Secureteam10 back for Christmas

By | December 18, 2019
Secureteam10 back for Christmas

Good evening folks and welcome to a lien Of it and this final sure is Christmas And I would like to just spread a little Bit of that Christmas cheer but we Follow we go any further but it’s just Scrap whatever music I decided to put on At the beginning this video is swapping For this one there anything this one now There we go Ehsan okay now Tyler from secure team Ten I want you back for Christmas I Think you should come back for Christmas Just one video and then probably Continue doing videos into the new year And here’s why you’ve got two million Subscribers all sat there some of them Are gonna be lonely this Christmas and You know I wouldn’t want that for them You shouldn’t want that for them no I’ll Joke all jokes aside people I am I’m Kidding I do think Tyler should come back he’s Probably not gonna come back for Christmas I did message oh by the way if You are new to the channel I’m alien a Bit this is a clickbait video to bring New people to the channel I just thought I’d put security in tents big logo on The thumbnail do a video that’s very Pointless about security intend to get Some new views and some new people maybe Over to the channel so hit that Bell Icon subscribe you beautiful people

Tyler from secure team ten approached me Over a year ago now we kind of had a bit Of back-and-forth argument on Twitter These are private Twitter messages that I’m not gonna show But we kind of cool now you know we’re Fine and I’ve taken down my Diebold Videos I did from security in ten not Because he told me to because I kind of Realized that that was all people seeing My channel ours was a deep old channel Herbs there’s a lot of negativity that Comes with debunk channels I’m friends With a few big debunkers out there and Yet they the negativity they get it’s Not nice now I want to do this video Because a lot has happened recently ever To copyright claims to copyright strikes From Scott C wearing you may have seen The livestream I did Thank You third Phase the moon for trying your best to Get Scott to remove the strikes he Hasn’t but some god loves to try so Thank you for that Um but yeah this video kind of like a Lots happened recently thought maybe it Is time justice stop just stop hating on Other people and I’m not just talking About YouTube mean probably me in my Day-to-day life I get very well not very Easily you you see a totally different Side to me to what my family my friends Say to me see in me should I say because It and this is what it’s hard been a

YouTube because you’ve kind of got to Put this act up and I’m and it made me Think and afar I wonder how long Tyler has had to put this kind of act up On his channel you know something very Wrong must be going on right now for you Just to walk away from two-and-a-half Million subscribers something really bad Must have happened there’s a lot of you Out there that saying it’s just got lazy This that the other I don’t think that’s The case I die I think when you’re on to Something like that As a businessman you f ology is very Much a business you wouldn’t just walk Away for it so whatever’s happening to Your tile if you are watching this I Hope you get through it and I hope it All gets sorted out and I hope we see You back soon if you are new to this Channel and you’ve just maybe come Across it for this little click Beatty Video this channel is very much tries to Be a serious channel I can myself my own Person I I can’t help but joke around It’s just me but I do want to take this Channel to the next level where that’s Interviewing many people of all Different cultures and all different Beliefs and I’ll even have flat surface On here you know that’s how diverse this Channel will be I believe that everybody Has the right to their own opinion And I mean I’m not going to shoot people

Down if somebody else to come in on here And talk to me about flight and try and Convince me that the earth is flat then Be my guest Good luck to you you know are Hollow Earth or any of that sort of stuff I’m open to this I’m open to listen to You you know um I want to have this Channel as a platform where anything Goes I do I’ll keep it real all the time you know If I have to drop someone down a peg or Two I will do but you need to understand That this is this is the reason why this Channel keeps fluctuating with Subscribers is because people don’t Understand the channel they’re Unsubscribing and that I even get people Say to me I’ve just reached you Constants really good again but then They’ll be like they’ll say video like This I think what’s he doing this video For You have to understand this is my Channel and the way I want to run this Channel is I want to be different I Don’t want to be like the rest of the Channels out there because that’s just a Copy and paste channel so many people Doing the same sort of [ __ ] this is a Different channel and if you if this Channels not for you then you know Bugger off it’s it’s fine you know I am Here to do that run the channel my way I

Haven’t I have a day job I have a family And this is my escape sometimes I love My fun with speices day jobs okay but I Just need to kind of this is my chill This time with with us this is chill Time when I’m editing this video I’ll be Enjoying edit in this video it’s Probably gonna be a very short video to Edit but I feel like I need to get some Content out for you guys but yeah that’s Just needed to tell you people that I Understand as a youtuber that things can Get so stale and I hope that’s not the Case with Thailand he’s just thought That she’s getting stale I don’t think It’s like I said I think something very Bad has gone on He’s just needed to come away from it He’s had to come away from it that is What I’ve heard some rumors as well Which I will not speak about because He’s his own private life is his own Business I have us Tyler for an interview he Hasn’t replied normally replies to most Things that I say but he probably saw That I asked for an interview and Thought he’s just like all the rest he’s Just using me to you know get his name Out there and that wasn’t the case I Generally have been talking to him till I’ve been talking to you know for what Year and a bit I just thought it would Be it’d be nice to get you on I’m not

Gonna lie it probably would do the Channel good but I want to interview all Sorts of people I’ve reached out to Third face I mean recently they’ve Agreed to do an interview I’m very lazy And all unorganized And I kind of like for an interview with Like people like third face I mean our Bigger channels I think I need to start Just can again the quality there because I try to get the quality right with this Channel and I do very simple editing but I need to learn more stuff especially With sound because I ain’t no matter What I do with the sound and freakin Lighting its shite so I need to solve That but yeah I want to get people on This channel I want people to have their Opinion I want to listen to people’s Different conspiracies people’s Encounters with Close Encounters Encounters with Close Encounters that Just sounded wrong didn’t it But get this I’m a lien on it and this Channel is all about being and I think When it comes to this subject not do Anything alien anything that’s different Not necessarily the alien gray just Different you know I have I will leave My backup channel in the description Below make sure you subscribe to that in Case anything does happen to this Channel because I am on my final yeah One more I’m gone um but yeah it’s I’m

Not going anywhere And I just hope the other channels that Are thinking of packing all this in and Giving up they kind of just think back To why they started in in the beginning And you know whether it was just to make Money or whatever if you’ve got a Subscriber base that loves your channel The loves you you know you did this for A reason I don’t think you should give it up and I can’t that message is kind of for you Tyler Don’t give up what you’ve worked so hard For and we’ll probably see you back in The New Year I am urging so I don’t Think he’s gone for good guys I think Tyler will come back I just think he has A lot to sort out before that happens It’s it’s not going to be a quick fix Anyway guys I’m a lien addict like share And subscribe to the channel if you are A big fan of the channel you do want to Support my work you could head over to The patreon page where I do put most of My kind of like words out there I don’t Do a lot on Twitter I don’t do a lot on Instagram Facebook I’m rubbish on Facebook but yet if you do want to Support the channel feel free to come on The patreon you’d be most welcome and Obviously it supports my channel well at Some point get me to do this channel Four times a week that would be the

Dream to get for our videos out a week At some point anyway people Merry Christmas Good and I go bless mine the books table By I’m ailene of eight