5 Most Terrifying Demons Encountered in History

By | December 20, 2019
5 Most Terrifying Demons Encountered in History

In every part of the world there are Traces of demons whether they be Formalized as a part of our recorded History or simply passed down by word of Mouth from one generation to the next Demonic entities are claimed to be Everywhere Traditionally demons are thought of as Ancient spirits who were once Semi-divine now demoted these beings are Often described as using their limitless Supernatural power for evil performing Trickery of all sorts and shape-shifting In an attempt to cause mankind’s Downfall invisible yet ever present they Are whispered to lurk in every corner of Human history it could be said that they Are as much a part of our story as we Are with that in mind here are five of The most terrifying demons encountered In history far from being confined to The darker ages of history accounts of Demonic possession and exorcism are Still recorded in the modern day yet They are not entirely what you might Expect most religious figures no doubt Take the lead in the performance of an Exorcism medical professionals like Physicians and psychiatrists have a role To play as well one figure who was more Than experienced in this field is dr. Richard Gallagher an Ivy league-educated Board-certified psychiatrist a Self-described consultant on demonic

Possessions Gallagher has spent the past Three decades helping members of the Clergy distinguish between mental Illness and true cases of demonic Possession yes dr. Gallagher a man of Science ardently believes that humans Can indeed be possessed by demonic Although rare he states that there are Confirmed cases of what he describes as The real thing It was in the late 1980s that Gallagher Became involved in one such case Although never afraid of what he Experienced the case certainly left an Impression on Gallagher it was after all One of his first cases when discussing It in a series of articles in 2016 and 17 he described what he witnessed is not Only creepy but beyond anything that he Could explain with his scientific Training his patient was a middle-aged Woman who described herself as Satan’s Queen a member of an underground Organization she was wearing flowing Dark clothing and black eyeshadow when Gallagher first met her she was she Herself claimed under attack by a demon Despite willingly aligning herself with Demonic forces as the self-styled queen Of the King of Hell the lady whom Gallagher refers to as Julia wanted to Be free of the devil she was conflicted Delegate explained in an interview there Was a part of her that wanted to be

Relieved of the possession in order to Help the lady Gallagher assisted the Priests in assembling a team for an Exorcism one June evening he and a small Group of nuns and priests met Julia in The chapel of a house despite it being Warm outside He killed is said to have gripped the Room over the course of the evening Julia demonstrated knowledge of personal Details relating to Gallagher’s life she Revealed the secret weaknesses of those Present in the She even knew how individual she had Never known had died including the Doctor’s mother even more disturbing was How julia spoke in multiple languages Including latin during her exorcisms Outside of her trances these different Languages were completely unfamiliar to Her knowledge of multiple languages is a Trait of demonic interference Gallagher Has claimed from his experiences he Believes that demons are extremely Bright moreso than humans with them Having the ability to speak all Languages talking of Julia’s abilities The psychiatrist has expressed certainty That this was not psychosis it was he Has stated a clear sign that she was Possessed by at least one demon in Addition to possessing hidden knowledge Julia also appeared to be the epicenter Of a demonic form of physical energy

Throughout the sessions objects flew off The shelves around her when holy water Was sprinkled on her she screamed in Pain ultimately despite the best efforts Of Gallagher and the rest of the team Julia’s story did not have a happy Ending one day she called a halt to the Sessions her willingness to reject the Devil was it seems gone she instead Chose to embrace the darkness the last Contact Gallagher had with Satan’s Queen Was about one year later she told him That she was chronically ill when he Offered to help her again she rebuffed Him the psychiatrist says that he never Heard from her again The demonic entity it seems had Ghin are a class of supernatural Creature made of smokeless fire as I Mentioned in the Quran and throughout Islamic mythology whilst there are Benevolent examples to be found such as The genie of the lamp from the story of Aladdin Geon are often portrayed as Malevolent shape-shifting tricksters These extremely powerful beings are said To have an inclination towards Wrongdoing most especially after many of Them followed the evil lead of a bliss a Jinn who disobeyed orders and refused to Bow to the superiority of the first man Adam the Islamic equivalent of Christianity Satan he bliss supported by His horde of demonic jinn vowed to lead

Humans astray and bring about their Downfall it could be said that this Destructive vow can be felt most Strongly in a desert town in Oman Situated in the shadow of a vast Mountain range the town of Bala is home To one of the oldest fortresses in the Country from this medieval stronghold The area’s dominant tribe ruled for Three centuries it is the town’s Historic importance as a center of Military religion and politics that Supposedly made it a focus for demonic Activity for it is said the powerful People attracted powerful jinn stories Circulated around town about the Frequent appearance of powerful spirits One local legend even claims that Jin Built the twelve kilometer wall which Encompasses the fort in a single night Yet not all supposed encounters were Described as being so compassionate it Was whispered that evil jinn roamed the Town attacking and eating both dogs and Humans far from belonging to Bhalla Medieval past the prevalence of jinn in The town is still widely believed by Present-day in half Hence when interviewed by a reporter for An Omani weekly publication in 2018 a 76 Year old local shopkeeper stated that Bonner is very different to other cities In the country The old man describes how the trees

Rocks mountains and even the shadows of The town are home to a plethora of jinn When asked why he explained how they Keep an eye on everything that happens Here referring to Barlow’s historical Importance when searching for other Stories it is not difficult to find Other equally if not more sinister Reports of jinn in the town one family Have related how they supposedly woke Each week to a low moaning noise coming From outside their house and how each Week they would find peculiar and Meticulous mounds of rocks and sand Placed directly beneath the window of The room where the infant son was Sleeping Another case describes the possession of A thirty year old man by jinn his Brother claims to have found him Muttering unintelligible words against a Wall on several nights an exorcist who Operates in the area claims to have Treated over five thousand similarly Afflicted people over the course of his Two decade-long career arguably most Frightening however is an incident Described by a local man who attended The country’s premier University and Worked in a senior position at a nearby Factory spontaneous fire he claims was The doing of jinn in early 2015 Behind his home in Bala green flames Supposedly erupted from the sand and

Hovered above the ground for several Minutes as the fire blazed the man Claimed he heard a chilling cackling Echoing within the flames the inferno Was spontaneous and had no known cause Having happened on a cold and cloudless Night in the middle of winter the Journalist who recorded his experience Reported that the man’s fingers shook as He recalled that night he was clearly Terrified and quickly assured the Journalists indoors away from the sight Of the ominous event lest the Djinn Strike again the frequency of similarly Terrifying happenings being reported Ambala is disturbing with so many Reports it would seem that this desert Town may very well be under assault by Demonic forces in the second half of the 16th century the spanish jesuit Missionary jose dan tiata was sent to The portuguese colony of Brazil as a Missionary and tiata was heavily Involved in the religious instruction And conversion to the Catholic faith of The native population crucial to this Were his observations of and subsequent Writings about the social life and Culture of native people as well as Providing a rich commentary on marriage Customs family life and religious Practices and tiata Also gave an insight into local belief In a ferocious demonic creature the kuru

Pyrrha Regarded as a demonic figure the kuru Era had long been considered a guardian Of the forest by local people it was the Creatures duty to protect the forest and Its inhabitants from the greed of man it Was described as being human in form With piercing red eyes reddish orange Hair and Jaguar like fangs its most Striking features however were its long Oversized feet these according to local Legend always face the wrong way its Heels in front and its toes facing the Rear the reason for this it was Whispered was for deception those Wishing to avoid the creature would Travel in the opposite direction to its Footprints only to find themselves Wandering straight into it Path writing on the 30th of May 1560 the Jesuit missionary described how the Creature was a well-known thing spoken Of and feared by all local people Encounters with the kuru pyrrha were Alleged to be common for those who Ventured into the forest to hunt there The demonic creature would beat hurt and Sometimes even take the life of local People according to law A kuru Pyrrha will prey on hunters who Take more than they need from the forest As well as those who hunt animals taking Care of offspring it is sad that a sign That the infernal creature is near is

Its distinctive chilling growl once in The gaze of the kuru Pyrrha a hunter Will rarely escape a bizarre detail Relating to this demonic creatures Chosen method of attack is that its Urine is said to be lethal to humans it Is told that the kuru Pyrrha may urinate On its victim in order to cause their Demise in another traditional tale a Hunter who managed to escape by climbing A tree was forced to watch as his friend Had a hole tore into his head by the Hellish creature on the ground below the Monster it is claimed sucked the man’s Brain out through a hole in his skull Undoubtedly a terrifying creature the Kuru Pyrrha was widely feared by local People wishing to protect themselves From its cruel justice natives often Left offerings to the beasts at the top Of the highest mountain yet as far as One can tell from the legends these Attempts at pacifying this forest Dwelling demon were often futile In 1909 a Japanese man could corner Yanagita visited the old castle town of Tono yanagita Was there on business as a bureaucrat in The Ministry of Agriculture and commerce His work gave him many opportunities to Travel throughout Japan during this Summer business trip yanagita rented a Horse from a local innkeeper and rode Around the nearby villages his extensive

Fieldwork and exposure to such rural Communities had fostered an interest in Local village customs and so the Japanese bureaucrats soon found himself Observing a local festival as the Sun Sank men wearing masks with deer horns Attached to them and young boys dressed As warriors took part in the dance of The deer it was some time during this Visit to tono that yanagita Met Kissin Sasaki a 25 year old aspiring Writer and folklorist who had been Diligently gathering the oral folklore Of the area many of these local legends Involved yokai the supernatural monsters Spirits and demons of Japanese folklore Jana gita’s interest was piqued and so Over the course of many evening visits The young man recounted these stories to Yanagita who in turn wrote them down as Plainly as Sasaki described and without Embellishment in 1910 the tales and Legends of tono which had previously Only existed in oral tradition were Published and shared with the rest of Japan before too long the rest of the World would know of the legends of tono And the stories of the monsters Contained within one of the creatures Mentioned in the text is the Kappa an Amphibious demon said to lurk in Japanese waterways with its name Translating to River child the PAH is said to be the size of a young

Child with webbed hands and feet a Beak-like nose slimy skin and a putrid Odor sometimes the foul creature is Described as having something akin to a Tortoiseshell on its back According to folklore encounters with This water demon almost always end in Tragedy with the kaepa supposedly being Responsible for sucking the life out of Its victims in pursuit of a mythical Organ set to contain the soul a rather Gruesome detail of these alleged attacks Is that the malevolent creature will Attempt to suck its victims entrails out Through an intimate area of the body it Is for this reason that it is said that One should not venture too close to the Water’s edge alone for this is where the Kappa lurks and may very well drag you In and down to your demise despite its Small stature the Kappa supposedly has Great strength being able to drag a Full-grown man into the water children However are often the demons choice Target with many disappearances being Blamed on Kappa it is for this reason That one can still find signs today in Japan warning children not to play near Waterways for fear of attacks by the Demon fatal encounters aside these water Demons are also claimed to attack women Occasionally such a brutal encounter Will result in the woman becoming Pregnant with a ghastly half human half

Demon creature it is in Jana Gita’s Legends of tono that one such heinous Encounter is mentioned in one of the Outlying villages a woman was described As having given birth to a child with Bright red skin and a large mouth it was Said that this was the child of a As loathsome as it was the family would Determined to be rid of the newborn Creature and so it was taken to a fork In the road where it was sat down and Left as the member of the family walked Away however he supposedly realized that There could be some money to be made From exhibiting the beastial child yet By the time he returned it was already Hiding and nowhere to be seen Although the Kappa has become a very Famous fixture within Japanese folklore With there being numerous regional Variations of the demon its reputation In modern times has been somewhat skewed In spite of its historic sinister Reputation the modern Kappa like a lot Of other Japanese folklore creatures is Often depicted as more cute than creepy Kappa can even be found in Advertisements and logos as Light-hearted fun characters it is Arguably this distortion that makes the Life-sucking Kappa all the more Terrifying not everyone however has Forgotten the Kappas true history in 2014 the supposed mummified remains of a

Kappa were put on public display for the First time it was claimed that the Remains comprising a webbed foot and an Arm were given to an important family After the creature was shot on a Riverbank in 1818 as of yet the validity Of the remains are unconfirmed Undoubtedly the Kappa is an integral Part of Japanese folklore and with many Albeit unverified reports of encounters With and sightings of alleged Kappa Stretching into the present day some Even consider it to be a genuine cryptid Whatever the case may be the legends Surrounding this cruel and fibia steamin Are terrifying before I discuss my final Demonic case I would like to take a Moment to talk about in search of the Dead my new full feature documentary for Those of you who have not yet seen it in Search of the dead follows my journey of Discovery in search of proof of life After death from my trip to Romania to Investigate the most haunted forests in The world to a historic haunted Manor in Scotland join me as I interview renowned Academics and shadow experienced Paranormal investigators in search of Answers it is two hours of Thought-provoking discussion and Exploration as I questioned not only Whether or not it is possible for us to Survive death but also whether or not we Are actually able to communicate with

Those who are now beyond the grave if You love the paranormal and are Interested in finding out more please do Click the card on screen to watch the Trailer or check the description box Below in search of the Dead is now Available to rent or buy On Vimeo purchasing access helps support The work that my husband and I do for The paranormal scholar as independent Creators in search of the dead can also Be streamed as a member of our quill and Ink society both here on YouTube and on Patreon membership also gives you access To additional perks including Advertisement free videos and exclusive Bonus Please head to the description for phone Links thank you Father Peter was an experienced Exorcist Over the course of 30 years he had led To exorcisms and had assisted in three Others having taken over the third Midway through when the Exorcist Suffered a fatal heart attack thus when He was called to perform his third right In the summer of 1965 father Peter felt Prepared little did he know that this Would be his last exorcism with Peter Dying just a few months later whilst on Holiday in July 1965 father Peter Received a short note from his bishop Back in New York it stated that a young

Lady was in urgent need of his help When he returned to New York in August He was made aware of the full details of The situation the lady was called Mary Ann she was 26 years old and was as Father Peter was told entirely subjected To an evil spirit as a child Mary Ann Had struggled at school an intelligent Girl with a sharp and curious mind she Had often questioned the teachings of Her religious instructors contradicting What they regarded as unquestionable Truths this had left her alienated and Alone in her teenage years Mary Ann’s Mind turned towards dark thoughts Her parents were shocked and disturbed By her growing obsession with nefarious Acts she questioned morality and asked Why the most unforgivable crimes were Not instead regarded as an act of beauty She was infatuated with darkness however It was a couple of years later whilst Mary Ann was at college in 1956 that she Supposedly encountered true darkness Talking about her experiences later she Described meeting a figure who would go On to exert a great influence Over her for the next nine years Maryann Simply knew him asked the man one day She had been studying alone when she Felt suddenly without any sense of shock That someone was bending over her Shoulder and looking at the pages of her Book when she looked up she saw a man

Supposedly he was a rather tall Individual his face and clothes never Impressed themselves on her memory According to her later recollection of Events the man stayed with Maryann for About an hour Somehow he knew how isolated she felt And perfectly described her sense of Frustration at living in a world that Did not seem to understand her they are All pushing you along the ragged edge The man had said he then supposedly Asked Maryann if she wanted to get off It while she could not remember Everything that the man said during that Hour she claimed that his mouth which Bore a peculiar smiling expression Remained perfectly visible in her memory Ultimately the man had instructed her to Come and find me regularly telling her That she only had a short time to reach Her true self after this first encounter Marianne’s family and acquaintances Noticed definite changes in her Personality and habits whilst she had Already had a tendency towards solitude Maryann now rarely spoke with her Parents often disappearing from home for Long periods of time without explanation Over the next nine years the man became A regular fixture in Marianne’s life Under his dark influence she changed Profoundly she had vague memories of Being instructed by him of seeing him

Regularly of listening to him talk she Had accepted his authority and so as Marianne herself described later her Inner lifestyle Altered under his influence she was Possessed Her life as she explained became a Marriage with nothingness during the day She wandered the streets and was often Seen at the same Park in New York City Always she had a fixed expression a kind Of frozen smile that was only on her Mouth her eyes were blank her cheeks Unlined taut her teeth were never Visible through the fixed and smiling Lips those who frequently saw her Nicknamed her the smiler on several Occasions she was seen with little Wooden sticks which she ceremoniously Stood upright in the earth tying scraps Of cloth with a single bow to their base A witness described them as looking like Little crosses upside down on another Occasion Maryann was even seen with a Tall man with the same smile as hers he Was the only one able to calm her down After a sudden outburst in the park the Man appeared just as a police officer Tried to calm Maryann according to the Police officer he claimed that he was Her only relative in this world before He took her away from the park the pair Smiling together Maryann might have Continued to live as she did if it had

Not been for a sudden change in her Condition it is claimed that a visit by Her brother during which he presented Her with a crucifix ended terribly she Supposedly turned white as chalk and Fell rigidly to the floor she acted as Though she were in great pain in seconds The expression on her face had changed From dreamy to almost animal she foamed At the mouth and bared her teeth in a Grimace of pain and anger after this she Was moved to her parents house from here The possession is said to have quickly Escalated to the point where Maryann was Largely bedridden and would fall in and Out of a state similar to a coma it is Claimed that doctors could provide no Explanation for her condition a Psychiatrist even spent three weeks Observing her but could only conclude That she was normal within the Definition of any psychological test or Understanding the door of her room would Never stay either open or shut it was Continually banging to and fro no matter How she was washed and deodorized and The room scoured and cleaned it always Smelt of sodden filth and a putrefaction Unknown to them unable to find medical Or psychiatric help the assistance of The church was sought and so father Peter was summoned to perform an Exorcism When Peter arrived it was obvious to him

That Marianne’s condition was serious And that an exorcism should be performed As soon as possible in his opinion she Was under the influence of a demon an Assistant priest Father James was Present with Mary Anne’s father and Friends of the family also there to Provide help if necessary when the Priest began the exorcism Mary Ann who Had before that point being silent on The bed is reported to have opened her Mouth in a narrow slit and emitted a Long wailing howl which seemed to go on Without pause for breath and in full Blast for almost a minute those in the Room are said to have been thrown back Physically by the force of her cry a Friend of the family who was present Said that she sounded like what they Imagined a wolf or a tiger would sound Like when caught and disemboweled slowly After that Mary Ann was once again Silent with the smile she had become Known for the smile she supposedly Shared with the man back on her mouth Twisting her lips into a corkscrew shape Father Peter continued to read from the Bible commanding the possessing spirits To identify itself and leave Mary Ann as The demon believed to be possessing her Became more agitated hurling abuse and Personal So sat father Peter a chest of drawers In the room is said to have rocked back

And forth its brass handles rattling Through Mary Anne the demon revealed Intimate details about father Peter the Verbal assault it seemed was personal And the strain it placed on the priest Was immense as the breakpoint at the Moment when the demon reveals itself Approached Mary Anne had to be held down So as not to hurt herself The science of Mary Anne’s mouth were Pulled back it seen the grimace Stretched to her ears baring teeth gums Tongue a greyish firm bubbled and seeped Over her lower lip and down her chin her Eyes were open but rolled up so far that They saw only white red streaked patches Glistening wet eventually the pretense Fell and the possessing spirit was Exposed no longer claiming to be Mary Anne the voice spoke directly to father Peter when commanded to identify itself With Peter asking how shall we call you The voice simply replied smiler I just Smile with great effort father Peter was Able to expel the demon and Mary Anne Was freed however this came at great Personal cost the confrontation with the Demon during the exorcism supposedly Damaged Peter so much that he never Recovered almost a year later in 1966 he Died Speaking with another priest after his Funeral service father James the priest Who had assisted during Mary Ann’s

Exorcism explained how Peter was gone Really gone after that day some part of Him passed into the great beyond During the final clash he claimed after His encounter with the smiler father Peter who supposedly never the same Again sinisterly many years earlier when Father Peter was a much younger man Performing his first exorcism the Possessing spirit had told him as it Would be back for more not on his third Strike his third exorcism father Peter Would be out thank you for watching if You enjoyed this and have not done so Already please subscribe for more of the Paranormal to never miss an upload be Sure to turn on all notifications by Clicking the Bell icon next to my Subscription box and if you cannot wait For more why not watch my film featured Documentary on life In search of the debt click the join Button here on YouTube or head over to Patreon and you can not only stream the Documentary but get access to bonus Unreleased footage as well the links to Where to watch are in the description Until next time