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So we’re heading to our location for the Night it’s just Andrew and I are on road 666 we can see that On the road to hell baby I live here but we’re talking about Weirdness yeah bruh We’ve had some Auto curses we I found Myself talking about the double was Olivia and she find myself on the a6 [Applause] Damn dude look at that that is mad Trippy okay guys so right now it’s just Andrew and I paid and I literally Decided to stay home because these Locations where though But it’s about 1:45 in the morning and Andrew has taken me to heating these Gusts a cold ambience right about my Face right now we’re in st. Gabriel’s Orphanage and nunnery this is a very old Building it dates back to a long time Ago here in Liverpool actually I’m just Going to stop it right now include the History before we go any further People in Liverpool there’s a building Notorious for paranormal activity known As st. Gabriel’s convent constructed Around 1840 the building and surrounding Structures served as a convent and a Children’s home which was run by nuns

Thousands of children pass through the Hallways of these buildings over the Years and it is said that many of these Children never left from seeing Full-bodied apparitions that resemble Spectral nuns to hearing tortured Screams emanating from the Attic of the Building many have visited st. Gabriel’s Convent and emerged with the frightening Ghost story of their own after the Building was closed an inside source Told us that the convent was used as a Site for pagan rituals and when we Visited we found the room where these Rituals were carried out and found a Shocking presence within it should also Be noted that this convent came under Fire in the late 90s when a voluntary Worker who had lived and worked in the Convent for decades was jailed for Sexually abusing young boys on the Grounds these buildings have seen a lot Of negative history over the years so It’s no surprise that it’s known to be One of the most haunted locations in the Area it was a cold dark night when we Investigated st. Gabriel’s convent and Neither Andrew nor I knew what was to Come So now that you understand the history Of these buildings and understand a Little bit more about what we’re trying To investigate I’ll just tell you that This place is very very creepy just what

We were walking into this place we were In the dark and it’s just massive Multiple buildings already just my the Hair on my arms are standing on end it’s A very very different type of feeling Than a lot of other places that we’ve Been in definitely eerie out the ass Just walking up Andrew was hearing what He thought were children screaming right Buddy yeah I heard about five times Outside yeah just echoing to him while I Was eating some starbursts for my blood Sugar and even just when we weren’t Filming we were walking in here I Thought I heard almost a woman saying Something and we’ve heard some movement And some kind of these spooky noises all Around us and I keep getting this cold Air and just a chill so there are a lot Of secrets inside of this building that Andrew knows since he’s been here before With Olivia and whatnot so I’m just Gonna take the camera from him welcome To the White House this is another one Of the most extreme and three feast Episodes we’ve ever done that’s what you Get when paranormal files collabs with Proven demons we do spooky ain’t that Right yeah all right unless let’s get on With it someone who nervous too Footsteps you ready yeah where do you Want to go first we have a couple Options there’s a cellar downstairs this Floor there’s not a lot to it

Second floor it’s not a lot to it the Third floor is where we started finding That the pet when do you want to just Jump right there sure we’re just gonna Walk around real quick just take a look At the grounds show it off how big it is It’s this white stuff just construction You gotta respect the fact that they’d Be doing rituals and stuff and a Spiritual energy must be really high as Grand look at these old accents on the Wall it’s kind of dope your little Spooked Yeah just like a weird energy it’s kind Of on edge well this is my idea but There’s a whole school work rooms I’d Like to take place like the 18 on Virtually is family living in a you know In a Victorian home exactly what I was Thinking this whole time what [Applause] Look at that And there’s even like a bus bladder That’s creepy as hell wait wait wait let Me try and see if there’s a doorway wait I can’t see from here all four walls There’s no door into that room that is Straight up know what this there’s a Ladder in there Dude you’re so right though and there’s No door into that room let’s just see Grass room why would you need a secret Room then the floor with no escape and a

Nunnery and orphanage super hip kids Don’t matter I mean what what’s the Other option Maybe like some food or some [ __ ] like That let that make some sense of his Storage and the only way down was that Janky ladder right there I know how Would you carry that and look out wait The places you think you may have a Cellar downstairs with storage rooms That made my heart jump a bit that’s Like a horror movie right there the Creepy ass wind oh yeah Robert Vinyard In the cellar their storage rooms Already what the hell is this and you’ve Never seen this before No for some thing I just walked by and Saw this on the ground I know you kind Of freaked out like woah look it’s a Ladder with the room and no doors wait Hey what’s not to freak out about well You can see the where the fall store Would have been which lets trippy the Cut up right here so maybe they put on a CH trapped like a hatch on top and then Like a rug over the top so you couldn’t See it or some [ __ ] so it’s like you Choking you from Matilda yeah I mean it Could have been so this is a pretty Savage time back then well I’ll tell you Now if my memory is correct it’s up There you have another flight to get to Did you just picture light itself Oscillate lemon pusher the one way in

Front of us demo on the floor look I’m Gonna point out to you so watch it you Re watch it useless there that’s not Doing what I saw it was on the floor Should rewind it who you were filming it Huh there’s a very faint flash alight Here we check that was filming down There cuz I felt just creep down that’s Weird that you saw something There’s a really eerie place man I just keep hearing noises down there That’s an omen of things to come You wanna go upstairs you wanna go first No a torch just look like pretty new Yes yeah this is new I mean new ish Anyway obviously it’s for safety reasons Of all that I don’t recommend I have Walked before Yeah yeah I’m good and that’s even Funnier Nice I was wrong okay yeah that was like Mathematically sure it’s gonna say like Mathematically drawing to precision if Anyone in the comments no Latisse mean Tell us if you’re into the spiritual Asuma’s paganism and you do know what These are Let us know down below yeah cuz these Are strange symbols that I’ve never seen This is a chosen stuff they were carved Onto Forbes and I don’t know why I don’t Know if someone tried to get it off or

Something that he used to be a whole lot Darker than this well a whole lot more Prominent it was but a lot of things I Can see haven’t moved in the last couple Months there are only styles and forms They’ve been taking down they’re not Hearing a camera keeps blurring randomly In this room fulling in focus 20 rated The wall it’s trying to censor the People they are perfect circles I’ve Never seen mold like then wall that was Loud I never heard that They aren’t perfect circle’s I’ve never Seen mold like then whoa that was loud I Never heard that it’s just really loud Inside somebody’s baby it’s weird though The seat wasn’t such a killer he’d be Under here so I gave injuring the camera And he’s been here before so I’m just How why do you think that people did Rituals in here because that’s what you Were saying and that’s why well this Room besides the obvious I don’t think Anyone would go to this much effort if They weren’t doing rituals including the Candles here I actually was invited here one point And this is how I discovered this place By someone that went by it the name White rabbit which ironically a lot of The paintings here you’ll see like the Mouse in the door hole right there Do you reference Alice in Wonderland Which is quite mysterious thing anyway

But but yes my understanding was they Used this room for their pagan rituals Hey they told you that Well hinted in it heavily and the Messages I got from them I mean this is Like a perfect ritual room if you were To have one it’s hidden it’s isolated It’s just a room it’s not a large room It’s a small room you fit people in and Have complete secrecy by boarding up Windows with this dry wan what not I Mean can you picture it like think about It people in black robes coming in Marching units surrounding the circle Here candles lit all across the floors Could imagine the glow of orange against The walls As they did their spells and their Rituals kind of do to see that I can Actually picture myself laying my head Later and but cute mind when I first Came in here they were like the sigils On boards on the walls like around this Around the circle so yeah this will be Our first little spot for investigation You want to kill the light and do some Infrared stuff let’s do it here’s my Light to anyone that lived or died here In the nunnery or the orphanage nuns Children and to any spirits and or Entities that may have been called in Here from the pagan warship that took Place in this building we invite you Into this circle something like a

Footstep 9h man to make your presence Known That’s stirred up something like Somebody walking up the whole to that Wallpaper she’s so creepy Well sometimes are sipped on the floor That wind what was it anyway was that Piece of paper right there or something Right there I saw my Isaac yeah I saw with my I see What it was but it just flipped over I Saw that I’m gonna be honest I looked What we’re gonna have honestly they’re Saying I’m gonna be honest with you I Wasn’t filming but I saw it with my own Eyes something right there dude I Watched you just flip oh I did too Making this flat too If you’re in here with us can you give Us some sort of a sign of your presence Like knocking on one of these walls Moving a door using your voice My vision just like darkened has I’ve Been staring it’s like there’s like a Shadow My vision just like darkened has I’ve Been staring it’s like there’s like a Shadow around my eyes that’s just Growing dark roots it’s really creeped Me out except you’re gonna have to Verify what I thought I caught on camera But it looked like your shadow move when You shut the light off almost like it Was standing there still waiting for the

Lights to go out so could make its move Can you do something for us Do you know the name Lucifer Seyton well you got a player Can do can you do that again if you know The name Satan Well dude I feel like breathing on my Neck like actually it’s like am i I’m Like I’m creeped out like totally off Camera to like just meeting you like I’m Really great to him in I have chills I Just got chills do my whole body Starting in my legs it’s coming up my Legs right now Like right here just breathe I know we my hands are tingling almost Trust me you it doesn’t matter how many Times I’ve come here it still here I Could get easy mm-hmm if you’re a nun How do you feel about the fact that Pagans Satanists or whoever this group Was came into your religious holy home And inserted their own religion Do you want to try send up the run Button sure so you’ve been in here for About 20-30 minutes nothing’s really Happened so far why don’t you set the Rem-pod of the center of the pentagram Well it’s not really a pentagram it can Be Expedia and whatever direction I mean You’re not from the direction I’m Looking at it right now it’s definitely A pentagram but you can see right there The rem-pod is zeroed out on temperature

And the actual amf field around it so Any disturbance or fluctuation will be Recorded and will be kind of freaky If there was something summoned here Could you try to use the energy of this Star of this pentagram or pentacle Depending on how it was used use the Energy from the rituals that may have Brought you here to effect the device in The center of the star please or even Just make a noise give us some kind of Sign of your presence Hello I thought I heard footsteps manic we’re Gonna go up there are some serious Activity up there but this just is one Room it’s so weird and it’s like there’s A face it could be pareidolia right Looks like there’s a face in the wall Watching you like it’s like stained into The frickin wall up there is so eerie I Bet I think is just eerie thick dude Right when you talked about the face do You have something to do with the face Oh no [ __ ] away dude that’s a solid Yes okay stop that if you have something To do with the face and let us ask you Another question please it could be Coincidence but there’s some good timing Right there yeah are you usually up in The attic can you make that light go off Again if you’re usually up in the attic Oh my god That is incredible alright are you up in

The attic right now Is there someone else up in the attic Annoying song so mm-hmm it’s weird how It just goes off and it just stops you Know if you want us to go upstairs I was Going to seen before it’s just eerie how You can see her breath taking take a big Breath out just adds like a element of Creepiness in this video you know what I Think what it’s getting late Justified to pull it and do it gorilla Anak it’s that time do you want us to Come up to the attic should we not go up To the attic or should be no party can You light the light up one more time if You don’t think we should go to the Attic didn’t even give you a chance to Place your question you knew what I was Gonna ask oh I got cold so all of a Sudden me too man I feel it I got a Headache too can you stop that light It’s time to go Judy was instant – I know there’s no way You can even manipulate this device if You try it seems really intelligent to Me okay so I’m just right in the center Of the star by a chance Roman started Rolling yeah I didn’t even try We got the REM pod packed up and where Are you taking me right now we’re gonna Go to the attic and see who’s who’s home I guess but I want to show you the face In the wall okay oh I can tell Out of all the places we’ve been so far

You haven’t been this dreadful I don’t I’ve had some of the craziest scariest Things happen was that glass moving it Sounded like it you know step forward a Little bit I feel mega creep down this Room here goes something I’ll go first You follow What’s your stuff yeah that’s like an Empty floorboard I’m actually starting To get really jittery when the last Night we’re here and we were up in this Attic there was this amazing but Horrifying crash that happened in that Room and there’s nobody there we didn’t Get it happens right when I got to the Door Frank look to your left in the wall Tell me first this thing right here Right there we’re here know what right That guy oh my should I see him Oh my god I know it’s a guy with the Moustache a nose two eyes the ears and a Beard well and then if you look at the One two circles to the left just pan Over today it’s like a really demented Face it’s like almost like a clown face Two eyes and you notice the clown’s Downstairs on the walls yeah that looks Like a red nose painted lips and two Eyes but hey with that one there is Amazing because get I hear so much mold So what would they have used the attic For Lois me but you can go the roof Right there this is this is no joke dude I’m like dreading our next one though I

Know I’m gonna be like a really freaked Out That one’s a very like it’s bad juju There’s someone up here in the Attic With us can you give us a knock on Something kind of like this can you let Us know where you are in this upstairs Area that was from that back room here Where you summoned here to this building Through a ritual So Those your boys Person here yeah how’s that going right Over there that was you can you do it Again for us I know amateur Explorer here let’s just Be mega brave turn off the lights oh Yeah You ready I mean I can tell you’re Actually really freaked out this is no I Don’t normally get freaked out but I was Gonna say I think this is the most free Time I’ve seen you this entire 10 days So far this is day 9 out of the 10 this One’s off pudding okay it’s like you Can’t see anything man trying to show The room in night shot it’s just looks Black we now have all the lights off if You’re a shadow you’re free to move Around as you please Come talk to us then there’s a knock in There give us a sign of your presence Please louder Keep son focusing in that room so weird

But I’m not watching the footage the Whole time looking behind us in this Direction but you can’t see on the Night-vision well look we’re gonna be Leaving here in a moment we have one More stop to make tonight one that might Be far worse than this maybe you want to Challenge our belief that the next one Will be worse by doing something now and Scaring the crap out of us if you give Us one big sign of your presence Knock something over throw something Bang on something we’ll leave you in Peace Let’s do it I just feel I still does watching us Yeah I feel it in every corner of the Room in the darkness it’s like there It’s just wait it’s really creepy okay Tell you what We’ll start walking out we keep the film Rolling yep cuz you know how this stuff Works was most of the time when you Least expect it so I’m just gonna show You guys real quick before you go out Here’s what we see Turning off the infrared it’s literally Pitch black in here there you go panning The camera around I think it’s time for Us to get out of here okay so it’s Actually 2:00 in the morning right now But we haven’t even gotten to our main Location for the night it’s just Andrew and I Olivia and Payton are back

At the hotel where the crazy sons of [ __ ] that are willing to go out and Do this this late now I’m just gonna Tell you guys I’m kind of a scaredy-cat Sometimes especially when I’m overtired And jumped up on caffeine like I am Right now what do you feel that really Cold breeze and went through my hands on The floor like jiggled it felt like well You feel that for almost chic I did I I Did what the [ __ ] Okay anyways we’re still up in the attic You see Andrews like not focus because He’s freaked out up here it’s it’s Nerve-racking few places can do this to Me but this is one of them and of course I always say this I won’t say it’s so Hyped up this time but uh if you’re Watching this channel right now hit that Like hit that subscribe if you’re brand New and leave a comment down below let Us know if you’d like to see us club Some more that’s okay We’re a little on edge yeah like I mean This is like no [ __ ] for cameras This is just two dudes in a massive old Orphanage nunnery supposedly very Haunted with Mutual’s so in a second After I say this last thing when have You point your camera out the window It’s just so awful showing my towards You and show them how high up we are in A mansion just to say this one more time Andrew and Olivia have visited so many

Of these locations that we’ve been to on This trip by themselves and they have Really great investigation videos on Their Channel I mean we’ve investigated With these guys so many times now they Have the most integrity out of anybody We’ve ever worked with they really care About what they do so go support these Guys I love them so much they’re some of Our best friends so ah thank you go Giving some love and right now we’re Just two spookyboys up in the attic If you have a little spooked career Preset so check this out we’ll give you An idea of just how high up we are Right I’m gonna shine both torches on There highest setting can you see how High up we are in this massive mansion There’s the cream there’s a little less Shine over to the right that’s a look at That that is a two-story building next To us Yep part of the orphanage so well well With those great pal words in hand Please God well got the light repaired From Andrew and I here in Liverpool We’re heading to our last location for The night Want to stay with me everybody as always Stay Sookie Hello