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Good evening folks Welcome to all for you to discover the Answer might feel out of your reach I Shut up right guys I am live well Obviously in life I don’t actually know From life I’m even if Donnie right I Can’t see comments maybe no one’s Watching that’s fine um this is a puzzle Game and I’m pretty bad at puzzle games Um I’m pretty bad at games in general But I got this and I thought you know What this would be fun to do together as Well as it’s not to like it’s not like a Shoe-in thing or a car racing thing or Anything like that or like the moon Mission one where we have to be immersed So I’m wondering why can I not see that Normally I can see the chat I need for This to work I need to be able to see The chart me it is anybody there because I cannot see anything I may need to rent I could sit yes Ren Ones in wanting rain get some more People in I’ve forgotten I you know what I forgot to tag the video it’s fine Though it’s fine there’s not a problem Ren you can help me out with this so I Thought I’d have a little discussion About you know just the state of your Apology in general And and what’s gonna go happen with the Channel as well as trying to get out of This puzzle so I’m in virtual reality Now like I was in the mill mission and

I’ve I’ve not rent I have had not one Beer I’ve had a cup of tea I definitely Won’t be able to get out of Asus if I if I had anything any sort of alch what the Hell’s up yet okay Alien protocols how you doing mate how He good at puzzles Um I have no idea how to do this and This is not actually something that I’ve Done before I watched a mate on this and Thought this looks fun and he seemed Good at it but basically my hands are Holding a controller and oh okay and by Moving it I king I think this thing’s Made from element 150 this form element 115 in there definitely so what I Thought I’d discuss guys if you if You’re looking around the room I want to Keep looking around if you guys can Figure anything out here please tell me In the comments what to do because I’ve Got no idea so there’s all these Different knobs and they all light up But I’ve got no idea to get out this is Could be really boring but you know I’ll Have a discussion movie at the same time So as I said before in my last video if You made it past me advertising the Patreon page I want to get people on the Show now spoke to third phase of Moon Today they will be coming on the show Which is exciting I’ve got rich from goof on radio coming On I’ve got another interview Chris

Friday with God and because we need to Discuss what’s going on with to the Stars Academy in the army I’ve seen Loads of videos on must have read loads Of information on it but I just want to Get I was gonna say an insider’s point Of view but he’s not an insider do it Does anybody think I was found on Franco’s a spy he could be you know he Sends me so many links I love that man He’s a good man oz if you’re in the Comments you are a clever guy in the in The comments in the chat please help me Out with this Right anyway so yeah there’s some good Interviews coming on I just thought I Was well don’t [ __ ] get there my good Friend you are you any good at puzzles I Need to get out of this thing basically That my my Hut I mean VR these are my Hands yeah and there’s something here Above my head Or maybe I’ll attack that’s a touch this Chair okay I’m gonna give it a go By the time I finish this approach Should be down to about a hundred Subscribers anybody understand this Thing anybody understand anybody in Everybody got know about route I’m about To get the train or back soon have a Safe journey my friend okay this is this Is no a moment this I thought this was Habits of ants did anybody see that my Hands kind of stretched I thought how

Did you do that Maybe come oh my god I am no good at Puzzles no now there is something Supposed to light up here if if anybody Has like a tablet on them could they Kind of YouTube how to do the first Level on a game called static in VR and Tell me how to get my hands out of this Toaster can anybody actually hear me That’s a good point – if is the audio working place it on The desk What desk lets desk eat I can’t reach But I can reach this maybe my hand is Stretching oh me I really hope none of My family walk in the room because They’re gonna think that I helped I Think I broke my fingers actually in Real life right okay something to do is It’s something to do with these patterns That are on the and Bob Lazar is looking At me through that window Guys is the audio working do we have any Audio am i coming for the mic I really Help I am okay Okay something happened then okay Wow did anybody see that the some sort Of face on there I have not got the foggiest this is like This is like Krypton factor Okay Sophia Oh bingo Okay I’ll it [ __ ] Oh al okay yeah cos I’ll get this okay no I need that Okay

Jesus D theater this side fess left on Site all right on side first Okay This is impossible This this is the light Oh okay Oh hey oh hey I’ve just okay We’ve got half a tea I can as you tell If calming the properties in any Comments probably all left me you Bastards God why need to do guys I need To learn how to someone well know what I’m gonna do is set up a and on a live System so I can go live properly on the The Mac I’m sure it’s really easy on Windows but market seems so complicated Something happened there I can’t quite See Yeah market seems to be really hard and I’m not the greatest best when it comes To computers in fact I’m shite when it Comes to computers yeah Don it’s em I Just fought I got bored and I thought Just come on the channel this is not This is not content guys don’t get me Wrong this is not UFO stuff I am NOT Gonna be a gaming channel don’t worry About that I’m not even a gamer but I I Was I saw me on this and I got it in a Fart I’m like but I put this on that Well it is cool yeah it’s cool it’s it’s

Frustrating because I’ve been I don’t Know when this video started but I’ll be Stuck in this from the beginning and I’ve done some of it okay but I’m just Oh well We do need to get me out okay what’s the Point in testing these things can any Receive what is the point interested in Them I still don’t know if my audio is Coming through is my audio coming Frigging people hear me What or him how do we get out of EMA Come on I’ve been stuck in here long Enough All right it’s really frustrating me This I’m I’m really not good with Puzzles Give me a debunk gave me something to Debunk I’ll I’ll debunk it Give me a puzzle I think him I think I’m halfway there you know I Think I can feel the goal may is to get Out of this toaster I’m stuck in so Basically I’ve got I’ve got a headset on A virtual reality headset so these the This that you see this is my my actual Arms So if you’re watching I’m in my living Room now waving my arms round like a Lunatic trying to get this thing to any Obviously doesn’t cook what difference I Want oh I see I think do I see yeah do

See I do see you little bastard yes so That there and not there I think Twisting I am twisting it oh yeah oh Right I got you so that much is up there I’m alright see I didn’t see that as I Just saw sort of flash up and my screen Kind of flickered so I missed it but I Saw that you’re on the way to see Somebody oh I get it right that was done Right that one’s done I get it I get it These little knobs got aligned these Knobs up alright Right I should I’m sure they got that He’s done do we have any gamers honors Any of the subscribers gamers anybody Myself bastard I kind of wish I had had A drink now Right ya know that’s that one that’s Wrong that’s the one that’s wrong that Was right I got audio look what I did it What I did Boston Dynamics oh yes hey Elif oh my God guys do me a favor In the comments on this video when it’s Finished cuz I don’t I won’t be Streaming for long this thing okay it’s The Hellraiser Oh no [ __ ] off yummy it’s good it’s just I don’t think this games for me what the

Hell okay I definitely picked the wrong Game If anybody’s eaching to give me the Answers to took it it just comes back on A truck it Is he someone to do with reflections on Each side the same okay all the musics Do imagine flip it around and see if There’s any more okay on this side on This thing are they all the same they Look the same every side looks the same I don’t know how to separate these now Put it on the line but now what put that On top is it a button to press so I’ll Mate always disease get up look I’m Gonna put on these I’ll pull them out no I can’t one thing out Or a bun can you see a bond These little reflections bottom Virtuality yes it’s virtual reality when Put it this way for also in virtual Reality I will have a YouTube video on Right now on how to actually solve this Puzzle the game is called static I don’t Mind if anybody finds the answers for me For me to cheat this game because I am a

Cheat what’s everybody think about the Two the stands Academy with the army the US Army has anybody any views on that Cuz I’ve heard a lot of very mixed bag Which I will be discussing with Osvaldo Franco it’s quite real I can I get a Wrench mod what’s a wrench in here What do you I’ve only got a control pot I’ve got a Cube oh you mean a red-eye wrench mod Yeah she camera when you come I will Solve out I’ve no idea how to do it but I’ll sort it out there’s a few people Are should make mods moderators to be Fair they yes definitely I’ve got no problem with having Moderators as long as you don’t kick Anybody if anybody’s calling me a Bellend or anything like that it’s fine Let them I actually like trolls if Charles come on they are welcome because I they don’t stay around for long with Me because um I can handle a troll or Two or three I’m gonna get for this is Impossible or Ren rich is coming on at Some point when we can arrange from goof On when we can arrange a good time slot Cos it’s the so different I mean I think It’s based in a time where he is now and It’s I don’t even know what time is here got Some in virtual reality lost when it Starts at this I think it was nearly 10

O’clock Okay I’m really getting frustrated with This it’s anybody brainy Jesus Christ This is this is painful the game Solutions more complicated you know the Is it did say there was an extremely Complicated testing experience now Normally I’m good with that type of Stuff as long as you don’t give me spell Inza that I’m cheated spine tests yeah So this big time the box comes apart Oh [ __ ] where’s it gone How was the box come apart long by the Way if this looks really shitty graphics It’s because it’s the live stream had to Be in 720p to run virtual reality it Looks amazing it looks actually amazing In the headset tell you how to get this I can’t believe I forgot to tag this Video but what would I take it Okay all right blocking the light how do I separate these because I put one on Top of the other Before my musics killing me It really is it’s the pattern in row Okay I think the pattern is the pattern in Here I have to match you up can you Imagine I might get told off in a bit a mile at The baby up I hope I’m not showing can

You imagine how Bob Lazar might have Felt when he was trying to get inside And backward engineer the Flying Saucer Like I even do this Dhanji amidst that it’s caught it’s a Game called static it’s a VR games Virtual reality and I’m really stuck I’m A heavy sweating as well I’ve got no Idea the solution video shows a bunch of Real boxes holy [ __ ] this is really not A game for somebody with a low IQ I’m Not saying I’ve got a lot like you I Actually don’t know what my IQ is that Would be a form video that they do a Live IQ test these boxes become real Boxes really How so this is some sort of holiday sir Hologram okay I wonder if it to you you think we’ve Got to make the hologram into a physical Object and who said this is not a yeah a Space that video is okay yeah okay it’s Their instructions okay okay calibrate Camera x2 main menu return to game Settings okay no there’s no instructions I wish I was high Oh yeah I have not even under I reckon If I was high I would be able to do this Okay this is we need to get some gamers

In here some somebody who knows what They’re doing I said I really got a PlayStation 4 and that’s got a Virtuality at certain Scott this game Has completed this game Is there anything behind me oh that’s a Good idea No I can’t do that okay oh these make an L shape but how do I do that oh yes Thank you look a square well okay well I Know I can braid them off now Something up yet something is poor the Top box tops if I can put the comment Flashed up then it went away Put the top box I so have to put the top Box right okay separate that Wow Right so I’ve got three separate ones Now so this one this one this one and They always act the same to thee it’s a Taste I don’t know what he’s not a space Game it’s just it’s just a puzzle put The real box in the middle okay real Boston right boxes and attached it it Does thought like garbage countable most Fair facing moon when you need him I’m Sure they’d be and figure this out top On to right top bottom to right so he’s Saying this mother I have never played a game like this it Doesn’t give you any clues it doesn’t

Tell you anything I suppose that’s what Old games used to be like we you know When I start my Sinclair spectrum now That was a computer if there’s anybody Watching this and they’re itching to say Something because they they know how to Do this puzzle then by all means you Know what if I try a Commodore 64 yes Walakum water compute it will actually Add an Amiga 1200 and this spectrum the Sinclair spectrum there was a game on it Called the lead which was a space game Which the fantastic make an L shape Making L shape steel box make an L shape Okay Why an l-shape the what if knowing about Hang about I think I know what to do I Think it’s got something to do with These down here you see these plugs that Are missing do a bring the pap What I don’t even know if a place I’m on Here I’ll just do it in midair or what I Mean this is as you know that’s just the Hologram Russia produces the projector Leave the real box without lead leave The real box wrong about do these have Different sides they do have different Size the different shapes there are Different shapes I can see it now right Okay Connect the flux yeah you’re right

Codify edges I can see that now like That and I think this is the missing Link it’s not the missing link so if I Get that pull out there could that be Right oh so this happened Oh my I could lick somebody’s face right Now I’m so happy now but the ghost box Okay this should be a piece of piss but What is this thing More like about something happened then At your feet plus if telephone what you Want and apart from any unforeseen Malfunctions I’m going to leave you well As alone as one can be in the room with Someone else okay so we’ve got a Telephone dialer we’ve got an auxilary Cable we’ve got an old tape With red purple or pink blue and yellow There’s it good Okay there’s literally nothing okay sir Okay So take it that I’ve got get Daffy away Not often the place a better figure this Out I need that I need like the bomb Squad or something to figure this out I Was okay I with some numbers on my wrist thirty Thirty forty watch the code master code Well is that on the screen but I can’t See the pattern okay all right On the PC from

Rather pressed by that work but on the Right pattern Right okay it’s just like it just Doesn’t seem to have a logic to it there Must be logic to it okay so yeah it’s Solid yellow Oh green So this is obviously the starting point I’ve got put I’ve got pink red yellow And blue But what are to do in he’s only clothes In the room Hey look at that that’s pretty cool Pyramids of the moon Okay I try the over-order What’s in the wall behind the guy it Just says static Institute of the Retentions retention static Institute of Retention the game’s call static so even He looks bored if you think you’re bored I’m bored Hey this is Thai red tree just try all Red Oh hang about there’s an error is this It can be seen that this some there’s a Green There’s a green hum point to his cop There’s a red hand pointing to the First-aid kit These the clues in the room so thing About here we go purple purple stripe Purple group now purple copy Anna that Cops something to do with it There’s a hand on the other side of the Thing and then what other side of what

Oh there’s a yellow hand yellow yellow Up there yellow yellow green red yellow Yellow Well that’s green bit wrong go for blue Red Come on is this first it’s definitely This bit first they see yellow hand up Their green Hummer now there isn’t even The was before cause yet you’re the most Bit foot yellow green red Turn things up like oh my word I’m I am TV Is that some sort of think tit [ __ ] sake Out of my French The symbols on my hand It picks up the paper no clothes left What’s to the left where sure is that a Hint you hinting Right yellow yellow Green yellow blue but where’s the green There isn’t a green Rhett okay red I’ll go red Go back to the TV back and watch okay Or more cheerful does this headset sound Alright by the way I’ve bought a new Headset cuz the last one when I went Live sounded absolutely garbage so I Bought a new one Clicking his pen If it’s a visitor is Kiki clicking up Buddy panda is the genius move around Okay I’m moving around I’m looking I’m

Looking for clues in this room I’ve got This good chance all right Count the clicks okay This place pen down I thought Go back to the TV this bit okay So that releases where press the button Oh is that mass code on the TV does Anybody right Oh my god you go get it one hand He’s writing your Hand Oh hand does it mean the numbers on My hand right on one two three one two Three one two three four I thought after that fought one two Three four five six seven eight nine ten They started with Isaac all that so he Met a nice 100 How to mercy get it on to 100 oh oh oh Yes no right okay one two see what we Sit out three zero three zero forty Oh my god Right oh wait a minute five and six five Six six five six six I’m not holding it Down for long a five six oh I’ve got an F I’ve got F there see So I’ve got the F I’ve got the s this Five nine nine okay Why five nine nine now so I can’t work Out five nine No it’s changed to an eye I’ll change it From an F to an eye that’s clearly now Okay Five six

Oh The game’s called static it could be Right okay five-nine now i can wind it 5:30 it’s not doing it’s making that a Nice to say you know having that okay Okay thanks mate All right we’ll go back to the 566 I wasn’t getting ideas okay so we’ve got A yellow yellow hand up there I think the hands are later two or four Okay – but excuse me Miss anything on this chair or any clues Oh damn me It’s called static david tu-95 okay five Four nine five okay four nine five Do you wonder why this is a bit blurry Guys it’s cause it’s the vr9 die Thanks Well I means really stupid am I I rang up a howl I want if it’s something to do with Empty cups writing on the wall what Right okay This One two Behind the guy can I get up out this Chair a little bit okay I can do oh That’s nothing behind him there’s Nothing behind the guy stuff to get a Drink to our guys That’s better I won’t bore you for much longer people Does any meat Did anybody pay attention sigh clicking I think he’s the clicking

A lot of Safra all week in fact my Throat is going it’s literally my voice Is starting to go I’ve got an interview Pond on Friday as well with us So hopefully that well even if I’m dying I’m gonna do the interview we need to Get it done I’ve been meaning to speak About to the stars Academy for quite a While now but I’ve just left it and left And left it Free and fall yeah okay so if I click on The if it oh I get it right now I’ll Move this I’ll move that to that side I Think I can much so if I get five six Oh it’s not six sorry it’s nine why I Think in six it’s five yeah 5 9 9 okay It was on the opposite side that’s why It wasn’t working 5 Oh yes what’s that opened has that just Popped out the camera’s popped out okay The last person that commented I didn’t See who it was our other Other message because my thing popped up On the my VR I don’t ignore anybody okay I’ve got a first-aid box here a cup A lump a plum Hello guard named inmate this is one Hell of a puzzle I am out mate reitv We’ve got a TV there is an actual TV sir Because that’s a computer on TV our TV TV set okay the TV set and there’s a Graph above the TV set So I supposed to face that to the TV and

Do this side maybe first-aid cope Lum Where the hell’s the lamp so there’s a Plan on there that cups their TV Yeah I’ve got the cup there I can’t see A lampshade but this cups over there as Well cops over there but that’s the only Cup with a green thing on it oh oh yes Got ya spell caught okay 287 okay So it’s on that side that side doesn’t Do anything now does it no it does I’ve Done that side down all the numbers you Mean so fine till I find a see it’s an A No that’s a B 3 C we’ve got so 3 C Knowing you okay we’re on it’s fun to You it’s enough Soon as the g-h oh you’re come on But 1000 okay okay God and walk over That 1000 go 1-0 so 10 and then you say 10000 doesn’t do anything but Jesus Christ This is this is really hard Ten okay one South’s 1000 so copy that CeCe’s doing that by sound zeros of Space one is in a 2 is B 3 C 4 is d 5 is E this it’s just the alphabet So he goes up to I babysit if thi he Goes look to I be carrying anything else Oh wait a minute Alright yeah Oh another button here I’m pressing Actually gets they compete I’ve done That puzzle guard and that was this and That was five nine nine and that’s been Done and that that unmarked that this

Side here okay Oh [ __ ] I’ve got it I think I’ve got it People right the cops green okay All right so red I’m in a care on red Now so the cup what is red first-aid box So that’s the first aid box in red we Need that because that first day box is Red so I’ll keep the first aid box on Red or the move this one’s a green which Will be the cop got throughout the cop In green okay they were in yellow which Is the plum yes II D H we have to unlock That part first before we move to this Part this game is in G this is games Genius it’s not made for people with my IQ though okay so II so a B C D each of Five 5d 4d H Okay I mean I said we’ve got the audio Tape now So the auxilary is going to there a [ __ ] You It definitely isn’t made for me Steve Are you doing my friend okay so we’re Just gonna go with red right red yellow Blue okay okay I get it so I need to Make I understand all possible I reckon If we change the order okay I understand I understand I understand and accept of this Retention all possible consequences Right so the this say it’s pink yellow Red blue pink pink yellow red blue

Vagina yes yeah of it oh it’s gonna scam It scummy yeah oh my god I hate it Where’s the happy the bottom let me Happy our silage reminds me going to Work happy or sad Which will come in if it does he not Know I’m in a virtual reality headset I Can’t see my buttons I thought he was the happy or sad do I Smile at the camera Happy or sad born The symbols behind missile That’s why to my face Oh dear okay so at least I’ve Established that the response stays the Same all the time so that’s never gonna Be a clue I’m trying to relax the Happiest Present I’m pressing absolutely Oh well okay heart okay get the happy Inside one brain all makes me sad Can’t faith that’s definitely happy more Coffee 100% happy a bird [ __ ] on a Gravestone well I don’t know about that One you know I mean I suppose it’s also They’re not [ __ ] on me I mean I mean I I think a bird [ __ ] on no I’m Happy with that one You know yes I totally agree A trophy yeah I like winning [ __ ] okay Oh Shh what’s going on here

I think you guys might be Lenny Something about me psychologically that Triangle if you believe in the Illuminati and all that stuff then right More triangles to try no well then on The floor if I stand on one of those it Will cause severe pain a light bulb I Would have a little I bought me a fast Gin and tonic now it’s me very happy Um a dissolving man no I don’t want Anybody to get dissolved a a man with a Suitcase above his head but I do the Same If someone hot held if I was in a train Station or an airport and somebody Helped the suitcase above the head and Probably [ __ ] myself so we’ll go with an Hour why sticking with the same answer This is very clever I think he’s failing I think the I think I’m winning this guy is getting pissed Off with me that makes me happy that I Want that’s just okay I’ve only got two Buttons to press mail and you told me to Make my own mind up so at the end of it They all are not this again I recommend Do this last time you realize that the Sides are all different than they are You can actually see that ones are flat And summer all right now that puzzles Like a piece of piss it really is I Can’t believe it took me so long to work Though

Welcome back my dude guys I taste Something I’d rather you just tell me as Well maybe after the video you can just Tell me straight here if you don’t like Me doing [ __ ] like this I wait mother It’s just I kind of don’t get chance to Speak to you alive very often it takes Quite a bit to set up so I just thought If I’m chilling out I may as well come And chill out with you a lot and you can Be my brain but now I’m going to get Some some live sessions picked up at Some point I don’t think I can do that Yet I think I need the other piece of The puzzle so well I’m glad you like it Garden But by all means you know we can talk About [ __ ] UFOs and [ __ ] in this I Still do one puzzle and then I may have I don’t even know what time it is Let’s check the time we got for another Puzzle barely if you if I must be honest Because it’s not very breathable unless You’re keeping secrets from me that in a Sneaky little thing that you are Essentially though once you’ve figured Out what to do do it as soon as possible Time waits for nothing at all I’ve tried To keep an eye on your general stress Levels throughout but it’s nothing for You to worry about Okay now you absolutely say

Three six zero two seven zero nine oh One eight zero Northwest-southeast okay A pie okay garden and I got an ear muffs So you can help me out there is that Some sort of moss cozy he’s doing with His slurping my wife hates that if I do That if I drunk my coffee like okay okay Okay all right that’s not even a number Degrees 360 okay You’re all gonna get frustrated me yeah Earmuffs it’s not a good grade mate I Was good at science Ish well I thought was good you know Two-seven-zero Sis I’ve gotta do some more skirt 360 There’s a thing is this thing gonna come Towards me I take it I’m gonna put my Hands there it’ll unlock it That’s what’s gonna happen I reckon oh I Get it okay I get it I get it I’ve got watch the screens so this is Easy okay if I get this wrong are okay It’s gonna go back to the beginning oh [ __ ] Oh [ __ ] see literally can’t go wrong at All One 101 he’s on the light

Okay okay I get it I get it he just Changed the way it was locking us all Okay that’s almost popped out the top Okay so how are you feeling at the end Of phase one not bad they have to be Fair I could do where beer now Right okay 360 so we do 360 I can it like oh my Word Okay North so it so here we’ve got North So we’ve got north south west there oh I See that right okay 180 East so 180 so If we go So ask 180 oh [ __ ] off out of my french Oh it’s I want ain’t to east stops laughing Right sure that’s right it’s on all Right it’s the red one not East 180 I’ve got a 1 a 2 there please sir That’s amore look is that look look at That right That’s right oh that’s right Oh well you need to show me that this Year west-east West-east Oh ah No okay So one 180 East and then I Okay What 80 East Tenten so one leave it then

One leave it that’s 180 That’s East Okay A 360 Norfolk’s extra Really game puzzle there Okay Don’t ya don’t ya okay get it you’ve got To hold it that’s why I will just Pressing it it’s a 270 270 North on That’s done sure that’s done Now I’ll answers That’s right wonderful sent us right Almost our file on a bellend right right One ain’t Dolph [ __ ] you I’m really in Trouble for this video I’ve gotta be Fast so so east-southeast It’s alright here we go Now go 90 north and walk you It’s the coordination you’ve got to do With the buttons it’s so hard right 271 Enough go on like I am NOT gonna do this There’s no way I’ve got the coordination For this right I figured out this puzzle Guys I just don’t think that I can kind Of tap the buttons fast enough so 270 West and what happens man Okay we’re good of it we’re gonna go Fish go first really fast really fast Right ninety soft one oh I’ve did that 90 self warm Bossy 90 South 190 South Lawn oh nice Jesus Christ Preston I wanna oversee the effort

Thanks mate right – 70 South – 70 South oh [ __ ] you 90 South and one What that’s 90 right This is horrible this is absolutely Horrible Right 180 West Sona’s aced you bastard Wes 90 and That’s right I’m pressing the right Bloody buttons here I promise you I’m Not in this to piss people off this is So hard Give me a break may give me an absolute Break right one oh my god which one is It I hate this game I really hate this game I really hate this game 180 come on That’s it that’s right that’s right you All right 180 and South 360 it East East And one like you That’s a 360 oh I get it Go to in order to 72 17 North one No Right we’ll start with that one 180 I Get it 180 myself alone halls down full got Three six three sixty East 360 East and One right selves eradicated 180 West and One right okay 270 north and one no one Ain’t a [ __ ] 180 at west 271 right 90 East and one to the wall do a 90 90 West One right 180 West and um okay 9 91 and west Yes have that give me it give me it give Me it 270 north come on Yes I’ll have to to complete and I’ll

Ask again How are you doing not not really good if I’m honest Thanks garden I feel like I’ve really Achieved something in life or that I did Me my throat is killing me Finger need a needle em sip my Roman Years doesn’t know anything You’re the live tech guys he’s a bit of An [ __ ] Um there is no clue now to what I have To do he’s just oh why the colored Right okay what is yello I get it So if we’re to 70 we need one double O One and we need self yeah we’re going With that it’s 270 270 because he’s Orange we do the 101 and we’ll do self Yes okay color blue so it’s on That’s right no it’s not right that’s Right Okay color is blue so it’s to 270 East Give me a break it’s too fast blue again So it’s 101 oh I get the puzzle I do get The puzzle it’s just too fast It’s far too fast and you’d like a Call Of Duty player or something like that to Spot some buttons fast enough right okay And north okay it read it so it’s 90 90 Oh I can’t learn it fast enough Okay blow so it’s free 61 and II east Yellow one one self and Jesus I’m gonna Brain fire yeah I’ve blown it really else Littie they’ve gone you tell him tired

Now I’m failing guys absolutely failing This read someone west and 180 other Give me a break seriously please just Might read so it’s not no chairs back Mate it’s got to bed at all cuz my brain Is not working anymore that’s all read So is that it’s one eight was 180 180 180 Jesus you piece of [ __ ] Whoever made this game is laughing their Ass off I tell you now they really are They’re just pissing themselves people Play in this game especially people Playing it live yellow ok 180 and South Yes come on blue 180 self on one come on Read 180 101 north Red 271 and north blue no 101 and 90 red To 70 South and one yellow 360 oh my Unexpected let me out see it is nothing If not wonderfully predictable sadly Many of us Right you know I’ll do they set them off The bat from guys is gonna be I’m gonna Be doing interview on Friday and I’m Gonna try and edit it as fast as I can See but you know I’m like I like to Follow the images in and it’s gonna be With Osvaldo Franco we’re gonna be Talking about to the stars of cab Amir Their their involvement with the US Army Did you say dog [ __ ] okay that’s that’s Different Oh no it’s not so that was there and That was there and that goes there be Spit

So is the other piece so this just come Off it looks like it’s a free Dimensional it’s gonna be it’s gonna be Bigger this is gonna be a bigger piece This tomb there’s more to this It’s definitely marked this is I think Yeah what’s that That goes there like that doesn’t it Yeah this one’s obviously the middle Piece I think would go if he our homes Have gone a bit funny their way so so We’ve got a long way to go before we Fulfill that cue but that is that cube Made up I think yep all the pieces are Connected Right guys I’m gonna say good night god Bless mind the books dope bye I’m gonna see if we’ve got a lemsip in The house I say might have a whiskey They do say that that’s good for a cold I hope to see you all on alien UNAIDS Very soon the main thing you can do for The channel guys cuz these little live Videos are just gonna be I don’t even Know if I’ll keep these or probably Delete them in a few days because he Just he just clogs the channel up but I Don’t believe in that but what I want You to do when I do do the interviews it Will mean a lot to me I’m looking on the Channel um because the channel is its Own person if you share that the

Interviews that’s all I ask from you Guys is that you share the interviews I Have got a patreon and I am uploading Artwork to that and there will be parts Of the my early edits so if I’m doing it If I’m doing an interview I’ll be Uploading little sneak peeks to the Patreon by all means if you want to go And help me out on there and be a patron That’d be fantastic There’s also art work on but the main Thing for me guys is not that it is that You share the videos don’t share this But please don’t share this video Because people think watch this [ __ ] but It’s the interviews it’s the videos that Take a lot of time to edit that would be Great if you could share them because I really want to grow this channel I Don’t know if I’ll do many I don’t know How these VR life dreams go down because I kind of don’t get to interact with you Enough because we’re working out these Crazy puzzles I’ll enjoy the moon one I Did enjoy that I can’t really do that Again just share I might do it again in It in like a year when I upgrade the Equipment to better graphics and stream It better but I want to get some live Maybe live in interview soon when I work Out it get the I don’t just want to do It and fail at it and the interview just Go to [ __ ] you know with the audio Problems this time over I want to give

You good stuff cuz I love this lot of Channel it’s cool and one day you know Maybe maybe I can leave the day job Behind of all together go out visit Places do stuff yeah do more videos who Frank I lost 60 subscribers when I did that Video with Frank when we got drunk it Was quite interesting though the fact That he was telling us about the Satellite spotter they had made but yeah I don’t fing the drunk videos the myth That the drug live streams those are the Days but yeah I’m getting on into all The drink Still like a little tipple known again But yeah guys thank you very much for Joining me tonight I have no idea I I Forgot to tag the video completely Forgot to make a thumbnail pretty much Forget everything so I’m surprised I’ve Had any viewers so I thank you yes I Will try and interview Tyler from Security in 10 that would be four we Have a bit of history but we aren’t Speaking terms he approached me a long Time ago actually and said He wanted to introduce himself as big Properly so we add the bit of Twitter Debate with a little bit of an argument And kind of saw how and he’s a nice job Um and I wish him all the best It’s quite beautiful in this place I Could did I might Tim am I trying to

Sleep in VR one day and just I might Have a camera on me how does it do a Video you know he when I finally leave My job I may do a life I don’t know 24 hours in VR you know I Have to cook and things like that but For real would go to the toilet it’s bad Idea anyway guys good I got bless mine The bookstore bye I am alien a date subscribe if you’re New to the channel this is not a gaming Channel by the way this is very much a Alien and UFO channel check out the Older videos if you don’t believe me Good night god bless I can’t work out And this I’m gonna keep saying good Night because I’m just trying to figure Out how to stop this a live stream Because I’m in a virtual reality I’ve Said that about 20 times for this string Of words out broadcast Oh please just learn how the hell do I End this there we are Good night go bus