Part 2 Interview with GUFON Radio

By | February 13, 2020
Part 2 Interview with GUFON Radio

Well I’ve known you now for would you Say over a year is it over a year Oh yeah no sixteen months yeah and You’ve always said that the disclosure Will never happen now neither know it Won’t happen but you say never boss I Mean never I mean never yeah and the day It happens is the last day of our Existence just to let you know I think That humans have been here for a long Long time millions of years and this is Just my opinion I go by a lot of Different things that come up with this Theory on what I believe in and I think With the evidence that’s been found you Know look they found and I don’t know if It’s wrong or whatever but a hammer this What eight hundred thousand years old or Something I don’t know if I’m wrong on That but they found some things that Were a million years old – a million Years old I mean how could these tools Or a watch or a figurine of an alien Face or an airplane design how could That be if we weren’t even around that Means that I well in my opinion I Believe humans have existed here many Times and I think in the Bible I’m not Sure where it says it but man has been Well the earth has been reset like six Times or something I’m not sure I know That comes from the matrix – but I’m not Thinking about that but because the Matrix is based on things that have been

Written and theories about our existence So I don’t know oh we have that Conversation the other night watch we’re Not actually real you know what if it’s A matrix right we will never know and Would it matter Ya know would it matter to you yeah no It wouldn’t matter yep woody actually Matter what Make a difference to your life yeah Would it well yeah I’ll be pissed no what’s anus well nice Would it make a difference to how you’d Have to live your life you still have to Go to what he starts to make money No everything would change except I mean Everything would stay the same my mind Would be different at that point I would Look at I already look at things like That anyway Should I try oh yeah I try to find Glitches maybe we oh oh maybe cuz you And I have been talking about 1 1 1 1 And 3 3 and all this stuff about Numerology maybe that’s the glitch it Could well I have thought that many Times I just did what if it is and then That’s how they reset us like I’m a one Personality you’re at 3 I don’t know so Are you just so weird huh to the Disclosure power yeah I’ve always Thought that how it’s all gonna happen Is it’ll be months they’ll say they Found some sort of life on Mars and it’d

Be small it’ll be some sort of something That’s living under the surface some Microorganism that’s probably how That’ll be there I’ll be how we find out Wait for the first time you’re talking That’s disclosure not disclose you know That’s what that’s what we’re gonna find Out there is other life forms out there Will be mass oh yeah well I think they Already said that didn’t they they said They had found water but they don’t Found life on that are they a couple on That in the Mars Rock that they found in Antarctica I think really seen this well Not recently it was like 25 years ago When you remember when they cracked the Rock open and it had the Fossilized organism in it really yeah I Think to look this up my I might look a Little knockout video I just told you About the computer is I need a new one As soon as you see the picture you’ll Remember the story yeah yeah they they Many years ago there was a rock that They came from Mars because you know They analyzed it and they cracked it Open and sure enough I mean it was on Time magazine and everything I don’t Know about this Felt like have been like not in the loot Metal well you were young Maybe like six seven I don’t know that’s Why I tell you what got me intrigued About Mars I remember when I was about

16 years old and I went to a news agents And bought a magazine and on the Magazine it had the the face of Mars Yeah and I was like what and I was Showing my daddy and me dad was like Yeah it’s just a rock pareidolia yep I Know so so what what is the plan now Rich I mean hopefully you’re not gonna Get taken out again um going forward we Goof on radio what is it you want to Achieve well let’s get one thing Straight nobody took me out nobody They tried I think I think they tried Twice tried twice by scaring me by Following me well three times tried Breaking into my house and the neighbor Stopped it and taken down the the Website or killing my computer killed a Website I always say that I say that Wrong I took the website down but they Didn’t they took the computer that had The website yep Plans now Are strictly goof on radio stream and Once or twice a month going on location And doing live streaming from the Location it’ll you know it’ll be live It’ll be on location I’m gonna go to the Stardust ranch perimeter which is just Like skinwalker ranch but it’s here in Arizona it’s about 40 miles from me so I’ll go there I’m gonna go to two zone In the summer early June tombstone Setting that up as we speak and I’m

Gonna be going to probably this weekend Go to the UFO that is buried under a Damn about ten minutes from me in Arizona so that’ll be this this weekend Oh wait a second oh yeah I got to do Spaced out radio maybe Friday night There’s a UFO buried underneath and down Yeah yeah it’s the dumbest thing that it Was just on another TV show in Arizona We have a place called dreamy draw and You used to be a two-lane passage over The mountains from the suburbs of Phoenix to the City of Phoenix so it was Really like a nice over the mountain you Get to see the valley up above and then You sink right in and it is now a ten Lane highway that goes through there but Off to the side and you can see it when You drive by you see this little tiny Dam That’s probably I don’t know maybe 50 60 Feet long and it’s on the slope of a Mountain not a deep slope but if the Water was to come down this mountain it Would spill onto the freeway it doesn’t Make any sense and I’m gonna show that In the satellite imagery is just there’s No reason for a dam there there’s no River that runs there there’s no awkward That runs there this UFO crashed I think It was in 47 I think it was the same Year I may be wrong off to look it up And they couldn’t get it out of the Ground so they just buried it and put a

Fake dam over it that’s the story Against is another story I’m not this is So much to discover the written this Failed it’s mind-boggling well yeah and The thing is about this area because Recently I was gonna go take a look at It up close but they have a police car That sits out there most of the time and I don’t know if it’s if they’re doing Something like building something or He’s just there but he’s always there When I go there I’ll tell you what next Time you go there take a spade a shovel Yeah wait and see what they do just just Take the shovel do you well yeah it’s a B Hutton first chez light or something I Don’t know on rocks has anybody tried to Dig anything oh Brahma not that I know Of Li not huh but they get arrested pretty Quickly if they did I don’t know if they Would get arrested I don’t know because It’s not like it’s closed off but they They recently put some sort of from the TV show that was just on they put some Sort of shack there or something and Went but there’s a fence around it so You can’t get in and I think there was a Like a like a hatch with stairs that Went down I’m not too sure about that Though but it’s interesting it’ll be an Interesting little experience to go up There and I could get arrested I don’t Know that’s the beauty of it all I doubt

It but the thing about this is it’s not You can’t park anywhere you I have to litter I have to park about a Quarter of a mile away because there’s Hiking trails on the other side of that Mountain and people go hiking but There’s also homes around there so I Don’t know what’s gonna happen and There’s only one lane that’s just enough For a car to go one way in another car To go together so I can’t park there Close to it or else I could stop traffic I’m looking for seeing this and there’s Gonna be a live video yeah Probably Friday night this further Thanks Alan yeah I can’t wait yeah you Know we talked about a lot of different Things but I do want to let people know You got me all wrong and I think you Guys should give me a chance people Think that I’m a jerk but I don’t know I Can’t talk any other way you know for People to uh to believe that I’m serious As a lot of people don’t think I’m Serious about you follow gee I think I’m Too serious and it spills out into anger Humor and it’s the only way I can cope With it I guess I think I mean for me I Deal with humor from somebody who’s a Little bit pissed about something better Than just so yeah you could go the Opposite way you could just be really Angry you know and but then nobody would Subscribe if you is if you’re just

Yelling down the mic well you better Have a lot of good facts if you’re just Gonna be yelling on the fight you got to Bring some substance or else it ain’t Gonna work I don’t know I don’t know why People listen I think people are finding Out though that when like when I go over A video and debunk the one that was just Out there with the pilot see see that That that can’t happen what just Happened As I’m talking to you I know what I just Saw out of the corner of my eye I’m not Gonna talk about it we’ll talk off air I’ll ferret a gulf recording thoughts About me yeah but um I forgot what I was Saying damn it hey I think what you’re Saying is the fact that both of us I Mean you you especially you a lot of the Stuff that comes into light like you Know the tic-tac UFO the to this the Upcoming bit of footage that’s coming From to the Stars Academy that we Haven’t yet seen all of this for you Just kind of just makes you angry and You just like why what’s going on why Should we trust these people and you Know I appreciate that I appreciate the Honesty because I think sometimes people Especially if you’ve just got into the Subject you’ll get really excited and You’ve been like okay something’s gonna Happen something’s gonna happen on the News and you’ve been you might even be

Telling your mom and dad your best Friend your grandma and granddad You know you telling them that aliens Are here and this is not me saying that I don’t believe in the subject because I Wouldn’t have this channel if I didn’t Believe in it but I think we’re both in I mean you’re you’ve matured quite a lot Compared to what I’m like because I’ve Only been in the field for four four Years doing on YouTube before that I was Just watching you were UFO videos and Believing pretty much anything that was Out there but I think you get to a point Where you just kind of get a little bit Pissed about it all and you think what’s It all really about what how much have You learned in four years And then imagine yourself in where I’m At in 15 years I started in ufology when I was about 36 yeah that was your age So this is it for you I’m not looking at The future I’m 39 thanks Rach no I said When you started oh yeah when I started Yeah yeah yeah you were about I was the Same age about 35 36 I was uh more my Birthday’s in March 2004 April’s when I Started seeing the lights with my wife Yeah sixteen years I don’t know where I’m going All I know is with the what of my point Was where now I remembered where I was Gonna go what you learned in four years And where you’re gonna be in 15 16 years

You’re gonna learn a lot of stuff and You’re gonna make mistakes along the way Yes and no and all that stuff I mean You’re just gonna be out there trying to Figure stuff out but one thing that Stays the same is that we’re never any Closer to the truth with ufology that Was a long way to go for that but it’s True no matter how much screaming and Yelling nice talking jokes that I Cracked it seems like it’s falling on Deaf ears and if you want to have a Little more fact on what I just said a Little proof I mean you can even talk About UAP because when TTS a started Shoving UAP down our throats it confused The general public you ask any for Anybody because that was their goal was To reach out to the general public and Let them know UFOs are real and they did A fantastic job but it’s not their fault That it didn’t work people just don’t Care because you ask anybody in the General public have you seen a UAP and They’ll be like what do you mean UFO Well why don’t you just say that yeah I’ve seen a UFO what say you ap Unidentified aerial phenomena oh my god It’s complicated enough just stick to UFO chief and you’re like alright so you Stick to UFO but they don’t want to it’s Got this big it’s got all this baggage With it said you think Mayer stigmata It’s so stupid that anyway there that’s

My point the point is you can shove it In their faces you’re not going to be Any closer to getting it out to the Public you’re not going to be any closer To getting any truth from the government And I don’t care if the Navy is now Accepting pilots reports they’re still Gonna look at them as nut jobs anyway Nothing changes know that they do you’re Wrong rich now we get to hear what Happened when before the story would Just be stuffed in a in a closet now we Now we get to at least hear from the Pilots what they saw yeah and what does That do it goes right into the filing Cabinet and they lock it away and you’ll Never see it again that’s what they told Us that’s what the government actually Said once we get the report we file it Away with all the others meaning you’re Never gonna see it again in your opinion In the in the last five years what has Been what stood out to you the most That’s made you think you know what that Could be the real deal every bit of Every bare foot footage every every Story you’ve heard in the last five Years five years mmm there’s a couple of Them actually the one that intrigued me The most which got me really worrying Wondering don’t worry I was worried they Were gonna lie and they did was the Sunspot observatory in a mu a mu ax you Couldn’t have made it more obvious that

Something happened when a mu a mu ax Came around shutting down sunspot Observatory giving us a reason that uh You know somebody into the pedo thing And you know we just had to do some Really good research and make sure that Nobody got hurt so we closed down the Observatory to do an investigation yeah Sure to go into everybody’s computer to Go through everybody’s homes Maybe to plant stuff and then they said They found nothing Yeah everything’s fine was because They’d be suspicious right because if They said they found something then They’ve got a lot of explanation a lot Of explaining to do and that’s something They try to avoid at all cost I don’t know man I think of Mulla Mulla And the sunspot observatory there’s Something going on and uh maybe omoi MOA Goes say it was a burrito of the roof Oh Roof oh it could be I mean if that’s What stands out yeah no you know I Wouldn’t have even you wouldn’t even a Said thought I didn’t know I would have Said but yeah no I’m totally agree well What were you thinking I see I was Actually thinking and I know your Opinion if to the Stars Academy but I do Think that some of those if that’s all Free all free bits of footage were quite You know they were compelling I mean I Don’t know I don’t know I don’t know

What they are for all I know and I know There is there’s something not quite Right about the whole the way it’s being Revealed I’m talking [ __ ] in in Written riddles here but there’s Something about it whether it’s Something that we’re supposed to see and It’s out there for a reason because the Government want us to see these three Pieces of footage for some reason yeah Or Is a little piece of a kind of tease of Disclosure Do you really know oh go ahead I’m sorry No but I know y’all your feelings onto The Styles Academy and for I I don’t Know what your feelings are all three Pieces of the footage well here’s Something that a lot of people forget I Don’t know was it the go-fast I think One of those videos came out a couple of Years ago it was leaked out the go fuss Was the lustful wasn’t it I think so but the there was the one That got yeah not that go fast The gimble or whatever they call the Gimble Fletcher well that got leaked out And I think when they did that leak a Few years ago that they were trying to Get this evidence out there to see how The public would react and then a few Years later they put it in with these Other two videos see they there’s Nothing accidental I think about some of

These leaks I think they’re called leaks But it’s the government trying to test Public reaction and I think by now they Would know how the public would react if There was a disclosure of some kind it Look it’s either disclosure or no Disclosure there’s no in between so I Don’t want disclosure to come out and Then we don’t get to find out about Anything else you know okay there’s Aliens here where do they come from you Know how’d they get here and all that Stuff we’ll get all that stuff I want to Know everything We’ll never get everything like you know Like was did the Phoenix lights was that You or is that another alien species I Want to know about all these sightings That have happened in the past was Roswell one of your family members is That what is that why you’re here you Haven’t heard from them Well there’s some people that try to Deep on the Phoenix lights and say that They were flies Yeah cuz there was two sightings there Was the 8:00 to 8:15 sighting which Started all the way up in Laughlin Nevada came through kingman arizona down Through flagstaff Sedona Payson all the Way over Phoenix and then the Tucson and Then nobody knows now there was a couple Of videos that people got at ten o’clock At night but the thing I just told you

About happened between 8:00 and 8:30 and That was the 1 to 2 mile wide craft that Flew over the center of Arizona and you Want to know something weird Ollie Remember I was talking about the buried UFO yep it flew right over that I just Realized it it flew it there’s a the Freeway now it’s a freeway it’s called The piestewa peak which used to be Dreamy draw well it’s actually state Route 51 51 is a eight lane freeway that Goes directly down the middle of Phoenix And they along the walls of the freeway There’s a story being told I think it’s From the Hohokam Indians and it and it Talks about the visitors from the stars Which they came and flying over the 51 Is what this craft did because it Followed the storyline it was directions To tell it where to go and that was star Mountain which is in Arizona Better known as the Estrella mountains And the Estrella mountains is where the Flares were dropped at 10 o’clock at Night and where why would they drop them There you asked because right behind That is the Barry Goldwater gonna Rearrange where they dropped flares in March and you can get the schedule so I Think 10 o’clock was flares I think the 8:00 to 8:30 was the legitimate sighting That people forget and they think this 10 o’clock one was the UFO but it wasn’t There was like thousands of witnesses

Woman Thousands they say 10,000 for sure but It’s probably about a hundred thousand People saw it because that night was the Night that hale-bopp comet was at its Peak in the sky and you could see it With the naked eye so people were Already outside with their cameras but This craft that flew over you could see Right through it they said and there was These lights that looked like they were In a canister and the light didn’t Spread out like a normal light it looked Like it was made of the ship and the Ship was made of it and it was swirling Lights inside of it that’s what people Said so you just come to the realization That they this huge craft hovered Directly over the UFO is buried on yeah Yeah it didn’t hover over it it flew Very slowly over where that is buried Not only that people verified that on The documentary the Phoenix lights and Also governor Fife Symington said he saw The craft fly directly over that Mountain so maybe there’s nothing there No maybe took it maybe it took it well I Have an incredible story about a light That was across the mountain range where My parents live and this light kept Getting brighter and brighter every week They couldn’t understand it I did a Satellite image of the area it’s just Desert there’s nothing there no mine

Shafts nothing out of the ordinary but There was this light and I have video of It and you could see it in the tree it Looked like it was in the tree and when I went to my parents house it was dim But it was and then when I went back Five days later it was a little brighter And I said hey the lights getting Brighter my mom and dad like yeah we Noticed but Richie what is it it’s been There since we moved here and they’re Talking several months already and I Said that light has been there has Anybody gone over there and they’re like You can’t get there it’s very dangerous Which it is it’s very dangerous because There’s cactus that can literally kill You there and snakes I mean it’s in the Middle of the desert but you can see it Because my parents lived on the Mountains and then there was a Separation between the mountains and it Went up and that’s where the light was It was on this other cliff or plateau Whatever Mesa well a couple of nights go By I get a call at 3 o’clock in the Morning it’s my mom and dad I’m like oh My god I pick up the phone and my I hear Them yelling Ritchie you got can you see From and I’m like what are you talking About my dad’s just yelling out Directions to me he goes look for lookit Now I lived 50 miles away from them but They were so excited about what happened

And I said what are you talking about he Goes can you see lights coming from our Area they’re heading your way and I said Like a UFO no no no no they’re here They’re taking it out of the ground I Said what are you talking about he goes The light they took the light and I hear My mom screaming they took the light out Of the ground tell him I did tell him That already well what had happened was This light was getting brighter and Brighter and three Chinook helicopters Flew over to a residential area at 3 O’clock in the morning dropped off Military people with flashlights they They put a border around see where my Parents house was it was like you could Look down into a little canyon because It was a separation between the other Mountains but it’s all desert but these Guys were making sure none of the Residents came down the mountain and They were out there with flashlights and The military uniforms and my and I can Hear the helicopter on the phone you Know that I can hear it and my parents Are yelling and my mom not could hear Her in the back and she goes they’re Taking it away in a net it’s like some Sort of net and I said dad I don’t see Anything goes how can you not see it and I said I don’t know he’s like there’s Three helicopters Chinooks or whatever They call them and they’re heading

Directly toward I don’t see it so I hung Up and I said well I said call me back In a little bit and they never called Back so nine o’clock that morning I went Over and talked to them about it and They said they they they were hovering Around you know hovering over it and it Woke us up and we seen all these lights You know flash lights and everything And they took this my dad said it looked Like it was probably the size of a beach Ball not that big you know maybe two Three feet but he said it was so bright It lit up the whole entire mountain but This ball of light seemed that cool Story what so as the the Chinook was Lifting the object up it was still lit It was lit yeah and it lit up the entire Area the ground Wow under yeah yeah I Mean I could not possibly be so my mom And dad were having a party on that Sunday that was coming up the Neighborhood they get together once or Twice a month and they people were Talking about it very cautiously and They were saying that they were awoken You know I didn’t know this is my dad Telling me what they said and I said Well can I just knock on the doors with You and interview them and my parents Like I’m not gonna ask my neighbors if They want to talk about that you know They don’t they don’t care so I never Interviewed anyone but my dad said that

When they were at that function at their House and then from the neighborhood People were like they would talk about It but they weren’t really admitting it Like they were embarrassed to talk about It now you have to remember this is an Older community 65 you know most of the People are over 65 they have a different Way of thinking So this this probably scared them what Could that actually be nee Ava if he Wished if he wants to try and debunk That and think well what could possibly Be glowing for months it was there when My parents moved in in February April May June July August that happened in September October seven months and it Kept getting brighter they noticed Something I but they were in the Backyard because they had a fantastic Panoramic view of the valley when they Were looking across my dad said he saw The light flicker and thought it was Just people hiking and then he kept Seeing a light flicker every now and Then went because they were always out In the backyard My dad was either cleaning the pool Cooking whatever it was gorgeous it’s Arizona you know we have great weather All year round so he said around June Beginning of summer the light stayed on And and it slowly kept getting brighter He said it’s always been on he goes I

Couldn’t see it during the day unless it Was cloudy you could see something I Said how come you never went over he Goes we tried it you can’t get there by Foot because you’re definitely gonna get Hurt and when I pulled the satellite Image I’m like yeah I could see what He’s saying you don’t want to fall down Because if you fall down that’s how much Cactus there is in the area you will get Hurt Well the top the spines of quite big on Them oh yeah there and they make you Itch you could be allergic to them but I’ve fallen into those cactus before and My back welted up for like a week and it Was so itchy and hot yeah it was the Worst so I I didn’t want to take the Risk what we just get like nettles over Here and doing a necklace a needle a Little tiny needle no neckla never heard Of it it’s a plum that has tiny Tiny hairs on it oh yeah and it’s like a Bee sting if you okay yeah but we I’m Glad we don’t have cats us well I would Fall in them as well yeah so there’s Some weird stuff now I I did a ton of Research to try to find out and I ran Into one guy he said there was something Similar that he he and his neighbors saw Which was a place called Sun City which Was about 55 miles from where my parents Lived and he said this light was there For months and we couldn’t get to it I

Don’t know why I think because there was The arrow oh that’s what it was it was The c.a.p at a central Arizona Project Which brings water from the Colorado River right through the state and they Would have had to have gone all the way Around it and going through the desert Again in the desert and they’re old guys But he saw my story about it and I you Know if anybody knows contact me at sea In UFOs whatever and yeah he said one Day it was just gone I never saw it again he didn’t see any Helicopters or anything who knows they Could have done it when he was sleeping Cuz it was a little further away it Sounded like or he didn’t think about it But yeah I don’t know what if there’s Crafts that are that are buried you know Like in the movie were the world’s They’re buried why would they stay lit Though why would the light just like Stay that’s a great question We mean well I think they were off but I Think if a craft or mothership or a Signal was detected or it was on a timer To activate at this time and like a Beacon and maybe they the alien craft Could find them easier and it’s possible That our military when that thing got Bright enough gave off the signal for Them to find it the way I have always Imagined And if if we was to be the if we was to

Be the aliens visiting a another race Yeah is a bit like Star Trek you know we Would would have this protocol that we Cannot make ourselves seen to erase that Is less advanced in ourselves because I Genuinely think that that would be a Thing I think that would be a rule when We start to head out wouldn’t it have to Be I think it would have to be I think You would you know you couldn’t visit a Similar simulation You couldn’t visit a civilization There’d only just discovered you know How to make swords and things like that Because I’m pretty sure that they were Any civilization if they were to fight Or anything like that would probably a Sword would be a generic thing across Planets you know a weapon of some kind Yeah if they were they would if they Could figure out to make something like That but nothing else you wouldn’t Introduce yourself and say you know We’re from the planet Earth they Wouldn’t even understand it they would Think you were you don’t think you would You yo it was witchcraft you know of Course they would not think they Wouldn’t understand Aliens they wouldn’t understand of a Planet don’t you think though now we’re At that point where we realized that and If aliens did come here we would be more Accepting to their technology as a

Reality not magic you know a thousand Years ago maybe it was magic maybe 200 Years ago right wouldn’t it have to be In the 1880s they didn’t have any Telephones or they barely had pictures I I think we would accept I think we would Accept it I don’t think that they would Make a move I do Is if they can travel millions and Millions of light-years I’ll do whatever They’re doing I’m moving how they’re Moving why would they even be interested In what we have to offer because we Don’t have anything to offer how do you Know how do you know that because if We’ve got something to offer then They’ll just take it maybe they are but They don’t need to make themselves known They’re not this one saying it’s going Back to what you were saying about Disclosures you’ve never been a thing we Will never be more right then right they Will just keep it they will keep it Advancing at the same rate that we’re Advancing yeah you know who knows what Technology if the same rate was busy in As bright back say if we go back to it’s Probably thousands ears but say if we Just go back to the nineteen forties for Example saved that was the first time That earth was ever visited which I Don’t think it was but say if it was There technology will have come strides And strides ahead of ours already

Because I we’re still using rockets you Know what they were what they would have Learned about this planet the different Materials this just know that I’ve Already studied us there’s no point in Doing that they’ll and they’ll have seen What we are as a species what we do to Each other you know it’s we’re probably Just something that’s they’re probably Just curious about us you know Also and lava races there’s probably Many races out there that like ours and They think sorry to say but they Probably think let’s not bother with Them look what they until they can grow Up right yeah exactly We’re not I mean we study dance but Once we learned what we needed from them That’s enough we don’t need to keep Learning just leave them alone I think They feel that I think that’s what we Are to them we’re like ants we can’t Understand them even though people think We have a relationship with them I’m I’m Trying to think as logically as possible Like what makes sense well if they’re Intelligent they would be they would Probably decipher our language and learn How to speak or use a translator I don’t Know but it’s like that movie arrival How do we know how to talk to them when They’re so weird and so different and They talk with the ink in forwards and In Reverse

I mean that that’s a that just blew my Mind I could how real that seemed to me How hard it would be to figure out what They’re saying didn’t they try and blow Them up yeah yeah they did they find a Bomb on one of them didn’t they yeah I Think it was in the camera case or the Camera yeah and it did blow up yeah I Don’t think a race an alien race would Trust us at this stage I do not think They would have any trust in humanity Whatsoever they would think these people You threaten each other with nuclear Weapons that they they they they go to War over what another country house they They they wore off they go to war off Other people’s beliefs why would they Accept us dude I mean yeah I mean we’re Racist against people’s color still People say it’s not a thing anymore but It is it’s huge and that’s the same Species Imagine if aliens came down here there’s No way we would accept them no way we Wouldn’t trust them and they definitely Shouldn’t trust us have you seen that Film district 9 mm-hmm you know yeah Yeah and I kind of imagined if they came Down here for that long Yes it’s tough of them you know we Taking all our space and this get out go Go back oh you know that might be you Know we might not be interested well you See how filthy and dirty those hints

Water yeah yeah but this is it I mean The only the only reason why others a Species would be interested in them is What they have to offer it’s not for Friendship it’ll never be about Friendship why not I think it could be It depends on the alien no it could be For some of us rage but for our Governments it’ll never be about Friendship it’ll it will always be about What we can get for us yeah yeah that’s All we’re gonna be thinking right for You and I yeah I would love to shake a Green man’s hand but you know it’s for For your government for my government It’s gonna be a it will be about how can We get one up over the other countries Our own countries now I don’t know if I’m a dreamer or what but I would think That if the aliens did come here and Interacted with us and or our government I think the world would have to unite And even though we would want to use the Aliens to try to get one up the aliens Won’t let that happen The aliens will we would think that the Aliens could destroy us if we tried Anything like that so the aliens come Here in peace and the world has to unite I think the world would have to unite in Case there was an alien invasion because I wouldn’t trust them I think the aliens Would come here and I think they would Fake like us I’m telling you I really

Feel like it’s a bad idea trying to make Contact but I don’t think We have a choice well I I always always Fought this when they sent Voyager out And they put basically yes whether they Put a star map on there where we are Yeah yep so that they basically gave Them a map of how to get here yeah I Personally think that’s that was a bad Idea we have no choice though what’s Have to try yeah you have to do it you Have to try because man’s instincts are To venture out yeah yeah and I know That’s a humanity risk but I think it’s Necessary and plus I think in reality They know how big space is that what are The odds somebody’s gonna find it anyway Yeah and I suppose is the argument as if A civilization is that balanced then it Would be you would hope it would be Civil you would hope but they could be Bastards – well they might not Necessarily be I know we’ve gone off a Bit of a tangent here but from what we Started out talking about but it’s Interesting because they they we what we May think is them being a bastard they Just may not have any empathy and they May be are about their race and you know They may love their own kind that much That they if they need something from Another species they’ll just take it’s Progress their kind but they’ll never Screw each other over ever right oh I

Think humans would do the same thing but We you know we would screw each other Over but we would do whatever it took to Save humanity yeah look at the vote what You would hope yeah and look at this Virus now that’s going around yeah We do he’s just here Brits it as well we Had our first case in Arizona about two Weeks ago some student at Arizona State University yeah we got two cases in a Little city called York in in England That’s us you’re not quite us it’s about 60 miles away from me it’s not far oh no It’s a it’s it’s scary is scary so I Don’t believe in Flat Earth I believe there’s nine planets instead Of eight I like long walks on the beach And I believe someday I’ll be abducted Again I don’t think I’ve ever been Abducted but I’ve had a lot of dreams When I was younger that was bizarre Having these dreams without having any Knowledge of abductions you know walk Outside during a thunderstorm seeing a UFO over my pool in the backyard we had A huge acre a nice one acre yard with a Pool Tons of grass and the storm clouds Separated and there this UFO pretty big Like 30 feet and then two other little UFOs came out and danced around a little Bit other little tiny discs but the Weird thing about it it tilted on its Side like at a 45 degree angle and

Inched its way up to me and when I Looked at the craft you know and Analyzing what I’m looking at it looked Like a Tetris puzzle and I think these Crafts have the ability to change their Shape and I know that’s weird but I Think they may have atmospheric flight And spaceflight and maybe the craft Changes its shape or something for that But it was weird Seeing all these little different Grooves all along the ship even the Little ones had it but that was a dream And those funny you should say that Because And when I add Osvaldo Franco on last we We were speaking a Carey member made me Say I said like flight of the navigator Oh yeah and that thing had that did Change shape yeah well a fought for Aerial flyover for Space Flight Wow that’s right that’s maybe I had the Movie well back then I don’t think it Was out yet and it was 82 when that Happen when I had these dreams around 80 81 82 well I remember seeing that as a Kid and I think Akina I used to watch That I think it came out nearly six oh Yeah yeah this would have been way after You’d had these dreams but what I mean I Think I think of Aldo said something About that somebody who were Eva was a Person the writer of somebody who had Something to do with that film there’s

Some truth to that craft apparently Right I need to look this up Um yeah 1986 I just looked but that that That video that I’ve been meaning to do For a long time about how UFOs have Changed over the years like from that From what we used to see in the nineteen Forties fifties sixties seventies Eighties nineties up til now has been Like it’s been certainly it’s kind of Changed with the fashion but it when you Agree yeah of course Yeah UFOs were more bubble ish you know Like the cars were in the 50s like the American cars American cars yeah and Then in 60s into the 70s they UFOs kind Of like got a little more streamlined And so were the the wings on the back of The car you know like the fenders they Were getting sharper and less rounded And then in the 80s and 90s the disc Came out was very popular disc and more Sleek and aerodynamic the sports model As bob lazar put it and our cars became More like that that is so true I wonder What I could main reach the fountain the UFOs kind of is it a psychological thing NASA loosen ation or is it that one that We’re at with the matrix yes because We’re in a matrix reality even that or The fake or they’re fake yeah and people Are just modeling them on hoaxing them On what they think looks modern at the Time yeah boy that stinks so UFOs don’t

Really exist No I do think they exist I just think well aliens I’m sorry good Because somebody’s somebody came up with The idea because they wouldn’t just pop Into your head let’s make up aliens Let’s make let’s make up flying saucers You know somebody’s had the real deal It’s just so people just always adapt it They say it’s like if you look at okay Weird example but you look at a werewolf Film from 1950s yeah you look at the Werewolf back then it’s very much like That and they redid that one with Anthony Hopkins and they kind of did him In the old style werewolf but you look At the werewolves now they’re like Streamlined like big muscly things and They kind of change with the times So how film goes but this is exactly the Same with anything that’s been made up And the UFO so like say it’s a strange Strange example but a UFO has changed With film and the way the cars have been Designed over the years the way that Anything’s been designed aeroplanes that Doesn’t mean said don’t believe in UFOs But But to the flight of the navigator UFO That is what I probably think there are Four probably thing they are like that Yeah I probably think they can do that I Think you’re right they kid that dream That you had when you were a kid and

Didn’t even really know about UFOs maybe It wasn’t a dream Well I’ve had that dream several times Just different versions but you know What’s really weird is that it’s unlike Any UFO that we would see in pop culture Which is very interesting in itself I Can’t if I could draw what it looked Like then I think you would get the full Value of what I’m saying because it Looks like nothing we’ve it’s disc but It’s a weird looking there’s things on It that have never been seen before yet It is a dream or is it tonight now the One thing I was just gonna say is almost All of the dreams I’ve had with UFOs Happened in a thunderstorm or near a Thunderstorm which is weird Very strange I thought some footage sent Recently from a thunderstorm I thought I’ve seen a few some some of the pieces Of footage that I’ve seen of UFOs in Thunderstorms Looks like the most believable I’ve seen That you’ve seen that I yeah Not just me other people have seen them As well oh yeah you like UFO sightings That are in funder storms you’ve seen The ones over the volcanoes as well yeah Yeah so for them look really really good And you can like that I don’t think That’s fake that something is there Something’s I can’t remember which Volcano Wamba saw really good one about

A year ago and it was just it was Amazing it was just this this thing that Went into the wall over the volcano Stomped on them straight out don’t I Don’t want people to get the wrong idea If they’ve watched this much of the show That I don’t believe in UFOs yeah that’s Why I’m here I believe in UFOs with Aliens in them I believe that they’re Here but I don’t know if they’ve maybe They’ve always been on the planet or Scott here millions of years ago but I’m Not I don’t know if they’re coming and Going but I do believe there’s an alien Presence currently on the earth yeah It’s just nobody knows what a well Somebody knows what it is but we don’t Have the answers we’ll keep you in Iowa Yeah we’ll keep looking searching but we We have no idea it there at the moon There under the ocean not in the ocean Under the ocean I think would be a safe Place I talked about this the other Night you know Earth has plates you know We have seven continents that are Constantly drifting and now that’s what Causes earthquakes and what not if you Were to remove the ocean and just look At the earth without it you would see All these cracks these fission’s that You know where that you know like the Ring of Fire where there’s a lot of Volcano activity you can see it looks Like stitching on a baseball and that

Goes around the whole globe and you can See how plate tectonics actually is Moving Well if they had water on Mars and Mars Was like earth how come there’s no Stitching of these plates moving did They not have the same type of planet as Us you know what I mean was Mars just Just a rock that there were no Earthquakes plates weren’t moving yeah No he’s saying they say so you like when You look I mean I’ve looked at masks Many times on you know the Google Version of Mars yeah and you would think You could see some of these planes Cracks yeah yeah yeah I know is it I Mean there’s cracks everywhere over and There’s that massive big giant slash Taken out of it which is very Interesting but I gather doesn’t it Doesn’t look like any place he would Fall that any planet would have these Kind of they would on bid would that Depend on the car though the planet yeah I guess so But my thing another thing is I think It’s the Pangaea era I’m not sure but When all the Earth’s mass was just Together So what happened did where did this glob Of where did this glob of land come from And then what made it break up it’s just The earth sounds mechanical to me it Sounds it’s like a machine that’s what

I’m saying somebody turned it on man I Think earth is a machine how does that Grab you way to say it’s a machine do You mean somebody made it course the Creator who ever got is whoever created The solar system or everything the Universe there is evolution we are real We’re not in a matrix the planet is real But it’s more of us just like that makes Better plant yeah an experiment And that’s all we are why not it makes Sense don’t we see ghosts and things That move Who’s moving it maybe somebody’s moving The puzzle we just can’t see it yeah I’m You know I’ve never follow me that way Neither of I first time ever did you Stop the cuff yeah I think earth may be A machine that’s my that’s my show Tonight earth there’s a machine that’s Crazy well I need to head opener to edit This video then II thought your show so I can put a link in I can always link The show afterwards yeah earth isn’t Meet the Machine man no but I uh that’s A good title if is a machine I think so You’re not gonna make this that title Are you for this video no good okay you Can have that one thank you because that Means people have got to get this far in The video and as we all know that he Said he’s only the hardcore subscribers That stay on for this long yeah how long We’ve been going for two hours and 15

Minutes okay okay well I think at this Point we will I think we should move on To another video but we’ll say good Night god bless for this video And then mean you can do another video In the week yeah because because I think These loads to discuss and I really want To do a video with young to this Dance Academy as well I also really I still Have a bunch of stuff to talk about that Will be meaningful to this whole entire Interview you know I appreciate you Taking this uh taking the time to have Me on I just went by so fast I can’t Believe it Not me I’m all Italian on the show It’s I was very nervous too in when you Interview somebody who’s not only got a Channel but a very good friend we speak Every day it’s kind of unnatural to Interview somebody who was a friend do You not I mean by that I know because I Know because it’s unnatural to be the The guest because you’re a friend and You have a channel it’s weird yeah I Totally get it Yeah cuz I’m trying to I’m trying to Talk to you I’m still it’s still still Interviewing in a minute but yeah well Because we try to talk to each other as Being professional at the same time We’re friends so it’s it’s weird it’s Weird but we’ll get used to it yeah I Just need to learn how to go live cuz

These videos will go down better live Man I’m sorry we went this long you’re Gonna have so much editing it’s Ridiculous oh don’t worry about it I’ll enjoy it okay I’m gonna try and cut Back on the editing people that are Still watching this video so that you I Can get the videos out faster we’ve done It we’ve tried a little bit of a new Thing with this place probably not new Things been there forever I didn’t Realize that I could record a video Through Skype and hopefully it’s worked Or voice oh that’s right we did do it That way huh otherwise we’ve just been Talking for two hours oh my god that Would suck well yes and no I mean it Wouldn’t be suck but before we go rich Can you just remind everybody where they Can find you and what you’re gonna be Doing this year no I’m not interested I Always wanted to do that I know That’s strange you froze rich there we Go Right so where can you find me and all That and what’s going on this year yes Well you can find me on goof on radio Stream on YouTube and that is Monday Wednesday Friday it’s it’s not Saturday Yet but let’s just say Monday Wednesday Friday 10:00 Eastern 7:00 Pacific and It’s a live show two to three hours Depending on what’s going on this year I Am finally going live on the stream on

The road like once you get a certain Amount of subscribers you can stream Live on your mobile device and I will be Doing those hopefully minimally once a Month so I’m gonna be heading over to Tombstone Arizona I’m gonna do some of The mines down there in June maybe this Friday going to see the UFO that’s Buried under a dam about 10 minutes from Me here in Phoenix Going to Jerome Arizona again the Arizona hotel has a haunted room that I Need to make a reservation for probably Do that in August yeah just um oh and The the Stardust ranch perimeter not Going to the actual ranch just the Perimeter of it because we they have a New owner there and I don’t want to Ruffle his feathers or her feathers so The perimeters just as haunted as the Actual land itself because it’s all part Of the same land and there’s anything From aliens to cryptids – who knows wat Out there shape-shifting yeah it’s gonna Be shapeshifters I’m gonna shape-shift For you yeah it’s gonna be a good year Man so I’m excited about that and you Can find me on twitter under goof on Network facebook goof on i think its Goof on network as well And Instagram all over the place Well maybe it has been an absolute Pleasure and okay folks so anybody That’s new to the channel and make sure

I’m gonna leave all the links for rich Below in the description make sure you Hit that subscribe button hit that Thumbs up and get this video shared out Because is becoming so hard for creators Like me and rich to actually get Ourselves out there with the algorithm That how YouTube is if you do want to Support the channel further you can head Over to my patreon page as some of my Artwork on there rich also has finally a Patreon page he’s always on say you’ve Overtaken me already have I yes you have Yes you have I didn’t mean he’s got some Very very loving funds over there goof On radio but I mean nothing you have a Very I mean I want to say this because You have such a relationship with every Single one of them you know you know our Use of most of you subscribers that a Regular you talk to them in the actual Livestream now I don’t do live shows yet But this is something that I don’t want To start doing maybe with your help rich You can teach me how to do it no not Really you know I just wanted to always Do that too Now of course I would help you of course My god um yeah doing that live would be Great I would love to see you live man You would I it would be great I just Don’t think I could go for two hours That you don’t have to I know I don’t Know how you do it I don’t how I’ve

Never seen that I don’t know how you can Yeah I mean you’ve you never kind of Like get stuck for what to say it’s a Lot of preparing it’s a lot of a lot of Stuff that I have bottled up inside of Me yeah you definitely put a lot of love Into that show and it’s definitely Noticed but yeah rich thank you very Much for coming on the show it’s been a Pleasure good night god bless folks mind The books don’t buy I’m alien a date