TTSA Gimbal UFO 3D Rendered

By | October 16, 2019
TTSA Gimbal UFO 3D Rendered

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict what you’ve just washed there is A freely render version of the gimbal Footage the original gimbal footage now The interesting part with this for me is The fact that you see this object Actually slow down when you don’t really Notice that I don’t think in the Original footage you know it’s the tilt But you don’t notice the slowdown and There’s quite a big slowdown there and Now I want you to all go over to Abominations channel that’s the the guy Or girl I believe is a guy with the name Like abomination I can’t imagine a Female naming themself an abomination no I can’t This channel is superb it’s got one Video on there but I think the effort That this young man has and I believe He’s probably young I don’t know it Could be an old man and I’m just jumping To conclusions don’t know but I think The effort is going to is fantastic it’s Got about if that’s a lot now six Thousand four hundred and twenty six Views eighteen subscribers one video now Abomination if you are watching this you Need to make more videos and you need to Make more of the other pieces of footage You more UFO videos that are possibly

Real and rear ended really early but I Wish buckety but that one dun dun Damaged him but there are only re render Them in I’ve lost more Trina for Rerender them in 3d do it now Abomination was kind enough to let me Use the footage so if you would be kind Enough guys to head over to the channel You know leave a like leave a message Telling my señor and let’s spam on to Making some more of these videos so what Is interesting about this bit of footage Is when it slows down it completely Stops and then he puts a Actual it was the original inline with It now I think he’s used a bit of Artistic license with the clouds and What our view just to help with the Actual flow of the video and they did a Great job there now he’s used an actual Proper UFO model which is much like the The car vet model from bob lazar area 51 And jeremy carr bells beard but it’s did I say Corvette model sports model – a Corvette model I don’t know what to say Corvette I said coffee I must have got That from somewhere for some somewhere I’ve got the word Corvette and UFO in Mind is there a Corvette UFO leave in The comments below if there’s a Corvette UFO sports model yeah And now I’ve lost which trainer fart Again ice these these little bucket is Moving these little bastards every two

Minutes I can’t cope with it It’s getting interesting with the fact That the Navy is admitting to these UFOs It’s interesting it really is my problem Is and David flavor said it himself I’m Joe Rogan is there is no more footage What you see of those three pieces is That is it there is no more so it kind Of contradicts what’s of the styles that Cover me the same when this they they’ve Said that there is more footage and They’ve made out that they’re gonna Release something more now now I’m a Father to the stars Academy I’m a fan of DeLong you know so there’s a lot of good Friends of mine out there over channels That will argue with me against that but He’s fine You know we’ve each to their own and I’m Waiting to be proved wrong you know About what I’ve said in the past but Some of it is just kind of like the Gimbal footage for one okay David flavor Says there is no more footage that is What you get So the go-fast video the tic-tac video Yeah I can kind of understand – no more Footage because he buggers off it Disappears the gimble it tilts then what It cuts off after the tilt there’s my Right that’s a red flag for me and I ask Myself this I’ve seen so many debunks on This so many but when abomination did

That video it kind of even though it’s a Fake video yes it’s a fake video but He’s that’s not his point he’s not Trying to show you a fake video he’s Trying to show his reimagine a reimagine Ated version of that and I think he’s Done a great job the fact that it shows You yeah actually slowing down now Watched the original footage I don’t Think he slows completely to a stop I Could be wrong he does slow right down Though and I think it’s great work so Abomination you have my seal of approval Get yourself doing some more videos I Want to know when you’ve got some new Ones out but anyway guys I thought that Was a nice little open to me going back To doing videos on to the Stars Academy Of Arts and Science and other stuff like That you know I’m gonna be interviewing Some some guests in the future that I’ve Got lined up I’m hoping to get some Really fantastic guests guys and that’s One thing I really enjoy is interviewing People so if there is anybody that has An amazing story to tell that wants to Come an alien at it give me a story Tweet me even better do a YouTube video Expelling your story even if you want to Keep it private the video and just send Me it send me a link to it I’ll watch it If it’s good for believe you you’ll come On the channel for don’t believe you you May still come on the channel just for

Shits and giggles but anyway folks i’m Ainlina dates make sure you subscribe Hit that absolute giant Bell and and get Them thumbs up because I I need this Channel to just rise like a phoenix Because I want to just do this this is What I would love to do the reason why I Don’t upload for quite a long time Sometimes is because of work and family Yeah I don’t keep my kids in a cage by The way that is just you know if you’re Vacuuming up or whatever I can just Slaughter him in there live ones three Years old so he sometimes just be can Let himself in and out of that so it Doesn’t work but that’s the reason why I Don’t upload upload all the time you Know forgive me I want to I want to do My wife stuff as well but my main focus With this channel is to get interesting Guests on at some point because that’s What I actually have found very fun Recently but anyway guys good night god Bless mind the books dope bye I am alien A date