3 Chilling Ghost & Spirit Encounters Described by Subscribers

By | December 6, 2019
3 Chilling Ghost & Spirit Encounters Described by Subscribers

The following accounts have been Submitted by subscribers these Experiences are claimed to describe true Events I ask you to listen in good faith And decide for yourself what to believe In late August of 1997 I moved to a big House in a small town in Vermont the House was an old family mansion I was Moving there to run a ceramics business From its converted garage and would live There for just under a year I’d heard dark rumours about its Inhabitants but nothing about the house Itself in the times I had visited its Ramshackle charm and beautiful woodwork Made it appear a once loved if somewhat Strange and spooky place strange and Spooky places don’t deter me my parents Had been spiritualists from the time I Was six years old I’d attended séances on a weekly basis Those long nights sitting in the dark Served to make me think spirits and Those who called them up were frauds and Fools still there were rare occasions When something entirely unexplainable Happened a pair of scissors flying off The table in front of my eyes was one so I kept an open mind to the supernatural I also have a love of what we don’t know And the paranormal phenomena fall into That category I can’t say I’m a hardened Skeptic but I can’t say I’m a moon-eyed

Believer either I know what I’ve Experienced and that there was no known Cause for those things to have happened Most people aren’t satisfied with Standing questions I like leaving the Big question right in the middle of the Room pointing at it and saying see you Don’t know I don’t know nobody knows if Somebody says they know they’re lying Until living in that mansion I’d had no Surety of ghosts The family had built this version of Their home in 1913 and lived on the land For generations they owned the wood mill Behind the house it must have been a Showcase in its prime with a good piece Of land attached and a lake just across The road by 1997 only one family member Remained there and the house was a Dilapidated mess years of neglect and a Leaking roof buckled and belied ceilings And walls on the upper floors of its 27 Rooms and three full stories only nine Rooms were habitable in the first and Second floors of the main house on the Ground floor the gutted living room Dining room and kitchen had been carved Out of several smaller rooms and left Unfinished bare beams detracted from the Beautifully crafted woodwork and Hand-tooled window frames one small Bedroom and filthy bath off the dining Room housed the last of the family to Live there on the second floor were five

Rooms in the bath each in varying states Of decay four of those rooms were in use As bedrooms the fifth had been the Bedroom of a man murdered in the house a Decade earlier when I moved in it was Used as storage and a passageway to the Shambolic two-story seven room apartment Above the garage area the third floor of The main house held the large ballroom Where the family had entertained back in The glory days doors opened from there Into three smaller rooms and a tiny Interior room with an original square Sink bathtub in wooden housing boxes Papers and clothing littered the floors The only furniture anywhere was a rusty Bed frame dropping from the floor of the East-facing room ran a small steep Staircase that led down to the apartment Over the garage the second floor door That opened onto the main staircase to The ballroom was locked with a bolt from The outside that staircase had a Pronounced pitch to the left and it was A trick to keep your balance while Climbing or descending them above the Third floor was an attic and above the Attic a Coppola that gave a grand full View of the lake And surrounding grounds my bedroom was In the rear of the houses second floor At the end of the hall below the bore The first night there I was exhausted From the move after a shower I went to

Bed and within minutes heard sounds Coming from the ballroom above footsteps And voices my housemates I thought and Went out to the hall to ask them to keep The noise down passing the top of the Main staircase I heard them all below in the living Room talking while watching television It must be old house noises and Acoustics I told myself and went back to Bed then the music started and furniture Dragged across the floor directly over My head there’s no furniture up there I Said to the ceiling determined not to Look more like a weirdo even to myself I pulled the covers up and tried to Ignore it eventually I fell asleep the Next morning at breakfast I told my Housemates about it nonchalantly they Said it happens when someone’s new in The house and that it would stop in a Week or so they were right it stopped About a week later for a while nothing Out of the ordinary chaos of living There happened life went along with the Ceramics business my three art Housemates and four dogs in that big Drafty house my widowed stepfather came To spend Thanksgiving weekend with us And stayed in my room while I bunked in The front bedroom he reported hearing The active ballroom every night he was There music voices dancing furniture Dragging being a spiritualist he thought

It was wonderful By that winter I’d fallen in love with The old house and his poor condition Bothered me two of my housemates went South for the holidays and then on to Florida leaving the last family member And me there alone for several weeks The ceramic shop closed for the winter So I began undertaking projects to state Busy with the help of a friend from town I tore down two bedroom ceilings and Hung new ones we stored the materials in The unused fifth bedroom one day I was Dragging sheetrock out of the room while Trying to keep the dogs from running the Passageway to the apartment beyond Irritated I said out loud if you want to Help me you could open and close these Doors for me so I don’t have to struggle With the dogs the door in front of me Opened wide I quickly pulled the Sheetrock through and the door closed Behind me the dogs were standing still At the top of the stairs all my hair Stood on end and my bravado fell I left The sheetrock there in the hallway and Ran downstairs that night I slept on the Couch in the living room over the months That I lived in the mansion I saw and Heard many unexplainable things but my Housemates didn’t want to talk about Them my curiosity was dismissed every Time I brought up the subject meanwhile The events kept going on often when it

Was only myself in the house at night I Heard a string of notes from the piano When I had put the keyboard cover down While eating breakfast my dish moved Away from me I watched it slide from Under the newspaper I was holding and Across the table I’d heard footsteps on The stairs in front of me when there was No visible person to make them faint Big-band music played while cooking in The kitchen I could never tell what Direction it came from a voice here and There most were murmurs but I distinctly Heard a woman’s voice say no not there While I was reorganizing a pantry when I Was painting the second floor porch I Heard a man clearly say that’s nice I Turned and looked through the doorway Down the hall but there was nobody else In the house as these things became an Everyday occurrence I’d just say okay oh hello and carry on With what I was doing whoever or Whatever was around me seemed to mean me No harm in fact once I slipped at the Top of the main staircase and what I can Only describe as an air cushion stopped Me from falling I was often spooked in That place but never felt threatened one Can grow used to living in a haunted House and I did I even liked it I left The mansion in 1998 and haven’t been Back since the last family member to own The home died some years later and his

Inheritors sold it to a couple who Wanted it for a bed-and-breakfast they Called in an investigative team to find Out what was going on around them as They renovated the investigators Captured several EVPs electronic voice Phenomena one of those voices captured Sounded uncannily like the family member I knew others seemed not as friendly as Those energies I encountered from the Photos on their website the house looks Lovely now all these years later and That house stays in my thoughts from my Experiences and now the captured Evidence elsewhere the mansion is Genuinely haunted the things I witnessed There were far and away more tangible Than anything the spiritualists I knew Ever witnessed Whatever walks at that mansion does not Walk alone There are simply too many of them I come From Charleston South Carolina and my Family has lived there since it was a Colony it’s a very haunted city with a Deep history of the paranormal I’ve Lived with supernatural events my whole Life but there is one story that stands Out particularly clearly in my memory This is also one of the few stories as I Share with someone else who can Corroborate what I saw it took place in The old exchange in Provost dungeon on East Bay Street in Charleston the old

Exchange in Provost dungeon was used During the Revolutionary War to imprison Patriots and on occasion pirates Charleston is right on the water line So anything underground will flood with Saltwater which includes the dungeon it Would have been a damp a dark miserable Place to be locked up centuries after The last person was released there is Still a sense of despair and anger down There the ridiculous animatronic Characters and workers in colonial garb Do nothing to reduce that sense of Wrongness to get to the actual dungeon You have to go down a very tight Twisting staircase that is decorated With pictures and information about Pirates in the area my best friend had Come to visit me whilst I was at college And I took her to see the place we were Early and told the dungeon would be Empty and that we should wait in the Sitting area for the guy to bring down The rest of the tour group happy to be On our own she and I went down the Stairs talking loudly and laughing as Friends will when we reached the last Flight of stairs we could see down the Door into the room before the dungeon Just in the doorway was a young man in The red regimentals of a British soldier He was standing at attention just inside The waiting area this didn’t seem odd as All the people who work there are

Required to wear colonial costumes the Man in the red coat and tricorn hat Turned when we hit the last Landing met my eyes and smiled at me my Friend and I had been acting a bit silly And he seemed amused by us he was a Good-looking guy with blue gray eyes and Shoulder-length auburn hair tied back in A black ribbon feeling a bit embarrassed Being called acting the fool we settled Down and spent a few minutes in the Small hallway at the foot of the stairs Looking at the pirate memorabilia I kept Looking at the guy and was sure he found Us funny eventually my friend and I Walked past him to take a seat in the Waiting area the bend faced the door and Haw meaning we would be facing the red Coat only there wasn’t a man there in The exact place he had stood was a Mannequin in the uniform of a British Soldier the mannequin was white Featureless and did not even wear a wig There was no way I could have mistaken It for a person my friend sat in silence Unable to speak both of us feeling the Pins and needles sensation of having Seen something that couldn’t be the Strangest part was as I could still feel Something strange in the empty room for Some reason the coat on the mannequin Did not have pewter buttons instead it Had tacky cheap fake gems it was ugly And not at all historically correct I

Was filled with frustration and Irritation and I badly wanted to remove Them it didn’t feel like my own emotions More like the spirit was sharing his Displeasure with me if he was a proud Soldier and used the mannequin to Manifest he would probably not be happy About such an ugly and inaccurate Addition to the costume eventually other Visitors trickled in but no one spoke it Was if they too sensed what had held my Friend and I in silence it wasn’t fear There was no sense of danger but it was Unsettling as I sat there holding my Best friend’s hand I heard a whisper not In my ear but my mind James it said When the tour guide entered he commented On how quiet we were and jokingly asked If we had seen a ghost my friend and I Didn’t say anything as I did point out That people had died in that place the Rest of the visit was mundane and we Laughed and went on with our day My friend and I talked about it briefly And agreed that we had both seen a young Man with auburn hair before we walked Through the doorway two years later just Before I graduated and left the city my Friend and I went back to the old Exchange in Provost dungeon just to see What might happen we had to go back Before we both had no reason to go there When we came to the waiting area next to The dungeon we noticed that the manikin

Had been moved to a far corner and that His coat had been updated to look more Realistic No plastic gems unlike the last time the Waiting area was full of people and Noisy my friend and I approached a man Who worked there and asked about the Mannequins coat Oh you mean James the tour guide asked Without missing a beat I have never Actually heard my mouth dropped open Before or since but it did then Apparently the crew that worked there Had named the manikin James he told us That other people had experiences around James I didn’t see the spirit again I Got the sensation that he was less Restless now his manikin was no longer Wearing tacky fake jam buttons I suspect the spirit had very clear Opinions about his uniform and was not At all happy with the state of it and Had wanted someone to fix it I wish I Knew more about James who he was and why His spirit remains in that dungeon his Face is perfectly clear in my mind even Years later and he looked real and solid He didn’t seem unhappy just miffed about His coat and amused by the two girls Giggling in the hallway To tell you my experience I first have To tell you about how my grandpa died For all my adolescence I lived one field Away from my grandparents I visited them

Often and loved them both dearly My grandmother was queen of the home and My grandfather was a farmer and Accomplished carpenter by the time I was Born they were already quite old my Grandpa had suffered two strokes that Left him mostly paralyzed by the time I Was seven he spent his days in a Hospital bed in the living room from There he could look out of the big front Windows seeing him like that never Scared me he was my grandpa and I would Talk to him like he was going to be able To answer me one day whilst I was Visiting he started making weird Gurgling breathy noises I could see his Eyes and I knew he was not okay I was Still seven years old and didn’t know What death was as an adult I am able to Realize that was a death rattle I Screamed for my grandma who was in the Cellar canning tomatoes she came up and Hugged me I told her we had to help Grandpa she soothed me and told me that Grandpa was dying but that it was okay He wouldn’t hurt any more he would be Able to do what he loved again we Wouldn’t be able to see him again except In pictures but we could still talk to Him and he would listen he could even Talk to God for us to help us and that If I called him he would come back to me Always as I said at the time I hadn’t Known what death was yet but my grandma

Gave me some comfort Years later I was on a visit home from College my grandma had passed about a Year and a half earlier my parents were Out of town for the night so I was alone In my old house normally they left the Dock so I would be alerted to intruders But there was another reason why I asked To keep the dog with me at home no Matter where I was day or night When I was alone or far away from other People I would sometimes smell something Not present feel touches or even the Presence of a person sometimes I’d be Alone in a house when a repetitive noise Like knocking or the bouncing of a ball Would start when I asked whoever Whatever was making the noise to stop it Would stop strangely when I had an Animal around there wasn’t as much Activity so it was for these reasons That I was weary when my parents didn’t Leave the dog with me that night it Started around 5:00 p.m. there were odd Smells smells like milk that’s gone off Or rotten fruit or stale urine I would Get whiffs now and then I knew what was Happening but I still looked for sources Mom kept her house immaculate clean with No stale food I tried to ignore what was Happening if it smelled bad talking Would just make it worse when I went to Bed I kept the closet light on and Pulled my blanket up to my eyeballs I

Had nightmares until midnight it was Around then that I woke up because the Smell was unbearable sitting alone in Bed alone in the house it got worse I Felt something on my cheek if I had to Describe it I would say it was like Someone with long nails slit two nails Along my cheek there was no one there Then I was pushed out of my bed Terrified I ran outside with my Cellphone and cigarettes I was shaking And did not know who to call all I knew Was I couldn’t go back in standing Outside it was then that I saw my Grandma’s empty house across the field I wished she was still there with her Old porch light on so I could feel safe Then I remembered what she had told me About grandpa all those years ago so I Started talking to both of them telling Them how scared I was telling them I Didn’t know what to do I started crying Then that porch and light came on I saw It light up from across the field at the Same time I started to smell my grandma She always smelled like sweat and flour She never wore deodorant and was almost Always baking something I felt hands Lightly touched my shoulders then grip Tighter as if to say I’ve got you you’re Safe I knew those hands were my grandpa With my grandparents I was able to go Back inside Whatever presence had been there was

Gone the next morning I could still Smell traces of flour My mom was confused as to why grandma’s Porch light was on no one else had keys But her and they had been in her purse Mom dialed the police and while she was Talking I watched the light go off there Was never any evidence found of an Intruder They simply blamed it on how all the Light was Thank you for listening and thank you to Those subscribers who so kindly Submitted their stories for me to Narrate if you enjoyed this and haven’t Done so already please subscribe for More of the paranormal don’t forget to Click the BAL icon next to my Subscription box to receive all Notifications of new videos Equally you can go over to our website And subscribe directly to our e-mail Newsletter and if you enjoy these Chilling encounters with spirits of the Dead then why not watch in search of the Dead my documentary on life after death If you haven’t done so already you can Find a link to the trailer in the Description as well as a link to Vimeo Where you can rent or buy the Documentary until next time