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Okay this story is happening right now Went out with my kids my sister and my Girlfriend to the park in Auburn California after that we went driving Through a very rich housing development To see the address signs that I made for The houses at my work we were close to a Lake called Arthur it was about 7:00 P.m. I think Sunday today September 30th We walked along the trail there about 30 Feet came upon a large tree branch or Small tree about 13 feet long 12 inches In diameter I picked it up on the end And tumbled it down the small hillside And river bank then again to get it in The water Very heavy no apparent reason for it to Be long across the path at all continue To on deeper down the path about a Quarter mile or more to a dead end By this time it was very minimal light Started walking back our dog who took a Crap in the path ahead and you could see It darker on the yellowish oak leaves Covered dirt paths and we could see it To avoid it when we got to the area that I moved the tree my son said to me watch Out there is something dark and smushy There I stopped and looked at it he said To me it looks big though it was a Freshly wet imprint of a foot shape and There were more leading from the lake up Into the woods up a steep hillside there Was one great print and a half a dozen

Others about three to four feet stride And one like a slip or slide on the Hillside I said it looks like a small Big footprint because of the heel Involved the foot and a strange toe Pattern like pinky toe on the side of The foot my kids got scared after that I Walked up the hillside where the prints Lead about 20 inches into the woods very Minimal light I saw two large black Shapes laying down one very large and About my girlfriend sighs about five Feet away from the big one both lying Down girlfriend is about five one heard Noises and backed off as we walk the Path the next 10 to 15 feet we heard Bipedal walking two to three steps Stopped when we stopped and then Continued took my kids home got my Pistol for protection only of course and Went back with my girlfriend we took Photos of the prints and measure them Approximately eight inches long not very Big indentation approximately one inch In pretty hard dried dirt prints were Wet and the rest of the ground was dry Everywhere else my thought maybe a Curious smaller one came down and Checked out the tree I pushed into the Water and left the wet prints on the way Back up I have more on this I hate Typing you can tell if my shortness in Descriptions I went back and heard an Actual deep breath slight grunt and more

Bipedal steps it scared me even though I Know they don't tend to harm people I Totally believe in Bigfoot and I have Never seen nor heard anything before I Am an extremely skeptical person and I Study these kinds of things I'm going Back in the morning I am very excited about this I had the Photos and five witnesses my son found The tracks they were almost crying to go Home after walking we heard it was very Heavy not a bear at least the tracks Were not small human footprint with Pinky toe on the side of the foot not Like your typical Bigfoot print this is Within miles of sugar pine area and Forest Hill me and my fishing buddy went Camping at French Meadows reservoir to Get in the last days of the season in The campground we were alone and Everything was shut down Nighttime temps were 32 and 29 the Second night we were in the last Campground on a dirt road a mile east of The lake Very few hunters were in the area Because it's a game refugee and no other Fishermen were in the area we got in Camp around 9 p.m. because the fishing Was great and it took time to clean our Fish as soon as we got there I gave up My whoop whoop-whoop-whoop hoping to Hear a return call this went on every Hour and my buddy

All the while half cracking up looking At me like I'm nuts at 1:00 a.m. my Buddy was asleep in the sack at 1:30 I Let out my last calls you could hear the Echoes for 3 to 4 seconds afterward 10 Seconds after my call I got a roar back I was shocked to get My first return call ever it sounded to Be a good 300 to 500 yards out and with A 2 d-cell flashlight I was not gonna go Investigate the direction the sound came From there were no roads or camps I Knocked on my buddy's car and got him up Hoping he had heard it but all they said He heard was me from now on I will take A recorder I've been hunting fishing and Hiking all my life and that was the only Time I had heard the sound it was not a Coyote a cat or an owl I know them well In my heart I believe it was either a Person or a Bigfoot the remote area from Which the sound came from tends to make Me believe the latter I was camping at the Rubicon River with A couple of friends of mine a place Where we have camped relatively Regularly for the past five or six years Normally when I am there I see many ground squirrels and Chipmunks occasionally I will notice a Few deer especially near the campsites From sloppy campers normally there are Several birds in the area too we arrive Late in the afternoon and realize that

The area was unusually quiet no animals Were scurrying or foraging by nightfall The area was nearly silent the only Noises were the occasional cars passing On the bridge we decided to do some Exploring of the river after breakfast It was still quiet we wanted to find Good rocks for climbing up and jumping Into the river about 1/4 mile upstream We stopped at a formation that came up From the banks about 30 to 40 feet we Free climbed and sat up top to check out The valley directly across the river the North-facing Bank the rocks were very Dark moss covered and looked fairly Tough to climb there were also many Trees and bushes there is a deep Crevasse near the water level that was Four to five feet wide and full of Growth we thought that it would be fun To find a way across the river and climb It at that moment my friend Jeff noticed A rustling behind the shrubs in the Crevice he got our attention and we all Checked it out a moment later we saw a Large hairy figure move into an opening In the crevice in a crouching position It was crouched on the two rear feet and The front right paw was grasping a tree Not sure if it was trying to maintain Balance or what the hair was dark brown And all over its body although we didn't See a stand up as it moved up the Crevasse we could tell that it was well

Over six feet tall probably closer to Seven feet the face of the creature had No snout but rather a flat face much Like a Meet the rear pause looked much like Human feet but larger maybe a foot and a Half long as it went higher into the Crevice it entered a darker area thick With trees and manzanita at which point We lost it at this time we decided to Leave and get back to our campsite as Fast as possible always glancing back to See if the creature was behind us once We reached our site we decided to cut The trip short and head back home I was Camping with my father and my brother Had a little spot that we had discovered Last year and had camped out a few times We had arrived early in the afternoon Set up camp I shot a can or two with my Pistol ate dinner and had settled in for The evening it was about sunset and we Had heard this fairly high-pitched moan Or wail that continued off and on Throughout the evening it seemed to be Coming up from the hill at first and if I had to guess within 300 yards well as Time went on we heard the noise move Down the hill and down the side of the Mountain which is extremely hard to Traverse my dad and I kept speculating As to what it was as he had hunted boar Deer bear and elk and cannot place what It was we thought from the tone that it

Could have been a lost animal as it had A mournful tone to it it had a very Resonant quality to it like it was a Good-sized animal a lot of resonance Anyway the noise seemed to move along The sight of us and then we would hear It back at its original location rather Quickly I briefly thought that it was a large Bird that kept flying back and forth but It finally dawned on my dad that there Was two sounds they seemed to be calling Each other that unnerved me and my Father and I went to take a look with Our spotlights and me with my pistol and Camera I always carry a Disposable camera in case I see a bear Or deer we walked up the hill on the Dirt road maybe 50 yards and saw nothing When we got back to camp I jumped in my Truck and drove up the hill maybe 3 to 400 yards and saw nothing I did not get Out of my truck to look around as I was Highly agitated I turned around and kept Flashing my spotlight Down the side of the mountain Occasionally and went past camp down the Hill on the Forest Hill Road and drove Up the road a little ways before turning Around again and heading to camp my dad And brother reported that they had heard Nothing and it was quiet for a while I sat around the fire and watched the TV That my dad had brought with him my

Brother was tired and had gone to bed Fairly early everything just seemed Fairly quiet until I went to go number One by a big pine tree across the road And as I was juggling with the belt that Was holding my pistol and its holster I Heard that noise behind the tree and it Seemed like it was maybe thirty yards Down the hill it startled me to say the Least and I ran back to the relative Safety of the campfire holding up my Pants with one hand and my pistol with The other much to my dad's amusement Needless to say I did not venture from Camp the rest of the night we continued To hear the noises until we went to bed Around 3:30 or so I remember hearing it Around 3:45 and yelling to my dad since He slept in the back was camper my Brother and I in my tent 15 feet away There it is again but he was sleepy I Finally drifted off to sleep shortly Thereafter and no noise was heard again The noise resonance very similar to a Howl but of shorter duration two to Three seconds or so each time a note About my father and brother my brother Was very tired from working the night Before and he drank quite a bit of beer On this evening He may have also Thought that I was trying to spook him As he does not go camping much he was Disinterested and does not remember much

My father's curiosity was piqued but he Was not agitated or spooked like I was His philosophy is that humans are the Most dangerous creatures out in the Forest and this was an animal though he Was not sure what it was and still Doesn't also he states that I heard Brasher sticks being broken but I can't Recall stating that I would not have Even wrote this in until I had read the Reports from the Tahoe area which Describes such a similar noise and his Only about sixty to seventy miles as the Crow flies well I've had a story to tell For quite some time I belong to a world War two battle reenacting Club and have Been for seven years now the place where This happened we have been going to Before I joined the club the people in The nearest town of Forest Hill know This club well the story I'm about to Tell you is true and the people involved Are veterans of the hills of California It was back in 1998 the second weekend Of September I know this because we Would always meet on the second weekend Of the month anyway on Friday night I Was on my way up to the site to set up Camp for the next day when I got up There my unit commander was already There so after we got done we bedded Down for the night before you knew it it Was morning and all through the night We kept hearing cars and trucks pulling

Up the next morning we woke up to Everyone there all four units worth all That day we battled from dawn until dusk When we were done all tired and bruised We managed to drag ourselves back to Camp for dinner Sam went to town the Rest of us stayed and had it there later We were all back and sitting around four Different fires and talking about the Day One by one we went back to our tents or Cots and sleeping bags the last thing I Remember before I went to sleep was both Of the commanders talking about Tomorrow's setup and that was it Or so I thought well I was rolling over In my cot and slightly awake wind well For the lack of better word heard a Howling sound I in all my life have Never heard anything like it before it Cried out eight or nine times after a Few moments there was nothing so I got Tired and went back to sleep but only Because the sound wasn't too close to The camp it sounded like it came from Where we were battling that day up on The ridge about a half a mile from us I Woke up again about one hour later I had To use the bathroom so I put on my boots And walked over to a bush to relieve Myself and on the way back I heard it Again but this time it was much closer It was right down the road from us and It was loud very loud and I know that

This time I wasn't the only one to hear It several times that let out one after Another this time was much more deep and Clear to the ear my unit commander and Several of the other people in the unit Woke up to mine their knowledge we Didn't know what to do no matter what I Did I could not stay awake but before I Went back to sleep I loaded my gun with Real bullets and put my bayonet under my Blanket near my pillow whatever it was If it came into camp and hurt me or Anyone I was going to kill it We heard it two more times that night Each time though it was further and Further away When we woke up that next morning many People were confused and in denial about What happened we were all trying to Think of what it could have been but no One said what was on everyone's mind to This day it gives me chills up and down My spine of the thought of what we all Knew it was I went with my Brother-in-law in the middle of the Night up to the Alta Sierra to sleep for A few hours and then start fishing right At dawn we were in his flatbed truck That he used for his construction work I Slept in the cab and he tossed a Sleeping bag in the bed of the truck Around 5:00 in the morning we were both Asleep the truck shook violently back And forth side to side the bed of the

Truck probably moved at least a foot to A foot and a half about three or four Times in a row quickly I woke up and sat Straight up thinking he was playing a Trick on me right then the driver's side Door opened and he jumped into the truck Scared out of his wits screaming did you Do that Obviously not since there I was in the Cab and at that instant we both realized That no human would have that kind of Strength to move the truck that much all Of a sudden we smelled a strong rancid Smell the now-familiar skunk excrement Smell we both realized that whatever Shook the truck was out there somewhere It was totally black out no moon no Light of any kind and we never saw Anything we didn't have a flashlight to Look around so we just sat there shaking For quite a while he didn't get back Into the bed of the truck Needless to say we couldn't figure out What happened he said maybe a bear ran Into the truck but I didn't think a bear Had the strength and it wasn't a thud or Whatever it was three or four full Strength shakes then the shocks quickly Rocked a little and the truck stopped Moving This is a heavy construction truck so The suspension is very very strong and Stiff that you can pile full pallets of Bricks sand cement etc very hard to move

That truck with your hands if you stir On the bed and jumped up and down with All your might you would still not move The bed anywhere near as much as this Moved I've tried it myself I wish we'd seen something that night But I never did Even equate it with Bigfoot until a year Or two ago I'm not sure what it was but It was big Curious strong roams around at night and Smelt like hell I mean really really bad Smelling it was completely dark where we Were we had quite a large fire lit at The time nothing was found approximately At 9 p.m. at night after dinner we were All around the fire cracking jokes and Laughing quite a bit we go on the trips To the Granite Basin area at least twice A year my friend mark owns mineral Rights to several mines in the area the Area is catacomb dwith several mines Also noted the area has many streams and Creeks with beautiful clear water also Noted this is a very healthy forest with Much new growth anyway we were talking And laughing my friend Mark is a loud Person and I have said that more than Once how far I can hear him all of a Sudden he comes to me and says Andrew Shut up and listen Mark seemed a bit riled up so I did what He asked me what I heard next I will Never ever forget it was this horrible

Screaming sound that I have heard before On my download from the art bell radio Show the one where you hear the sound he Talks about saying Bigfoot experts have Confirmed this sound and how you would Never ever want to hear it in the dark Of night in the woods It was the same sound I am sure of it Would stake my life on it it was farther Away than the screams in the recording And could be missed if you were to talk But make no mistake once we all shut up And we did we all heard this it even Repeated like the screams in the Recording someone suggested perhaps a Coyote no way mark and I are experienced Woodsmen and I have been inches away From bears while backpacking in Yosemite And have coyotes where I live I know What a wolf sounds like this was not Even close to those sounds also noted as Soon as Mark originally told me to shut Up and listen We both verified the sound as being the One in the recording at the same time it Was that unmistakable we have listened To numerous recordings and the once Stated above is the only one that Sounded like the calls screams we heard That night also noted that the noise Changed briefly on one call and sounded Like someone strangling a cat also noted It almost seemed like it hurt us because The sound would stop and someone would

Make a joke and we would laugh and then We would hear it immediately after Making noise also noted to not judge Distance but it seemed like it was a Couple of miles away the sound came from Above the basin where we were we had Taken a 12-gauge out and fired it twice After this went on for a few minutes we Didn't hear any more sounds after this We do not hunt animals we do not believe In shooting animals so we target shoot And go skeet shooting we would never Ever want to shoot one of these animals Save of course using a camera also noted That the night before early in the Morning I heard what sounded like Someone walking around our camp very Softly and carefully I did not even Think about it at the time and it was Too damn cold to even want to get out of My tent no prints smell or any sighting Was observed I asked if anyone was out At the time and the answer was no Also I was pretty shaken after hearing This unnerving sound I pretty much just Stayed by the fire the rest of the night Looked often into the darkness but saw Nothing no other animal sound was Reported the rest of the night after I Got home I played the sound to the rest Of our camp group they all verify that It sure did sound like what we heard Although some of the guys had trouble Digesting this but still verified what

I'm saying here about the same sound it Was opening weekend for hunting season But we did not see anyone I smelled a Strong odor not a rotting carcass smell But sickly sweet and somewhat garlicky I Looked around for the source of the Smell but could not locate it in the Same area I heard a screeching Vocalization it was not an animal growl Or Raptor screech I am familiar with Bear and mountain lion sounds and this Was not any sound that I had recognized Footprints were found around the area That I eat lunch earlier the ground was Hard and rocky so I could not positively Identify the tracks but I am certain They were not – bear tracks the tracks Were approximately 14 inches by 6 inches In dimension I am an experienced outdoor Worker 25 plus years with the Forest Service the odor sounds and footprints Were unknown to me about three years ago I began visiting a woman in Quincy California a small northern Sierra Community with Tom Morris notes has Always been notorious for its Bigfoot Sightings He sure was right over the last three Years the local paper the Feather River Bulletin has reported seven different Sightings in the same general area of The county five of those have been Hoaxed but to deserve further discussion The first one occurred at 1:15 a.m. on

February 13th 1994 Mary and jerry cane Quincy's only bakers Were returning from Reno nearly summat Ten miles east of town a large fur Covered animal crossed highway 70 in Front of their car and strolled up a Steep Bank and into the forest it looked Exactly like the many drawings that They've seen a Bigfoot they doubt this Was someone dressed in a gorilla costume When it was light Mary and Jerry Returned to the scene and found large Deep footprints in the snow They took pictures of the prints wrote a Narrative of their adventure and posted The information on the wall of their Bakery I've had a chance to study the Photos and I'm convinced they aren't Contrived I've also spoken to the Cain's And I believe they're telling the truth About their experiences the second Sighting happened near Cemetery Hill an Area which divides East and West Quincey It was about 11:30 p.m. on October 16th 1995 when Larry riddle out for a stroll Smelled what he thought was rotting Garbage as he was looking for the source Of the smell he felt he was being Watched he turned and saw an 8-foot Fur-covered creature watching him riddle Lived near Yellowstone most of his life I'm familiar with bears and this was not A bear he stated that there was no bear Like snout he also refuses to believe it

Was somebody trying to fool him he felt It would be hard to mimic an 8-foot tall Bigfoot I'm sure I'm going to get Laughed at riddle said this thing was Real this was the real deal You