SCARED for my life while ALONE In This Abandoned, Haunted City | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | March 27, 2020
SCARED for my life while ALONE In This Abandoned, Haunted City | THE PARANORMAL FILES

So right now it’s late at night it’s About midnight and I’m here all alone at The abandoned concrete city nobody that Was with us tonight wanted to come out Here at night there were multiple deaths Here at concrete city one involved a Young boy that drowned in the community Pool I’m going to tell you I’m shaking Right now I’m actually really freaked Out So right now it’s late at night it’s About midnight and I’m here all alone at The abandoned concrete city built here In Nanticoke Pennsylvania in the 1800’s This was a model community that was Meant to house employees of the coal Mines who worked in this area now Obviously there were a lot of coal Mining accidents that happen constantly When it involved workers in the mines There were body parts lost lives lost People develop black lung coughed Themselves to death and there was a lot Of misfortune in the mining industry and Those people who are suffering those Misfortunes they all lived here in this Concrete housing development that has Come to be known as concrete city it’s a Very infamous place nobody that was with Us tonight wanted to come out here at Night so I’m here all alone I’m gonna Tell you I’m shaking right now I’m Actually really freaked out because Someone got bit by a poisonous snake

Tonight here in Pennsylvania but I’m out Here anyways doing this there were Multiple deaths here at concrete city One involved a young boy that drowned in The community pool in the 1800’s I’ll Include some more history right now Concrete city and Nanticoke Pennsylvania Was built in 1911 by the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad company To house workers from the nearby Truesdale anthracite coal mine concrete City was hailed as the Garden City of The anthracite region initially it Looked like it was going to be a Beautiful place to live when you weren’t Working in the mines sadly only 40 of The over 1,700 workers at the coal mines Were given housing a concrete City and In order to secure one of the homes you Had to be a high level employee and you Were required to speak English the Houses were all built completely out of Concrete thus giving the settlement the Nickname concrete city although the Small town came equipped with the tennis Court blooming flowers electric Streetlights and even a public swimming Pool that faced problems immediately Since the proper plumbing and sewer System was never installed residents had To head out back to an unheated outhouse To use the restroom even in the Dead of winter and the use of concrete Itself actually played a part in the

City’s demise as the material absorbed Moisture and during winter months the Inside of the homes would actually Frost Over one former resident recalled that Her father’s shirts frozen an upstairs Closet during the wintertime and her Mother had to iron them out every Morning just so that he could put them On in addition in the summer months the Houses dripped with condensation and Mould growth inside of the houses became A huge problem and a health hazard since The homes were built with concrete it Was virtually impossible to add on to Them or to renovate their interiors Which caused problems for residents with Different family sizes and needs then There were the accidents I went through The Pennsylvania Register of coal mining Accidents from the time in which Concrete city was built and was shocked To discover that there were 289 Accidents at the nearby Trousdale mine In an eight year period a significant Number of which were fatal not only were These workers housed in sub quality Housing but everyday they were headed to Work in an environment where anything Could happen at any time that energy of Fear exhaustion and anger has left a Stain on concrete city in addition there Was a young boy who drowned in the Community pool in the center of town I Found this haunting photo of the pool

Before the owners of the community had It filled in and I couldn’t help but Notice that in this photo all of the Kids from concrete city were sitting There on the edge excited to go for a Swim I can’t help but make the Assumption that one of these kids in the Picture is the child who would go on to Drown right there in the pool only a Year so after this photo was taken Eventually in 1924 concrete City was Abandoned due to all of its problems and It was set for demolition however after The demolition company attempted to Destroy one of the houses with dynamite And the structure survived blast from Over 100 sticks of dynamite they decided That it was best to just abandon the Whole development and forget that it had Ever existed in the first place so there It has sat deep in the woods for almost A hundred years forgotten and Deteriorating over the years concrete City has taken on a reputation for being Haunted but when I asked our friends From the area if they wanted to go with Me out there at night they all said no Paetynn didn’t even want to come there Was just something dark about the place That seems to scare away potential Visitors looking back at it what I did Was stupid when I searched concrete city On YouTube I found videos where people Heard gunshots from the woods while they

Were there family can be watched And even a video where some urban Explorers discovered a brown recluse Spider one of the most dangerous spiders On the planet just chillin on a wall Near the basement of one of the houses I Went completely alone at night and had No idea that they were potentially Violent people and venomous snakes and Spiders lurking inside of and around the Buildings but I had no idea that what Was going to happen would make me Question my own safety and my well-being While going on these ghost hunts and now That you know a little bit more about The concrete city I’m gonna head in I’m Here all alone and it’s definitely eerie I heard an ATV approaching and that I Heard children so this is one of the Houses just a trash pit is there anybody In here with me if you’re still in this Building did you use to mine coal in This region They’re people I kill you [Applause] Like I said help you’re alone I heard You all up in a bunch of I supply should Myself largely know where they were so That was too much Hello this it’s just it’s just one

Person that’s just me y’all were scaring The [ __ ] out of me man Wow by driving Around I was in the building I didn’t Know who that was out here but y’all are Just exploring now you know we’re Friendly I’m gonna come down there talk To you yes people are talking in my ear And I only got one ear yeah please Didn’t mean to freak you out man I was Freaked out no I thought you were coming To come yell at all sounds like that’s Our do that’s all you got you me you you Could I mean there’s not really room but You can come join the squad No it’s okay man so those people I just Ran into were actually really nice and They told me that they’ve had some Experiences out here I didn’t want to Film them because they were actually on A date the guy had met the girl he was With on tinder so just thought I’d let That relationship blossom on its own It’s still very creepy out here and I Got to make the walk back alone that Encounter definitely had my heart racing Because people said they’d experienced Activity in these two houses over here That basement looks so creepy Jesus Christ Oh God Earning the miners who used to live here And work in the mines in these areas With me right now

[Laughter] Well shoes artificially destroyed after Today the things we do for this channel Mentally and physically destroyed Those people go I actually liked having Those guys around because now I’m here All alone again and it got like 15 times Creepier so here I just got out my Mel Meter I’m gonna click it on you can just Run a baseline and see if there’s any Sort of weird phantom signals out here Is the child he died out here still here With us we’re walking to one more of These buildings Is there anybody in here with me who Used to work in the mines how about down In the basement are you down in the Basement Some random caution tip here never the Best time there’s an eerie sense of Abandonment to concrete city not only Does it take a lot of effort to get There in the first place but once you Arrive you feel as if you’re completely Alone it’s a massive area with 20 Completely abandoned houses but when I Was there the biggest frights came from Other people and not the spirits it Seemed like whatever is there didn’t Want to talk to me that night no matter How hard I tried sometimes it’s just Like that but no matter what I had the Scare of a lifetime when those people

Rolled up It’s starting to rain Just slipped in the mud yeah this is Creepy stepping through every pile of Mud you can imagine you have been so Happy to see my car okay guys so it’s Been a very long night we did all the Mining stuff tonight woke up early this Morning after filming all night last Night and I’m here alone and it’s almost 1:00 in the morning my hair is just so Wonky from all this rain I’m covered in Sweat and bug spray I’ve got probably I’m serious like 30 mosquito bites Possible takes on me I’m just so done With today so I’m sorry that I didn’t Stick around to capture any paranormal Activity but we’ve got a big day Tomorrow and I wanted to explore this Place really badly at night and and the Presence of other people there kind of Made it hard for anything to manifest so Until next time thanks for watching I Know I look very beat but it’s because I Am beat overtired and overheated covered In bug spray but thank you if you Enjoyed this video subscribe for more Because there’s so much constantly we’ve Got so many great videos just from this Series thank you for watching thank you For all the love and support we love you Guys so much and as always stay spooky Hello