3 True Creepy Field Trip Paranormal Stories

By | November 8, 2019
3 True Creepy Field Trip Paranormal Stories

The following accounts have been Submitted by subscribers these Experiences are claimed to describe true Events I ask you to listen in good faith And decide for yourself what to believe I was aiming and airing about whether or Not to share my experience I don’t tell People because no one would believe me My experience is chilling strange Unexplainable and hard to believe it Sounds fake in fact even though I am a Believer in the paranormal If someone shared this with me I Wouldn’t believe them it is truly Unusual I was about 12 years old and Living in New Zealand I hadn’t really Had an unexplainable experience besides Hearing my mum call my name when she was Never home yet being a religious person I believed in spirits and anything of The sort My mother had many encounters with dark Spirits and growing up I was never Scared of monsters I was instead Petrified of ever having an encounter With a ghost my family thought I was Afraid of the dark but really I was Terrified of what could be lurking in The dark I was scared that I would have An experience because my mum had I was at a school camp even though I am An adventurous and outgoing girl I hated Counts I hate being out of my comfort

Zone and because I am quirky I never Really fit in this was especially the Case when I moved to a city and a very Small school drenched in favoritism Where everybody knew everybody I stuck Out like a sore thumb it was for this Reason that I was very alone at this Camp even though I was sharing the dorm With about 30 other girls our dorm was Long and had metal bed frames along both Walls I hated this campsite I hated the Old bathroom we had to share with its Long moldy mirror across the wall next To our dorm was a cabin Billy Paul’s Cabin it was rumored to be haunted I Didn’t believe in it though as it was Clearly a silly tale to share with Students when they came to the camp I Can’t exactly remember the story Connected with the cabin but it had a Maori aspect to it something about the River flowing through our camp and the Cliffs behind us and a dark curse on the Green stone found by the river there was Also something about a man who went into A local cave and got his leg trapped Under a falling Boulder and then had to Hack it off and drag himself over the Hill to where the camp was now built Upon I later found out that the man who Hacked his leg off was in fact a true Story and that he survived his ordeal Billy Paul’s cabin was a single cabin Locked and now used for storage from

Outside you could peer in through the Windows and see a clock on the walls Still ticking an old frilly cut and Other decades-old furniture kids tried To find out what had happened and why it Was never used but the staff never said Anything the cabin was in between the Two main dorms so I found this Especially strange as such a cabin would Normally be used by teachers to keep an Eye on the students during our stay Several kids claimed to have had Experiences involving the cabin one was A skeptic who tried to find an Explanation for a man’s laugh she had Heard come from inside the cabin while Playing a hide-and-seek game at night Around the campsite She said the laugh sounded evil she Found out that I was the closest person To her but was still at least 15 meters Away I was there when she shared her Story but heard nothing Some kids freaked out and claimed to Have seen a black figure crawling along The cabin floor through the window after Trying to provoke whatever was in there One single window had violently rattled While the rest of the cabin Silent under no influence of harsh winds Of course these could have all been False it was a camp after all and kids Love mucking around trying to scare Everyone maybe I would have believed

That that was all it was but then Something happened next which I truly Could not explain the evening came and Girls were on their beds chatting and Laughing while the last few girls Finished up in the bathroom I chatted With a group of girls in the beds around Me until all of a sudden I heard crying Crying right by my ears it wasn’t any Crying it was the sound of babies crying Looking around the room I noticed no one Was crying or imitating in fact some Girls fell silent with white eyes I knew I wasn’t crazy other girls could hear it Too the crying got louder it didn’t come From outside it sounded like it was Right next to my head filling my ears to The point where I had to grab my pillow And cover my head to drown out the sound Other girls did the same complaining About the noise the strangest thing About this was that in the dorm there Were girls who couldn’t hear it Many girls couldn’t hear it those who Couldn’t hear it told us to stop scaring People and accused us of making it up a Lot of girls like me could hear the Crying and we tried to explain that we Weren’t lying As we shielded our ears from the sound Some were freaking out some were Laughing at us like we had planned a Prank How could these girls not hear it were

They lying why weren’t they wincing it Was after all painful to hear at the Start of camp all devices had been Confiscated so it was not possible for Someone to be playing the audio of Babies crying loudly and even then that Did not explain why only random girls Could hear it such an explanation would Have meant the creation of some sort of Scheme involving 30 girls I was part of No scheme all I could focus on in that Moment was the sound of the crying as You can imagine the dorm was an uproar Debating yelling argue and accusing all While girls buried themselves in their Pillows some girls were trying not to Cry it was a hurricane of every emotion The emotion that I had was pure Confusion how could they not hear it Eventually some female teachers came in To shut us all up we tried to convince Them of what happened obviously they Didn’t believe us surprisingly though no Child was punished for planning what Must have been considered a disruptive Prank no one was told off we were simply Hushed and told to forget all about it And go to bed The next morning I wanted to find an Explanation me and some of the girls who Had heard the crying went to a member of Staff I purposefully chose a young guy Who I knew would tell me if anything was I was the one who asked him if any

Babies were on the premises he looked at Me like I was strange and assured me That we were the only group present our School was entirely alone At this campsite I told him the Experience even the other girls chimed In trying to convince him he said it was Creepy and agreed that it was impossible Yes I knew he didn’t fully believe us After walking away from him my heart Fell to my stomach I felt sick to this Day I can’t find an explanation as to What happened that night but I know what I heard I can’t deny it it was real to Me it was in my ears for crying out loud Literally how could this have been a Prank was it something to do with the Copts in Billy Paul’s cabin I feel so Stupid for sharing this and I know that I cannot force anyone to believe me Whatever you believe I will never forget How I felt when my heart sank or the Loudness of the crying it was truly Truly strange Nine years ago I participated in a Summer activities program at my Secondary school the program took my Class and I to an old mansion with an Adjacent large pond which belonged to an Old wealthy family supposedly there had Been reports by previous visitors of Strange things happening in the mansion The sound of whispers faint children’s

Giggles on a staircase cold spots and The apparition of a lady walking on the Pond at night upon arriving at the Estate it felt like any normal old Mansion as far as I could tell there was Nothing out of the ordinary then upon Entering the house for a tour I started To feel slightly apprehensive it was Broad daylight yet I couldn’t have Anticipated what would happen next we Entered a room which had two rows of Chairs with a large window opposite the Chairs this faced the old mansions Courtyard we took our seats to listen to A presentation about the house i sat on The front row at the right edge it was At that moment that I started to get What would quickly become a piercing Headache it wouldn’t stop and only Became worse I also felt a heavy weight Come upon me weighed down by the Pressure and the headache I slumped my Head for the entirety of the Presentation after what felt like an Hour the presentation was finished and I Was able to stand up as I did I heard a Classmate gasp when asked what was wrong She explained that she had felt Something grab her arm it couldn’t be Explained after exiting the room the Rest of the tour was normal with nothing Out of the ordinary after returning to The school a teacher who had been on the Trip with us shared the pictures he had

Taken among the pictures was one of the Room in which we had listened to the Presentation the photo showed me sitting On the front row at the edge with my Head slumped just as I But only there was something else in the Picture something I had not remembered The picture showed a white apparition Hovering above me I believed and still Believe to this day that the room where I felt the pressure and my classmate was Grabbed was the residence of jinns Likely the personal jinn the Kareem of Those who once lived in that old mansion There was a church field trip my brother And I were invited to it was mainly for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people my Brother who was deaf was excited to go On this trip as many of his friends were Going neither one of us is really Religious but it would be a good chance For him to spend time with his friends As his older brother my mom made me be a Good big brother and watch him to make Sure he didn’t get into trouble I was Around 12 at the time and my brother was 10 we were told that the church we were Going to was somewhere in Pennsylvania Little did I know it would be in a Desolate spot in the middle of nowhere With nothing for miles the church van Which picked us up was a window Transport van that you see at airports

Carrying huge families for their Vacations my younger brother and I Hopped in at the pickup spot somewhere In Pasadena Maryland from there we Started our long four and a half hour Drive I chose to sit in the very back I Wanted to get some rest during the drive And to get some space for my brother and His friends surprisingly deaf people are Not quiet I woke up about an hour into The trip with my brother tapping me on The forehead telling me to look out the Window I got up and looked I could see Nothing but trees out the window it was Around 5:30 p.m. and it was the Beginning of fall so it started to get Dark around say My younger brother insisted I look at What he was pointing at so I hopped over The seat to get a better look I still Saw nothing I turned around and signed To him that there was nothing and I Couldn’t see anything yet as I hopped Over back to my seat I noticed something Read out the corner of my eye when I Looked out the window to my left I saw a Pair of red eyes they were moving as Fast as the van the van must have been Going around 45 miles per hour down Roads that were twisting and turning I immediately slapped my brother on his Shoulder and signed intensely I saw it I Saw it he then asked what it was I Signed back that I wasn’t sure a ghost

Maybe this wasn’t such a radical idea I Thought at the time considering how Close we were to Pennsylvania a state Which is notorious for its ghosts and Hauntings wondering what we had seen my Brother and I looked around to see if we Could see the mysterious red eyes again But they had vanished with nothing more To see I went back to napping my brother And his friends decided to start playing Their game boy advances fast-forward Three hours and we had arrived at the Church I had long forgotten the red eyes Everyone went inside the church except For my brother his friend and I we Decided we were going to play some Basketball since there was a basketball Court that was lit up around back the Church was surrounded by thick woods and I could hear the sound of the woods as We played the Thing of birds and crickets we decided We would play a game called 21 first to 21 wins it was about halfway through the Game as I noticed everything had gone Quiet it was pitch black outside except For the church and the basketball court And it was deadly silent the only sound Came from the basketball hitting the Ground in the hoop I could no longer Hear the birds and the crickets unnerved I told my brother and his friend to stop I had a feeling someone or something was Watching us they both laughed at me and

Signed to me you scaredy-cat I told them To quit it and just look around with me For a moment that’s when I saw the Piercing red eyes from the woods the Woods were about ten feet away from the Basketball court I was terrified I Tapped my brother and his friend and Pointed to where the red eyes were Seemingly as soon as I pointed to them The red eyes blinked and turned to walk Away from the basketball court walking Along the edge of the forest but staying Out of any light that broke through the Trees we were unable to see anything Other than the eyes all three of us Looked at each other and decided it Would be best to go into the church we Ran as fast as we could to the doors There was an adult there who asked us What we were doing I told him that we’d Been playing basketball unimpressed he Led us into a general area for the games Everyone else was playing and told us to Stay there saying that we were not Supposed to be outside After this he walked out into the Hallway and never came back into the Room for the rest of My brother his friend and I agreed not To tell anyone not because they wouldn’t Believe us but out of fear that that Thing would come back as we sat in the General Assembly area we were next to a Window that looked out into the forest

On the right side of the building I Peeked out and saw those glaring red Eyes they were outside still again I Immediately grabbed my brother and Shoved him to the window and showed him What was it why was it following us Both of us were freaking out one of the Chaperones noticed we were freaked out And asked if everything was okay when we Told her to look out the window she said She didn’t see anything Immediately I looked back out and sure Enough I didn’t see a trace of the red Eyes after that we left the window and Joined in playing games with the others When it was time to leave I was one of The last ones to get into the van it was Around 10 p.m. and the thought of those Red eyes kept returning to my mind Then as I was waiting for the van to Load I heard something that I would Never forget it sounded like a cross Between a dog howling and a Blood-curdling screech it sounded Inhuman I was the only kid there who Could hear fine I turned to my brother’s Friend who was hard of hearing and asked Him if he heard anything he said he Hadn’t I was the only one who had heard It I couldn’t sleep the ride home the Sound of that thing those piercing red Eyes I was attentively watching the passing Trees scanning them to see if I could

See those eyes again following us I Never did see them and I don’t want to Ever again Whatever that thing was it wasn’t Friendly or looking to make any new Friends Thank you for watching and thank you to Those subscribers who so kindly and Courageously decided to share their Experiences with us also an extra Special thank you to everyone who Supports us on patreon as always your Support is much appreciated and helps to Fund the work that we do for this Channel which of course includes our Long awaited project in search of the Debt in search of the Dead is a Full-featured documentary that my Husband Eric and I have been working on Since early 2017 it is due for release Very shortly on November the 15th and Will be available to view via patreon And YouTube membership and on Vimeo if You haven’t caught the trailer yet there Is a link on screen now and in the Description until next time