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Good evening folks unwelcome trailing a Date now I hope you’re all sitting down For this because I feel like I need to Come clean it’s been on my mind for a While now and a few of the youtubers Have noticed and yeah it’s it’s time to Confess so if for anybody has been with The channel for a while now they’ll have Seen that after I used to debunk Security 10 quite frequently some of my Biggest videos you know nearly 50,000 Views her and the gone you know that They are gone and it’s the reasons Behind it has been financial so I don’t Have to explain this it’s gonna be hard But I’m gonna show you there is a good Friend of mine To be fair he’s he’s caught me Red-handed I’m just gonna play his clip Then I’ll be back with you okay I’ll be Sat down and alien edits just removed Was debunked on security and certainly He’s got my donation and his patreon so I’m not too sure what’s going on there But it’s quite as suspicious as you know As we found out Twila pays off people to Stop debunking him or remove content on Them but now Tyler’s money has been Killed hopefully he won’t bet afford to Pay everybody five hundred bucks each or Thirty bucks each or fifty bucks each so First off Mavis we’re gonna call be out There Channel Mavis for this video okay I don’t know why you’re just figures

Funny um I’ve got thirty seven dollars Going to my pay To account each month from five very Generous people that all of which I’m Going to leave the names here or what One because he would like to remain Anonymous because he’s proper Tyler but Yeah 37 dollars I you know I don’t come that Cheap you know it’d take at least 500 oh By the way if anybody would like to get My patreon up to 500 and piss Mavis off A little bit more than I won’t leave the Link to the patreon in the description Below if not you know thumbs up at the Video and a share out would do I need More video sharing out I know I don’t Upload every single day but you know I Need to get this channel out there the Out there channel yes Why did you know Mavis if you really Want it to know the reason the reasons Why the videos the security in ten Videos are not there anymore then you Know all you needed to do was ask and You know I would have told you that Tyler may have paid me off secure teen Ten approached me over a year and a half Ago now when my little boy was first Born And we had a bit of a debate friendly Ish He was asking why I debunk him so many Times and I just said look if you didn’t

Put out so many videos that can debunk Then I wouldn’t debunk them and then we Got a talking as human beings we had a Bit of a laugh I I thought you know what Let’s try it on the other side for a Little bit let’s try not to be so Negative so I I remember third phase of Moon was approaching 500,000 subscribers And they got to 500,000 subscribers I Did a little dance for them in my living Room [Applause] You know it’s probably all known videos That might come back to haunt me And then I did a video that was title I Think was something like third phase of Moon verses security and tell us Something like that I did a few of her Videos that was speaking about Tyler and Third phase in kind of a nice way I Wasn’t been as much of a dick and what Was happening this must subscribe Account was going up but then he was Going back down I thought am I losing These people because I’m speaking well Of security in ten and third phase room Probably um but then I watched the Videos and thought there’s no reason for Anybody to kind of unsubscribe just Because I said what I said because I Wasn’t I was being that man in the Middle you know so I thought what could It be

And then I realized because I started to Get a lot of comments on my old security In ten debunks and you know if you know YouTube which I’m sure everybody knows His feature on the right hand side There’s featured videos the suggestions For you to watch Well my secure team ten debunks were Coming up on my kind of videos were There were a little bit mentioning Tyler In a positive nature okay so what was Happening is these security ten fans Were coming on subscribing and then There was gay deeply offended and Insulted when they saw the day bunk so They was bugger enough again so I was Kind of like what am I doing here Like I made the decision just do pissed So there you go that’s what I did I Enlisted the videos simple as that And if you want to know why now every Single video is unlisted well that Happened around about Christmastime when Tyler was going through what he’s going Through now okay so I didn’t want to Bring any more negativity to that man’s Life so I decided to own list every Single video so every single security in Ten debunk is unlisted on the channel Even the ones that are just falling for The time being because I don’t think he Needs this right now I don’t think he Needs any more drama in his life I don’t Know there’s a lot of people doing

Videos about this would probably bring Some drama his way um but I made it very Clear at Christmastime in fact I got the The mug shot first before any of you so If you’re all arguing over who got what First it was me not that it matters Because I didn’t do anything with it Because I thought you know why it’s not Right for me to speak about this Mother’s life I don’t want to be the one That puts a video out you know his Little boy comes home from school and Says dad one of my friends have shown With this video about you you know so if You want to know why the security in ten Videos are gone That’s why Mavis you can choose to Believe what you want I really don’t Give a monkey’s toss but anyway about The about my interviews that you you Feel like you need to criticize and Alien Eric is a player now as we know And he has guests on that’s believe in Everything as well and what’s that guy’s Name he has on please him the bits ball Which was thrown out in the trash boy You know Hynek is a ball well well I got Dented in the basement apparently got Buffed out it’s just like a normal Aluminum ball that you can buy for wine Industry they use it in the pipes as a Check valve for a pressure of the oil But yeah I’m sorry you feel this way Mavis you know I I cherish every guess

That I get on this show by all means you Are welcome to come on if you want to Come and debate with me you can do Osvaldo frankly that so you talk about About the debts fear yeah he’s a great Guest and he probably knows a lot more About UFOs than you that’s not sorry but It’s not pissed you off a little bit Just a tiny bit tiny tiny bit I say it Hasn’t that’s fine but I just feel like I’m out of here nerve there but yeah oz Knows a hell of a lot about UFO you Ethology you know you might always get It right Eva but you know you’re safe he Hasn’t and you may be on about Ronnie Dawson I don’t know the guy personally You know he’s I like to interview Interesting people the speaking of in Interviewing people there is an Interview coming out where I interview a Flat earther though we did stay in the Video that in the end II wasn’t a fly Offer he believed that the earth is Visibly flat called himself sigh man Down a science man there’s nothing Scientific about him at all if you were To sit down a scientist and say watch This guy and and explained to me what Scientific is about anything about him At all about his approach about his Arguments about anything about Simon Dance in the slightest bit scientific But do you think some people might say That about certain flat earth channels

That present the science to you Interesting little interview coming up But yeah The out their Channel ladies and Gentlemen a little bit bitter but you Know Mavis don’t get bitter get better Okay yeah people I am alienate make sure You like share and subscribe If you would like to consider becoming a Patreon so that Tyler doesn’t have to Give me any more money it would be great I will leave the link below also I like To have a little bit of a chat with my Patrons sometimes they help me out with The videos and give me ideas yeah good Night god bless mind the books stop by