Alone At The “Demonic” Goatman’s Bridge At Night | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | September 11, 2019
Alone At The "Demonic" Goatman's Bridge At Night | THE PARANORMAL FILES

So I’m pulling up to goat Mansbridge Right now and there are two unmarked Cars here one with a tasteful Confederate flag on the back which tells Me something about the person that’s out Here so yes let’s just see who’s out Here there’s actual Road right there Kind of hard to Sikhs is so dark out but That’s where I came from Okay guys so it’s 10:40 p.m. it’s April 2019 and for the first time in Paranormal files history I am returning To the goat Mansbridge our episodes that We filmed at goat Mansbridge back in 20 Damn it would have been 2017 so two Years ago are some of our most popular I’m sure you guys have seen it if you’re Watching this video definitely seem like That as a thinker though I was really Freaky it’s kind of colder here you feel That Jesus Christ so if you’re here come Punch one of us or attack one of us I’m Yours so there you go Go Mansbridge stay spooky a couple of Important updates so we found out later That the strange structures that we Found in the woods were actually part of A haunted house attraction that they Operate in Denton those kids that took Us out there told us that these were Just things that they found in the woods

They didn’t give us any historical Context we couldn’t figure out what they Were just by searching online but Eventually someone messaged us and told Us about this haunted attraction and we Had actually entered down the path that You’d go in the Halloween season to get To these structures so so like there’s Satanists out here that we discovered That’s all I mean we can’t retroactively Lis go back and add that into the video Cuz it’s impossible but we’re just going To set that record straight now because Missguided people those are all just Part of a haunted house attraction that Operates in the fall like I said before Those people that took us out there We’re tripping on acid and they were Very freaked out to be out with us in That area but we’ve seen you know plenty Of spooky things since then and we’re Way more mature now going out here I Keep saying were or we are but in Reality turn this right here where Peyton usually is but she was not Feeling well tonight this is the only Chance that we had to come out to Denton Argyle in the next month or two so we Decided that I should just go shoot the Video now I’m out here alone actually Like I said 10:45 p.m. at night right Now and I just also before we start the Video I want to clear up a few things About the history of the old Dalton

Bridge here in Denton there’s this very Popular myth that an african-american Goat farmer named Oscar Washburn once Lived in this area and that he was Actually lynched on this bridge and that His you know spirit is what the goat man Is that he’s angry for being lynched He’s angry for dying in this in just way But I’m sorry to rain on your parade but Oscar Washburn never existed there’s no Census records of this guy there’s no Record of any lynching on the bridge the Only act of violence that I could even Find an allusion to online was a Shootout between a outlaw Sam Bass and Some Texas Rangers which I don’t know if It actually happened or not I just read About it in an article but that’s the Only thing that I could find that even Happened here on the bridge there’s also Another let me pull it up right here Someone’s pulling in right now It’s kind of weird when people pull in Here this late at night and I’m like What are they doing but I don’t want to Seem to sketch there’s also a legend That a african-american man was hung or I should say lynched somewhere around The base of the bridge from a tree that He died during the Texas unrest the Period of racial tension in the time During before after the Civil War but Once again that myth also has no truth To it and so I’m just trying to start

This video out with a little bit of Truth to tell people that no one Actually died here on Goat Mansbridge There’s no goat man that was lynched Here the facts are what we like for the Show we don’t like spreading false Information if we can be some of the First people to talk about this then It’s good because I personally even Though we had some trippy experiences Here before I really don’t think of this Place is this haunted as people think it Was definitely weird the times that we Came here and the things that happened But based upon how I feel and other Places that we’ve been it’s just it’s Not the same as these other spots we’ve Been to you there’s also a legend that Goat man has a house back in this area I Actually found some pictures on a forum Thread of the house they showed pictures Of it it looks very creepy so when I go Back there right now I’m gonna go try in The house cuz apparently just walk down This path and keep going there’s a lot Of bugs out so I’m going to check and See if I’ve got bug spray because don’t Want a new West Nile Zika [ __ ] Yeah this is our big return to guilt Mansbridge episode but Payton’s feeling Sick I had to do this one alone and I Got a I can’t spend too much time out Here because I have to go home and help Payton and make sure she feels better

But Yeah being out here alone is definitely Just kind of a weird feeling I camera Last time I actually went or been Exploring or doing anything like this Alone Just not knowing who’s in the woods is The creepiest part I’m gonna head over To the bridge ask some questions use the Rem-pod see if I can find the house and See if I can contact whatever energy Seems to have latched itself onto this Land so strongly so the last piece of This puzzle is the satanic rituals now Obviously I don’t believe in demons That’s a big thing about our channel we Could tell you that we believe in demons And we could lie to you and act a Certain way and try to get a certain you Know set of followers just by saying That we’re touching demons and Exercising demons and doing whatever With you know demonology but I don’t Believe in demons we don’t believe in All of that I think that adding the term Demon on top of this paranormal activity This unexplainable activity that we Really don’t even understand at all just Hurts the field that hurts the research Possibilities rather than helps them Because when you say something’s a demon You’re acting like you know exactly what It is and you’re saying this is exactly What this is you shouldn’t mess with

This you can’t do this this is gonna Happen to you but in all of these places That we’ve been to never seen a demon Never been attacked by a demon never Heard a demon never felt like I’ve seen A demon a lot of these people actually That we talked to that owned these Locations also disagree with the whole Demon thing and they say that they Believe demons aren’t real after living In houses investigating it’s kind of the Undercurrent of paranormal investigation That needs to rise to the top in order To really bring it to the next level and Bring paranormal investigating into the Next generation it’s really an Antiquated belief to think that you know There’s a demon out here in these woods That’s attacking people I don’t even I mean that’s in my mind if you guys Believe in demons that’s fine by me But we’re trying to show you that it’s There’s a possibility that they don’t Exist and in my mind they don’t and I’ve Done hundreds of paranormal Investigations been to literally 400 500 Different haunted places at night in the Day all stayed in them investigated them And I’ve never even come close to Something that I would call demonic the Whole part of this legend is that They’re Satan worshippers that come out Here if you’re on any forum people talk About how there are people in robes that

They’ve seen themselves all this stuff People have seen rituals going down Ghost adventures talked about this now Once again I don’t know if that would Even open up a portal since I don’t Believe in demons or anything like that But maybe people are out here doing Something like that if they’ve killed Animals or sent out just intensely Negative energy into the environment Time after time maybe that has created a Stain on the environment the natural Area that surrounds the bridge the Materials of the bridge themselves I Don’t know but that’s the one thing that We can’t disprove because I haven’t been Here for every second that the old Alton Bridge has been standing nobody has so I Can’t say exactly what happened here and What didn’t but when we have the names That these legends revolve around like Oskar Washburn and we can go back to the Census we can research the data and the History of the area and see that it Never happened but anyways it’s getting Kind of late I’m gonna turn the car off now head out To go Mansbridge see if I can find his House and you guys are gonna see it all Raw right here on the payroll Fonz so Many update good news I found some bug Spray thank God for that Apply this and then take you to the Bridge so just so that there’s no

Editing discrepancy I actually just put A jacket on because I want to reduce the Amount of bugs and get on to my arms but I’m gonna head into the bridge area now And turn the camera around let’s do this Guy’s there’s actually some people Making some really loud noises down There see their flashlights over there But they’re being very loud so the light Is actually so dark that you can barely See the path and I can barely see [ __ ] But walking back the gelt Mansbridge you Really can’t see [ __ ] just light is like So Looks like I’m just back in these creepy Woods alone okay well truthfully I did Not expect to find something like that Upon instantly walking in this is like I don’t worried someone’s out here like Know why guys don’t you check and see What this is [Applause] This is silly this is some melted Plastic or wax like someone set up for a Bonfire just gonna keep walking back Here it doesn’t help that I don’t know How the let’s run the brightness up on The flashlight Well hoping this is the correct path I feel like I’m hearing like breathing Around me I’m not being overdramatic at All devil bored seems like I don’t know there’s just like some Random posts there and this thing

One night shot do you guys better look At what I’m seeing yeah there you go Spiderweb This is definitely kind of creepy it Seems to just be though a lot of mud The toilet bush light back there seems To be the beer goatman enjoys I’m not Really seeing any signs of this house Might have been torn down but here’s a Creek right here that runs under the Bridge some walking around this whole Area alone I’m not really seeing any Signs of a house Your stuff moving around the woods you Know it’s probably animals but it’s so Creepy Well I keep walking around oh my phone Like just shut off randomly my phone is Flipping out we won’t play the video I Just tried to load you can see right There it’s just stick it on a black Screen this is where I just came from Right well some walk down this little Path real quickly they get my phone’s Like Big [ __ ] Okay I’m just gonna try this path one More time and see if I could find this House just on sparkling stuff I know What all this is but it’s like sparkling Pink glitter looks like like everywhere Kind of weird that’s on the ground but It’s right by this crap

Well this whole area seems to be flooded Out so I can’t really Jesus Christ Literally what the [ __ ] right into a Big-ass fight and what the hell okay First off those very loud noise second Off random hankerchief and just a ton of [ __ ] around here And what the deal with this unlit fires Just a boy lit fire with more on it just Bizarre I think I’m Samantha white There’s some weird [ __ ] for this for you They do not know where the hell this House would be nice to come back in the Daytime see I’ve been walking around This area now I feel like 30 minutes It’s freaking hot out already you know It’s April like sweating my ass off in This jacket there’s a ton of bugs out Luckily I got the deets prey so the Mosquitoes aren’t on me but I keep Walking into spiderwebs which I mean Hate mail you want but I just don’t like It it freaks me out especially when I’m Alone this I don’t know where the hell This house I don’t know where the hell This house would possibly be back here Like I said I’ll do one more quick Little peek back here and ask a few Questions but I mean the area’s flooded Out I have no idea the house may have Been demolished and might already be Completely gone either way so you never Really know but I’m gonna go ask a few

Questions here deep in the woods the the Little bonfire was definitely just kind Of trippy and then I’m gonna head to go Mansbridge for a final piece of Investigation Y’all here for goat Manchu bigots on the Other side of the bridge back over in Those boots have you been looking over Here this whole time you guys ever had Anything creepy happen on here We found so one time we were walking Over in the woods so like going across So whenever we say the house is across The bridge we mean across like the Highway over on that side but in you Cross got Mansbridge you go over there One time in like this swamp area over There we found like a an old like it Looked like somebody like had built like A what’s the word I’m looking for Like a Shack but it looked more like a Like enough like somebody was gonna like Burn something rings in the shape of Like a like a dude almost really I think And washed it out or some thing could Shape that that’s yeah I do a youtube Channel hell yeah Beans bro video is here go man so I’m Doing like a return video Hey that’s crazy my friends told me About you really yeah I think so the Girl Mansbridge yeah We got my night vision on him back in

The woods back here by the bridge this Is the area that supposedly goat man is Supposed to inhabit I’ll turn my EMF Detector on see if we can pick up on Anything is there anybody here with me Right now who are you And why are you here Is there such thing as the go man can You just tell me Kind of an alarm sort of sound there but Definitely something natural well I’ve Been standing here for about ten minutes I’ve gotten absolutely no responses no Movement no EVPs it’s literally just Still as hell So I want to move back over to the Bridge to finish this out hey everybody Really quick advertisement please Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t Already It helps us so much and it takes less Than half of a second of your time make Sure when you subscribe to turn on your Notifications so that you can be Instantly notified both times we post Videos every week in addition be sure to Follow me Collin Peyton and our show on Instagram so you can see show updates Big moments in our lives and funny memes That we create yes that’s me dancing a Little yachting in addition we have a Twitter so go tweet us a facebook where We post crappy memes and a fully stocked Merch store with a ton of different

Spooky designs every purchase helps fund Episodes of the show so if you want to See bigger locations buy a piece and Help support our work thank you so much We love you I tried to make this as fast As possible so enjoy the episode and Stay spooky [Applause] My lights are so dark they can barely See anything but I’m standing up here Right now on the actual go Mansbridge There’s a very poorly crafted sigil this Little sign that just says don’t jump I’m just gonna sit here for a second on The bridge You set the EMF meter right here is There anybody up here on the bridge with Me Through up here I’m talking to you Calmly It sounded almost like a goat sound just Then like a coffee If there’s any spirit or otherworldly Force that’s either been stuck here or Been brought into this world here can You give me a sign that you’re here with Me maybe walk over to me talk to me I Just want to talk Is it true that this is Shane’s bridge Now and guilt man you’re no longer Welcome here Is this Shane in Ryan’s bridge

So the whole big stick of gum Mansbridge Is that you’re supposed to knock three Times on the bridge to see if you can Summon the spirit of said goat man so Here we go Nothing There’s a considerable amount of sigils Painted on the bridge but I don’t think That that’s Here’s more that later there’s just a Ton probably had seen your pictures I Actually guarantee you that kids come Out here to take senior pictures and Just throw glitter around and leave it Here That’s like despicable but it looks kind Of cool on camera so here’s the far end Of the bridge overgrown as hell as Always now here to the left is the area Where the people said they found the Shack so we’ll have to make another trip Out here during the day sometime to see If we can find anything like that but For now I think that I can call this Case closed as I’ve been out here over An hour and a half I’ve heard nothing Seen nothing felt and I think when Honestly it’s just relaxing there’s the Actual sign for the old mountain bridge Some good blood to anybody or anything That’s out here this is your last chance To communicate with me so I respectfully Ask for you to give me a sign if you’re Here

Thank you to any spirits that may be out Here but I really don’t think there are Any but either way I’m respectfully Signing off and heading back to my car So stay over here on the bridge okay Feel really here so I’m just buckling up Because I’m gonna head home No paranormal activity did find a kind Of creepy little bonfire spot talked to Some interesting people but it was dead I think the fact that the goatman legend Has been debunked so many times kind of Just puts the final nail in the coffin Of this legend but we’re here before we Had some strange things happen I can’t Deny that there may be some sort of Energy that’s lurking in these woods Obviously from violence that may have Happened in the woods that people don’t Know about – of like I said maybe Strange rituals have something to them Even though I don’t think so but I can’t Explain what happened before but tonight Nothing happened sorry to disappoint you Guys but it was interesting to return Back to one of our old haunts no pun Intended Anyways thanks for watching guys thanks For the support as always Peyton I love You so much we have so many great things Coming soon thank you so much for Supporting the channel and making our Dreams come true It’s calling here Peyton’s obviously not

Here but she sends love to and from the Old Alton bridge it’s calling here stay Spooky yes so so to end this episode Just a little bit of interesting real History about Alton the old Alton Bridge Being the real name of guilt Mansbridge Right here I’m standing at the Hickory Creek Baptist Church right about a half A mile or so down the road from the Entrance to the old Alton bridge so this Is the new church that they’ve Constructed in recent years but over Here this actual area I believe it’s This part of the church right here The Old Alton Chappell is actually the only Surviving structure from what was once The ghost town of Alton which is where The you know old Alton bridge the goat Man’s bridge would have connected to Back in the day this church and the Cemetery are actually the only remaining Pieces of that town left so as you can See right here this is the old Alton Chapel it’s obviously an old building That’s been refurbished redone a Surviving piece of the past and right Over here right here is actually the old Alton Cemetery you can see there’s a Retro wooden sign right there I’ve Searched these cemetery records for the Names of the people that’s supposedly Were lynched on the old Alton bridge and There are no such records but you can

See some of the graves here it’s just a Big dark Cemetery Not gonna break into a cemetery at night But I did want to show you guys this Little piece of Alton and give you some Real history on the area and so the Stuff you’ll read online that for the Most part is not true right here this Cemetery and the plots in this little Building right next to it the old Alton Chappell part of the Hickory Creek Baptist Church Those are the two remaining pieces of Alton so I think I’ve definitively Explored this legend here on the channel So this will probably be the last time You hear about guilt Mansbridge unless We decide to go back during the day and Search for that old abandoned house Which just sounds kind of fun But second time tonight guys I promise It’s the last it’s calling here and Denton Argyle I guess old town Alton and As always stay spooky just called from The planet if not the old there’s been a Lot of weird stuff said about this cave Over the years there’s just some sort of A force here because you can feel it This is an honest-to-god adventure like A really creepy one all these signs and Markings that say cave this way here we Go very eerie violet period this is so Scary There’s like abandoned structures

Everywhere around here here it is up Here dude here it is now if this isn’t Like the creepiest place we’ve ever been Leave this dude by ritual Jeff Jeff Mitchell has done you is there anybody Down there scratch and My lights already at the greasy hello [Applause] Hello