10 ENCOUNTERS WITH BIGFOOT – EPISODE #007 – What Lurks Beneath

By | March 3, 2020
10 ENCOUNTERS WITH BIGFOOT - EPISODE #007 - What Lurks Beneath

During the last week of June my Girlfriend and I decided to take the Dogs on a long walk we were driving up The coast planning on a beach walk when I decided to go to an area on Redwood Creek where my friend had heard some Unusual and scary whistles and screams He is a very experienced hunter and Outdoorsman with a degree in wildlife Biology and had never heard anything Like it anyway we were walking up the North bank where the trails are when I Decided to cross to the south bank to Check out some sandbars I loaded up my Girlfriend on my back and waited across The water we then continued upstream a Short ways when we came across three Distinctive footprints they were Approximately 14 and a half inches long I measured them with a stick that I Saved I compared them all with my own Barefoot track for death and they were Nearly twice as deep I weigh about 280 Pounds I was surprised they weren't Wider they were almost narrow for their Length I at first thought they were Human because of this the best print had Five very distinct toes and was flat no Arch at all with toes straighter across Than normal human it appeared that it Had just leisurely walked into the creek I scoured up and down for an exit point But the terrain wasn't suitable for Tracks other than the odd sandbar the

Strides were about four feet it had come Across a packed gravel bar leaving a few Faint impressions nothing else that I Saw in 1978 I was alone and gold hunting Up behind the Hupa valley Indian Reservation I had to take a side trip Across the mountain to avoid some heavy Snow and brush I found this trail that Was going up the mountain where there Were large steps in the trail that were Throwing my climbing straight off At this point this side of the mountain That I was on was bald and it was open Ground with no trees or brush close by To hide behind suddenly I had this very Bad feeling then the hair on the back of My neck stood up straight up I never had That happen to me before or since I believe this happened for no other Reason except fear I then left this out Of stride trail actually I ran off the Trail feeling terrified of something That was coming down the same trail I Only got a short way off when I went Down on my knees and covered my face and Eyes with both hands and tried to hide At that moment I heard an animal on two Legs come down the trail just a few Yards from me it stopped and it had to Gaze right at me for a while then it Continued on down the hill I didn't look until after a left and Continued on down the mountain out of Sight so I never saw this animal I

Believe this creature was directing a Silent feeling toward me and I complied At this point in my life I had been a Seasoned mountain man and have had Numerous encounters with many kinds of Animals including bears and deer day and Night but nothing like this with no more Fear I returned to the trail viewing Fine I thought of Bigfoot right away this Time I paid close attention to detail There was no odor or smell and the only Odd thing was that the trail became Fainter as I continued to climb up on This mountain I had expected this trail To lead somewhere like a cave perhaps But no it just ended at a small meadow I Looked all around and I could see there Was a limestone ridge outcropping in the Distance but no signs of a cave this Encounter was really something to Remember and it was just my experience There isn't any need for the so-called Experts to tell me anything they will Just have to get their own experience Besides it's not like they're in the Loop on July 13th or August 17th of 2000 About 7:15 p.m. my boyfriend my two Month old baby And I were headed back from Eureka California to Crescent City California Somewhere past Trinidad and right before The lagoon we came around the corner on A four-lane highway up ahead around 50

Yards away A tall dark brown almost black man with Long hair all over ran full stride Across the highway his arms hung long And the top of his neck seems somewhat Hunched over the first thing that ran Through my mind was what's a man doing Running across the road right here I Thought this because we were completely Out in the middle of nowhere then I Yelled that was a Bigfoot My boyfriend turned to me and said shut Up you're playing with me I told him That he saw it with his own eyes by this Time we had passed the point where he Ran across the road into the forest so We stopped and turned around we drove Back to the point where we had Re-entered the forest and stopped Peering into the thick forest it became Too spooky for me and I drove off I Noticed where and when he chose to cross The road was very unique he waited until There were no cars except for ours which Caught him off guard just coming around The corner and where he crossed was flat It was the only place throughout the Woods that didn't have a little Hill on Either side of the highway some of the People I have told us to ask if it was a Bear but there's no way it could have Been a bear at the speed that this thing Ran My neighbor is a seasonal wildlife

Biological technician for Redwood National Park he has been working Several seasons doing spotted owl Surveys and is very familiar with local Wildlife one evening just before sunset He and his partner were walking with the Cage of six mice that had sat in the Same cage without being clean for three Or four days and it smelt too high hell They were several miles south of Bald Hills Road at about 2,000 feet up an Approximately 3,000 foot mountain an Extremely rugged and isolated terrain Several miles from the nearest logging Road after bushwhacking for about 30 Minutes heading downhill they stopped in Their tracks when they heard a large Branch snap there are a lot of bears and Mountain lions in the area and they are Familiar with the stocking cats the Creature was quick and agile like a cat But sounded heavier than a bear it also Sounded like it was walking on two legs They would hear it behind them and a Little later it would be way ahead of Them sometimes on the other side of them They figured it was crossing right Behind them and then passing them up on The other side by this time it was Getting dark in the forest late Twilight When my friends started looking over his Shoulder quite frequently it was at this Time that he saw a large dark animal – Across their trail on two legs he has

Seen the PG film and is familiar with Sasquatch and he says that it moved with The same motion just much quicker he Also noted it seemed a little thinner Than patty During the weekend of May 26th and 27th I was conducting a sound survey project With three other people near the town of Johnson and the Klamath River this area We were in had a sighting last year Around the month of July the place where We decided to set up was a recent Clear-cut that ran along the hillside it Was about a thousand feet wide and 1,200 Feet long on the edges were fir and oak Trees that developed a thick cover Running the width and centered and the Clear cut was our dirt road that the Local people and loggers used on a daily Basis it also provided us with a place To park and set up our sound equipment It also became base for our team from Our base looking down into the valley About two miles we could see the town of Johnson from our point we were about 1500 feet above the river in town just Prior to dusk I had two members climbed to the top of The clear-cut about a hundred and fifty Feet in elevation and about 300 feet Away from the base I did this so if Anything was to come closer to our base Camp they would have the best field of

Vision and with their night-vision Device would be able to determine what It was we also had to weigh portable Radios for the upper lookout in base Manny and myself continued to set up the Equipment and waited until nightfall Because I was scheduled to participate At 10:00 p.m. and a live broadcast with Jeff Rennes sightings program I was Ensuring that my bag cellphone was Working properly all the equipment Checked out other than the phone worked But had some static in the line at 9:40 We started the broadcast the sound Traveled very well and seemed to echo Forever the location we were at easily Helped the sound to travel well over Five miles from valley to ridge top and Saddle it covered a very large area very Happy with the sound we continued to Broadcast a few more times before the Sightings show started it was almost 10 P.m. with the Rang it was the sighting show this show Went fine for the first few minutes but The static was getting horrendous Cutting Jeff off completely at times About ten minutes into the show Jeff asked me to try and find another Location where the reception might be a Little better a commercial was playing At the time so I quickly contacted the Upper team and many and told them that I Had to move I started my vehicle and

Drove about 600 feet towards the tree Line I reconnected to the show and was Relieved that it was a better connection I was in this new location less than 15 Feet to the tree line with visibility Not over five feet into the trees I was Parked for a few minutes and heard what I thought was a bear charging me I am in A convertible with the window down not Much protection in anyone's mind I Looked for my revolver and it was gone I Must have forgot it with Manny when I Was in a hurry to get into a better Location i sat there for a second and Again I heard this charging that sounded Like a few feet away from me this time I Started my car and got on the radio and Told the upper team that I was moving Out because of something charging me in The bush Manny didn't have a radio as we Were together at base camp and had to Share – one for base and one for the Upper team I asked the upper team do you See anything and they were played no I Decided to wait it out as this thing Could expose itself to me although I Just realized that my camera was also With Manny the show continued on and I Would hear footfalls breaking branches And at least one grunt growl I kept Asking the upper team if they could see Anything and they kept saying no I at Least had a flashlight but didn't want To use it in fear that I would scare off

Whatever it was obviously I was becoming Very concerned for my safety not knowing What it was but I remained there on a Chance I might be able to see a Bigfoot Or at least see something I heard the Charging again and again and finally a Crackle in the radio John it's looking right at you Can't you see it it's about 25 feet away That bastard is huge my heart started Pounding fast and trying to carry on With this life program without sounding Distracted was even harder the other Upper team member confirmed what they Were looking at it was something that Was at least eight feet tall with Shoulders that were four feet across as I sat in my car cell phone to one ear And the other to the forest I could hear It charge again and that's when they Would say it went back into the trees This happened several times this Sighting went on for several minutes With the Squatch looking at me by moving Its body from side to side trying to get A better looks of the trees and brush it Was also observing moving its arms in a Quick motion as if signaling to others This whole incident from first charge Heard to the last tree branch breaking Lasted about 30 minutes it was by far One of the most intense moments in my Life that next day we did search the Area and found the soil disturbed where

The Squatch was spotted due to the soil Condition it did not allow any prints to Be left judging from a tree and stump in The area it was determined that it was At least 8 feet tall but closer to 9 Feet from the squatches point of view it Had several windows to look at me and by Moving its body from side to side it Would have a clearer view of my entire Vehicle and me At approximately 9:30 p.m. we were in The process of setting up our second Tent there were six of us in the party And maintaining the campfire when from Directly across the road in meadow we Heard a type of whistle her double whoop Sound try whistling with syllables wee Wee and it was immediately followed by a Very intense screech which I can only Compare to a bear cub in danger combined With the intensity of a hawk shriek one Of our younger members who's 15 insists That has sounded like a possessed woman Now I grew up in the mountains of Montana and am familiar with many Animals and their sounds and have never Heard anything like this in my life and Until this moment I have wondered what It was like to have the hairs on the Back of my neck stand on end I have Never felt this kind of reaction I Repeat never the sound sequence repeated Itself again followed by a third lone Screech immediately we panned the forest

Tree line with our flashlights with the Intent of at least seeing the reaction Of an animal's eyes nothing we must have Lighted the area for nearly ten minutes Followed the sound and still saw nothing As time wore on we began to relax and go About our business of finishing the tent Setup and dinner then at about 12:30 A.m. just past midnight with two of the Teenagers already asleep We again heard the whistle whoop Immediately followed by the screech but This time directly behind our campsite Up the slope near the picnic areas Amongst the trees again we panned the Area with lights I broke out the two Million candlepower gangbuster spotlight And it lit the night and still nothing No movement no eyes nothing after Painting around the entire area once Again I noticed movement on the road Towards the restrooms and we quickly Moved the light in that direction Walking across the road was a tiny Little grey fox or Kitfox Well for our needs that was our mystery Animal we We figured it yelped and then made that Nasty screech for some other reason Funny but that was enough confirmation For us and we went to bed for the night At approximately 5:30 a.m. three of us Woke up at the same time and after a Minute or two of silence we heard the

Whistle loop followed immediately by the Intense screech and this followed again By a lone screech but this time the Sound was only about 20 feet from our Tent as if it was standing directly on The paved road and next to our campsite We were all unnerved somewhat but agreed It's just that darn fox again and didn't Bother to jump up out of the video Cameras or spotlights I exchanged words With a person in the other tent not sure If this chased it away but we then heard The same whistle and screech again but Far off in the distance as if it were a Quarter-mile away this was the end of Our encounter the following morning we Checked the area for any signs of tracks And found nothing We also nearly walked the entire Circumference of the lakeshore searching For signs of any kind of anything and Got nothing I found a three-toed Footprint and a thirteen and a half inch Footprint sometime after 6:00 p.m. I Have plaster casts and footage of the Prints before I made casts out of them I fell asleep about 9:30 p.m. while Sleeping I was woken up to noises Outside of my tent The first noise I heard was leaves being Stepped on but I told myself it's Nothing a couple of times I began to Fall back asleep when I started to hear It again but this time it was louder and

Heavier the thing that started to get to Me and concerned me was the fact that I Had started to feel the vibration in the Ground every time that it took a step I Was facing stomach down when I woke up So I just laid there listening and all Of a sudden the noises stopped whatever Was out there was breaking branches on The ground and I also heard a couple of Branches breaking on the trees then the Noises started again By then I was starting to get scared Because for one thing I couldn't see Outside my tent and the other thing was That I was alone the noises stopped and I made up my mind to go outside so I Started to ins it the inside of the tent And as I did I tripped trying to get Outside by then I got up and turned on My flashlight spun around but seen Nothing and smelt nothing whatever was Out there didn't make any more noise but I knew whatever it was was still there I Would estimate the noise were less than 30 feet away Probably closer that's just how close it Was I then grabbed my tent ran with it to my Truck threw it in the back grabbed the Rest of my stuff and I was gone had been Riding horses with three other friends On the six-hour loop trail and stopped For lunch where the outhouse is located At the one-day trail junction we were

All sitting at the picnic table having Lunch and was hearing much crashing in The brush not unusual sounds for there Are elk everywhere in the park we did Notice however that a bear or something Had an awfully good time with the Outhouse toilet paper as it was strung All over the place we were all sitting There having lunch and I decided that I Wanted to go see where the elk or maybe See a big bowl so I got on my horse and Rode down to where I heard the noise and The trail is cut out on an old logging Road and a creek Crosses through a culvert to the other Side of the road and the water forms a Small pool before moving on down into The larger creek below I could not tell You how long I was sitting there on my Horse watching this creature not more Than 30 feet away trying to get a drink Of water out of the pool it was a Challenge as the sides to the pool were Fairly steep at first I thought it was a Man and then a monkey and at last my Brain registered what exactly I was Looking at then I seen the fingernail And it was black and human-like I was Looking at an adolescent possibly baby Bigfoot it never had a chance to turn And to look at As the horse I was on kept getting more And more upset the longer that I stayed There I ran back on my horse to my

Friends and told them in a stuttered Manner what I had seen just by the way I Was acting they knew something was up Because I have been in the woods on Horseback almost half of my life They immediately followed me back to the Area where I'd seen what I described as A young adolescent Bigfoot my friends Did not ever see the creature though but They heard it as it walked away and seen The ferns moving as it rustled through Them on its way down the hill to the Larger creek never heard any sounds from Him or her my friend was going to follow And I cautioned her because I believe That mom was close by the crashing and The brush we heard was not made by the Adolescent looking creature it was made By something much larger The creature was silver gray had medium Length hair like a bear black human like Fingernails human-like hands I seen its Thumbs was totally covered in hair from Top to bottom I never got to see its Face it was always looking down I never Have told anyone about the sighting and Made my friends promise not to say Anything for quite a while I explained That this was a young animal and to Allow me to get this close was an Experience and if I could get that close On a horse then someone could get that Close with a gun it was not that long After there was a news report about a

Son and a father seeing a Bigfoot cross The road near a local state park the News report was just within a couple of Weeks of my sighting but I still I kept My sighting to myself Saw a form walking upright at a distance Of 200 plus yards we were a little Excited but more like scared shitless There was enough light to just make out Whatever it was it was moving on two Legs We found word had gouged out the soft Earth on the stream it crossed no Discernible footprints but whatever made The gouge was big We had to wild-ass guess at the length Over 19 inches it was longer than the Tip of my extended fingers to my elbow The grass growing across the meadow Didn't allow for footprints but was Pressed down several hours later we Didn't follow the trail towards the Trees it had been watching us for around 15 minutes give or take five I was Asleep when my friend woke me up said he Heard something moving above us on the Exposed rock above our camp he had his 9-millimeter personal protection from The typical axe murderer you meet while Camping in hand and was a little wound Up we listened to it move around with The occasional skip like somebody was Jumping a short distance to another rock It moved behind us and then down into

The meadow that surrounded the stream we Were camping on we saw it cross the Stream and slip as it went across on the Other side it moved across the meadow at A quartering angle away from us and into The treeline we know it wasn't a bear we Had several run-ins with bears trying to Get our food cache at night in Yosemite Thought we would get away from the Crowds on his backpacking trip good call Huh once we calmed down we discussed What we think we saw we both came to the Same conclusion I know we did not Hallucinate our eyes had time to adjust Before we finally got a visual of it Moving across the meadow we stayed awake Until we had enough light to look the Area over quickly and then beat feet out Of there A friend and I went driving to camp an Organ on highway 199 in the fall of 1985 We didn't want to stay at a pace site so We pulled off on a side spur road in Dense forest and set up tent we had our Two malim you cross dogs of us who had Been by our sides and many backcountry Adventures as we set up our sleeping Bags in the tent the dogs began growling Very menacingly With the hair up full on their backs we Thought there might have been a bear Around and worried that they would take Off after it and be difficult to catch We left them outside anyway and crawled

Into our bags to sleep then the dogs Began whimpering and trying to call Their way into the tent we nervously let Them in and not long afterwards began to Hear howling first just one voice but Then followed by many voices I would Estimate that the sounds came from about A hundred yards away it was reminiscent Of hearing a coyote pack or a wolf pack But these were not canine voices they Ranged in pitch from childlike to adult Male and higher female voices it sounded Like a really loud frat party in the Middle of nowhere on a stormy blustery Night in the dark it sounded like the People were talking very loud but yet Howling at the same time I've had many Experiences hearing coyote packs and This was not what I heard I have no Further explanation we braved through The night and got the heck out of there In the morning the second experience I Had an avenue of the giants was the same Friend while we were hiking a trail There it was again the fall of 85 about A month later than the first we had a Map with us and decided to cut a loop Short by going cross-country to the Dense redwood forest not long after we Started the dog we had with us same as The one of the dogs previous lunge Doubtful on his leash and began dragging My friend up a steep incline we reached The top and noticed large foot shaped

Impressions maybe 14 to 18 inches long And 8 to 10 inches wide in the dark Low above us on the length of ground the Dog drug us through branches were Snapped off clean up to ten feet high on The trees we made our way back to the Main trail with no further incident You