5 Wartime Paranormal Encounters As Told By Soldiers

By | February 28, 2020
5 Wartime Paranormal Encounters As Told By Soldiers

The following accounts have been Submitted by military personnel these Stories are claimed to describe true Events I ask you to listen in good faith And decide for yourself what to believe My name is Tommy United States Navy Active duty this is a recounting of my Buddy’s experience during his United States military Corps 2013 operations in Iraq I remember the look on his and his Corporals faces when they returned back To base after a few hours and a few Rounds down the range he told me what Had happened His corporal ended up verifying his Story with his own experiences back in The chow hall these are his words Somehow we got turned around in the Iraqi desert our Patrol took us a few Too many klicks south from base camp Than I was comfortable with before we Knew it the six of us were wandering in A desert with no name and no point of Reference Thanks to cloud cover even the stars Didn’t shine that night our lead was Corporal mattes and the five of us were Giving him hell for getting us lost and He was starting to get angry he wasn’t Snapping back or nothin but that’s how He always was when his temper was Bubbling it was kind of scary at times After about an hour of walking and

Talking we caught a lucky break the Clouds were breaking up and the distant Scenery came into view desert nothing But desert sand and a pathetic looking Hut about 50 yards east from our Position Lieutenant corporals Dominick and Hernandez scouted ahead to secure the Structure while corporal mattes and Private Marcus brown and I covered them From the closest June a few minutes After entering we got the all-clear Coming into the building we could see There wasn’t much left of it there was One solid Wolffe facing southeast the rest of them Were only half of a wall each and the Single corner of the northernmost wall The remaining wars were pockmarked and There were dark brown stains on the Rubble and walls the roof was mostly Intact except for the six foot wide home Mats and Marcus were looking them over While Dominick was scoping out the Distance making sure we weren’t in Someone’s backyard or something like That it’s blood old but it’s blood Matt Said as he clicked off his light and Wiped his hands on his sleeve Marcus was poking his fingers into the Holes in the walls Shrapnel he announced probably mortar Fire we didn’t know how whoever had been There before got killed hunkering down

Was not an appealing prospect but Matt’s Made the call we were to take turns Standing fire watch Matt’s first then Hernandez dent Marcus Dom then Brown once it was bright Enough to see we would head out once the Law was passed we started settling down It felt like only a few minutes before I Woke up to a bright light in my face and Hernandez nudging my shoulder in a few Minutes I was leaning against a wall Staring out at an empty desert the night Air was so dark I could just barely make Out the difference between sand and sky The clouds reformed blocking any Moonlight from passing through I would Have been creeped out back home but this Was common here the only sounds to be Heard were from the rest of us asleep a Few feet away huddled together to keep Warm Thinking back on it now all those sounds Were kind of dull to like the sound Didn’t have any echo no meat behind it It was about an hour into my watch when I almost jumped out of my skin the sound Of footsteps they were coming from Around the southern corner but still far Enough off not to be an immediate threat Readying my rifle I took cover behind The corner and peeked over Nothing maybe it was just wind and sand Maybe I was too tired just as I was Starting to calm down there was a pat on

My left shoulder I would have shouted But once I saw him I was more relieved Than anything else it was just another Marine just one in battle rattle his Face was about a foot from mine as he Put his fingers to his lips and shushed Me stay quiet boot he said get everyone Up and get your stuff we have rescue on The way rescue for a moment I forgot we Were lost on Patrol the marine got up And walked around the southeastern wall Seemingly to make a call on his radio I Started waking everyone up telling them Or what just happened Matt’s walked completely around the Southeastern wall and back again He looked annoyed there was no one there He said in so many words Matt’s got close to me really close I Told him to calm down he just walked Behind the wall I said pointing to the southeastern wall Matt’s glanced back and forth between me And that hole riddled southeastern wall He changed from annoyed to confused his Tone changed and he directed Brown with His finger to follow him everyone got Their rifles and kneeled in a circle as Matt’s and brown flanked the wall they Walked around it and found nothing but Each other and their footprints they Came back swearing under their breaths At me Marcus nudged my shoulder once we All stood down you sure you saw that

Marcus eyed me up I guess checking my Face for fatigue he must have thought I Looked tired as sure as you see me after That it was determined that my watch was Done I was too tired I nodded and agreed As Marcus took over as I settled down For the night I wondered if what I had experienced was Real the others moaned as we all huddled Up I was out in seconds comfortable with Marcus watching over us Soon enough I was woken up by everyone Scrambling to their feet and grabbing Their gear markers shuffled up to me as I sat up Dense that marine you saw what did he Look like was he in a vest did he get His name see his face Marcus machine-gunned questions at me he Was shaken up yeah he had a five o’clock Shadow white guy older looking like Mid-thirties name did you get his name No I answered as I stuffed my sleeper Into my rug Marcus told me that he had Seen him too his head was swiveling Around nervous I was freaked out now Mats was doing a headcount when Dominic Said loud enough for all of us to hear Let’s go let’s go were moving out as we Started walking I saw Dominic reach down And pick up something in the sand near The southeastern war I knew that clink he shone his light on His find dog tags I could tell that from

The glint – we doubled time to the dunes And tried to see where we needed to go The sky was a little brighter now with Pending daybreak Matt’s managed to get a Radio signal and called in our statuses About a half hour later we saw our first Helo overhead than an hour after that The Humvees reached us once back at base We were debriefed and had to make Reports on how we got lost and anything We may have experienced mine must have Been a couple of pages front and back But I doubt it all made it up to the Combat operations centre Marcus and Dominic came up to me in a smoke pit Later that day what they shared with me Made the hair on my arms and neck stand On end Marcus told me about the sound of Footsteps the Pat’s on his shoulder Then the Marines so close he could smell The day-old stink on his breath he told Me he was told the same exact thing I Was told and saw the exact thing I saw Down to the South Eastern War if that Wasn’t crazy enough there was more Dominic nudged Marcus’s side lightly Urging him to share the rest Marcus swallowed hard Before he spoke again I asked around he Told me there was a four man Patrol About three weeks ago that was recovered In that very house he said it so quietly I had to repeat one word recovered as in As in there remains Dominick answered

With his hands in his pockets a Marine Corps no no I cracked a smirk they were Messing with me right I had to ask But they didn’t budge I could almost Hear the deafening boom sound that comes Right after earth-shaking revelations in Movies and TV shows they both shook Their heads after almost a minute of Awkward silence Markus pulled a piece of Paper out of his left leg pouch it was Folded in four but still fresh he handed It to me and asked if this was the Marine I saw it was I asked Marcus if he Had seen him too I immediately realized That asking him was pointless because I Already knew the answer he answered with A single nod Dominic then pulled his Right hand out of his pocket and turned His palm up showing the dog tax he had Found his name was Jeremy P Roberts Sergeant he and his men had been taken Out in that house blown apart by mortar Fire the enemy was never neutralized so They could still be out there Marcus and Dominic were done I was sick to my Stomach the guys walked away again after An awkward silence I had chills in 110 Degree heat the next day we got word That hours after we all bugged out of There the house was hit with more towers Again this time it was leveled when I Heard the news I got weak I have served twice in Afghanistan once With operation slipper and once an

Operation highroad I was attached to a Light armored vehicle or lav unit that Was serving in the sandpit military Slang for Afghanistan and I was just Doing my job I was not Special Forces or anything Special at all I was just a truckie Doing transport jobs bringing food and Water and ammo and moving people around When needed I was a corporal at the time Doing a sergeants job and really Enjoying doing what I had trained for Then one cold Monday I was told that we Had to do a run to a levees and three Bushmasters trucks and as usual I was Keen to go just to get off the base but Also so I could ser went outside the Wire as some soldiers never do we left At zero 5:30 hours this annoyed me a Little as the Sun would be in our eyes As it came up and would make identifying Possible IEDs improvised explosive Devices a little harder the only Consolation was that we would be on a Route that was well known to all and as Such was deemed safe well seifish we Were 3/4 of the way through the convoy When the lead lav stopped and pulled off The road the concrete on the right side Of the drain looked as though it had Been replaced this was very suspicious So we backed up about 300 meters I got Out and we all stood there for a moment Trying to decide what was the best

Course of action it was then that the IAD in the concrete’s detonated it was a Huge explosion it sent pieces of debris In every direction a rock the size of a Five-cent piece blew through my front Left side just below my chest rig and Exited out my lower back taking some of My spine with it fortunately not the Spinal cord just some of the bone it was A strange sensation painful yes but I Was not to panic I knew I had been hit with something in The front but I could not feel any pain In my back at all so I did not think it Was that bad at the time after a second Or two I could not stand due to the pain In my lower front Needless to say my blokes went into Overdrive once I fell down and they saw The blood the medic showed up and did His bit then the chopper picked me up And I was taken to hospital this is Where things started to get weird once The medical staff started taking my Clothes off the pain really kicked in And I was told later they gave me a drug Called ketamine this killed the pain but Straightaway I could see a bloke who Looks like a heavyset african-american Soldier he was wearing early kit the old Haitch harness and desert camp but no Helmet or weapon every room I was put in For days afterwards this bloke was there Sometimes standing in the corner or

Sometimes standing besides me just Looking at me I asked the nurse once who He was but she just looked at me as Though I were a weirdo she quickly Checked my IV and left after the third Day of this I found my courage and asked Him his name and this scared the hell Out of me he actually answered he said His name was Brian Harris or Davis I’m Not quite sure which for some reason I Couldn’t understand the last name Properly he was with me for about a week And then I never saw him again a strange Story don’t you think but he is the real Kicker I was an Australian soldier and I Have never served with all met an African-american soldier well until that Point I simply have no idea who that man Was where he came from or where he went I was a five-level aircraft mechanic on Kc-135 refueling jets my enlistment Began as planes returned from the first Gulf War and stateside duties it was a Mess and we knew it but we did not stop Our job for dirt or odors or for the Plane loads of medical conditions that May have flown with it we thought Nothing of the hazards what I can only Describe as weirdness began in 1991 I Was a younger man eager to volunteer and Follow all orders I emptied the uranos Which overflowed and spilled on me Within an hour my trainer and I did not Look so good our hair had gone to a

Shade of black and our skin as white as Paper other than this we were normal However before too long strange things Began to happen we started experiencing Problems with the Jets entry hatch Leaving it closed the night before would Sometimes find it open the next morning Items also began to move by themselves Despite needing a human hand to do it None of us had done this we assumed that Someone must be sneaking over the fence At night but why would someone put Themselves at risk to cause such silly Mischief as far as acts of espionage go Opening and closing a hatch or moving an Object here or there is more peculiar Than effective unable to explain it any Other way We even requested the security police to Check on the plane in the middle of the Night Eventually we began to suspect that a Fellow crew member was playing a joke as We completed the easier tasks we finally Got into the hangar to fix some more Serious problems and conduct deeper Inspections we decided would replace the Floor ourselves the old plane used Plywood painted special each screw was Put in by hand by three of us it was Very tedious work with many men Screws this was when the first bolt Disappeared without explanation the bolt Was related to the pilot’s seat our lead

Trainer was at this chore he was clearly Disturbed and very upset when the bolt Went missing claiming it had disappeared When his back was turned a peculiar Noise was associated with the event he Described hearing what sounded like a Piece of metal hitting a hard surface With something loose attached such a Noise was not possible at the location Of his work there was nothing that could Make that sound the bolt was never found Strange things always happened around That plane I had a wrench that kept Going missing and would show up in Mysterious places the chrome had worn Off meaning the color of this particular Tool looked like none of the other Wrenches in the same set there was no Way I could confuse it for another Whenever it would go missing and turn up Somewhere else I would laugh and think I Was playing a joke on myself somehow 12 Years later I continued to shrug off the Strange wrench and all I had experienced Whilst working on that plane until Working under my vehicle one day I was Adding a bolt and turned around to grab The wrench that was playing tricks when I heard a peculiar noise my back was to The bolt that was waiting to be Tightened as I heard the sound of metal Hitting a hard surface on the ground and Something loose attached to it I turned Around to tighten the bolt but it was

Gone it disappeared while my back was Turned not only that the bolt has Already been in its location loosely Fastened with the nut already threaded By hand it had disappeared entirely Seemingly stolen by someone who would Have had to have unbolted at first I was Also working on a dirt driveway there Was no hard surface to create the noise I heard I again tried to shrug it off but this Time I was unable to stop myself Remembering the old kc-135 and my Trainers missing bolt a friend I told The story to suggested that the chrome Of the bolt may have somehow reacted With my hands my hands have after all Been on some hazardous duties in their Time when I got home I cleaned up and Filled my coffee cup from the cabinet And put it in the microwave when I Pulled the cup out there was a noise at The bottom I wiggled the cup and Realized there was something in it to my Shock and awe as I dumped out my coffee There was a chrome bolt in the bottom I Was instantly moved to shock and nearly Tears this paranormal event along with The others I experienced has never been Deciphered I was relieved to learn my Plane went to junk 12 years ago in 2008 I was an infantryman for the US Army Assigned to 1st squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment we deployed to guard a city

Impact iya province Afghanistan in 2014 There there were some historical areas Destroyed by the enemy that dated back To Alexander the Great Including a castle on August 22nd around 2 a.m. myself and a close friend were on Tower guard duty we were trying to stay Awake when we both started seeing Movement in the construction site Outside of the Hesco barrier it was Rapid too fast for natural movement even For animals as I went for the radio to Call up the sergeant of the guard the Radio traffic lit up from the other Towers calling in the same thing fast Moving shadows and strange noises my Friend man the machine gun and I posted Up on the sandbags ready for a fight When the sergeant of the guard began Giving instructions he simply said stand Down and told us there was nothing on The cameras we were ordered to stand by For confirmation from bandit 6 our Company commander who never worked on Late night shifts a couple of minutes Passed before the radio chimed up again It was bandit 6 do not stand down we Were ordered keep post and ready only Engage if you are being engaged We kept post until daybreak four hours Later with a sore back and tired eyes my Friend and I heard a bang on the door Behind us it was the sergeant of the Guard to relieve us what was strange was

He was not in full kit but just his Weapon he stated that his appearance was In a sense the stand down my friend was The first to leave the tower then myself As the new guards were manning the tower We met at the debrief station and all Tower guards submitted a written report Of what had taken place earlier that Night we all agreed that something was Wrong the count totaled over 60 Movements a far larger force than what The enemy in the area could have Mustered in a short time for a rapid Test of the forward operations bases Defense or for an assault unable to Explain it otherwise we tried to brush It off claiming that it must have just Been the wind rushing to the west the East Kicking up dust and debris a few hours Later after a few hours of sleep We were awoken by our squad leader and Told to gather in our makeshift smoke Pit it was then that the news was broken To us roughly around the time I had Started seeing movements while stunts Our guard duty a friend of mine had Taken his own life he was found in one Of the bunkers that we used to hide from Mortar and other indirect fire I tried To keep my bearings for the job we had At hand but after a few days of mourning I needed to speak with someone I sought Out our chaplain after he gave me some

Advice he asked me something peculiar Had I seen anything strange that night I Told him of the events that had Transpired and he grew quiet He stated that what we had seen were the Songs of those who had suffered over the Centuries he told me the story of the History of the valley we were in and of The number of painful deaths that had Taken place there leaving those songs to Claim others who suffered a similar fate I was shocked what he told me continues To stick with me since then I have been Told to call what I saw that night Shadow people those who suffer and Wonder to feed off those who suffer as Well I really am not sure how to say how I Feel about this it changed all of our Lives that I know I’ve been deployed Twice in my eight years in the Corps They were very different once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq the Experience I’m about to describe Happened 12 years ago but I still dream About it and think about how it just Couldn’t have been real I had been in Theater for about three months I hadn’t even been a Marine for much More than a year everything began as Normal as any other deployment could be For that time this was in 2008 when Things were a lot more active after About two months I was selected for a

Special duty so I was excited I was Tanning pretty much anyone who could Listen as I was being sent to garrison An important observation post turns out Someone I told was there a few months Before and broke it to me that it was Just a few huts in a fence on a hill in The middle of the mountains with only Very very small very very rural villages Nearby some so rural They had no electricity I was pretty Bummed but they didn’t have long to Complain as they wanted 28 of us to Leave in two days to the post there was A whole lot of stupid paperwork and Meetings more paperwork safety briefs And yet more meetings and more paperwork I was relieved when we finally left in The early morning the drive there was Pretty uneventful we had a few IEDs Scares that were pretty much nothing it Was just a long and boring Drive the Post we arrived at was small five Buildings and a high fence in the middle Of a very large Hill on top of a flat Spot on a mountain on the far side of The hill there were some old ruins mud Brick squares and deep holes this was Easily the highest point in a 100 Kilometer area we were replacing 17 guys Who were cycling out There were only 32 people when we Arrived 12 of which were only there for A few days to rest as soon as we

Unloaded we were pulled aside by the Warrant officer in charge of the Observation post a Warrant Officer being See a commanding officer of a post is Different not unheard of but uncommon he Poured us into his office and closed the Door he said that this was a staging Area for various special operation Groups he told us that they come in to Rest and resupply for operations in the Area he also ordered us not to talk to Them do not listen in on them and do not Harass them they need rest and time as They do a lot after a few days we Settled into a routine of looking Watching cleaning and going on small Patrols to check the nearby villages we Received supplies every five days or so That was pretty much the only Interaction we had with the outside World guys were coming in and out Several times a week sometimes in Vehicles sometimes in helicopters and Even once on horses sometimes they were In uniform other times they were dressed Like locals sometimes they came in the Middle of the night sometimes in the Middle of the day there was no pattern Other than they never stayed longer than Two days and it was very rare they would Interact with any of us we began hearing Rumors from the men who had been Stationed there for a while about how CIA operators came in once in a blue

Moon We also heard stories of how a lot of The Special Ops guys were here for Psychological warfare things like Messing up corpses killing livestock Burning down villages that harbored Suspected insurgents and things like That but these were just rumors no one Ever saw the results of their suspected Work about two and a half weeks in 24 Guys showed up in large armored SUVs They didn’t seem like the usual guys They never ate at the same time as us And avoided us all the time when they Would talk to each other they would do So in really soft whispers as far away As they could get from us sometimes they Got into the SUVs and drove out of the Wire about a hundred meters and just sat There in a line in the middle of the Road for a while and then came back the Really odd part was that they stayed six Days no one had ever had anyone stay That long that wasn’t permanent Personnel rumors once again started Making the rounds of how they had to be Contractors for the CIA one morning when I was taking my post I noticed they were Gone not a trace nothing was left and They said nothing to anyone Later in the day 17 of us and one Interpreter were pulled into the Briefing room and told about an Informant who had been giving us

Information about a small village about 11 kilometers away patrols in the area Said the villagers were complaining About us killing their goats to steal Their skins villages always do things Like that trying to get money or stuff From us yet This was a little different there were Reports of the women and children Leaving the area that morning and going To other villages and towns in the area Since no one was around they wanted us To go out and check out what was going On we left the next morning at 0 for 15 Hours the road up the mountain to the Village was a single lane dirt track Hardly wide enough for our Humvees about Half a klick out we got out and split up With six of us on overwatch the rest of Us twelve of us were to walk into the Village and see what was going on the Village was on top of a small mountain For the area kind of in a big bowl into The top of the mountain it reminded me Of a volcano as we approached our radio Started acting up most of us heard Static but very very faint you could Hear voices a lot of voices all talking At the same Time you could just about to hear them But couldn’t make out what they were Saying only four of us heard it the Other 14 had nothing on their radios This freaked us out we were all on the

Same Channel and all our radios were Encrypted no one but Marines in the area Had the encryption so no one should have Been able to broadcast or listen it Lasted about a minute before overwatch Came over the comms in a panic they said Three of them heard voices and the sound Of clinking metal then all of a sudden They heard guttural deep screams of many People then mid scream he just cut off Then nothing We figured it might be Special Ops guys In the AO the area of operations messing With us Pranks were after all super common stuff Like cheap fireworks thrown into the Head while someone was using it or Spiders captured and put into people’s Foot lockers but nothing ever on patrol Patrol was something serious something We all take very seriously this was a Dangerous time to be in the country and We didn’t want to mess around and get Someone killed as we got closer it Happened again this time eight of us Heard it there were so many voices but Very little static this time it was on My headset too it was hard to make out Any of what they were saying as I swear I heard someone speaking in Russian our Overwatch again heard it too but none of Them could identify what was being said One claimed they heard Arabic one said Persian and one said Greek one heard

Latin and the others said it was almost A mix of English and something they Couldn’t identify we were all freaked Out and called back to base they said The radios picked up on their end but Heard nothing they told us to continue To objective When we finally arrived at the small Village we found 11 small buildings with Around 40 people living there walking Down the middle of the village we Noticed there was a thin trail of blood From the gate it stopped in a small Puddle almost dead center of the village Soon after we walked into the front gate Three military-aged males popped out From behind a building and began opening Fire we all rushed to cover I ran into a Small house it had a two to three foot Tall wall around it as soon as I turned The corner a man stepped out of the House no more than three meters from me With an ache a pointed in my direction He yelled something and fired at me I Dropped to the floor and fired a bunch Of rounds at him in panic to hit him in The chest making a wet slapping thud he Dropped like a rock someone else was Firing in my direction so I ran to hide Besides the house I heard his wet Wheezing gargled final breaths after all Was said and done we put down eight men And critically wounded two more that was My first kill I was shaking like a leaf

I felt sick to my stomach and everything Felt foggy in my head I puked three Maybe four times for the next hour after We cleaned up and reported what happened A cleanup crew came four hours later Another squad from another posting went To one of the other villages and brought Back some of the women they said they Had to carry them as they refused to go Back they were terrified Our interpreter began helping us Question them all four women told the Same story the morning the day before as Everyone was beginning their day just as The Sun was rising a person covered in Blood Walked up to the village after being Alerted by some of the women yelling the Men grabbed their arms many of whom had Very old unique muskets as the bloody Man came closer Saw he wasn’t entirely bloody at this Point in the women’s stories our Interpreter had to consult with a Translator from another unit he looked Puzzled He asked the women again about what they Had seen all the women were being Questioned separately in different Houses so there was no hearing what the Others were saying even so they all said The same thing the man had no skin According to their descriptions his Flesh was bloody raw muscle he had no

Eyes and no muscle on his lower jaw it Just hung there wide open with a no Tongue his belly was slit and his guts Were almost falling out he was breathing In a raspy groaning moaning sort of way He walked with slow jerky unnatural Movements his head swinging all around Slow uneven steps that looked like his Knees would buckle under his weight with Each step the men began firing at him They said he didn’t even slow down he Didn’t even flinch as chunks of him went Flying when he reached the centre of the Village he let out a wet deafening Unnatural scream some of the men began Bending from their ears and eyes then Collapsed the flayed man just vanished Just disappeared in a red mist the men Who foul were gone – no footprints in or out no trace but For the thin trail of blood we were all Shaken by that story everyone said it Was just the women trying to scare us Out the area because we had killed some Of their men it wasn’t possible as we Were walking back to our vehicles I was In front with the overwatch crew talking To them about what had happened with the Radios and the stories when we ran Across a horse in the middle of the road It was a white and tan horse its legs Cut off flush to the belly and its head Twisted upside It was perpendicular to the road so we

Could only see it on one side it was Sitting up balanced on its belly with Its head contorted and sticking up there Was no blood anywhere around it We stopped spread out and called the Rest of the men fearing it was an IEE d The other squad had some bomb experience Tech’s with them We followed SOP standard operating Procedure and checked it all out the Sun Was already beginning to set as we Slowly approached it we noticed some Arabic letters carved into its flank There was also a one and a half metre Long shot of a broken mirror shoved into Its side when we finally reached it we Slowly surrounded it while keeping an Eye to the hills we saw the side facing Away from the village was perfectly Flayed not a single shred of skin left In that half not a cut into the meat we Were all pretty freaked out now we Called it in and they had us take Pictures and document everything we Finally asked our interpreter what the Writing said he shook his head and said He wasn’t sure as it was written in a Very off way kind of like really old Arabic only it wasn’t even Arabic words But Persian he said he thought it meant Look look don’t look When we finally got back we went and Debriefed the co was quiet and listened Intently as we told what had happened

When we were done he sat there in a long Silence after what felt like half an Hour he said forget it you’re all tired And shocked first contact can play Tricks on a mind he told us that no Native would kill a horse in this area As they were far too valuable finally he Told us not to spread what we had seen Around warning us that we didn’t want People questioning our mental fitness For duty then he stood up and calmly Dismissed us before walking out we filed No paperwork no documentation no Anything We were all freaked out not one of us Slept for the next three days we didn’t Bathe or shave in that time our CEO Didn’t push us letting us recover we Assumed we were finally told to shower And shave on the third day we could only Shower in groups of four I was in the Second group of four standing outside The showers when we all heard a shouting From the baths we rushed in and they Were all as white as ghosts they refused To look at the mirrors after calming Them down we finally got it out of them That all of them had saw a flayed man in The mirror where their faces should have Been thinking that they were just still A bit shaken up we moved them on and Took our showers I was the first one Done and went to shave when out the Corner of my eye I saw something red I

Didn’t want to seem crazy like the last Four so I did not say anything but every Time I looked in the mirror he was there In the corner of the room sometimes Facing me sometimes with his back turned Everyone said the same thing they either Saw his face over there or in the corner Of the room we tried to rationalize it By saying that maybe this was all the Special ops guys playing mind games with People in the area You know the rumoured psychological Warfare stuff maybe the CIA was trying To keep us out of the area unofficially Or something when resupply day came the CEO said our replacements were inbound We were ordered to pack up and leave With the trucks it was only the 17 of us Who left the interpreter went home soon After we got back that day We only spoke to each other in whispers When we got back to the base finally Agreeing not to talk about it as it Couldn’t have really happened after Another two months I ran into one of our Replacements and asked how it went at The post asking if anything weird or Cool had happened there he told me that It was mostly quiet but the one village Several days after he arrived was Abandoned so they sent some people to Check it out they found all the Livestock had been killed some missing Parts and some with skin missing from

Areas three women were found dead in one Of the locked buildings half rotted with No eyes tongues or lips they figured They killed themselves and nature and Wildlife had taken the soft parts of That deployment three were killed in an AED two was severely injured the Interpreter was found and killed with His entire family several weeks later Four took their own lives after Returning home within the next three Years I can’t help but think it was God Punishing us that day in that messed up Place we ended the lives of eight and Injured two now of the 18 of us eight Were gone and two were severely disabled We all grew separate after we got home And got out of the Marines to this day I Still dread looking in mirrors I visit a Barber once a week to shave me I have no mirrors in my home when I’m Somewhere around a mirror I try to avoid It all I can but when I do glance I Still see him in the corner of my vision I don’t know if this is all Psychological the effects of the story And the first time I had to defend Myself or if it is something really Supernatural in my dreams I still see That blood trail in any room I see the Women crying and I see the man on the ground Wheezing his final breaths but most of All I see the flayed man there in the

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