5 Horrifying Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Soldiers

By | August 23, 2019
5 Horrifying Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Soldiers

The idea that unknown extraterrestrial Beings are clandestinely visiting the Earth for hidden purposes is quite Plainly horrifying yet if the following Cases are to be believed then that may Very well be precisely what is happening Whilst it is terrifying to consider the Intentions of alien beings who possibly Observe and perhaps even abduct us with Little to no intention of communicating It is even more frightening to consider How those they are tampering with are The very people we rely on to keep us Safe It was May 1951 the Korean War had been Raging for a year and US Army private First class Francis P wall and his Regiment was stationed around 60 miles North of Seoul near Chowan in time the Area became known as the Iron Triangle Due to the heavy conflict that took Place there before the Armistice was Signed two years later and if wall is to Be believed in addition to human Combatants the conflict may have also Involved extraterrestrials talking about His experience later during an interview With John Timmerman an associate of the J Allen Hynek Center of UFO studies wall Explained that his regiment were Preparing to bombard a nearby village it Was night and they were located on the Slopes of a mountain above the village The men of the regiment were active

Warning local civilians of the coming Bombardment according to Warren it was Then that they suddenly noticed what Appeared to be a jack-o-lantern come Wafting down across the mountain at First no one thought anything of the Object it had an orange glow and moved Quickly wal described how it continued On down to the village where it passed Through the center of artillery air Bursts without being harmed this lasted For about 45 minutes to an hour it Wasn’t until the object approached the Regiment that wall and others supposedly Started to question what it was in his Interview the soldier claimed that the Once Orange light transformed in color it Turned a blue green brilliant light Pulsating it continued to approach Unsure as to its purpose and worried That it may have sinister intentions war Received permission from his company Commander to fire upon the object he Stated that he must have hit it as he Could hear when the projectile slammed Into it strangely where the artillery Rounds had left the Object unharmed walls armor-piercing Bullets clearly affected it from his Description the object supposedly went Wild moving erratically it’s light going On and off at one point it appears as Though it might crash to the ground

All the while it made a sound which they Had not previously heard war described It as being similar to the sound of Diesel locomotives revving up according To Ward’s testimony it was at that Moment that the object attacked in his Words we were swept by some form of a Ray that was emitted impulses in waves That you could visually see only when it Was aiming directly at you that is to Say like a searchlight sweeps around and You would see it coming at you when the Ray pointed at wall he felt a burning Tingling sensation all over his body as Though something were penetrating his Skin terrified wall and his fellow Soldiers supposedly retreated into their Bunkers through peep holes he and Another man he was sharing the bunker With watched as the object hovered over Them for a while Illuminating the whole area with its Light then it shot off at a 45-degree Angle it was gone at the time wall and The others in his regiment assumed that That was the end of the peculiar Incident however three days later the Entire company of men had to be Evacuated by ambulance during his Interview war claimed that wider roads Had to be cut to make way for the Transport needed to hold them out Supposedly the men were too weak to walk And had dysentery when doctors inspected

Them they found that they had an Extremely high white blood cell count Which the doctors could not account for In the aftermath of the strange object And the mysterious mass illness which Trucked the regiment whether or not a Report should be filed was a source of Contention Despite it being standard practice for a Company report to be filed each day the Consensus of the regiment was that the Details of the incident should be Withheld from their superiors deadlock Every one of us up and think we were Crazy explained war at the time of his Interview in 1987 war could still not Offer an explanation as to what he Thought the object was he did however Explain that he suffers from periods of Disorientation and memory loss seeming To suggest that this was a direct result Of his encounter with the object in 1951 Perhaps surprisingly PFC wall is not Alone in his claim of strange objects in The skies over Korea there are several Reports from Air Force pilots and other Soldiers of similar objects being Encountered most often it was the Peculiar and advanced maneuverability Similar to wars report of the object Being able to move through artillery Fire that was commented on in an attempt To explain what soldiers were seeing Some have suggested that Russia was

Testing new and advanced aerial Technology over Korea however it is Equally claimed that Soviet soldiers Also reported encounters with similarly Strange objects if it had been of their Own technology then why were reports of Unidentified flying objects being made Too many it seemed as though the objects Were not of Earth and had come from Elsewhere What exactly did wall and his regiment Encounter that night in Korea for Decades government bureaus have been Tasked with investigating reports of Unidentified flying objects and Extraterrestrial contact in the United Kingdom this was the role of the Ministry of Defence until the project Was disbanded in 2009 in France it Remains the task of a department within The french space agency known as japan In the United States the Air Force Initiated various projects project sign Project grudge and project Bluebook Whose aims were not only to analyze Supposed UFOs but to assess their Potential threat to national security Whilst these investigations were highly Classified at the time at which they Were conducted in recent years archived Files have been released to the public Under the Freedom of Information Act one Such report can be found in the CIA Reading room it describes an event which

Is said to have taken place in Siberia In 1987 the CIA report is a translation Of an article which supposedly appeared In a Ukrainian newspaper in 1993 the Article began by stating that after the Fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 many Previously top-secret reports from the KGB The ussr’s main Security Agency were Leaked and found their way abroad in Particular to the CIA it was a 250 page File concerning the activities of Russian soldiers in Siberia which the Article claimed was of particular Interest to the CIA according to the Leaked materials a quite low-flying Spaceship in the shape of a saucer Appeared above a military unit that was Conducting routine training maneuvers For unknown reasons somebody Unexpectedly launched a surface-to-air Missile and hit the UFO it fell to earth Not far away the newspaper then went on To describe how the report stated that Five short humanoids with large heads And large black eyes emerged from the UFO which had been shot down after Freeing themselves from the debris of The wreck these five humanoids Supposedly came close together and then Merged into a single object that Acquired a spherical shape the newspaper Stated that the original report included The testimonies of two of the soldiers

Present they claimed that the spherical Object started to buzz and hiss sharply Before turning a brilliant white in just A few seconds it has grown larger and Then exploded by flaring up with an Extremely bright light 23 of the Soldiers who had watched the phenomenon Were killed in that very instant Supposedly they were turned into stone Poles the only survivors were two Soldiers who due to having been standing In the shade when the explosion happened Were thought to have been shielded from The effect of its extremely bright light It is claimed that the remains of the Petrified soldiers were transported to a Secret scientific research institution Near Moscow there it was discovered that The soldiers living organisms had been Transformed by the explosion their Molecular composition was supposedly Described as being no different from That of limestone according to the Newspapers commentary despite the Efforts of many specialists no Explanation for the sphere or the fatal Energy it emitted when it exploded could Be given the article offered its own Conclusion titling the piece cosmic Revenge suggesting that the Russian Soldiers attack on the UFO had caused The fatal retaliation Whilst the CIA have not confirmed or Denied whether or not the original 250

Page KGB file is in their possession or Indeed exists at all the report Available in the CIA reading room does Include remarks from a CIA Representative they state that if the KGB file does correspond to reality this Is an extremely menacing case they also Freely admit that the aliens possess Such weapons and technology that go Beyond all our assumptions indicating That humanity has no means to defend Against such an attack interestingly the Tone of these concluding remarks in Which the CIA refers to having made past Assumptions about the aliens and their Capabilities suggests that aliens was a Phenomenon known to the government Agency at the time this report was Produced in the years since this report Was made available to the public Mixed opinions have been offered as to Its validity many are of the belief that This does indeed refer to a real event Citing the CIA’s concealment of the Report for over 20 years as proof of its Genuineness others however are more Skeptical according to some UFO Researchers the report could all be Misinformation on the part of the CIA Meant to present the possibility of Human alien interactions as farcical Thus undermining the validity of genuine Cases and certainly it can be said that The origins of the story are suspicious

According to the CIA report the Ukrainian newspaper cited an article in Weekly World News as its source the September 1992 edition in which the Story first appeared provides more Insight into the supposed incident Including what is described as a Dramatic photo of the crash site the Author of the article claims that the Photograph as well as the 250 page KGB Document will To them by two CIA insiders not only is The photograph published in the article Dubious but the newspaper itself has Long had a controversial reputation many Have condemned the publication as only Printing fictional material Even so Weekly World News has Traditionally claimed that it prints Nothing but the truth and is the world’s Only reliable newspaper this suggests That at the very least their UFO story From 1992 was intended to be interpreted As a true event whether or not it Actually correlates to reality however Cannot be said what is intriguing is That the CIA thought the Ukrainian Newspapers reported of the case Interesting enough to warrant a Translation and official report being Produced after all as their report Concludes if true a fatal encounter Between humans and aliens in which the Humans were turned to stone is extremely

Menacing In the 1940s American air force pilots Reported seeing strange aerial Manifestations chased them all across The world since this was the time before UFOs were named phenomena pilots dubbed Them Foo Fighters after a popular comic Strip of the time and for lack of a Better name this informal term became Prevalent in 1945 lieutenant Donald Meyers described how encounters with Foo Fighters could be typically divided into Three types the first were red balls of Fire that fly along a wingtip then there Were reports of something akin to a Vertical row of three balls of fire Which fly in front of the planes finally There were sightings of a group of about 15 lights which appear off in the Distance like a Christmas tree up in the Air and flicker on and off in 1944 Numerous reports of unidentified objects Were being handed to commanders and many Were demanding explanations a now Declassified secret US Army memorandum Dating from the 16th of January 1945 Reveals how one Lieutenant Colonel Requested support from his superiors in Regards to handling the situation we Have encountered a phenomenon which we Cannot explain Crews have been followed by lights that Blink on and off changing colors etc the

Lights come very close and fly formation With our planes His memorandum also described how crews Had reported being on edge when they Encountered the peculiar lights in order To understand what they were dealing With He stated that they needed further Information from other air crews and Certainly far from being limited to a Handful of sightings Foo Fighters were Being widely encountered by US military Personnel in response the Lieutenant Colonel received a litany of similar Reports from his superiors all of which Were equally unexplained indeed the Reports were so numerous and ongoing That matters were escalated further Until they reached the highest level the Supreme headquarters of the Allied Forces before too long it was realized That US forces were not alone in their Experiences British RAF pilots were also Reporting encounters with bizarre lights Which could change direction rapidly Reports of Foo Fighters were numerous Over continental Europe in particular Over large German cities similar reports Were also streaming in from the Pacific And Japan according to a news article Written in 1947 the first recorded Foo Fighter witnessed in Japan was during an Air raid against Tokyo it was the 23rd Of May 1945 and veteran pilots Jerry

Dunphy supposedly encountered round Speedy balls of fire fast as a b-29 but Not as maneuverable his was not the only Report dumphy claimed that there were Many other pilots who experienced Similar sightings above all it was the Objects maneuverability which caught Pilots attentions not only did the Exhibit dexterity far superior to Allied Forces they seemed to be improving with Time Such reports were common in many active Military zones throughout the mid 1940s To the extent that a former intelligence Officer stationed in the Mariana Islands Stated that they were almost a routine Subject of conversation a search of Various unit records from the Pacific Theater reveals that as many as 40 Foo Fighters were alleged to have been seen On a single mission without a doubt The documentation of this phenomenon is Extensive as far as the military High Command was concerned the phenomenon was Easily dismissable after the initial Wave of reports scientists claimed to Have found several explanations ranging From pilots being exhausted confusing The lights with the planet Venus to a Phenomenon known as st. Elmo’s fire A form of electrical discharge from the Atmosphere yet whilst these theories Cannot be thoroughly rejected the Quantity of reports many of them from

Veterans of several military campaigns Should have encouraged any researcher Not to dismiss them so lightly as one Pilot stated in a newspaper at the time If we’re starting to see things now we’d Better quit and go home the general Sentiment of pilots at the time was that The dismissive handling of their reports By the higher-ups was disgusting Beyond theories of exhaustion and Natural phenomena is has also been Proposed that the mysterious objects Being cited with secret weapons Developed by the enemy however the Advanced maneuverability of the lights Seemed far beyond any known technology Allied or otherwise of the time and even If man-made technology could be Entertained as an explanation The similarity of descriptions of Foo Fighters in the Pacific and Europe makes This improbable it would have been Highly unlikely for German and Japanese Engineers to have shared technology it Is known that despite being al Their military cooperation was limited And cautious and there are no documents Which suggests plans for developing any Long-term or real coordination of Military operations with all other Explanations unconvincing one of the Most prevailing theories to explain Sightings of Foo Fighters is that an Unknown extraterrestrial force was

Observing and cataloging human Experience during one of the greatest Conflicts in human history many cite the Sinister nature of how the lights never Physically interacted with pilots Instead choosing to keep a distance as If watching ultimately the Foo Fighter Phenomenon remains a mystery and is Still being researched to this day with Records and studies in other languages Waiting to be translated in time the Truth may be revealed but for now all we Can do is speculate on what force appear To be pursuing pilots in the midst of That titanic conflict On the 18th of October 1973 an Army Reserve helicopter and its crew of four Men were flying above the state of Ohio In command of the helicopter in the Right front seat was captain Lawrence J Coyne at 36 years of age Coyne had Nineteen years of flying experience the Helicopter and its crew were stationed At Cleveland Hopkins Airport and at Around 11 o’clock that evening they were Returning to their base from Columbus What happened during this return flight Was supposedly so bizarre that coin was Forced to file an official report in Detail to the army the helicopter was Cruising at 2,500 feet and they were Alone hey check showed that none of the Unit’s Super Sabre jets were in the air It should have been a routine flight yet

At that moment the helicopters crew Chief supposedly noticed the appearance Of a red light on the eastern horizon During an interview with a local Newspaper two weeks after the incident Coin explained how the light was Traveling in excess of 600 knots in About ten seconds the unidentified light Had traveled from the horizon to the Helicopter coin was in no doubt that They and the object he described as the Other craft were on a collision course The pilots then put the helicopter into A dive according to coins testimony the Helicopter crew prepared themselves for Impact at around 1,700 feet the Unidentified object was claimed to be Terrifically fast giving coin and his Crew little time to respond yet there Was no crash Coin alleged that before it hit the Helicopter the object stopped right over Them now so close he said he was able to Get a better look at the mysterious Craft in his interview he provided a Detailed description it had a big grey Metallic looking hull around 60 feet Long it was shaped like an airfoil or a Streamlined fat cigar there was a red Light on the front the leading edge Glowed red a short distance back from The nose there was a centre dome the Green light at the rear reflected on the Home the green light at the rear

Supposedly swiveled like a spotlight When it pointed at the helicopter coin Stated that the beam of light came Through the canopy of the helicopter And bathed the inside of the cabin in a Green glow without any input from Himself or members of his crew the Helicopter began to climb in just a Couple of seconds the military aircraft Had climbed from 1700 to 3500 feet with No power no guidance from the crew and No g-forces or other noticeable strains After this the unidentified crafts Seemed to release the helicopter before Moving off to the west and out of sight In the aftermath of this bizarre Encounter coin was not the only one to Discuss what had happened that autumn Evening other members of his crew have Confirmed his original testimony with All for signing the official army report Not only that several members of the Public on the ground below also reported Witnessing the soldiers near-miss with The unidentified craft writing about What he saw 45 years later Jim Carver Explains how he his father and brother Were standing at a kitchen window in Their home near Mansfield Ohio According to his testimony it was his Brother bill who first noticed red green And white lights on the horizon Following their movement with a pair of Binoculars Carver claims that the

Unidentified flying object got closer to His house in the hope of getting a Better view he got in his car and drove Towards Mansfield little did he know That in doing so he would miss what has Been described as one of the most Credible UFO events in history from the Ground carvers brother father and Neighbors watched in horror as the UFO Shot across the sky towards the Helicopter it seemed a certainty that They were about to witness a horrific Collision yet instead they claimed that They saw the helicopter successfully Dive to avoid the other craft with both Then climbing straight up in the air at Speed sitting in his car now a few Blocks away Carver supposedly witnessed the UFO Shoot off towards the northwest in his Own words in literally seconds it was The size of a star in the distance even Faster the object disappeared from sight Carver was left with no doubts that was He his family and neighbors witnessed That night was distinctly not from this World as for coin and his crew they Maintained that they had encountered an Unidentified flying object labeling it As such in their official report whether Or not the strange craft was alien in Nature however remains a mystery Whatever the case may be an irrefutable Explanation has never been provided

Bill Brooks is a former British Army Soldier who was born in 1954 two-thirds Of his life he did not believe in aliens UFOs or anything paranormal all this Changed at the age of 44 it was then That Brooks experienced what he has Described as a sudden download of Memories memories which until that point He had supposedly suppressed and kept Hidden deep within his subconscious mind At first it was one memory in particular Which anchored firmly within his mind Over the next 20 years Others would gradually resurface until Brooks was left in no doubt that on Several occasions over the course of his Life he had been abducted by aliens After experiencing a series of heart Attacks and strokes in the course of a Single week in 2012 Brooks was left with the pressing need To share his experiences with others it Was his belief that it was important for Humanity to understand what he had Experienced this sentiment culminated in The publication of a book in 2016 in his Book Brooks alleges that his Extraterrestrial experiences dated back To his childhood and that even after his Moment of awakening when he realized his History of abductions at the age of 44 He continued to be abducted at one point He describes having watched the earth Getting smaller and smaller through a

Window on a spaceship during a childhood Abduction after this point his awareness Of the event became muddled with Brooks Suggesting that his memory may have been Wiped by the aliens missing time and Confusion in regards to the chronology Of events feature throughout Brooks his Testimonies on another occasion he Describes having found himself sitting On a path in the pitch dark with no Recollection of Thing at all his last memory was of Being there several hours earlier such Claims of missing time are common Amongst others who claim to be alien Abductees soon after graduating from Army training Brooks was posted overseas to a High-security nuclear regiment in Germany one night was trying to sleep on Top of an armored vehicle after a Canceled military exercise Brooks and His friend Joe was supposedly disturbed By light and smoke the smoke was said to Be similar to that of a flare with the Lights being almost blindingly bright And white the scene which he claims to Have watched unfold thereafter made Absolutely no sense to Brooks whatsoever He describes how he and Joe watched in Disbelief as their fellow soldiers as if Under orders began leaving the vehicles They’d been sleeping soundly in Appearing to be in a trance the men

Moved on mass towards some object with Very bright lights in the field Brooks points out that despite being Exhausted from a long day of exercise The man moved in perfect unison climbing Down from the top of the vehicle in an Attempt to investigate Brooks was then Supposedly confronted by a man dressed In black coveralls he was armed and Forcefully instructed Brooks to walk Towards the light in the end both Brooks And Joe were made to do as the man Commanded once again Brooks claims that His memory of what followed is murky the Next morning he and Joe found themselves Standing on parade with no recollection Of the night before or indeed how they Got on parade whilst Brooks affirms that He has no memory of what happened that Night after being confronted by the man In black he was left wondering whether He and his fellow soldiers had been part Of a mass abduction Brooks’s book is packed with similarly Sensational stories as well as Discussing his alleged abduction Experiences he also describes how he had To have two implants removed from his Body after an abduction understandably Brooks’s accounts are difficult to Digest with Brooks himself acknowledging The incredible nature of his experiences All that said he is far from alone in His claims reports of alien abductions

Whilst rare do exist and have been Surprisingly well documented by various Researchers ultimately Brooks has stated That he can only share his story and let Others decide what to think of it when Asked if he believes extraterrestrials Pose a threat to mankind during an Interview he stated I haven’t got the Foggiest idea in reality but why all the Secrecy could it be that this British Soldier experienced a lifetime of Abductions including during active Military service thank you for watching If you enjoyed this and haven’t done so Already be sure to subscribe for more of The paranormal to receive notifications Of new videos make sure you have clicked The BAL icon next to my subscription box And if you missed my last video on Timeslips why not take a look at it now Using the link on-screen until next time You