I Want Your UFOs

By | April 4, 2020
I Want Your UFOs

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict I hope all your loved ones your Friends your family everybody that is Watching this right now Is fine we will see this thing through I Hope soon and I want to say a massive Thank you as well to my latest patreon Matt Todd mark he’s been a long-term guy With the channel he’s been around for a Quite a while I alien addict and me it Means the world especially right now to Have sorts and sort this this supports That if you wondering hey MA That’s my two little boys and my wife Bless her she’s taken them outside to do Some they’re planting some plants Outside um this is kind of the reason Why I wanted to do this video right now It’s becoming extremely difficult to Operate the channel how I usually Operate it and let’s face our never Being kind of like regular like I’ll Upload on this day I try to recently Have been trying to upload once a week I Want to be able to upload more than once A week now I’m not always gonna be out To do videos like this with me in them Because there’s usually like a little Ankle-biter That wants your attention and one moment My wife has now taken them for a walk Around the corner which is still allowed At the moment where I still allowed to

To leave for exercise off or for food That’s pretty much it It is weird times we’re living in right Now and but the let’s get on to why I Want to make this video um I want your Footage to pretty bluntly okay if you Are a UFO channel and alien channel even If you’re not a channel whatever Especially if you’re not a channel if You’ve never put the footage out before I want it so if you send it to alien Addict UK at gmail.com or kapha me in a Tweet with a link link of you can link Some videos on here if you want Sometimes when you link video A YouTube channel though YouTube Automatically puts in to spam I don’t Check my spam off as much as I should But yeah I need your footage because I Need to keep this channel going Especially if this could be six-month And I’m hoping that I can make videos Like this every now and again at least Get one hour a week for you whether I’m In the video I’m thinking of going live More spoke to my friend rich from goof On radio maybe about me doing more live Stuff in the VR where I speak to you Guys in beer cuz I can see your comments Pop up on the VR headsets quite easy to Respond to you guys on that and it’s a Bit of funk so you guys get into ruts It’s not a gaming channel but I think VR Is a bit different than just normal

Gaming it’s kind of like I can get you Guys involved in stuff but I want to get The footage out and want to get some Really interesting UFO videos put out And you know I may make mistakes along That way I may put out something that You guys can debunk and that’s fine if I Do that and I put a video out I may come Back on after a few the videos that I’ve Put out and say that cleared that plow Has been debunked you know and I think That’s what a lot of the big UFO Channels where they’ve gone wrong They’ve never gone back on their old Older work and said we got this one Wrong this is so so so so and I think That’s what that’s what I need to do so The reason why I put out the the skinny Bobbed video the other day on the UFO Video call it yeah the I call the eat That like a UFO unidentified foreign Object yes I wanted to make kind of like A these little music videos I used to do Them The channel I might make some playlists On the channel for you guys as well hey I want to get some sort of stuff out for You whether it’s me on or not you know I Mean I I want to know the sort of Content that you guys are interested in And if it’s just getting me on all the Time I’ll try my best though I don’t Think I mean I’m definitely not put it There I’m not the prettiest you know

Some people struggle to understand me So maybe actually I should remove the Face and just go to putting out footage Now cuz they need but just like all the Rest for me yeah you kind of but I might I’m gonna do videos where I will not be In them you know I think that’s cool to Do that every now and again I don’t know What’s going on my camera keeps changing Freaking it’s yeah see that that’s the Lion in this room I need some Professional lighting before all they Started I was in the middle of Discussing getting my garage done as a Studio that will happen hopefully down The line but yeah that’s what I want to Do but I need in order to grow this Channel I need I’ve seen a lot of Smaller channels recently start to get Some interesting footage and I don’t Know whether they’re getting them sent By the the viewers or they’re just going Around looking it for them themselves at General I want to try and get something Rather than steal enough of the channels I’d rather get my own you know so if you Guys can have got stuff that you’ve Think’s absolutely amazing then send it Over I may put some stuff out there Isn’t amazing sometimes because if you Guys think it is a UFO you know you were They got you were the people film it but You need to have a bucket with a really Good story or if you are filming the UFO

You know let’s have some vote Calls speak about what you see and Describe it you know cuz sometimes the Camera just does not do what you see in Justice at all and I’ve I film that Myself where there’s a couple of people That debunked it saying it’s blooms but When I was looking up at this object Over Leeds and then that then I saw two Of them another two of them below it I like burying blooms This thing was flashing I mean it could Be though it could because I haven’t a Beer and also the the Sun was in my eye But at the time what I was seeing What’s amazing after this you know this Stuff as well that I filmed this I mean There’s a little clip on my patreon Channel but it’s like a little hint but There is a little clip and I’m not the Reason why I haven’t put on my youtube Channel is because it is pathetic it is It is me deciding at the last minute That there is a definite UFO and it’s Just a light He’s literally I might put a little clip Of it here for you to see but I I saw This light go over my head on the way Home and I thought that it’s a satellite That are it’s you know then I thought no It’s not a slice he’s far too close is It a drone is it is it is it like a a Chinese lantern thing then is it an Airplane and I was deciding for about

Two minutes what it actually was until I Just thought oh [ __ ] I need to film this This is this is something he took it Took a u-turn and still went below some Trees but this thing was way up high and It came down low but this is from the Space of about what two three minutes of Me just looking at and thinking shall I Get my phone on film it and Show some let me know in the comment Section below if you have been in that Situation where you’ve kind of wanted to Film in UFO and you’ve just you’ve even Not the balls to do it you’ve been in a Crowded place if I’m not looking like a [ __ ] and get my phone out and Filming this guy and guess because I’ve Been in that situation many a time but We kind of shot we should do that you Know if you think you and get somebody Else involved if it’s a random stranger Say excuse me and can you just what the Hell’s that you know can you film it as Well as your phone better than mine get A few people filming it but if you get a Crowd looking at something in the sky if You think it’s fascinating and I’m sure They’ll think it’s fascinating so you Need to get them involved in what you’re Filming rather than think actually I’m Not filming this just excuse me may walk I see it’s not gonna happen in a minute Though is it because we’re all stuck Inside but you could shout across the

Fence to your neighbor and go neighbor Bob you seen this up here yes it’s it’s A plane it’s not playing because Nobody’s flying at the moment hey that’s A good point I don’t see many planes in The sky no I haven’t but yeah that would That would just guys get some footage Sent over to alien a date that’s me by The way if you’re new to the channel hit That Bell hit that light go and hit that Subscribe bond and if definitely if You’re old hit the thumb up you know you Know you know the score I just need to Get some stuff out to you guys I’m Trying to grow this and I think now is The time to do it now is the time to Strike while all this is going on you Know I’m out I’m out of work at the Moment I’ve got a job to go back to when This all boils over so that’s good but I Don’t know when it’s gonna boil over you Know it could be a way And if it is a while then you know make The most of it Let’s get some content out but I’m not Always gonna be I’ll do it with me in it Because they’ll be a child in it YouTube Don’t like children in videos you know Cuz it’s becomes you have to like kind Of say here this channels not made for Kids but it needs to made for kids if He’s got a kid in it so yeah I’m not I Mean I don’t have a problem actually Showing my children you know they’re

Good-looking kids the queue the Well-mannered He’s the wife that I don’t wanna show You know you understand but yeah guys Hit that live on hit that bail-bond Subscribe if you’re brand new to the Channel most of all hit me up on Twitter Facebook I’m a bit shy on Facebook I Don’t understand the Facebook business Format I don’t understand this It’s weird I am on insta gram they’ll do A lot not Twitter mainly Twitter and YouTube but you can email me alien Addict UK at gmail.com I can’t stress This enough please don’t send me stuff That is just too good to be true you Know if there’s a flying saucer in Somebody’s garden and then aliens Getting out and having a piss on the Lawn I don’t want that footage well Maybe I do want that footage but you Know I want stuff that is by log pile on The mark it might be boring to ship to Put out it might not be the most Exciting a thing to look at a light in The sky but if that light in the sky is Doing movements that can’t be explained That it’s maybe moving at a speed that Can’t be explained That I want any ladies and gents I Mainly not it make sure you like and Subscribe I said that before but I’m Going to grow this little channel into a Big channel obviously I’m not gonna grow

Into a small Channel I do have a patreon Page you know where I put some of my Artwork on there the first 10 patrons Will be getting a mug Now these mugs will be actually what my Mom is helping me purchase these mugs The mugs are made out of bone china so It’s gonna take me probably a little bit Longer because when I put the last video Out about these mugs I didn’t expect This whole lockdown thing so it’s gonna Take me a while to get these mugs out to You guys so probably till this blows Over with the first ten patreon Regardless of tear we’ll get a mug any Patreon then over $5 will get a mug so The first 10 regardless of tear I’ve got Seven patreon now they get them up fly Out they get them up no matter what It could be $2 wherever they get a mug That’s the minimum I’ve got $2 a thing Yeah and you know just just a quick one Before I go on that so anybody that’s Saying do you know you know what do this For the greater good you know you don’t Know it money I understand now And I never understood this before when I was when I did this is just the hobby I never understood why people was trying To make money out proving that there is Extraterrestrial life out there or Something different out there but if you Want to grow something and just do this Full-time that passion then you need you

Do need the money because YouTube Definitely does not pay YouTube does not Like UFO and alien channels or Flyers Channels She’s not definitely not flyover she Anyway good night go breasts good night It’s because I’m looking at her breasts Good night god bless mind the books Don’t bike by bite She’s not like stay safe guys