12 TRUE BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS – LAKE DEWEY MONSTER (Bigfoot, Sasquatch) – What Lurks Beneath

By | June 6, 2019
12 TRUE BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS - LAKE DEWEY MONSTER (Bigfoot, Sasquatch) - What Lurks Beneath

Bigfoot encounters they come in all Shapes and sizes but tonight's special Episode features what's known to many Residents in the area of Michigan as the Lake dewy monster strongly believed to Just be another Bigfoot or maybe perhaps Something more nefarious this episode Features 12 encounters from this area Detailing the beast that lurks in the Wilderness and the swamps there there Are a few instances of stories claiming To have sketches and pictures if you Would like to look at this yourself you Can simply go to Google and look for the Lake dewey monster sketches as well as The lake picture pictures as stated in The very last story to get you a better Idea of what these people saw now on to The stories story one on Friday night in Late August several people called in to The sheriff's office claiming they'd Heard a large explosion one call came in From the five-mile corners store gas Station the other was from a pay phone Near the same area the police were Dispatched to the area after a brief Search located a small glowing fire and Billowing smoke they followed it to an Isolated area on pre Street where they Found an overturned car on fire the car Was entirely engulfed in flames an Approach was made for rescue but no one Was seen inside the fire eventually put Out though the car was burned to the

Bone the area was cordoned off while the Deputies investigated eventually the car Was identified too belonging to a man From South Bend Indiana who told the Police that his brother had borrowed it Shortly afterward the police were Notified by a local mid red witting Moore the two teenagers were in her House after being in an accident police Interviewed the couple Roy Townsend and Jay aren't both from Hillsdale who were Both in shock They eventually indicated that they had Been sitting in their car for some Private time when something attacked it They indicated the auto was pushed Forward and then flipped over they Crawled out as something began smashing The vehicle Mr. Townsend stated that at first they Had been hit by another car but couldn't Understand when it appeared to be a Thing Townsend claimed that it was like a bear But looked like a giant man and began Smashing the car miss Arendt indicated That Townsend initially took off running And left her there But then found later as she ran along The road back toward the highway she Indicated that she was still very angry With him but even more scared that this Thing would catch up to them they Stumbled up to the Random House of

Whitney Moore who was very accommodating At first the police were skeptical and Believed that teenagers were attempting To cover for wrecking the car however One of the multi-jurisdictional officers Gourley jones at the scene noticed the Tire drag mark ended at a point just Over the lip of the hill upon further Inspection officer Jones documented Several important things first the skid Marks continued over the hill which Indicated that the car's wheels were Locked and the car was moving in a Constantly slow rate of speed as a Continued of the small Knoll secondly The tread marks were clear and Articulated at the pivot point where the Car flipped indicating and had been Lifted as opposed to suddenly going Airborne and third if the car had Flipped over as a result of losing Control at high rate of speed it would Have gone airborne at the peak of the Hill rather than after descent down the Slight incline at the time the other Officers ridicule Jones additionally his Immediate supervisor rendered his Observation as irrelevant and that it Would lend no particular change in the Outcome of things town said and Arndt Did not sustain any remarkable physical Injuries but their parting was not Amicable officer Jones indicated that The next day in the light of the Sun he

Searched the area and he indicated in His report that the brush and grass Going to the woods and lake had been Obviously disturbed by something he also Indicated he found no footprints but Added that soil is dense with crabgrass Or Stoned to the waterline an elephant Would not leave footprints there Story 2 On a late September evening in 1962 four Friends from Chicago were returning to The twin lakes cottage their parents and Rented for the month they were coming Back from Grand Haven where they had Supposedly gone to see the open of a Musical fountain after approximately a Two-hour drive they found themselves Some 15 minutes away from Twin Lakes as Traveling along the unpaved gravel road Of Dewey Lake Street as they slowed down Through a narrow stretch of gravel road That navigated between the swamp on the Eastern stretch of Dewey Lake Road their Headlights suddenly fell on what Randy Is claimed looks like a giant tree Growing in the middle of the road I'm syndicated that Terry Jones stopped The car considering what to do at which Point the tree turned around and looked At them Jones recalled the animal Towered over them standing in the road Then it just casually walked over and Into the swamp on the north side of Dewey Lake Road and disappeared the

Girls were screaming so loud and they Did not stop until we got almost back to The cottage Jones remembered I was Worried about getting past that thing so I didn't stop but I do remember sing That had just walked into the swamp and Into the dark Randi Iams remembers I Really wanted to go back the next day in The daylight but I have to admit I was Scared to be caught up on that road Again if it did show up years later I Did go back and we were up there on Vacation the road was paved by then but It did not make any difference that Place was scary even in broad daylight Story 3 on a Sunday night in late September of 1962 five children were Playing in Glenwood Michigan they had Finished watching their favorite Television shows and gathered together Searching for a fabled luna moth around 9:00 p.m. they were about to break up And go home in preparation for school The next day when Jamie Shaw took off Across Dewey Lake Street and pursuit of What He thought were fireflies his friend Mark Miller reportedly shouted to him Those are no fireflies at this time of The year Nevertheless Jamie pursued the embers in The distance into the swamp The remaining friends continued to play For a while eventually Katie Keens

Mother began calling to her it was time To go home it was then they realized Jamie had never returned She remembered I asked where's Jamie But no one knew where Jamie was he never Came back from his Firefly hunt at first No one panicked but then after calling And searching without finding him we Told mrs. Howie and mrs. Shaw Katie Stated soon afterward the small Neighbourhood came out and began Searching the area with flashlights just As hairy woods a local was about to call The police they found Jamie he was Curled up in a weeded area beside the Swamp crying Katie keen remembered we Were scared we did not know what Happened we thought he had been attacked By someone or was dying or something Jamie later told a story to his parents He said he had been attacked by a huge Hairy man who smacked him in the ground And threw him across the street Jamie Shaw did not go to school for three days When he did he told his classmates the Story of the attack the school principal Later contacted Jamie's father regarding The injuries to his back mr. Shaw Confirmed to the principle that the Scratches on his back were caused from The incident of the previous Sunday Night the same story Jamie had relayed To them Jamie's teacher Miss Sally did Say at first she did not believe him

However after a recess conversation when Jamie was convinced he was in fact Attacked by something that threw him Around Sayle stated I am amazed he was Not killed his bruises were horrendous Story four on Wednesday evening October 31st 1962 Betty garkon was taken the Evening train from Detroit Michigan back To her home in Chicago Illinois the Train had already gotten a late start And as The train approached the Dow a kayak it Slowed to a stop at the remote Dewey Lake Street crossing in Glenwood Michigan the train remained there for Approximately 15 minutes to investigate Debris on the tracks while looking out The window Northwest into the darkness miss Gaarkhan reportedly witnessed what Appeared to be a faceless tree or giant Stump stepping forward from the thick Surrounding woods approaching the tracks The figure then simply leered at the Train motionless for several minutes Miss Garcons summoned the attention of Two other passengers Emily Clark from Chicago and Roger Wentworth from st. Louis who confirmed The sighting after a moment the figure Began moving from the tree line toward The caboose of the train which sat in The darkness on the rural tracks the Consensus was that the figure was about

Ten feet tall and weighing between 700 To 1,000 pounds the Hulk then Disappeared into the darkness toward the Rear of the Train a porter was called However at that point the Train once Again began moving a loud metal impact Was heard toward the rear of the train And presumed to be the result of a cold Start on the rural tracks the Train Continued until its eventual stop in Chicago without no further incident However after arrival at Union Station Chicago departing passengers were drawn To a considerable dent in the end car of The train miss garkon reported what she Had seen along with the two other Witnesses to the Chicago PD the Rendering of her description as detailed To the CPD sketch artist has become Known as the garkon trains sighting Sketch and is widely considered to be The best conception of the monster the Sketch provided as contingency while Immediacy of a potential emergency was Evaluated after the initial statements Were taken sketch completed and Situation considered it was dismissed And referred outside the department the 1960s were an extremely turbulent time In Chicago and miss gaarkhan reported That the CPD did not take her too Seriously she stated that they informed Her that she would need a follower With the respective city and county or

State as the incident took place outside Of their jurisdiction and would not Warrant federal involvement they Informed her that they were overwhelmed With real crimes and did not have time To pursue a joint-venture monster Sighting in Michigan the case was never Further investigated story five Fitch Camp was a fun year-end activity for the Students of Dow a guy acts school system The students would get a break from Traditional classes to partake in a more Outdoor environment the parents and Students alike enjoyed the Fitch camp Experience as it was a fun way for the Kids to participate together and the Unique Southwest Michigan geography Situated amongst the sister Lakes the Children were able to engage in a serene Environment after some outdoor races a Group of the kids went to the makeshift Archery range after the exercise the Students were to go directly to the Diner at the mess hall however two of The girls Denise McCormack and Janine Fisher went To retrieve an arrow which had gone re Approximately one half hour later Denise And Janine showed up late to dinner and Sat with their friend Rhonda Burdick and Stacey Ashley it was at that dinner Denise and Janine confessed to their Friends that while looking for the arrow They saw a huge stinky hairy man staring

At them they told their friends it was Really big and just stared at them so They ran the story got around and by the Time they went to bed that night Everybody was laughing at them that is Until the cabin in which these same Girls were staying was attacked Stacey Ashley stated that something began Smashing the side of the cabin I thought It was going to smash the wall in Rhonda Burdick added we were all screaming and Janine was thrown at a bed the camp Counselor was not present and later Thought to be the one smashing the side Of the cabin attempting to frame the Girls but the next morning after washing Away what she thought was fake Footprints from the mud leading up to The side of the cabin Susan hal remarked that she was shocked To notice the site of the cabin had Cracks along the foundation I Immediately wished I had not washed away The footprints She took polaroid pictures of the cabin But was told by another camp director That it did not prove anything However some fifty years later all the Girls involved in the incident still Stand by the sighting and attack story Six Errol and Sally Cunningham had been Married for 32 years they owned a Cottage on cable lake and sister lakes In dalek iock Michigan they enjoyed

Their cottage but in the late 50s Development had accelerated in the area The couple enjoyed the development as it Seemed to progress well with the natural Beauty of the Lake area on an early Friday evening in mid-july they had Driven up to their cottage and settled In for a week-long stay miss Cunningham Had walked out to the back yard Overlooking the lake and took in the Early evening she then saw something on The far shore of cable lake her husband Came out and stood beside her they Reportedly noticed an animal on the far Shore Errol Cunningham remarked look at that Sally Cunningham stared at the thing With her husband we were transfixed Mesmerised we did not know what it was It was a wild life but we could not Really make out what it was for the Distance in the weeds Sally Cunningham stated then it stood up She recalled the thing stared as though It were looking at us she continued I Don't know what it was I don't know what Was more frightening seeing that giant Animal stand like a man or the fact that The things seemed to be looking at us Errol coming ham told the Chicago Sun-times that I think we were only Curious until it took a step into the Lake toward us then it was walking into The lake toward us I got scared and took

Sally inside mr. Cunningham recalled That inside the house they begin to Discuss what they had seen and what they Should do about it errol told his wife He did not want to call the sheriff over Something they thought had been seen and Decided to attribute it to the local Teenagers Prank Sally and Errol then went to have Drinks on their rear porch to relax but It turned horribly bad when instead of Watching a sunset they noticed bubbles Trailing toward their beach below it was At this point Errol and Sally went back Inside to call the police and to report An oddity Sally and arrow were consumed In choosing their words to the police as To not seem paranoid however as the Sun Began to set on the lake arrow recalled Sally gasped I knew something was Terribly wrong she was looking at the Beach window I dropped the phone and ran Over and saw it a large long armed thing Standing on our beach it was glistening Wet and just staring up at our house Years later Sally Cunningham stated we Ran for the car Errol backed out and That thing was already standing behind Us Errol drove away but something was wrong With the car there was a large bang and Scrape but we kept driving Sally later claimed that back in Lockport we stopped to discover the

Bumper was entirely missing that thing Was some kind of supernatural being they Sold their cottage and never four turned After initially neighbors called in to Report loud noises but and follow-up to The Cunningham's refused to discuss the Matter it was only in 1972 after the Cunningham's retired to Florida did they Confess the nature of their departure From Southwest Michigan to a former Neighbor who still maintained a property There this was then confirmed by Sheldon Stine doing research on a vacation home Circular for Chicago residents story 7rj Lutz through this picture for his friend Harold Underhill this is a picture of The animal that Lutz encountered when Fishing on a barely early morning on June 22nd 1963 on the south end of Dewey Lake Lutz was fishing for perch in the Pre-dawn darkness when he noticed a Large triangular shape bobbing on the Surface of the remote portion of the Lake he slid up closer to it believing It might be the head of a large snapping Turtle however as the sunrise Illuminated the water he caught sight of A large log Extending from the triangle he slit up Closer to it and became curious when he Noticed the log to be a shaggy red Let's remark he had no idea how a cedar Tree got in the water and extended his Oar to roll the log over when coming

Into contact with the log the thing Stood up in the water revealing a large Animal the animal which was Approximately ten feet tall let out an Increasingly loud clucking sound which Became so loud it was painful let's Recalled he said the animal then glared At him and then slid back underwater and Swam off like a crocodile Let's had no idea what the animal was Only that it might be something that was Far from home and just didn't belong in Dewey Lake his friend Harold Underhill Recalled laughing at Lutz and accusing Him of being a drunk however let's Sketched out the picture for Underhill And maintain the story's validity until He passed away In the early 80s story 8 on a hot muggy Evening in late July of 1963 Alan razzaq And Bob Ford carried their canoe through The weeds and mud to the water's edge I Thought were going to get stuck in mud With the canoe on her head we heard it Was a mess there but we did not realize Thick black deep mud bob formed claimed But we were told it would be worth it Because it was not fished out muddy Tired and covered with sticky weeds they Slid the canoe into the water onto the Black water that Lake you cannot see Anything below the water alan Razzaq Told the Cass County Sheriff's Office a Mist had settled over the lake and we

Expected the fishing to be quite Extravagant it was thick fog like an old Horror movie even the flashlights would Choke out Ford recalled we had been on The water for only a few moments when The water splashed so we sat we couldn't See a damn thing Then the boat started Rocking then again A splash bigger louder then we heard a Sucking sound and then a loud roar like An angry animal Rasik stated we sat There quiet trying to figure out what The hell was going on or To do and then we heard something Breathing like a bowl more confirmed and Added we could see something over by the Sound and I can make out a large black Shape we start paddling like hell More and razzaq reportedly pulled the Canoe out running back to the weeds Making it back to Moore's truck they Loaded the canoe in a rush failing to Secure it properly less than a mile away The duo had to pull over and clean up The canoe which had come loose and Smashed in the road Jim Casey had come Up on them and on his way home and Stated it was weird because I just saw This mess in the road and then I talked To them and it was a weird thing a Couple of tough old Birds talking about This thing in Mud Lake Casey said it did Make me think twice every time I drove My mud lake years later

Razza confessed to his daughter that the Incident on Mud Lake had been the Strangest thing that ever happened to Him and told her to stay away from those Lakes something lives in them story nine It was only one short month after the Canoe was destroyed on a road in twin Lakes and a monster was reported on Mud Lake when another canoe was found Destroyed this one on the bottom of Shallow water on the south side of Picher Lake but this time its owner went Missing Stan red Roberts was staying With his friends Phillip and his son Roger McPhee the McPhee's had driven Down from lansing while red was in town From california red had long-standing Financial problems and philic McPhee Later told police he was leery of having Red stay with them as he said red always Asked to borrow money after joining them In the rental on the lake red and Phillip had a few beers then red decided To take the canoe out on the lake Phillip declined as he planned to turn In early to take his boy fishing as Sunrise Phillip went to bed in the Morning Philip and Roger got in a Rowboat and put in Phillip did not see Red or the canoe and thought maybe he Had fallen asleep on the lake I knew They didn't have a motorboat on pitcher Lake so I wasn't worried it's not like a Lot can happen out

Philip had told the police the fish were Not biting nothing not one single bite Philip recalled I never saw the Lake Like that I got so frustrated about the Lack of fish I just sort of forgot about The whole red thing it was only after Returning and not seeing that canoer red Philip had become concerned I have to Admit at first I was afraid red had Stolen some stuff and taken off but by Early afternoon Philip had become Concerned and took his rowboat back out To attempt to find red I thought maybe He was over on the other side bothering Some neighbors or something but Philip Recalled he did not even get 100 yards From the shore before he saw the canoe It was sitting on the bottom of the lake In the clear shore water at the edge of The lily pads at first I was pissed Because I saw a giant hole in the canoe Sitting on the bottom and I thought he Probably started drinking with some People he met and they got crazy Philip Called the sheriff and a deputy was sent Out They pulled the canoe out red however Was never found Philip had to pay for The broken canoe a nearby vacationer Helped with a retrieval and then spent The rest of the afternoon looking Through the area turns out he was a Retired Chicago PD detective by the name Of Paul Wozniak he later showed Philip

The pieces of the canoe scattered Amongst the dense weeds mud and trees it Was hard to get to because the water got Thin and the weeds got very thick not Hard enough to walk on and not wet Enough to paddle through an exerted Portion of a letter Wozniak wrote to The Herald pallidum on August 27th 1963 Stated the following the pieces Retrieved told me that the hole was Created by a singular force blasting up From the bottom especially as there were Not broken pieces directly underneath The canoe and no pieces caught in the Canoe itself so there is no other way to Explain what happened Philip never heard From read again story 10 Leon Brosnan And Danny Peterson loved to fish they Heard there was great fishing on gear Lake But unfortunately there was not a public Place to put in nevertheless they were Able to get permission to path the boat On early Wednesday after school Leon and Danny were eager to use their new Head-on lures I remember Leon was Laughing at me for using a steel leader On my lure but I told him I did not want To lose it and he said that's only for Sharks Danny stated Leon Brosnan stated that They were using a heavy test line way Too heavy for inland lake fishing but we Always had a fantasy about leaning a 25

Pound bass so it was a fun thought I had No idea it would actually be too light I Still can't believe what happened I Can't believe what I saw And what Leon saw was this Danny had Tossed his line with the steel leader Toward the north edge of the quiet lake The red and white bobber sat unflinching On the still water I remember we were Kind of getting disappointed we had Worked so hard to get on the lake and we Were getting no bites from anything no Bluegill no perch nothing Danny remembered we had brought baloney Sandwiches with cokes I turned around And get the food and was talking to Danny then I saw Danny's face change my Pole jerked and then settled back Leon Went crazy he just kept saying holy crap Over and over his eyes were huge as it Turned out Danny reeled his line in to discover the Steel leader had been bitten through Leon held up the end of the paddle and Told me he saw the mouth come over the Bobber about this big a mouth as big as The boat paddle had bitten through the Line and jerked the canoe before Breaking the line it was a giant mouth That came over the top of the bobber it Was covered in hair and I swear I saw Eyes just before it went back under Leon Confessed Slater to a DNR representative Then the DNR a guy told us later it was

Probably a gar fish Leon stated I have Been fishing my whole life I have seen Gar fish that was no gar fish Danny Peterson later stated I wish I had Been one to see it but I just could not Get over how it bit through that leader It must have had razor teeth or vise Jaws Story eleven Elmer palenik had worked For the National Motors auto specialties For well over 20 years before he retired In 1963 he increasingly spent more time In the woods around his house off Griffiths road in Casa Poulos so it was Of no surprise when neighbors saw him Walking through the woods with his green Backpack on in the Newton woods but it Was shocking a short time later when Elmer stopped people from walking toward The dawa Gaia Creek he told the Smith Family they needed to call the sheriff The sheriff was called and deputies Showed up and to investigate the Reported body found after investigated The reported discovery police removed The bones indicating it was multiple Carcasses of deer However Elmer Palahniuk told the police And the witnesses who had gathered that He walked upon a large red-haired animal Weighing as much as a truck departing The pile of carrion elmer said the Animal barked at him and then entered The creek walking west Helen Smith who

Spoke with Elmer stated that she Believed what he told them you cannot Fake that kind of reaction Elmer was a Tough guy when he came up the path he Was shaking and sweating the deputies at The scene reportedly told a witness that The deer carcass would be removed and The Woods was open nevertheless the Family speaking with Elmer left story 12 Davis Garrett had been given a new nikon Camera for his 18th birthday photography Was his hobby he had his own in-home Darkroom he was the photographer for all School events and the yearbook On Halloween Davis and his three friends Went to a party at picture Lake as the Sun began to set Garrett and his friend Dominic Emery saw a commotion on the West side of the lake Garrett began to Snap pictures they then saw a large Animal throw a log halfway toward them Garrett and Emery turned and ran back to Their gathering as they made their way Back the thing let out a scream so loud Emery said it hurt my ears when they Arrived back at the gathering everyone Is quiet because they had heard the Noise Emory said a bunch of us took Flashlights and went over there but then Got terrified party's over Garrett stated when Garrett developed The pictures it appears to show a large Ape-like creature scaled to about ten Feet tall

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