6 BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS – EPISODE #005 – What Lurks Beneath

By | February 20, 2020
6 BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS - EPISODE #005 - What Lurks Beneath

I am the manager of the visitor center At Jedediah Smith redwood State Park During the winter of 2001 to 2002 my Family and I were the camp hosts at the Park and lived in the park full-time one Evening in mid December of 2001 I and my Two children ages 11 and 10 were in our Travel trailer reading when we heard a Sound that made us cower it was Something between a human cat call and a Cow mooing a kind of ahoo That just echoed through the woods I Have served as a naturalist for the California State Park System I have Hiked the woods of California all my Life and I have never heard anything Like this before I have heard bear mountain lion and elk And this was nothing like those what Impressed us was most is how loud it was We have heard groups of humans in the Campground whooping and hollering and Their noise level was not even close to This we were inside of a travel trailer That had windows closed up and the noise Was clear and strong we estimated that It had to have come just across the Smith River from the campground I Decided to make this report after Hearing what seemed to be the same kind Of sound on a recent rerun of sightings New to the area in July 2005 I had been Traveling from Crescent City California Over the paths of highway 199 weekly to

Grants Pass Oregon and back and now in The winter of 2006 it was two times Weekly my wife had not joined me and we Were separated and I was attending Counseling classes in Medford Oregon we Had about five children and I and my son Living with me and he was back at home He was about 13 this particular night I Was delayed on my return from Medford to The evening usually arriving back in Crescent City around 12:15 a.m. it is Roughly an hour from the tunnel to Arrive in either Crescent City or Brookings Oregon where I live now I had Stopped at the bug station and rested Because I was delayed at my return Sitting with the heater on and in the Engine idling and doors locked the Little phone booth Shack for inspections There now was not there yet after Closing my eyes about 40 minutes I'm Guessing like 1225 a.m. I was rested and Awake to get going back to Crescent City I used my high beams because it is so Dark through there and everybody does it Because like signaling any opposite Traffic of your whereabouts Everyone is usually polite to lower them Upon the distance closing I left the Tunnel and traveled down the hill and Began the series of s turns through the Pass it's like a canyon and runs Adjacent to various sections of the Smith River I was slowing through the

Second s turn and was watching my Headlights and the shadows of the Roadside barriers as they were casting The shadows in the trees along the river My truck was an older Chevy dually with A small diesel and it was not a Powerhouse like the newer ones I was Just cruising with the turns and taking My time it had a shell with an 8 foot Bed and it was used by a retired couple To tow their trailer so it was kind of Slow the lights are low to the ground And when the high beams are on They got further and up higher you can Be seen by anyone else and they can see You from a ways off as I rounded the Turn and was approaching the end of the Turn while watching my high beams Shadows of the barricade up in the trees I noticed this big dark shadow cast in The trees from my lights as I rolled Along and my lights lit up a giant Creature walking along the opposite side Going against traffic facing away from Me I said to myself oh [ __ ] and was very Excited the next part of the turn was Coming up right away and I immediately Thought to turn around to see its face I Knew it was a Bigfoot and wanted to see Its face but I was too close still to Maneuver around and go the other way and The turn was too shallow a thousand Things went through my mind what does he Look like don't turn around yet

What if he's hostile he'll beat at my Truck don't turn around here the logging Trucks fly through there and my slow Diesel would have to do a three-point Turn around or more to possibly get T-boned I was excited but also a bit Scared this is amazing I kept telling Myself not yet don't turn around here I Kept looking for spots along the road to Turn around even a little room because I Really wanted to see its face the mix of A being late a tight turning Canyon Being afraid and also excited I was Bewildered a little what do I do Almost immediately it was now the small Fast s turns very narrow but lead to the Narrow passage it is an extremely tight Through there and you could see the tree Hanging off the cliff above the roadway In the daytime and this leads to the Resort at Patrick's Creek Lodge as I Passed I was still shaken up and thought What to do no one will believe me as I Passed little Jones Creek I decided to Forget about turning around because one I had already seen it and two it was Late and no one would believe me anyhow I did not have a regular cell phone It was a cheap Android knockoff due to No reception a real long startup time When turned on so here is what I saw and Who I am documenting it it was well over 8 feet tall I'm six-two and played Basketball since fourth grade even

Against 7-foot players in high school I Was a leaper and can jump really high I Was 6 foot when I was 12 Stopping my growth at 15 years old at 6 – I could not accurately guess the Weight but well over 4 to 500 pounds Possibly 600 700 or even 800 he had no Neck with a pointed type head buried Between his massive shoulders I'm Talking huge shoulders I was going slow Enough through the turn to see his Fingers toes and palms and foot bottoms As he walked but his hair was like a Llama matted looking but long and longer And shorter on different parts of his Body he was light gray – smoky charcoal Grey with some black and deeper and Banette his hair closer to his body the Hair was long on his calves forms hands And feet so I just saw tips of long Fingers his feet bottoms were flipping Tough I'll spell @t uff because they Were wide and what I would describe as Padded he walked swinging his arms down Near his knees but above them and Upright not hunched over like an ape he Was walking but just massive those Shoulders I saw him for a good 3 to 4 Seconds his torso was longer in Proportion to his legs his leg length of Thigh to calves was not as long as his Upper body he was huge I went to work The next day and told a co-worker who Had lived up here for over 20 years and

An avid hunter and fisherman and he is Also part Cherokee so I knew I could Trust him he has spent countless hours Elk hunting and bear hunting he looked At me kind of silly and fluffed it up so I shut up You've only been up here about eight Months and you've already seen a Bigfoot I know what I saw After learning more and now hearing them And hearing the term Gigantopithecus I Looked it up and the tropical is the one I saw turn the animal around and that is Exactly what was walking down the Roadway we were on a long vacation From Missouri in Crescent City California staying at the KOA Campground This was her second night at this Campground we were camped at site 401 Way back in the isolated section of the Campground far from anyone I just finished cooking our supper on The portable propane barbeque pits which Was located on the picnic table we both Went inside to eat during the time I was Cooking I set up a campfire but didn't Light it yet after we finished eating I Started the campfire after the fire was Burning for about 15 minutes I kicked it Into the fire pit from the grate at the Time my wife got a very strong feeling That we were being watched from behind Our camper she said it seemed to move From behind the trailer from one end to

The other there were trees and dense Foliage behind the trailer I started to Look around with a flashlight to see What it was and after not finding Anything I started the car and plugged In the 12 voltage spotlight looking Around for about five minutes I thought I saw something move in the distance Behind a tree this was in the opposite Area from the trailer where no one was Camped out at all We were both shaken up and when inside The trailer for the night after 10 Minutes my wife heard two loops coming From an area that I thought I saw Something move at she was in bed lying Next to the window I didn't hear a sound one more thing to Add is that the night before we heard The dogs bark in the distance this night It was all quiet and no dogs at all the Closest camper was about a hundred feet Away towards the main office there was No smell It was the last weekend of September During the fall salmon run of fishing Season on the lower Klamath River in 2001 it was the end of summer and the River was extremely low and I just Finished cleaning my salmon it was about 10 o'clock at night and I drove up to The river Blake rivers bar this is where the road Ends we were sitting in my truck with

The windows down when we heard a sound That I'd never heard on the river or Anywhere for that matter my attention Was immediately taken so we could hear An extremely deep howling sound that Sounded something like a whoa I was a Little freaked out because I have never Heard of anything like this I remember Trying to put a body with the sound and Not coming up with anything my friend And I looked at each other and said what The hell is that the hair the hair was Raised on the back of my neck and I felt Very fearful even though I knew the Thing was across the river we waited and Didn't say anything and within about Three seconds we heard the same sound Again this time it went whoa whoa whoa Three times it was a very deep almost Like a moaning sound immediately after The sound stopped I heard the same noise Except this one sounded like it was Coming up from around the corner about a Half-mile and on the other side of what Is called a syrup flat this one sounded More faint because it was coming up from The other side of the densely wooded Area were the river bends it seemed Clear to us that they were calling back And forth to one another the one on the Top of the river called back only twice And the one across the river sounded off About four times this entire thing only Took about 20 seconds and then it was

Done I couldn't really explain what I Was thinking or feeling after they Stopped but I was very shaken and just Sat there for about thirty seconds Waiting to see if there was going to be Any more sounds I turned my lights on after I thought it Was over and couldn't see anything Because Fog was too dense we were both sure There had never heard any animal like This before between the two of us having About sixty years of night fishing and Hunting in this area this was a first we Both talked about it and felt whatever It was that they could have come from Either side of the river because the River was so low that it would have been Easy to wade across there and there was That little traffic in the area the River was also very warm and it was also Full of 30 to 50 pounds salmon that were Heading up the river it was a great time To fish if that is what they were doing I am a 54 year old man living in San Francisco I have never had any interest In this subject until this week an old Friend of mine moved to Gold Beach Oregon and I was driving up to see him I Had never been on highway 101 before and Became nervous driving on the two-lane Winding roads I kept pulling over to let Cars in back of me pass at about 20 Miles or so before Crescent City I

Pulled off to allow cars go by as I went To pull back on the highway 101 I heard The most horrifying scream that I have Ever heard I screamed myself and ducked down on my Seat looking up next to my Honda CRV was A filthy looking gorilla The best that is I can describe it it Instantly ran into the tree line a few Feet away and vanished into the dense Brush I saw it from maybe 3 or 4 seconds And a three-quarter profile I would say It was 6.6 feet to 7 feet high with a Wedged head and it had very dirty matted Dark brown dull hair Strangely enough saying the thing didn't Frighten me but the scream it gave out Only a few feet from my open window Almost gave me a heart attack I never Heard a noise like that and I never want To hear it again As a young person I vaguely remember Hearing something about a creature Called Bigfoot I suppose I thought he Was something the Indians had conjured Up that is how others seem to think then Approximately eight years ago my sister Gave me a book to read during a visit to Florida I think it was called mysteries Of the unexplained I found it to be an Interesting book especially the story About a creature called Bigfoot I don't Remember the details however I do Remember thinking that there is much

More to this so-called myth than meets The eye Sometime later I saw the famous Patterson film a film of a large heavy Hairy bipedal subject quickly walking Away from a startled cameraman and his Horse my curiosity at this point had me Wanting to find out for myself What the truth was exactly was this Creature real or just a never-ending Series of hoaxes and grossly exaggerated Stories I was in no position at the time To set out on an expedition so I Promised myself and a few close friends That someday I would head to the Northwest corner of the United States The reported home of this creature and Answer the question for myself Years later the opportunity finally Presented itself I started purchasing Enough supplies for a 30-day solo Expedition into the Northwest having Recently read three books on the subject Of Bigfoot I thought my best bets were Either Washington State Oregon Northern California or Idaho sightings were Consistent into and around large forests Of these states while purchasing Supplies I picked up the August issue of A camping magazine that's as it turned Out contained an article about Backpacking in Northern California the Article stated that you are more likely To see Bigfoot in the forests of this

Region than another human being I took The article seriously Northern Cali here I come at this point I had read enough material to have a Plan that I was confident would bring me Face to face with one of these creatures My plan was to not go after one it was To give one the opportunity to come to Me I just had to put myself in its Backyard as I made my way into the Northwest corner of the state I realized I wasn't going in for a casual stroll Through a forest this forest was thick With undergrowth and either going almost Straight up or straight down one week Into my hike into the backcountry I Decided to change my plan after Reflecting on conversations I'd had with The locals I decided to turn around and Head for an area about 25 miles from Where I was now standing the people that Had talked openly with me about Bigfoot Activity all mentioned geographical Locations that were in the same general Vicinity they also said that there Hadn't been any activity there in the Past ten or so years after making my way To this new location I met a man that Had lived there for the past thirty Years he said pretty much the same thing Everybody else said I had come to the Right place but I was about ten years Too late he then pointed to a spot on my Map that the best of his recollection

Was an area with many footprints and Supposed sightings that had been Reported over a decade ago that would be My final destination at this point my Feeling that a Bigfoot was no longer in This immediate area was growing somewhat Stronger I consider the possibility that Bigfoot's had lived here one time and Now lived elsewhere Due to the logging activity in this Valley some ten to thirty years ago the Forests of this area are large enough to Play hide-and-seek with the entire United States Army dense forest covers The land further than the eyes can see And these creatures could be anywhere in It I pressed on as I made my way toward My final destination I continued to look For signs of something big and heavy Leaving some kind of marks on the earth If they were still around I should find Something I came across what looks like A bedding area for a creature that could Fit a Bigfoot's description it was a Ball like depression in the ground about Eight feet in diameter everything within This circle was flattened it was only 15 Feet from a stream convenient I thought There was also what looked like a large Print on the side of this bowl headed Toward the water Many small to medium sized trees in the Immediate vicinity were bent over or Broken off of the base it all fit but it

Could be a bear's resting place I Thought I left without bothering to take A picture the same day I followed an old Logging road to a point that it turned Into a poor excuse for a rabbit trail Along the way I found three depressions About 14 inches long and 7 inches wide And the soft mossy like growth between Two old fallen trees it appeared to be Three steps taken by a very large and Heavy bipedal animal coincidence I Thought and pushed on by this time on my Trip I had seen several bear a couple of Deer and two mountain their tracks were All over the place especially bear Tracks bear excrement was also in great Abundance this put me at ease the better They were eating the less they would be Interested in what I was eating Blackberries are abundant in August and From the looks of the scat it appeared The Bears were taking full advantage of This visibility was about ten to fifty Yards to the trees some of the noises That had been around me on a regular Basis were bear and deer that I could Not see because of the poor visibility At the start of this expedition I would Reach for the pepper spray of the mere Sound of a couple squirrels playing in The leaves this behavior was probably Due to the fact that a bear had wanted To join me for dinner the very first Evening I was in the bush I'll never

Forget the sound of him coming towards Me through the forest from that point Forward I was well aware that I was Carrying a proxy Only 40 pounds of bear bait 30-day food Supply on my back as my time in the Woods progressed so did my ability to Guess what animals were around me by the Sounds they made in the brush given the Opportunity my eyes would usually Confirm what my ears had told me since I Was on foot and usually on a logging Road I sometimes got extremely close to Animals before they realized that was Their one time I had walked within 35 Feet of to bear not on purpose that were Feeding off to the side of the logging Road they never heard saw or smell me Anyway I reached my destination and made camp At the intersection of four logging Roads it was now almost two weeks into My expedition my plan was to recon the Three logging roads that led down to a River if I could get to the river I Might find some nice fresh Bigfoot Tracks in the sandy banks along the Water's edge I checked out the east row That evening no luck it dead-ended about A quarter mile from the river just like The forest a map showed I went back to Camp ate dinner set out a chem light and Hid the tent I put the chem light out in hopes of

Deterring bear from casually strolling Into my little area of operation the Night passed without incident I slept Like a log how appropriate The next morning I checked out the north Road success it led right down to a nice Open field next to the river the map I Was given by the National Forest Service Showed it to be dead end About half a mile short I'm glad I Checked it out I thoroughly checked the Southern bank of the river no tracks the Northern bank was covered with heavy Growth and therefore I did not plan on Crossing to check it out No tracks and I was sure this was the Place that had stirred up much of the Controversy some 10 to 30 years ago as I Stood in the field and looked back Towards the forest I decided to check All around the field I started at the West End Almost immediately after starting this New search pattern I came Across a depression similar to the ones I had recently seen but didn't pay too Much attention to again there was no Detail because of the type of ground it Was a bigger and deeper depression than I thought a man or bear could ever make I looked further and there was one other One and then another this time I was Sure these were tracks because they were About seven of them strung together and

The pattern of a natural bipedal walk I Walked in the tracks the bottom of the Depressions were very hard as though Something of great weight had made them Last time of this ground was wet the Distance between the steps was not Extraordinary at an average of about Three feet apart I lost the track momentarily over hard Ground and then found it again it was a Consistent track I figured I was Tracking him I mean I say him when all Actuality and maybe or her the opposite Direction he was walking judging from The shape of the tracks it was now time For something to happen that I had never Considered or read about in any book I Followed the tracks through a soft Section of ground to the base of a 50-foot tall pine tree at the base of That pine tree was an area of ground That looked as though it had been Trampled down repeatedly by this same Heavy creature it was at that very Instant that I realized he had been Leaning against a tree then it occurred To me that if he was leaning against his Bark and sap cover tree there must be Hair stuck to it I moved my face closer and there was From a level of about three to six feet Off the ground hair was stuck in Crevices and tree sap I collected some Samples and then stood in the same place

That this creature had stood with my Back against a tree I couldn't help but Notice the nice view of the open field Next to the river you might have enjoyed While standing in that position the Surface of my back for my buttocks to The area between my shoulder blades Naturally was against the tree if this Creature did not put his head against The tree as I did not do and I guess that I was About two feet shorter in the big foot That had rested against this tree I am 510 after collecting the hair samples From the tree I continued to track I had only gone another 20 yards when I Found a similar trampled down area at The base of another pine this pine However was much younger and the top had Been broken off at a height of about 6 Feet the top was lying off to the side As I looked closer I noticed that all The branches on the side of the tree Directly over the trampled down area Were either bent back and to the side or Broken off entirely hair was all over This tree as well this creature wasn't Really resting against the tree he was Scratching his back I continued the Track and only gone about another 15 or So feet when I found another young pine That was in the same condition as the One I had just inspected the top had Been broken off at about 6 foot level

Also more broken and bent branches with The telltale hair stuck in the bark and SAP this creature had a definite itch Since I was tracking him backwards I Guess that he must have tried to rid Himself of this itch on the two small Trees they probably weren't sturdy Enough to satisfy him so he made his way Over to the large pine and finished the Job the tops of the small Pines that I Found lying on the ground still had a Small percentage of green needles with The majority looking brown and dying I Don't know enough about trees to make an Educated guess as to how long the tops Had been broken off I ventured to guess That it was no longer than a month Before I stood in the very same spot Wow He had been through here quite recently I thought to myself for some reason I Thought he had just been passing through And was no longer in the area he had Been here but was long gone into another Valley looking back I am not quite sure I didn't think he was still around maybe It was because I wasn't finding any Fresh tracks I continued tracking him for another 300 Yards or so he was about as hard to Track as an elephant through a cornfield The tracks led to the edge of a thick Forest undergrowth at which point I Decided to terminate my efforts looking Back over the area attract I realized he

Had stayed just inside the edge of the Wood line the whole way a smart Bigfoot I thought I liked the Baron deer that Were leaving their tracks all over the Place in the wide-open field as I Started to circle back around the east Of this large open field next to the River I come upon a large pile of Excrement it looked human except for the Fact it was a very large pile and the Contents were plant-like as I mentioned Earlier I had seen a lot of bear dung And this looked quite different tracks Led up to and then appeared to straddle This dropping again this was not best Ground for holding a track however it Did look as though the tracks were made By a large heavy bipedal Bigfoot I Collected a large sample of the Excrement and put it in a plastic baggie At this point I was feeling pretty good About what I had found and satisfied That this had been a successful Expedition even if I wasn't going to see A Bigfoot I had hair and excrement Samples good physical evidence that a Bigfoot is still roaming these woods I Looked around some more and found two More of the same types of piles fairly Close to the first one I remember Thinking that this must have been his Bathroom he probably would feed at night Get a drink from the river and then Relieve himself here if this was being

Done by a Bigfoot then he seemed to be The creature of habit by this time I had Been down by the river for a good few Hours I headed back to camp which was Located about two miles up the road After dinner I decided to go ahead and Recon the West Road which was the last Logging road I had to check out it came To a dead end Just as the east road had as I was Making my way back to camp before the Mosquitoes set in I noticed something And did not see him Way out on the north side of this old Logging road stood a young pine tree That had been topped at a point about Six feet above the ground I immediately Looked down at the base of the tree and Saw what I knew what I would see the Large trampled down area of ground those Big padded feet had stood right there I Then saw the tracks leading up to the Tree as well as the top of the tree Lying on the ground off to the side this Time I closely inspected that broken off Top to the tree and found hair stuck on It hair most likely from the side of the Hands that broke it off I must add at This point that I was keeping a lookout For claw marks in the tracks and teeth Marks on the broken off treetops which Would most likely have been left behind If a bear had done this I was paying Attention to this for not only myself

But for the people that would ask me About it later when this expedition was All done I had no doubt was doing this And it was not a bear anyway I didn't Find a trace of either claw or teeth Marks this time I kept the broken part Of this little pine with hair intact in The SAP and put it in a plastic baggie It seemed as though this creature had a Habit of preparing these small pines for Back-scratching post in an intelligent Inconsistent manner I wondered if other Bigfoot's did this I Completed my journey back to the tent And realized that the pine I just Collected the samples from was only About a hundred yards away if the other Depressions I had seen on the way into This area were indeed tracks as I Thought they could be and Bigfoot was Leaving too much evidence around here to Just be passing through I figured I was Camped right smack in the middle of a Bigfoot's backyard I had gathered about Three cords of firewood in the course of The day which I now started using to Stoke up a pretty good-sized campfire The wood burned quickly because the fact That it was very old and dry about every 20 minutes or so I would have to put on Another log this kept the fire just Under the bonfire setting darkness fell Without incident No bears no mountain lion and no

Bigfoots Wow if my friends could see me Now Bigfoot bait every few minutes or so I Would look up to the West logging road And then up the east logging road the North and south avenues of approach were Covered by a very heavy brush I could Hear a lizard coming toward me from Either of those directions so I wasn't Too concerned about them actually would Have to be a pretty large lizard to be Heard over the snap crackle and pop of My campfire I passed some time by Sharpening the ends of my walking stick I got a chuckle out of the fact that my Walking stick was about three feet Longer than the one I had started with The further away from civilization I got The softer and the bigger the stick I Carried everything I had read and heard About Bigfoots told me they were not as Aggressive unless shot at since I had no Gun that wasn't a problem however I did Keep the pepper spray ready at all times Just in case I also tried to stay aware Of which direction the breeze is blowing Because into it the pepper spray had a Maximum effective range of only about Two feet I continued to look up and down The two logging roads my campsite was Surrounded by complete darkness I looked At my watch it was 11 p.m. if I didn't See anything by 1:00 a.m. I would hit The tent for a good night's sleep a

Bigfoot could be miles from here time Dragged on as I occasionally looked up And down the two roads I was sitting on A short log set in an upright position At a distance of about five feet from The fire my back was to the fire so that It wouldn't impede my vision as I Scanned the surrounding darkness I Looked into the darkness of the West Road and then looked into the darkness Of the East Road that is when it Happened The hair on my back and neck stood Straight up it was the strongest Instinctive reaction I have ever had in My life I was looking directly into a pair of Eyes that were looking directly at me I Didn't move a muscle it was a Bigfoot There was no doubt in my mind that what I was looking at was not a bear mountain Lion owl or deer his eyes were set wide Apart and well above where I knew the Ground should be I didn't take my eyes Off them the oume as as called by the Local Indians was watching me something That I not spent much time thinking About until right at that moment was now A prime concern to me had anyone ever Taken a shot at this creature did this Creature for whatever reason hold any Sort of grudge against human beings I Hope not Actually it was more like a quick prayer

I did not want him to direct any Ill-will towards me at all it most Likely would have been about 750 pounds Of powerful ill-will he wasn't moving Though I wasn't moving either even Though my neck was crook'd to the left In an uncomfortable position I watched him and he watched me the Longer I looked into his eyes the more I Got the feeling that this was just an Intelligent and lonely creature curious To see what I was doing I began to relax I had a mini mag flashlight in my left Hand and the pepper spray in my right I Wondered if I should shine the Flashlight on him to get a look at his Body again I should point out that this Could have been a female but for the Sake of simplicity I will continue to Refer to the creature as he I opted not To shine the flashlight on him and he Came to me I saw him and now the ball Was back in his court I waited for him To make the next move his nocturnal eyes Were reflecting the light of the fire I Was sitting next to I tried to make the Outline of his body but I could not the Campfire illuminated bushes and trees Out to a certain distance depending on How recently I had put up a fresh log Beyond that point of illumination The forest was pitch black I believe the Fire was at a point that a fresh log had Just been added when I first looked up

And saw a Bigfoot I continued to observe The right eye his left eye Occasionally seemed to fade in and out As though it was partially blocked by a Leaf or branch of the bush I was sure he Was standing behind earlier at times When I really had the fire going the Front of this bush would be illuminated For the period of time that the fire was Brightest I couldn't see the bush now But I was sure of its position as I Studied his eyes I got the impression That they were wet liquidy he might say An effect probably caused by the Flickering of the fire they were Reflecting they were a glassy yellow When I first saw them and faded to a Real faint yellow almost white toward The end of our strange staring session Looking back I would guess that while Paying complete attention him I Neglected the fire and as the fire a Lesson in intensity so did his eyes Occasionally it looked as though he Would blink his eyes would Simultaneously disappear for a fraction Of a second it also looked as though his Head was shifting from side to side Similar I thought to what I would do if I was trying to observe someone from Behind a bush his eyes look to be Approximately four and a half to five Inches apart and almost one inch in Diameter minutes ticked by and my neck

Was beginning to get sore from the Position I was sitting and watching him As he watched me I casually looked at my Watch it was now 12:15 a.m. then I Slowly raised and extended my left arm For the purpose of using my hand as a Measuring tool he didn't move while I Did this He just kept watching I used the width Of my left hand to measure the distance From his eyes to the top of a Lone Pine Silhouette against the night sky in the Background I made a mental note that his Eyes were almost directly under and two Hand widths below the tip of the Lone Pine I also made a mental note not to move The log I was sitting on for the rest of The night I would use this information When the Sun came back up after making These observations I decided to relieve The soreness in my neck and look up at Him from another position I slowly spun Around in one direction away from him I Didn't want him to think I was getting Ready to confront him I looked up and he Was still there watching me I remember Wondering if he could tell I was Watching him the fire was now slightly Behind and to the left of me from his Vantage point I was most likely now just Silhouette by the fire his eyes were now Getting harder to see they were there But not as bright my eyes were getting

Sore from staring and then I noticed how Dark it was getting in my camp the fire Had barely a flame left a flicker it Didn't take me long to decide that I Wasn't going to sit there and complete Darkness with a Bigfoot just spitting Distance away I slowly stood up to get Another log from the pile that was just Out of reach I positioned the log in the Fire and sat back down when I looked up I could not find his eyes he was gone at About 3:15 a.m. I thought I could see His eyes again but in a position further Back from where he had stood the first Time I was kind of expecting him to come Back and see what I was up to it was Hard to tell if he did or not but I Think he did time passed slowly as I Waited for the Sun to come up so I could Check for tracks I thought about doing It with a flashlight but rejected the Idea I would see things much more Clearly in the morning as the Sun came Up I sat in the same position I was in When I measured his eyes from the top of That lone pine tree according to how Everything lined up his eyes would have Been centered at the top of the 8-foot Bush that stood about 70 feet away from Where I had been sitting when it was Light enough to see the ground fairly Well I made my way over to the area Behind the bush it was an area that was Just to the side of the logging road the

Ground was similar to the logging road Itself which was Hard-packed gravel the difference was That the area where I figured a Bigfoot Should have been standing was covered in A dry sparse wheat type of grass there They were the same size tracks I had Been finding all along the tracks were Not much more than the grass being Squashed and I do mean flattened in the Shape of a big padded foot narrower at One end than the other and approximately 16 inches long and 7 to 8 inches wide at The front of the track there was a set Of tracks leading to a point exactly Behind the bush where they then became Less distinguishable as though he had Been shuffling around there was however One depression in the ground at a point Close to the bush I guess it would have Been his right foot that made it by its Shape I stood there where it looked as Though he had stood and found myself Directly behind the bush I looked up to See that it was about two feet taller Than my eyes would have been at Bush top Level there was another set of tracks That led away at a slightly different Angle than the set that had led in he Had come in and left on the east logging Road nice and quiet No crashing to the forest at this point I thought to look for a hair sample Around the tracks in hopes of later

Matching it with the samples I already Had I got down on my stomach and looked Nothing I quickly looked over the Logging road for more tracks but didn't Find anything It was very hard packed decision time do I stay camped here and hope to see a Bigfoot in the daytime this is when I Realized I had taken too many pictures The day before and I did not have any More film for the camera last time that Ever happens anyway Bigfoot is nocturnal And daytime sightings are extremely rare He would have probably be somewhere very Well-hidden and fast asleep during Daytime hours as I mentioned earlier my Plan was to stay thirty days in the bush But now that I had the hare excrement And tree samples as well as the pictures Of the tracks and the experience of last Night I decided two weeks was long Enough I packed everything up and headed out on The east logging road I was walking at a Pretty good pace having 17 miles to Cover before nightfall With about sixty pounds worth of gear Still in my rucksack I didn't want to Waste any time I'd only got in about 75 yards up the Logging road when I heard what sounded Like an extremely large animal thrashing In the woods at a point next to where I Was walking the noise was so close that

I didn't even think I was going to get The pepper spray in time I wore on my Left arm out of its holder and time to Use it then I realized it was running Away from me crashing to the woods I Think best describes it large branches Snapping as it escaped my nearness as I Listened to its escape I tried to figure Out what it was it covered a lot of Ground very very quickly through the Process of elimination I started Guessing the list of possibilities was Short because there are not many animals Large enough to have possibly made that Much noise the speed suggested a deer But there was no snorting or hoof sounds That I had previously heard from deer Running away from me nor did the animal In question sound as fleet-footed as a Deer the feet were crunching a lot of Material underneath him suggesting that They were large surface extremities Could it have been a bear possibly but All the bear I had dealt with to this Point were not that afraid of anything The creature in question was also Running away from me on the downhill Side of the road and it is my Understanding that bear don't run Downhill too well things happen very Quickly which made it her to tell but it Also sounded as though the creature I Had heard was not getting away from me But in a four-legged gallop there is one

Thing I am sure of the noise I had heard Was caused by an extremely large and Powerful creature that desperately did Not want to be that close to me I will Venture to guess that my old buddy Had stayed pretty close to me the whole Night and may have even been watching me For the next morning I call him that Because I felt as though we had somehow Bonded during my long look into Sighs that night by the campfire I had Seen his soul and it was a kind soul my Question had been answered this was in July of 1997 You