This Haunted House Attraction Is Full Of REAL Ghosts | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | October 26, 2019
This Haunted House Attraction Is Full Of REAL Ghosts | THE PARANORMAL FILES

The house of torment in Austin Texas is Known as one of the nation’s scariest Haunted house attractions and draws Thousands of visitors every year who Visit the haunt in search of a scare but Did you know that this fake haunted House is actually rumored to be Extremely haunted in real life this Haunting is what we’re investigating Today on the paranormal files I felt like the whole building breathed On you and it’s pretty pretty intense so Be careful I mean these places are Engineered to make you imagine in your Mind that someone who’s read around the Corner but what if it wasn’t someone and In this case it’s something if you want To scare someone why don’t you come out And scare the three of us I’m ready to Be scared First a bit of history about the house The haunt began as a simple walk through Maze and founder Dan McCall locks Backyard but by 2002 the backyard Attraction was attracted so many Visitors that it forced Macola to open The very first house of torment maze to Meet visitors needs since opening in 2002 the house of torment has won Countless national awards opened another Location in Chicago and has even Extended its brand’s influence across

The entire United States in this year’s Version of the house of torment which Changes every year visitors walk through Three separate mazes the maze entitled Dimensions of darkness invites guests to Step into another realm filled with Darkness fear and bizarre sights and Rise of the dead throws you into an Abandoned complex overrun by Bloodthirsty zombies the third maze Clown takes people through a Victorian Style home invaded by murderous circus Clowns and presents the visitor with Extremely gruesome sights and sounds Here’s a little footage of Bailey Nick And I going through the clown maze just To show you how truly spooky this place Is While some of the props used in the House of torment have dark histories of Their own my whole theory about why the House of torment is haunted has to do With energy so in this special episode Of the show we set out to conduct an Experiment to see if this energy that I’m referring to could really be what is Causing the haunting of the house what We discovered over the course of our two Night investigation has forced me to Think of the paranormal in an entirely New light I’m just going to cut right in

To our first night investigating the House of torment so my name is Joann Pelle Ola I actually worked for a 13th Floor entertainment group in mine spark And class axe-throwing but during the Hot season I actually had worked next Door in the haunted house for house of Torment Austin one of my positions was Actually runner so I saw both sides of The building and kind of experienced a Lot of stuff some of my most memorable Ones definitely would have to be in the Third attraction I was running in last Year I had just braked one of my actors I was just covering his scene and it was A long hallway way shorter than this but What happened is there’s a collapsed Looking roof at the end and I was Standing at the other end of the hallway Waiting for a group and I had thought Maybe he came back because we had a Break room at the very end but what I Saw was like a figure just like bolt out Towards the break when I was like okay Maybe I was him I need to go check on The rest of my actors so I go in there And follow and there’s literally nobody That was like I know I saw somebody two Seconds later my coworker Bailey walks Up and he was like yo dude what’s going On I was like where are you just in here He’s like no I literally just walked up And I was like There’s totally someone that just ran by

In here he’s like saw nobody it’s Literally just me and you and I was like Okay totally cool just went on with the Rest of the night How do weird vibe after that but it was Cool I’d play it off just went on with The rest of the night another one would Be over at Mind spark and that side of The building had a really weird energy To it we had this one escape room called Terminal there that we actually got rid Of to make way for our axe throwing so But with that it was like a dark hallway In the fact that everything was there We’d have to go back there to reset one Of our zombie rooms so we’d always have To walk past the train but it was really Weird because when you’d go by yourself It was just a very slim little hallway Probably about where from this crack on The floor to about where you’re standing Against the wall and it would get so Cold and it just felt like real Suffocating but you would hear like Little noises but nobody else would be There there was one time that I actually Heard like knocking on the window from The train and I thought you know name is Just one of my co-workers we all like to Play pranks on each other but literally Nobody was there and it really bothered Me because everyone was actually over on Like the carpeted area Nobody was where I was at and I was like

Okay well here’s another one wasn’t a Great experience for me after the rest Of it because it just bothered me Couldn’t really talk about it too anyway This is the first time actually speaking Of it and then a final one 2017 Our Valentine’s Day event it was our Love Bites event I believe is what we Called it I was helping paint one of the Crawlspace rooms that we were changing And I had my back up against the wall Everyone was down here in the carpet Area and I had my headphones in I’m just In my zone just painting this wall white Because we had ash rope going off so Would like throw the customers off so I Was like alright yeah I’m just going Going going and I listen I just feel big Bang like someone just shouldered the Wall and I was like no one can shoulder That it’s you have to get down and crawl But it felt like a bang so I like crawl Out see if anyone’s there nobody’s Around and run out the other side no One’s around it’s all dark down here so I’m freaking out I’m bolt down here to Hear the people that were here was Alex My GM chase leave at the time Glen maybe Not sure but I asked is anyone down There with me and they’re like no wine And just bang and there’s just no no Ones down here literally just you by Yourself I was like well I’m not going

Back down there by myself there we’re Gonna close can you go check the doors I Just said I’m not going back down there By myself whatever was down there like It was raccoon man we’ve got animals That get in here sometimes like that Wasn’t rectly raccoons can not put that Much force behind a door or a wall at That so those were my three most Memorable stories there have been times Where some of us have walked through Here by ourselves we do our own little Kind of investigations we just like to See what happens most of the time that We do walk through though I will say That we get the most reactions sometimes In certain rooms when I’m around and We’ve asked questions and got even Bigger readings from that when it was More geared towards me whatever is in Anytime that we’ve actually walked from Our own investigations obviously has Some kind of issue with me because our Readings go higher when it’s more geared Towards me if it’s any question or just Make a noise towards me it responds more When I’m around so kind of off-putting Feeling for that no I honestly hate it Not hate it hate it but it’s especially There’s times where I’ve closed by Myself here like I’m doing an actual by Myself and I’ll close and it could say Like one of the doors are unlocked and I Have to walk all the way down to the

Other end of the building just to make Sure that door is locked and the whole Time it’s like I feel temperature Changes the hair on the back of my neck Raises and just even talking about I’m Getting shaky I really it’s it’s a very Weird feeling it could just be I do know That sometimes your mind can play tricks On you especially when you’re by Yourself and in the dark but I firmly Believe in the paranormal Ike I firmly Believe in spirits like there’s a lot of Reasons why I do believe that so if There is something in here I definitely Do believe there could be so it’s weird It’s scary very scary first off I want To say like that my name is Bailey I’ve Worked here at 13th floor for about Three years or for hot seasons I don’t Currently work on the hide inside the House attracts inside anymore With mine sparking great room escape What that means I spent a lot of time in The building and I’ve spent a lot of Time in here alone and heard a lot of Things and had time to investigate on my Own and creep my own myself out I’m not All right I wasn’t originally a big Believer in a lot of things but working Here I’ve seen some things I can’t quite Explain and it in order to not call Myself crazy kind of a guy put it on the You know spirits and and energy and Stuff like that right so one of the the

Big encounters that really made me kind Of take a second and think about what When I thought about the afterlife is Over on the escape room side of the Building we have we have a hallway that Leads to the back of the haunted house Attractions or it leads to where the Actors enter for their further shift and We were going back there to go lock the Door for the night it was me and one of The other managers and she’s like super Scared of even the attraction so like What happened really shook her to her Core we were walking through the hallway To go back there and lock the door and There was a bunch of mannequins leaned Up against the wall a lot of them are Full-body mannequins which means they’re They could not go over easy because They’re just standing on two feet but We’ve also got a couple half body Mannequins that are about torso and up Which means they’ve got a much wider Base and they’re a lot harder to not go Over so we were walking through this Hallway and I took the key out of the Office to lock the door and as I was Going back to return the key and she was About to head back through the hallway I Heard a huge crash and she screamed at The top of her lungs which of course Like shook me to my core right it was Like a blood-curdling scream so I come Around the corner and she’s standing in

The doorway of where the hallway is and There is a still rocking on the floor That’s one of those half-body mannequins Shaking back and forth and she she’s not The kind of person who would play tricks On people She is like I said super terrified on Her own and doesn’t have the the Hardener to try and scare one of us it’d Be different if maybe like I don’t know One of the the people who’d worked at The haunted house side had done it maybe Or was here I would I don’t know maybe Thought a bit differently but She hadn’t stepped in the hallway at all It was rockin the floor she was like Shaking so I knew something was out we Immediately left a message the general Manager and she checked the cameras and She never even stepped foot into the Hallway so you can see that she steps Right there I vowed crashed and she freaks out and I Come around and check it and so that was Completely crazy to me and we set the Man I cannot try to like walk by it Nudge it see if maybe had just been Rocking in the time that we went to lock The door nothing we couldn’t even get it To knock over bite like tapping it like That like giving a kid a little shove it Would just move around so that was Pretty intense and then over on the in The third attraction the manner or

Changes all the time but the the Building of it is like a house it’s Furnished with a lot of stuff from Estate sales I don’t know if that adds Anything to it but maybe if the stuff That is previously owned by a bunch of Dead people filling up a room as a Paranormal activity like that would be a Big hot spot for it right So it seems to be after anytime we have Customers come through the building or We have a big event there’s a big spike In activity like you for you guys we’ve Had a bunch of actor trainings and tons Of people in the building doing a make Basically disturbing the peace and when That happens like like this one time the The spirits or energy or whatever it is In here starts to get a lot more active And they will they’ll come out in Different ways we have people who have Seen doppelgangers Other employees who work here who either Not even on the clock in the building or They’re like a totally different part of The building that there’s no way they Could get there in like 30 seconds right We have stories of people seeing shadow Figures so we’ve seen a fully it’s like An emptiness of color basically like a Full black void and we’ve seen them on Top of the walls like things scurrying Across like large sighs so I’m not like A rodent what seems like to be like a

Person shimmying across the top of the Walls and a lot of it’s out of like the Corners of your eyes so like you start To feel it you start to see it and when You go to It’s gone so it’s more or less of energy Right I don’t really know how to explain It other than that um I’m feeling a Little tightness in my chest so I don’t Want to really continue too much but it Gets intense so I will straight up be Honest and say that I’ve antagonize dit A lot and that’s when I got the most Feedback or I guess reaction out of it But it’s not always like positive either I felt like the whole building breathed On you and it’s pretty pretty intense so Be careful yeah like it’s uh it’s hard To like I can take small breaths right Now but like that’s about it like if I Take a second maybe I could I catch my Breath but it’s like they keep speeding Up and speeding up and I can’t stop like The anxiety of it because I had no idea I mean it could be but it tends I feel This way a lot whenever I’m the only Person in the building like if like Would go set the alarm and it says one Of the doors open down here and you’re The only one here you have to come in Here when all the lights are off and You’re by yourself and the building’s Making noises and you hear doors open And close and they’ve all got Springs on

Them that are meant to keep them closed So or when you open a little slam bag Shut so tessen they push it open Requires a lot more force than just like You know a breeze or you know even like A small rat or something like trying to Brush up against it so it’s like if you Hear like a door or something so I’m Like it open if I push on it like check For yourself it takes that takes a Little more than just a whole nudge to Open it so so you want to be in here oh No no not I mean there are times when I Have to But voluntarily no no especially at Night during the daytime it’s not so bad Which is weird you know right I don’t Know that ghosts are nocturnal or Anything but it seems to feel that way For sure okay We’ll just let down like we’re just Gonna walk down there and you can point Out the spots that you feel like you Know there’s a little something I may be This is one of the creepiest ones so Where you’re walking down it’s already a Pretty tight feeling with the lights off But this isn’t even this is a part of The hunt but not actually internal it’s More outside it’s just a main hallway That goes into different Let’s see attraction right yeah that was The attraction you guys put a close on It thank you okay so yeah so normally

This is a new like wallet date or door That they put up but normally all the Lights are off and you walk past here It’s pitch black except for like you can Kind of see the ladder at the end of the Hallway right and then this whole week Sends this right here last season was Where there was a collapse roof that he Was talking about and after what hang Out here and the break room was right Here so I the one of the one of the Times that like I completely lost it While we were open was I was it was me And Julian we were kind of like Attraction on what they call those Positions we were we were called runners But we brought people waters and given Breaks and stuff like that so what we do Is this is the break room and whenever Someone would you know take a break from Their scene hang on here hydrate and Just outside of this floor was pitch Black and we had a couple chairs where The the runners and the the manager for This part of the attraction run out in Between my heart breaks there was a Chair over here in the pitch dark and The way the lights came you if someone Was sitting in you could see their feet Right so all the time our boss would be Sitting right there whenever he’s taking His break and he just kind of sit there In the dark and kind of relax for a Second and so I came walking up through

Holly right here and I saw him sitting Right there in the chair you can see his Feet but you can’t really see anything Other than like a person obviously Sitting in a chair and I’m sitting there And I’m talking I’m kind of telling About what’s going on in the attraction He’s not saying much but it wasn’t Really bugged me I just brushed it off Whatever like he’s trying to relax and Then um he comes walking up behind me Turn around I said what that I turn Around and there’s no feets in there you Weren’t oh dude it was it was rough like I had to that was like an hour into the Night so we had like three four more Hours I thought in the back of my head trying To scare people well I’m like terrified Trick to my core it’s pretty rough like That you had to like go through your you Try and use the same like negative Energy that you just got from what you Experienced and saw and try to put it on Your customers but in the back of your Head you’re like is this really really Working or am I just making what’s Inside more man what just happened to me And that’s a really hard thing to think About whenever you’re trying to make People feel feel what you just felt and Knowing that bottom line nothing you’re Gonna do is gonna feel anything close to Let you just like ran into it like I’ve

Never experienced anything like that I Don’t have any way to explain it because It was literally second second like you Came out I was like so you’re not here Who is that and then there was no one There it was like and there’s they Couldn’t have taken off that way like I Said there was a collapse like sealing Part so there’s nowhere to go over there It’s just this is just a room for Hanging out and there’s nobody in here Oh really weird really weird and Speaking on that one hallway that we First showed you all with that new wall There’s a spring I do remember there is A time it was Bailey and our co-worker And friend lucky we came down there to Actually go check it out and we were Just I was first It was lucky second and then Bailey Right behind him and I had walked first And I was just like walking up to the Ladder and lucky is walking up right Next to me and there’s these little Wooden slats to the right of him that Looks into that hallway and what the Crazy thing was is he stopped he was Like no one else is in here right I literally just saw a shadow walk man I Was like no do you know just so you’re Always talking about yeah okay what you Guys saw which is completely terrifying Considering there was nobody in the Building so we’re walking down it

Already starting to get cold like right But so I’m walking up some ladder now There hundreds in there crawl up it real Quick and look through the top but lucky Stops right here he’s like whoa nobody Else is here right he says I was like Yeah nobody else and he looked like a Beanie sick I’m dead positive nobody Else is here and sure enough like just As Bailey walked by all it was was just A shadowy figure that walked by and That’s all of you song you’re like no do You literally we’re looking through There’s no way though none of the lights Can move because they’re literally just Pressed up against the wall through Screws but you would have to literally Push it to even get the light to move Would you won’t do yeah so it would can You stop that I want to turn that off I’m really Telling you like that it even if it’s a Coincidence that’s going off as we’re Speaking right now that’s just creepy That is just picking it really bothers Me when I work here but yeah so that Letter just literally goes to the top of These a trip this attraction okay even Just a little girl is creepy enough but Yeah this is where it happened I mean We’ve even looked down here and it’s Pitch black with all the lights off so You can’t even really see the pole in Front of you when you turn around so

I’ve even stood back here during season The reason why I’ve come back here so Often was there’s a hanging body prop That’s to a zip line and we get stuck if The actor Thur it to art so I have to Come up here climb the ladder to get it Down and one of the times I came down Nothing really crazy happened but I Remember I was really hot but once I got To the bottom it was really cold just in This spot and once I got down to the Door or where that door is now it got Really cool there it cold here and then I got hot again down there Okay now I just feel like let’s go that Was a short one yes another thing is That we also we sometimes hurt at school At times yes we’d like to see but not Really no you don’t even it’s even worse When you’re here by yourself and you Hear clapping you know there’s no one Else here but you huh yeah there’s Something about a place that’s meant to Scare people when there’s nobody in it It feels like it’s like targeted to you Mm-hmm So when they moved in there was a from What I’ve been told by a bunch of the Other employees there is there was a Casket and still it’s being used and so I want that everything it was just you Like working late I was going [Laughter] Casket still it’s still being used in

Steamboat whenever they moved in it was Here I had some rosaries and some sage Of it the rosaries are actually sitting In the in the car of my neighbor like It’s sitting in his car he works over Here and when he found those rosaries Hung a lot but his rearview mirror and They’re sitting in his car It’s like three of them which was really Weird and then on that side as well Where the control room is it was a Completely sealed up room and when they Opened it up it was paid on pink and With like you know little teddy bears They were like a nursery they smelled Like fresh cookies although it hadn’t Been you know occupied and quite a while No for sure long enough that it Shouldn’t smell like cookies in there it Was pretty weird Yeah pretty strange and I don’t I don’t Know too much about churches but I don’t Honestly think it’s common practice to Like paint your church like red red Walls I’ve never seen that in a church Before and a private Church I don’t know If like if it was some weird cult II Stuff I’m not saying it was okay you Know Yeah for real and then I missed that is Like Apple office so it’s not scary over There is very kooky not even a creepy Though hearing that from him saying that He was making noises and we heard

Nothing down there yeah that’s Bothersome We’re getting too close to which now It’s a full moon its Harvest Moon I was Nothing good up until I started talking About We’ve got hospital beds and our Penitentiary or we used to have hospital Beds don’t know if they’re still in There that were from actual hospitals That are no longer operating we’ve got Medical equipment that was sold to us From hospitals that are no longer Operating we’ve got a couple or a couple Different straitjackets from uh sounds That were used we’ve got a table from an Asylum that was used for restraining Patients and you can tell it’s Old-school like wooden like not Comfortable at all and I’ve laid on it For an extended period of time And it I didn’t feel thing read with it But it is just an odd feeling to know That you’re sitting on or laying on Something that like helped someone like Against their will or like you know they Might have been crazy or they might have Just been you know like if it’s an old Enough table they could have just been You know a little weird and this is just Like something right you know so there’s A lot of stuff in there that I think Just carries and like soaks up energy You know some other stuff and it’s come

Out and it definitely picks up during The season especially like damn those Cars I was like are those these noises But it definitely picks up during the Season especially like with the residual Energy that is left behind you still Kind of see things you really do feel a Lot I’ve walked through just because There was times where before we started Doing X ring we would go get waters so We would walk down there I honestly Started getting to the point where I Would tell my co-workers they were like Why do you walk there with your Headphones on you want to hear Everything right I was like no honestly If I get attacked by a ghost or Something I don’t want to hear it coming I just want to go out that’s it I just Want to go out so if it’s like down the Hallway cool you charged me up man take Me out let someone find me I’ve Definitely felt like there’s something Watching me walking down there I even Got to the point where I found a little Razor scooter that my boss from 2018 Would ride around outside And once I found it I was like alright This is gonna make my trip with Headphones and to the scare store that Much quicker and if it takes me out on The scooter screw it is gonna take me Out on the scooter so it would it even Then it still felt that like really

Creepy I even felt like I could have Made it mad because it’s like now I’m Going faster than you and you have to Really pick up who knows you good energy Brings good energy bad brings bad and if You like scaring you know thousands of People you know a season whenever like We do of course you know you’re gonna Like have some kind of spillover of that As well Okay everybody how’s it going it’s Calling here Andy and tonight we have One of the coolest investigations that We have ever presented here on the Channel we are here at the notorious House of torment here in Austin now if You don’t know what this is the house of Torment is a haunted attraction that Runs in the Halloween season basically Your average haunted house where people Walk through actors will jump out and Scare you animatronics will move Suddenly and jolt people to life and It’s it’s a really scary place we’ve Been Payton and I have been through the House of torment every year that we’ve Lived here and it’s a great attraction It’s a lot of fun it honestly gets Really scary at times So he gets scared yeah I’m super jumpy So that’s why tonight we are extremely Excited to be here and able to Investigate this property it’s the

Hauntings here are not seemingly Intelligent they don’t seem to be the Spirit of a person or you know an entity That has made noises like voices and Given messages it’s more this violent Poltergeist activity that has actually Haunted various employees that have Worked here we just completed our Interviews it’s really hot in here Payton how are you feeling before we Start this off we’re going to cut right To the chase of it well I mean I can’t Wait to start you thought a haunted House was scary with a lot of people It’s even scarier you know about six People yeah it is definitely creepy in Here just like all the employees were Telling us just now there is something In this haunted house it’s always been a Concept that’s intrigued me what can be Haunting a haunted house and there’s no Better way to start off our big Star-studded badass Hollywood la series For Halloween than with an investigation Here in our hometown at a haunted house So happy early Halloween we’re gonna Walk over here This is the official start of the hunt Just to get right on with it we’re gonna Hit the lights It’s instantly actually hella creepy Look down there kid get a shot of that I Mean these places are engineered to make You imagine in your mind that someone is

Right around the corner but what if it Wasn’t someone and in this case it’s Something that’s around the corner What’s haunting the place that’s what We’re here to find out so uh we’re gonna Get the equipment set up and let’s do it Oh Yeah so he’s really creepy yeah that’s Gnarly I love the doors in here too Oh lovely I like this pile of corpses so for the Very first time on the paranormal files You guys have been asking and we finally Just made the investment and we Purchased a couple of static X cameras So this is a 4k infrared and Full-spectrum camera and we are going to Be leaving these throughout the house of Torment tonight we’re gonna be using Them throughout this entire LA haunted Hollywood series and we’re right here in The morgue right now where apparently an Employee was pushed off of a ladder There’s a lot of violent activity in This area so we figured this would be a Hotspot that we could leave one of these Cameras out to film throughout the night So I’m going to turn on the IR right now It’s recording right here alright you Have the light on yep And I’m gonna kill that light for a Second baby just hold it on you okay Yeah that’s perfect Okay let’s head to the next spot set up

The second Everybody online we got a full battery On both cameras and here’s what it looks Like to us IR mode switch it on so we’re Gonna go set this at the end of this Hallway let’s try to show you want to I Tried to see you did you see it Now I with it alright yeah yeah Oh nice oh god it’s so freaky So you see we’re rolling on this we got Full battery I’m just gonna set it down And we’re gonna let it run let’s grab Our equipment and start this Investigation everybody okay so we’re Now standing on me and if you get there You know you’re gonna kill that line ii Anyways yeah okay So we’re standing right now in the Hallway where a lot of the employees Have experienced paranormal activity This is supposedly one of the most Active areas in the building even I the First time that I came down here felt Kind of the negative I’m not really Negative but just powerful energy that’s Down here at the end of this hall so Without further ado let’s cut the lights And to anybody or anything that may be Here in the house of torment my name is Colin I’m Maxine and we are here to Communicate with you so feel free to Come out and make contact with us we Want to know who or what you are and we

Are opening ourselves to you so if you Are here with us you’re invited in turn Along aren’t you MFP – right here Is there anybody here in the building With us – perfect timing So tonight we have two EMF pumps with us So these kick out a lot of EMF energy And in theory spirits can use these to Kind of draw from and maybe manifest Themselves in different ways so we’re Gonna turn these on and since this is Kind of the pinnacle of the haunting Yeah we figured that we would set them Here in this room in front of the static Camera to see a moose in the activity in This area so Peyton you ahead I just set him right there on the chairs Camera doesn’t know they’re you know oh Just hit on something oh I just hit Something to do that yeah that was Actually big enough spike that it Actually beeped and never beeps yeah I Don’t think it ever beeps I was just Looking around the street you know damn Creepy isn’t here like I said before my Name is Colin I’m here with Maxim and Peyton And we are here to communicate with you We’re not afraid of you and you should Not be afraid of us So this is the most active part of the House out of the attractions here Besides the morgue this entire Attraction is called the Manor it

Changes year to year but it’s meant to Look like an old Victorian style haunted House to get away from the speaker we Can just move forward a little bit more Because we’re literally right under it Just I can’t see anything well of course Not Oh yeah I’m not a big fan of that maybe She is the high Something okay Ir Payton non-homeless If you’re in this area please we’re here To talk to you we don’t want to hurt you And we’re not afraid of you can you give Us a sign that you’re here with us Oh Can you knock on something Can you knock on something or move Something if you’re in the room with us Got real BP right there you hear that Mm-hmm in this little hallway yeah Walking he’s literally right here ask a Question there’s something here can you Beat this thing We heard you like to open and close Doors do you think you could do that for Us What do you think babe you feeling Anything yet I’m feeling like just yeah I feel like nauseous and all of a sudden Actually sick Yeah It’s nice to be them

This whole area just feels unsettled I Just hello If you’re in here with us can you shot One of the doors Or even to open one of the doors That was you can you do something bigger And louder to let us know where you are You know I feel like that more energy Was in the makhmour Karia like all those Rooms like the hospital stuff What is that right there I just keeps Getting that one hit it beeps several Times in that closet Why mm-hmm like sometimes it literally Doesn’t hit well most times yeah I’ve Only seen it hit like five times over Here you see it jump jump do With that being the direction of the Prison Can you use your voice to talk to us if You have a voice This is this the coffee It’s the model lizard Yeah So that right there is the coffin that Was left over from the church and tucked Away behind this iron gate are you Attached to this coffin That’s motion sensored it might be you Because you’re the closest okay wasn’t Good okay so right here we have the Paranormal puck we’ve used this thing

Before many times on the show what it Actually does is it records fluctuations In EMF in the environment and it runs Those fluctuations through an algorithm And gives you a word so this is Experimental technology I don’t really Know how much we 100% believe in this But it’s always interesting to try and Experiment with it So for this I’m gonna set this right Here kind of close to the casket back There I’ve got the app right here Payton You wanna ring the question since you Always seem to give your responses that Turns back on to this risk amazed mm-hmm Show the camera so Peyton asked are you Attached the casket and gave the name Sandra yep Masks More yeah yeah I’m just not feeling Anything in here So we are now we’re at the beginning of The haunted haunted house hotel okay can We go this way yeah No scooter in this part that the outside Charge My camera died Light and camera died yeah I ready Oh yeah yep dad drained huh I charge That all night last night yeah we saw Six hours on the SD card No it’s quick dude it’s not even turning On really there you go Hey you guys

Did you kill our camera Is there something actually here after Hearing about you from people that have Worked here I wanted to see something Oh my god that’s so gnarly The Ghoulies the ghoulish trio oh very Well executed Oh Hulk you’re hot I don’t Like that either Hey do I stay in this room no like moist Yeah give her a kiss okay Literally just set this camera right Here I will Was that one of you guys that’s a lot of [ __ ] you asked him right next to me too Okay so I’m sitting here in the jail Cells there is a corpse behind me the Autofocus is like wigging out there’s Somebody here can you give me a knock Like this So you guys You can tap yes or tap not once to Answer my question yes not twice to Answer my question no so this is yes and This is no are you here in this part of The building with me Could you move something in this room if You’re here with me like one of these Cell doors Not once if you’re here with me right Now it is actually kind of cold in here If you’re coming into the room with me Don’t feel afraid keep coming can you Show me that you here by maybe turning Off my flashlight

Come on over I’m waiting for you Can you give me one side You’re here with me in the morgue can You move something Do you like scaring the people here Okay so in the house of torment some Employees have attempted to contact the Spirits spirit entity whatever is in Here by using flashlights so basically This with this method you just unscrew The flashlight to where it’s barely Connected to the battery and so it’s Thought that spirits can manipulate this And how would you describe this and they Forge the link between the connector and The battery and the flashlight and Illuminated if they want to answer a Question so since this is work to the Past for different people peeking you in From Stanford let’s just ask a few Questions if you’re here with us in the Attraction can you turn this flashlight On for us So we didn’t capture that much activity But that doesn’t mean that the house of Torment isn’t haunted Right well maybe it had to do with the Night that we visited although it was a Full Harvest Moon and it was Friday of 13th the house hadn’t actually opened Yet for its 2019 season so the last Person who had walked through its halls And been scared out of their mind had Walked into the attraction almost an

Entire year ago we returned for another Night of investigation a month later After thousands had already visited and Been frightened to investigate the Building a second time and to see if my Theory that this fear the people were Experiencing was staining the walls of The attraction we had no idea what we Were in for it that night so called up a Mattress light down a little bit it’s Really bright so what just happened I don’t know it’s just the building when I heard something no I heard like Shuffling like moved like plastic or Tart me that’s why I thought it was Shawn I think she said her name was but You and Nick were in the restroom and I Was sitting here texting my mom I was Waiting for y’all before we go in the Houses and then all of a sudden I hear a Bunch of like shuffling like it sound Like plastic tarps moving and I was like Oh maybe it’s just like the guys in the Restroom because it’s like right over Here and the spray thin walls and it’s Like in a warehouse but then I listen More and like I could easily distinguish Where the sound was coming from like I Heard one of you all like pull a paper Towel but it was like so like Recognizably from the left or like Towards the left of me but then I kept Hearing the shuffling to the right of me Where the haunted houses are so so

You’re basically just hearing I yeah Pretty much I mean I’m first thing I asked y’all is Like wait did you make a lot of noise or It’s weird I’m ready to go in and see What we can find Okay everybody so since this episode is An experiment in paranormal Investigating we are actually back here At the house of torment it’s been a Month since we were here last and Tonight we are going to reinvestigate The property using different equipment We have different people with us and Last time we were here we were joined by Anna the manager and her boyfriend and We had Maksim with us but this time it’s Just the three of us Nick Bailey and I And we’re going to be alone walking Throughout the haunts investigating and The whole idea behind this is when we First came we you know the house hadn’t Been open yet so no one had been through Here this year there was no terror there Was no action that had happened within The walls of this building but since It’s been a month and the attraction Actually opened just a few days after we Filmed here the first time we are now Back to see if all these people coming Through the haunt have actually caused It to become actively haunted may be Causing poltergeist activity here in the Building Bailey before we start rolling

Just now heard some noises from back in This area we’re the only people in here Right now And yeah I’m really excited because this Is an experiment this is taking a lot to Film this episode but hopefully tonight We will get something extra spooky on Video the last time one of our static Cameras that we had did not record Anything even though I had it you saw on The video you could see the recording Happening but when I checked the camera Later there was no data written to the Actual car at all it was just empty so I Just have a GoPro with the cement that We’re gonna leave and yeah we’re just Gonna start this off and get going so Some do it hi guys hey it’s Bailey Nick We’ve missed you it’s been a while glad To be back and excited to this exploit Yeah we couldn’t do a Halloween series Without you guys so I’m back yeah what Were your thoughts on the haunted Attraction scary very scary I didn’t Also my whole life so I actually used to Come to the house of torment know it’s Like twelve and thirteen and ever since Then I’ve always just been really scared Of it because it’s always had this like Legacy and so it’s really cool to come Back now that I’m a little older and Just see how it’s still terrifying even Us you know 19 that’s yeah it was really Cool we went through and were the last

People to go through so we got really Like true immersive experience and it Was just awesome the acting was cool Really scared us and like calling the Saying it really does make you think of You know that energy of feeling scared Is getting put out there and almost Creating something you guys think we’re Gonna record there like did he make I Hope so you know you never really know Until you get there yeah well we’re here Right now yeah so I guess it’s time to Kill these lights and head into the Haunted house now let’s do it so what We’ve been hearing stuff right don’t Just fill everybody in yeah so we’re Just hearing by shuffling and movement Coming just from down there I don’t Think there’s anybody and Right now with us so it’s pretty strange I’m there to the entrance to one of my Houses and we’re of course we’re not Filming it I was just telling you guys About the ghost stories yeah well it’s Time to head on in you want to go that Way got all the equipment yeah okay Let’s go I’ll see if you guys feel the same Energy in the one hallway that’s yeah I Got cold Let me know any guys feel something What there was just like a tap on here Yeah I heard that could be the building Just settling so creepy

I don’t know Any feelings yet yep wait did you just Say right here yeah no way dude this is This is the more advanced one this is The hallway in general but this is where The employee guy this is where the Employee said he had his biggest Experiences how did you even see that That’s pretty intense actually because This is where he said he wouldn’t go Back there but I do not tell you guys Where this was how would you even be Able to tell this is a hallway that’s Crazy you called that because this is The this whole hallway is the area where Everyone has the experiences and then The employee we were interviewing said This is the small offshoot that was like The most haunted area oh but it was not It was nose right here let’s go down and See What the hell they filled this in this Was open last time we were here [Applause] It’s almost like more creepy without the Actors and he’s got a spy Well I think we go into the right right There Oh I hate that It’s QT that’s the noise that won’t stop Oh yep – talking no

That’s definitely I just heard some behind us When these robots is on yes and jumps Out at me I’m gonna [ __ ] my pants it’s Really cold right here first felt cold Cold right here I might be coming from Right here yeah it is Motion sensor that motion sensor da me Dude Oh I hate this Oh ain’t that – look at The bed this is an area where a lot of People have experiences I can’t know That’s really disturbing yeah that’s Really eerie And you guys want to investigate in here For a little bit yeah okay Let’s switch other camp here you go what For infrared now cool Oh God So washed out this light hold up there We go that’s better Yeah look at me with this light oh my God It’s way too bright don’t kill that We use the rem-pod so we’re here turn The lights out we’re going to use the Rem-pod first if you don’t know what This thing does it kicks out a eeehm Field around the device and any sort of Phantom electromagnetic signals that Enter this field the straddle is a Device set off a light correspondent how Strong they are And what direction they’re coming from

So So I’m just gonna set this down right Here I put on with the bed yeah is there Anybody here the house of torment there Any spirits with us my name is Colin Brown and I’m opening myself up to you I’m with Bailey and Nick my name is Nick I’m opening myself up to any spirit that Is in here in the house of torment just Come here we have a REM pod over there Just stand right in front of it and give Us a sign that you’re here my name is Bailey we’re here to listen and tell Your story my heart’s beating so fast in This room if anyone is here please Give us a sign we had the REM pod right Here next to the bed just show us that You’re here please you seem really Freaked out are you okay though this Freaks me out I do really I like feel my heart yeah It’s so really sick and I think it’s Hard not to just like mmm-hmm it is Creepy if you’re here with us anywhere In this building come over to this room That we’re in right now You may do anything you want and we just Want to know that you’re here with us I Don’t like the fact that you’ve been Terrorizing employees and if you want to Scare someone why don’t you come out and Scare the three of us I’m ready to be Scared so if you think you’re so tough Come out and let’s hear what you have to

Say can you walk over to us Come on over that’s you walk over here Cries miserly just thinking in my head That I think her hair is moving okay if You’re here with us let’s see you do Something move something come on We go And for people on at home that’s just Sitting on a bed okay that’s great can You make that light up all the way green Again you step over and touch that red Light daily would you just say but I but I can’t even make eye contact yeah um it Looks good to me it looks like her hair Is moving and then that’s dude If you’re here move something I don’t Like the fact that you’re being so mean To all the employees Come on I know you can do better than That Look at that thing week out the new Battery to once again It’s Christmas you’re sitting here for What five minutes before anything Nothing yeah wasn’t doing anything you Know it’s weird the whole energy just Has changed it’s wild Can you step away from that light step Away Who never seen an act like that you know I’ve seen it go for so long oh are you Here in the room give us a sign that You’re here in the room with us by Knocking on something or moving

Something you do look it just went to Yellow yeah see that no every time I Like look at it it’s just Can you please show us that you’re here I feel something so I believe you’re Here show us a change in color Okay dear to that again Oh something’s obviously yeah there’s Some energy that is just coming in this Room are you angry that we were calling You out Feels really cold mm-hmm I just dropped Five degrees mm-hmm there’s a lot bump Right behind us Yeah Bailey why don’t you asked really Loudly for give us a big sign can you Please show us that you’re here give us A loud bang or something touch one of us Just let us know you’re here It’s the same light everything yeah no Matter how many times you zero it out And this was just working oh there oh Yeah oh that’s right next to here right When we said her it stopped are you Attached to this figure of this girl can You stop This is insane I’ve never seen this go On for this one let’s turn this off for A second I have some AM pumps right here And as soon as I turn these on they’re Gonna admit a frequency that the spirits Can use for energy and hopefully give us A stronger side and then you just Turning the rem-pod on so I’m gonna put

These on the bed I’m gonna see what Happens to step in these claws extensors There’s somebody in here with us can you Knock like this on something use your Voice you can do better than this You’re trying to scare people here come Scare us – yeah somebody came from that ball Inside of the closet I’m sure yeah I have like goosebumps Running up my back right now mm-hmm cold Too some questions okay so we have some Yeah Eeehm pumps in the other room right now If you could just please go take that Energy and do what you have to do to Give us a sign you know whether it’s Knocking something off the wall knocking On the wall for throwing something I Want to see it and we’re giving you this Energy for you to use and so you can Give us something cuz right now these Humans we just went through and these Humans scared me more than whatever you Are so far I’m not really getting Anything I want to be scared I’m very Scared And I know not you know I was scared Like I feel like I said it back in the Other room I feel targeted by that doe specially um So I’m good to acknowledge that you’re Scaring me and I want you I want to Respect you also and have you showed

Them that same fear because I’m I’m Scared We’re too scared to go back there yeah Well you want to go back oh my god those Were active in there yeah sure yeah They kind of like good snacks there’s Something I don’t want him it’s like We’re back in the haunted house it’s Just a different angle I think I don’t Know but it’s just so scary If you are in here with us this is your Last chance okay so to finish off this Little bit here I’ve got the GoPro you See right here beautiful little guy and I’m gonna hit record right here and I’m Gonna leave the GoPro sitting right here Put the full view of the bed we’re gonna Leave the e/m pumps running right here And we’re gonna move on to the next Location here in the house but in case Something does happen we’re gonna pick It up on the scale Pro tonight so thank You for letting us in here and not Really messing with us I wish you would Have messed with us more That’s pretty creepy Dody into the closet you go Yeah I don’t know sperms creepy I don’t like this hallway So the motion-activated yeah By the key just off yeah but you should Read Wilson cool

It’s interesting to think about like you Know it’s a motion sensor like obviously We’re like mm-hmm it’s an easy way for That test This place plays tricks with your mind Now this divide completely found changed For me always tasty You feeling anything Cheese in my eyes my allergies was this Though has a ton of these Happy birthday party I read the Bible secondly change like It’s so very like like I’m on edge but Ever since we’ve left that room with the Figure that’s like a solid energy man Yeah here it’s more present but not in That room it’s right Oh this is Tonight it’s not mom I haven’t seen you In a while she off her meds in the very Back that was left here oh that’s crazy This used to be a church right yep I Just feared like a creak on Here when we kill that light can we stop Rolling yep Yep We Here Bailey yeah let’s use this Thing won’t even let me record for some Reason when I was recording on this Other day for our patreon look at that Lady just corrupted and I just formatted It same card that I was using the other

Day what would even make it invalid I Don’t know but that’s trippy I guess There goes that you do yeah it sounds Like it’s hard to distinguish between The water droplets it’s been raining all Day so you can hear some water droplets So it’s hard to like it’s so it’s Definitely than it’s gotten louder Well can’t do the EVP recorder because I Don’t know why the card just corrupted But that’s weird but we’re now here at The end of this house attraction we Investigated right here last time and We’re gonna do it one more time and then Head on to the next house so there’s Anybody here in this whole building Please we’re not afraid of you but we Need you to come make contact with us And if you don’t I’m gonna call you a Coward because you’re always trying to Scare people so why don’t you come out And show yourself to us their camera Just like got really out of focus on you As soon as you said that come on who are You you tell us your name That’s weird I just went away now what They just bet folk finally focused back On me The light just turned on over there I Feel something coming over here if you Followed us from the room with the girl Let us say you’re here all we want is to Know you’re here and just feel your Presence early that sounds it’s what we

Wanted Telling story and know that you’re Hearing I asked the question yeah So we’ve been hearing these stories About how you like to scare people we Come here so yeah I’m I just hi I heard That we’re like a high-pitched moan Literally like right behind me Which is the coffins yeah okay sorry Continue your question we’re not gonna Judge you we just want to know you and You want to confirm that you’re here and That’s all we’re not trying to hurt you We’re not gonna do anything to you we’re Just curious and we want to learn so Come here and teach us show us that You’re here give us a sign there’s a Cold breeze coming in feel it on my arm And right behind me That’s something stuck in this doorway a Really creepy doorway yeah I felt it you Know even though it’s like light and da Cos we were like walking I felt like as Soon as they entered this area you know It’s kind of like the end you know the Exits right here so I feel like it’s not I wonder if it’s like attached to each House calling you back maybe really Creepy doorway yeah like I felt it you Know even those like lightened up as You’re like walking I felt like as soon As they entered this area you know That’s kind of like the end you know the

Exits right here so I feel like it’s not I wonder if it’s like attached to each House calling you back maybe if you’re Over there in that doorway Can you just knock on something or just Do something come on You could even turn these lights on or Off shut that door that’s open right There behind Bailey Oh Let’s go check that out Wow could you Hold this Was it this one Was it this story you think yo when There’s no one here no dude that’s only Happens in one other time when I’ve Asked for that to happen instantly I Think it was that one right there with The padlock on it that was you can you Do that again Did you guys hear a door slam without Literally that happened right as I asked For a Dornish shot like two seconds After so we were just freaking out so Just as a little side note we’re here in Our last investigation area of the night In the hospital themed attraction where Last time I set the GoPro or we set up Our static cameras just want to add in Here that Peyton’s at home right now she Feels really sick but she said Fife is At home our dog just barking like crazy

And nothing so I don’t know if this Energy that’s thought us here is Affecting her at home or if it’s Something that we brought home with us Recently but I don’t know exactly where In this attraction the area is that we Are looking for so we’re just gonna walk And find that area this way This one let’s check real quick Probably that way yeah I thought they were all sir thanks for Making me leave you know deep down Inside I was actually hoping hoping that Would happened but it’s a lot scarier When it did I thought it would be past Here okay so let’s just turn this light Off now this is one of the areas we were Investigating before and oh really yeah Oh yeah I’m still rolling Hello That’s you Come on over here and just talk to us I got serious really fast My throw always closes don’t You ask Can you please come over here we know You’ve been following us throughout the Houses we hear you down there just come Knocking and let us know your clothes Cool yeah maestro six-pack – it’s like Feels like I’m getting sick Yeah Was he That’s weird judge sees that’s strange

If you’re in here come on over here Why don’t you come down this hallway and Give us a sign that you’re here because We can hear you there’s no point in Hiding now come face to face with us Let’s go Where are you Can you knock like this to let us know Where you are worth this not coming in This room Holy Here Okay here’s so this is actually perfect Time to explain this so what I was going To suggest earlier in the night is that We actually do something where we all Scream seriously I wanted to do this as an experiment to See if maybe this fear that’s coming out Is like spawning or like poking at the Energy and causing it to like manifest And when you really think about it right Now I just had the [ __ ] scared out of me Over there and then we heard that really Loud noise there’s like the loudest Thing we’ve heard all night I know There’s quiet yeah let’s do it okay so Why don’t we just keep her on that Camera then yeah I’m just up this right Here for this experiment we’re gonna get Very technical There all night shot on this camera Bring it over here come on

Keep the camera rolling right there So we’re going to keep the rem-pod over Here we’ve got that b roll camera Rolling right there let’s head over here Okay we’re all going to take turns doing This okay if you’re here and youth feed Off of terror That’s right here It screams everybody Where as soon as your pusher mm-hmm Blood sugar go slow my theory worked Just scream again daddy tsukimiya and Scream again you’re some just move over There too Feed off of our terror Look at that though look how it stops – Yeah the moment the thing tweaked out Well what’s that noise – that energy Also has changed man just feels like There’s a barrier right at that door Woohoo Who’s here come on bang on something Scare us this is what you’ve been Waiting for Come on you’re better than that You’re scarier than that Can you hear me talking to you You’re over here Come on just bang on something please Let me see you where are you You overhear I heard that food selves

Who Bayley killing our screen Oh I think the batteries you and I Assume on camera All of a sudden you’re sewing noises and The cameras die As if fresh batteries yes the battery Should last us at least as long as that Battery well and look it let’s go from Here This camera right here can’t get that on There it’s a full battery it’s as far as I can go you can see though it’s full It’s blurry but full bar is everything On there so much moving around here all The same yeah why don’t you kill out Light and you can just kill that camera Two and set it down Hello let’s walk back no farther Hello Freezing yeah I’m like getting feeling Pretty uncomfortable you see right here That right now it didn’t it just died on Once like one o’clock to be reaching out On them which you haven’t leave this Phone filming right here just in case Hello through here Seems like you’re feeding off mark Screams and when we get afraid that’s When it seems to be happening the most Oh Every time and the reason why I was Doing that was so I can scare you guys Yeah it worked

This thing’s great It’s you know that’s crazy We’re not even over that it’s going Oh Bro that’s crazy Bailey asked its own Are you following us just follow the Sound of my voice we’re over here now Tapan something make a loud bang Imagine if one of those dummies just Turned its head right Kill my question to you guys all so yeah His thing about this Right when that thing was going haywire Yeah dad really There was a really loud bang more like Oh yeah that’s gonna be clear on my Phone over there I’m glad I left it I’m Very glad I left yeah before H like Right now I’m excited to see that once Again Listen to this Right when I scared the cut of all of us Now we all start screaming enough Scaring you and [ __ ] the rem-pod goes Ham and then we hear all those noises And Alan we’re quiet listening for Nothing or listening for something yeah Yeah there’s nothing it’s silence it’s The exact opposite you have to be loud To get something move on What I’m telling you we didn’t hear any of That last time I didn’t hear a single

Thing what I just didn’t want you guys Were stopping I didn’t like being next To the shower yeah I can’t talk Oh I thought your crying that was a good One Hey they should employ me at this point No way dude the room is dead So it had that huge and then died and Then we heard like oh wow yeah so it’s Like it sucked all the remaining injury From the battery and just banging Something yeah cuz you’ve got you guys Invest here with me how many times Cal This yeah countless but we always put a Fresh battery yeah is that not the Principle yeah It’s we do it every time that’s a given Do you want to watch this footage real Quick just keep rolling we’ll walk out Right this is awesome that’s crazy That is absolutely plain what’s Interesting too is remember when the Actual attraction There’s someone jumping on this the Rem-pod Huge we have to show her that video Booya This is your last chance Yes Daddy hey yeah Just stop rolling yeah it’s weird Where was that It’s always in the area Where is it we just take I exert here I Have a hundred percent a hundred percent

Thought that it was all like it wasn’t a Deal yeah yeah doesn’t walk past it so That reaction you just sings It’s curious well I was just curious I Like walking through the maze makes you Really just right And so originally before we ever went in I heard noises from over there so I just I messed that I was like wait what part Of the house it’s right yeah here’s That’s where we were just now because we Just exited there really right there so We were standing somewhere right in There and this is where we heard those Noises at the beginning should be well Yes when I go grab the GoPro and then Get out of here since it’s late oh yeah Okay at the end of the day once again There’s some sort of an energy at the House of torment but I don’t know what It is or what it wants we don’t claim to Be able to help people with their Hauntings we just investigate them in Search of the truth this two night Investigation yielded some very Interesting results it seemed like when We were silent during our first night of Investigating listening for a sign from The spirits that the energy did not want To come out but then the second night When we added some fear into the Equation and even a couple of loud Screams that fear seemed to supercharge The energy in the environment and forced

It to manifest it’s crazy thinking about The fact that our experiments seemed to Work and I’m really glad that we managed To capture some activity in the house of Torment to help confirm to the employees Who have had experiences in the building That they aren’t crazy I have a feeling That I’ll never know exactly what is Scaring people in the house of torment But I do know that the house is a scary Place would you be brave enough to go Through the house alone let me know in The comments below and until next time Everybody thanks for watching and stay Spooky Hello