I Told Myself I’d NEVER RETURN to THIS Abandoned Building after Filming THIS Video. HERE’S WHY.

By | July 13, 2019
I Told Myself I'd NEVER RETURN to THIS Abandoned Building after Filming THIS Video. HERE'S WHY.

Oh heavens no what the hell was that Go back baby from was coronated we Walked by and it was laying there the Shaver just threw itself Holy crap thank you and I’m terrified There’s not the front of us or something That’s kind of like walking around Almost I think coming for any type thing Serves the tap behind us a tap in front Of us the minute your eyes obviously Everyone watching Collins a little shook Up by that it’s gonna be alright All right do you like Colin you two just Stand there Dear Lois This hallways creepy too long man I Heard there But were you trying to talk to me by Using your voice What happened to you when you died do You even know that you’re dead It’s so quietly yeah there’s a poem Although I don’t play it’s not normally This quiet I was wondering if any places like part Of this [ __ ] get like this What does someone have to like rip it Down uh with a lot of a bit of buildings We have metal thieves oh yeah so Obviously someone tore this down just

Still never watch how they’re like oh We’re grown with leaves and [ __ ] you Can’t see and I think I’m just gonna Turn the light on someone’s gonna be Standing right there why their leaves on Hmm at any point you get uncomfortable And you want us to back off just making Noise St. John’s debit first aid thank you Dude son of a headless horseman you Haven’t had this horse wasn’t there Wasn’t there a tall tale of revenge Where someone cut the head off a horse And left in some of his bed yeah that Was the Godfather yeah well there’s the Other half for it that’s where he got it From his hump Hello Do you like us cracking jokes do you Want some more we usually don’t talk About orbs or visual anomalies here on The paranormal files But in this specific instance I think That this anomaly appears at an odd time And travels in a peculiar path if you’ll Notice this white ball seems to appear Out of nowhere and flies directly into My head it was only a minute or two After this when I began to feel Extremely sick and anxious from whatever Energy was in the building did something Enter my body on camera in this shot I Personally don’t think so but it’s Interesting to point out just in case

Whatever we captured really was Something paranormal and not just dust Or something else in the building do you Like us cracking jokes do you want some More that seemed to get a response out Of you Knock-knock Pizza oh hey hey stop crying This is a joke don’t tell jokes like That I say some just stupid things on The spot when the time comes Wow you two really are dried yeah that’s Some British humour what the hell Devon first order what the hell is that Perseids you like normally I get creeped Out in this place and I don’t want to Walk around too much should I kind of Like leaving I should be a little a Really safe at the moment hey I got a Weird anxiety upstairs but I faded but Down here I’m just gonna say The other toys oh no that means this Because this one’s getting really hot All right anyone wants to be distance Telling this one heaven so you know what The hell was that go back find out what The hell that was That was weird me from thank you by the Way it was it was the thought oh my god We walked by and it was laying there oh My god ice telling you now man when I Walked up here that was over by that Door the shaver just threw itself Holy crap thank you and I’m terrified Look no so that we probably even have

Enough footage it was literally here I Did I thought I saw it here we walked Right past it and right as you’re Standing there literally right here it Was right here I saw it there when I Walked up and we got to the end of the Hall and now and we just were to get Thrown back to the house loutish all of Us were over there look what landed – Was that long before yeah [ __ ] top Was yeah Raisa and unless you call him Don’t only because me and Olivia were in Front of you unless you magically tossed It backwards and it curved when this far And curved it I was standing up there I Just you had no way let’s pass this Glass [ __ ] I know that’s what I’m saying There’s no way you would have been able To just toss that back into the wall I’m Sure it was there I looked at it before It was it I looked at that while we were Walking up I know for a fact it was There even Olivia noticed that it was There it’s Now been moved you heard how bad that Was all three of us were standing over There All right then he wants to be distance Telling the sort of habits you know what The hell was that All right anyone wants to be this is Telling the sort of heaven so you know What the hell was that all right anyone Wants to be this is telling this one

Heaven so you know what the hell was That Can you do that again you make us go Light so right after that that is Probably other than the door opening on Its own and being chased out that’s some Of the most intense poltergeist activity I’ve seen here It was right here during the Investigation when I began to slip into What I can only describe as a state of Anxiety and panic I couldn’t think Straight I had searing pain in my eye and in my Head and wasn’t able to concentrate on Anything that was happening I know that For some reason we didn’t film the Razr On the ground as we were entering / Leaving the hallway and if that fact is Going to make you believe that we faked This video then you should probably stop Watching now however just because we Didn’t film it doesn’t mean that we Didn’t know for a fact that the Razr was There in the hallway and was definitely Not in the place we found it in after we Heard the loud noise of something Getting tossed behind us if you listen Closely to the sound you can hear a Medium-sized plastic object hit the wall And bounce off the ground seeing as There were no other plastic objects in The immediate vicinity I think it’s safe

To say that this razor moved by itself And we can count this as one of the Craziest pieces of evidence that we’ve Ever captured here on the show I know That this is going to be controversial Because we weren’t filming it but what Happened happened there’s definitely a Pattern to how paranormal activity seems To occur as many times when we are Filming something will happen in the Opposite direction of where we are Pointing our camera and a lot of times When we aren’t filming some of the Craziest activity occurs so take this Footage for what it is it definitely Changed some of my views on the Paranormal and has made me a bit more Uneasy when entering some of these Locations that are supposedly violently Haunted after the object was thrown that Night none of us could come up with an Explanation for what happened don’t Think that we will ever be able to Anyways onto the rest of the video that Should happen I thought something fell from the roof Sort of sound like to me There was a knock behind us there’s a Knock in front of us No filming on the whole film down the Whole what what what do you like sorry I Was sorry I was focusing so much on down The hall because there was a tap behind Us a tap in front of us and then you

Just grabbed me I heard something like Walking towards us nicely oh you want to Hold my hand and hold your arm and tell You what happens well I’m the only one With a torch okay like that I saw it so That’s happening with please go outside Again let me get a good shot with oh Okay Hello if there’s someone there can you Please make a noise for us Right here as I begin saying to Andrew And Olivia that I’m experiencing pain in My head in my eye and entering an Anxiety hole we captured another strange Anomaly right next to me on the infrared Camera once again I’m not saying this is A hundred percent paranormal evidence Just pointing it out as the timing was Really odd and we really didn’t see very Many dust particles in the building that Night It was a shuffle did you guys hear that It was behind me I’m not turning around Right now thank you can you make a Louder noise What’s the matter Once again this is a visual anomaly Which seems to be surrounding me As stated before not proof of the Paranormal but it is interesting to Consider the timing of this specific Anomaly appearing on camera and who the

Anomaly is appearing around it wasn’t Andrew or Olivia it was me Colin and at The time that these anomalies appeared I Was suffering deeply from an anxiety Attack and was in great pain all around My head just movement coming from in Front of us please if there’s anyone That can hear my voice right now make a Sound you happen to make a sound when I Said we were leaving for the cellar did You want us to stay make a noise if you Want us to stay Why are you targeting me If you’re targeting me and you want me I’m right here so come on over here and Get me The point of like I don’t know just Having that noise someone’s our eyes my Left eye is just like watery do you see That kind of yeah take a really irritate Her all of a sudden just gotta left and I like right there I just feel like something’s like that Would just hurt right here they’re Actually watering just feeling Something’s coming like around me man I like having anxiety hole right now Yeah just a really really like no bullet It freaked out like I just feel like in My back just try and take a breath of it There’s something that’s kind of like Walking around almost I think coming for Any type thing yeah thank you kids like

Flashes of ice and stuff that I’m not Blinking but like looking around I was Tricked out that was well that like kind Of set me off right now I don’t blame You because what that is a big freakin Deal actually now wasn’t even that far But the fact that I’ve only seen like Three or four things move over and I Know that we got that on shot he’ll Thank me Yeah well I mean I felt it like total Seconds before it happened like I’m Pretty sure if I walk in this way I just Want to point this out that most the Time while we film I hold the camera With two hands as I was doing when the Razor was thrown you can see that no one In our group tossed anything what we Were walking down the hallway it still Scares me to think about what would have Happened if that razor or whatever was Thrown would have hit one of us in the Face or another vulnerable part of the Body We’re heading to the cellar now also Flashlights you know what would be Causing a line like that Go ahead I’ve never we’re heading to the Cellar now this way yeah out that door [Applause] What He just needs a break Well why are you feeling so anxious About is just freaky do you know just

Making me feel like I could actually Like just cry extremely anxious like Like I usually a person but like that Was my stuff all of it I’m just like You’ve really never had something like That loud right next to us like that do We still have a Sullivan it’s last stop Of the night the cellar we have to do it We have to we’re going balls out it’s Not watering you see it on your footage It’ll look like water was there cuz it Was there it’s gonna be alright that’s Why we’re out here getting some fresh Air obviously everyone watching Colin’s Little shook up by that which is Understandable plus ’if just you felt Would you say you felt affected yeah I Feel really sad like this isn’t abnormal For this location Honestly like every time we’ve ever come Here something wild has happened like Just truly unexplainable I that’s why I Was worried that it was so quiet at First cuz I was like is this really the Only tonight that we’ve ever come in Where nothing has happened it’s all Right look if you know why sorry well Look we’ll discuss if wheels on the Cellar after I turn this camera off man We’re going to go on the cellar we are It’s gonna be alright That’s right I just felt nauseous If you’re not if you don’t feel Comfortable going down there we want no

Let’s go even the hallway look at that Staircase that’s the thing I there’s the [Applause] Thing is that goes upstairs but we’ve Yet to find the actual door from Upstairs that comes down here Trying to go open it now that certain Cases something safe to climb on I’ll Just keep it right home for mobile not Really but let’s do it Why are you affecting me like this There’s a tap Do you like Colin so you’re gonna pick Your mascot I’m not sure if you should You get out you seem really bad dude Oh yeah but I’m legit worried about you Just yeah just do like five minutes I Get last I just if you get like waves of Like no knowledgeable I just The gagging that you’re hearing is me Getting extremely sick it came on Suddenly and was not food poisoning or a Virus as when we left the property I was Feeling better within five to ten Minutes I believe that some sort of Energy was affecting me almost targeting Me inside of the building and really did Not like us being inside it eventually Got too intense for me and had to leave To make sure that I stayed safe and Healthy this was definitely one of the Freakiest nights filming our show ever

[Applause] No idea he’s not doing well we should Probably get going Yeah I think we should do Alright I’ll do something if you’re Affecting Collin I’m gonna tell you now You are not welcome to follow any of us You are not welcome to leave the Premises and go where we go you may Cross over and I prayed that the angel Michael come down and guide you towards The light and bring you to the other Side I hope nothing but the best for you And it’s a shame if you’re stuck here But this is not the way to get people’s Attention I pray that angel Michael Guide you towards the light you may find The heavenly gates and be where you need To be because this is definitely not the Place for you but I must repeat the Second that we step off this property You must not follow you do not have Permission to follow us end of may God Rest your soul Come on back to the car Okay look we just cost like five seconds Now Hello