TTSA and the US ARMY, Ufologist speaks out!

By | November 13, 2019
TTSA and the US ARMY, Ufologist speaks out!

Folks and welcome to alienates we have Osvaldo Franco in the house it’s always A pleasure as how are you on this fine Luxurious evening it’s probably morning Where you are that’s very early very Early to do it do an interview so what We got tonight I’ll say like these kind Of it’s always evening where I am we’re Going to talk about this new deal to the Stars Academy house with the army and Some of the details about it and some Interesting facts that you might not Have heard yet regarding that it’s very Interesting details and then we’re gonna Segue into probably what’s gonna be one Of the biggest controversies In ufology by for 2020 and it’s going to Be a deep and it’s going to be it’s Quite an issue which since like the Players involved in this are enormous And it’s it’s it’s all very odd I’m Intrigued I mean trait I well I you did give me a Little bit of a sneak peak book we’ll Start with TTS a because everybody’s Been asking me when we are going to do An an interview and talk about TTS a and The army and your force now I’m really Interesting too because I know you’ve You’ve always supported TTS a you know You’ve done the the the the Instagram Posts and what have you and I will leave Your link to Instagram below so guys Make sure you follow us Volvo Franco on

Instagram but yeah what are you thoughts About it as well I feel vindicated a bit I think that this is this is one That this is going on Tom DeLonge as a Man whose word he said from the very Beginning that the extra cheated Partnerships with certain people’s and It looks like that’s exactly what’s Going on and he came through again and Not only badly TTS a now has access to the military’s Laboratories this is phenomenal this is Like exactly what we needed and people Wanted and this is like this is just Fantastic this is this is the beginnings Of I believe major changes for everybody In this field in the world so do you Think that’s why we’ve not seen much of This atom project because they’ve been Told to keep this on the hush I don’t know they’ve been told to I Think that’s seriously just being an Only a technology company it’s just good Measure not to you know spill everything Until you actually have everything done You know but like I you know it like It’s no different than owning a video Game company in that respect or Something you know you don’t release Everything until like you know it’s been Completed you know and that’s something I think I don’t I don’t know there’s any Deliberate deception in regards to this And but an innocence of like in the

Various sense I think this is more just You know than covering their asses okay I mean I have to say Amy you know I’ve Been a fan of TTS a for quite a long Time now but there is a part of me that Kind of does question this and thinks You know is there some sort of big Agenda behind this you know a a lot of People will say nice it’s all a bunch of Crap before the people the naysayers That was there was say the st. all this Stuff but now you can’t say that because With this military venture it’s Definitely something there but what I’m Saying do you ever think or hang about It’s you know top of the triangle work There are people that are talking are Still insisting that this is you know a Scam and an insisting that this is just Like you know business as usual and it Really isn’t I I think basically like The same probably TTS aches detractors Is increasingly you know like their Criticisms keep falling by the wayside You know they keep saying they didn’t do This didn’t do that and I think it’s Done and then they’re still upset then They come up with these other reasons And mmin even gotten to the point where Now repeatedly a lot of these guys are Like basically saying well we’re so much Better than TTS a when like they’re not You don’t have famous scientists working With you you don’t have given your own

Research laboratories let alone you know The US military’s very own scientific Facilities and know how its it reeks of Sour grapes okay you know of their Criticism increasingly are just people That you know if things were business as Usual their positions and you follow you Would be solidified or they would you Know progressed even higher in the field But then to the Stars Academy comes out Of nowhere with you know evidence with Videotapes with materials you know and You know scientists everything to boot And they don’t have any of those things There’s there’s there’s no way they Would have aged into the the way that Things going traditionally in ufology But now it’s a no game you know and Those people like don’t know what They’re going to do they basically Become obsolete so you’ve got absolute 100% trust in this company to say that There’s nothing going on there’s nothing Going on government wise there is I’m certain that you know that they even Say so themselves and there’s some Things they can discuss some things they Can’t discuss you know you know then It’s tied to that and that’s to be Expected but even within that like you Know it’s about as fair as we’re gonna Get you know and honestly it’s not Surprising you know a lot of the Detractors are like oh well you know

It’s not real disclosure because it Didn’t happen the way we’ve determined That it would happen and it’s like well Maybe somebody has a different plan than You that you’re not privy to so do you Think approach to first well the rumor Is that Tom DeLonge was invited to a Barbecue a defense contractor and Basically that’s how this will began Until they nearly started you know it Might have been kind of mutual like Tom Did approach these guys and then they Started talking but Tom also says that The Stars Academy was their idea Well it was the military’s idea yes that He did they they started this yes okay That’s interesting I mean I know he met that general they He won’t speak his name that said they Had an entity it’s a life thought nyanma Classroom is his name it was leaked WikiLeaks Right okay he was the guy who basically Ran Watertown 51 because he told Tom DeLonge that they found a life phone Yeah when they’re together do you know Uh zero maybe in 2014-2015 and then Around and then that’s that’s when they Told Tom uh that’s when they found the Line phone More or less you know the timeline and Then to this was for 2015 so they told Top the launch in 2014 Yeah getting into

Like before they and guess before they Offered this opportunity in full so they So what’s the generals name again Annie On the class so did Neal tell Tom when They found the life on there’s the Cold War yes yes zobelle no yeah so like Anywhere between 1945 and 1989 okay I’m Leaning more towards closer to 45 see so There’s been an agenda all all along This is what you say no and this is from TTS a problem with it because it seems Like this is a legitimate effort to get These things out you know they’re They’re also accepting like shareholders And things like that these these things This would make this endlessly more Complicated you know and when they then There have been UFO scams well this best One later that’s turned apparently but Yeah it’s it’s like there’s there’s a Lot of differences between these Organizations but yeah so what would you Say to these conspiracy theories that Say this is all part of a false flag Alien invasion I don’t think it’s that Romantic I really don’t well there’s Already and I’ll Tom DeLonge sighs if They’re a threat and in the military Sense yes they are you know they come in And out of our airspace within impunity They don’t ask for permission to do Stuff you know they pretty much do what They want as they do as they want to They go in and out of our facilities or

Military facilities to do things you Know and I’ve done this for decades There’s not generations in a military Sense that A danger at the same time though it’s Not the same thing as they’re you know Attacking you know people or at least to Our knowledge though there are some Stories that indicate that that is in The case and you know in a limited Amount like these weird cases like in Brazil back in the 70s and so on but I Don’t know I’m sorry if I I think if our We were referred to be invaded we would Have been overrun I don’t see that the The point of you know waiting til we Develop technologies like we are you Know and then attacking this afterwards It’s a pretty bad strategy yeah you’d Have to be a pretty [ __ ] cop in your Ability or an idiot yeah unless I just Hold him back um but I do find this I Find this extremely interesting and the Main bit that sticks out for me is their Interest means that they have something There must be that they have something That is piqued that military interest oh Yeah if you there’s not even the Military has released statements from Scientists that work in these Laboratories and they’re talking about How excited they are to work on these Materials and about all of these things That are going to be coming out of it

And the thing is that they literally say In the documentation of this that it’s All the same slippage it’s space time Metric engineering it’s bean propulsion You know and it’s odd because those two Things don’t necessarily have immediate Implications for ground vehicles and That’s the other thing this is this is For development for technologies and Ground vehicles and you know I like Honestly once you have a space time Metric engineering you know basically You have starships so I’m not sure what Like you know tanks or jeeps are gonna Do with that technology but they’re you Know they’re developing it nonetheless Yeah I mean when people hear military in That they automatically think weapons That’s what they are Just think that that’s gonna go into Weaponry as well listen that we can Throw it at somebody and make them die Do it Yeah so my argument here you know it is These little green men up there or Whatever and they they have the Technology to come to a planet they’re Not going to come for war but yet TTS a Is well I mean Tom DeLonge has come out And said that we are not a UFO research Company but at the same time he’s it’s Been where it’s about from the beginning For me it has very much been e UFO Research company long as other things

There’s also like psy experimentation And things like that do they want to do And might be doing like you know maybe They’re not I guess they’re not solely a Investigation organization but they do Investigate UFOs very much so but you Know what I’m saying About you know the the ETS or whatever If they’re coming here I don’t think They’re coming for war so but yet the Military they’re not gonna be in it for But in my opinion I don’t think they’re Ending for it for it for peace you know They want to get the upper hand you know So they have to do that’s part of the Military mindset now is it necessary Perhaps not hopefully not you know last Thing we need is they have problems with Somebody that’s you know Well my worry with with base and the FA Is if he’s all eject and you know there There is that knit that little finger That just says thing about somebody’s Going on here It’s not quite right but again I have a Lot In the company and I’ve I have been Watching everything they’ve done not as Much as yours I don’t think anybody else Else though but that bit that the worry For me is if the technology is there the Military get the hands on it that we Start using that technology on ourselves You know this is gonna use this weaponry

And stuff like that I mean like that Everything just for like you know thing The fact that we even would have this Technology would be a deterrent from Like people trying to do anything Against the United States I mean like Right now we’re about to develop we Basically have prototypes for like Iron Man armor and now we’re gonna be able to Add anti-gravity to that so basically Our guys are gonna be able to like that Really fly you know and like you know Suits of like you know enhanced armor And you realize what that’s gonna do to Some guy with a collision akov yellow in A trench well not when you know regular US personnel can literally fly and let You like you know all manner of like Sophisticated weapons at you and I mean Like beyond you know like convention Well I think when we get that when it’s Not gonna be a human being in there you Know you’ve seen Boston Dynamics Seven-year the company boss tonight yes A unit of visions there’s not that Little bit of year that just says hang About something’s going on here I think it’s listen whatever is going to Happen is inevitable I don’t think we Get much of a say in it This is just going to happen this is Where the technology is leading us to And we’re we go and the technology goes

You know I we’ve never not taken an Option you’ve never not taken other than Nuclear annihilation we’ve not ever Think of it is there any technology we Haven’t done to death no you’re right You’re right and that’s not and that’s That we’re gonna see that and that’s That’s the trend that’s always been the Trend that will always be the trend you Know like I’m comfortable with that I have trust we’re not gonna wipe Ourselves out so what do we know so far With the military venture with TTS a What what do you know so far the Information that you know that somebody Else may not know about a week ago and It was discussed a deal that to the Stars Academy has with a another company Which is called true clear global and They’re a manufacturer of screens I’m not certain why TSA has this alliance with this company But they do well like a smartphone yeah Like yeah smart phones televisions you Know larger scale screens as well so That there’s something going on they’re Working on something with them what I’m Not certain it could be a part of the Educational aspects of things but I Don’t know why you would have to you Know have their own specific screening Company to do that They’re probably developing some new Type of technology I would imagine

Even though they’re developing the Controls for the cockpit that aircraft That their thoughts star trekt style Ya know joysticks no control pad just A digital display have to do math Equations on you know oh and I mean These companies how much of that is do You know is fact that’s the fact that There’s a deal with tennis academy and Pardon me sir global so they haven’t Said anything about it yet you know and This came about maybe a few days after The announcements in the military Because that can’t be cheap developing Customized screens for something if That’s what they do yeah exactly that’s What who knows what’s going on say but Remember some forest they have Interactive touch screens so are we Talking government money UF US military Money are we talking TTS any money was how they are they pay For it I’m not sure I don’t know but I Do know that they have this deal like I Don’t know joint venture or whatever the Deal right now I can tell you true clear Global has something going on with TTS a Doesn’t have a website everybody should Go check it out TTS a mobile well motor HAP’s to do with The vault don’t even trust the TTS a Mobile if you know especially if he’s With the US military involved in most so That’s all cellphones yes honestly do

South America the over there I can’t Even remember what was talking about was Talking about I it was it was Lego for My little boy let’s talk about Lego and All of a sudden I start getting all These Lego our verse I was I was just Talking about Lego maybe I I may have Researched Lego was in the in the phone Actually yeah Yeah and iPhone predicts a lot of [ __ ] That I don’t know how did you know that I was gonna be looking into that because Because I didn’t put it in my phone or I Just had it in my head well so so the Predictive software works really really Well there were being so you like tact Or both or just probably with the cases But we’ll find out in ten years Ted if they let them up ten or twenty Depends maybe we get a fortunately sighs The phones at some point they’ll be Reading your mind you know we’ll see Honestly this is that technology’s just Gonna get better with like things like Lace and stuff like that we’re we’re We’re quickly going to be heading to Like you know people getting brain chips And stuff with Wi-Fi enabling so do you Think in the next this year Probably not but next year do you think We’re gonna see an actual video on the TTS a site T you know talking about this Military adventure I would imagine they’re gonna like yeah

If you look at their Instagram TTS a has been trying to blow it talking About this quite a bit so I wouldn’t be Shocked if eventually we get like you Know more of a discussion from somebody Or a formalized you know like the video Or something or too long says something About it you know more directly to the Public I know his sister threw something Up on Instagram not that long ago There’s a month crying about the pardon The long sister yes I said that to you Also you have that yes yes no no no no Parent yes this is this is definitely a Thing that to the start there’s a Feather in their cap even though people Are trying to pretend it it’s not this Is a very big deal and well they should You know Be putting that out there you know leave With your best foot forward Yeah I don’t know some recently it I’m Not gonna say it’s not so he’s not sat Well with me but I’ve kind of like I’m I Think we all wanted that bit of footage That we thought was gonna get that bit Of extra footage but kind David flavor Kind of made it very clear in the Joe Rogan interview that there is no more Footage well there’s no more footage of Footage of his sighting yeah but he Doesn’t know the people might have done But the the the gimbal footage that cuts Off yeah there’s more of that footage

Yeah well there are people that also say That yeah but that’s not ever going to Be released ever at the same time we Were never supposed to know who the Resellers are no watch you know so Things can change my argument with this Though is and this is the but this is The bit that really really sticks in my Side the more and more I look at this Footage the more I I said there is more To this footage why do we not get all of It but we they will give us the main bit What’s the difference between showing us That and showing the thing flying off Well no because they know right what Other things that they’re seeing is Going on right you know there’s those Spheres with the cubes in them Yep one of the stories is that the tic Tacs drop the spheres from the cubes in That footage yeah that’s one of them Like you know there’s all while there’s A fleet of them that’s what he means do You think we’re ever gonna see this I’m Pretty sure we will I mean they Mentioned it to us and there’s some Weird video footage that does appear to Look like that’s out now but isn’t from To the Stars Academy or the US military That seems to depict like some very odd Spheres with something in it have you Sent me that yeah actually it was from England there was a there was a police Helicopter that basically they had a

Bunch of that equipment for like Anti-drugs type operation care and Basically while they were doing that They caught this weird ball with Something in it and it’s Paul see what They called any yeah well they caught it On video okay You know and it’s also a thermal Resonance it’s there like I said it’s a Physical thing that’s there but what it Is we don’t know hey and this is kind of Like the same saw stuff that that craft Released it’s similar and some other Enough that it could be the same thing I Can’t say 100% but it’s very interesting But yeah like I mean like so think about It if if let’s say they did release that Footage like all of it let’s say that Tic tacs are dropping the spheres with The cubes of them that would be much More dramatic you know that would be Like you know that like I think they’re Very gingerly trying to say like oh well There’s a UFO there they are You know and leave it at that from now They mentioned that these things like You know travel in groups and some like Smaller UFOs come out of the bigger UFOs That is probably something that are Gonna lead more into you know their Little doses little baby steps for Regular folks you know so that they Don’t freak out you know this is done Very very carefully even the long says

That every word they say is basically You know Through like organizations and people’s You know to get their approval every Like every public statement they make is Very carefully thought-out at many Levels and they got to get clearance for Everything so you know they they’re Definitely you know that this is a Process you know and they’re very Generally doing this they’re dying their Eyes across the parties you know but Eventually this gets done you said That’s the frustration for me is if the Our drip I don’t think they are a drip Feeding is it because we can’t handle it There’s another reason why we’re being Drip fed what can’t we have about the Cart too fast you know and then there’s Also think there’s some revelations that Are gonna be you know you know a thing For some people what’s the whole box is It religion could it be it could very Well be that could be and that’s the Thing there’s the story is that and That’s more than a story that there’s Confirmed this and we’ve spoken about it Before about groups like the Collins Elite these very very powerful Conservative Christians in like military And intelligence agencies that basically Were there’s been a really weird Delicate dance there’s been like you Know military projects like say projects

30 the US military’s remote viewing Project that was making some pretty Interesting progress and then there was An election and basically there was a Conservative Christian that was put in Charge of the Oversight Committee and When he found out what these guys were Doing he shut it down because he those Things can’t exist and they were demonic In nature if they did so they shut down On that project this and there’s rumors Of that you know happening on and off For decades but One of the stories is that something Happened and those guys with that Position were overruled And now you know we’re starting to see These technologies you know the demons Don’t need bishops yeah I hear this all The time and I hate these for a lot of I Don’t know if the subscribers are just Guys that come over to the channel but I Do have a lot of people commenting that Our religious and they keep saying the Word They’re demons yeah demons they could be There could also be angels because That’s what we used to call these things Or we didn’t have a scientific Vernacular you know where angels from The heavens you know where our demons From the netherworld you mean another World you know it’s it’s all the same Vernacular you know why is it a demon

Because it was scary you know it didn’t Look like a person so it freaked you out And you had a negative reaction so it Was bad even if it wasn’t really harming Unit was just doing going about its Business and you just happened to be There you know you know beings of light Sound a lot like angels yeah you know And if you delve into demonology or into The study of angels like you know they Have they have government’s they have Different levels there’s different Worlds that they come from you know as Above so below they used to say it’s Like a looks like basically you know It’s just like a UFO sighting people Have different reactions to it you know Some people fell in love with it no Angels some people thought it was the Most scary and horrible thing ever it Had to be evil and those were the demons You know it’s and then now that we know More as a species it’s a bit it’s a lot More complicated are you an atheist yes Operationally yes but I’m an atheist That no psychic abilities exist I’m 1/8 That knows ghosts exist and I’m an Atheist that knows extraterrestrials Exist in her here That being said I have no I don’t like Religions I don’t like spirituality which I see as Watered-down religion I don’t think These are useful tools for us anymore

I think we need to develop more Huggett Actually like cognizant ideas and about These things and how to deal with them You know I got I see them as very Advanced people yeah you know I don’t You know like I don’t see them as gods Or demons even though they have the Abilities of gods but what we would be The equivalent of gods to us the same Way that you know if we’ve traveled to Ancient Rome you and I would be gods you Know with our cell phones and penicillin Someone this is true I mean at some Point though I mean let’s face it human Beings we’re all trying to be God Yeah no absolutely stupid oh you want to Give me a spaceship and superpowers or Take absolutely me first You know I’m not the only one you’d be Right next to me you know you know why Not so they’re aliens they’re not demons That’s what we say no you don’t Understand alien is means you are alien So they give you a time traveler you’re An alien yeah you’re not from this Dimension here from some other temporal Space you’re from another dimension You’re from New York I yeah yes and if I Came to New York I’d be an Englishman in New York and alien and illegal if you Had an issue they might take you to the Department of alien affairs Very pedestrian don’t figure out late I Would just bunk in your house I’ll Skype

My wife and kids every now and again yes So the open big news that you’ve just Got like found out now from you Prior to this an organization while Prior to you’ve seen a UFO out the Window as well which was about a year The case was resolved I need you to Break this down because there’ll be a Lot of people out there that will not Have a clue maybe one right there is Going to be and February of 2020 it’s Going to start there is a major major Legal trial a trial it’s going to about Fraud that is going to involve ethology In a huge way and the CIA and members of Congress and they’re going to be put Under oath and this is a long story Now I guess I should start from the Beginning Back in the 90s in the early 90s there Was that guy and part of me joe firmage Now his name is Topher image and Joe Firmage as a genius he basically he made A lot of money in software and in the Internet in the very very early early Days of the Internet And he was like one of these guys like These young like really successful guys And everybody was looking towards to Being this like big guy and even bigger In the future and what happened was is That Corden of Joe firmage he had an Experience where he met an Extraterrestrial and he had spoken with

The extra-terrestrial and it gave him Information on how to basically control Gravity and he went public he told People about this like he did television Interviews saying that he was basically Going to spend his life and his fortune Trying to develop this technology and Then Joe Furman just basically went Underground and you would hear rumors About him you know from time to time and Basically they would go and get funding From people he worked with the military And basically there’s nothing for it Basically there’s a lot of people that Are upset right now And have worked for this company he Called in turn a sir In into NASA International yeah nothing International and massively smashed Together internationally sees Joe Ferris Company yes and basically they’re Working on gyroscopic anti-gravity Devices basically there’s weird Properties of drivers those people know This and like divers could do some very Odd things that they’re not supposed to Be able to do but they do and Joe has Basically said that that was the key and He teamed up with people like Ron Pandolfi who like that there’s a name of Some of you that are really scholars and Do you follow you might recognize Because Ron Pandolfi was deputy director Of the CIA but in addition to that he

Was also the guy with the weird desk as For the CIA and Basically according to rumor he’s the Guy that when you get elected president They arrange a meeting and he’s the one That drops Lee what’s going on with Extraterrestrials like okay and like Basically they said that he’s been Handling that since grade so he alleged That he briefed every president from Reagan took Trump to come regardless yes That’s the story now this is the thing They are very well-connected they have a Lot of very very powerful friends that Have helped them to gather investors and Things to put into this technology you Know and it’s not even just like their Major people they have including dan Marriott who is in the united states Congressman but not at only that like Dan Marriott is the heir of the Marriott Hotel fortune okay so this guy this Guy’s a huge amount of money these like You know people that we’ve got the hotel Hotel tree yeah yeah we’ve got those From especially you are those they’re Only like you know hotel heirs just odd Trump’s got hotels as well Yes exactly Trump does everybody I’ve Stayed in about in a Marriott hotel the Longest Oh Bigelow took this hotel money In books visions or other halves you Know I think that it’s a very odd thing But it’s you know maybe the high things

In Summerlin maybe some of the rooms in The hotel will never be you know you’ll Never you’ll never be able to get that Room especially not really yeah I Suppose there’s there’s you’d be Surprised Everywhere I’ve had this stuff in room 237 Yes no one ever goes in there but or They go anything they never come out but Now they glad you got no but yeah it’s Like I don’t know there’s a lot of rich Guys that are funding this type of Research on the low more than just Rob Bigelow and more and more than we’re Starting to like you know come up to the Woodwork like you know and are getting Exposed because they’re not paying People this is the thing they basically Have employed a lot of people over the Years and no one has gotten paid not a Guy they are not dying not a dime yeah And in addition of that and that’s what The crux of the case is about they Decided that well there’s a guy named Robert caveat and he’s a UFO film Producer like he’s done a lot of the Major like 90s UFO documentaries and Stuff that’s then and like and basically They they they asked him to come along To handle the media aspects of like no Developing this technology and getting It out and he basically spent several Years working for them and they didn’t

Take him and he was seven-years years Several he is so several years I mean They must have are down to their money Not suspect oh yeah I have on YouTube Pardon I said that half on YouTube yeah Three years but apparently You take that in didn’t like that he Tried to sue him they said they were Gonna pay him and that at that point Like this is back in maybe January or February it looked like everything was Resolved and now no they didn’t like They still haven’t paid him and the Whole situation was looking a bit wonky Fuhrman started releasing realistic Video of this alleged antigravity device That he’s developed the problem is the Video looks really wonky you can’t It raises do you think I can pull out Without skirt without getting a strike I Don’t know I really yeah Lanie I’ll put A link if somebody’s holding it with Their hand or if it’s like you know a String or a chain you know something It’s like honestly like you know that’s My point with that with the UFO videos You know if you’re gonna show us Something show is the whole thing don’t Just show is a little tip bit but yeah I Totally agree if you’re going to show Some technology you need to back it up By showing us you know video look it’s You know Magnus Wonderful things it’s quite heavy that

The base one it’s a heavy piece Li go And that Magnus it’s just you know Amazing Yeah that’s that’s a strong Everything about the firmage situation Was very very hot and the fact that it Involves these these people of like like I mean like Ron can bail feet that’s Huge you know Dan Marriott play that’s Full of money you know lots and lots of Old money and for them to be involved in A scam concerning UFOs is odd and There’s all of this is just really Strange Scam involving UFOs as the scum Involving the information given by an Alien and there’s other stories too they They circulated a bunch of has been Circulated rather that they use this Device is some type of Oh actuator they Can actually go to places like Skinwalker ranch and open up you know Utilize the natural space-time you know Anomalies there and we use them to go Places Amongst other things and there are Stories that they opened up wormholes And beings would come out of them like Similar sting Walker ranch type stuff But you know in in a laboratory setting So so the main case is he’s down to him Not paying his workers yeah like a real Amateur mistake if that’s a mistake And I can’t like to me that I’m sorry

Man like it’s you know it’s got webbed Feet and it’s quacking so you know it Sure seems like it’s a duck yeah like I Don’t know it doesn’t look like you see What’s going on with TTS a and you see What they’ve done Yesterday it looks like a lot more of a Professional after seed open this is Never gonna happen to TTS a and Someone’s gonna try and soothe them you Know and I’ve spoken to people that I’ve Spoken to him you know recently and There were stories about you know that They were they were good to go they were About to start you know being able to Demonstrate this thing and make a Mass-producible version of it but this Again this is all very very hot and what I’m seeing and what doesn’t fill me with Confidence yeah I know when this all Like it looks like looks really wonky And you know they would be it’s going to Be very very interesting because this This reeks of you know Richard Doty this Reeks of you know what they did to Paul Bennewitz years ago and for those people May not know Richard Doty is the most Hated man in ufology and the reason why He got that designation is because he Got the United Way situation look Richard Doty was a military officer and What happened was is that there was a Gentleman that had thought that he was Getting signals from extraterrestrials

Right and the thing is he had lived next To a US military facility he was Recording videos of what looked like UFOs taking off and landing and this Military facility and what happened was This Richard Doty ended up basically for Ending this man gaining his confidence Under orders and basically They gas lit and they would play games Of the sky and mislead him and he lost His business was very successful was his Business he ended up going to a mental Hospital and he never really recovered From the damage was done to him anyway So what happened was his family ended up Suing the military and they actually Ended up having to admit that they were Pulling this disinformation scam on this Name and they actually the military Actually paid his family off like their Father and this all happened people Don’t talk about it enough this is one Of these really really important cases Where like the military got caught and This was years ago Okay Italy back in findings they got Caught and like you know pulling this And then one has to ask the question why Would you perpetrate a fraud like this Against a US citizen and and and for Nothing if nothing was going on so the Military so the military got caught Red-handed They did yeah so this is not the first

Time that something like this is Occurred okay I mean I’m not gonna go Off course to what you’re talking about But just just quickly on that one Remember what I was asking before about Is your trust fully in T TSA and the U.s. we view it’s more faith yeah but You have a faith in it something about It seems to be right and I mean honestly If they they could have done the same Thing or some other things within a NASA But they haven’t but obviously it’s Actually rather public internet like as Opposed to a recruiting millionaires in Secret to give huge amounts of money They have a lot more people like you Know with their regular citizens there There are a lot more public yeah but you Must you must understand understanding Of what I’m saying there when you’ve Just told me now That what the military did to this man Yes that’s all I’m saying yeah but that That was then then that they regularly Went 1990-1991 a lot has changed also The fact that the military asleep now You know avidly you know advocating for TT sa an assistant publicly you know yes I mean don’t get me wrong Don’t get me wrong I’m not you know I’m Not them giving it all round just I’m Just saying you know just saying TSA is Not the same thing as international I Don’t think I think that I think T TSA

Is our best shot TSA has already produced remarkable Results I mean we’ve heard about gun Camera footage of UFOs for generations No one ever thought we’d actually get it Now we’ve got three examples of well Yeah I’ll start with the Foo Fighters Pardon it all started with the Foo Fighters yeah exactly great lovely love Images of those you know from the Second World War you know we have no video Footage of those either Even though allegedly they got quite a Bit of it but we do have stuff from 2005 Well they fight with jabbin yeah and the Germans thought it was us and it was new You know well maybe sometimes it was a German depending and one of those Stories of what Like the honey boo well there is a there Is a rumor that what crashed in area 51 Was German yeah German but was captured By Stalin and then Stalin put the Teenage Mutant Ninja communist into the Ship to fool us into alien you know so That that’s kind of ridiculous sounding To me yeah you know the fact is that Like honestly like if in the Metamaterials are some of them that ones That the arts parts ones are supposedly From the Roswell crash there’s no way The Nazis have metamaterials Metamaterials like that unless they got It from Time Traveller’s aliens there

Was I was gonna say that the example There though that does make me think is All of a sudden because the the actual Military did turn round and say that They had a flying saucer and maybe when They realized it was a German guy inside A craft they soon turned round and said Nope we don’t have voice whoever blown That the Nazis have not made it over Here yeah you know why didn’t he take us Down like I mean like he was being nice That doesn’t sound like Joe Stalin to me It seems like like honestly seems like One of these weird explanations that They would give people so that they Could try to deflect the fact that it’s The UFO you know so you so like you know That way you can go back to church don’t Worry I don’t know if they lose sleep Over this is just a communist plot Do you know other than ants do you know I love about interviewing you obviously We always go off track it’s great it’s Just that sure we just go off track We’re just so much to say there is we’ll Be talking about one thing and then all Of a sudden we talking about Area 51 it’s it’s delicious um so you See you definitely think that there is It’s not sitting well with this this is Not sitting well with you this is gonna Happen next year this case yeah February Yeah like this is going to be very

Interesting though there’s think they’re Gonna be under oath and there’s like a Lot more people involved in it than this That like and the thing is like when They’re cases like this weird stuff Comes out where they look like you know Like like where we go off on a tangent So yeah sometimes Evidence goes off on a tangent you Certain like what what is this and you Know you find threads to other stuff People survey people speak up people say Things that they can’t take back yeah Exactly you know when a lot of the Problems with trials like this is that You when it involves a classified Program is that it usually involves Other classified programs and sometimes The existence of those comes out because Of these things or at least we hear Rumors of them or we might hear you know The name of a program and you know and It might not make sense for years until You find out you know what that program Was the rear sir how it related to you Know the initial thing that they were Discussed I’m looking forward to this oh Yeah this is going to be a big thing We’re gonna have to cover this because It’s gonna this is one of the ways that Some of the juicier secrets comes in yes This could spiral off told you some Stories yeah this is gonna be a big Thing no one’s talking about this just

Yet but everyone I think is gonna Barring that they don’t shut this down Somehow you know legally or pay people Off or what-have-you Yeah this this has to be of great Importance and interest to the UFO Community if there is something of great Importance and interest it will get shut Down Maybe but the thing is sometimes it gets Half we shut down or or things get shut Down after like something leaks so we Still might get something good you know Out of this or no more than we would Have known before yes I would I mean Going going back to TTS a I was having a Conversation this morning with rich Giordano from goof on radio and we would Talk about Bob Lazar and I said I was Telling him about the fact that the Long’s doing his book so they’re all in Kind of the same circle is Korbel Lazar The long tts a relationships with the People that were running international As well yeah everybody knows everybody Else it’s all connected Yeah but you know like I mean like how Many people are openly doing UFO Research or things like that so late you Know you know everybody knows like I Know you yeah what I was gonna say I Think I’ve asked you this question Before when it’s just been just me and You do you think Bob Lazar will ever be

A team member of TTS a it’s not only Published his book yeah I know so he’s There he told them a lot of stuff when I’m assuming more that’s even in the Book because he if no I know there’s a Lot of people there’s a lot of people Out there that don’t trust Bob Lazar a Lot of people out there don’t trust TTS A that but the two together now perfect Storm now I’m not saying that oh those Bubbles are having the guys absolutely Fascinating I-i-i lean towards believing bob lazar Very much so I’m certain he saw Something baby was involved in some Interesting stuff in everything if he Does have that element 115 mm-hmm You know he’s Tom DeLonge house it’s Done his book is he puppies published His book hasn’t he Have you got the book going you’ll have To read it do me dislikes you have to Read it to me I’ve told you I read a Book will do we will do a live session Will go I will do a live reading oz Reads and Bob’s book that would be Awesome Kenny copyright strikers from will be Doing him a favor he can have the other Not a free audiobook done by Osvaldo Franco reading books through church System suits the question that that I That I have is with the the company That’s doing the screens for tt’ essays

Cockpit make yes if Bob Lazar has that Bit of element morph it 115 I’m sure Tom DeLonge will have asked him the question Bob whereas the element 115 and can we Have it mmm who knows who knows what’s Going on behind the scenes witness it’s Very exciting very very interesting but Quite a few interesting things 20/20 is Going to be a very interesting year for Us perhaps even more interesting than 2019 or 2017 even for that matter you Know it’s like this is this is going to Be very very interesting I like you know Look forward to the stuff that’s going To be making its way to us soon yeah I’ll be I am if you remember I predicted That Jerome would interview Bob Lazar Yeah I also mentioned I don’t know if I Mentioned to you or rich that he would Interview cobble with somebody else and I thought that that would be one of the Flavor now I think I could be wrong here But I think Lou Elizondo I always say his name wrong Well go on joe rogan That’d be interesting because honestly Do they joe rogan Charlie picked a really bad time to be Kind of a dick the next thing you know Like this whole situation with Korbel And bob lazar and he’s back in the game But hey listen he can’t blame Joe Rogan For being a dick when Tom DeLonge shows Footage of a fake tr-3b there’s a

Blatant fake you know I mean understand He had to have spoken to because like Some time with Bob Lazar he spent some Time with he’s pretty and then they must Have taught them largely no well he said Another year yeah he said that to Another guest I can’t remember the guest Double down on it too it’s not just Enough and he was like that the time but Then behind his back But in front of everyone the con the Error was like yeah he’s batshit crazy The other girls I got totally wrong he Probably thought honestly he almost had The wrong an apology especially if your Dude if you did the UFOs and all this Stuff that time the wrong is done for us And you’ve been against Tom DeLonge the Right thing to do is to apologize you Know like honestly top the longer 7vp Along has gotten so much done in three Years Ace ace kind of strange though but since Tom went on that show loose taking the Reins tom step back he doesn’t really Speak that much I mean I’ve seen him do The odd interview but you know wouldn’t It be nice yeah yeah I mean you know me I’ve been I was a massive fan of Tom DeLonge back when he was in blink-182 And I don’t really know much about UFOs But then I kind of news into it and but The I kind of I understand why Joe kind Of went off on one with him and kind of

Thought the guy was crazy because ish Tom should never have shot you you’ve Said it yourself he should never have Shown that tr-3b as because he made it Out as if this is this is this is them This is the this is the technology Mm-hmm now if he’d have said in that Video this is a fake video but this is Exactly how it works and I think that May have been what he was trying to say But I think I think it came out wrong And I think he probably came out wrong Because before the interview both Tom And Joe may have smoked a massive biffed Er together That’s true ya know that more likely Than not that’s what happens that’s Where you go to do a roving show Peasant drink smoke a blunt talk about Supper that’s it that would be the dream Joe if you watching this out I’ll you Know I’ll fly over I’ll even pay for my Own ticket I would love to see the Lu Go on Joe Rogan though yeah and that’s a Really good prediction I mean if he Didn’t he’s yeah TTS a what’s his name Cordell also connected with TTS a you Know and the footage that was released By TTS a everything is TTS a related so At some point their paths are gonna Cross again especially when like you Know bigger deal breakthroughs come out Of TTS a like things that Joe Rogan’s Gonna have to talk about because

Everybody is going to be talking about It you know I mean I said before we the The unidentified I thought that that may Have had sort of the car Bell may have Had something to do with the direct the Directing of that don’t fit that’s the Case now that was just me clutching at Straws but I do think that he’s Carl Bell he’s definitely gonna be doing some Work with TTS a with some of their film Stuff I think that’s gonna happen Because they are very much in that Triangle together yeah this is you know They’re not more directly officially You’re connected you know that they I Think they will be you know to the stars Anatomy is looking to get into a lot of Stuff and I think they’re gonna be very Successful in that like and like Basically like dude honestly that they We’re gonna on this subject they’re Gonna on this subject even though mark Says like like you mean even on this Subject with us buy shares yes yes do You know deuce did you ever speak to any Of the shareholders that do you know if Any of them unhappy are they all kind of Like happy with the ways go in not I’m Not not to go in anywhere personal near This but I just I well this is the thing From from what I like from conversations That I’ve had with people and pro and Con and you can even see this in comment Sections like people like like I bought

Some surgeon to the stars Academy the Whole picture pony back up and things Like that and other guys are like you Know listen like maybe this will go Nowhere or maybe this is the investment Opportunity of a lifetime you know I’ll Tell you in five years mmm-hmm well I Hope it is I really just cross but yeah I eat very interesting the fact that Everything is all interlinked yeah It’s not a coincidence either This is you know IIIi do think this is The disclosure show you know I think This is like you know this is the dance That we do when we talk about aliens for The first time publicly so real speak if Disclosure show we spoke about that guy Before What sees them I don’t know his real Name A summer tip my talk UFO Jesus yeah he’s A massive miss right Brian yeah Brian Life of Brian UFO Jesus you see the life Of brian Monty Python yeah UFO Jesus we Changed the name of his channel to Something else now dizzy disclosure Projects or something Oh my god I wasn’t UFO Jesus post Disclosure world that’s the one I Thought so he’s better looking I think He’s like totally it’s almost like he’s Being paid to you know give all the the Positivity of TTS a I mean even as even As a TTS a farmer look and I think it is

Very very very much like somebody’s Given him some money and said just go With it Either that or he’s just the biggest Fanboy going it could be both I mean I’m A big you do know that you do but in our Interview sorry to interrupt but in our Interviews before you’ve been pissed off About stuff and you’ve said it you know You know like you know you don’t suspend Your critical faculties for anyone ever Like I said I don’t believe in religions And and being a fanboy can be a type of Religion not having being said though Part of it is interesting part of this Is this like looking at everything That’s been going on and looking at the History of the subject from its Beginnings and the Florida late forties I’m thinking that this is legit and Thinking that this is necessary I don’t Think that there’s I mean honestly you Realize and another 20 years it’s going To be the the hundredth anniversary of The Roswell crash listen if I don’t even In another 20 years I’m not sat in a restaurant and there’s An alien gray opposite me with his Girlfriend having dinner you know There’s something gone wrong I’m telling you like it’s I think it’s Just time they run out of reasons to Hide it and and they don’t have time to You know to keep playing this game as

They have and this was and this was Never supposed to be quiet forever you Know they the idea was to keep this Under wraps until they had a firm grasp And understanding it to control to some Measure you know what was going on or How things would go down and we’ve Reached that point it would seem so they Got a start you know Decoupling that and in fact the idea That they give shares and they made them Available to the public also is very us Like military sort of whaling we’re Gonna create you know shareholders and Businesses you know based on that that’s That’s basically how we’ve done Everything the military developed a Technology and then it spun off into These private corporations this TSA is The same exact thing yeah do you we’ve Talked about this before when we’ve We’ve said about the competition now it Seems that definitely they are right at The top of their game at the moment but You know with the the companies like What was the company we talked about in The last show I’ve reached out to them As well and asked them for an interview Um yeah a sax axiom oh yeah they’re They’re going to be pulling back a bit We probably won’t hear anything from Them and touch on point around 2020 okay So what are they up to stuff things they Have a piece though they they yes

They’re working with metamaterial and Analysis Submitted material this is true they got A shout out from none other than how put Off which is you know like phrase so They’re doing something right They like I said I spoke with them Before recently last couple days and They’re gonna be pulling back a bit till They go in 2020 when there is a Development we will be speaking about it And spreading that information as given To us and we’re given permission to do So yeah I’ll need to get them on 2020 Wishful thinking but there’ll be Interesting because they they got a lot Of attention from that I don’t think They were quite ready for that yeah You’re not ready you know if you haven’t Got the evidence there to back you up But you do think you’ve got something Maybe you can hasn’t spoke too soon I’m Not that I’m not saying that’s the case But you know if they they’ve pulled back Then my respect to them for doing that And whether there is other companies I Keep hearing all these like little Companies that are trained to do what TTS a are doing yeah but nobody seems to Be doing it like TTS a there’ll be a lot Of people that will argue with that and Say that TTS a are doing absolutely Nothing but when you’ve got when when You’ve got a joint venture with the

Military there must be something there Either that or it’s definitely you know Project Blue Beam in the making like I Said before Project Blue Beam exists Project Blue Beam is this thing that Christians like the the cling to I Believe that if you know because there’s Definitely not aliens then but I believe A Project Blue Beam does exist It exists because UFOs do exist it’s not Because they don’t you know it’s a way Of controlling you know or making use of This fairly game of some sort I you know And it’s it’s and if it wouldn’t be like Impossible you know and probably I mean We’ve had situations where people have Lied about like you know things like you Know in terms of military situations Like we war of 1812 was based on a lie You know the gulf of Tompkins was a lie You know we there’s been quite a few Times that we people have game systems To get us into Wars and this is just a Matter of like the history this isn’t Even like an expiry history this is Regular mainstream you know even go to a High school you know you can probably Find a mention of it in a textbook is to Call it yellow journalism back in like The turn of the century at least in the States But like they’re gonna do it like that And honestly even if they did try to Spin up a war Genet fake conflict at

Some point the reality that that was Ginned up is going to be known you know At some point like you know people are Gonna realize they got duped and they’re Not going to be too happy about it yeah I can’t see it being pulled off yeah This is it’s not a good plan I can Understand why they would have a Contingency plan like that in case of Some type of emergency you know our Situation develops But I mean they’ve done stuff like that Before they tried to they the military Tried to get the military had a plan In the 60s where they were going to have Fake Cuban nationals do a series of a Violent terrorist act in different parts Of the United States and so that they Can go in and use that as a reason to go In and invade Cuba and when Kennedy Signed off as Kennedy said he didn’t Want anything to do with that room or I’m gonna do it and that’s the only Reason why it wasn’t implemented like we Know there so you have the documentation Of this This isn’t conspiracy theory this is Conspiracy fact and historical fact now You can just do a Google search to find These things out from reputable sources No friends require but it’s something That I don’t think would end well and It’s maybe too much of a gamble but then Again like that’s my perspective with my

Limited knowledge of what’s going on and What they’re doing okay That’s fair enough um before we we end This because we’ve been going for about An hour now if if you had any advice or You wanted to say something to anybody That doesn’t have faith whether it be in T TSA whether it being in what’s going On in UF ology at the moment disclosure Any of that what advice would you give Them advice for them they don’t have Faith in T TSA and the whole saving all Of it I would say Look at what’s been accomplished since TTS ace formation and look at what was Accomplished or rather the lack of Accomplishment and all of the decades That we’ve been doing people have been Doing ufology since the late 40s till 2015-2017 to the Stars Academy is Basically the only game in town like They and they’re doing a fantastic job I Think they come through and they’ve not Made promises that they kept didn’t keep They they kept their word I think that We owe them some currency for that in The sense that they you know they’ve not You know financial currency rather you Know they’re we should take their word For it Like the more they they keep coming Through we have to give them credit for That you know and not only that the more They keep coming through and keep the

Naysayers that keep trying to neither Insisted they’re late Often they’re not doing the right things We also have to hold them responsible For that as well you know we have to Take you know like if you’re if you keep Doing the right thing by us we’re gonna Have to give you more credit than the People that detract from you that don’t Do these things for us if if you have a Doubt today would you would you say oh Ya know if I found listen um How will you follow just I’m in it for The truth if I find out any type of Shenanigans I will turn on the dye and You know if I can confirm this I will be Like okay guess what I was wrong don’t Trust these guys it’s a bad scene X Y & Z you know there’s no there’s nothing Wrong with being wrong except when you Don’t acknowledge it you know and like You know and I’m not gonna let you know Other people like you know fall off the Cliff like lemmings yeah I mean a lot of People don’t know that about me and you That we actually do speak outside these Interviews and you actually don’t have a Lot of trust in many people in your Follow G They’ve been around it tool often and For too long most like I said 90% of the Subject is garbage remaining 10% 5% is Weird stuff but not what you think it is And the other 5% is exactly what you

Think it is I think I think our next Video I would like to speak about well You know what I want to talk about oh Yes Not yet not yet okay okay you can save That we’ll save that one but that’s Something you might have to work on some Time to do it right I think the next Time we speak we need to we need to Start speaking about the actual Technology that we did what we have I Want to speak about that mm-hmm we’ll do A bit of research because I’m really Interested to of what you saw out of That window Oh yeah one last thing I had a theory I Just wanted to put it out there just Examining the tic-tac case you know Those l-shaped nacelles Then L hate that nacelles come at the Bottom of the of the tic tacs yeah I had An idea I’m wondering if those are Gravity amplifiers you know like the the Gravity amplifiers in the sports model That Bob Lazar talks about okay then I’m Wondering like they were LC because like The gravity amplifiers in the sports Model Bend to you know to do certain Things gravitationally like for the Maneuver Yes I’m wondering of those l-shaped for Tweetums like you know if they you know If they move around are they adjustable I don’t you mean they look like kind of

Like little hooks on the bottom of these Exactly So I’m wondering there’s like there’s Like the go into what bob lazar but That’s only in the images that we’ve Seen you know the actual there’s not a Photo you don’t see that in the footage I need that yeah you’ve seen it you’ve Seen it yes where did you came from oh It’s just one of these things that Circulating okay no I’ll take a look Some people were saying oh this could be Like sample gathering arms or something I don’t know you know who knows money Who knows So it’s off it’s all crazy you ask me We’re all crazy Yeah no I would like to talk about the Technology do and do an actual interview About UFOs in general just on the UFOs Forget that all the players in UF ology Just talk about the actual UFOs Themselves yeah how to do an explanation And how like these technologies work Because I’ve been doing a deep dive for Quite some time now about many materials And gravity things like that and there’s A couple of things we might be able to Make some reasonable assumptions about Cool you know with good reason Which in the last week I hit upon Something but that that’s for you know Actually actually fit in with this next Episode that we’re gonna do yeah that

Sounds absolutely fantastic us Absolutely fantastic and it has been a Pleasure tonight so thank you again for Joining us as always and I will leave The link for Osvaldo Franco what it’s Ozzie what what’s your Instagram oh yeah I leave the link below Geist ask for Some really good interesting stuff on There so if you could be kind enough to Follow him on there and you’ll you’ll You’ll find out the information before Meeks I don’t read a lot but yeah also If you could follow me on twitter you Can follow me on instagram if you want I Don’t put a lot on there I do have a Patreon that I do put a lot of stuff on There lot of artwork there will be early Edits of videos going on there so that If you want to support the channel That’s the way to support the channel But the best way you can support this Channel is by sharing these interviews Out on social media whether it be reddit Facebook Instagram Twitter wherever that Is the best way here as it doesn’t like Us yes you know it doesn’t matter Spread word of mouth as the coin of the Realm spread alien update disease Anyway folks good night god bless thank You for joining us Osvaldo Franco he’s Been a treat Always man my the books no fight see you Later buddy I made this