Whats up with ALIEN ADDICT

By | June 19, 2019
Whats up with ALIEN ADDICT

Good evening folks Alien addict here i’ve not passed away I’m still around this video I just kind Of want to discuss kind of what’s going On in the community what’s been going on My life really and what the plans are For the channel because I’m not going Anywhere I’ve just been extremely stressed I have A high-pressure job and somehow I have To figure out how to maybe come out of That now for anybody that’s been in the UFO community on my channel they may Know that I hey I’ve done work before With lions ground and Lions ground is no More I think Heathcliff has decided just To do his own thing with his radio Station radio Mar Bayer so if you want To go check him out check him out on Radio marbella on twitter i will leave The link to his YouTube channel radio Marbella below as well if that still Exists I think it does but yeah I’ve Kind of been having a bit of a hard time Recently at work a lot of changes have Happened and it’s led to me being quite Stressed out if anybody knows about my History and I’ve had some complications With my health in the past which I won’t Go into but it it’s worrying the job That I do for my stress levels I don’t Want to kind of I don’t need the stress Basically and YouTube’s not stressful I Mean I can imagine that somebody who

Relies on YouTube for a living would be Stressful but for main YouTube is just a Hobbie I enjoy it and if this ever Becomes a job then I’ll be very thankful For that um I don’t know if at some Point I may do maybe a patreon ah if I Do a patreon I’m gonna have to think of Something pretty cool for it to be worth Having a patreon but you know I believe You got to work well for your money um So to speak I also think that the Community’s a bit messed up right now There’s a lot going on you know I’ve Done a lot of videos on to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science and I’ve Watched the first free videos of Unidentified and it’s it’s not really Gone anywhere just yet It’s exciting I think it’s very well Done it’s very strange that Tom DeLonge Has probably said about five words Throughout the entire three episodes That I’ve watched a big thank you for as Father Franco we’ve done interviews Before I will link them below check them Out if you don’t watch this boring video That’s just about me but yeah as Provided me with the links to the videos So I can watch them in the UK because I Can’t seem to get hold of them and it’s An entertaining show so I do recommend Anybody heads over to the History Channel watch watch is the unidentified Series I’m hoping that the next three

Episodes are mind-blowing it’s kind of Leading somewhere and it it does it the Eyewitness reports are intriguing but You know there’s always that little Thing that niggles in my mind that says Are these people actors do you know Because I don’t trust anything I really Don’t trust anything in the UFO Community whatsoever there’s very few People that I trust rich Giordano is one Of the people I trust in the UFO Community right now And he’s got a fantastic channel goof on Radio stream I want you to go check that Out I’m gonna link it below also rich I’m ever so sorry to hear about Angus Angus ease riches dog he’s always on in The background is he died at the age of Fifteen and it’s been really hard on Rich so it for anybody who know that Knows rich go send him some love and Head over to his channel because he’s Absolutely amazing He really does speak his mind about us Follow gee he’s been in the field for I Think he said about 15 years I’ve seen Him on I watched a documentary the other Day I forgot the name of it alien alien Case Files I think it was and he was on The first episode I’ve only watched the First episode they just he had one of The biggest what’s the word I’m looking For websites alien websites back in the Day he had one of the biggest ones but

For some reason it was taken out and I’m Gonna get him on the show and we’re Gonna discuss this because he’s one of The people I find extremely interesting In the community right now and I would Love to have a good conversation with Him but yeah and back to my channel I’m Not going anywhere you’d just sometimes Might have to bear with me at some point I’ll be doing videos weekly maybe more Than once a week I’m hoping to get a Couple of videos out this week for you Cuz I got a little bit time off but this This community has been amazing for me The support you guys have given me is Kind of what gets me up and gets me on This computer to do a video even though Sometimes it’s hard I mean sometimes I’m Doing 10 10 hour shifts and it just kind Of wears you out by the time I get home With a wife and two little two little Amazing boys It just leaves me drained and I find That I do videos ’best just off the cuff Without reading off any [ __ ] I’m on The internet or giving you a story I Like to give you my own take on a story That’s happening I’ve got a baseball cap On right now I don’t normally wear a Baseball cap but I just can’t be Bothered to even do my hair these days And I think I kind of got a lot and it Happens to us all where you just hit a Brick wall and you just think [ __ ] a

Brick is this my life Is this my life right now I’ve been Speaking with God and Hamilton as a Subscriber the channel long-term Subscriber and a very good friend he’s Given me a lot of support along the way And he just says you know why it’s not Worth it you you can live your life and Live it for other people or do work work Work work work too far I make good money By the way I make good money in the job That I do but it’s kind of like it’s got This it’s got the so I’ve got to the Stage in my life that I’ve kind of I’m After something more I’m after job Satisfaction more than anything and I Kind of don’t get that anymore I used to Do I used to get a real buzz of what I Did quite well by what I do but kind of Still what I did in the past and yeah Maybe one day I’ll kind of let you in on What I do for a living My ears look funny in this house it’s Kind of sticking out but um yeah if I Told you I did if I live it I probably Lose my job so I won’t do that I kind of lost my mojo there for a Minute hence the [ __ ] but and I did I Realized watching that but I say Erm a lot between sentences so I will Try not to do that because it makes me Look like a bell end yeah what I was Saying this is basically what I would Love to do in the long run for a living

Now here’s how you can help me you need To let me know in the comments what you Want from this channel whether it’s just Me having these little rants every now And again that’s fine You want more guests on the show you Want me to keep it very structured a Very serious that’s fine but that’s not Gonna happen because that’s not me This is probably the most serious you’ve Probably seen me I just had em again Mmm mmm and he does a mean they never Like cover my face I’ll have more Confidence and I won’t stutter as much And I suppose you want to know about This mask this I said oh stop saying It’s the mus that makes me say um I’ve Just what my granddad used to have this Mask on his wall yeah now this mask is Handcraft and it was made in Africa I Think in Zambia because my mom and my Grandparents grew up in Zambia my Granddad he was a submarine technician Or something and he did something over In Zambia I don’t know too much about it I need to learn about him more he’s Passed away though Bless him love my granddad a while ago Now and yeah but this this little beauty Is handcraft and was on his wall for Many years And I just found it always interesting As a child so I went round one day and My grand I was looking at am I going to

Passed away and I was seeing my grandma She said why do you take it so I took it My wife probably doesn’t want it on the Living room wall for some reason though I don’t know why but I will get it Somewhere in the wall I would have had It in my year my YouTube room until my Child decided that he was gonna not Sleep in our bed anymore and why his own Room eat well he is like nine months so It’s about time but yeah I will get my Mojo back guys just kind of let me know What you want me to do and I will get The guests on if you want me to get Tyler from security in turn on the show I will do it you know I will I’ll bribe Him or blackmail him Yeah I’ll blackmailing I’m third face I Will blackmail them as well because they Constantly send me naked pictures of Themselves now I have the proof Speaking of third phase of Moon this Morning I i catched up on goof on radios Livestream and rich Giordano explains About his dog passing away and it was Extremely painful to watch And I mean I mean that in the nicest Possible way because does he eat kept Cut in the video and you could see that He was extremely upset I know it’s like To lose their self you know I’ve lost Quite a few paths to cats two dogs two Cats recently and it’s terrible but they Do say dog is a man’s best friend and

You really do see that in his live Stream but third phase ring in about Halfway through the live stream and Blake he’s just talking to rich and you Know just as a friend and I just thought But you know that was a really really Cool thing to do because I hang it I’ll Be honest with you um Blake I’m sorry But I have one people about you guys but They got in touch with rich many moons Ago and me and rich have a little bit of Fallout and I thought was something to Do with third phase a moon I was wrong It was just because I’ve kind of like III go off the the map for a bit and I Just I just [ __ ] off from social media Altogether Hence why I’ve not been on YouTube and I Think when you look like you ignoring Someone you’re not but anyway what I was Saying is I I said look rich you’re Gonna have to be careful of these guys That they’ve come any show a few times Now and they’re just trying to – bye – Bye you you know to to get your Friendship so you don’t chat [ __ ] about Them and you don’t you know hum of them But of like the stuff that they’re doing I I watch I think you know I saw this a Bit bit out there But I kind of get it at the same time It’s entertaining there’s not so much of The hoaxing stuff anymore I don’t think A leopard will ever change its spots

Completely Blake and Brennan but you’ve Definitely painted over them but I do Think you cool guys and what you did When you came on Ritchie’s show was yeah It was something that a true friend Would do so Yeah salute you for that um I’m not Gonna mumble on any longer because I Keep saying and and not um I’m not in The right frame of mind to make a video Right now but just kind of just quite to Address some of the things that’s going On I am gonna get back to the to the Stars Academy stuff because I know you You guys are really interested in what’s Going on what my opinion is it my Opinion is of what’s going on Yeah we’ll we’ll keep researching we’ll Keep rockin on and you know it’s not Going away it’s getting very exciting I’m not going anywhere I am just I just Need to get this episode of my life out Of the way so I could concentrate on you Guys myself for once what I will leave You with is a video that I’m I made for Goof on radio rich and it sees intro Because he had an intro that Dave Scott Made from space star radio I’ll leave The link for Dave Scott below as well Excellent radio station and the it’s a It was an audio that Dave Scott did for Rich Jordano’s intro and I thought That’s a brilliant intro because I I on My long journeys to work I used to start

It off I used to listen to it and you Know it kinda gets you pumped up ready For the show but then sometimes I’m at Home and they I’d be watching it and It’d just be writing and let’s say rich I think you need something there so I Offered to make The video footage for this so I’m going To say good night god bless and mind the Bugs don’t bite don’t unsubscribe from Alien addict and please turn that upside Down from backup yeah And I’ll leave you with what I made for Rich and make sure you go subscribe to Goof on radio go my god bless folks mind The bugs don’t bite again but that’s how I end a video You are listening to the groove on radio With Richard ah My personal belief is that there is very Compelling evidence that we we may not Be alone [Laughter] There has been an is an existing Presence of any team presence it’s not Going to make a difference it’s not Going to change reality I believe as do the other folks that Were on the flight that we when we Visually saw that it was something not

From this world Goof on radio Breather in what you were either our Brother what the cream rises to the top O year off on radio with rickshaw battle I occasionally think how quickly our Differences worldwide would vanish if we Were facing an alien threat from outside This world Goof on radio remain seated please Permanecer centavos for follow You were listening to goof on radio with Rickshaw dog [Applause]