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Good evening folks and welcome to a lien At it now if you saw my last video if You if you were lucky enough to see my Fave nos in the last video then just go Watch my last video before you watch This video just so I can get some more Views But yeah the last video was security it Was titled secure team 10 battle for Christmas very much a clickbait video You know I thought let’s just do it you Know bring some new views to the channel And I kind of it was a clickbait video And I kind of thought you know what this Could happen but I didn’t think it would Happen but it did happen If you cast the 27th I still cast the 27th of December as Christmas guys you Know Christmas Christmas starts you know What I’m in March now and he ends you Know on the 31st but yes if you think This video is going to be a secure team 10 hate video you’ll be very much wrong And but if you also think it’s gonna be All for security team 10 you will also Be wrong I’m going to play devil’s up Accardo so I got the news on the 24th at 8 a.m. in the morning from a a friend of Mine friend of the channel Osvaldo Franco I’d do interviews with him his UF Ologist I does a lot of research and he sent me The pictures that everybody seen of Tyler and

I said to my wife I said wow if you know This is this is bad stuff that’s going On in this guy’s life right now I said If I do a video on this I’ll get loads of views you know I’m Trying to go I’m a day job I could Really kind of you know what I’ll say When you when you get on the back of Somebody else’s misfortune I carry member the same I could have Done that and a lot of people a lot of You may be thinking right now Please you’re doing that now maybe I am I don’t know I’ll probably decide that After the video and I want to look at The like to dislike ratio and make she From this video up yeah so I could have Made that video probably first before Anybody else I think it was about 12 Hours ahead of anybody that did a video About that I decided not to do it just Because I’m absolutely spiffing fellow And no but I just it’s not my place the Guy and I said this to a few of her Youtubers the guy has I think is I think He’s got it a young young boy you know He’ll be at a school his friends may Show him these videos that have been Done about his dad and what’s going on This than the other and I don’t think His wife need to hear any more about What’s going on his friends his family It I didn’t think like it was my place To speak about it

But everybody’s speaking about it now so I am speaking about it but I want to Give you my views on it and a lot of you May not like it but And a lot of friends of mine that how Other channels probably won’t like it But I will say this to your faces and I Have I’m I’m making a video buy it if I Don’t always look at the camera by the Way I’m being blinded by blinded by the Light but yeah I’ve got [ __ ] to say so As some of you may know Tyler myself Have been speaking on Twitter now for About just over a year and we started Out we argued a little bit and now we’re All right I actually met him the other Day after all this has happened and said I I hope you’re okay I hope I hope you Get through this But I’m gonna be honest about the video That you put all Tyler I have to be Otherwise I wouldn’t be me I wouldn’t be Alien a [ __ ] I wouldn’t be the person That my channel has I wouldn’t be the Person my channels made I’m not like I’m Not gonna get them words out so I’m not Gonna try but yeah the video you put out In my opinion was pure [ __ ] also the Men in black are the people hi they want To shut you down they will shut you down Like that there is no question you’ll be Gone this is I’ll be gone any if the White anybody’s gone You become so it’s not that all right I

Understand why you did the video you did I just think it was very stupid and it’s Good that you’ve deleted the video You’ve you’ve amigo over 2 million Subscribers there’s probably a lot of Subscribers that the by the BS you know That there will support you no matter What I’ve suppose you’re on a personal level I think you you are a nice person deep Down I think you are I think you you are A completely different person on your YouTube channel as are many youtubers But you are my advice You probably don’t I’m gonna give you I’m gonna give you anyway one you come On alien now that you do an interview Here because that will grow my channel And I’m a selfish little turnip but I do Think that it would be good for you to Actually speak to somebody maybe not me Go on further moon talk to them you know Let people see the real you That’s all I think you need to do to let People see the real you cuz I you know Live with somebody asking the questions And just let them ask away – you know this will this will all blow Over at some point so if you just leave It you’re probably caterpillars far Enough Or minute you’ll probably lose some Subscribers and this that and the other But you’ll you’ll recover from that you

Know I’m not condoning what’s being Reported on and what you’ve been accused Of by any means I’ve lost two very very I’ve lost my best friend when I was 24 Years old in the care act’s and I’ve Lost two of our friends in car accidents I’ve also you know I’ve had friends that Have had marital problems and you know I Think if there’s been any sort of Violence in a relationship whether it be Towards the man the woman both you know It’s not good and it should never happen But these things happen in life I just Think it’s nobody else’s business but Your own and that is why I didn’t make a Video on it I kind of said to a lot of People you know maybe we should think About your family think about a little Boy at school it’s not our business to Speak about this and again people be Like why the this guy with a [ __ ] on his Head it he’s speaking about it now he’s A hypocrite but I feel like I need to Speak about it now because people are Asking me to do it and you know it’s a Follow from the last video I did it’s a Clickbait video I’ll get me some views They stuck me over whatever reason you Wanna think I’m doing this guy’s he’s Got your reasoning but my real reason For doing this is I think we should Start to Not always just jump on somebody as soon As we hear that the [ __ ] hit the fan you

Know some people I can see some people Absolutely delighted with this Information some people are on top of The world they think it’s marvelous you Know I don’t for one second I emailed The third face am only other day and you Know I said that this was gonna happen And before it happened um I said this is Gonna the shit’s gonna hit the fan but I Ain’t gonna do anything on the video About the situation I am now because I Think people need to calm down I think People need to lay off Tyler and this is Not me being like some sauce secure team Ten little [ __ ] and you know ass Licking tile or anything like that this Is me saying leave the guy alone I think He’s being flew enough I think he’s his Channel as you know whether it survives Or not who knows it probably will and You know I hope it will you know it Makes money for his family I I won’t Want to take that away from anybody Yes he’s done some [ __ ] videos in The past and I’ve called him out many People have called him out on it but This is his personal life now and this Is this is kind of the lowest somebody Possibly guess I’m sure whatever Happened he regrets doing you know and Whether that where it was because he was Under the influence or anything like That you know he may have not even a Done what he’s being accused of we don’t

Know what happens behind closed doors we Really don’t So I think until you know unless you’re Sat in a car law Are you one of the neighbors that knows What’s going on then stay out of it Because you don’t know the full Information you probably can’t take me Seriously because I’ve got this [ __ ] on My head but you know I feel like I need It right now it’s a very serious video So I need a little bit of humor yeah That’s kind of what I want you to say It’s not really this videos not going Anywhere I’m just I just wanted to say Guys oh this is this is mainly for other Youtubers leave him alone just let the Guy be lame sorry [ __ ] out let him come Back jump on him if he does some [ __ ] video I’ve never been one to Speak in a button and I know loads of [ __ ] on loads of youtubers that I talk To and in if I wanted circuit I could Speak about but I’ve never been one to Do that because I’ve always fought People make mistakes you know I know a Few tubing tubers you tubers a lot of Friends that I’ve made many mistakes in The past of her friends and some stuff That you know they they regret so much And if they could do anything to take You about they would do but I don’t Think the woman it I don’t think if he Was in the right frame of mind that any

Of this would have happened I think and I said this in the last video I think Something well I said I think Something’s very wrong in Tyler’s life Right now I must why he’s not making These videos he did tell me a while but That about these documentaries that he’s Working on so that is true He did tell me about family members Passing away never told me who it was so You know who knows a gang is his private Life I don’t really think we need to Justify to you guys what we do in our Private life is [ __ ] you Jew as Youtubers you know we don’t need to it’s Our private life so yes people we I’m Not changing that again that’s just gone You know what that ship has sailed It’s cut a long story short guys I’m not Gonna go on about this much longer I Think he’s made some big mistakes it’s Been a fool He’s trying to cover it up we don’t Believe it but at the end of the day is Probably going through hell so I don’t Think it’ll be more negativity his way Is housing is a nice thing to do so I’d Rather wish the guy well and I hope he Gets through it I hope his family get Through what’s going on I hope he gets Better and if it is the if it is the men In black then I best be careful you know Because I’m next because I’ve definitely Got some skeletons a Hawaiian about my

Closet anyway guys so we just coming Into the new year made them I hope I get This out before the new year I’ve got ready yeah but there’s gonna be Some good stuff happened on the channel Hopefully we will get Tyler Glockner on This channel from from security team ten If you don’t otherwise cuz you know of Ice and Tyler maybe we can offer beer Together maybe not actually yeah third Phase of moon coming on the channel I Don’t know if you guys have do you drink Baby nice now that hover you know maybe A glass of wine together shared face um My my advice is just gonna go any minute I said I know I sound a bit gruff as my Wife probably like see she probably Thinks I sound sexy because normally I Sound like a child and yeah the Interviews that want to get done in the New year I want to start talking to People at her experiences with the People who think they’ve maybe been it He’d been abducted people have seen UFOs People that keep me in visiting be keep Visiting UFOs he gets him visited by not UFOs because they wouldn’t be Unidentified visited by the little green Men probably do some more tea tsa videos Where we discuss what’s going on there Because that’s that’s kind of gone a bit Lovely quite um I’ve got off a little Bit sneaky feeling it’s gonna hurt back Up again and there’s gonna be some big

Stuff happening next year in UF ology I Need to go because I’m gonna lose my Voice any moment guys I am alien of it Hit that like button share this video Out I’ll share some old interviews and Or something just share the stuff I need You support if if you are a big fan of The channel then feel free to come on The patreon page Try and get as much on there as I Possibly can a mailing closet around Here and page on I don’t do much on any Other social media platform um but Thanks for watching the videos guys and Thanks for that The massive subscribers the support for The channel it means the world to me Because eventually one day I’ll get out Of the day job I’ll be doing this Full-time and I will trouble believe you Me I will travel the world if I’m doing This full time to eat and get myself Into a pyramid No I’m tired take that’s what I’ll go I Promise I’ll get my warmest clothes on I’ll go to the Antarctic and I’ll tell You what but do go to the Atlantic this Is for all my father funds out there I’ll be peering out for the edge and Taking a photograph good man god bless Amalia Nanak mine the books don’t bite