around getting all Of the flags at the end of the night as We were going around the corner for hole 13 since it backs up to the state park Out of the corner of our eyes we saw This huge whitish gray figure that was Clearly distinguished as a large Human-like figure maybe about eight feet Tall then we went around the corner Before realizing what we had seen we sat For a second and I questioned my friend As to if he had just seen something as Well the answer was yes and we turned Around to go back to where we had seen It when going around the corner my two Friends had seen it again Unfortunately I missed the second Sighting according to my friend the Figure had peaked its head around the Corner and stared at them they claimed To have seen a shoulder move and then Started screaming once they started Screaming the figure moved and was out Of sight we put the golf cart into Reverse and drove out to that area as Fast as possible we went up to the cart Barn and got a cart that was fully Enclosed that had front headlights and Went back to hole 13 as we got there we Stopped around the corner just before

The point in which my friends saw the Shoulder move to see if we can find Footprints or anything out of the Ordinary as we sat there we started Hearing very strange creaking noises That came from the back and to the left Of us we stood there listening to the Sound for about five to ten seconds and Nobody was moving because we were all Scared to death we left the area quickly The next couple of days we attempted to Look for it again and haven't seen Anything since At 5:30 a.m. on September 2nd 1997 I was Traveling east on highway 67 after I Stopped to pick up my newspaper from our Box on highway 67 I was traveling at a Slow rate of speed since I just started Up after stopping for my newspaper when I observed in my headlights a large Black object run from the north side of The highway across in front of my Vehicle and went up an incline on the South side of highway 67 in my opinion It was not a bear elk deer cow or any Other four-legged animal as it was Running on two legs with arms about two Feet from the ground it ran at a very Rapid rate of speed and when it crossed In front of me it peered over its right Shoulder which was curved and humped Over it continued its stride while Keeping eye contact I know I never saw Anything like this and I lived in this

Area for 29 years and never saw anything Like it I was very frightened and did Not know what this creature was my son And I were turkey hunting on BLM land Near Fort Carson Colorado we arrived in The area at around 9:30 my son is only Three and so we were moving slowly to Find a good spot to set up we were Approximately 500 yards of the west side Of State Highway 115 in the table Mountain area we found a decent site to Set up on and started our hunt I called A few times with my diaphragm calls and We heard one turkey gobble about 100 Yards away my son was busy playing with Rocks right next to her site at about 10:30 I noticed a truck driving down a Dirt road that runs to the area I Watched the truck drive through the area And as it turned down a left hand behind The road I caught some movement out of The corner of my right eye the movement Was approximately 600 yards away I Picked up my binoculars to get a better Look hoping it was a turkey coming into My calls when I got focused on the Object It definitely appeared larger than a Turkey so I checked it out more and Focused the lungs better what I saw I Don't know for sure but it appeared to Be walking upright on its hind legs and Was covering a great deal of ground in a Short span of time

But was not running I estimated the Being to be approximately six to seven Feet in height it was walking Northwest From my location after about a minute or Two it disappeared into some high brush And thickets that terrain went up and Over a little rise I did not see Anything else after that we left the Area about an hour later I was shaking a Little bit from excitement but didn't Want to hang around too much longer I Have told no one of this thinking myself To be a little crazy at the time but I Know I wasn't seeing things it actually Happened I can only tell this now to get It off my chest and to let you guys Determine if what I have said and seen Is true or not the temperature was warm And the sky was clear and sunny last Year during archery season my 12 year Old son and I were hunting off a ramp or Range Road between Forest Road 322 and Mount Hermon Road and heard strange Noises I'm an avid archery hunter and Have hunted all types of animals all my Life and what we heard that night still Sends shivers down my spine I do a lot Of calling for myself and friends for Elk so I am familiar with a lot of Noises in the woods we had seen elk in The area that week prior to this Incident we drove into the end of a Trail off 322 and parked a car it was Getting late and having my son with me I

Decided to just go to the end of the Trail that overlooked three beaver ponds And try calling we got to where we could See the ponds and sat down to wait a few Minutes and listen for bugling elk after Hearing nothing for a few moments I Decided to call when I bugle from the Rage opposite to us and we heard what Sounded like Park elk part cat whining But it sounded like there was xx Dirty animals on the ridge across from Us all making this moaning whining type Noise it lasted about 15 seconds I Wasn't sure what I just heard So I be cold again and we heard the same Noise again I didn't recognize the noise And the hair on the back of my neck was Standing up so I decided to leave I also heard water splashing it was Getting dark and I looked all over the Beaver pond through by nose and could See nothing moving so we left there's Very few animal noises in the forest That I don't recognize much less make me Nervous but those noises we heard that Night I will never forget while training At Fort Carson I was on patrol with Marine recon aggressor force aggressing Fire batteries in a stimulative attack My patrol attacked the HQ company and During the withdrawal I was separated From my unit there was plenty of ambient Light and I could see my unit across the Field and hear them calling for me they

Took off and I figured I could cut to The wooded area and intercept them as I Rounded a bend in the trail a figure Stepped out into the trail in front of Me it was about six and a half feet tall Covered in light brown fur had large Fox Like ears in a large black globe shaped Eyes the nostrils were slitted and large Without much nasal definition the body Was muscular with a thin waist and an Easily discernible definition the arms Were long hanging below the level of the Hips This creature stepped out into the trail Looking in the opposite direction and I Had stopped Stockstill the moment I saw It it turned and saw me at which it Exhibited a startle reflex then Immediately crouched down and slowly Moved sideways off the trail Watching me the entire time it knelt Behind a bush at which point it became Very hard to see I realized that I was Encountering something only few people Have the opportunity to see not only a Distance at about 10 feet Sometime in the late 1970s a friend and Myself for winter camping in the pike National Forest outside of Colorado Springs I don't recall exactly what month of the Year was but there was still abundant Snow covering all over our camp area After breakfast on a sunny morning we

Decided to explore the area the snow in The area was in many places up to our Waists after trekking through deep snow We came upon a trail that was located on A rise from the valley floor we followed The trail for a short distance when we Came upon some very large footprints Thinking how strange these footprints Looked size shape etc we knew that they Were not of any animal that we knew of These footprints looked human except That they were very large What would a barefoot huge person be Doing all the way out here in the middle Of winter We were thinking we followed the Footprints for a while until we came to An area where two adjacent mountains Joined at that place the snow became Very deep and very impossible for us to Continue the footprints however Continued right up in the area never Breaking stride and to not overlay Disturbing an unbroken snow after Returning home and telling our story to Our friends and families and of course Met with disbelief we didn't discuss our Sightings again my family and myself Were in Colorado on vacation we were Going down the phantom Canyon between Florence and Kingman city colorado We were probably five miles into the Canyon when we made a curve in the road And I noticed out the right side of the

Car several cows standing around and a Large black furry thing kind of bent a Little in the knees walking around the Cows he looked to be maybe 7 to 8 feet Tall he was swinging his arms really Fast like he was trying to get away in a Hurry I never saw his face but he had His back to me I was shocked at first and could not Really say anything but about five Minutes later I told my dad and he Turned around and went back to the place Where I had saw him there was nothing There but except cows we drove back a Couple miles and some people were Camping but they were packing up to Leave my mom and dad did not believe me For a long time but after a few years They had went back and had heard that Somebody else had seen such a thing Around Colorado and that something had Tried to get into someone's house not Far from there and had found some fur on Their back screen door this was back in 1985 no one had ever really believed me But on August 7th 2003 I watched a Special on Discovery travel and they had Some researchers on there trying to Track a Bigfoot sighting in Oklahoma a Co-worker and I were finishing up our Shift at a donut shop when the incident Occurred at about 2:45 a.m. I had Stepped outside after seeing a speeding Car go by when I did I heard dogs

Barking and howling like they were Barking at something but it was the Howling that gave me the creeps Otherwise I would have passed it off as A cat tormenting a dog I went back Inside and said something about the Incident to my coworker and we kind of Laughed it off and finished up for the Night about 25 minutes later I was in The kitchen area when my coworker Screams get out here quick so I headed Up to the front just in time to see a Very large hairy looking thing just Walking down the street right under a Light as casual as could be we both kind Of stared each other for a few seconds Then I opened the front door to get a Better look at this thing walking across The street what happened next is still Very vivid in my mind my coworker said Do something so I yelled hey it never Broke stride but it turned its head and Looked right at me Then it walked a few more feet and Turned next to a fence and walked past a Car wash and storage unit and finally Out Site one odd thing I noticed about this Thing was it had long reddish brown hair From the head to toe and didn't really Seem to have a neck it was like its head Was just sitting on top of the shoulders And it was very very large in size it Walked next to a chain-link fence

Approximately six to seven feet in Height topped by three strands of barbed Wire and this thing shoulders were even With the top of the fence I personally Didn't see exactly where it came from But I suspect that it came out of the Sand Creek ditch which runs right Through the middle of town it's a large Ditch that allows water runoff from the Mountains just a few miles away several Minutes later the guy who delivered our Paper drove up I had noticed him coming From the exact area where we had lost Sight of this thing so I asked him if he Had seen anything back there he said no But he heard something in an old Abandoned building he's to store his Extra papers and it scared the hell out Of him So he left rather quickly just a few Minutes later a police officer pulled Into the parking lot still feeling Shocked and a little scared about what We'd seen I asked him to drive his Cruiser back in the area past the Storage units and see if he noticed Anything out of the ordinary we watched Him drive back shining his spotlight Back and forth and as he turned past the Storage units we lost sight of him Several minutes later he returned quite Shaken and started asking me what I'd Seen I was rather evasive about my answers

Since he asked me several times what I Had seen and I never did say he then Asked me if I'd seen a bear and I Replied no it wasn't a bear seeing him Slop his coffee all over the table made Me ask him what he'd seen and his answer Was I didn't see nothing nothing at all None of us ever mentioned it again