Our SCARY Night In El Paso’s Haunted Basement | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | December 15, 2019
Our SCARY Night In El Paso's Haunted Basement | THE PARANORMAL FILES

[Applause] So this is the haunted basement please Behave and two different groups of Workers have quit on the foreman here Because they saw something downstairs There’s something that hides underneath The stairs as well a shadow a shadow Best of one case worried about something Bad Okay guys so I know that we’re just Getting into the video trust me what is About to happen is crazy but today this Video is actually sponsored by Keene Keene is a website where you can go and Connect with psychic consultants and Spiritual advisers and gain insight on Different challenges in life whether It’s the day-to-day monotony of kind of Why I hear just like Fife is wondering Right now yeah and it makes it really Easy because in the past Peyton and I Have worked with a number of different Psychics on and off camera a lot of Times it’s quite a procedure to travel To the psychics home where their place Of work sit down it’s a hundred and Fifty dollar session something like that But with Keene you can access these Different psychics from the comfort of Your house you don’t even have to leave It’s actually pretty clutch if you’re Into that stuff if you’re introverted

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Over so thank you to them for that and In addition something that really made This promotion sweet is that Keene Offered to donate five hundred dollars To a charity of our choice so since it’s Coming from the paranormal files Peyton And I and we’re all about the history And everything here we have chosen the Equal justice initiative they are an Amazing group they are working to erect Lynching memorials and monuments in the South that promote a more whole version Of the southern history And you know what you’ll typically see Around here even in Texas they’re doing Some really great work if you ever want To check out what they’re doing you can Go to their website as well but anyways This investigation is freaking wild you Guys you’re gonna love what you’re about To see I couldn’t believe what happened But from Collin anything we love y’all Enjoy the rest of the video and stay Spooky hey guys it’s Colin here I know This isn’t usually how we do this on the Channel but with today’s episode there Were some really strange things that Went on behind the scenes so I have to Kind of just explain that to y’all Before we play the footage so when Peyton and I finished our trip from LA The last thing that we filmed was at Night it was the Charles Manson the Spawn ranch property with Susan but the

Next day we went to San Diego and filmed With Erik in the phase rug tunnel and Then we headed to Arizona we were at a Paranormal convention made some good Friends met a lot of people and we met a Really nice guy named Johnny Barbosa who Was family show Came up and started talking to us Johnny Who lives in El Paso and I mentioned to Him that that’s we’re gonna be staying The next night when we drive back from Arizona to Austin and he’s like dude I Have this crazy haunted place that I’ve Investigated many times it’s really Frightening to me And we’re talking about it and I asked Him if there’s any way that we could get Into the next night’s I really wanted to Do something in El Paso because we have So many fans like some of you guys who Are watching this video that lived there And he actually got us in the next day So we rolled into El Paso late at night It was about 10 o’clock p.m. we drove All the way from Arizona I worked at the Convention LED ghost tours and did a Bunch of stuff late at night so Payton Did a lot of the driving law edited and By the time that we got there late at Night She chose to just skip out on the Investigation so I said okay because it Had been to two and a half weeks on the Road it’s a long time filming almost

Every single night and working every day Meeting with production companies and Friends in LA so I let her off the hook For that one and I showed up and met Johnny at this place it’s an old Building that has been a bunch of Different things a movie theater a Saloon and it’s a really interesting Property but just getting there I felt Really odd like something was weird I Didn’t film an intro at all when I got There there was just something really Strange about how I felt like I wasn’t In my head if that makes sense something About the property made me just not Think about what I was filming and what I was doing so I’m just gonna jump right Into the beginning because this is Actually the first clip that I filmed It’s so uncharacteristic for us and what We do but it gets weirder from here it Gets way weirder but this is the Interview with Alberto who is a member Of the Paranormal Society that owns and Operates the building right now and yeah Just enjoy this part and we’ll be back So I’m Alberto days I’m the sergeant at Arms for the Apostle no dear no society Calls number five and you are in the Wigwam saloon in downtown El Paso saloon Is two owned by the famous gunfighter John Wesley Hardin that’s a history here One of the last things this this Building was was a movie theater and he

Takes video downstairs you’ll see how The floor actually slopes and we’re Inside the movie theater It used to be the Wigwam like I was Telling him earlier this is actual Picture of the outside when the wigwam Was still the way it should be One of the things for our society is we Try to preserve history and we one day Hope to have enough money to get this Back looking the way it’s supposed to be Looking instead of the ugly stuff it is Outside right now we do ghost tours here We do fundraisers for different Organizations we had a ghost tour last Night for us but we have it set up as it Would be maybe back in the 1880s and you Can see this is the hotel area front Desk area behind you if you come back This way this is our saloon is this Where it would have been in the day it Would have been on the other side now Take you to this side with the other Side more storage than anything else Right now Cool well he called gunfighters poker Table we’ve actually had a movie called Brothers James retribution filmed here And they did a card playing scene and Everything the brothels because the Wigwam was also a brothel so we have a Brothel scene setup and then pestles Very famous for its chinese history as Well so we have a section here for China

To get into a little bit of a passel of History Chinatown started two blocks and Just north of here and went five blocks South from here but none of it exists Basically exists anymore there’s one Chinese Laundry still left about three Blocks west of here but it’s looking to Get torn down damaged I’ll pass was Batted preserving their history the Stone brick is original Wow it’s all Here right next door is the state National Bank building which is no Longer a bank it’s not a dress shop Go figure but as you can see we have Some stuff in a display case over here We have some artifacts that were Actually found downstairs this is when Some ticket stubs from the wigwam nails Different sort of light balls but all This was found downstairs and when you Go downstairs you’ll see there’s still Stuff that could probably be excavated Because there’s it’s it’s there but we Just haven’t done everything yet because It takes money to bring people in and We’ve had workers down there to do most Of the work that’s been done and two Different groups of workers have quit on The foreman here because they saw Something downstairs they saw a lady a White walking around and we saw a lady In white and a man having a discussion When one of the workers both bolted out Of here the foreman went down tried to

Take a picture because he was seen him When he lifted up his phone to take the Picture the lady’s face came right to His camera and he freaked in but that’s One of the story I wasn’t here at the Time but that’s what I say there’s been Two different sets of people that have Quit working down there it’s always a Good sign you can see up there that’s Where the windows for the brothel used To be home there was a fire here about Maybe seven years ago but the windows Are still there there and you can see The damage from the fire oh wow so have You been up there no did this false Ceiling was installed last year and now No one can go up there no it’s just Empty it just have to be crazy in this Section like I said we just moved back To the other section but we still have That our office right here in the front And I was sitting there one time about 10 o’clock in the morning and I heard Footsteps walking on this Fall City Walking from the back to the front no no What the hell cuz again it’s a false Ceiling there’s no floor up there I Can’t explain it but it still as the History it has the history yes when they We were also here working on some stuff I went out to my car to get something to Come back in and one of the guys that Was here with us whenever all the crew Members I came in he was in a chair he

Was pale white and I go what happened I Haven’t been gone five minutes he got up To go to the bath In the back and right at this little Hall entranceway He was walking and he turned to his left And there was somebody walking a dark Shadow walking with him they saw with His own eyes he thought was and he Stopped and he looked and the shadow Stopped and looked at him and he just Pale white he didn’t know heat when I Saw an axe it was he was seen at the Chair not even five minutes I was gonna See the chair dripping in sweat pale White and having issues trying to tell Me what he had just seen but it happened Right here I can’t blame him No it’s it’s interesting and this area Was the saloon this was actual person Yes that Harding Harding well there’s Two sixties because it’s two addresses But this would have been the main site Because that door that I showed you on That picture is actually behind one of These walls right here Wow and that’s Just sealed up at the door so we’re Still there crazy and you’ll see it when We go downstairs I’m excited I’m Standing right about this bacteria and I Hear footsteps walk across the wood Floor and I look up I don’t see anything I turn around and come out this way to See if my partner says over there he’s

Sitting there working on his laptop yeah So did you get up and walk to the back And I missed you he was like no I’ve Been sitting here the whole time As I’m walking back and I start working Again I hear the footsteps go back it’s Boots the cowboy boots walking across The floor of course this used to be a Whole saloon and back in the late 1800s So we hear of boots walking another Interesting story of the basement we Were doing our own investigation our Crew was here and we had a reporter from The El Paso Herald post we had set up Cameras downstairs and our monitor was Up here and he had set up a GoPro at the Far into the basement it was kind of Quiet so yeah we had been done enough For maybe like an hour hour and a half’s We come up taking a break drink some Water I’m sitting there watching the Monitor the far end of the basement I See like a little light go up in the air And get put down and I asked a gate Everybody is up here right he’s like Yeah everybody’s like Or something little white light just got Picked up at the far end he’s like what Do you mean a little white light like we At the far end there’s a little white Light that our infrared cameras picking Up well that’s my GoPro us like are you Sure he was yeah we go back down there Yeah he’s got the GoPro so what I saw is

The GoPro get picked up in here and get Put back down Was it recording at the time it was Recording but he’s never given us the Video why I do not know we I don’t know How many times we’ve asked him for the Footage and he doesn’t give it to us yet Me which to have yeah I would love to See that So this is the the things that are you See right here there’s a coal chute from The saloon back in the day and you’ll See the coal chute down there these are Pictures of coal from the heating system That’s that’s down there Wow the marble We think is from this part part of the Facade from the old outside Wow And there’s still pieces down there that You’ll see every now and then let’s go To the basement watch your first step Because it’s along the stairs the stairs Are for like the 19 1910 so but they’re Pretty sturdy right right here in Between there’s like a little cross Space and people see see faces back There like I said you’ll see how the Movie theater for we’ve all done here Wow our members did is there’s mannequin Heads right here so don’t freak out on Your way down you might eat this a Little funny but John Lily I’m bringing The gifts down here he’s videotaping if You can show yourself that would be Awesome but please behave if you can

Show yourself that would be awesome but Please behavior You might think this a little funny but But please behave no that’s not silly at All that’s what I do all the time then I Mean they’re here see I gotta the old Furnace is back here and this was the First building in El Paso Texas to have Air conditioning and he really Wow There is a sealed passageway we have to See what true formulas ever did it Behind this wall right here there’s a Sealed passageway that ghosts we all Believe is a tunnel to Bobby the Building behind us crazy downtown El Paso is has tons of tunnels underneath If you know anything about the history Of El Paso Pancho via the notorious guy From Mexico used to use these tunnels to Get back and forth from wadis over here Transport his merchandise as weapons Soldiers whatever he had but there’s Tons of tunnels down here crazy at one Point it was rumored that this was gonna This is gonna be a swimming pool down Here we’re not sure if this area down Here was actually part of a sway pool or Not it was supposed to be a bowling Alley down here it’s supposed to be a Very high-end brothel saloon our lady in White lily is seen coming through that Door turning the corner and going out The side that door that I’m telling you About that on the outside

As you can see you know I showed you That display case that has a ticket and Stuff like that all that still needs to Be excavated up mm-hmm Before I started with the crew bonnie Cuates would tell you that the dirt was Maybe up to about this high gonna be Five foot high and now those workers That I tell you have gotten scared Because they’ve seen something down here Have level There’ll be times that we come down here To do things or have to get something or Bring something down here and there’s Only maybe two of us and usually we Don’t come down here by ourselves as Always and we’ll hear footsteps upstairs You’ll hear stuff being dragged people Walking this is the basement a trough For water rumor has it that these two Bring horses down here that’s sure Exactly how alive horses there’s the Door The hallway that goes out to the alley Wow that was the window Oh crazy Amy Honey the stairs we’ll go up to the side And the Flitz there if you ever do an Investigation down here you’ll get crazy K2 hits when we doing spirit box We’ve gotten the name Bob the name Carlos come to find out those five Carlos’s that have been killed in this Area wigwam saloon fashion saloon all in This area the alley where I told you

John Selman was killed he’s right up That out there That’s the alley out there him in the Town marshal Scarborough had an incident Up there in the brothel it took it Downstairs into the alley and Scarborough killed summit in the alley Five people though with the same name Are built here when L was a city mayor Sometimes when we come down the stairs People actually scream because they see A shadow back here lurking behind me but Thanks shadow a shadow we’re not sure Why but it’s been shadows been it seemed Conductor two walls back here too not Too long ago – we found out that this Bunny’s these two have raves recently Maybe in the past 10-15 years because of The graffiti on the walls we actually Brought an infrared light turned it on Him everything glowed on the walls do They are you here can you come say hello To my friends are you gonna are you Gonna touch Jake up again Come and say hi please this gentleman Here holding the camera wants to talk to You he would love to take your picture How about Carlos so you here with us Carlos How about walking upstairs can you walk Around upstairs for us if you don’t want To show yourself Is the thing that attacked our one of Our members here the one that they say

Is under the stairs there’s something That hides underneath the stairs as well He was one of the construction workers In it was a group of us and he couldn’t He couldn’t move he froze up and Couldn’t move so I was able to froze up He couldn’t cross this why and he was Another gentleman he froze up and he he Had to go back He couldn’t proceed this way Wow yeah so I have my camera static just to see if Maybe but this is a shadow figure Yeah area you can see some of the stuff Is these are magazines that’s not been Done here these are great condition – Yeah it’s insane Life magazine and Bottles old bottles public election Passes upstairs of switches So the Shogun was enough to it other Places on here on this side before Called the Alamo shooters they never out There they have some other merchandise Caught fire that’s what started the fire The few years back but I was telling you About So they actually the one that the other Shilling was left behind no Pepsi that’s Crazy And so just last night you had someone That was scratched we had one of our Team members were scratched down here I Wasn’t down here I was upstairs you try To keep two people like I said earlier

Two people either upstairs if two people Come it’s been two people down here we Don’t go by ourselves anywhere and That’s also just to verify keys I see Something hopefully my partner saw Something the same thing and we can Verify each other’s stories but we’re Having to go through here last night You called on the radio that we need to Let somebody out as I’m going to open The door as my friend Peters gonna open The door on when our ghost radar app I Get the name Lily now Lily is supposed To be the lady that lives down at the Spirit She doesn’t like women I’m pretty sure We’re thinking that she’s maybe the Madame or one of the ladies of the Evening that works here but she doesn’t Like women the women are the ones that Gets scratched the guys get touched but The women get scratched we let that lady Out and she was pale white sweating and Everything she was telling us that Something kept pushing her down here and At one point she turned around and Looked at the guy in front or behind her Say did you touch me he’s like no I’m Too far away from you and she said that She turned around and she backed to the Lady to her right and something pushed Both of them in between both Lana and Pushed him off to the side she went one Way the other day with the other way

That’s what was the last straw for her She know I need to get out of here and That was just last night not just last Night now our investigator maybe 10 Minutes later they call for us to open The door we calls the door we turn off The lights down here when we do Investigation when we Oops done here so we open the door back Up and she’s running back up the stairs And she’s her face is pale the look on Her face like nope there’s something That was bad down there and I can’t it’s Messing with me and so this is the area Where and we were doing an EVP session And Bonnie are these investigators Talking and he said dad said he’s Grabbing my arm and like and it’s only Me and him on this side and I know I’m Not grabbing his arm So something was grabbing his arm one of The things that I just say when we’re Down here at torch Lily we brought you Some work customers if you like one of These gentlemen touch of them.they it’s Friday payday take them upstairs and This sometimes the men get touched but The ladies always get scratched Wow so a Lot of physical a lot of physical yes I Wonder why was it the brothel part I Said Lily teased me there might be Stealing her customers is what I was Thinking mm-hmm and she likes them kind Of younger that I’m too old whew so

You’re safe oh yeah and our Vice President She likes her vice president for some Reason but I think it only because she Scares the bejesus out of here and she Messes with him yeah we’ve done EVP Sessions and on the spirit box We’ll get the name Peter all right vice President’s name will ask do you want Peter to come down here and then we’ll Get the on the spear pocket yes Just last night his last name is stone We had in the spirit box stone down here So she likes him because the heat is Like to come down here the first time he Ever saw her he was saying And he says he sees he saw a lady in White come through that door As I showed you earlier turn the corner And go back up and in he thought Somebody was playing a joke on him so he Went back upstairs and he’s talking to Bonnie and like who did you get to play That joke on me you know I didn’t see Them come in and think what are you Talking about the lady is down there who Is she and like what lady and they come Back down here and the only way out Stairs that we came in so nobody had got Out cuz they were standing right above So fine he’s like oh you met Lily do you Often have people that refuse to come Down or go back down yes we do have People we’ve had several with the

Construction of the parking garage During the day sometimes were open and The cool the workers were very curious When they first started working in that Parking garage they would come in a lot Of the guys don’t come in here tomorrow They’ve come down here and they’ve heard Stuff or if they’ve seen something and They will refuse to come back in there Liam come into the front door no more we Had a an engineer come in here a group Of engineers actually and one of us you Guys are full of crap there’s no ghost There’s no nothing no he came down here He froze down here and couldn’t move and Then when you find each other was able To vote he met and something spoke to Him as he was going up the stairs and he Ran out he’s like you guys are full of [ __ ] I don’t know why you’re screwing With me and and he has never stepped Back foot back in his building we heard More from his employees what he Experienced then we heard from him you Know things happen a lot of stuff down Here we had nothing really has happened To me but I said he’s been touched our Patrons when they do our tours get Scratched SiC one of our investigators is Sensitive and he’s the one that tells us No there’s something over there there’s Something over there you go take the Cake – in a cake – starts point off you

Know tax once because one day one day we Were down here and I I’ve pointed out Before under the stairs that there I’ve Seen eyes like an orange color and one Day I told him and then we started Walking towards that where the rest of The group was back here and like he was Walking right next to me he just dropped Like he started crying and said he Couldn’t see for a while but he just Dropped walking towards I think he said It like it came at him Whoa we say it’s under the stairs Because that’s where I’ve seen it and Then they kill step under there and he Like almost just collapses – because he Said there’s too much down there just Right under the stairs but it seems to Be kind of angry or sometimes but it Depends on with who – mm-hmm a lot of Times it’ll stay in the corners no stay In that corner there or back here Whenever is angry mm-hmm Lilly could Just come out and walk around when she Wants to she has the right – this is her Place I’ve always told him because at One point the construction next door was Making water and he came to here that’s When the engineers came and they were Talking about Donna we might have to buy This building to tear it down or Whatever no no no that’s [ __ ] you Guys are screwing up next door don’t Come over here and screw stuff up and I

Actually told Lily John where it’s down Here they go you guys do whatever you Need to do to protect this building when We’re not here because this is their Home makes sense in El Paso history John Wesley Hardin office was the building Next door that’s where the parking Garage is going it burnt down years ago Deep down in my heart and Bonnie and Pete it wasn’t no accident somebody Wanted that lot to do for to development Now they sold it named their parking Garage but his office was done it was a Beautiful building it’s from the late You know 1800s Early 1900 it’s awesome It’s gone now it’s gonna be a parking Garage when they started building the Garage director the activity down here Increased I don’t wonder why not really You know you being an investigator you Know that sometimes construction or when They start bothering things hundred Percent percent increase Any questions really I think you said it All turn off the lights for you use Holler at us we okay cool how are you Feeling right now good hungry I’m Frickin starving it’s been a long week I Just flew back from Baltimore yesterday After missing my flight god-awful Experience but so back to the episode so After we did the walkthrough and the Interviews it you probably heard in that Interview my blood sugar was really low

And it kept beeping and beeping and I Had sugar and I would drink Gatorade but No matter what my blood sugar wouldn’t Come up which i think is also why my Mind was kind of cloudy Once again didn’t film any intro any Narration we just hopped right into the Investigation and the whole time it was Like it was really odd because I’d go Downstairs to this basement and then Realized I didn’t have some of the Equipment that I meant to bring to bring Down with me so I’d have to run upstairs To go grab that stuff but then I’d come Back upstairs and I grabbed part of it And then I’d go back downstairs I’m like Oh my god I didn’t even grab everything So my mind was like off I felt really Weird everyone down there was like just It was such a strange environment and Energy and it was just eerie and so yeah That’s I’m just trying to explain why Some of these pieces of this episode are Seem kind of Jake it’s because like it Was so odd it was such a weird feeling In there and my mind was not there at The moment even though my body was and I Was like oh we’re filming tonight There’s the first time that I’ve ever Like recorded all these weird little Chunks and then captured evidence in a Lot of them but like Have the string that ties them all Together so I’m gonna cut in out of the

Investigation enjoy this it’s very Creepy and I’ll be back at the very end Anyone I introduce yourself real quick To everybody yeah absolutely it’s Johnny Barbosa and we’re in the basement and The lights just went off This is the very first time I’ve ever Been down here without no lights and It’s just two of us and I’ve never done That man I’m not turn off my light why not just Cuz it’s freaky okay – any energies or Spirits that are down here my name is Colin brown and it is a pleasure to be Able to talk to you guys we’re not here To harm you or hurt you or scare you but We would love to talk to you so it’s the First time I’ve been here to the Wigwam Many many times but this is the first Time I’ve ever been down here alone in The dark that’s never ever happened I Didn’t think I would ever do that only Because I’ve been to this building so Many times and I know the history of it And what I’ve seen you know and the Stories that I’ve heard from so many Different people I’m not here to harm or Aggravate or agitate anything I’m just Here to learn that’s that’s my purpose Sure is creepy in the dark it is I keep Getting these like cold yeah Like waves on my arm my head your enemy I feel in the back of my hand back in my Spine so honestly I don’t know who could

Be the gentleman that we were speaking With Albert he’s one of the Investigators here so he was mentioning It could be John Wesley Hardin himself I Forget the name of the other lady that’s Here but they protect the building in What he said earlier makes a lot of Sense there’s a lot of construction Going on in the city and I believe that These spirits don’t want This building to be affected in any way So that’s why these construction workers When they’ve come down here they run out And we’re talking about big dudes and Like groups of 10 20 guys just running Out and it’s just me and you right now Yeah I’m running nowhere but it is Freaky man Agreed I mean this room is maybe what two three Thousand square feet mm-hmm it’s huge so It used to be so many different places But this is so much history back in Eighteen hundreds It’s just history man and then the Tunnels the tunnel system they used to Be down here like you mentioned that Pancho Villa and his people back in the Day would use the tunnel system to go Back and forth to Mexico which is just a Few feet away it’s not we’re not that Far away from the border all that is Sealed off well fortunately we can’t we Don’t have access to it I keep feeling

Like yeah spiderweb on my elbow okay Never felt something like that so Remember the lady if she likes she likes The young ones you’re the youngest one Here well thank you well if there’s Anybody here Lily if you’re here I’m Inviting you to come out my name is Colin once again there’s nothing to be Afraid of We are not scary people we’re not here To harm you but we would love to talk to You so if there’s anybody here with us In the basement can you give us some Sort of a sign maybe use your voice Knock on something move something Just now and there’s no strings or Anything hanging mm-hmm well every keV Lights yeah let’s just sit for like two Minutes and listen how about let’s walk Over here first so we’re kind of in the Center area Okay let’s do it there’s anybody here in The basement with us we’re gonna give You about two minutes to start this off Can you let us know where you are down Here Feel free to use our energy to manifest And on my end you can touch me you can Do anything you’d like I am Not Afraid And I hope that you aren’t either Because we’re not here to harm you we’re Just here to talk So can you maybe knock on something to Let us know where you are in the room

Are you okay are you okay and you’re Right in the center the shot Well usually focuses by now Luis yeah Blurry well am i okay I’m sorry yeah now You’re okay can’t think of anything to Ask have you been here It’s too quiet what do you think are you Guys okay with us being down here or do You want us to leave Okay so we headed upstairs I’m gonna let This focus and we grab some equipment we Picked up another member and we’re now In the back left corner of the basement Which is supposedly one of the more Active areas I’m gonna set this stuff Down I’ve got right here to e/m pumps I’m gonna turn those guys on you’re Gonna see you pick it stuff up okay Right now it’s in – I just I picked that Up to you I thought was my camera Battery but well there’s anybody down Here can you please give us a sign that You’re here you can use your voice I feel like you know the spirits better So go and ask a few questions yeah Lily Are you down here I haven’t been down Here in love with are you still here Lily we have some money It got 120 and five dollars if you want I can leave it on the floor for you for Right now if you want go pick it up or You’re gonna touch the device I know You’ve done it before do not want the Money so I’ll pick it back up bill are

You down here Still I know you come and go as you Please but are you down here currently Yeah can you do that again for us I’m gonna put this right back I’m Actually gonna kill these two pumps Because sometimes they can kill the Activity as well Oh brain when I kill them too just weird Because I just turned off the devices That were kicking out the energy Carlo sitting back here and this is Where we first found you it’s like Moving back and forth mm-hmm because That’s what they say they see shadows Where I can just back and forth from the Bags Whoa just now yeah look at that goes up To ten right now It went up to ten yeah because I was Shining the light will be here gonna Knocked it down what I literally stopped Recording for like two minutes men woman I’m recording oh nice knock down knock Down it just knocked it down late like Don’t point it this one and I was just Saying they went up to ten yeah you have To just write that kids after ya he Shine your light over here too you get a Shot of us it’s kind of wack the Fleur Camera that I charged all night last Night is a hundred percent dead I really Wanted to use it but nope return on me

This looks I’m pointing this way back Here so I decided once the lighting here And I guess they just smack the phone Then I heard that little knock and then You pointed it yeah right here you’re Both I guess Either we’re vain their face or they’re Just maybe and your phone just snapped Out of the yeah and I got two little Tripod thingies Holding it it’s not one it’s tool and it Just boom it’s like if someone just came And smacked it out of your hands yeah That’s how it was dan I see that every Day Really yeah oh I’ve never seen anything Get knocked out of anyone’s hands not Down here these well if you not the Phone to the ground can you give us an Even more powerful sign that you’re here Are you freaked out no lily is there Anything in the rubble that you want us To find I know you’ve told the Chris Stuff before and he’s actually found Stuff that relate to you last time here Was a couple months ago Chris he’s like A sensitive and like one day he came Down first and I came down behind him None of the toric comes down here and he Just came over here started digging I’m Like what you doing he just didn’t Answer and then he pulled out a paper And I was like an old ticket a long time Ago and it said Billy

Whoa it was pretty cool except yeah he Wasn’t responding Sanji’s princess Brennen told that story about movie And Lily if you’re over here can you say Something to us Lily do you want me to bring back Peter Do you miss him alright I’ll tell him to Come back tomorrow crazy what do you Think does that usually happen down here Yeah and it’s just like signals I can’t Explain they’re just random spots it Sometimes sometimes responds to Questions sometimes does it mm-hmm if There’s somebody down here with us can You step over here into this area yeah I Heard that yeah I heard it too These are really quiet though you know Yeah they’re really quiet lily is though If that was you kidding making this Device um a night and go off it’s like It doesn’t want to like directly respond To questions but it’s like here still You know what I mean so it is like the Most the time I feel like with us okay So there’s anybody here in this basement We’ve moved rooms but we still have to Talk to you can you knock on something Like this Yep it knows you better Lily did you Follow us over here no just like knock Clears mind nothing that’s what I mean It’s just like I can’t focus clearly Yeah take that as you will but it’s just Kind of and I feel like I can’t talk

Like form sentences clearly you know I Couldn’t ask questions mm-hmm I said I just can’t think of anything I Can’t vocalize it can’t think of Anything to ask Even now it’s like I’m looking at you But I’m not hmm you don’t have to hide Getting married here Just a quick shout out if you don’t Subscribe to the channel already please Hit that subscribe button and turn your Notifications on also follow Payton and I and the show on Instagram Twitter Facebook whatever you want to do and as Always guys stay spooky and it was Pretty bad because he was apparently Scaring them and they were frightened And when they were there they said they Were using the app ghostwriter and they Got the word the name bill chambers and They didn’t really think of it but the Owner of the house googled it and they Say there was a book border patrol agent Who was part of a plan that actually Crashed nearby and died Bill are you here well they said he Crashed nearby and died and the family Was really like frightened they want any Gone so so one time they ever did this They had a necklace and they asked him To attach himself to it cuz and then They’ll bring him here so he can come be With Lily and anyone else that was here And they did and since then I know the

Day after we had a tour on that night we Were talking to him and he was actually Answer him and ever since then he like Comes and goes uh we have a member named Terry and he likes to protect her a lot And stay with her like another at Another tour we did out he sled a high School she had her own room and she was Talking to people and she mentioned him And he was there talking Like we know he follows her but there’s Times where he’s been here that’s the One case where we brought something back With us on purpose on purpose yes is That necklace still here it’s somewhere Down here but he threw it somewhere down Here and ran back up screaming Okay guys so straight up this has been a Weird night I’m down here alone in the Basement right now I can barely think Straight and I feel like I look really Weird and I’m gonna explain all of how I’m feeling later but for the time being Since the energy here is so strong I’m Just gonna investigate right away and I’m filming on my iPhone so I ran I’m a Camera battery again there’s anybody Down here with me Lily Hardin bill I invite you to give me a Sign step over and talk to me Okay I’m in the corner right now where Lilies supposedly likes to hang out and I sit here for a few minutes alone and

Ask questions Lily I invite you to come over and talk To me experiment Can you just saw them what okay look it Just paused I’m holding you right here But the light is off and it’s paused Recording I don’t know why I have the Hobby I was filming that like I’m gonna Touch this if you’re down here with me This is your last chance to talk to me Oh the piece that I had in the middle so When it fell it had broke But I had it like this whoa bulletins And it’s 30 you know it’s not gonna Mm-hmm It’s crazy yeah so I was just cleaning Off all the dust yeah okay so just to End this video it’s so weird because Once again I did not film an outro I Didn’t film an intro or an outro to any Of this footage didn’t explain anything About how I was feeling and I just Wanted to get out of there like I was Ready to go my mind was like literally In like some weird fog like I couldn’t Think I almost forgot like three pieces Of equipment I felt like crap I was so Retired like it was it just felt so Heavy in there that I filmed this Episode which is like just so bizarre For what we do because it’s just there’s No like strange there’s nothing it’s Just a bunch of footage and Peyton came

And picked me up finally and another Weird thing that I didn’t realize until Afterwards is I think it’d be roll Around the area like I usually get shots Of like the building I usually get shots At the inside but I didn’t get a single Shot of the outside of the building Before or after let me get a single shot When I was inside it was all just this Like point-and-shoot not really thinking Like craziness like just such a weird Feeling I felt like I was going crazy in There which is odd because it’s Literally never happened before but hope Y’all enjoyed this episode Peyton what Were your thoughts on this one I mean After seeing how you felt and not really Just that I didn’t get to go yeah it was Creepy mm-hm Baltimore though telling you guys this Is now gonna be one of the Best episodes of the show to date so Yeah this was our el paso episode our Investigation thank you all once again For joining us for this and again if Y’all want to check out Keane it’s at Try Keane comm slash the paranormal Files so we’re gonna go eat dinner now We love you all goodbye thanks guys for Tuning in and from Peyton and I stay Spooky woah Okay so we both just shed quite a few Tears we’re here in El Paso right now

And we had to stop by the memorial to The victims of the Walmart shooting that Occurred here fairly recently and I’m It’s just absolutely indescribable Indescribable because how can someone do Something so senseless it always you Know it never fails to escape me because It’s just hard to think when you’re There and I just wanted to point that Out and we came here to give these People a proper respect and put out good Energy and we’ll realize them through This video so this is not meant at all To disrespect anything we’re just Sending out the best love and light that We can to these people obviously we live In Texas so it hit home for us and just Hard to believe that people out there Can actually feel that way about other People but Until we change something nothing’s Gonna change so what do you feel too Much well I’m gonna put the link to the Victims fund below if you guys want to Go donate we’re gonna send a donation And send some love to the family members And survivors of the shooting and please In the future let’s just as a society Trying to make sure this does not happen Keep an open mind when it comes to Politics and debates at least just think Even deeper about a subject before Closing your mind to it because it’s all These closed doors that lead to events

Like this and obviously this is a huge Problem in America that needs to be Stopped But yeah Hello