10 ENCOUNTERS WITH BIGFOOT – EPISODE #008 – What Lurks Beneath

By | March 9, 2020
10 ENCOUNTERS WITH BIGFOOT - EPISODE #008 - What Lurks Beneath

My name is JM and my friend's name is RS And we were hiking about a mile above Sand Canyon in California he lost his Prescription sunglasses and we split up To search for them as I was hiking I saw A very strange track it looked human but It was larger than any human footprint Also unless a human was walking a mile From the road barefoot through rough Terrain it couldn't have been a human I Met up with RS and on the way back I Showed him the print he is an Army Veteran from Iraq and an avid hunter and He was simply shocked by the footprint He said to me Jay look you can even see The toe prints this creature has to be At least 7 feet tall we looked at each Other and I asked him how old do you Think that print is he answered it looks To be about three days old we both Decided after finding his sunglasses we Should head back to the car while Keeping a very sharp lookout for Anything strange after we had reached Home it started to snow we both realized It was very fortunate that we got to see That because the snow would have wiped It out I lived in the high desert of California In rich crust in Kern County from 1980 To 1985 I did a lot of hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains I never saw or Heard of anything unusual during that Time my mom sister and family and

Brother and his family still live there My 19 year old son and I were visiting Various family members from September 17th through September 27th 2007 in Ridgecrest California my sister took me And my son up to Seibert family Gold Line cabin and mining equipment on the 24th of September we had spent about an Hour at this location and we were Preparing to leave my sister was in the Porta Potty and my son and I heard this High-pitched scream like a woman Hollering we yelled back thinking it was A woman in trouble but there was no Reply I asked my sister if she had heard It and she said no I told her what we Had heard and she told me that she had a Horse packed and hikes in this area and Had never heard anything that would make That kind of sound she has lived in this Area since 1980 I asked her husband Who's an avid hunter horseback trail Rider and hiker in these mountains and He said that he knew of no animal that Made a high-pitched scream in this area My brother-in-law also lived in Ridgecrest California area all of his Life I was about 14 years old riding a Horse on a ranch that my family owned The ranch location is somewhere in California I won't disclose where I was On a trail going towards the edge of the Forest still in our property when I Reached the edge of the forest there was

A dead cow it had been dead for some Time now because it was mostly just Bones when I looked around still on my Horse that's when I saw a Bigfoot he was Really tall black and so human-like he Looked at me but was not scared I said To myself that's Bigfoot Bigfoot had one Hand and arm leaning up against the Giant tree and he looked to be both man And ape Bigfoot looked right at me and We both just looked at each other I was So scared that I turned around and went Back to the ranch I've blocked this out Of my mind for many years I believe from Being scared to death I spoke to my dad About the ranch I asked him do we still Own 10,000 acres and the ranch he said No and is now 90 years old I asked him Did anybody ever say they saw Bigfoot And he said yes I could take you to the Spot where I saw him and I'm sure Somebody who lives in that area would Say they have seen him also why because He is there he is out there living this Happened 28 years ago but I remember it Very clear now for some reason and how He looked at me least September 1989 I Was deer hunting about five miles west Of walkers pass along Highway 178 I had Driven a short ways off the highway and Then walked about a quarter of a mile to A rocky Bluff that was at the base of a Very large steep mountain I believe it Was pinion peak while sitting there in

The dark I continually had the feeling That I was being watched I have had this Same feeling two other times and in both Situations I spotted a mountain lion Watching me from a distance as a gray Light came I started glassing the steep Dense mountain behind me and looking for Whatever it was that was watching me I Really could not see very much as it was Still fairly dark and the brush was so Thick I cannot remember how long it was That I was glassing the area when a very Loud booming scream echoes from the Mountain behind me several hundred yards Up it sounded almost like a terrified Woman screaming as loud as she could at First I thought that somebody was just Playing a hoax on me the more I looked At how steep the mountain was the time Of day early morning because I only had Gray light and how dense it is up there The more uneasy I became I left the area Immediately I am a long-term seasonal with the u.s. Forest Service I do know the different Tracks the wildlife leaves behind what I And a co-worker saw was not a typical Wildlife track on this day we decided to Go to the Paiute mountain to cover Illegal OHV trails as the day was going We covered five illegal trails around The Landers meadow area then decided to Head for the Weldon and Wolf staff Meadow area as we were heading towards

The Weldon meadow area a rancher stopped Us to ask if we saw some of his cattle Our reply was no if we see them though We'll let you know we never found them At Weldon meadow we stopped for lunch And this was our next area to work During lunch the co-worker went to do a Little exploring after about 10 minutes The co-worker yelled to me to come see An ID some wildlife tracks these were Not wildlife tracks we saw what looked Like something like a human foot track But it was way too big with a slight Distortion in the toe the tracks Measured about 16 inches long and 7 Inches wide the tracks look like the Ones I saw last year at the Six Rivers National Forest I snapped a picture of The track and looked to see where the Tracks were going the tracks followed The barbed wire fence the meadow area is Used for cattle grazing the co-worker Asked me what it meant I just said it's Possible that Bigfoot was looking for Food or was heading for the spring at The end of the fence we then proceeded To do our work so that we could finish This area and head for the other area we Finished and headed towards the wool Staff meadow area once down there we Proceeded to do our job while working on The project I spotted the same tracks That we saw earlier the tracks cut Across the trail and headed towards some

Rock outcroppings this was enough to Spook my coworker and so we left the Area back at the office the co-worker Told me What we saw and was laughed at I didn't Tell them that I snapped pictures of the Tracks I too would have been laughed at On a day after the snow had fallen we Went hunting up in the Lake Hughes area In California there were four of us Hunting that day my dad and myself and Two good buddies well the deer hunting Was not that good that day so one of my Buddies said to us my wife's uncle has Gone from his cabin and won't be back Any time soon so why don't we visit his Land and all and just hang out and all Have some lunch well he lives by Lake Hughes Road and close to where we were We went over there and unlocked the gate As he had a key we went in there and we Had brought some apples for our lunch And all we had seen some hogs and Started feeding them apples after about An hour and a half of doing this we Heard the horses behind the house or Cabin running around and making all Kinds of noise we could not see what was Going on as the house was in the way but Man were they going nuts so we all said To each other let's get over there and See what's up we did and could not see Anything but the horse is still going Nuts and running in circles we then

Looked over the fence and through a gate And seen these huge footprints and smelt Something like a dog's that's been wet And rotten eggs mixed well the gate was Locked and he went inside the cabin her House and got a key for the gate so we Went over to the prints and I'm six five At this time and weighed 275 pounds I Have a shoe size of 15 for e these Tracks were much bigger than my shoe and They were made with some of them in the Snow I stepped next to them and cannot Press down and going that deep I could Go maybe 3/4 to one inch down these Prints were four inches deep in the snow They were also two to three inches Longer than my foot and much wider then I tried to step that far with my step And no way I could I Then we followed the tracks until they Came to this really steep hill there This thing went up to this hill on two Legs and stepped high enough that even My good buddy who was a bodybuilder and In great shape could not climb I cannot Even lift my leg that far and that was 16 years old in pretty limber no man Could lift their leg that high or step That far no man No where did we see bear tracks and even If we did they don't walk that far on Two legs whatever this was it walked Along this fence and turned and went Back into the woods and then up this

Very steep hill it must have looked at The horses and may be seen as speeding The Hogs I never seen it but we got Scared and left the ranch I have told This story to a few people and they look At me it could be but you can tell they Don't think it's real but when you see Things like this you just know something Is out there nobody can change my mind On this one I know what I've seen and it Is not set up Nobody knew we were going to his ranch And the next ranch over nobody was home There either so the only thing that Could be is this was real and not fake Nowhere did we see any human footprints By any of these tracks or up that steep Hill I know something is going on up There first as a matter of background I Want to tell a little about myself It will help explain the delay and ever Having reposted this incident the Sighting occurred about three months Prior to my entering the United States Army I served for three years as a Paratrooper with a top secret clearance After my time in the service I became a Los Angeles police officer I did that For 13 years and I'm now a federal agent Working for the OIG out of Washington DC With that background you can probably Understand my reluctance to discuss the Sighting with too many people it really Boils down to a potential career killer

That being said the incident did occur And I remember it vividly many many Years The event I reconnected with my friend Who was the witness and asked him to Tell me the story as he recalled it I Wanted to check my memory and see if it Matched mine it did to a tee only a few Months ago I spoke with my Brother-in-law a witness after the fact I asked him if he remembered the events He did it should be known that he is not The kind of person that would buy into Such a story he had not been semi Involved anyway this is what happened my Friend Craig and I were both 17 years Old and waiting to leave for army basic Training he was due to leave in June and I would go in August of 1980 we were Staying with my sister and Brother-in-law at the time they lived in A cabin in Green Valley California Craig And I enjoyed our last months as Civilians in that area and used it to Train for the difficult training ahead Of us we ran every day along the Mountain roads and hiked the hills Trying to get into prime shape in May we Decided to test ourselves and camp out For a full seven days we knew the Perfect place for this would be what we Called the old campground because of its Isolated surroundings in terrain that Would be perfect for climbing and hiking

So we packed up a week's worth of Supplies and though my sister Cindy and Her husband Tom offered to drive us we Decided to act like soldiers and walk to The location we did this with full pax My sister and Tom advised us that they Would check on us at least every other Day and that they would bring us food And lemonade and such Tom also offered To provide us with two weapons to be Used for protection against any Strangers that might try to harm us After all this was before cell phones And we would be on our own Big time there was also a heavy Rattlesnake threat in that area So we happily took him up on the offer Tom menís at an area near the mine Shafts later that day and gave us an m1 Rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun ammo for Both as well The dirt trail that leads off the main Highway goes very far back into the Mountains in fact where you traverse it To its end you would end up on top of What is known as grass Mountain Craig And I decided to get about three miles In and away from the highway which was About a mile past what was once an old a 1920s campground and live deep in the Bush like soldiers would we found a Great spot next to a clear running Creek And set up our tent in the clearing that Was there this clearing was completely

Surrounded by thick woods Then night fell as we laid in our tents Talking by the light of flashlights we Both heard the very loud snap of Deadfall in the woods behind the tent we Sat up frozen and listening we heard What sounded like a very large and heavy Person slowly walking around our sight Making no effort to conceal his presence Judging from the loud sound of breaking Sticks and brush we were both scared Believing that someone was out there we Exited the tent Craig with a shotgun and Me with the m1 I started yelling very Loud hey we know you were there we have Guns and we'll shoot again we heard the Sound of somebody walking slowly but Methodically around from our left to Right we shined our lights in the Direction but could not see anything but The trees and brush We talked amongst ourselves wondering if It could be a bear or something but we Decided that it was a person and not an Animal After much yelling and warning that we Would shoot I decided to fire a few Rounds in the direction of the noise how Crazy that sounds now and I did just That I fired about three rounds into the Trees and the sound was unbelievable the Weapon blasted and the sound echoed into The night roaring into the canyons and Fading off into the night air

We stood in silence to our utter Disbelief and eventual horror whatever It was began to move again still left to Right in a circle around us what we both Thought and discussed later was that no Animal would have stuck around after the Horrific noise of the m1 most normal People would have not stuck around Either whoever or whatever was out there Not only stuck around but appeared from The casual sounded the slow walking to Be less than concerned about our weapons We made a decision to vacate the area Post haste grabbing our coats we climbed The embankment up the dirt road carrying Our weapons we ran the entire way about Three miles more or less back to the Main highway We spent a very long night curled up in A concrete drainage ditch waiting for The Sun to rise every hour or so a lone Truck would come by and the sound of That brought us comfort again it was a Long night the next day we hiked back to The site expecting to find our tent and All of our supplies missing to our Surprise everything was as we had left It nothing was out of place we gathered Our things and hiked back to the open Area of the old campground we decided to Not sleep in the tent because it limited Our vision and instead laid our sleeping Bags out in an open area above the creek After a day of climbing cliffs and

Cooking and such night fell again that Night just as the Sun set and darkness Was beginning to fall Craig and I were Walking in the direction of the main Road we were looking for rattlesnakes Because we had shot one earlier in the Dirt road in the same area as we walked Side by side with me on the left both Holding weapons we saw it standing just On the dirt road facing us was a Bigfoot There can be no doubt at all about what It was we could see it very clearly he Was about eight or nine feet tall and Stood with his left shoulder even with The edge of the trail he was covered With dark Hair and had long arms we did not smell Anything unusual as I have since read About other sightings the strange thing About him was the absolute indifference In his expression he did not look Threatening he did not look scared he Just stood there looking at us almost Bored I instinctively brought my right Hand up against Craig's chest and we Both stopped dead in our tracks we never Took our eyes off the Bigfoot as we Spoke I said do you see that are we Seeing this and Craig just said what do We do what should we do we both started To walk backwards as we spoke very Slowly and involuntarily the Bigfoot Just looked at us for a few moments then I will never forget the detail of this

He just slowly and very casually turned To his left and began to walk into the Forest when he did that Craig and I Stopped and started talking over each Other do we shoot it should we shoot it What do we do do you want to follow it As we talked we heard a sound that we Both immediately recognized from the Prior night the sound of the Bigfoot Slowly walking deeper into the woods Breaking deadfall twigs and branches as He went We never did fire a shot or follow him We stayed up late and slept in shifts at The campground and did not hear from the Bigfoot again the next day Tom came up With food and supplies we ran to him and Told him the details of what had Happened it was very clear by his Expression that he did not believe us we Took him to the exact spot where we saw The Bigfoot and we discovered a trail of Giant footprints leading from the trail Into the woods Tom smiled and told us That we did a good job making them we Were so frustrated and begged Tom to Follow the tracks with us we all follow Them and they went into and across the Creek on the other side we found a large Red ant hill with a footprint right on Top of it I asked Tom how could we have Done that he just shook his head and Smiled We followed the tracks to a

Were two large hills formed a valley as Sloped upwards into the mountain the Ground turned rocky and the Prince Stopped that is what happened I have Lived with this memory for many years I Am now 45 years old and and less Concerned about what people think of me In terms of this incident it is a fact And because of it I know for sure that Bigfoot lives or at least once lived in The area of Green Valley California me And a friend at the time were hiking in The Angelis National Forest My friend was just out of boot camp USMC And we started hiking as often this time Would allow we were hiking down a small Stream bed that went downhill the stream Was all dried up and it was mostly rock Hopping until we got to the bottom of The hill at one point there is a small Section off to the side that is just Dirt and makes for a much easier walk Down to the bottom when we got to the Bottom we hiked a bit more but as the Sun started to go down we headed back up The same Hill creek bed I followed my Own boot tracks back up as I was tired Of rock hopping while going up the smell In the air was horrible like rotten eggs Our portable toilet I then noticed on One of my tracks laid a dead ground Squirrel right over my boot track I Pointed this out to my friend and as Soon as I did this a loud banging over a

Short hillside was heard it was coming From about 35 to 50 yards away from us It sounded as if a large log being hit Against a tree I looked at where the Noise was coming from and noticed the Tops of the trees were swaying back and Forth all this time of the swaying of The trees the pounding on them could be Heard then the pounding stopped and a Loud groan and scream were heard from The same area as the pounding of the Trees I have never heard anything like It I've heard mountain lion black bear This is nothing like that And it was very very loud to the point It was damn scary My friend asked if we should look over The small hillside to see what was Making the noise I told him no way and He agreed when we started walking away The banging and screaming would stop but As soon as we stopped it would proceed With the groan and screaming and the Trees would start swaying again we Finally got out of there and my friend Did not want to talk about what happened About 15 years ago I was 1718 I went on A hike with a friend trying to reach Smith mountain on the edge of San Gabriel wilderness we made it to the Saddle where the trail goes downhill Into the wilderness and where we were Supposed to leave the trail and go south Of the mountain and decided we didn't

Feel like going any further I'm assuming We rested for a while And I remember just talking and hanging Out as we were getting up and ready to Go we heard a strange noise coming from The bushes nearby we stopped talking and Listened and it was a very loud very low Sort of growl snuffling sound my first Thought was that it was probably a bear But that ultimately I had no idea what It was and it sounded like it was Growling at us the bushes along the Trail were so very high such so that we Couldn't even see through them it scared The hell out of us and we quickly hooked It back down the trail I'm not sure if We ever spoke about it again except him Maybe see I wonder what it was that was Scary etc but afterwards I actually Looked through the field guides trying To figure out what was making the noise I knew that bears mountain lions and Bobcats are relatively prevalent in that Part of San Gabriel Mountains so I Assumed it was probably one of those but After looking and around at other Sightings near that area I'm beginning To wonder in retrospect it sounded a bit Ape-like very low-pitched so that we Almost couldn't hear it at all and had To ask each other do you hear that take It as she must I just think it's an Interesting in the context of the other Sightings to the area I only wish I

Could remember Any more details and that we had the Cojones to hang around longer and check It out further my girlfriend who later Became my wife and I were traveling on a Rural road Panama Road that connects the Outskirts of Bakersfield California to Lamont California just a small town Fourteen miles outside of Bakersfield This area is surrounded by agricultural Fields mostly grape vineyards I was Traveling at approximately 55 miles an Hour that was pushing it for my 65 Mustang at the time as we talked we both Saw something walking very fast almost a Slow jog across the roadway I slowed Down without slamming on the brakes so As to not lose control and try to figure Out what we were seeing we saw its right Side and back as it ran into the field The head to the shoulders was slouched Could not see a neck it was Approximately six feet tall long arms And thick legs and never looked at us as A crossed it was extremely dark almost Shadowy but very much real appeared to Be very hairy as we passed it it never Looked back I quickly stopped in beginning u-turn at Which time my girlfriend yelled at me Asking what the hell I was doing she Knew what I was about to do I drove back To the location to where it ran into the Field and I hit my bright lights did not

See anything My girlfriend was yelling at me to get Going so I did I returned to the area The following day but it had rained and I cannot locate any footprints it was Too muddy my wife will only discuss it If I bring it up aside from that she Never talks about it to this day I have No idea what we saw I know that it was Not human as we know it yet I cannot say That it was a complete animal either I Still drive by there once in awhile and Wonder what it was that we saw that Night You