Interview with Man who has a Betz Sphere?

By | September 20, 2019
Interview with Man who has a Betz Sphere?

Good evening folks and welcome To alien addict we have none other than Ronnie dawson Uh from texas and this man Has a bet’s sphere Well i don’t know if you have it do you Ronnie um at the moment You don’t have it with you i’m i’m Friends with the guy who’s in possession Of it it’s behind locked gates over down Here in north central texas and uh Highly guarded right i have seen the Video footage Uh which we will be playing with your Kind permission Um but i want to know um i want to go Way back And start off with what got you into Ufology and Just tell us a little bit about yourself Ronnie Okay yeah i uh actually i was sort of a Skeptic and You know because i heard about all these Ufo signs but i’ve never seen anything I work in the oil field i work nights All night long Sometimes nine months at a time out in The middle of nowhere And i’m not seeing anything so i you Know i was quite skeptical Of the whole ufology thing there for a Long time Until it just hit me in the face

About 2009 and it i just seen some stuff Out there that i couldn’t deny That there was there was no explaining It through common logic Uh i mean i’m playing spot i’ve Seen uh space shuttles come in for Landings and And i’ve seen the iss flyovers and you Know i know what’s up there And and what and then i’ve seen some Stuff that You just can’t explain and and when i Started seeing that kind of stuff it had I had to open my mind up and say oh man You know i don’t know what this is but It’s It’s probably not ours yeah and it Wasn’t So what was the first instant when you Kind of Looked at something or thought Hang about there’s something not quite Right here Well i was working out here in the texas Oil fields in north central texas Hauling crude oil to the the crude oil Delivery stations that night And uh i was seeing a lot of lights over The trees moving around And out of the middle of nowhere there’s No not a house anywhere near there There would and i’m you know i’m a drone Pilot and i’m an rc pilot And and it’s so heavily wooded you

Wouldn’t dare try to Try to fly anything out there at night Unless you just really wanted to lose it And uh there’s just no explaining what This stuff was flying around Over the trees you know at this time of The night With nobody around and then I was driving down the highway and i Seen a series of lights and three of Them broke off and went over to a field They shot a dark blue beam down in the Ground And uh and as i was driving down the Highway in my truck looking at this Whole thing Trying to find a camera of some sort to Get a picture i looked at I looked in the blue light and about 30 Feet off the ground there was a cow In it and it was it was shaking his head From left to right And and it scared the hell out of me and It really woke me up to the fact that These were just mystery lights but now For the first time i realized That these are are ufo craft and they’re Not from around here And it’s certainly not military or Anything like that because this thing Broke off It probably traveled a mile it dropped a Beam down in the ground they had a cow Sucked up 30 feet in the air and it did

This all probably within about 60 to 90 Seconds You know there’s no helicopter that Could go over there and hour paint on a Cow And suck it up that quick you know so Just It’s impossible to explain other than it Has to be et’d so See so this you actually saw a cow leave The ground I didn’t see the cow leave the ground But i seen the light the blue I seen the blue beam of light from the Craft shining down on the field about a Quarter mile away And then inside the blue beam there was Something moving And as i got closer to it and i said Trying to figure out what it was i seen A cow And it was whipping his head from left To right about 30 feet up And then that scared the hell out of me Really i just at that point i just Wanted to get the heck out there before I was next Did you stop the truck i was going to Stop the truck until i seen the cow And then i thought well you know i’ll Just be lining up to be next you know so I just uh tucked and ran i just kept Driving and uh I didn’t even want to look in the

Mirrors to see that i was afraid they’d Be following me or something so What year was it what year was this Uh this was uh and this was about 2009 Right okay um and was there any sort of Reports of missing cows No i didn’t see anything like that you Know i don’t know And i go through that same area and i Was looking to see if there’s any Buzzards around Because like i said something dies Around here we have buzzards and anyway I didn’t see anybody so i don’t know if They put the cow back or if they just Took the cow and they never came back And just turned it missing or Or what happened you know it always Seems to be the cows they get that they Get such a You know they get picked on by these Extraterrestrials so you know why why Not Something different other than a cow You know you know i’ve heard yeah There’s a there was a guy Around here that was telling me about The deer he said there was a they had a Game cam And a ufo showed up in it and it was a Light and all the deer just disappeared There was like four deer in the video And then they just vanished So it was like they may have taken deer

As well So that’s your your first experience but How many experiences have you i know You’ve had some close to home Um because i’ve been watching your Uh youtube channel oh yeah it just And it kept on it was like you couldn’t Go out there at night without seeing Something I mean and i had a move on investigator Come out And uh he said man you you’re sending so Many reports over here we decided to Come out and check it out so he spent Three days just And sleeping in his pickup driving Around the area And he called me up one night he goes he Goes i just had a light Just move it traveled well the top of my Head he said i have no idea what it was But you know it just passed right over Me i said that’s yeah that’s exactly What we’re seeing out here you know These lights moving around the trees Oh so the mufon guy said he saw Something as well Yeah right while he was at your place Yeah well he was in the same area he Traveled down to the same area that i Was following most of the reports on Okay got you and it’s so where where’s This area It’s it’s south of cisco texas between a

Little town a rising star It’s about a 20-mile stretch there and i Talked to a lot of the farmers and stuff Around there and they And just about everybody down there has Seen the lights and uh The mysterious lights that and of course A lot of people try to say is As hello helicopter training exercises And all sorts of stuff Everybody’s got their own excuse to what They think it is uh but Everybody down there was seeing it at That time so And yeah and experience just you know it Didn’t go away it just It just got more intense really i know i Asked you before but Do have any of the farmers complained About missing livestock You know these guys these guys you know The guys that i’ve talked to you know They’ve You know they they find dead cattle they You know they I don’t know they don’t really think of It being as an abduction they just Think that you know he got sick and died Or something like that so You know as far as uh you know Saying it’s a cattle abduction or Whatever i don’t think that even these Are the kind of guys that probably Wouldn’t even report it you know

They just think something happened or Whatever and the cow died You know these are all old school guys Man i mean They don’t believe in your foes and if They found a dead cow They just think the coyotes or something Got a hold of it and they probably Wouldn’t even report it Right okay i i get that i get that Because the It’s the same in england um you know That People see livestock there i i know Some farmers and um they they get Livestock that die And they just think that some wild Animals has come in and killed it which It’s possible yeah um but i didn’t know If they’d seen any With any telltale strange uh Marks or cuts on them that look quite Precision You know straightened yeah i’ve never Seen any official reports To that nature and i don’t think it Happens a whole lot around here like it Does other places Uh but this particular cow you know It’s a mystery as to what happened to it I i don’t know if it died i don’t know If it disappeared You know i looked to see if there was a Carcass out there because i traveled

Through that same area i never saw that I never saw a carcass Like they had put it back down and where They had dropped it or whatever I never saw a carcass or any buzzers or Anything like that so i don’t know If they just took it if it turned up Missing or Or if they just replaced it put it back Unharmed who knows Are you um are you scared of These um sightings I know you said you were scared of the First one Yeah the first one it shook me up pretty Bad but i mean not so bad that You know i’m a hazmat crude driver so It ain’t like i could go call the police And file an official report man You know and that’s the frustrating part Is is uh you know when my job is kind of You know i have to go through the same Rigid physical background checks and Minimal evaluations and all that stuff As airline pilots do And in fact i get my dlt physicals with Airline pilots so You know i can’t just call the police And say i’ve seen ufos and cows being Abducted without Drawing really you know drawing myself Into question as to Am i on drugs or they need to pull my License until they figure

Out what’s going on with me you know so I There’s there’s been a couple instances Where i’d love to have called the police And god tried to get some physical Evidence and and you know Confirm some stuff but weren’t able to Do so Because i have a career that’d be in Jeopardy of it Okay yeah that makes total sense i mean I wouldn’t want to lose My livelihood over saying something that Could get me into A lot of trouble um yeah I get that i get that you you family Yeah you ever come across an alien Corpse i you know i don’t mind calling The police at all You know yeah and say i’ve got an alien Corpse over here but You know if i ain’t got some hard Physical evidence to back up what i’m Claiming You know i’d better i’d be better off Just not saying anything unfortunately Yeah i i noticed some of the videos that That you’ve done Um and it’s almost like almost like some Things happened close to home I saw the burnt um plants that looked Burnt Um but they weren’t burnt it was like Some sort of weird

Uh and the attic can you tell us about That Yeah you know when you’re when you’re a Ufo Experiencer and an alien contactee you Get Kind of get pulled into ufology and and And and that’s kind of how the sphere Came in and came into contact with me I had a ufo sight and a mite a mile from Where this guy Lives that has this ufo spear and uh Because he seen my Sighting on youtube he contacted me and The burnt plants you’re talking about is A lady in In florida who had a had a ufo sighting And she went out to the area where she Seen it and the plants were burned up And she sent me some of the plants That were that were burnt up you know But i’m not a scientist and i’m not You know i wish i was better at that Kind of stuff but i’m mainly an Experiencer Uh but i’m in contact with a lot of People who’ve seen stuff Because they know i’m not going to be so Critical as As somebody would that who’s never had Any kind of experience like this so You kind of gets pulled into your Apology so she sent you the plants Yeah she sent me a sample of the plan

Well you’re not scared about opening That up And touching uh we We i kind of did some radiation check on It you know How did you do that i i have like a You can turn your cell phone into uh It’s a little device that goes into my Cell phone and it checks the radiation And i did that with the sphere too Right it turned basically turns your Smartphone into A geiger counter i need one of those I need yeah it’s cool it’s pretty cool And they’re not that expensive i think They’re like 20 bucks or something like that and it Actually works Yeah yeah yeah so what sort of radiation Levels were coming off these Plants it had just a lot of radiation It wasn’t nothing dangerous you know Just uh Really nothing significant and uh the Plants were like burnt up And you know i don’t really know if it Was What killed the plants exactly but we Never did Never did quite figure that out you know I sent some off to the Institute but they never got back with Me on any results And they may not even even looked at it

You know i’m I’ve been pretty frustrated trying to Get people that you know He’s searching on this stuff man that’s The bit that impresses me That you have asked people to analyze This sphere You want you want um a somebody to See if they can look inside it Right yeah we’re just we’re just trying To get some simple x-raying done with The We’d like to get a pipeline x-ray unit Mobile unit to come out to the location Where the sphere is being capped And these guys x-ray pipeline wells and So They can uh x-ray uh stuff up to Ah about two inches thick really And so you know we could get one of These trucks out there And just because i don’t know for a fact That it’s a ufo sphere I’ve seen enough to know that this thing Is It’s not something that can it be easily Explainable It’s not something from uh from a Machinist standpoint I i’ve showed it to some machinists and They said you know From the time that this thing was found They didn’t really have plasma cutters And stuff like that to cut this kind of

Stuff out of a piece of metal like this Especially not at that thickness And uh okay with the sphere And i know you’ve been in contact with To the stars academy Of arts and science uh do you mind if i Show a clip of what they sent back No that’s fine yeah yeah um so you So the fact that you’ve been in touch With them and you want them to come and See this Tells me you’re legit um i normally get A feeling for people Um so because lou’s a big guy you know Lou is a big guy if he comes to your House and that is not You know you you you you you’ve made This sphere You know there’s going to be some Bruising Right right now i’m just winding you up Um no i i respect ufology not Not enough not to try to hoax anything And i know that the people in Ufology are incredibly smart and they’re Not stupid and they’re not you’re not Going to duke them with some kind of Phony crap like that you know i’ve And i’ve had to work hard for the ufo Evidence that i gathered And and i have been attacked from every Angle so i know If you’re going to present some evidence You better have you better have your

Ducks in order or they’re going to tear You apart you know so And there’s no way i respect to the Stars academy enough And anybody who wants to you know to to Try to prove that ufos already are Visiting us and we have some Some real meta material to be Investigated but kind of frustrated that They haven’t jumped on this because it Uh you know if you’re really into Researching metal material and somebody Comes to you and says man You know i got the mother lode of metal Here You might want to take a look at it and Then they don’t talk to you and they Don’t respond to you and it’s like Are you really looking for meta material Or are you just saying you’re looking For metal material Or maybe you have so much metal material That you don’t need mine You know so it’s it’s been pretty Frustrating really and I’m kind of bad mouth to the stars Academy over this On some podcasts and stuff and uh and Then maybe they’re just really slow on Getting back with you I don’t know so now i’m kind of having To backtrack and say i apologize for Being Saying some crude things about you but

For a long time there i put the evidence Out there and nobody responded And it looked like i was being ignored You know so yeah I know the feeling can can we reverse A little bit because i want to know the Actual story Behind and i’m sure the viewers want to Know the story behind The spheres because there’s more than One i believe there’s 12 of them And i want to know start To finish how you ended up with it and The story behind it Okay well like i said i had you i had One of One of the and i’ve been working hard to Get some footage to move on was Is you know challenged me to get some Video footage And it’s and it’s it’s really hard Because some of the ufos i’ve seen you Pull your camera up To get a picture of it and then it just Blinks out so it’s almost like they’re You’re watching the ufo but they’re Watching you back as soon as i grab my Electronics the thing just blinks out So it’s been really frustrating trying To get some some photographic evidence Of what i’ve been seeing out there at Night But i managed to catch some a mile down The road from where this guy

Lives near santa ana texas and i caught Some Mysterious ufo likes that put on quite a Show For me and i got it on my youtube Channel the ronnie dawson youtube Channel And then and it’s called santa ana Mystery lights Recorded or something something to that Extent and you can go there and see that But anyway they seen that video And they said you got to talk to this Guy jim martin he’s a ufo experience Himself and he’s had tons of experiences And they said you gotta meet him and i Thought yeah you know i’d be interested In meeting him and see what he’s seen Because he Lives in that area what’s he called a Guy Jim it’s jim marlon yeah right and And i got to go i got to go down and Meet jim marlin and Jim marlin he’s he’s retired but what Jim marlon used to do he He is a uh he was a producer for Uh oh he he was a concert producer for Bob dylan And he worked he produced concerts for Willie nelson And uh and this guy man he’s had all Sorts of he’s had a heck of a life and He’s got all pictures of

Him and willie nelson and bob dylan And joe crocker and dolly parton all Over The walls of his house man i’m going wow This guy’s You know this guy lived a hell of a life He’s pretty famous but he was like Willing outfit willie nelson’s ufo guy You know and him and the band would get Into arguments After concerts and stuff like that Because some of the band members uh were 10 believe in ufos and jim marlon has Had ufo experiences And alien experiences his whole life so They would get into these arguments And anyway one one night willie nelson Uh said let me just Put it into this damn argument you know Willie nelson broke out his phone well Jimmy carter had made the mistake of Giving willie nelson his phone So it’s probably two o’clock in the Morning willie nelson calls the number That jimmy carter gave him And and he and and the phone is ringing At two o’clock in the morning Well the president of the united states Answers the phone at two o’clock in the Morning and this is it Everybody’s drinking everybody’s at the Back of a concert And uh jimmy called her aunt’s phone and Willie nessus

Says janet said i’m really sorry to Bother you at this hour he goes but some Of the boys here are having an argument Over ufos and aliens And he said he said i got tired of Listening to it he said i just want to Go straight to the source and ask you Straight out do you know anything about That And jamie carter told willie nelson Right there he said He said yeah he said ufo he said aliens Do this and He said ufos do exist and alien and Aliens do exist And he said they won’t let me say a damn Thing about it And that’s what he told roy nelson right There what what year was this Oh man this had to be back this was Right because Then after talking to jimmy carter jimmy Carter made willie nelson go to the White house and do a show So but jim marlon didn’t get to go to The show because he was He was getting ready to put on the Willie nelson picnic down there It was the second will innocent picnic It was the first one i think in luke Texas Down there so but i went down and Visited jim marlin at his house you know And i was like amaze

And jim marlon has some amazing stories Man i mean oh my god This amazes stories but he’s he’s like In his 70s he doesn’t He’s having he has a hard time talking And uh And he can’t hardly hear and so it’s you Know he doesn’t like to really do Radio shows so i’ve been there talking To him and Listening to his stories and stuff and Then he has his damn ball sitting over There And he said well you know this damn Bog came off the ufo and i’m going now Hold on jim i said you’ve got Physical evidence when you fall right Here at your house And he goes yeah this ball right here Came off a ufo And i said well what’s the story on that Jim and he’s And jim told me he said you know i said Said he was living in tiles new mexico He was a ufo guy over there he’s the guy You call You want to talk ufos and so This this guy that had worked with him And this guy was an Actual bodyguard they had used him as a Bodyguard on some of the concerts and Stuff big huge Mean guy and he owns a million dollar Ranch

Out in the middle of nowhere out in Tiles to mexico And they so he knew jim’s phone number He knew jim’s a ufo guy Well he called jim one morning he’s all Frantic you know going jim He goes you go that i need you to come Out i need to talk to you And so jim made a trip out to his place Out in his ranch and he drove down there And this place is not near a highway or Anything Like that where it could have rolled off A truck this is like behind you know Behind gates off Off the ways out in the middle of the Pasture somewhere where his house is at And jim went up there and there’s all These metal balls laying out in his nice Manicured front lawn And jim was looking at him thinking well That’s that’s strange you know and a guy Come out and he goes jimmy he goes last Night he said a Big old huge ufo came over here and Hovered over our house for quite a while Said it scared the hell out of us he Said we would we were scared to death They were going to come in and come in After us he said we locked all the doors And we hid And he said finally the thing just Disappeared he said when we had the Courage to come out the next morning

He said all these spheres are laying on The lawn And jim said you know that’s he said man That’s the craziest story i’ve ever seen You know And he said he said uh he said do you Mind if i had one and he said yeah jim He said he said there’s like 12 of them He said you can have one And so he let jim take one And anyway jim said he that he had it And he said that he used to give the These monks these buddhist monks up Their rides to town Where he lived from there they didn’t Have a vehicle they walked in the world And they would he would give him a ride Into town Sorry sorry ronnie do you know roughly Sorry to interrupt but you know roughly What year It was that this um You know when it was that this sighting Happened with the spheres left on the Garden i’ve been trying to nail down An exact timeline but i’m thinking it Has to be Good god 20 20 to 30 years ago this is a Long time ago so we’re talking like Maybe Maybe 80s yeah yeah probably Man yeah like okay probably back in the 80s 90s somewhere around there maybe sorry

Carry on you thought you were saying About the monks Yeah the monks were fascinated by they Said they could see an ore being Produced by it And and they were asking jim if they Could take it and send it to the dalai Lama They were so intrigued by it and jim Said he didn’t want to get rid of it He wanted to keep it but they they would Come by from time to time and pray over It look at it And and uh show each other it you know So and anyway so jim uh He said he said one day the guy come Back over and he was like he came back Over to jim’s house and he was Demanding it back and uh This is the guy that ha that that gave Jim the ball the sphere Yeah yeah the guy that gave him the boss Because i’ve been wondering you know People have been asking me where are the Rest of the spheres at And i was trying to get the backstory on Where this fear is that so i’ve been Pressing jim to tell me about where the Rest of them are at what’s Going on with the rest of them and uh And then am i coming to find out this i Guess him and the guy on bad terms the Guy come back over was demanding the Spear back

And uh jim was there with a with an Indian guy that he was friends with and He goes no he said you give it to jim And jim don’t want to give it back he Said so you just need to leave And uh and so the guy left you know He just he thought they were just metal You know he wouldn’t i guess maybe he Figured out that they were more than What he first Thought they were and i don’t have no Idea what happened to the rest of the Spheres I’m sure jim knows the guy’s name and It’s probably be Possible maybe for a third party or Something like that to try to contact The guy and find out where the rest of Them are at But jim’s got this one he’s had it for And he’s he doesn’t Want to let go of it uh but daryl sims The alien hunter down in houston Has offered to do some testing on it at The university of houston But he wants jim to just release his Fear to him Uh for several weeks so they can do Researching on it well you know what Happened to the best crew when he left When they So he didn’t want well that’s because That’s because they released it to the Navy

Right yeah so they either messed it up Or Swapped it out or or it was damaged During their testing i Nobody really knows what happened to it For sure but They said it wasn’t ever the same once They got it back and so jim doesn’t want To just give it to somebody He does he just doesn’t want to let go Of it and let somebody go running off With it and that’s the reason he’s had It For as long as he has is he just you Don’t let people run around with it Right so kind that’s i was kind of under The Understanding at first and i get now Why why the confusion was that you’d Taken The sphere but when you’re filming the Sphere You’re at jim’s house i’m at jim’s house And that and from where i live that’s Like 80 that’s 80 miles away from here right Now so So so so jim does not want to Let anybody else touch his balls Basically No he’s jim is a he’s a nice guy he’s a Friendly guy And he’s he’s welcoming and he would you Know he would live

No but i mean he will not let yeah and No one can take put Yell on facebook the other day and i Invited every anybody who wanted to go With me Down there and i okayed it with jim and I was going to take a crowd down there I’ll fly over i’ve got people right here In town and nobody you know how many People went nobody I put it i put it on facebook like if You want to go see something a real Mystery Let’s go you you’re welcome to come with Me i you know i i know a couple of guys That would gladly go With you i don’t know how far they live Away from you but i’m sure My good friend rich giordano from goof On radio Would definitely um want to see this Sphere And i’m sure osvaldo franco um who You’ve seen me interview from new york He’s he he got me on to you he The video that we did together he starts Speaking and he’s quite excited about Uh the sphere that you have i think he He he’s under the impression that there Is still 12 of them that on the ranch But they’re they’re all missing they’re Somewhere But they’re not we have one in Possession

And the other 11 we we kind of know Where they’re at But we’re not certain as to what’s going On with them Were they different sizes are were they All the same size And they were all the same size they Looked as far as i understand that they Were identical they all looked the same And you know what was funny was i i Listened to the bob the joel rogan bob Lazar Interview yep and bob had mentioned that He replaced a guy down on area 51 that Had cut into a sphere And exploded it exploded and killed him Yeah And i was like i was just i wondered i Was like maybe that’s one of these Spheres well I don’t think it was the sphere was it i Wasn’t didn’t he cut into the reactor What The actual yeah the ball The sphere was a reactor and it sits Inside of a plate Some sort of a plate or something like That that’s how they activate it It’s just a sphere and then when they Set it into the plate it activates it or Something like that So i i haven’t seen on the close-ups That you’ve And you’ve been very open with this and

You’ve shown that there is Kind of like a ring and it alm It’s not a neatly cut ring i have to say It looks um it looks almost like it’s Been Scribed in if you know what i mean right Or broke out or something like that It looks like it was just broken out but It’s a perfect ring And and it goes it looks like it goes Plump through the sphere like it’s a Sleeve that goes all the way through the Sphere And on the other side of the spheres There’s one that matches it same size Looking You know so i’m thinking it’s got to be Like a sleeve in the sphere But have you ever thought that it could Be how it was made Have you ever like wondered maybe that’s How it was made and Those are that they’ve closed it off I’m not i’m not you know i showed it to My brother-in-law My brother-in-law’s a machinist and i’ve Worked with him at the machine shop Before And i mean and i’ve worked in metal and Industrial Applications of metal stuff like this And There’s no grind marks there’s no well Marks there’s no seams on this thing

And and it doesn’t look like a machined Opening And i and i but i don’t know that much About plasma cutting was the reason that I showed it to him And he said you know i said they Probably had some plasma cutters that Could cut something that precise And and and that tight But he goes as old as this thing is is 20 30 years old they probably didn’t Even have that technology at the time To even be able to make a cut like that So So even on a machinist standpoint it’s Still pretty Still pretty freaky and he said even Today they wouldn’t be able to cut Through a solid ball With the plasma cutter at that depth are There any markings on it There’s there’s no markings on it and in Fact I had a tesla coil we shot a hundred Thousand volts of electricity into it And we did that to see if it because i Wanted to see if it would like recharge It You should have videoed that you should Have videoed that have you videoed that I know but the thing that’s the bad Thing is I got a room full of people and nobody Wants to hold the camera

Right okay i need more you apology Friends Because the people i’ve got sitting There drinking beer and Telling stories you know so and i’m Sitting here doing all this stuff with The spear and nobody’s even interest Everybody’s over there just doing their Own thing you know well i’m sure we’ll Get We’ll get some traction we’ll we’ll We’ll uh we’ll see what we can do there If i lived closer i would be all over That ball that’s fear You know i would yeah i think anybody Would be you know and it was like this Is amazing How much does it weigh it weighs just a Little over 50 pounds Right okay and and the bedspear i think Weighed 22 pounds or something like that So it looks bigger a lot bigger than the Bedspear But it but and i had never heard of the Bedspear Uh we we were showing pictures of the Sphere and talking about this fear and The way the sphere Moved and stuff like that and somebody Somebody made the remark they’re just Trying to duplicate the bed spirit I’m going what is this guy talking about And so i started researching i Researched the best fear and it shocked

Me that That there was a sphere similar to this Doing the same sort of things And i was amazed i’m like you i checked Completely into the best fear listen to The whole story and was like Fascinated at the similarity between This fear And and their sphere The yeah i mean i don’t know really you Don’t really hear much about The bet sphere now not even about the Family or anything kind of went silent And i think january of 2019 uh There was a i wish i could remember the Name of the podcast But they were actually contacted by a Bets family member And uh and apparently jerry sphere Uh is still alive from what i understand I think terry Terry has passed away uh But this was a family member of the best Sphere in january of 2019 And and she actually talked to the Podcast And they’re still not interested in They still they still have they still Know the whereabouts of the sphere but Apparently they stopped doing a lot of The stuff that it was doing It’s still in the family but well yeah Apparently when it came back from the Navy

It it was never the same again Yeah they damaged it or swapped it yeah So i i suppose Um with your friend uh that may be the The fear of giving it to somebody else That may be replaced or Not the same um i have an idea are you Going to be going back out there Uh yes i do go out there from time to Time and I always try to film something while i’m Out there it’s the Is there a local um basketball car You know indoors well you would have to Yeah you would have to take it into town And then probably get approval from Somebody to To use it you know to use the basketball Court or something like that so Do you know what i’m getting at i i i Think it’d be great if you could get That on a big If you put it out way out in the middle Of a court And you yeah you go out maybe play some Music or whatever And uh film and see what happens see What it does Because i i i’ve seen it moving in the Is it is it in the kitchen when it’s Moving around on the side I mean it’s going over them tiles i can See that um Yeah it’s a yeah it’s a tile floor and

They’re not really smooth And you can hear it crunching over uh Sand that’s on the floor That’s being tracked from outside you Know so it’s Certainly not as a smooth glass smooth Surface for it to roll on it you know I’m surprised it can roll At all yeah do you kind of have to push It to get it to To go to start it down yeah it won’t Just move on its own you have to give it A little Push and and then once you give it a Little push You know and that’s how we first noticed Something was going on with It was my son was sitting there playing With it And then he played with it and then he Walked off and it was just kind of Rolling around And we were sitting there talking four Minutes later it’s still rolling Okay and i told some of the boys i was With i was going now I said you know that thing is still Rolling it’s been like four minutes and Everybody’s going like yeah it’s Definitely been like And i said somebody should have a camera Probably recording this You know so so sorry what was your Friend’s name again i should have wrote

That down Yeah so so jim didn’t actually know that It moved No he didn’t you know he’d had the spear And he has a stand that somebody built For him to set it on yeah i’ve seen that It looks amazing Yeah to him it’s just an artifact he Loves the sphere He meditates with the spear you know and And uh like i said he carries it with Him all A lot of the time and he goes camping he Sits Outside by the campfire he’ll bring his Fur out at night When he’s playing pho watching this Stuff it’s like a friend he never had Just set it down on the floor and Watched it roll and he didn’t know Anything about the bed spear Until i showed him the video i showed Him the video in the bedspear and he was Like shocked That there was such a sphere you know Have you done any uh experiments with Sunlight on it like taking it outside And see how it reacts or anything like That Well he says it outside a lot in the sun You know and and i notice it does stay Hot a long time like you can take it Inside and it’s and it has heat for a Long time

I mean you can barely touch it you bring It put it in the shade put it in the ac And then and then touch it 15 minutes Later and it’s still so hot you can’t Touch it you know So is it anything Yeah have you felt anything any sort of Like vibration or I have i know the best fear you can Shake it that’s you could hear stuff Moving inside it Not this one you i can shake this one i Don’t hear anything inside it i don’t Hear Anything sloshing like fluid of any sort It doesn’t sound like it’s fluid it Doesn’t feel like there’s fluid in it Uh it’s holding it yeah it rocks back And forth when even when it stops Rolling like it has Some sort of heavy fluid in it and you’d Have to think this one couldn’t be water Because this thing weighs 50 pounds so It would almost have to be like Something like mercury or something like That Some really heavy liquid in it right The i’ve seen in one of the videos is it Your Grandson um are you playing some music Yeah that’s my son he was so now he’s Jim’s got an organ there in the house And my son likes to get over there And jim just lets him he is not by no

Means a musician He’s a talented little guy when he’s Playing all right He may watch this one day examining the Fear And my son is over banging on that organ And all of a sudden the sphere Vibrated like like a tuning fork and and It scared the hell out of me and i Thought it was fixing to explode or Something Cause like i said i you know i’m still Wondering if this ain’t some kind of a Military like explosive something that Comes out of a cannon maybe it’s got Explosive in it You know so i’m still kind of cautious With this thing I don’t know for sure what it is i know It could be very damn Dangerous and so when that thing Vibrated when he was playing on that Organ it scared the living Crap out of me and i thought this thing Was fixing blow up Did it vibrate in the video Or we were you trying to get recreate That and it didn’t happen we were trying To Yeah we were trying to recreate that Effect we were trying to figure out what Would make you know find the keys or Whatever that would Would make it do that and uh and we

Never could find it we never could Duplicate it we’re still trying to Figure out Exactly what would make it do it or what Pitch or whatever And that would be something for ttsa to Like do some researching on Yeah so what did you send ttsa Exactly i just said i sent them pictures I sent them video of it I sent everything i knew about it how Much it weighs And and and they just wanted the Specifics on it so I i’ve seen one of the response i’ve Seen one response from them Um is that all they sent you Yeah that’s all they sent me so far i Sent them another one With the same videos that i sent you I sent them links to the video and and Then i never got a response and i Thought well they They probably don’t want to go chasing Links so i sent them the same videos That i sent you There and i’m waiting on a response from Him right now So we need tom delong to get to come Over with his guitar and start playing To it and see what happens Right right that would be a video in Itself Do you think you mentioned meta meta

Materials Um i are you thinking that this could Potentially be made from that I’m thinking i’ve seen i’ve seen it do Enough strange things that It certainly warrants further Investigation uh the type of Investigation that i’m not capable of And like i said i’m It’s not my sphere so i don’t get to Dictate what we do with it I’m kind of a go-between between Everybody else and jim And you have to understand jim’s wife is Really creeped out by this thing Jim is in his later 70s and If something happens to jim it wouldn’t Surprise me at all if this thing didn’t End up in a dumpster because She is creeped out by it she doesn’t Like it And uh if jim suddenly died of a heart Attack or something like that god This thing could just disappear in a Dumpster really seriously that’s how That’s where we’re At well maybe you need to have a little Uh chat and just say look you know if You ever want to give the sphere up I will look after it i mean i i trust You look after it Well i would too but you know i don’t Get to make those decisions No no that is true um well let’s hope

That that jim lives a a long Long life i mean he’s only said he’s He’s 70 is he 70 Yeah he’s in his 70s you know so like i Said he He was a producer for bob dylan yeah That’s amazing with bob dylan So that’s that’s you know that’s back in The 60s probably you know It would be great um and everybody head Over to Ronnie’s ronnie dawson’s channel and uh Hit that subscribe button Uh but it would be great if you could do An interview with Um with him and just get his get His full story that i think that’d be Fantastic i just Sit down sit down you and the And the sphere and just have a Conversation Um i think that’d be a really good watch Um right yeah you you mentioned Um in our emails back and forth that You’ve encountered things so i know You’ve encountered the Uh the ufo but There’s a video where you’re going into Your attic and you’re Looking for something because something Yeah i had an alien home invasion at my House here in ranger texas yeah that’s Pretty well That was a that’s another chapter of the

Story man Did you see anything did you just hear Noises and Assume that it’s alien or oh no i I saw him up close and personal i saw This thing from about Probably 10 feet away and then they got Up underneath my bed and was shaking it While they had me paralyzed on it And uh they were lifting the whole bed Up slamming it back to the floor and i Was paralyzed on the bed Was it so this is when you were in bed This happened Yeah i had just look i just laid in bed In fact i hadn’t even closed my eyes yet It was like they were waiting on me to Go in there and lay down and then they Hit me And and it was really weird because you Couldn’t feel anything holding you in Bed but as soon as you tried to move It was like uh like there was a 600 Pound gorilla sitting on your chest You know and and i could kind of i could Look around with my eyes i could move my Head a little bit from side to side i Could see my cat running around In the house avoiding the aliens and They jumped up in bed with me I could see all this and i could see the Aliens running around in my living room And I seen one run across a vertical wall

And And i was hoping it was squirrels or Raccoons or something like that and then When i seen one running across the Vertical wall And the night before we had seen a ufo And shot a Shot of laser light at it so i Think maybe retaliation or something for Shooting at their Ufo or something i don’t know they were Checking it but actually I kind of think they were checking the Laser out once once they got to where The laser was being kept The invasion stopped and they left When you say invasion did you did you Feel invaded Did you feel oh did you feel the threat Or did you Every every cabinet and every drawer in My whole house was Wide open uh when they finally released Me from the bed And they had broken there’s some dishes And stuff they had knocked over they had Knocked over a lamp at the computer desk And broke It and like i said they had just like They were definitely searching for Something because i was I was gonna ask you and don’t take this The wrong way if you may have been Dreaming but if you woke up and all the

Drawers were open Um did the little bastards steal Anything Did they steal anything no they’re You know it wasn’t like i was i never Went to sleep i had just laid in bed and Then they They were it’s like they were waiting on Me to lay down and once i got in that Bed they froze me in it I don’t know i think they they use they Use something that separates Your ability to send signals from your Brain to your muscles And uh because i could think i could Think and i could formulate thought And i i decided at one point i was going To break free from this force and go Kill these little bastards and uh and There was a golf club in the corner and I was going to grab it and i was going To go to town on these guys And when i tried to break free this time I fought it so hard that it felt like i Almost had a heart attack it I mean it it hurt my breathing it hurt My heart my chest felt like it was about To blow up and And i just laid back in bed and i Thought i’m completely screwed they’re Gonna do whatever they want to Nothing my body did nothing when i tried To move Did anybody else experience this in the

House Yeah this was this was right here in the House the night after we’d shot a laser At the ufo Yeah did anybody else experience the the The Not being able to move in the house was Anybody else in the house No at that at that time i was living Here by myself and i had a cat Here at the house and i and i noticed That he was on the bed running around Like it wasn’t affecting him at all i Couldn’t move for nothing but he was up There beside me on the bed Moving around like he wouldn’t affect it At all so it was You know that was kind of mysterious was But they came in there and started Shaking the bed he took off out of the Room Running for his life and i didn’t see Anything chasing so But i was just stuck in there and they Were up underneath my bed and i could Hear Clawing on the mattress and they tore Through my box springs you can see Scratch marks under the box springs There’s a piece of wires Wire in there that goes over the box Spring you can see where they had Grabbed it and pulled on it so hard that They had bent the wire

Like they were trying to get through me Through the bottom of the mattress Uh for some reason man and it was like i Said they were bouncing that whole bed Up and down with me on it and i’m a big Guy man at that time i probably weighed 280 and they were bouncing me the bed And everything up and these little Things weren’t about 18 inches tall They were like a they had a face like an Old man and they had a body look More like it had an exoskeleton on it Like an insect And it had thorns on us on this on the Exo it was almost like our body armor On a on a human looking thing so little Like even the body Armor had like thorns on it so look like An old man with an insect body Yeah and it had it had an exoskeleton on It had thorns Like on a body armor that even covered This the top part of his head And and his eyes he didn’t have his eyes His eyes were squinted Like the little bit of light i had in my House was bright on him like he would Have been better off Like in total darkness it seemed like it Seemed like what little light there was Was almost hurting his eyes and there Was three of them All together and i noticed he He ran on all fours and he stood up on

Two back legs And his front arms were so long they Almost still Reached all the way to the floor and They looked Almost like in some sort of insect arms But he definitely had a human Overlooking face did um All the drawers in the house so it was It everything in the house was the Fridge open Uh i don’t remember yeah i think I think the fridge was it wasn’t Completely wide open but you could see Where it had been pulled open And there all the cabinets even the ones Above the sink and stuff were open and All the drawers were pulled out And there was like there were no beers With no beers missing from that fridge No i didn’t see anything missing those Aliens they love a beer No there was nothing there was nothing Missing you know i thought Well they got the they got the laser Because I the laser was in a gun cabinet that Was locked And and somehow or another they even Managed to unlock it they unlocked the Gun cabinet And then when i come back in and seen The gun cabinet unlocked I was really frustrated because i’ve

Been going on an alien hunt with a golf Club And i had a loaded shotgun in there and I’m going man I could’ve had a shotgun you know here i Am chasing aliens in my house with a Golf club And there’s a shotgun available the Reason i didn’t go for the shotgun Was because i didn’t want to go unlock The cabinet the gun cabinet but when When i came back into the bedroom Looking around and closing drawers and Cabinets and stuff I realized that man they they had gotten In there too and unlocked it So they took the laser shotgun they took Your laser No it was there it was still in the case Exactly where it was at So but when they got to the gun cabinet Where the laser was being capped Everything stopped and then all of a Sudden it was like when they released me This was the weird part I guess they released when they released The force that was holding me in that Bed My body jumped up i cursed real loud I grabbed the golf club out of the Corner and i was angry and frustrated as Hell fixing to kill some aliens Now this i had tried to do five minutes Earlier and couldn’t do it

But when they released me all of a Sudden it was like this got processed In my brain and my body was like a robot Acting without my permission and it just Freaked me out Because it was like something i had Tried to do earlier my body was doing Automatically without me wanting to do It and It was just a weird feeling you can Imagine trying to do something to not be Able to do it and all of a sudden You just do it later you know so in the Video You you’re in the are you in the attic No i’m underneath the house so was that The next year Was that the next day yeah there was That was uh i think this was quite a While later This was i didn’t have a really I went in there the next day with a gun With a loaded gun and a light and i had A buddy outside backing me up I said man i can’t live in this place Without knowing that they ain’t Nested up underneath my house and uh so I I loaded my gun and i crawled up Underneath the house and i checked Things out to make sure they wasn’t Underneath there Because i can’t live here peacefully Knowing that these things are up

Underneath here so i had to check Everything out And uh when i got up underneath there And like i said there was a whole claw Through my floor That when i came home from work that day The cat was the cat in the house was Missing through the hole And i thought that and i just assumed The cat had Had had made the hole so i i had to I when i retrieved the cat i patched the Hole up and then went to bed And like i said when i went on the Search of the house The the metal tin that i had used to Patch a hole they had pulled it up man It was like And i’m not so sure they hadn’t they Didn’t make the hole in the first place But this was heavy 30 or ten that we put On our roost down here in texas It’s tough stuff and i had some screws In it and they had pulled the screws Right out of the wood floor And the tin was bent where they had Pulled it up to get Back through the hole so and i almost Said that they left their exit point And and and then it made me think that They they’re probably the ones that made The whole i had blamed it on the cat But this is a declawed cat how you would Have a decline cat could chew a hole

Through a floor and you know it’s just About impossible so I just i thought it was a cat but i After seeing that was Their escape point and i kind of put two And two together and figured that that’s Where they They dug their way in and they escaped The same way so did you report this one To mufon Uh no i didn’t i don’t think i did no i Didn’t and i thought about calling the Police and then i thought i can’t i Can’t do it I call the police over here they’re not Going to find any aliens they’re going To If you call think i’m under an influx of Drugs or something and Yeah if you call the police and tell Them there’s some old men in in With spiky insects bodies then you know You you may end up um in a straight Jacket so No i get i get white yeah my house is They probably thought i’d ransack my own House i’m on some kind of drugs You know so god only knows where that Would have went but i would have loved To call the police and try to get some Physical evidence Of whatever was running around in my House you know It sounds to me though like they didn’t

Want to cause you any harm They just wanted to rob you But didn’t steal anything now they were Just looking at the laser i think I shot the laser around the ufo i shot The laser upon their craft Before like craft the night before And uh i think and then all of a sudden The thing My buddy was with me so there was two of Us that seen it And i shot the laser on it and he had a Camera and he was supposed to be Recording it And uh i looked over at him and said i Hope you were getting this on the camera And he was just standing there gawking At this thing He had never seen a ufo before he was Just standing there with his mouth open Looking at it right And i said dude you’re supposed to be Recording this and uh We rushed for the camera and the thing Just blinked out man like it was never There all four big old lights It’s probably stretched 100 yards just Blinked out I get that because um i was at my mum And dad’s ones And this massive light in the sky was Moving and i was like What is that and i was like talking to My dad and it turns out

It was the iss but i didn’t film it i Did not know it was the iss and i didn’t Film it and i could have filmed it but i Was too busy looking at it because i was Kind of like wow What is that yeah but it was just it was Just the iss But i get why people sometimes Would not film it because you’re in that Moment it’s an experience it’s like You don’t you don’t think to just get Your phone out and Film because you miss so much as well Oh yeah yeah we watch the isl s all the Time and i actually i have a iss tracker And uh so i’ve shown the wife and the Kids and we track whenever it’s coming Over and we go outside and watch it Uh but so you know yeah this thing was a Whole lot closer than i Iss and the four individual lights you Can see That these are huge illumination areas Uh they’re not small bright lights are Large Areas of illumination and this is like It’s almost like you’re looking through A porthole of a giant craft that’s got Some kind of a bluish white illumination On the inside of it And and i kind of think that it’s a Byproduct of the craft staying idle too Long I think if the craft stays idle too long

These things come on it’s like it Generates too much power And it’s like it’s like a it’s like a Byproduct of the craft staying idle too Long Yeah it’s been my observation I i really would like you to go back out To that ranch and get Some more um proof of that sphere Um because because when what intrigues Me is that you When you say you don’t know if it’s Alien you could be man-made you’ve no Idea And it’s the fact that The guy tried to take the sphere back as Well You know the story is very it’s exciting It’s an exciting story I just hope that he does manage to keep Hold of that sphere and he doesn’t give It Give it to somebody and you know get it In the wrong hands Right you know and uh like i said i Think Step one is getting an x-ray truck that Can actually come to the sphere And there’s lots of testing they can They can test the shell Uh thickness and they can look inside The sphere And see what’s inside of it we know what They found in

The best sphere and uh i’ve I got called by a physicist from india Who had seen the video and he said he Said It’s an atomic battery and they’ve They’ve found They found him and and he’s examined Them in india And he said do not he said whatever you Do don’t Cut into it he said he said it could He said the elements inside there are Not stable in earth’s environment and it Will like go Thermal nuclear on you it will explode That’s what happened to that you know The sphere right there bob bazar These guys cut they cut into it and Exploded and killed that guy And they hired bob lazar to replace him You know on area 51. Yeah well you so you you think it’s Possible that element 115 Could be in that sphere yeah you know They said that Uh they said the elements in the bet Spirit they thought was like element 140. So it was even even more dangerous than 115 So so you know i don’t know You know it would be that would be the First step into seeing if this is really Something worth investigating or i know

There are things like ball mills and i You know i’ve been looking trying to Figure out if this is not ufo what is it Nothing you know i think is it from a Ball mill Is it a giant ball bearing what is it You know The closest explanation yeah i’ve seen It i still didn’t do enough to know that It’s weird it’s it’s more than Explainable weird The closest thing i’ve seen to it and It’s it’s Is a is a globe how they make a globe But they don’t make big metal globes Like that Not back then either they were i think They were paper mache and uh Concrete um but the the The ring around the top is the only Thing that i could see in a thought That and if there’s one on the other Side that Little ring is almost like A mold and i’m not saying that To debunk this at all far from it i’m Just Stating that that’s the only thing that I’ve come close to Uh when i’m looking at your sphere And seeing the little ring round the top But it’s made out of metal and it And how much does it weigh again yeah 50 Pounds

50 pounds and it’s uh How old gosh it has to be 20 to 30 years Old yeah So i don’t know I don’t know i’m sure um maybe some some Some i can’t speak today some Subscribers uh May have ideas and By all means leave them in the comments Go over to to ronnie’s channel Uh we’re all trying to find out what This is You especially um it would be kind of Gutting and If it did get debunked i think for the Owner especially Right yeah and you know he’s he’s Willing you know he let me do some Testing on It you know so as long as the spirit Doesn’t disappear I don’t think he would mind us doing any Sort of testing on it you know as long As he’s involved in the process and And they don’t have the spirit to take Off with it you know for an extended Period of time so Yeah and said an x-ray machine out there They the portable x-ray to that to his Property he’s already agreed To be willing to do something like that So I mean the sphere would never leave the Property and uh you know it’s behind

Lock and key right now And then it’s a good safe place for it You know like i I’m like you i like to take it out into Public i’ve tried to talk him into Taking it to alien con You know i’ve tried to talk him in and Taking it to the rossville ufo festival You know and he’s not quite willing to Take you down into public you know i’m Like let’s get it out in public let’s Get some Attention to it let’s you know let People look at it hold it And uh you know i he’s just he’s afraid Somebody will take it from him and It will disappear are you going to take It Too are you going to take it are you Going to go out to area 51 Maybe china but i’m actually supposed to Be part of a Don’t raid area 51 a bit that’s going to Air out of las vegas over there I supposed to do like a podcast or Something saying don’t saying domes My wife said i can’t go yes Yeah i don’t think i would be allowed to Go either even if i lived close enough Um you’ve heard well you’ve heard of Reynolds and forest haven’t you yes yes Yeah i will be going there uh but that’s That’s not on the lock and key Um but yeah it’s um

It’s it it’s it’s a weird thing to do i Think That it’s probably going to be Um as my good friend osvaldo franco said Uh a lot of people that will get Sunburned Run out of water and realize it was a Bad idea And just go out they’ll end up going Home Or they’ll end up going to hospital from A severe sunburn Yeah you have to you have to realize if A million people drive To rachel nevada there’s not enough gas In rachel nevada For everybody to get back to vegas There’s not enough water There’s not enough food there’s not Enough motels and places for people to Sleep or use a restaurant You know that that is not a place that You would want a million people And by no means in fact the whole county Has 52 people in it Yeah i think it’s going to co it’s going To cost the government a lot of money Um probably the cleanup alone Well we’ve been hearing that they’re Going to block the roads they’re going To shut the highways down to it so that Even if you wanted to go out there you Wouldn’t be able to go So i’m sure they’ll find a way

Well then the other day the the guy who Put it on facebook pulled out of it Maddie yeah yeah he withdrew from the Event So i’d like to get him on here yeah I need to get i need to get in touch With that guy Yeah um anyway i’m We’ve been going about an hour so And will you come back on ronnie Sure sure yeah i’m gonna have a little Bit of a chat to you after the show Anyway Um but i have you got anything you’d Like to leave us with And my subscribers get them over to your Channel can you Can you all yours Right i have a i have a book on barnes And noble called the ronnie dawson ufo Story I haven’t promoted it a whole lot but i Just wanted to get the story and write It in case something happened to me I have a ronnie dawson youtube channel Where i always keep the latest videos And stuff there Uh so you can subscribe to that channel I think i’ve got like over a million 200 000 views on it so And i don’t do much there it just pretty Much goes on its own you know so You need to do them all yeah and uh you Can i have a facebook uh the raleigh

Dawson experience page where it’s like a Fan Page where anything i’m doing i i keep Post it on there if you want to find out What’s going on with ronnie dawson You can see it there as well i will Leave all the links for you running in The description so the guys can Head up head over um to your social Media And check out your book uh it’s been a Pleasure having you on alien audits and I hope you’ll come on again Uh like i say we will speak after the Show but i will say Guys hit that thumbs up because it helps The video out subscribe And good night god bless mind the bugs Don’t bite I’m alien addict and this is ronnie Dawson Thank you maybe we should call it the Dawson sphere