Power Station Demolition – Live

By | October 13, 2019
Power Station Demolition - Live

All you live set you live Clarice power station demolition dies Whose lady got some boats A successful The Joker [Applause] [Applause] If somebody donated thank you whoever That was just literally third face thank You very much and I don’t know when the Is I’ve just heard that these are going Off at half past ten which It’s probably half an hour away which Means I may have to come back on because I don’t want to keep you here for half An hour and I don’t think this little Man Dylan doing it what’s what’s going On what is happening Whilst going fast all the cars are going Really fast you know what’s going to Happen over there yes What’s gonna happen is that these towers Are gonna come down we’re gonna get a Warning of some kind when they come down Both At the moment nothing’s happened Guys it’s really hard for me to see the Chaps so her don’t respond they I’m Sorry but I’m kind of holding this above My head We’re a lot follow follow work further Away we were last time because they’ve Had a corn it off [Applause]

Rob can you check on the times [Applause] We’re just going to check on the times Guys this It was meant to be at 10 o’clock and It’s just on 10 o’clock but I think this Being a delay and if it’s a 30-minute Delay then I may have to end it and then Go back live [Applause] My little boy has been here for an hour He’s quiet ball You got me Dylan God yeah Again watch the towers [Applause] Thank you will I thought everything my what’s my phone Is walk safe you know this thing is Gonna be broken by the time [Applause] Okay the the sort of the motorway is Being cut off the cows a bulldog [Applause] Going this way This way mom So they’ve stopped all the cars on the Path get on their looks parked up on the Motorway there’s some illegal parking People parking on the motorway to see [Applause] You watching doing [Applause] What do you think is gonna happen Lost

[Applause] [Applause] The weather is absolutely terrible It’s not a great day for it oh it’s very Foggy [Applause] You know I’ve got my mate filming on This phone so might get a decent shot I don’t load it afterwards for like a Short version for you guys can’t believe My little boys managed to control Himself he’s only he’s just coming up For that we’ve been here for an hour now And there’s only so much walking around In circles you can do [Applause] [Applause] All right [Applause] How’s the collation in facebook Secret folio [Applause] [Applause] I did this same a dropper Gotham Tomorrow [Applause] Oh [Applause] Our guys I’m really sorry it has been Postponed till 11:00 so I’ll be back as Arnold would say because I can’t hold my Phone up in the air for an hour I’m sure

You can’t watch this for an hour Blow it up already [Applause] Okay’s please [Applause] Well between four stones eleven I don’t Know [Applause] Okay my my lady just said he Doesn’t believe the lady I just don’t Let her if this is an hour I don’t let You stop please that I lost Do I need to wait no dude oh sorry ma’am Elena you [Applause] Yeah that his trials are put that is not Wade himself but my trousers are wet From the rain mulatto boys just ask we Have weighed myself [Applause] Yeah Okay we’ve got a confirmation of half-10 Again so currently is I’m a sister is We’ve security now and they’ve said I Lost 10 [Applause] [Applause] And along the firewood okay so finally What’s gonna happen is they’re gonna be An alarm he’s gonna be a firework and Then they’re gonna go off [Applause]

I get wet night [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] When they are firewood [Applause] [Applause] What [Applause] Probably not as an interest in to the Mission to the moon but Suppose you don’t see this every day [Applause] Some people might not get that I went Live last nigh in the virtual reality Headset did a mission to the moon [Applause] The very good night [Applause] Tommy I’m now [Applause] The power elite goes down at 10:30 which Is around about 15 minutes away [Applause] Where we are [Applause] Coming up many people apparently this is The best spot mode to see all of them And I think that I think this for in Coming down [Applause]

The way internal like a an alarm siren We should don’t think I will hear from Here and a firework And then it goes up Have you spotted the fire way yeah Darlin you say look are you gonna sell It to mommy mommy mother Yeah bit wet The bones a bit wet [Applause] You go up sugar frosting up there yeah [Applause] Yeah right I know are you on Sorry well guys wall he’s always wall [Applause] No my life The mayor – ah I missed it Unless you come in there [Applause] Which means difference with him down There Apparently it is so if we start if you Go from the left hand side you look at The first two begging that they’re going To come down then the one I have that one in the back growl Screaming down and I think the funk to Mix the big tall chip chimneys are Coming down I believe I’m gonna leave the ones in the middle [Applause] It’d be such a good boy Dylan [Applause]

They let one chair [Applause] Well the crowds not that big to be Honest with you there we are But they’re not to evacuate all the Residents in the local area so there is Whole house as well there they’ve all Been evacuated but they’ve let all the Local residents go into like the best Spots to see it which is only fair But I think this is a good spot because You’re gonna see kind of all of them can I zoom in on the life yes I can’t [Applause] [Applause] Can you keep an eye on in [Applause] Let’s say somebody just say they live Near the station well we’ve got a better View My little boys found a friend [Applause] The traffic stops Good lad good Rekka my hair [Applause] Say stayed a zombie mate [Laughter] [Applause] How long should we go down there Take watch alive Nice name It stops all the cars still and you know

It’s quiet you watching me Building you’re gonna miss you Killing me won’t you make firewood here We go Hey watching doing here the siren Suppose they’re just making sure Nobody’s company inside one of them Out of also not long now they You ready mate this is power station Delanie we’re gonna watch you gonna miss It right why don’t you you may stand Together and you’ll get the best view so You can spot the firework All that we got an explosion and that’s The test explosion that’s the firework Yippie-ki-yay is there any more boys up What did you think that make all the Other guys I won’t keep you any longer It’s Povich power station it’s free Towers life now save them for another Day don’t forget a drone thanks for Tuning guys good night applause my bike