Real Paranormal Stories COMPILATION 2019

By | January 1, 2020
Real Paranormal Stories COMPILATION 2019

Another year full of paranormal Experiences is drawing to a close Meaning that another one is about to Begin – those of you who have shared Your stories with us I thank you for Having trusted me with you extraordinary And often deeply personal experiences I Narrate these accounts because I want to Document experiences that may otherwise Become lost simply because they do not Fit with our everyday reality it is Important that we preserve what we do Not understand as such I cannot wait to Read and the rate more of your Inexplicable experiences in 2020 however Before that let us look back on the year That has passed and revisit those real Paranormal stories that you have shared In the past 12 months and if you want to Experience my very own paranormal Journey this weekend I will be giving a 50% off new year’s discount for my Documentary in search of the dead to get This exclusive discount make sure you Are subscribed to my newsletter on Paranormal scholar comm in search of the Dead is a two hour long documentary in Which I embark upon a journey of Discovery in search of proof of life After death interviewing renowned Academics and experts and shadowing Experienced ghost hunters and paranormal Investigators simply click the card on

Screen now or use the link in the Description to sign up to my newsletter And get 50% off the download price of my Documentary this weekend I live in a rural area a beautiful and Lush patch of land situated in the Florida Panhandle I’ve always had an Interest in the paranormal but have Never really put much thought into the Idea that I would be wrapped up in the Middle of an occurrence like this I head Into work around 4:00 p.m. and come home At midnight and never tend to come home Early unless it’s unavoidable I also Must mention that I live two houses down From my grandparents which will become a Relevant factor in this story as around 8 p.m. one night several weeks ago my Grandparents received a knock on their Door not expecting such a late visitor My grandfather cracked the door slightly To see what looked like me standing There on the doorstep lit only by the Dim porch light immediately my Grandfather knew something was wrong it Looked and sounded like me but it moved Wrong he later told me that its symmetry Was off like it shouldn’t exist in the Three-dimensional space not only that Its colors were washed out it was hard For him to tell in the dim glow of the Porch light but his colors seemed muted It had my blond hair and skin complexion But it seemed faded somehow my turning

The saturation down on a photograph as My grandfather looked at it peering Around from behind the door he noticed That his eyes never once focused on him Or In particular not sure how to respond he Stared at what looked like me for a long Moment eventually it looked at him with Its glazed over eyes and mumbled it’s me Let me in this is what struck my Grandfather the most it’s tone I’m a Very expressive person in both speech And mannerisms so it didn’t seem at all Normal to him when this thing spoke in a Flat tone and didn’t emote with its face When my grandfather didn’t respond it Repeated itself growing increasingly Anxious my grandfather leaned into the House and asked my grandmother to come Over and help him deal with the Situation on her way to the door my Grandmother passed the kitchen window Overlooking the next few houses and Noticed that my car was not in my Driveway she knew then that I the real One was still at work not bothering to Give a proper response she hastily Pushed the door closed and locked it Much to my grandfather’s surprise after Explaining the situation to him my Terrified grandparents sat in their Kitchen lights on for the next few hours Too scared to go to bed for around 45 Minutes they will occasionally hear a

Light tapping at the door and a muffled It’s me let me in in the days afterwards When my grandparents told me their story I was shocked My grandparents are not people to Fabricate stories are up until now even Believed in the paranormal because of This I wholeheartedly believed them when They relayed their story to me they Explained to me that they didn’t quite Know what to expect if they let it in But gut instinct told them it couldn’t Be anything good it however the thing That looked like me was insistent on Wanting to get inside so it clearly had An idea of what it wanted to do when I Asked my grandmother why she thought it Wanted to come inside she’s somewhat Sheepishly admitted that she thought it May have Wanted to kill them as for me I believe It was a flash gate to my understanding Flash gates are creatures similar to Skinwalkers but instead of animals they Tend to favor Imitating humans in this particular case And for whatever reason the creature Favored imitating me I am only glad that my grandparents Refused to let it in Before I can explain the circumstances I Must ensure you that the story I am About to tell is not in the slightest

Way fabricated I know it may seem Strange that I would turn to you but I Had no other choice Writing this down is the only way I can Keep my sanity I want to stay anonymous And make sure that in no way this story Would be linked with my name however I Believed it necessary to explain the Things I saw to somebody in hopes that They would listen I am a student at a University in the north of England and Throughout my life I’ve always enjoyed Camping being an avid reader introduced Me to the works of Jack London and since Then I’ve always found a connection with Going outdoors alone to get away from Society for a short while During the winter of 2017 I plan to make My first international trip to the great White north of Norway I’d made trips Around the UK previously and to say the Least I would consider myself an Experienced wild campus slash Survivalist after leaving University for Christmas I decided to spend the Majority of December in a Norwegian National park known as Hardanger Vida I Had planned the trip many months before And I had saved up enough for flights And all the equipment necessary for a Winter camp the first three days the Temperature was below freezing and the Weather was bad and it did not seem to Be about to change anytime soon

Nonetheless I continued on with my trip And headed further east towards a lake Called Norton and sloggin Enroute to said Lake rain started to Fall heavily in my position so I was Forced to retire to a small forest area At the base of a nearby mountain night And day are seldom opposites when you’re So close to the Arctic Circle so in turn Darkness and rain engulf to the valley I Made up camp quickly and started a fire To keep warm I donned some warmer Clothes and set my wet ones to dry Before the next day of travel As the night passed on AIDS some warm Food and began to read in fashion with All of the camping trips I go on no Other human would be around for at least A 20-mile radius so solitude was mine For however briefly I never fit the dark I’ve never feared being alone I’ve never Been scared of monsters ghosts demons or Anything otherwise for those things Didn’t exist in my mind at this point But what happened next will exist in my Mind until I die i sat there besides the Fire reading I heard movement to come From the darkness if you’ve had a fire Going at night you’ll know that you have Limited vision after staring into the Flames for so long I knew this land Didn’t have the safe luxuries of home so I instantly got up and one from my bow a Knife I stood there knife in hand

Staring into the pitch-black thinking of All the animals it could be big or small In that moment I heard a noise and noise Much different to that of a snapping of A branch or moving of feet it was a Somber deep groaning sound with a hint Of rumbling laughter but not human Laughter instead it sounded like the Laughter of the big chimpanzee or a Gorilla a constant inhaling and exhaling Of air No words can describe how I felt at this Moment fear ripped through me and I Could only wait staring into the Darkness then in a suddenness like that Of a power cut in your house at night The noise stopped and all that remained Was the dripping sound of rain coming From the forest canopy after this my Instincts kicked in almost like I Ignored what I had just heard and Decided to focus on securing myself and At the camp I heaved my belongings into A tree and pulled my hammock up away From the ground and higher up the tree I Fed the fire enough to keep it roaring For a few hours then I started to drink More and more water so that I could Urinate as much as possible and in doing So turn away any animals with that I Felt better again foolishly I ignored The idea of what I heard and put it down To fatigue or some small animal after All I couldn’t exactly break camp and

Leave because of how far away I was from Any town Therefore my brain put the thing I heard To the back of my consciousness to give Me a chance of sleeping peacefully and That I did for a few hours at least I Fed the fire and listened to the forest But no sounds came whatever animal I had Heard was now gone or so I hoped I dropped off to sleep in the hammock at Around half twelve I awoke in blackness The fire was down to embers and complete Darkness surrounded me I checked my Watch 2:30 a.m. why I awoke I do not Know a feeling perhaps a sense of Impending calamity whatever it was I am Glad for it for as my eyes adjusted to The dark I saw something that would Drive anyone to madness I cannot begin To explain what it was the mere memory Of it has me looking over my shoulders Even now at a tree behind the campfire a Pair of deep orange eyes peered at me Through the darkness I wasn’t sure that I was dreaming but when the I stepped Out towards my failing fire I knew I Wasn’t this sound from earlier started Again and it came for a wide smiling Mouth and the thing near the fire Ape-like and hunched over it’s still Towered upwards of seven feet I don’t Know if it knew I was there or if it was Just curious but it seemed to want to Play a game making that god-awful noise

And staring in my direction it started To nod its body up and down like it was Dancing then it stopped as if Interrupted by something I think it Noticed me then It felt as if its eyes met mine anger Was etched upon its face madness lunacy Of some kind like it didn’t want to be Seen for the first time in my short life I felt like I was going to die like this Thing was going to kill me with ease and Leave my body to be washed over by January frost but it didn’t it simply Walked backwards into the darkness eyes Fixed on me what happened next is a Fainter memory as being born I remember Breaking camp and heading off straight Away resting when I could but mostly Heading onwards determined to get back To town so that I could get a taxi to The airport to return home upon arriving Home I wasn’t the same Christmas was Strange my family asked me what was Wrong but I couldn’t say I didn’t have Photos to share only my recollections Since I returned home I’ve done nothing But research this thing and apparently There are other stories like mine there Are similarities between my experience And those with something people call a Skunk ape whatever this creature might Have been I haven’t slept well for a Long time and I dare not walk the while It’s not even in my homeland

The terrible sound of the thing Breathing and laughing in the darkness Has given me nightmares I’m not sure if You’ll believe me or if you even do Believe in anomalies like this but all I Can say is everything that I have told You is true I don’t usually share this story the Only people who know are the others Involved and a handful of friends it’s Always haunted us and although we’ve Tried to find out anything we can about It nothing seems to fit I live in a Small town in central Wisconsin and it’s Always been the kind of place where kids Would run around in small packs until Midnight or later since your neighbors Were typically like an extended family You have to understand first off that we All grew up in the country surrounded by Woods we knew the land and we knew the Wildlife of that area and what we saw Was no animal like I said it wasn’t Uncommon for kids to stay out late until Even 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning around My home it was about that late and six Of us including myself were still Playing ghosts in the graveyard I don’t Want to use their real names since I’ve Drifted apart for a few of them since The incident so I’ve changed the names Of those involved we were playing in the Woodlot behind Sam and David’s house and

If you’re unfamiliar with the game you Simply hide and try to reach a safe Point without being tagged I’m a Dark-skinned girl with crazy brown hair So it was always easy for me to hide in The underbrush of the forest since I Blended in well I went over by the fence Near the neighbors property line and hid In the small ditch by the posts it was Pretty isolated as I could still hear Sam trying to find people in the Distance I had been lying there for a Good 10 to 15 minutes when I heard the Crunch of footsteps a few feet away from Me it was strange since I was listening Carefully for Sam and I hadn’t heard Anyone walking anywhere around me before That moment I figured someone might have Been up a tree and jumped down but when I looked up it wasn’t anyone instead There were these two humanoid beings way Taller than any person I’d ever met They had to be around eight feet since Their heads reached almost past the Lower boughs of the pines They had white faces with lips but no Nose and that eyes were just dark like Holes without lids what scared me more Was that it was clearly not a mask or Paint since the white was nearly Iridescent and there wasn’t any plastic Shine instead of clothing they just had These black cloak like masses it didn’t Look like cloth it just sort of coated

Around their faces and came down to the Ground even more frightening than their Appearance was the fact that they made No sounds asides from some rustling in The underbrush when they first appeared Anyone who has lived near a forest Before knows that when it’s quiet it’s Quiet you hear everything even your own Heartbeat but they didn’t breathe there Were no shifting sounds they were just There they weren’t moving and being a Kid I still thought these things had to Be people they just stood there staring At me like they were waiting for me to Do something I was really stupid And I should have just run screaming as Soon as I saw them but I was too scared To move I remember it vividly and I got Up the courage and said hello Questioningly when that got no response I repeated myself more timidly I’ve gone Through a lot in my life but I’ve never Been so scared as I was right then then There was this moment like some weird Buzz in the air where I just knew that They were talking I can’t really explain It but it’s like the feeling you get When two magnets try to touch each other They were talking about me I just didn’t Know what about suddenly they just Started fighting with one another It was synchronised with both of them Reaching and grabbing at the other at The same

But there was still no sound it was like Someone had muted the television except For that slight movement they caused on The ground I ran after that I was crying Hysterically and calling for help anyone Who knows me knows I don’t do that I Don’t cry or get overtly emotional I’m The rock that everyone else goes to in a Crisis situation I was the oldest in our Friendship group besides David who was Sam’s older brother and not really a Friend and had practically raised some Of these kids even though I was only 13 I don’t get scared but I was terrified Then of course came running and Ethan Followed since he was already caught They tried to ask me what was going on Because I could barely get it out Seeing them gave me back some courage Though and I called out for Johnny and Abigail to get back to the house Abigail Came running back from the church locked Down the street she was crying because She had seen them too she’s always been Like a surrogate daughter to me and I Remember her shaking we were grouped up By the back porch when we heard Johnny Scream he came out to us and his arm was Scratched and bleeding he said he didn’t Know what’s happened but something had Tried to grab him we ran inside and woke Up David Sam locked all the doors and although I Felt a bit better inside I was still

Freaking out Since these kids my kids were still in Danger of course David and Ethan weren’t All that quick to believe us David Because he was skeptical and Ethan Because he was scared like Sam though David took it more seriously when he saw How shaken up I was Like I said I’m not one to get shaken up The gun case was locked because Sam and David’s parents were out of town but They both played baseball and grabbed Their bats I didn’t want to go back out There but David said I needed to show Them where they were Sam went with me And stayed behind us as I walked them Back to the fence but they had Disappeared it was a relief but when we Got back inside the house and looked out The windows we could see more of them Just staring at us from the edge of the Woods Their white faces were bright in the Dark all of us just huddled up in the Living room terrified we were there for A couple of hours Abigail kept trying to Get me to take her home she was still Crying and worked up and although I Wanted to get her home she was about a Mile away and we’d have to go on foot it Was getting close to 4:00 a.m. though And my mother called screaming at me to Get home before hanging up I remember we Went to the garage together and just

Looked out we didn’t see them but none Of us were certain that meant that they Weren’t there Ethan and Johnny were the closest Besides me they both ran and I could see Johnny make it to his driveway in the Distance it was light out and I had Somewhat recovered I told Sam to go back Inside and made the executive decision To walk Abigail home he didn’t want to Let us go but I was older and felt Responsible for him he made me take his Bat though Abigail and I ended up Running for a while but I wasn’t the Fastest person to begin with and she was Exhausted he still took us a good 20 Minutes to get back to her apartment we Got there and then I walked back alone Without incident I don’t think we ever Played in the woods again after that Ethan moved away David and Sam became Jerks so the only two I’m still close to Her Johnny and Abigail it took a while And honestly I thought I had imagined The whole thing But about a month later I had Johnny and Abigail sleepover and I brought it up The night we had seen those things They remembered it and then Johnny Showed me the scar on his arm and Abigail told me they’d been in the small Wood behind her house a couple of times Since then like they were keeping watch I thought I was crazy but then hearing

Them confirm everything kind of made me Wish I was I only saw them once or twice After that myself like Abigail’s Experience it felt like they were Keeping watch more than anything else What’s weird is what happened after this I just felt more connected to everything Around me I thought ESP ghosts and all of that Stuff which is people being scared sick Or insane but now that I had a taste of It for myself it was like I couldn’t go Back my sister went to see a psychic Later on and dragged me with her the Woman we saw and everyone I’ve met since Then always tells me I was touched by Something and that I was special again I Thought it was nonsense as I started Doing fake fortunes at summer camp since I figured I could copy what they did it Wasn’t even with tarot cards just a Regular deck of cards or reading their Hands I would see images in my head Brushes off as imagination but then when I described them to the people I was Reading they all seemed completely Shocked and would tell me how it was True this wasn’t that horoscope stuff Either you know how you can say things That apply to anyone no I saw a boy in a Blue jacket next to a red pickup truck Crying on the ice and the girl I was Giving the reading to told me about how Her little brother had broken his ankle

I would pick cards seemingly at random From the deck and make up some nonsense About how this meant there was a family Conflict between this girl the sibling And some guy in the baseball cap only For them to get mad and ask who told me About it it freaked me out and so I Stopped until about two years ago when I Went to college and met my friend Kristina who was president of pagan Forum and did her own divination I Remember telling her about the black and White people as we ended up calling the Tall things and the weird stuff that had Happened afterwards she helped me figure Out how to use my ability And I’ve been helping people ever since I’ve got stronger and now that I have Experience I can tell that when I read a Person It’s that same magnetic sensation as Those things had when they were talking About me I can’t say for sure and I know This whole thing is really hard to Believe but I think whatever came after Us that night Left something behind I am a senior Citizen now and this occurred when I was Four years old this was told to me at Different times when I was in my late Teens and when I was in my early Twenties first by my older brother and Sister and then my mother this story I Am about to relate happened in the mid

1950s in Buffalo New York we lived with My mother and grandmother on the second Floor of an old rat infested apartment House with holes in crumbling plaster in The walls and ceiling it was a common Practice for my grandmother to position Rat traps at the baseboards cheese was Never used But poisoned meat was my sister once got Her hand snapped him one and was scarred For life my grandfather’s brother and His family lived across the hall from us It was accepted that strange things Would happen in that house that freaked Out the tenants on both floors the Neighborhood itself was multicultural With a wide variety of income levels and Lots of businesses the house is gone now But it stood on a busy corner of Sycamore Street a major thoroughfare That traveled east to west and decide Street I can’t remember the name of Imagine a time when small business Owners still used horse-drawn wagons and Visited their customers door-to-door Like when the Iceman would deliver for Your ice box using huge ice tongs and Protected his back with a thick layer of Burlap the scissor man would stop by With his grinding wheel and waited for The housewives to bring out their Utensils to sharpen knives and whatever Else needed treatment motorcyclists rode Around carrying huge saddlebags with

Silver accents on their vehicles the Milkman in his distinctive truck Delivered glass bottles filled with milk Or cream straight from the daring across The side street and down the block was The local playground complete with Sandbox slide swings and a Self-propelled carousel that you would Have to run while holding on to and then Jump onto seesaws and a maple the Neighborhood children all took advantage Of any warm weather or day of school to Gather there and play my brother and Sister were always allowed to go to the Playground whenever conditions were Right but being so young at 3 or 4 I Always had to wait until my siblings Happened to be in the mood to take me There I often overheard them and their friends Talking and sometimes I heard them Relating spooky stories to each other Whether these were real or made-up I Couldn’t know they had really good Storytelling skills my brother and Sister also told stories to me at home And I never knew if I should believe Them or not so years later when they Told me this story I didn’t know what to Think until my mom told me the same Thing a few years later one spring Afternoon we three were in our room for Nap time mum was in the living room at The front of the apartment

Our room was in the back the bedroom was Large enough to hold a full bed a bunk Bed their chest of drawers for our Clothes a dresser and a couple of full Toy boxes my siblings couldn’t sleep and Played between the top bunk and the full Bed across the room I was asleep on the Bottom bunk They described being distracted by what They thought was smoke pushing down from The large hole in the ceiling the smoke Flowed down to the floor and became a Column until it finally formed a female Shape and became a woman who my sibling Said looked like a witch they said she Wore long dark robes and had a hunched Back as they watched this woman sculpt Over to my bed and knelt down at my head Watching me and totally ignoring them Their calling to their descriptions she Had a hooked nose and her chin gutted up And out towards her nose and she had Wards her hair was thin and loose and Hung past her shoulders and they said That they could even see her scalp her Long bony fingers reached out for me as My brother and sister watched in horror She ignored them as they shouted at her To leave me alone and not to touch me They became frantic they called for mom To come and help and make this woman Stop their shouts and cries got so loud That my mother finally came to the back And was about to get angry at them for

Playing and being loud when she stopped Short just inside the door she told me Years later that my siblings looked Terrified they were pointing at me At the ceiling and gripping their beds And very near tears they told her that Just as she got to the doorway the smoke Withdrew and sucked backwards up into The ceiling leaving no trace but the Smell of something having being burnt Which my mum too can smell I never woke Up sleeping through the entire incident Afterwards I put an illustration of this in my Coloring book along with other Occurrences from my and my family’s past Experiences in that building I am now in My 60s and will never forget what they Said happened to me so many years ago In 2006 I was deployed to Afghanistan From the National Guard as an embedded Training team as an ett I was told I Would deploy and document soldiers in Theater who needed plussing up as an Infantry Ranger and Special Forces Qualified soldier I had the unique Qualifications they needed for working With the Afghan military I received 30 Days of subpar training and was sent in Once I was there I was given a sergeant First class as my second his name was Jones and he was a good man We were then kitted up and attached to An Afghan infantry company of 125

Soldiers to mentor their NCOs and Officers in real-world battle conditions We also served as their link to the US Forces for supply and support of all Kinds I was also assigned to contract to local Nationals to serve as my interpreters Initially it was an odd experience being Thrown into an odd situation but due to The autonomy my NCO and I were given we Enjoyed our time there eventually I Spent two and a half years there leaving In June 2009 A lot happened while we were there some Of it was good some bad and some very Bad but what follows was odd to say the Least The Afghan people generally do not Believe in spirits or other supernatural Things they do however believe in jinns And angels jinns are not like the Aladdin version they are bad news and Vindictive the equivalent of an evil Spirit or demon while on tour I ran Across a news story that said Rangers Near Kabul had run into vampires and if They had not had their trusty Standard-issue bayonets with them which Had a plating of silver they would have All died the story was funny to all US Forces and the Afghans no one believed It and a lot of the story made no sense Such as a bayonet having a silver Plating it was all BS and we all knew it

But it didn’t make us look twice in the Dark this was not alleviated by the Stories Afghans would tell stories of Seeing movement in the dark and hearing Sounds that made them worry while in the Hills and mountains of Paquita province Which is next to the Pakistan border we Have been told by US forces that Anti-coalition militia were coming Across the border at night through Several valleys the forces coming across The borders were reported to be working With Pakistan border control and were in No fear of discovery we were told they Numbered about 10 to 20 soldiers on foot Dressed in light kit Afghans had no love For the ACM and for good reason the ACM Would extort Kill and do unspeakable things to the Locals Afghan soldiers took their Barbaric actions personally and would Exact revenge at any time they could Without hesitation The Afghan company was told to go recon The area and set up an ambush it must be Said that the Afghans did not have Detailed plans like US forces and the Order was basically go to this area and Kill the bad guys As such my NCO and I provided maps and Communications for the operation the Afghan company commander rarely joined The missions and so I was effectively The company commander in the Afghan

Soldiers eyes We had three lieutenants in charge of Three platoons and HQ platoon which I Became the commander of due to being Short of a fourth lieutenant SFC Jones worked closely with the First Sergeant we were basically a family and We respected each other before we even Left to scout the area one of the issues We had was to do with night-vision Goggles as Afghan goggles were not Issued I was only able to procure five Sets these I gave to myself Jones and Three platoon leaders other than that we Shared the night-vision goggles on guard Duty and in battle once our mission Began we scouted the area and found Science that the anti-coalition militia Were using the area our first two Ambushes were very productive a US Infantry platoon was also in the area And were directed to support us for the Planned third ambush we found a new Valley supposedly in heavy use by the ACM the US platoon set up on the Opposite side of the valley and had a Clear field of fire up the valley to Support us it was during this third Ambush that the Afghan soldiers revealed That they had received warnings from Local people not to go out at night they Said it was because jinns roamed the Hills we ignored such superstition Besides from not believing in it we were

Heavily armed The killzone that we had established was About 100 meters in front of us we Picked an area that would force them to Go through an area that was clogged with Brush and rocks which would then guide Them along the sandy dry riverbed I had Two men further up the river stationed As an observation post with a radio They never engaged unless fired on they Simply hid and reported by radio at About 2:00 a.m. I got a report from the US Force that they saw movement at the Head of the valley my observation posts However said they saw nothing moving These reports kept coming in but the Afghans continued to report to no sign Of movement I was frustrated and assumed The US troops with abundant night-vision Goggles could see better my man without Goggles were listening more than seeing I was so frustrated that at one point I Exposed myself and looked down the Valley and sure enough I saw what looked Like about 12 to 15 guys in white robes Moving down the valley Fuzzy due to the night-vision goggles They were about five hundred meters away We prepared to ambush them once we Identified them it was always my fear That I would ambush a bunch of drunk Locals on their way home from a party so Identification was necessary before we Acted yet still the observation post

Reported no contact meanwhile all the Soldiers including the u.s. infantry Were keyed up and waiting for me to fire To initiate the ambush looking down the Valley again I watched in surprise as They walked right past my men at the Observation post they could not see them It was then that I realized I could only See them when I looked through the Night-vision goggles I ran all kinds of issues through my Head do they have camouflage which the Goggles are cutting through I could not Understand It they continued to head in our Direction entering the kill zone the Afghan lieutenants were chomping at the Bit to fire yet I still could not Identify I tried to adjust my Night-vision goggles SFC Jones was also Having trouble identifying them then a Shot sounded from my left which I later Determined to be one of the Afghan line Soldiers from first Platoon firing by Accident that set it all off we were Committed we initiated two claymores and Open fired as one it is a beautiful Thing when it all comes together one Moment you’re almost death due to the Quiet and the next it’s so loud you Cannot hear someone yelling at you I Gave the green flare to shift fires and The u.s. infantry platoon shot up the Valley and we charged into the kill zone

Like I had been trained as a cadet I Have to admit I had nothing other than The actions at hand on my mind yet as Soon as it began it all fell apart the Afghan suddenly started milling around a Lieutenant started yelling for them to Search the area I arrived at the kill Zone and I saw nothing nothing at all The US platoon stopped firing there was Just smoke and nothing in the quiet we All looked at each other The u.s. infantry was ready for a Counter-attack but none came I then Almost jumped out of my skin as Jones Open fired further down the riverbed and Was charging and screaming like a madman I followed him at a sprint confused it Was then that I saw what he was chasing It was one of the anti coalition Military walking slowly away I too began To fire but as I endurance got closer we Stopped the figure we had been firing That had no distinct shape and was not Walking at all it was floating floating About two inches off the ground It was approximately the shape and size Of a person with black bands flowing Through its milky white green body I Assumed it was white but due to the Night vision goggles who knows Jones and I watched it as it continued on its way It proceeded to float through a large Boulder simply continuing onwards the Thing that the Afghans later called the

Djinn paid us no attention and floated Down the valley until we lost sight of It I think I saw others ahead of it but I Was not sure eventually I gave the pull Out order on my radio we all pulled out And prepared for a counter-attack that Never came afterwards Jones never spoke Of what we saw again and would look at You as if you were crazy if you Mentioned it some hours later I was Talking to the US Infantry platoon Leader trying to figure out what had Happened he flatly said he saw nothing And his unit only fired because we fired He clearly did not believe that and was Obviously covering his tail so I changed Tact and talked to him hypothetically he Told me hypothetically that he saw white Blobs moving in a file formation which Never stopped moving or slowed down from When we open fire to when we stopped Shooting he hypothetically did not Charge down into them and found nothing Either after interviewing all the Afghan Company and talking to the lieutenant’s It came down to this we saw somewhere From 10 to 12 silhouettes floating down The valley when the ambush was initiated And we started firing the djinns never Paid any attention to us or even slowed Down about a week later still confused By the incident I talked to a usgs Geologist who worked at one of the bases

Nearby and hypothetically asked him if He had an explanation for what happened He suggested that the valley we were in Had heavy iron and possibly magnetite Veins in them and what we may have seen Was an electromagnetic ball of energy Floating down the valley due to weather Conditions which were dry and hot He stated it may have been something Like a weak ball of lightning and the Only reason we could see it was due to The night-vision goggles He gave an example of how helicopter Blades look normal to the naked eye While moving but if you look at them Through night-vision goggles you see all The static electricity on them Regardless of his given explanation the Geologists seem skeptical as for the Others who knew of the story one of my Interpreters quite soon afterwards told Me that we were cursed I reported that We conducted a live-fire exercise for The locals to see after finding nothing And allowed the u.s. platoon leader to Blame me for the wasted ammo later I Reported my US ett commander what really Happened he simply said it was a nice Story want to never repeat again he told Me he had seen others go down for less And implied that he himself had seen and Heard much weirder things happen I never Did report the truth and I still have no Idea what the things I call jinns were

They clearly had a human shape to them And were not electromagnetic balls of Energy I am NOT a very good storyteller I just Remember things and tell them the way I Remember them I don’t exaggerate to make them better I Just tell the honest truth I spent eight Years in the Marine Corps moving from One location to another our way of Warfare is all but savage when asked What makes the grass grow the answer Will always be blood We are not reserved when it comes to the Way we think but saying that this is one Of the few times that I can remember What happened to me while in the Corps And was left lost for words I had just reached a new duty station Bogue field it looked to be a swamp that Was filled in to make a runway with the Buildings there simply to support that Runway when I got there only six Buildings on this small base were being Used full-time the chow hall the guard Post at the gate the warehouse the air Ops building which was being used as the Bases headquarters recovery and us we Were crash Fire Rescue our jobs were Many but mainly if aircraft crashed Burst into flames or buildings caught Fire we were there from the moment I Arrived I was aware that the base had a Funny feeling to it one I could never

Shake the feeling was always there and I Can’t describe it exactly after all it’s Been 14 years since I was there but the Place felt like it was alive but not With animals kind of alive it was more That there were other things there I Would say like it’s haunted but that’s Not very accurate either It was more like dread it’s like the Place had its own boundaries not because Of the fence that was there but another Kind of boundary We would sleep at the base on our duty Nights and didn’t get back home until Our duty shift ended Usually 26 hours on 22 off every other Weekend we would get 46 hours off one Night while staying overnight I woke up In the middle of the night which never Really happened except for the Occasional head call there were five Sets of bunk beds in the room so a total Of ten guys in the room sleeping as far As I could tell I was the only one of us Awake that was apart from the two Humanoid looking creatures at the foot Of my bed when I woke they were just Standing there there is only one reason I knew they were not people and that’s The fact that I could see the bones just Under their skin they had almost no meat Or muscle their rib cages looked like That of a halfway decomposed body they Had no hair on their heads and did not

Have ears despite the dimness of the Room I could see that they had dark dark Eyes there was no smell or sound the Room seemed to be frozen in time at First I thought I was seeing things Because a creature would normally move Make a sound or have a smell but these Two things just stood there at the foot Of the bed one bent over the other Staring directly at me unmoving when I Realized that it was not my imagination I asked who was there no answer I tried Several times to get them to say Something but nothing strangely I did Not feel in danger I felt at peace these Two creatures were only inches from my Feet yet I did not fear them I thought I Might have been dreaming even so I said To the creatures you can’t harm me God’s Watching over me and will protect me Soon afterwards I must have fallen back Asleep sometime later I awoke for a Second time that night they were still There still at the foot of My bed no one else in the room had Stirred the creatures did not seem to Want to do anything other than watch Other than stare this time I did not Want to acknowledge their presence Mind over matter if you don’t mind them They don’t matter I repeated my Affirmation and fell asleep again when I Woke up that next morning I asked Everyone if they had seen anything they

Simply said they had slept through the Night and hadn’t seen or heard anything All these years later I wish I would Have done things differently I wish I had made a loud noise to get Everyone else’s attention or got up to Turn the light on Sometimes I even wish I had attacked Them just anything from time to time I Wonder if it was all just a dream a very Realistic dream but still just a dream That was the only time this happened the Base always felt strange like there was More there than what I was seeing When I was deployed to the Middle East My friend and I would listen to videos About the paranormal and debate on Whether or not we believed that they Were real My interest in part came from the fact That I like so many others who have Shared their stories have experienced Something that I too cannot explain at My home station in northern Florida I Believe there is a ghost in the building I work in the first time I had any Contact with it was when I was on night Duty I was on duty alone so everything Was quiet despite being so alone I heard Footsteps echoing across the room as Though someone was wearing combat boots And was walking across the tiles at First I thought little of it yet later That night I could have sworn I saw

Someone wearing battle dress uniform Walking down the hall out the corner of My eye it was a man about 6 feet tall The odd thing is the battle dress Uniforms were phased out of service Several years ago no one at the base Should have been wearing them not only That I am sure that I could see the Paintings on the wall through the Figures body as it walked by the next Morning when my relief arrived a Technical sergeant suggested I talked to An airman in Airfield management at First I didn’t understand his meaning But when I talked to him as suggested His eyes got big and he exclaimed you’ve Seen him too the airman went on to tell Me that he has also seen the man walking Across the lobby and heard the footsteps As he goes across the tile he also Explained that the ghost had a habit of Turning on all the lights in the Distinguished visitors lounge leading Him to be named the Divi ghosts as well As setting off the motion activated Doors a few weeks later I went in at 3 A.m. to relieve the mid shift when I Arrived I saw that every light in Building was turned on this was not Usual when I talked to the guy I was Relieving his eyes were white and he Said he would not believe what happened He went on to tell me how he heard Footsteps running up from behind him and

Then felt a cold rush of air the weird Thing is that the rush of air was going Against the fans that were blowing on Him as though they had come from a Different source Just like my earlier experience he too Had been alone on duty a few others have Also related their experiences while Working the night shift all are similar To what I’ve already talked about it was Like a soldier who was no longer with us Was still at the base haunting us I am a Marine Corps veteran who Completed two deployments to Iraq in 2006 and 2007 eight in 2006 I served With 1st battalion 7th Marines and as I Was arriving at my unit They were just returning from a Deployment to outcome Iraq a town which Was an entry point for foreign fighters Into Iraq and therefore of great Strategic importance it was in the Aftermath of their deployment that Senior Marines told me stories of a Train station they had guarded their Stories were strange but they were Always the same no matter who told them Marines would be on post 1 and post 2 And 3 would sometimes report seeing an M Am in military aged man walking on and Around post one this was always how it Started Posts calling into post one to report an Unidentified male figure after the

Report was made the Marines on guard Duty at post one would walk around the Post only to report that it was clear And nothing was there the only thing was As his post one was roving the post the Other two posts could still see the M am Walking around those who saw the figure Described him as appearing to be a local Man wearing a white man dress strangely He could only be seen through thermal Imaging when the Marines would try and Use their night vision the figure would Not be visible one night one of my Senior Marines was on post one when as Had become somewhat usual by now post Three started a radio in that the M Am Was standing in front of post one as my Senior marine described it he looked Through the thermals to see a man Staring straight up at him the post was About 15 feet off the ground The senior marine yelled out to the man And immediately radioed in to the main Command post that there was a breach in The wire he told me that he then looked Out through the thermals again just in Time to see the man open his mouth and Let out a scream at that exact moment to Sandbox flew off the post when he looked Back the man was gone on my next Deployment my unit was sent to the exact Same train station again It is almost unheard of for a unit to Deploy to the same area twice when we

Arrived and started guard rotation the Story started to flow in again only this Time they were different the figure was Reported to be the ghost of a fallen Marine who would roam from post to post Everyone who saw him stated he was in Full flak in Kevlar and he gave them a Feeling of comfort it was almost as if He were there on constant guard making Sure all the Marines on post were ok Many many people saw this marine and it Was known all throughout the higher-ups On my second deployment to Iraq I Experienced for myself something utterly Inexplicable and strange if I had not Observed it with my own eyes I would not Believe it without a doubt it is more Out there than any of the reports about The haunted train station I was in a Place called Baghdad II not to be Confused with Baghdad it all began with Reports coming from local people about a Large unknown animal close to the Euphrates River it had eaten livestock And had even mauled some of the locals Including small children from the Description the locals gave it at first Sounded like a large cat yet it was also Described as having wings a wind leopard Like animal that breathed fire For a while it was a joke and someone Even has a sketch of the beast in Command post obviously we did not Believe the animal flew or breathed fire

But there was clearly something out There attacking children and livestock I Was convinced that it was some large cat And I was determined to hunt for it While out on security patrols I had the Luxury of being a vehicle commander in An up-armored gun truck so I was able to Cover a lot for our area of operations I Hoped that this would mean I would run Into this animal one night my hope Turned into reality but when it happened It was no large cat I saw we were on a Late-night security patrol down by the River As we were rounding a bend in the road I Noticed a large white animal just off The left side of the road immediately I Told the driver to slow down and veer Off to the right in case the animal was Dead and had an AED inside of it as we Began to move the truck to the opposite Side of the road the animal stood up on All four legs and darted out into the Road in front of my truck I could see it clearly now as it was Only a few feet in front of my truck and The headlights illuminated it we were Running our headlights that night as Opposed to night vision goggles so I got A great look at this animal the Beast Look like a dog but it was absolutely Massive it has a huge hump on its back That reached well over the hood of my Gun truck and was nearly longer than my

Truck was wide it was all white with Black stripes coming down from its spine And had a large bushy white curled tail I didn’t get a good look at the head but It absolutely had something in its mouth And that something had clothes on We all assumed it was a child but it was Never confirmed as it lapped in front of The truck I yelled at my driver to punch It in an attempt to try and run the Beast over but our truck didn’t exactly Go very fast I then yelled to my gunner to shoot it But by the time he caught glimpse of it It was gone as we were the last vehicle In the convoy there were no other trucks To shoot at the thing after that patrol I made a formal report along with my Driver and dismount who witnessed it as Well we agreed it was huge and unlike Anything we had ever seen I told my Sniper buddy about it and his eyes got Really large and then he proceeded to Tell me that unhide missions they too Would see these large beasts roving Around only in packs of 4 to 6 we made Contact with the Beast three more times On that deployment but sadly I was never Able to kill it we dubbed it the Beast Of Baghdadi My name is Katie six months after I Married the love of my life he was Deployed for a year to Iraq when he came Back he just wasn’t the same

A little less than a year after his Return he took his own life after David’s death as well as suffering Tremendous grief I was angry how could I not be he had Left me all alone how was I supposed to Deal with this yet since his passing There have been a few weird incidents That happened not to me but to others Which has made me question whether or Not he truly has left me alone One day my aunt was over at my house Cleaning and packing when the day ended She was in bed on her laptop out of the Corner of her eye she saw something she Told me that when she looked she saw my Husband looking at her peeking over the Side of the bed as if trying to scare Her all in good fun which is completely Something that he would do on another Occasion my mother told me that she too Had encountered David she had been in The kitchen at my house helping to pack Up dishes when she heard his voice he Simply said hey mama Karen all of the Cleaning and packing had been in Preparation for a move I ended up moving Next door to a friend of my mom’s called Beth a week after I moved in I was Talking about David to her and decided To show her a photograph of him since She had never met him when I showed her The picture she went white as a sheet She told me that some weeks ago a month

Before I moved next door she had dreamt About David she explained that in her Dream he had come to her and said tell Katie I love her and always will and as I’m sorry At the time she had no idea who the man In her dreams was or who Katie was she Knows now another time I moved in with My sister’s roommate to take care of her Pet while she had to be away for work Shortly after I moved in she told me That someone was knocking on her bedroom Door early in the morning I told her That it wasn’t me But the knocking continued for the Entire length of my stay apparently Before I got there nothing happened After I moved out it stopped She told me that she felt like it was Attached or connected to me and that the Only spirit that would be connected to Me and not make itself known to me would Be David I am still dealing with my Anger and I still haven’t told David he Can show me he’s here my friends and Family though believe that he is always Around me I am a security officer in north Florida My job requires me to bounce between Multiple properties throughout the night Most of my properties are apartment Complexes we also respond to calls from Residents to come and handle issues that

May not require the police around the Start of the year I was called to Provide assistance to another officer For a situation he was handling as I Arrived on scene I saw the officer whose Name was Jeff standing in the parking Lot with a resident of one of the Apartments Jeff explained to me that she had Flagged him down stating that someone Was in her house she told us that she Lived alone and when she left all of the Lights in her house were off from the Parking lot I could clearly see through Her window that the lights were on the Lady showed us on her phone that she had A motion-activated security camera Inside her house that recorded brief Videos whenever it caught movement she Then showed us the two most recent Videos the first was her leaving the House where the lights were clearly off The second and most recent of the two Was a recording of the front door there Was nothing visible moving in the video The lights were however on as this Second video played just moments after The recording started the video went Black from top to bottom as if a person Had put their hand down over the lens Then the video went from black to white After she had showed us this I looked up At her apartments window I saw a very Clear silhouette of a person in her room

The figure turned and moved away to be Sure I wasn’t seeing things I asked Jeff If he had seen it too he said he had Definitely seen the person I shined my flashlight into the window To see if there was any object that Could be casting such a shadow but there Was nothing in front of the window Certain that there was someone in the Apartment i radioed my superior I told Him what we had seen and he immediately Told our dispatcher to send law Enforcement whilst awaiting the police I Saw the shadow three more times However after I’d shined my flashlight The movement changed it was no longer The image of someone standing in front Of the window but rather someone ducked Behind it and peeking over the Windowsill almost as if whoever was Inside was checking to see if we were Still there Jeff also saw it all three Other times when the police finally Arrived they had to get the residents Keys to enter the unit as all of the Doors were still locked they spent about Two minutes inside searching before Telling us the house was empty they Promptly left the area leaving myself Officer Jeff and the residents still in The parking lot I was not convinced the House was empty As the police had said after all we had All seen the figure believing that there

Was a person inside hiding somewhere is Courted the resident to her home yet There really was no one in sight she Told me that nothing inside looked out Of place however when she walked over to Her kitchen table to where she had Placed a security camera there was Something wrong the camera was faced Down completely wrapped in a white hand Towel my thoughts raced back to the Second video she had showed us that Night of the camera lens being covered I Could not think of an explanation as to How this had happened until that point The thought of this being a paranormal Experience had not even crossed my mind But at that moment I was absolutely Convinced later my boss would go on to Tell me that he had had similar Experiences and that he believed that The resident knew there was an entity in Her home and wanted someone else to Experience it as well so she would know She wasn’t crazy She left the unit at the same time I did That night and every time I’ve been back To that complex since her car is always Gone I can only imagine that once she Got the confirmation she was looking for She moved out quickly I am a private Night security patrolman I am an atheist But I am sensitive towards living Creatures and plants whenever there are Snakes or trapped animals at guard sites

My co-workers call on me to remove them I have never been bitten and sometimes I Feel things as though I am sensitive to The creatures I have never seen anything Strained with my own eyes though just With my mind that is until now there is A mall Plaza which I check it was there That I observed a strange anomaly this Place has a rough history and is one Place I am always at high alert due to Its proximity to the Bay Area rapid Transport station which at night is full Of meth-heads who tried to sleep on the Nearby property after the BART cops Tried to clear them off occasionally I Get Runaways who I turn in to the police On that night I entered the property as Usual I scanned my patrol point and Drove to the areas where the hobo sleep And all get high I felt there were no Humans or animals save for one woman a New hobo on my beat I came over and woke Her up and talked to her asking my Typical questions filling in an fi card What is your name your age are you ok Enough to walk do you need me to call Someone for you I noticed she had Stopped answering and was looking behind Me I turned to see there was a child in A hoodie hood drawn staring at us from The other side of the property I did not Feel a human presence there nothing just Cold air The woman asked if I could see him too

I said yes and asked her if she knew him Her answer was strange and to be honest It disturbed me she said yes she knew Him he has followed me since I was a kid I told her to shut up and sit there Thinking she was playing some game with My mind leaving her there I went into my Car and focused my dash camera towards The boy My whole body fought against me Approaching but I did it anyway as I got Closer the boy ran fast and I gave chase Yelling at him to stop now I’m training To become a police officer and can run a Mile and a half in 8 minutes 30 seconds I’m athletic but that boy ran fast Getting ahead of me he disappeared into An alleyway there were no doors no sewer Entrances and the walls were made of a Smooth plaster and bricks no way out There was no exit safe the entrance but He was gone all the same after checking For him I went back to the woman and she Was gone too later when I reviewed my Dashcam There was nothing only the woman showed Up and me heading towards nothing my Boss laughed at me when I told him and Said I was just seeing things He also said that when he was a cop he Saw things at night like that too and Told me to ignore it saying they won’t Bother me He then deleted the video and locked the

FI card away I don’t know how to explain What happened that night however ever Since I have never seen hobos used that Area at night again a few weeks later I Was called to a guard site where an Alarm went off the guard had called me Thinking there was an animal inside we Walked side by side throughout the Abandoned Factory site checking doors Noticing they were all locked I began Doing animal calls to draw the creature Out telling the other guard to wait Outside I thought I felt the presence of A lone female bat probably looking for Food or for a shortcut The nearby roost i sat down and waited Humming – it usually traps animals will Leave if you give them a way out so I Opened the door nearest to the bat roost So it could escape and head home to Fertile hunting grounds however it would Not leave instead I felt its energy Change I jumped up from where I was Sitting and opened my eyes in front of Me there was a dark humanoid shadow Figure staring at me it avoided my Flashlight not letting me see it clearly I was frozen fear boiled in my body and My fight instinct clicked it was then That it charged me the figure ran at me And I grabbed its shoulders trying to Wrestle it to the ground but it was so Cold that it hurt my hands It took me down but I managed to kick it

Off it exited towards the bat roost Causing a large female bat and several Males to come out screaming with teeth Bared in defense of their home I Followed it out to the train dock the Bats calming down after it was gone when I returned to the other guard he said That he had seen the shadow thing run Through the fence and down the tracks he Thought it was a lesser cat since we Sometimes get cougars there I wasn’t so Sure either way it was gone for now the Next night I came back again this time Because of a complaint of a dead animal Smell I found the bats all dead ripped to Shreds but not eaten I chose not to tell My boss or anyone what I thought I knew This was no nighttime predator they Would not do that animals do not do that We had the mess cleaned up but every Night after when I went there I would Feel the dark presence staring at me It never follows only stares My co-workers don’t like the sight it is Cold dark damp and sometimes it smells Of corpses some people who used to work There have told me that there are ghosts There at night when I worked there that Night I knew there were no animals Inside as when there are they are Usually very afraid and as soon as the Door is opened will run out personally I Don’t believe anything unexplained is

Paranormal it is just another part of Nature that we don’t understand yet it Is normal as for my own ability to Connect with people animals and plants I Attribute it to having a disciplined Mind when I was a teenager I used to get Seizures until I disciplined my mind That said I have never seen or come into Contact with these things like this Before whatever I encountered those Nights were strange creatures creatures So strange that even animals and plants Shy away from them I honestly believed That they are not human or at least not Fully human the second encounter Concerns me the most it was able to Change its energy its ID to me it felt Like a bat but it was obviously not it Was something darker something darker Than even the night While studying for a master’s degree at Northumbria University I did some work As a security guard in order to pay for The fees being a security guard in the UK requires you obtain the necessary Security industry authority or si a Qualifications which then enables you to Work for security companies many of Which require that you work day or night It was at night time that I experienced And heard others experience paranormal Events I once worked for a housing Association that provided housing for

Kids between the ages of 16 and 25 who Had nowhere else to go this involved Working during the night to make sure They were all safe and sound the patrol Typically involved me walking from the Office along the corridors containing The flats belonging to the kids one Night as I approached the main office I Saw an apparition the apparition Appeared to me as the face of a baby its Body was just a blur it appeared to be Around five foot eight inches in height Though the odd thing about it was as it Appeared to me as if it were a 2d cutout If you can imagine someone holding a Cutout of someone’s face this is exactly As it appeared to me it only showed Itself for a split second before the Whole thing vanished towards the lounge Area of the building where the kids Would hang out in their spare time Soon after this I saw another ghostly Apparition this time it looked like a Mist walks straight through the main Entrance We had a CCTV system in the main office With cameras that fed from the Children’s corridors and it was through This camera system that I saw it I went Over the CCTV DVR and rewound the Footage just to make sure I wasn’t Seeing things but sure enough there was What appeared to be a ghostly form on The monitor

As gods don’t have access to the actual Video files on the security DVR systems I recorded the footage using my mobile Phone I still have a copy of it Surprised by what I had seen I from the Start Tried to think rationally to explain What it was perhaps it was the Headlights of a nearby car however upon Reviewing the footage I could see that If it were the headlights of a vehicle Then it would have emitted light on the Far wall it didn’t the next morning I Told the staff who worked with the kids To find jobs and so on during the Daytime what I thought I had seen and Showed them the footage some were Doubtful others were more open-minded One of the staff members told me a story About how the very building we were in Was built upon an old mining pit where Accidents would have taken place on a Regular basis another temporary staff Member seemed incredibly scared by it She never returned to work and was Transferred to another branch and I Believe my experience and the video were The reasons why I however could not get Away from it so easily this was not the Last paranormal experience I would have On one occasion in the same building When I was conducting a routine patrol I Heard a very clear noise in my right ear Whilst walking down the stairs it was a

Male as it was deep and sounded like Someone exhaling very loudly in my ear There was no one there I just ignored it And nothing else happened Another strange instance involved the Sights Intercom system next to the office was a Spare room where emergency clients would Be kept whilst their housing Applications were being processed but on This particular night there was no Client in that room I was sitting at the Desk when I heard the intercom phone in The aforementioned emergency room ring The issue was that there was only one Phone in the head office which had Access to all the other phones in the Building being in the office I knew full Well that no one else was in the office Call In the room next door it was right in Front of me after all it rang and Stopped around two minutes later it Started to ring again I went towards the Wall that separates the two rooms and Shouted out will you please stop that It stopped and it never happened again With all that I had experienced at the Sight it was not surprising when I Learned that others had also had strange Things happen to them there across the Road from us there was a business center For entrepreneurs and one night their Alarm systems were sounding off because

I wasn’t contracted to them I thought Nothing of it however the next day one Of the clients I was looking after in The building I was in came down to the Office to see me in the evening he Appeared confused about something I Asked the client what he wanted and he Replied by saying that a strange thing Had occurred the previous day bearing in Mind that I had never told any of the Clients about my paranormal experiences He told me that after returning back During the day he found his bathroom Door locked from the inside I asked him Whether it was jammed or could it have Been caused by banging it but he was an Intelligent lad and was adamant that the Lock used couldn’t have been locked by Itself from the outside it must have Been locked from the inside Suspecting he was telling lies I asked Him well how did you get back inside Then he said that he had used his Penknife to get back in which took him About an hour or so I was intrigued by It but then he added that it was strange Because it was later that night that all The alarms were sounding from the Building opposite to my knowledge this Had never happened before or since I Even asked him whether he had known any Of the buildings across from us to have Their alarm sounding to which he replied No

Of course I cannot say whether or not There was a connection but it was Certainly a strange coincidence During my shifts part of my job would be To make numerous check calls to other Branches throughout the night check Calls our pre-arranged calls made to Other workers so as to ensure that they Are safe and sound this would happen Every two hours and if the call on the Other end wasn’t answered then I’d have To contact the police who would send a Unit to investigate anyway during one of These calls I talked to one of the Regulars who was called Derek during the Check cause we would often make chitchat About how we were getting on and how Things were and so eventually I built up A picture of Derek Derek was in his late 60s and was close to retirement in fact He was due to retire in just a few Months time during one particular Conversation having experienced recent Paranormal events myself I asked him if He had experienced any he told me that There were far too many to mention Though one in particular stuck in his Mind Derek explained that he had worked in Security for most of his life and that When he was in his 20s he worked for a Company with state-of-the-art Technologies working for the UK Government this was a warehouse that

Stored classified items like weaponry And barrels one night he glanced down on The CCTV and saw the figure of a man Leaning against one of these barrels Derek couldn’t believe his eyes and Looked harder towards the monitor to Make sure he wasn’t seeing things However sure enough there was a man Dressed in what he claims was 1920 style Clothing just leaning against a barrel As I said the company had State-of-the-art technologies for the Time and was working to secure a Warehouse which contained classified Items This meant that security levels were Very high the floors were pressure Sensitive meaning that should anyone Have stepped on the floor of the Warehouse the alarms would be raised This unknown person leaning against one Of the barrels didn’t sound the However Derek projected to me how Confused he was at the time he then went On to tell me that he decided to call The police to the premises when the Police arrived Derek explained the situation to them Even rewinding the CCTV footage in front Of the police they like Derek could see A man leaning on a barrel as clear as Any other person alive both the police Officers and Derek were flabbergasted he Then told me that they conducted a

Thorough search inside and out of the Warehouse they found nobody there and no Sign of forced entry when I asked him Whether he was absolutely sure he had Seen a person there he could not have Been any clearer by the way he explained It he was utterly convinced as were the Two police officers who arrived – later That night a man had appeared in the Warehouse without activating the alarms Years later I can say that I too am no Stranger to paranormal experiences I was aiming and airing about whether or Not to share my experience I don’t tell People because no one would believe me My experience is chilling strange Unexplainable and hard to believe it Sounds fake in fact even though I am a Believer in the paranormal if someone Shared this with me I wouldn’t believe Them it is truly unusual I was about 12 Years old and living in New Zealand I Hadn’t really had an unexplainable Experience besides hearing my mum call My name when she was never home yet Being a religious person I believed in Spirits and anything of the sort My mother had many encounters with dark Spirits and growing up I was never Scared of monsters I was instead Petrified of ever having an encounter With a ghost my family thought I was Afraid of the dark but really I was Terrified of what could be lurking in

The dark I was scared that I would have An experience because my mum had many I Was at a school camp even though I am an Adventurous and outgoing girl I hated Accounts I hate being out of my comfort zone and Because I am quirky I never really fit In this was especially the case when I Moved to a city and a very small school Drenched in favoritism where everybody Knew everybody I stuck out like a sore Thumb it was for this reason that I was Very alone at this Even though I was sharing the dorm with About 30 other girls our dorm was long And had metal bed frames along both wars I hated this campsite I hated the old Bathroom we had to share with its long Moldy mirror across the wall next to our Dorm was a cabin billy paul’s cabin it Was rumored to be haunted i didn’t Believe in it though as it was clearly a Silly tale to share with students when They came to the camp i can’t exactly Remember the story connected with the Cabin but it had a maori aspect to it Something about the river flowing Through our camp and the cliffs behind Us and a dark curse on the green stone Found by the river there was also Something about a man who went into a Local cave and got his leg trapped under A falling boulder and then had to hack It off and drag himself over the hill to

Where the camp was now built upon i Later found out that the man who hacked His leg off was in fact a true story and That he survived his ordeal billy paul’s Cabin was a single cabin locked and now Used for storage from outside you could Peer in through the windows and see a Clock on the walls still ticking and old Freely caught and other decades old Furniture kids tried to find out what Had happened and why it was never used But the staff Never said anything the cabin was in Between the two main dorms so I found This especially strange as such a cabin Would normally be used by teachers to Keep an eye on the students during our Stay several kids claimed to have had Experiences involving the cabin one was A skeptic who tried to find an Explanation for a man’s laugh she had Heard come from inside the cabin while Playing a hide-and-seek game at night Around the campsite She said the laugh sounded evil she Found out that I was the closest person To her but was still at least 15 meters Away I was there when she shared her Story but heard nothing Some kids freaked out and claimed to Have seen a black figure crawling along The cabin floor through the window after Trying to provoke whatever was in there One single window had violently rattled

While the rest of the cabin was silent Under no influence of harsh winds of Course these could have all been forced It was a camp after all and kids loved Mucking around trying to scare everyone Maybe I would have believed that that Was all it was but then something Happened next which I truly could not Explain the evening came and girls were On their beds chatting and laughing While the last few girls finished up in The bathroom I chatted with a group of Girls in the beds around me until all of A sudden I heard crying crying right by My ears it wasn’t any crying it was the Sound of babies crying looking around The room I noticed no one was crying or Imitating in Act some girls fell silent with white Eyes I knew I wasn’t crazy other girls Could hear it too The Crying got louder It didn’t come from outside it sounded Like it was right next to my head Filling my ears to the point where I had To grab my pillow and cover my head to Drown out the sound other girls did the Same complaining about the noise the Strangest thing about this was that in The dorm there were girls who couldn’t Hear it many girls couldn’t hear it Those who couldn’t hear it told us to Stop scaring people and accused us of Making it up a lot of girls like me Could hear the crying and we tried to

Explain that we weren’t lying As we shielded our ears from the sound Some were freaking out some were Laughing at us like we had planned a Prank how could these girls not hear it Were they lying why weren’t they wincing It was after all painful to hear At the start of camp or devices had been Confiscated so it was not possible for Someone to be playing the audio of Babies crying loudly and even then that Did not explain why only random girls Could hear it such an explanation would Have meant the creation of some sort of Scheme involving 30 girls I was part of No scheme all I could focus on in that Moment was the sound of the crying as You can imagine the dorm was in uproar Debating yelling arguing accusing all Wild girls buried themselves in their Pillows some girls were trying not to Cry it was a hurricane of every emotion The emotion that I had was pure Confusion how could they not hear it Eventually some female teachers came in To shut us all up we tried to convince Them of what happened obviously they Didn’t believe us surprisingly though no Child was punished for planning what Must have been considered a disruptive Prank no one was told off we were simply Hushed and told to forget all about it And go to bed the next morning I wanted To find an explanation me and some of

The girls who had heard the crying went To a member of staff I purposefully Chose a young guy who I knew would tell Me if anything was I was the one who asked him if any Babies were on the premises he looked at Me like I was strange and assured me That we were the only group present our School was entirely alone At this campsite I told him the Experience even the other girls chimed In trying to convince him he said it was Creepy and agreed that it was impossible Yes I knew he didn’t fully believe us After walking away from him my heart Fell to my stomach I felt sick to this Day I can’t find an explanation as to What happened that night but I know what I heard I can’t deny it it was real to Me it was in my ears for crying out loud Literally how could this have been a Prank was it something to do with the Copts In Billy Paul’s cabin I feel so stupid For sharing this and I know that I Cannot force anyone to believe me Whatever you believe I will never forget How I felt when my heart sank or the Loudness of the crying it was truly Truly strange Nine years ago I participated in a Summer activities program at my Secondary school the program took my

Class and I to an old mansion with an Adjacent large pond which belonged to an Old wealthy family supposedly there had Been reports by previous visitors of Strange things happening in the mansion The sound of whispers faint children’s Giggles on a staircase cold spots and The apparition of a lady walking on the Pond at night upon arriving at the Estate it felt like any normal old Mansion as far as I could tell there was Nothing out of the ordinary then upon Entering the house for a tour I started To feel slightly apprehensive it was Broad daylight yet I couldn’t have Anticipated what would happen next we Entered a room which had two rows of Chairs with a large window opposite the Chairs this faced the old mansions Courtyard we took our seats to listen to A presentation about the house I sat on The front row at the right edge it was At that moment that I started to get What would quickly become a piercing Headache it wouldn’t stop and only Became worse I also felt a heavy weight Come upon me weighed down by the Pressure and the headache I slumped my Head for the entirety of the Presentation after what felt like an Hour the presentation was finished and I Was able to stand up as I did I heard a Classmate gasp when asked what was wrong She explained that she had felt

Something grabbed her arm It couldn’t be explained after exiting The room the rest of the tour was normal With nothing out of the ordinary after Returning to the school a teacher who Had been on the trip with us shared the Pictures he had taken among the pictures Was one of the room in which we had Listened to the presentation the photo Showed me sitting on the front row at The edge with my head slumped just as I Remem But only there was something else in the Picture something I had not remembered The picture showed a white apparition Hovering above me I believed and still Believe to this day that the room where I felt the pressure and my classmate was Grabbed was the residence of jinns Likely the personal jinn the Kareem of Those who once lived in that old mansion There was a church field trip my brother And I were invited to it was mainly for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people my Brother who is deaf was excited to go on This trip as many of his friends were Going neither one of us is really Religious but it would be a good chance For him to spend time with his friends As his older brother my mom made me be a Good big brother and watch him to make Sure he didn’t get into trouble I was Around 12 at the time and my brother was

10 we were told that the church we were Going to was somewhere in Pennsylvania Little did I know it would be in a Desolate spot in the middle of nowhere With nothing for miles the church van Which picked us up was a window Transport van that you see at airports Carrying huge families for their Vacations my younger brother and I Hopped in at the pickup spot somewhere In Pasadena Maryland from there we Started our long four and a half hour Drive I chose to sit in the very back I Wanted to get some rest during the drive And to get some space for my brother and His friends surprisingly deaf people are Not quiet I woke up about an hour into The trip with my brother tapping me on The forehead telling me to look out the Window I got up and looked I could see Nothing but trees out the It was around 5:30 p.m. and it was the Beginning of fall so it started to get Dark around 6:00 My younger brother insisted I look at What he was pointing at so I hopped over The seat to get a better look I still Saw nothing I turned around and signed To him that there was nothing and I Couldn’t see anything yet as I hopped Over back to my seat I noticed something Read out the corner of my eye when I Looked out the window to my left I saw a Pair of red eyes they were moving as

Fast as the van the van must have been Going around 45 miles per hour down Roads that were twisting and turning I immediately slapped my brother on his Shoulder and signed intensely I saw it I Saw it he then asked what it was I Signed back that I wasn’t sure a ghost Maybe this wasn’t such a radical idea I Thought at the time considering how Close we were to Pennsylvania he state Which is notorious for its ghosts and Hauntings wondering what we had seen my Brother and I looked around to see if we Could see the mysterious red eyes again But they had vanished with nothing more To see I went back to nothing my brother And his friends decided to start playing Their game boy advances fast forward Three hours and we had arrived at the Chair I have long forgotten the red-eyes Everyone went inside the church except For my brother his friend and I we Decided we were going to play some Basketball since there was a basketball Court that was lit up around back the Church was surrounded by thick woods and I could hear the sound of the woods as We played the chirping of birds and Crickets we decided we would play a game Called 21 first to 21 wins it was about Halfway through the game that I noticed Everything had gone quiet it was pitch Black outside except for the church in

The basketball court and it was deadly Silent the only sound came from the Basketball hitting the ground and the Hoop I could no longer hear the birds in The crickets unnerved I told my brother And his friend to stop I had a feeling Someone or something was watching us They both laughed at me and signed to me You scaredy-cat I told them to quit it And just look around with me for a Moment that’s when I saw the piercing Red eyes from the woods the woods were About ten feet away from the basketball Court I was terrified I tapped my Brother and his friend and pointed to Where the red eyes were seemingly as Soon as I pointed to them the red eyes Blinked and turned to walk away from the Basketball court walking along the edge Of the forest but staying out of any Light that broke through the trees we Were unable to see anything other than The eyes all three of us looked at each Other and decided it would be best to go Into the church we ran as fast as we Could to the doors there was an adult There who asked us what we were doing I Told him that we’d been playing Basketball unimpressed he led us into a General area for the games everyone else Was playing and told us to stay there Saying that we were not supposed to be Outside After this he walked out into the

Hallway and never came back into the Room for the rest of the night my Brother his friend and I agreed not to Tell anyone not because they wouldn’t Believe us but out of fear that that Thing would come back as we sat in the General assembly area we were next to a Window that looked out into the forest On the right side of the building I Peeked out and saw those glaring red Eyes they were outside still again I Immediately grabbed my brother and Shoved him to the window and showed him What was it why was it following us Both of us were freaking out one of the Chaperones noticed we were freaked out And asked if everything was okay when we Told her to look out the window she said She didn’t see anything Immediately I looked back out and sure Enough I didn’t see a trace of the red Eyes after that we left the window and Joined in playing games with the others When it was time to leave I was one of The last ones to get into the burn it Was around 10:00 p.m. and the thought of Those red eyes kept returning to my mind Then as I was waiting for the van to Load I heard something that I would Never forget it sounded like a cross Between a dog howling and a Blood-curdling screech it sounded Inhuman I was the only kid there who Could hear fine I turned to my brother’s

Friend who was hard of hearing and asked Him if he heard anything he said he Hadn’t I was the only one who had heard It I couldn’t sleep the ride home The sound of that thing there was Piercing red eyes I was attentively watching the passing Trees scanning them to see if I could See those eyes again following us I Never did see them and I don’t want to Ever again Whatever that thing was it wasn’t Friendly or looking to make any new Friends In late August of 1997 I moved to a big House in a small town in Vermont the House was an old family mansion I was Moving there to run a ceramics business From its converted garage and would live There for just under a year I’d heard dark rumors about its Inhabitants but nothing about the house Itself in the times I had visited its Ramshackle charm and beautiful woodwork Made it appear a once loved if somewhat Strange and spooky place strange and Spooky places don’t deter me my parents Had been spiritualists from the time I Was six years old I’d attended séances on a weekly basis Those long nights sitting in the dark Served to make me think spirits and Those who called them up were frauds and Fools still there were rare occasions

When something entirely unexplainable Happened a pair of scissors flying off The table in front of my eyes was one so I kept an open mind to the supernatural I also have a love of what we don’t know And the paranormal phenomena fall into That category I can’t say I’m a hardened Skeptic but I can’t say I’m a moon-eyed Believer either I know what I’ve Experienced and that there was no known Cause for those things to have happened Most people aren’t satisfied with Standing questions I like leaving the Big question right in the middle of the Room pointing at it and saying see you Don’t know I don’t know nobody knows if Somebody says they know they’re lying Until living in that mansion I’d had no Surety of ghosts The family had built this version of Their home in 1913 and lived on the land For generations they earned the wood Mill behind the house it must have been A showcase in his prime with a good Piece of land attached and a lake just Across the road by 1997 only one family Member remained there and the house was A dilapidated mess years of neglect and A leaking roof buckles and bellied Ceilings and walls on the upper floors Of its 27 rooms and three full stories Only nine rooms were habitable in the First and second floors of the main House on the ground floor the gutted

Living room dining room and kitchen had Been carved out of several smaller rooms And left unfinished bare beams detracted From the beautifully crafted woodwork And hand-tooled window frames one small Bedroom and filthy bath off the dining Room house the last of the family to Live there on the second floor were five Rooms in the bath each in varying states Of decay four of those rooms were in use As bedrooms the fifth had been the Bedroom of a man murdered in the house a Decade earlier when I moved in it was Used as storage and a passageway to the Shambolic two-story seven room apartment Above the garage area the third floor of The main house held the large ballroom Where the family had entertained back in The glory days doors opened from there Into three smaller rooms and the tiny Interior room with an original square Sink bathtub In wooden housing boxes papers and Clothing littered the floors the only Furniture anywhere was a rusty bed frame Dropping from the floor of the East-facing room ran a small steep Staircase that led down to the apartment Over the garage the second-floor door That opened onto the main staircase at The ballroom was locked with a bolt from The outside that staircase had a Pronounced pitch to the left and it was A trick to keep your balance while

Climbing or descending them above the Third floor was an attic and above the Attic a Coppola that gave a grand full View of the lake Surrounding grounds my bedroom was in The rear of the houses second floor at The end of the hall below the bar the First night there I was exhausted from The move after a shower I went to bed And within minutes heard sounds coming From the ballroom above footsteps and Voices my housemates I thought and went Out to the hall to ask them to keep the Noise down passing the top of the main Staircase I heard them all below in the living Room talking while watching television It must be old house noises and Acoustics I told myself and went back to Bed then the music started and furniture Dragged across the floor directly over My head there’s no furniture up there I Said to the ceiling determined not to Look more like a weirdo even to myself I pulled the covers up and tried to Ignore it eventually I fell asleep the Next morning at breakfast I told my Housemates about it nonchalantly they Said it happens when someone’s new in The house and that it would stop in a Week or so they were right it stopped About a week later for a while nothing Out of the ordinary chaos of living There happened life went along with the

Ceramics business my three odd Housemates and four dogs in that big Drafty house my widowed stepfather came To spend Thanksgiving weekend with us And stayed in my room while I bunked in The front bedroom he reported hearing The active ballroom every night he was There music voices dancing furniture Dragging being a spiritualist he thought It was wonderful by that winter I’d Fallen in love with the old house and His poor condition bothered me Two of my housemates went south for the Holidays and then on to Florida leaving The last family member and me there Alone for several weeks The ceramic shop closed for the winter So I began undertaking projects to state Busy with the help of a friend from town I tore down two bedroom ceilings and Hung new ones we stored the materials in The unused fifth bedroom one day I was Dragging sheetrock out of the room while Trying to keep the dogs from running the Passageway to the apartment beyond Irritated I said out loud if you want to Help me you could open and close these Doors for me so I don’t have to struggle With the dogs the door in front of me Opened wide I quickly pulled the Sheetrock through and the door closed Behind me the dogs were standing still At the top of the stairs all my hair Stood on end and my bravado fell

I left the sheetrock there in the Hallway and ran downstairs that night I Slept on the couch in the living room Over the months that I lived in the Mansion I saw and heard many Unexplainable things but my housemates Didn’t want to talk about them my Curiosity was dismissed every time I Brought up the subject meanwhile the Events kept going on often when it was Only myself in the house at night I Heard a string of notes from the piano When I had put the keyboard cover down While eating breakfast my dish moved Away from me I watched it slide from under the Newspaper I was holding and across the Table I’d heard footsteps on the stairs In front of me when there was no visible Person to make them faint big-band music Played while cooking in the kitchen I Could never tell what direction it came From a voice here and there most were Murmurs but I distinctly heard a woman’s Voice say no not there while I was Reorganizing a pantry when I was Painting the second floor porch I heard A man clearly say that’s nice I turned And looked through the doorway down the Hall but there was nobody else in the House as these things became an everyday Occurrence I’d just say okay or hello and carry on With what I was doing

Whoever or whatever was around me seemed To mean me no harm In fact once I slipped at the top of the Main staircase and what I can only Describe as an air-cushion stopped me From falling I was often spooked in that Place but never felt threatened one can Grow used to living in a haunted house And I did I even liked it I left the mansion in 1998 and haven’t Been back since the last family member To own the home died some years later And his inheritors sold it to a couple Who wanted it for a bed-and-breakfast They called in an investigative team to Find out what was going on around them As they renovated the investigators Captured several EVPs electronic voice Phenomena one of those voices captured Sounded uncannily like the family member I knew others seemed not as friendly as Those energies I encountered from the Photos on their website the house looks Lovely now all these years later and That house stays in my thoughts from my Experiences and now the captured Evidence I’ll swear the mansion is Genuinely haunted the things I witnessed There were far and away more tangible Than anything the spiritualists I knew Ever witnessed whatever walks at that Mansion does not walk alone there are Simply too many of them I come from Charleston South Carolina

And my family has lived there since it Was a colony it’s a very haunted city With a deep history of the paranormal I’ve lived with supernatural events my Whole life but there is one story that Stands out particularly clearly in my Memory this is also one of the few Stories as I share with someone else who Can corroborate what I saw it took place In the old exchange in Provost dungeon On East Bay Street in Charleston the old Exchange in Provost dungeon was used During the Revolutionary War to imprison Patriots and on occasion pirates Charleston is right on the water line so Anything underground will flood with Saltwater which includes the dungeon it Would have been a damp a dark miserable Place to be locked up centuries after The last person was released there is Still a sense of despair and anger down There the ridiculous animatronic Characters and workers in colonial garb Do nothing to reduce that sense of Wrongness to get to the actual dungeon You have to go down a very tight Twisting staircase that is decorated With pictures and information about Pirates in the area my best friend had Come to visit me whilst I was a college And I took her to see the place we were Early and told the dungeon would be Empty and that we should wait in the Sitting area for the guy to bring down

The rest of the tour group happy to be On our own she and I went down the Stairs talking loudly and laughing as Friends will when we reached the last Flight of stairs we could see down the Door into the room before the dungeon Just in the doorway was a young man in The red regimentals of a British soldier He was standing at attention just inside The waiting area this didn’t seem odd as All the people who work there are Required to wear colonial costumes the Man in the red coat and tricorn hat Turned when we hit the last LAN Met my eyes and smiled at me my friends And I had been acting a bit silly and he Seemed amused by us he was a Good-looking guy with blue gray eyes and Shoulder-length Orban hair tied back in A black ribbon feeling a bit embarrassed At being called acting the fool we Settled down and spent a few minutes in The small hallway at the foot of the Stairs looking at the pirate memorabilia I kept looking at the guy and was sure He found us funny eventually my friend And I walked past him to take a seat in The waiting area the bend faced the door And halt meaning we would be facing the Red coat only there wasn’t a man there In the exact place he had stood was a Mannequin in the uniform of a British Soldier the mannequin was white be Chalice and did not even wear a wig

There was no way I could have mistaken It for a person my friend sat in silence Unable to speak both of us feeling the Pins and needles sensation of having Seen something that couldn’t be the Strangest part was as I could still feel Something strange in the empty room for Some reason the coat on the mannequin Did not have pewter buttons instead it Had tacky cheap fake gems it was ugly And not at all historically correct I Was filled with frustration and Irritation and I badly wanted to remove Them it didn’t feel like my own emotions More like the spirit was sharing his Displeasure with me if he was a proud Soldier and used the mannequin to Manifest he would probably not be happy About such an ugly and inaccurate Addition to the costume eventually other Visitors trickled in but no one spoke it Was if they too sensed what has held my Friend and I in silence it wasn’t fear There was no sense of danger But it was As I sat there holding my best friend’s Hand I heard a whisper not in my ear but My mind James it said when the tour Guide entered he commented on how quiet We were and jokingly asked if we had Seen a ghost my friend and I didn’t say Anything as I did point out that people Had died in that place the rest of the Visit was mundane and we laughed and

Went on with our day my friend and I Talked about it briefly and agreed that We had both seen a young man with auburn Hair before we walked through the Doorway two years later just before I Graduated and left the city my friend And I went back to the old exchange and Provost dungeon just to see what might Happen we had to go back before we both Had no reason to go there when we came To the waiting area next to the dungeon We noticed that the manikin had been Moved to a far corner and that his coat Had been updated to look more realistic No plastic gems unlike the last time the Waiting area was full of people and Noisy my friend and I approached a man Who worked there and asked about the Mannequins coat Oh you mean James the tour guide asked Without missing a beat I have never Actually heard my mouth drop open before Or since But it did then apparently the crew that Worked there had named the manikin James He told us that other people had Experiences around James I didn’t see The spirit again I got the sensation That he was less restless now his Mannequin was no longer wearing tacky Fake jam buttons I suspect the spirit had very clear Opinions about his uniform and was not At all happy with the state of it and

Had wanted someone to fix it I wish I Knew more about James who he was and why His spirit remains in that dungeon his Face is perfectly clear in my mind even Years later and he looked real and solid He didn’t seem unhappy just miffed about His coat and amused by the two girls Giggling in the hallway To tell you my experience I first have To tell you about how my grandpa died For all my adolescence I lived one field Away from my grandparents I visited them Often and loved them both dearly My grandmother was queen of the home and My grandfather was a farmer and Accomplished carpenter by the time I was Born they were already quite old my Grandpa had suffered two strokes that Left him mostly paralyzed by the time I Was seven he spent his days in a Hospital bed in the living room from There he could look out of the big front Windows seeing him like that never Scared me he was my grandpa and I would Talk to him like he was going to be able To answer me one day whilst I was Visiting he started making weird Gurgling breathy noises I could see his Eyes and I knew he was not okay I was Still seven years old and didn’t know What death was as an adult I am able to Realize that was a death rattle I Screamed for my grandma who was in the Cellar canning tomatoes she came up and

Hugged me I told her we had to help Grandpa she soothed me and told me that Grandpa was dying but that it was okay He wouldn’t hurt any more he would be Able to do what he loved again we Wouldn’t be able to see him again except In pictures but we could still talk to Him and he would listen he could even Talk to God for us to help us and that If I called him he would come back to me Always as I said at the time I hadn’t Known what death was yet but my grandma Gave me some comfort Years later I was on a visit home from College my grandma had passed about a Year and a half earlier my parents were Out of town for the night so I was alone In my old house normally they left the Dock so I would be alerted to intruders But there was another reason why I asked To keep the dog with me at home no Matter where I was day or night When I was alone or far away from other People I would sometimes smell something Not present feel touches or even the Presence of a person sometimes I’d be Alone in a house when a repetitive noise Like knocking or the bouncing of a ball Would start when I asked whoever Whatever was making the noise to stop it Would stop strangely when I had an Animal around there wasn’t as much Activity so it was for these reasons That I was weary when my parents didn’t

Leave the dog with me that night it Started around 5:00 p.m. there were odd Smells smells like milk that’s gone off Or rotten fruit or stale urine I would Get whiffs now and then I knew what was Happening was I still looked for sources Mom kept her house immaculate clean with No stale food I tried to ignore what was Happening if it smelled bad talking Would just make it worse when I went to Bed I kept the closet light on and Poured my blanket up to my eyeballs I Had nightmares until midnight it was Around then that I woke up because the Smell was unbearable Sitting alone in bed alone in the house It got worse I felt something on my cheek if I had to Describe it I would say it was like Someone with long nails slit two nails Along my cheek there was no one there Then I was pushed out of my bed Terrified I ran outside with my Cellphone and cigarettes I was shaking And did not know who to call all I knew Was I couldn’t go back in Standing outside it was then that I saw My grandma’s empty house across the Field I wished she was still there with her Old porch light on so I could feel safe Then I remembered what she had told me About grandpa all those years ago so I Started talking to both of them telling

Them how scared I was telling them I Didn’t know what to do I started crying Then that porch light came on I saw it Light up from across the field at the Same time I started to smell my grandma She always smelled like sweat and flour She never wore deodorant and was almost Always baking something I felt hands Lightly touched my shoulders then grip Tighter as if to say I’ve got you you’re Safe I knew those hands were my grandpa With my grandparents I was able to go Back inside Whatever presence had been there was Gone The next morning I could still smell Traces of flour My mom was confused as to why grandma’s Porch light was on no one else had keys But her and they had been in her purse Mom dialed the police and while she was Talking I watched the light go off there Was never any evidence found of an Intruder They simply blamed it on how all the Light was thank you for listening I Truly hope you enjoyed if you did be Sure to subscribe for more of the Paranormal and to make sure you don’t Miss a future episode subscribe to my Newsletter over on paranormal scholar Com remember this weekend only I will be Giving 50% off the download price of my Documentary in search of the Dead this

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