We Weren’t Ready For What Was To Come… | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | July 9, 2019
We Weren't Ready For What Was To Come... | THE PARANORMAL FILES

So tonight we have one of the most Hard-core episodes of our show ever Caden herself wouldn’t even come out With us to film this [ __ ] just because Of the stories of this place and the Amount of insane violent and physical Paranormal activity that occurs within Its walls people go there to die fear in Their for me not back for me please it’s A different energy here is something That’s strange there’s something that’s Kind of like walking around almost like Of infinity time It’s not going well we should probably Get going is there anybody here in the Nursing home You Okay so you’ve been here before right I Have been here before All right look as far as the history of This place what I can tell you about This nursing home no it’s not your Typical building that you would go Because of some crazy history has right It’s some nursing home with nursing Homes people go there to die That’s basically a final resting place If you’re not in the hospital because of This so it does not mean it’s not Interesting or haunted I myself of me And Olivia have experienced some crazy Activity here before the biggest was a

Couple weeks ago maybe a month to go I Actually screamed for the first time in Any of my videos like a little girl I Was walking up the hallway we weren’t Even there five minutes walked up I Turned my head into one of the rooms to Have a look and I turned back and then Giant shadow mess both me and Olivia saw Rain and push past us and you could even In the video you can hear the footsteps Running at us No it’s scream play audio wander scream Deal Oh my god something just ran right past Us also we’ve experienced disembodied Footsteps um last time I live-streamed Hear a door opened and then slammed Itself shut on request push the door Open Push the door open it just made a noise Well right before we opened it there was These loud banging in here and then one Near the stairs holy crap right really Come on right when I walk out the room Are you kidding me do it open the door Please open the door it’s opening it Started opening up more oh my god oh my God oh my god oh my god excuse me the Doors is freakin opened the for the First time tonight the doors was freakin Open it shut itself on its freakin own We’ve had huge bangs down on the bottom Floor while we were upstairs we’ve heard Disembodied voices talking we’ve heard

Of old women giggling in here Disembodied like music we’ve had spirit Box going off in the building telling us Beware of the shadow two shadows coming To find you why this place is quite a Hot spot on a good night so yeah that’s That’s your history listener some forty Things gonna happen tonight No one our luck absolutely nothing any Luck I don’t actually know what could Happen every time we come here something Really unexpected happens sometimes it’s Little like disembodied footsteps and Voices sometimes it’s big like being Chased set but every time we’ve come Here without fail we’ve experienced Something paranormal and to be fair it’s Now what 2:00 in the morning this is Probably one of the latest we’ve ever Come to this location so who knows So tonight we have one of the most Hard-core episodes of our show ever Right now we are about to investigate a Building that is apparently so haunted That it scared many investigators out From the building and even proving Demons who were with tonight have Captured some of their most insane Evidence right here in this building and As we’ll probably show them on these Intros it caused them to scream and go Running so this is not a place to be Taken lightly it’s a it’s such a Terrifying prospect that Payton herself

Wouldn’t even come out with us to film This bit just because of the stories of This place and the amount of insane Violent and physical paranormal activity That occurs within its walls so behind Me is actually a place called the Allen House it’s an old nursing home in England so a lot of these nursing homes In England actually weren’t constructed To be nursing homes a lot of them served Purposes as hospitals as personal homes And mansions and you know they had Various functions before they became Nursing homes and obviously this Building behind us doesn’t look like it Was constructed just to be a modern day Nursing home It’s about 2:15 in the morning right now And I’m actually scared to go in this Building I’m freaked out right now just Looking at it it’s like extremely Ominous looking and I mean just look it Right outside you want to show the Wheelchair there’s literally an old Wheelchair from one of the people that Lived here just sitting outside the Property it’s a relatively unknown spot Here in England but I have the pleasure Of being able to check it out and Investigate it with Andrew and Olivia Tonight I’m wearing this respirator Because I have a somewhat fragile Respiratory system and I really don’t Want to push with black mold and all

These different things that could Potentially get into my lungs when we Enter these locations so that’s the Reason for this they’re not wearing them Because they’ve been here before and it Hasn’t affected them but I don’t really Like to take the chance if I don’t have To so I hope you guys are ready because This one’s going to be really spooky I get that loan walkthrough now oh look How it works we’re inside how do you Feel about this it’s very different than The nursing homes in the United States Obviously and I mean it’s just it’s Creepy in here as much as I’d like to Try and be brave and say that it’s not Creepy it’s creepy This is standing in there so I can’t Imagine what the rest of the building is Like just to start this off and uh run a EMF meter good turned on right here and See if we can detect any strange Electromagnetic fields while I’m walking Through [ __ ] hello just like once you Get up there that’s where it usually Kicks off really bad so I’m gonna let You do the honors this time around we’ll Be right behind you I won’t leave without you it’s not like A piano cube it will say yeah we’ve Heard piano keys here when I told you About disembodied music yeah yeah we’ve Looked for

We’re coming through here your nose bits That are popping out the base that’s Sinking when we stand on the bits Popping out okay It’s just a safety thing right You know that video where I screamed Well I’m gonna recreate it for you right Now it’s me and Olivia I was filming When I walked up here I turned them to Here and said hello Brian as I turn back To digital uh and how that way it was About this high it was just a black Shadow master ran down the hall I even Slightly caught it on camera so it was Amazing it was terrifying I screamed so Loud this is Casey’s room and there’s Kitty’s room for some reason kitty you Believe might be one of the spirits here A lot more than he’s downstairs as well Runs upstairs there’s a lot so yeah this One’s held this room has signs Definitely pretty freaky in there okay Yeah we’ll finish sewing you around then You can decide where you oh yeah this The hell of a yourself there’s an Elevator shaft the elevators on the Bottom we have heard loud clangs and Bangs coming from in there before as Well lunch lunch what did you hear Disembodied footsteps walking right back Here we normally hear it from everywhere From through here up there and near the Staircase and everything next

We’re all dead What’s interesting and somebody had told Me this apparently large masses of flies That appear out of nowhere and then Disappear or some kind of demonic sign Mm-hmm so just food for thought actually Last summer here there’s a person here I Don’t know where it went What’s your dead bugs in the tub Well there’s the work that’s the purse That was in your life sometimes it is Well it looks kind of old it looks like And they have just been in one of these Storage rooms see basically that just Takes it down to the second level again These are big complex Oh that day here Yeah where do we begin They’re right up here we’ve had minor Things nothing before easy quite yet but I want because you’re filming for your Show let’s go something way you do let’s Just do you guys think fors top to Bottom it’s been like a little while on This floor I’ll move to the next floor Then move to the next four and then hit A really dark cellar at the end yeah Good you guys yeah so I can actually Hear noises and things let’s start by Calling out a bit You’re a rem-pod we’ve actually never Used a little pod here before I think It’s in your backpack school yeah sure

You’re gonna get to zero and out buttons On the side so Andrew just set up a REM Pod which kicks out an electromagnetic Field if something disturbs that field Then it alerts one of the lights it’s Also got temperature sensors which we’re Just zeroed out the temperatures and the Electromagnetic energy so both of those Are the baseline of zero so if the Temperature increases or decreases it’ll Light up and if some sort of weird AM Signal and if there’s its immediate Vicinity one of the lights will Illuminate so if anyone is here the Temperatures All right so if anybody’s here can you Approach the rem-pod and set it off Please You just are trying to help that’s why We keep coming back I believe what the Help of callin here will have a better Chance of communicating with you yeah What do you think are you able to Approach the antenna on top of it though That’s how we did it actually almost Like knowing full well it’s not Voice-activated right it is almost like It’s somebody listening trying to affect These devices and figure it out why is It doing this you explain to me fully Well this is the first time since we met Up then it’s done that they did that for A solid was 30 seconds straight mm-hmm Is there you affecting that device could

You could you back away from it if That’s you You know what I said tonight let’s Strive to get some real crazy Poltergeist activity I said turn the Room pot off and focus on something like Hardcore we’re down for that yeah what We’ve been doing lately with a lot of Tech okay time so you camera close kitty It’s the shadow here also the reason I’m Asking for the shadow is one of our last Investigations the spirit box kept Saying the shadow is coming for you try And see if you can knock back for me I’m Not going to just enter your room Unexpectedly if you’re in their Community please Okay I’m gonna come in then that’s Assuming no one’s in here so you’d like A bathtub naked click noise alright so When in the bathroom then no I feel so Comfortable where I just feel song holes In it you feel ridden on edge there’s a Very light terrible to anyone who might Be here My name is Colin I don’t know if I Believe in ghosts or spirits yet so I’m Gonna see you to convince me tonight I Want you to do something powerful But now you’ve scared these guys and They’ve been here before so why don’t You come and try and scare me or them Once again can you give us a sign if

You’re anywhere here in the nursing home But I may be knocking moving something Shutting one of these doors I feel so creeped out way this is weird You said I don’t get really that creeped Out like there’s a pop but this is a Different energy in here really is Something strange if you don’t subscribe To our channel already please click that Subscribe button and make sure to turn Your notifications on it helps us so Much and we can’t thank all of you Enough for the love and support also if You don’t follow me Collin on Instagram Yet go hit that follow button and go do The same with Peyton who’s even more Poppin on here than me getting more Followers gets us one step closer to the Big dreams that we have for this channel In addition if you want to support the Show our merch store is live we have Some pretty flame designs if you ask me Thank you to everyone that has bought a Piece in the past and trust me we see The love and recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys This [ __ ] just looks so creepy Although good hand for this day also Some point yourself this is why I wear Masks I do not want to be breathing that [ __ ] in is there anybody here this room Please don’t be shy No Cullen’s here I know he’s new they’re

Definitely previous location that we’ve Been to you honestly on this trip it’s So unassuming you’d imagine some other Places would have been creepier but it’s Like I think the quietness is what makes It pretty creepy it’s just so still it’s Like something’s gonna happen it’ll be Really loud can you let us know where You are in the building That was very good can you do it a bit Louder for us This unbelief and quiet right now give It some time Already we were live and for about four Minutes straight I just kept asking and Asking and finally it opened about an Inch and then just like shut itself I’m sorry to wake you up I don’t even Know it go sleep to go sleep could you Make a noise if you sleep should be push Them you go sleep just technically it is The eternal rest but look up on my back You’re the five eight something else Works so let’s just see this here Anybody here I just said what you Thinking right as you heard then moving To something like this right here Was that you moving around out there and That shit’s gonna happen now oh yeah I’d Love your the back cold shiver running Down my entire back boys

We can move boys right yes We need help Aw dude I’m cool too I feel it in my Hands I’m saying Maybe just wander around with the lights Out I get some activity probably wonder If the lights on them turn very well Maybe the down period but the fact that It’s slowly picking up again I’m getting Those cold chills soon here lights out Them right here doesn’t stay yeah oh [ __ ] man I wanna do it hey what’s that Pose wall that was right behind you Hello is it easier to talk in the dark So okay you can come out and talk to us Or at least let us know you’re in here To make a noise We’re starting to get like a really Heavy like sort of light anxiousness Outside hmm Well you’re totally blurry on the camera Can you walk up to us Can you knock on the wall like this no I Might be tripping out but I thought I Saw a small shadow on that wall just now If you were filming me you might have Actually gotten the moment when I kind Of looked up and was like all right now Thank you like Dookie shine a light over There are you downstairs right now Full-custom stuff oh my friend where are You I don’t mind the fact that we’re Starting to feel a bit uncomfortable I Understand that’s just a side effect of

You know spirit energy and whatnot could You just make a sound loud enough for us To hear if you do I promise you I’ll use A device I’ll let you use your words Would you like that try to throw Something not going to wall You Are you still here How come you’re not very active tonight So far you’re gonna have to enhance the Audio man and I’m gonna have you listen To it so I’ll play for the camera and Then you will listen to it and tell me If you hear it but it just says take That’s creepy actually there yeah so you Just recorded oh yeah I just got that While it was sitting here on the thing None of us moved I had all this holder Breath every time something clicked I Think that was your mask all right mark That in my head obviously but that was Obviously not one of them so take me Home how do we take you home so um you Know it’s great you don’t belong here It creeps me out about that take me home EVP is whether I don’t know if it’s the Spirit right now saying you know take me Home cuz he’s tired of being here or it Was residual cuz you think about it an Elderly person being brought here you’d Imagine they’d be telling their family Take me home I don’t want to be here You ever seen these creepy handprints on The wall in here they’re definitely like

Handprints because you can see fingers Right there [ __ ] like someone lost their Mind in here oh my god dude that’s like The thickest play ball but is there Anybody here in the nursing home we came Here to talk to you so we would love if You could just talk to us back we’re not Scary we don’t want to hurt you You know this means we move on to a Different part of the building yeah Obviously not much is happening down Here up here oh my godness this place is So creepy well it is Are you downstairs Can you walk upstairs to me The film is extremely cold breeze you Started coming up here and I was gonna Hit me right in my eyes can you knock on Something down there if you’re down There Let’s go down I see what is quiet as Hell up here nothing but I am interested In doing the cellar because I’ve never Been now I’ve been down there but we’ve Never got to go some down there I don’t Know where that is interesting what you Know this part is really clogged or if Like you know about [ __ ] stuff Everywhere There is that which is huge look more Rooms I think the opposite end is the Male ward my mousers this is an English A shape sure food in tea bags are here From the sink you would not see that in

America fine of tea bags oh yeah it’s Down that hallway in front to your left Oh here’s the actual Is what to go right yeah this hallways Creepy – what the hell was that go back To be from we walked by and it was lame There the shaver just threw itself Holy crap thank you and I’m terrified There’s another front of us there’s Something that’s kind of like walking Around almost I think coming from the Type thing cuz there was a tap behind us I tapped in front of us what’s the Matter your eyes Obviously everyone watching Colin’s a Little shook up by that it’s gonna be Alright All right do you like calling you two Just a minute Dear Lois [Applause] Hello