The SCARIEST Haunted Hospital In Greece (They Spoke To Us…) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | September 8, 2019
The SCARIEST Haunted Hospital In Greece (They Spoke To Us…) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

This is by far the creepiest place look At the size of this thing a little Spooked out That’s an understatement What are we actually gonna do Investigate for paranormal activity like Inside yes inside So we’re gonna investigate the second Floor up here now and we’re gonna turn Off the lights jeff you ready There you go Okay Okay well what do you do then we gotta Go We’re like literally on top of the city We’ve never seen anything like this no That’s like um that’s five million People yeah that’s a massive view too it Just goes for so long it’s like but it’s Also sketchy driving up here look at This yeah But like holy [ __ ] this is all cut into The center foam yeah we’re literally Driving on the side of a mountain that’s Like a 100 000 foot drop off not a hundred thousand Like a thousand I was thinking a hundred and i was like No yeah that’s way more than a thousand Yeah but that whole City it’s beautiful So there you go come to the sanatorium

But you get a nice view yeah you get a Nice view Look at What if the sanatorium was operating i Mean you got this view You did Whatever was here crazy because that’s Literally the top of the mountain So one really extra creepy thing about This tuberculosis hospital is that Across the street is a permanent art Installation called the park of the Souls so this artist who created these Pieces wanted to create Works of art that represented the Tortured souls that lived and died Inside of the partha sanatorium and it’s Right across the street so when you come Into this place you see this And It’s like We’re about to head over to the Sanatorium now and this is definitely Putting me in quite the creepy mood but I haven’t been inside yet so let’s go Take a look Oh my god This thing is like 15 feet tall by the Way here’s me compared to it Wow this is actually really creepy Sad when you think about the real people Who lost their lives all throughout the Sanatorium Literally

Right over there Looks like some of these have been Toppled over For some reason Over here you’ve got some Shutters from The hospital Right here You’ve got a person Looking away from you because you can See their butt Yeah this is a creepy place Well my friends now it’s time to head in Turn left then your destinations Okay Well This is by far the creepiest place i Mean Look at the size of this thing I mean anything could be back here Like A little spooked out Well That’s an understatement I mean look at those windows Oh yeah Well let’s go in i mean i don’t know Should we go somewhere else i think this Is perfect really yeah this is perfect Just park here dude okay Yeah that’s what i’d call really creepy Okay

Are you ready I mean What are we actually gonna do Investigate for paranormal activity like Inside yes inside are you so really like How do we have dead serious there’s Openings everywhere i’ve seen like 10. This is what we do for our job how does This make you feel well it’s not my job I’m going along with you tonight Because i’m your dad As usual I got your back but it’s like Um this is this is a topper this is For me yeah I mean i don’t know what the hell to Think about this to be honest Okay guys so This is a very very exciting episode for Us we’re here tonight on the top of Athens greece way out in the middle of The nowhere on So many noises around here On the top of a mountain behind me is The infamous abandoned building known Simply as the mount parnatha Tuberculosis hospital or sanatorium this Is a very infamous place here in Wait What the [ __ ] is that what look at that Those eyes dude what the [ __ ] they’re Big are they dear It’s just deer Yeah so you can tell we’re really

Freaked out because we’re in the middle Of nowhere and it’s about midnight right Now So here on the paranormal files i’ve Always wanted to do a sanatorium and now Finally we have that chance so this Sanatorium was opened in the 1900s to House patients who had tuberculosis now In the time when the sanatorium was Opened they didn’t have a cure for Tuberculosis yet and the commonly held Belief was that if you can elevate Yourself to a high elevation That the air up there is of a better Quality and is cleaner and can aid in Your Healing process to get better from the Disease Obviously that Really was not The truth and the science behind Tuberculosis Shows that you need a drug to cure it Rather than a simple stay here at higher Altitudes but it was in buildings like These like the mount parnatha Tuberculosis hospital or sanatorium Where patients would come and stay for Weeks months at a time and In a lot of these cases the people Obviously never got better And ended up dying here on the grounds So this place has seen a lot of death And

The people who died here died you know Very long drawn out Languish deaths they were coughing up Blood they were tortured You know not physically tortured but by Their own bodies they couldn’t escape The disease there was no cure so Essentially what these places became These sanatoriums Were just Houses where people went to die And This Is a gigantic example of one of those And it’s very very very creepy like i Said we’re on top of a mountain here It’s pitch black out we’ve never been to This sanatorium before but after it Closed as a sanatorium this building was Converted into a government-owned hotel And eventually there was a collapse and All of these government-owned hotels i Can’t remember the exact name that they Went by but they all shut down So Yeah for years decades this place has Been sitting here abandoned and has been Known Widely by locals here in athens as the Most haunted building in the entire Metroplex and tonight it’s just jeff and I because i forced him into it so Screw it yeah We’re gonna walk on in now

Okay how does it feel Gosh You know but uh i don’t know what to Think it’s like You’re gonna have to have to go and see If it’s creepy for me again But this is what you do for a living I’m an optometrist you know by the way So Ghost hunter by night optometrist by day But yeah what can i say i’m with my son So this is it let’s go do it okay i got My I got my handy This is our weapon right here either i Can Can hit something or hunt or somebody Or i can spray something with this thing So this is our only defense mechanism Tonight Okay let’s do it okay okay This place is massive One two three four five stories What It wasn’t yes it was There’s the entrance Yeah you ready Oh my god Really I’m not kidding you know you have to Really look at your nails and [ __ ] so Yeah Hello Be careful with your toes

Okay Wow dude Let’s go over here i got this thing Hello Oh my god wait a second what oh no i Think those are bad These are monsters man So We’re going to start off right here on The first floor right here you can see Doing a show oh sorry i just thought There’s something there’s a creepy uh Stairwall which will go up right after This And behind you right here you have one Of the old patient hallways And down that way Would have been reception and where Everyone’s journey here at the hospital Started You got to be careful So i’ve got An emf meter right And a rem pod Blast light over here Okay Elevator shaft dude Oh my gosh Yeah Why don’t you try it so we’re gonna duck Kinda low because of the mess Should have a hand Oh damn

Dude my knees Dude what is that What the [ __ ] It’s a card I think it must have been turning around Or something if they were kind of Sounded like Is there anybody here In the mount Parnatha sanatorium I think you’re fine to stand up that’s Not gonna hit you Okay You know what you should stand up to it I mean you know It is what it is Can you use your voice To talk to us If you’re here with us my name is colin Can you knock on something Bang tap Can you do that again What is that Hello It’s okay Is there somebody outside There’s footsteps Okay look Here let me take the light here go ahead Hello It’s just two girls [Applause] So we’ve been in here about 30 minutes Had some really interesting little

Noises But some people have started to come to The sanatorium i don’t know if they’re Just coming to take a look take a photo Whatever but to avoid noise pollution We’re going to head up to the second Story and check out some of the old Patient rooms upstairs you freaked out Yeah i am Yeah we’re good Damn yeah this is freaky Whoa dude Holy [ __ ] that goes for so long So the patients So it would have been out here For the patients assuming they would Have been in their rooms right here you Can see uh old door frames they probably Could have opened the doors here and Come outside Or they could have been big windows that They opened up either way but these Types of facilities wanted people to Feel comfortable and at home and in Touch with nature in the air So right back here is a beautiful view Of the mountain with the trees so these People probably would have been sitting Hundreds of them right out here Coughing and uh Waiting for their time This hallway is so crazy Well i haven’t seen any bats up here What’s that

Yeah but there’s nothing Dude these hallways stretch So far down the other way Holy [ __ ] Yeah the other way is like much creepier Too So we’re gonna investigate the second Floor up here now and we’re gonna turn Off the lights jeff you ready let’s do It you can tell jeff’s really creeped Out Yeah i’m the one that comes with you He’s freaked so am i Hey everybody really quick advertisement Please subscribe to the channel if you Haven’t already it helps us so much and It takes less than half of a second of Your time make sure when you subscribe To turn on your notifications so that You can be instantly notified both times We post videos every week in addition be Sure to follow me colin payton and our Show on instagram so you can see show Updates big moments in our lives and Funny memes that we create yes that’s me Dancing to lil yachty in addition we Have a twitter so go tweet us a facebook Where we post crappy memes and a fully Stocked merch store with a ton of Different spooky designs every purchase Helps fund episodes of the show so if You want to see bigger locations buy a Piece and help support our work thank You so much we love you i tried to make

This as fast as possible so enjoy the Episode and stay spooky Okay we’re in night shot now Once again i don’t think people online Understand Just how creepy this is this is how you Massive this is a foreign country and We’re here alone page black Midnight I just always go Yeah i don’t like being like my back to This thing i’m watching okay So Down there Like a woman That just started Yeah I’m getting a really uneasy vibe Feels like It feels like to me the patients are Stepping out of their rooms and watching Us I got i’m not kidding i have like oh my God my whole body is Goosebumps i know my legs Are standing up this whole way behind You is the creepy one to me Look behind you That’s why i don’t like There’s somebody here with us Did you have tuberculosis Are you down there at the end of this Hallway There is somebody here with us

Can you use your voice Hello Just Sketched My eyes are really burning i don’t know Why but It’s a really creepy place yeah it is I’m just going to do it again Again Hey if that was you knocking those two Pieces of wood or sticks together Would you do it again please We’re not here to harm you Actually we’re just here to Make contact with you Please keep doing that Are you at the end of this hall in one Of the rooms If you are knock your sticks together or If it’s a bed frame Like the stick i have in my hand here I felt something [Applause] Now M Do you want to come down here farther I’m going to move this device [Applause] That device You can come down and Make your presence known by setting that Device off for us Those voices are kind of weird because Like there was no one here

Like why would that woman’s voice come Through once if they’re everywhere I would heard them drive up and leave We didn’t hear those noises the whole Time we were walking around up here Why would they just keep going Let’s go So So Look at this graffiti What Go away No they’re just like laughing Let’s see Wait what was that noise I think it’s a fireworks Okay well what’s your suggestion We need to go We can do it This is a foreign country we’re waiting In the middle of nowhere I’m okay i’m actually afraid okay There’s only two of us That can be drinking and everything Until they’re getting closer Okay Okay well what do you do then we gotta Go this is the stairs right here I think we should yell out to them so That they don’t Do something They’re not gonna shoot us though They probably don’t even know we’re in Here they see the light coming

I think you should kill the light oh you Want to walk down They’re just teenagers having fun i Guarantee you Just sponsored Let’s just wait just a little bit okay Thank you Meanwhile i’m here I’m just gonna again i’m telling you We’re in greece You know But i get it i got it i’m good So let’s let’s do something else Okay Yeah let’s just look at this next floor And then we can go downstairs [Applause] Wait Shhh I know Damn i hope the camera picked that up That was from in here too I feel like that was upstairs But I don’t want those guys back they’re not Here Okay That’s what it Was this door But that loud one Hello That door is so creepy It’s definitely not blood What was that

Do you want to get out yeah Okay That’s the moment we left Could you do that again And she’s turned to midnight too Midnight too Midnight too So we have a plane flight tomorrow Morning we have to be up at 7 45 for our Chauffeur to the airport from where We’re staying in athens so we’re not Going to be able to stay here all night We’ve gotten some really crazy evidence Here though just already and we captured A couple terrifying moments And my ear just started to ring for the First time i always get that earring Hello I think we should I go the viewers can kind of see what We’re seeing here Um This is like uh Again a lot of times the scarier part Are like the people that That are living and to me Could have been a gunshot probably a Firework either way It’s creepy air in the drunk outside That combined with the actual noises Kind of like we’re starting to hear That i’ve kind of picked up and the wind Hollowing through here’s I’ve never been anywhere like this

Before myself obviously I mean maybe in greece and Freaking this tall mountain like It’s insane Again i don’t think really the viewers Really can’t understand How i feel at least dangerous this is And maybe it’s irresponsible for me So for you To let you do this is why i get kind of Upset But That’s why i’m here this is an extreme Location too Yeah this is extreme I mean really Where i’m on the fourth floor of this Hospital Sanatorium in greece on the top of a Freaking mountain with trunks outside That either shot a gonadis At least a fairly good explosive Fireworks Hello Yeah it’s really creepy down there It’s a first floor patient thing Wow There’s another stairway over there see That Walk over here with me real quick I think it’s just the ceiling right There what nails [Applause] Whoa

Dude look at this old door Damn that’s crazy I can just look over here Oh here’s that second stairway So this is all One thing I’m starting to cough here this was a Tuberculosis hospital so it’s kind of Strange But One thing i’d like to point out is that Even though this place was turned into a Hotel and renovated They did keep some of the original Features like you just saw one of those Old hospital doors Laying on the ground and if you look Around here You’re coughing too This is all white tile And in hospitals which rooms had the White tile The mortuaries And the embalming rooms and the morgues So this potentially could have been the Morgue in the hospital There’s something in here that Is gonna get my throat Wow [Applause] So Foreign You