This Psychic WARNED ME Not To GO Into This HAUNTED Park… But I Went In Anyways, ALONE At NIGHT.

By | June 4, 2019
This Psychic WARNED ME Not To GO Into This HAUNTED Park... But I Went In Anyways, ALONE At NIGHT.

My name is Don all day I’m a psychic Medium I’ve been working in this field For 30 odd years this is a place that is Quite haunted I will not come out here By myself at all and walk past this Barrier because I’ve had some really Negative experiences and unfortunately Those experiences have followed me home I’m here right now it’s 10 o’clock at Night the Sun is completely set it’s Pitch black and I’m gonna walk down the Path to the cabin where the murders Happened and see if I can connect with These spirits one on one who are you can You that again if I was you It was Sunday June 2nd 2019 and I was Headed to a notoriously haunted state Preserve with a psychic for the first Time in over a year I returned to the Gitchi Manitou state Preserve this time I was accompanied by psychic medium and Close friend of mine Donna O’Day who Refuses to even step foot on the reserve Because of her belief that the park is Haunted by an extremely negative entity That at one point followed her home from The Preserve and haunted her family Gitchi Manitou is a crazy piece of land Haunted by a history of murder and the Presence of ancient Native American Burial mounds which can be found Throughout the preserve for my final Trip out to get you Manitou I wanted to take the investigation to

The next level so I decided that that Night I would investigate the preserve Alone at night my name is Don all day I’m a psychic medium I’ve been working In this field for 30 odd years this is a Place that I’ve been to before get you Manito and it really is quite haunted Some are good some are bad but for the Most part I will not come out here by Myself at all and walk past this barrier Because I’ve had some really negative Experiences and unfortunately those Experiences have followed me home let’s Just start out with what do you think is Here I get you Manitou oh there’s a Variety there’s there’s um I don’t think That you could say that there’s one Specific type of entity here as I said Before there’s good there Is bad there’s indifferent it’s a Hodgepodge it seems to be a place where Shall we say old ghosts go it’s kind of Like old ghosts meet together just the Way human beings do you know kind of Like it’s the favorite bar the favorite Restaurant they tend to congregate Together and so it’s a hodgepodge good And bad good and bad so what do you Think the good is well the good would be And I think that we talked about this a Little bit about the white light that I Saw in a tree that was it was just a Brilliant white light and I was with Several people at the time and I pointed

It out to them and I said don’t you see That and they didn’t see it so I Actually went and stood under the tree Pointed up into the tree and I said There there it is still nothing So my friend who is a professional Photographer took a picture and the next Day the pictures she took several they Were all just white nothing I didn’t Show just white light in those pictures And I would say that was a good entity I Was kind of happy that that happened Because we traveled further on down the Road here and as we went further I was with my granddaughter adult Granddaughter and we were walking by Ourselves and the other three ladies Were ahead and we heard this horrible Growl coming down from there’s there’s a Little creek that runs through here and It seemed to be coming from the from the Creek and it was horrible I mean it was Like your favorite television Devils Sound Bad and so we just stopped in our tracks And we called the others who were Further down the road and we said we’re Not going any further nope and they Tried to convince us that we should stay Do you want to this is a running joke in Our show because every time we do Interviews there’s something loud Of course you’re talking about the growl Yeah the girl it was mmm it dominantly

Wasn’t a friendly growl and so my Granddaughter ranae and I shouted to the People of ahead of us and said we’re not Going any further and they of course Didn’t agree with that but we said okay Suit yourself so we turned around and Came back and then when they saw us come Back they also came back then we went Home and we were riding in a jeep one of My friends had a jeep with the top down And so we drove into Sioux Falls we got To the corner of 41st and Louise Avenue And this beat-up Car looked like it was from the 50s like An old Chevy yellow and orange I think It was and we stopped at the stoplight And one of the guys he was on the Passenger side he went boom he hit the Side of the car and so we of course Looked and he was unshaven dark black Hair all over the place Mustache beard and he made that same Sound to you guys to us it was just Horrible so what do you what do you Think that is that could cause that kind Of activity around here well the night Before several nights before in fact in A row I had this dream and also in Meditation I saw that very car I saw it Well and all came together at that it All came together at the end so do you Think that’s something evil or bad it Wasn’t good at all it’s speculation on My part and there’s no way I can prove

It Not knowing The people who who committed the murders Out here but I think that it may have Been something that stemmed from that it May have been their spirits somehow on The loose mm-hmm and the vehicle that They were driving certainly would be From that time mm-hmm so some kind of Negative entity there’s some sort of Negative and entity that perhaps it’s Caped the soul or the psyche mm-hmm That’s craziness but that can happen and It’s locked here you think our lives Here lives here my daughter wanted to Come out here after we had the little Growl episode with her granddaughter so We were out here and I wouldn’t at that Point when you go past this this Juncture so we were turning around to Leave and I saw a man with a little a Little hat on and I saw him actually Inside a door I saw the door and I saw Him waving at us and smiling and he was Saying y’all come back now it’s been Real nice to visit with you and so that I just kind of laughed about that and I Was telling Connie my daughter because Of course she couldn’t see it and being A nurse at the VA hospital she said that She had a patient who just died two days Before and he always did that he came to The door he always wear that hat and he Always said that Wow and he was just

Friendly and a sweet sweet man and he Was here too so that’s what I mean There’s just a conglomerate of people of Energies but overall you think that it’s More negative than positive because you Won’t come back oh I won’t come back and Why not Well if you touch the stove and burned Your hand once would you do it again Mm-hmm well that’s why and you think That growl and what happened was so Powerful it was so powerful that there’s No way I’m gonna put myself through that Wife is too short to fight battles you Don’t need to fight mm-hmm you think It’s dangerous to be out here alone I Wouldn’t do it yep and you’re you have a Positive frame of mind you’d probably be Okay well good probably okay there is One more story that’s really pretty cool Okay I was with my friend and several Other women and we happen to go down by Down by the creek or river whatever that Is down there and I saw a man I don’t Know that that’s the door I had things Seems to be a recurring theme out here I Saw I saw him but just his head sticking Up out of the ground and he was smiling I mean it was okay with him mm-hmm and I Told my friend I said and she said that Her uncle who you know like to drink Quite a lot and so did his trance that One day he was buried up to his neck in The dirt he and she has photos of that

Wow And he has on that hat and then you Confirm that through you seeing it and Then the photos exist that’s crazy But I was here at get she once again That was do you think this is like kind Of meeting ground where a lot of Different entities like to hang out well As I said you know it’s a place where I’ll go Smith going bad I mean you let’s say you go A bar okay some people are gonna be good In there some people are gonna be bad Mm-hmm and you kind of have to choose And pick what you’re gonna do so are you Gonna be and my experience with that Growl was bad enough that I don’t need This yeah you actually won’t cross this Barrier right here no I’m a scaredy cat You just don’t want to mess with Whatever is potentially I don’t want to Mess with that No the good the bad you don’t have to Fix every problem mm-hmm you can just And you can’t fix every problem and There are higher forces energies you Know spirits looking to help them mm-hmm It’s just not my job to fix everybody There goes Payton my parents Donna There they go well damn guys I’ve never Done gitche alone I’ve been here so many Times that it’s kind of shocking to me That I haven’t done it alone at this Point it’s kind of funny

Donna obviously my mom my dad they’re All like you want me to stay with you Don’t me to stay out here and make sure You’re okay don’t me do this like guys Gonna be okay it’s just kitschy so I’m Just set it’s getting dark out I’m gonna Wait until it’s actually dark I’m gonna Load up my backpack take all my Equipment down the trail and go Investigate the murder cabin here it Gets you alone for the first time ever This is gonna be the last episode that We film it gets you manitou ever We finally documented Donna’s stories Like she said she is totally freaked out By this place well not she wouldn’t even I asked her off-camera to go step over Into the park she wouldn’t go she feels Like whatever is here is so negative That it followed her home I’ve had Things follow me home here I believe From gitche and being alone tonight and Being very vulnerable it’s gonna be a New experience for me yeah I’m just Going to wait until I get stark then Check out the haunts of gitchi Manitou Ok everybody hi it’s Colin here so you Just saw the interview with Donna that We did here at the gitchi Manitou state Preserve she is completely convinced That whatever is here has the potential To harm you follow you home do a lot of Bad and negative things to a person now I’ve been here like I like to say 2030

Times in my life it’s a very important And very special place to me get you man – because it’s formed how I believe in The paranormal and the theories that I Have about it it’s the most infamous Place in my entire home town area the History here is insane and I’ve never Been here alone but I’m here right now It’s 10 o’clock at night the Sun is Completely set it’s pitch black Paetynn Mary everybody’s at home I just Got out of the car and I’m gonna walk Down the path to the cabin where the Murders happened and see if I can Connect with these spirits one on one We’ve done get you so many times that I Want to do it justice one time and Experience this raw energy myself and The Amon head down the path now wish me Luck because it’s the first time I’ve Ever done this here and hopefully not The last but it’s time to get really Spooky as I head into this notoriously Haunted Park Here’s the threshold that Donna would Not step over because she believed the Area past this is supercharged with Energy and there we go Well my light was just on six bars but All of a sudden it’s on three so let’s Hope I have enough light when I get down There because oh my god there’s a Big-ass bug flying yeah while I walk Down to the cabin area I’m actually

Gonna just oh this bugs are insane I’m Actually gonna stop recording and save Some battery and memory on the card so If anything happens I’m gonna roll but Until then I’m just gonna walk I’m here Alone the dark and honestly I didn’t Think it’d be creepy but now I’m like Really creeped out Also leave me a comment below letting me Know if you would do this walk into a Notoriously haunted area alone at night Let me know maybe we’ll select a random Fan that says yes to come with us Sometimes so leave a comment I just Paused the camera and turn the light off But this one to make note that the Moment I stepped inside the park and Started walking it got like 10 degrees Colder I don’t know if that’s a natural Thing or not but it’s like chilly out Here all of a sudden Oh cockroaches and [ __ ] as I’m Approaching the area with the cabin I Just wanted to make know to keep hearing This weird jingling sound behind me I Don’t know what that would be but I’ve Heard it maybe four or five times and I Keep thinking someone’s like following Me but there’s no one on this path and These shadows like hardcore played Tricks with your mind this stuff that I’m just like seeing and I want to save Battery power on the light until I get To the cabin so I’m trying to make the

Trek in total darkness this is here you Guys things we do for you online this is Pretty creepy oh my god just walking Here in the dark starting to approach The cabin area nothing weird just Happened yet I’ll turn my light on soon See It’s just eerie being alone especially It’s like really eerie Oh Oh keep my light off of cockroaches some Sort of a big bug just like it was like A bug like this big just hit me in the Eye Oh before I came in here I live streamed And I rubbed my eye and I lost out on my Contacts and then the other eye just now It just hit me in the other eye so I’m Kind of like hope like a piece of it Didn’t come off I hope he can’t get eye Infection from that or something oh god Just smack me right in the eye Holy [ __ ] how does that happen okay so I’ve been walking a while pitch black Out this is as bright as my light gets Have to swap lights out when I get to The cabin but Right up here I’m approaching the part Of the trail it’s it’s hard for me to See because I had the contact that Stings out bug hit me right in the eye And it was like this big like a big ass Flying cockroach type bug but I’m Approaching right now the cabin area

Where I’m gonna investigate tonight so I’ve got my light on heading into the Woods and this is where it gets creepy Man God now I’m like really freaked out All of a sudden Here that the ass box I heard some money Yeah so Erie back here Ghosts mean This place changes every time I visit Bury me So symbols everywhere I’m gonna keep This wrong well I set everything up So I’m gonna start by setting up a Rem-pod I’ve got it on right here this Thing kicks out an electromagnetic field You can see I’m disturbing it right now If another e/m signal enters the field Around this device like that it sets it Off Okay so now that I’m here in the center Of gitche the apex the actual location Within the park where the Paranormal Activity seems to be at a high point I Don’t turn these lights off and start Investigating alone in the dark I’m Pretty freaked man I’m not gonna lie the Lights are out there’s anybody here at The gitchi Manitou state Preserve if you Die because of the friar brothers or Maybe you’re buried here can you come And give me a sign that you’re here with Me Could you use your voice

To let me know who you are Thank you can you that again if I was You Can you knock on something in here again If that was you Why are you here and who are you These little figures When you summoned out here in some sort Of a ceremony Are you something moving out there as Well you saw from the black just by my Vision Can you give me a knock throw something At me if you’re here Are you out here in the woods Can you make some sort of a noise that I Can tell where you are I keep hearing movement all around me And stuff like that which I figure is Probably animals but it’s still just Really creepy because I’m out here alone And I really don’t want to be attacked By something you can come closer to me I’ve opened the circle and I’m down to Communicate we shot here could you knock If you were shot here The woods Are you shot here Who all Creepy animals Walk on over to me if you’re here Can you come touch this red light in Front of me There anybody here with me

Could you please use your voice to give Me a word or a name So keep this rolling in case anything Happens when packing up They really sound like an animal to me Oh Is there anybody here with me right now Came from the corner right here it’s Like something dropping or falling Well you leave this area walk a little Back into the forest If you don’t subscribe to our channel Already please click that subscribe Button and make sure to turn your Notifications on it helps us so much and We can’t thank all of you enough for the Love and support also if you don’t Follow me Collin on Instagram yet go hit That follow button and go do the same With Peyton who’s even more poppin on Here than me getting more followers gets Us one step closer to the big dreams That we have for this channel in Addition if you want to support the show Our merch store is live we have some Pretty flame designs if you ask me thank You to everyone that has bought a piece In the past and trust me we see the love And recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys those Things that you can’t catch on camera But it’s just anyone back here in the Woods

Here’s the water right there flooded Actually oh [ __ ] it’s so far up that Water is usually way down there it’s so Flooded For anybody back here in the forest Could you use your voice please say yes Or no or knock on something See what you right there if it’s the Little girl do you need help There anybody or anything back here in The whites I’m gonna start heading back because This is just I don’t know it doesn’t Feel like the finger he is alive and Want to speak right now dormant Although I am getting really creepy Vibes I’m here all alone I still gotta walk Back Well thank you to anybody or anything That attempted to come through tonight You do not have permission to follow me Back home please allow me to travel home Safely and stay here we’ll help you find Your peace Just walking back right now wasn’t Planning on filming this but I thought I Heard talking and even someone yelled From bogs are these big blogs dude can’t Stop and I heard talking and someone Yelled from over there of course just I’ve decided to not film that’s when it Happens who can walk it for a while now Oh god these bugs please some getting my

Workout for the day and some lights it Looks like up there in your parking lot And if you’d see them on camera looks Like there might be some people well It’s a car okay just what I wanted to See car when I’m here it’s actually the Opposite of what I wanted to see cuz I’m Here alone looks like they’re just Parking though see what they have to say Puffing up they’re driving away maybe I Scared him off hey guys so I just got Back that whole trip took about two Hours I’m in the car now what just Happened shows you the reality of Paranormal investigating you don’t Always have something crazy that happens I was there in the notoriously haunted State Park Native American burial ground Murder site there’s a lot of bad energy There Donna the psychic won’t even go in There in the daytime with a group and I Just went in there alone at night I was There for two hours it’s a little past Midnight right now but yeah what can I Say it’s just sometimes the activity is Elusive it doesn’t happen but that Should show you the realness of our Channel we’re out there just trying to Dedicate these videos to the truth and I Thought it would be fun to go alone see If the spirits respected that okay my Necklace is still here thank God it Doesn’t really matter because even if You don’t get activity on camera even if

You don’t experience something like on Our Superstition Mountain video we’ve Been getting a lot of comments at people Saying oh I’ve hiked there many times And nothing’s ever happened to me well That doesn’t mean anything because one Thing can happen to someone that’s so Crazy that changes their life and 15 Other people if you go that same night To a location and have nothing To them but that doesn’t mean that Whatever happened to this one person Didn’t happen to them just because it Didn’t happen to you that’s the whole Point of paranormal activity is that There’s no pattern there’s no way to Really study it because it’s not Constant and steady we’re just out here Documenting our adventures and our Experiences and trying to open people’s Minds shed light on dark history tell Stories that are not represented or told By mainstream media or even recognized By history books from even people in our Government and such but yeah I thought This would be interesting I’m glad you Guys were here to enjoy it with me I’m Back I’m gonna go home and finish Recording my EP with Kevin Young leech Pastor parasite and go snuggle with Peyton because I missed her but thanks For watching guys as always it’s Colin Here how to get you mana to fun little Night and from the bottom of my heart

Thanks for watching we love you and stay Spooky Hello