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Good very good We’ve all wanted good evening folks are Welcome to alienate I wanna discuss with You what identifiers I’m gonna keep me Quite simple I’m not going to go too far Into it and rather to go too far in Depth with it I’m gonna keep it as close To the bone as I possibly can because I Think we need to have a little bit of a Reality check Now I did them a a live stream the other Night and I’m actually deleted it now Well I’m Eddie private because I was Quite um I was a little bit to drink I Think my name is my dog tonight I’m Liking this I’m liking cuz normally I Mean doc can whine you know and now I’m Seeing myself friend laying company is Just it’s magnificent and I don’t really Do many videos where I’ve had a drink Now for obvious reasons little tipple But we’ve just been having a discussion As choose he’s getting pissed off with The videos that I’m doing about Tom DeLonge because he says he’s a wanker I Kind of just shot my mouth off without Thinking and going into depth with it Well I’m thinking now and I’m I’m still Disappointed in the fact that we never Saw anything to do with the Adam project Now this Pro the Adam project if you Don’t know what it is in to the Stars Academy world is they have a load of

Objects and they’re doing tests on them Now whether these are pieces that have Fallen off alien spacecraft whether it’s Just bits of meteorites or just bits of Unknown metal all elements or whatever We didn’t hear anything to do with that Must be coming in season two I hope but That disappoint me I wanted to see Something to do with that and I heard That they had that’s weird thing which I’ll leave a a picture of it Roundabout here I put it about yeah put It there exactly there put there that Thing I was hoping that they would show A bit more muck now that it’s been spoke About before and it’s been left for Years and then I find out to the Stars Academy has that object nothing got set Back to the actual eyewitness reports And the guys that were doing the Analysis of the the the objects and they They stated that there’s no way that we Have anything that can do maneuvers like That at that speed that velocity Whatever it can’t do it now these these Are credible people they’re speaking About this there’s a lot of credible People in this documentary but here’s my Problem and call me paranoid yes I know I’m paranoid but it just seems to be That we are kind of being drip fed Disclosed you know but where’s the Agenda There is an agenda definitely is 100

Percent there is an agenda and who’s in On it and who’s been actually used now What they I found extremely strange in The whole of the unacknowledged Unidentified documentary was the fact That Tom DeLonge was just quiet he must Have said about 10 words until it was All Lew I think the guy does a great job dog him Along who’s fantastic and white does you Know he’s definitely selling it to us But this was Tom’s project he was Thomas Baby was Tom’s company if that was me I’d be like were lying about this is my Company this is my dream this is what I Wanted to do for the community for the Entire world and I’ve just got a stake Right now you know I kind of felt for Him maybe that’s the way he wants it Maybe he’s kind of like now you know why I went on Joe Rogan I spoke about my Penis and that’s kind of it for me you Know I get carried away Lou can you take The reins please maybe that’s exactly What’s happened but I do I’m very I’m a Very suspicious man very suspicious hey Hey do you remember do you remember I Did say that Bob Lazar Mark my words will be on Joe Rogan sure Sure enough a month after I put that Video out Bob Lazar is on Joe Rogan call Me psychic are just that Jeremy Carl Bell just constantly text me information He doesn’t I don’t think he knows who I

Am It was obvious I’m sure you’re gonna say Make come on we all knew that we all The Bob would end up going on Joe Robin It was inevitable completely now He’s muscle but to the unidentified and The reason why I’ve mentioned Bob Lazar Is this all seems to be coming at once We seem to be gained that drip has Turned into a nice steady trickle now of Information that we’re all gain and I’m Kind of asking my self why why is it the People at the top of the triangle that Is making this happen and that yet give You no no it’s not flat it’s not but I Do believe that there are people at the Top and who knows Tom Lew Bob they could be being told to Go on these shows to do these things are Recommended I don’t know I would like to Think that Tom DeLonge is in our base Because he’s massively into ufology he’s Addicted to the subject and he wants the World to be a better place I would like To think that bob lazar words area51 [ __ ] himself that’s not why he left Because he himself but [ __ ] himself Because he was in deep [ __ ] and he’s Totally telling the truth about the nine Spacecraft that they had in that hangars I would love to say 100% that I believe Everything these people say to me and if You do believe everything that these People say to you then you have so much

Faith is unreal because you cannot trust Anybody You really can’t You and I think I think that Tom DeLonge Lu bob lazar how whoever would probably Agree and say you’re right you cannot Trust us because you do not have the Hard evidence until a UFO comes down it Lands on my lawn and alien gets out Takes a piss on my garden and then Buggers off back home I will be forever Skeptical now I’ve seen things in the Sky and I do have some photographs Believe it or not that look extremely [ __ ] Which is why I’ve never put them out I Probably will show them in a video and Try and explain why I saw but I saw Something go in and out of a cloud once I was at traffic lights driving and I Think at a time it was you not supposed To use your phone while driving I didn’t I was pulled up but I literally got my Felt for a split second took some snaps Out of the window look back at them and You can see the object but if I show you The object it just looks like a shiny Ball I saw it looks like which could be A balloon or anything you know II but I Know I saw and I know how fast it was Moving it did my don’t know how fast it Was moving but it looked like something You know I’m not a bullshitter But I’m not gonna give you I can’t give

You that evidence and this could be the Same situation with to the Stars Academy With Bob Lazar they cannot give you the Hard-hitting evidence I mean the element 115 yet us that’s now there is we know There’s the element 115 he was right About that he was right about area 51 he Was right about the the hum detector you Know there’s a lot of things that The the see other I think while this Truth fair same way to the stands Academy exactly the same but there’s so Many people that are just jumping on This bun bandwagon that just jumping on It and they I like you cannot say [ __ ] About these people without them just Giving you a world of hurt because you Disagree or you have a different opinion On disclosure or any of the of our a Company or anything you know you know if You trust everybody and you’re gonna say This guy’s Illuminati because he’s doing That his finger I do with that with my Finger people do that it means means Bugger all he’s just me just chilled but Yeah don’t trust anybody until you have Evidence I thought the show was great by The way Unidentified I thought was a fantastic Show it kept me entertained I thought the Bob Lazar and Jeremy Cordell Carmel’s documentary was Fantastic it kept me entertained do I Believe everything that these people are

Telling me no because I have a mind of My own and until I see the evidence who Have my own eyes and I’m not talking About if we see something in the sky Over the next year or so that’s in a Remote destination that gets on the news That comes out that there is something In the sky is visiting our planet and It’s real I have to see it I can’t I’m not gonna See it on the news and say that’s real Until I see it have to see it I’m not Gonna see a video I’m not gonna see a Picture I want to see it myself So I need to get out there in the hood Under the hood now in the hood just in The field Still it’s got to Rendlesham forest I’ve Told you that keeps saying this I need To get myself out to Rendlesham forest Because that is weird I was born in December 1980 in Rendlesham forest I was Left in a paper bag and my mum found me But not I haven’t been returned yet no I Actually was born in 1980 in December 1980 so yeah there’s a good chance that I am an alien I’m just a [ __ ] like Everybody else Good night god bless mind the books Don’t bite I want to see your comments Below to what you think is going on with Disclosure what you thought of the show Unidentified because I will be doing a Review of the documentary with Osvaldo

Franco when he can get on here when we Can when our time scales match up but Yeah don’t trust anything that you see That you read Trust your eyeballs trusty nose just the Feelings if you feel something you know You feel it it’s probably real you see It with your own eyes it Matt it may not Be real you need to get close and you Smell it it’s definitely real if you Please you could smell us alien Bo you Know there’s no of a smell like it Good night god bless mind the books Don’t buy I’m alien are they like share Subscribe and yes I’ve got a few more Say