5 Darkest Cases of Real Werewolves in History

By | December 27, 2019
5 Darkest Cases of Real Werewolves in History

Before I start I would like to mention That this video is brought to you by Astonishing legends astonishing legends Is a paranormal podcast theirs examines Strange legends and mysterious events Throughout history more on the podcast Later in the video Since ancient times people have believed In werewolves indeed scientists Theorized that such a belief may hearken Back to prehistory to a time when our Herbivorous ancestors began to eat meat It is thought that in order to be Successful hunters our ancestors may Have sought to imitate the prowess of The wolf by dressing in furs and Painting their faces with wolf light Markings this belief that humans can Somehow channel the wolf and acquire Both its physical strength and form as Well as its wild instincts did not die With the dawn of civilisation written Testimonies have been recorded for Thousands of years describing men with The power to shape-shift into the form Of a wolf with that in mind here are Five of the darkest cases of alleged Werewolf encounters In ancient times people who were thought To be able to transform into a werewolf Were said to be afflicted by a condition Called lycanthropy among the

Superstitiously inclined it was believed That one could become a werewolf through Magical means or as a consequence of a Curse from the gods Gaius Petronius Arbiter a Roman courtier and author was One of the first to write down a Surviving personal testimony of Witnessing someone transform into a Werewolf The year was 60 ad and Petronius was Considered to be a learned man of Elegance and sophistication despite Living in ancient times belief in such Superstitions were seen as beneath Worldly men of courtly life thus it is Both strange and fascinating that he Should mention having personally Witnessed a man change into a wolf in His testimony Petronius describes having Gone for an evening walk with a soldier Whom he describes as being as bold as Death on that night the moon shone Brightest day when coming among some Monuments the soldier rather peculiarly Started to talk to the stars Petronius Continued walking singing to himself and Counting the stars without a care in the World Realizing he had left his companion Behind he looked back at the soldier and Was greeting it by a frightful signed According to his testimony he saw him Strip and lay his clothes by the side of The road when in a crack he was turned

Into a wolf immobilized by fear Petronius witnessed the wolf man howl up Into the sky before running into the Woods in a state of absolute dismay Petronius continued along the path to His destination which was the farm of a Friend of his there the courtier was Scolded for being The farmer told him that a wolf broke Into the farm and had butchered all Their cattle all Petronius could think Of was the shape-shifting soldier and How he may have reached their Destination before him the farmer Continued to explain the evenings event In the course of the raid one of the Servants has supposedly fought off the Wolf and had run him through with a pike After a sleepless night waiting for Daylight Petronius ran back to his home he Claimed that he found the soldier lying In bed with a surgeon attending to a Wound somehow someone had injured the Soldier’s neck in the night Petronius Was convinced that the soldiers wound Had been sustained in the course of the Raid on his friend’s farm and that the Soldier had been the wolf They described disturbed he never again Associated with the soldier Olaus Magnus was a 16th century Catholic Ecclesiastic scrutiny having created the

Most accurate map of the baltic northern Regions of the time however after the Success of the religious Reformation in Sweden Magnus was forced to flee exiled To Poland and eventually to Italy there He wrote and in 1555 published his most Famous work the title of which Translates into English as a description Of the northern peoples in his text Magnus details a general phenomenon that Occurred in the Baltic regions of Northern Europe as he described it the Inhabitants suffer considerably from the Rapacity of wolves throughout the year However these numerous and aggressive Wolf attacks were not regarded as such a Serious matter for there was something Far more destructive and dangerous that Northern Europeans had to endure According to Magnus far worse than Natural wolves were men turned into Wolves supposedly it was around Christmastime that a multitude of wolves Transformed from men gathered together And then spread to rage with wondrous Ferocity against human beings far from Being at the mercy of ordinary wolves The ecclesia stated that villagers could Tell the difference between wolf men and True and natural wolves the werewolves Behavior was easily identifiable According to the text when a human Habitation has been detected by them Isolated in the woods they besieged it

With atrocity they devour all the human Beings and every animal which is found Within Magnus wrote how werewolves supposedly Congregated at a ruined castle in the Thousands assaulting the fortification By jumping over the walls He also related the story of a nobleman Who supposedly had in his retinue he Peasant with the ability to turn into a Wolf Magnus’s writings are often Dismissed as a series of unsubstantiated Accounts based on local superstition When speaking about his observations it Is more preferable for academics to Focus on what they are certain he was Correct about such as his geographical Observations werewolves they conclude Couldn’t possibly be a reality and Indeed it could be said that Magnus’s Descriptions of werewolves gathering Together and attacking villages were Superstitious rationalizations for Bandit attacks during the Christmas Period after all around Christmas many Laborers found themselves unemployed and Often took to drinking and committing Crimes historically this is resulted in The holiday season having a mixed Reputation inspiring tales of Krampus And other demonic beings bent on Destruction and wrongdoing Magnus even stated that the so called Werewolves that ravaged the baltics

Empty tons of beer or mead from village Sellers however as convincing as this Explanation may first seem there is a Major flaw whilst bandits marauding Across the countryside are of course a Common occurrence in history they are Not commonly known for devouring human Flesh on mass this is a far more beast Eale far darker trait a trait which is Perhaps only reserved for unnatural Creatures like werewolves In 1612 a judge in Bordeaux France wrote A book about bad angels and demons Within it is the extraordinary case of Sean Granier A boy of around 13 years of age Granny air was tried and convicted for The crime of lack Anthropy in other Words he was found guilty of being a Wolfman Marguerite pouria Was the first to bring him to the Attention of her parents she shockingly Stated that he had repeatedly frightened Her and other girls by threatening to Eat them Grenier was described as having Thickly matted red hair falling over his Shoulders pale eyes and large hands with Long black nails pointed like a bird’s Talons his most peculiar characteristic However were his large canine teeth that Protruded from his overhanging lower jaw It is claimed that Grenier had told Marguerite and others that he had sold

His soul to the devil and in return was Given the ability to transform into a Wolf the teenage boy admitted to Attacking dogs and little girls in order To feast on their flesh disturbingly the Young girls were his preference their Flesh he said was a supreme delicacy Jean-bob Orient aged 18 testified that Grenier had specifically describes two Instances where he had consumed a meal Of human meat one of which he had shared With a fellow wolf at first the parents Disregarded their daughters stories as Youthful fantasy however this changed When Marguerite Corriere was attacked by Grenier one day and was only able to Fight him off after a vicious struggle After this the case was taken to the Authorities this caused a general fear To spread in the Area four it had been reported that Several young girls had recently Vanished mysteriously Granier was promptly arrested and Brought before the parliament of Bordeaux his case and testimony were Recorded in full the charge of Marguerite Corriere is correct The thirteen-year-old boy is recorded as Having said my intention was to have Killed and devoured her granny I denied None of the charges and elaborated fully On his crimes he described meeting a man In the forest who signed me with his

Nail and proceeded to give him a self And a wolf skin he claimed that it was With these items that he was able to Transform into a wolf and roamed the Country the details of granier’s crimes Were horrific he testified to several Instances where he had devoured the Young in one horrific instance he even Admitted to having eaten a newborn he Explained that he had committed these Heinous acts at the command of his Master the so-called Lord of the forest The different areas where Grenier had Done his dark deeds were identified and It was discovered that the times where He stated they happened did indeed Coincide with parents reporting their Children missing as hideous as his Claims were Grenier did seem to be Telling the truth Marguerite even confronted the buoyant Court insisting that she witnessed him Transform into a wolf before he attacked Her By this point in history French courts Had moved away from regarding Lycanthropy as a criminal offense and Instead saw it as a sign of insanity Thus Grenier was consigned to a Monastery to be watched over by monks For the rest of his life seven years Later the judge visited Grenier He reported that he found him to be very Shy his teeth however was still

Protruding and his nails were still very Long it was then that Grenier related The whole story to the judge as it was When he first gave his testimony to the Courts years before the judge recorded Everything faithfully in the years since His trial Grenier claimed that the lord Of the forest had visited him twice Promising him that he would soon be free Again to spread terror across the Country as a wolf this thankfully was Not to be shortly after the judges visit Granny err passed away Decades before granny air the forests of Eastern France are said to have gifted Another man with the same ability and Sinister taste his name was Sheila Garnier and during a hunt in the forest Near Dole in France he claimed that his Spirit appeared before him and offered To ease his troubles his anguish was Caused by his lack of ability to hunt And provide food for his new family Recently married and with a young child The pressure of such responsibilities Was taking its toll on the French man Thus the spirit supposedly gave him an Ointment that could turn him into a wolf From 15 72 to 73 Garnier turned the area into a land of Scarlet Horace the bellies and legs of Little boys and girls were devoured raw He was never discreet about his actions

Either over 50 witnesses appeared at his Trial and recognized him as a loup-garou A werewolf Indeed authorities had been convinced That the terrible tragedies in the area Could have only been caused by a Werewolf At the height of the drama the Authorities even issued an edict that Encouraged people to track hunt and Dispose of the werewolf in the area if Possible Soon after this gl Garnier was Apprehended by a group of workers some Of whom recognized him as a wolf others As a man On the 18th of January 1574 garnier was Forced to meet the flames for being a Werewolf Garnier was not the only one in the Province who was accused of being a Werewolf in the 16th century Michel Verdun and Pierre Berger were Convicted of similar crimes as him they Also shared his punishment in the Centuries since many have attempted to Explain these cases of supposed Werewolves as a superstitious way to Explain real crimes committed by Biologically normal men whilst this Might be a valid explanation comfortably Asserted from a detached position the People on the ground at the time would Have no doubt disagreed for they clearly

Identify them as both man and wolf not Only that the accused in all these cases Confirmed that they were wolf men albeit Under torture one would think that their Crimes were terrible enough without Having to add the detail of lycanthropy Capital punishment would have been Served either way another explanation May well be that these men truly Believed that they were werewolves Whether this belief was based in reality Or not is questionable Regardless such instances did not go Away as time went by with some similar Cases continuing to be recorded in the Modern day before I discuss the final Werewolf case of this video I would like To talk about astonishing legends a Popular podcast which also explores In-depth strange historical legends such As these scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess have hosted astonishing legends Since 2014 and have accumulated over 67 Million listens so far as you know I Loved the details when it comes to Research and Scott and Forrest are Brilliant when it comes to this when They uncovered the truth behind legends You thought you knew they are extremely Comprehend And explore every possible angle so far They have covered a wide array of cases Everything from skinwalker ranch to Bigfoot to a case of demonic possession

Known simply as the sludge entity may Have even discussed werewolves Scott and Forests approach to the spooky strange And mysterious is similar to mine in That they have no agenda they present The details and the theories from the Skeptical and mundane to the far edge of Fringe and then let you decide for Yourself the veracity of the stories at The root of these mysteries not only That through exhaustive preparation for Their interviews you’ll hear the most Comprehensive and thorough conversations With some of the best experts authors And researchers so be sure to listen to The astonishing legends podcast on Apple Podcasts Spotify or wherever you listen To your podcasts and check out the links In the video description In the late 1980s and early 90s an American reporter named Linda Godfrey Investigated a case that involved a rash Of strange sightings in the state of Wisconsin it was with in a rural area Around Bray Road that several people Reported seeing a large bipedal creature With brown fur and canine features the Creature it was said was not Identifiable as a known animal some even Whispered that the Beast was half-man Half-wolf at first Godfrey investigated The incidents with skepticism soon However she would become convinced by The number of testimonies since then she

Has authored several books on the Subject and is now considered to be one Of the leading authorities on what is Now known as the beast of Bray Road Godfrey’s research was rigorous with her Keeping a written record of eyewitness Testimonies in an article published in 1991 she included quotations from one Such testimony which came from a Supposed I witness called Barbara Barbara had been driving home one night Along Bray Road when something caught Her attention on the side of the road According to her testimony she Approached what she described as a thing In her car its back was to her but she Could see and was shocked to see that it Was kneeling on the ground like a human Would its elbows were up and its claws Were facing out as it ate something from The ground as she drove by the peculiar Creature supposedly turned his head to Look at Barbara it was then that she Realized the creature had big teeth Fangs pointed ears and glowing eyes it Was about the size of an average man Barbara reported five foot seven maybe About a hundred and fifty pounds when Godfrey interviewed Barbara in order to Make a record of her test She was surprised when Barbara pointed To a picture in a library book the Picture was that of a werewolf like this On this picture the alleged eyewitness

Had said referring to the big long nose And long chin of the Beast that she had Seen and the illustration of a werewolf In the book this is exactly what I saw This is it this is what it looked like As fantastical as Barbara’s account may Seem she was far from alone a local Humane officer in the state at the time By the name of John Frederickson had an Envelope set aside in his office labeled Werewolf that contains several Documented sightings similar to Barbarous in the years since the story Broke many have tried to explain what People saw on Bray Road one of the Possible explanations given was on the Television show legend hunters they Ascribed the sightings to a bear Suffering from mange yet dismissing the Sightings as being the result of an Animal suffering from mange is Problematic as mange is a relatively Rare condition amongst bears having only Recently become more common due to Environmental factors the likelihood of One or more animals with the condition Being seen so frequently is rather low Not only that mange makes the suffering Animal lose its fur in the case of the Beast of Bray Road eyewitnesses often Describes the color of the fur of the Animal they encountered with it usually Being brown this was indeed the case for Barbara who stated that the creature she

Saw was a brownish grey Surely the furless bear skin of a mangy Bear would have left a strong impression On any eye with Most mystifying however is how the Mysterious creature was seen kneeling Such behavior unseen in dogs wolves and Bears is chilling and suggests if the Eyewitnesses are correct that the beast Of Bray Road may have had human Characteristics ultimately however the Creature remains a mystery it may have Been an unknown animal a Misidentification of a known animal or Even a deranged person in a costume Or it may just be that the werewolf of Legend exists and lives and is Encountered in the modern day thank you For watching if you enjoyed this and Would like more of the paranormal please Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t Done so already be sure to click the Baloch on next to my subscription box to Receive notifications of all my new Videos and if you love the strange and Legendary do head on over to the Astonishing legends podcast and listen To Scott and Forrest discuss yet more Bizarre cases simply click the link in The description until next time