5 Paranormal Ritual Games You Should Never Play

By | May 17, 2019
5 Paranormal Ritual Games You Should Never Play

For centuries people have sought Knowledge of a mystical Otherworld Whether it be to commune with the debt Control the forces of evil or catch a Glimpse of the future performing certain Rituals or playing paranormal games are Described as the way to achieve these Aims often complicated and saturated With secret knowledge these rituals are Not for the faint of heart Many are said to have gone mad or worse After participating in them that said One game guaranteed to get your heart Racing but for all the right reasons is Raid shadow legends the most ambitious RPG project of 2019 the smartphone game Raid will allow you to battle monsters Without fear of dire supernatural Consequences it won’t cost you your soul In fact it won’t cost you a cent It is absolutely free far from an Ordinary mobile game railey provides the Most immersive experience you’ll find on A smartphone it has an engaging Storyline stunning high-performance 3d Graphics and hundreds of champion Characters to collect and customise the Level of detail on the champions is far Beyond what you would expect from a Mobile game if that wasn’t enough raid Special launch tournament is happening Right now so after this video go to the Video’s description and download raid Using my special link and you’ll receive

50,000 silver immediately and you’ll Also be automatically entered into the Special launch tournament where you can Compete for incredible in-game prizes as Well as physical real-life prize packs I Wish you good luck and with that let me Now discuss five paranormal games that You really should not consider playing Oliva Levy was a leading French Occultist and socialists of the 19th Century who was renowned for his Esoteric knowledge one of his fields of Expertise was necromancy the summoning Of the dead However Lavi was not known for publicly Demonstrating the alleged power during Magical ceremonies preferring instead to Retain them for the various secret Societies he belonged to in his own Words to practice magic is to be a quack To know magic is to be a sage in his Book transcendental magic Levy recounted His trip to England where many had asked To see his rituals they asked me Forthwith to work wonders as if I were Charlatan and I was somewhat discouraged For to speak friendly far from being Inclined to initiate others into the Mysteries of ceremonial magic I had Myself shrunk all along from its Illusions and weariness moreover such Ceremonies necessitated an equipment Which would be expensive and hard to

Collect despite his reluctance to share His secret knowledge with others there Was one request which he was unable to Decline according to the account in Leafies book an elderly woman who Belonged to a secret society asked him To prepare a ritual of complete Summoning of a powerful dead sorcerer The lady believed that by summoning the Magician from beyond the veil she would Find the answer to a question she Desperately needed resolving in exchange For Levy’s service she promised to Provide all the necessary materials and Give him many rare books and magical Apparati after 21 days of study and Preparation levy accompanied by the Elderly woman began the ceremony in the Turret of an opulent manor house A detailed description of the Arrangement of the room can be found in His book it contained four concave Mirrors and the species of altar having A white marble top encircled by a chain Of magnetised iron the sign of the Pentagram was graven and gilded on the White marble surface it was inscribed Also in various colors upon a new white Lambskin stretched beneath the altar in The middle of the marble table there was A small copper chafing dish containing Charcoal of alder and Laurel would Another chafing dish was set before me On a tripod I was clothed in a white

Garment and I wore upon my head a crown Of vervain leaves intertwined with a Golden chain I held a new sword in one hand and in The other the ritual I kindled two fires With the requisite prepared substances And began reading the avocations of the Ritual in a voice at first low but Rising by degrees as the ritual Progressed smoke supposedly spread Across the room and the earth began to Quake I heaped more twigs and perfumes On the chafing dishes and as the flame Again burst up I beheld distinctively Before the altar the figure of a man More than normal size which dissolved And vanished away I commenced the Evocations and placed myself within a Circle which I had drawn previously Between the tripod and the altar when I Again looked forth there was a man in Front of me wrapped from head to foot in A species of shroud which seemed more Gray than white he was lean melancholy And beardless the sorcerer had been Summoned into the room leve then writes That he asked the figure two questions One for the elderly woman and one for Himself the answer was supposedly the Same for both Death levy did not go into the specifics Of his query but he did express that They concerned other people according to His writings he repeated the ritual two

More times recording that the same Events occurred even after years of Occult practices he stated that the Ceremonial magic had sincerely affected Him I was no longer the same man Something of another world had passed Into me not only that in his book he Offered a warning to others stating that Necromantic Rituals are destructive and dangerous if Practice regularly levy wrote that Neither moral nor physical health would Be able to withstand as for the elderly Lady who Lavie kept anonymous in his Writing due to her coming from a Prestigious family she supposedly found Nothing other than madness in the Ceremony levy claimed that she had Become addicted to the dark practices of Necromancy and as such was slipping into Insanity Since the 19th century the Ouija board Has been a staple of paranormal Investigations into the afterlife the Board also known as a talking board is Used primarily for attempting to Communicate with the dead it is said That the energy of the participants can Allow spirits of the dead to move a Small wooden tool called a planchette Across a series of letters numbers and Simple words to form phrases as Fascinating as the proposed abilities of

The Ouija board maybe there is however a Board which is much older whose purpose Is not to communicate with the dead But with angels John Dee was one of England’s great Renaissance men an Important figure at the 16th century English royal court Dee was a well Respected mathematician and astronomer Who trained many of England’s early Great explorers it was he who besieged Queen Elizabeth the first who was quite Averse to spending large sums of money On expensive projects like colonization To invest in the founding of colonies Overseas and spread English across the Ocean thus without Dee’s knowledge of Navigation and his application of English expansion places like Virginia May not have been founded or even exist At home yet like many intellectuals of His time Dee’s true passion and quite Possibly obsession was studying the Occult his friend and spiritual medium Edward Kelly helped him endeavor in such Pursuits together they claimed to have Found a way to communicate with angels Having created a magical board in order To do so however there was a Complication Angels were divine creatures And as such could only communicate in Their own divine language John D call it Angelic but today we refer to it as Enochian

He claimed that this was the language That Adam used to speak with God but was Lost after his expulsion from the Garden Of Eden it was however allegedly Recovered by the biblical patriarch Enoch but was then lost again during the Great flood of Noah’s time Kelly claimed to have seen the alphabet For this language during scrying Accordingly Enochian is set to comprise a 21 letter Alphabet that is read from right to left The sounds were described as being Similar to English and a mysterious Unknown language believed to be the Language of the angels Kelly’s alphabet was used to design John Dee’s board which in the years since has Become known as his holy table according To Dee’s journals which detail the Ritual and its results a crystal ball is Placed in the center of the table around It were Enochian symbols arranged in Such a way to serve as written Invocations to summon angels it was in The crystal ball that their messages Were supposedly manifest in the course Of their experiments Dee and Kelly Transcribed incomprehensible numbers of Messages and visions that they had Supposedly seen whilst scrying with the Crystal ball on one occasion they Claimed to have foreseen the execution Of Mary Queen of Scots another time they

Saw the coming of the Spanish Armada Yet far from being solely concerned with The future of significant political Events D and Kelly also were concerned With their own fortunes rather Humorously During one session with the table they Allegedly asked the Archangel Uriel for Money only to be sternly rebuked Unfortunately as many of their messages Were scribbled down hastily and in poor Handwriting their complete meanings Still elude scholars not only that part Of the transcriptions and later Reproductions completed by other authors Seemed to have been altered so as to Make D appear as a devil worshiper since The days of Dean Kelley’s original Experiments with the holy table many Have commented on the ritual and its Purpose Donald Tyson a present-day Author on occult matters has stated that He believes that angels were indeed Communicating with D and Kelly however Far from being mundane communications Tyson stated that the Angels had Sinister intentions and were giving the Pair all of this information in order to Bring about the apocalypse it was for This reason that in 1997 Tyson wrote that he had great fear and Respect for the holy table describing it As the most remarkable artifact in the History of spirit communication most

Skeptical observers have stated that the Enochian alphabet and language was a Ruse invented by Kelly and D as an Elaborate code to disguise their spy Operations in Europe under a veil of Spiritualism and alchemy after all many Of their supposed angelic communications Occurred whilst they were at the court Of the king of Poland whose intentions Queen Elizabeth was highly interested in That said numerous secret societies into The modern day do believe in the power Of the Holy table and the Enochian Alphabet inscribed on it Paul foster case a 20th century occult Practitioner both affirmed its Performance and warned against its usage I have personal knowledge of more than Twenty five instances where the Performance of Enochian magical Operations led to serious Disintegrations of mind and body There is something about mirrors that Attracts the mind to the paranormal This notion perhaps extends from an Innate in comprehension of how the world Can be seen so clearly and exact upon Something so flat and two-dimensional it May be that some primal part of our Brain searches for some small mark of Difference to distinguish our Comfortable three-dimensional reality From that of the two-dimensional mirror

Creators of horror movies and fiction Play on the complexity of the mirror all The time a classic trope have been the Catching sight of the evil being in the Mirror before it strikes in real life The implication is that there is a Sinister aspect to the copycat dimension Of the mirror that we casually look at Every day the connection between a Sinister Otherworld and mirrors has been Around since mirrors were first used Millennia ago one traditional ritual Game involved young women walking up a Flight of stairs backwards in the dark Save for the candle they were carrying When the girl reached the mirror Upstairs the rules of the ritual game Instructed her to gaze into it Supposedly a face would appear the face Of her future husband however for some Unfortunate girls they would instead Catch sight of a skull or the Grim Reaper if this happened then it was said That the church bells would ring out for Her funeral rather than a wedding this Practice has evolved over time into the Ritual game we know today as Bloody Mary Whether alone or in a group of people it Is sad that Bloody Mary appears to those Who chant her name three or thirteen Times into a mirror she is said to take On many forms according to those who Have claimed to see Sometimes she is covered in blood

Sometimes she is a corpse on other Occasions a witch or a ghost Occasionally Bloody Mary is even Benevolent but those stories are rarer Usually she is depicted as evil a being Known to scream at the rituals Participants curse them steal that Souls Or even caused them physical harm whilst This may seem like a sensational urban Legend there is a measure of truth in it In fact you do not need to chant Anything to start seeing manifestations In mirrors one paranormal practice Merely requires an ordinary mirror a dim Light and a patient participant to gaze Into the mirror one of the more common Sights is seeing one’s facial features Become distorted and even seem like they Are melting in more extreme reports People have claimed to have seen animals Strange faces and even ghosts Giovanni Caputo of the University of ob no in Italy has stated that this phenomenon Occurs due to an inexplicable misfiring Of the brain’s facial recognition system Others say that the visions that occur Are due to a form of self-hypnosis in The 1990s the psychologist and Philosopher dr. Raymond moody Popularized the use of mirrors when he Discussed the concept of a psychomanteum A psychomanteum is a small enclosed area Set up with a comfortable chair dim Lighting and a mirror angled so as not

To reflect anything but Octus the experiencer then sits in the Chair and stares into the darkness it is Sad that using a psychomanteum may Enable communication with the dead dr. Moody has expressed that such exercises Have helped people manage their grief After all there are many reports from People who have used a psychomanteum Claiming that their dead loved ones have Come back to speak to them and give Comfort yet not all uses of mirror magic Are described as ending so positively Whether it be the appearance of Bloody Mary or a dark shadow reflected in the Mirror for only a split second the Sinister consequences of using mirrors In paranormal rituals are simply too Heavy for many to justify using them Over 1,800 years ago people in northern Europe began using a mysterious alphabet That we know today as runes contrary to What one might expect this written Language system did not begin as a means For communicating information but rather For the sake of mystery indeed the very Word rune in various old Northern European languages can mean mystery Secret or in the most extreme form Miracle some have interpreted this to Mean that runes were reserved for the Mystical interests of an initiated elite In the runic alphabets earliest form

There were 24 runes whose primary Purpose may have been magical in nature They were after all inscribed on amulets Craftsmen shops weapons and other Day-to-day items sometimes multiple Runes were combined to make a more Powerful rune so as to invoke a powerful Got a reason for this may have been that Runes were regarded as providing Protection or could empower the user Some believe that in the case of weapons Runes could help give norse warriors Extra power to defeat their foes and may Have even helped them to conquer and Devastate large parts of Europe during The Dark Ages Intriguingly a modern example of how Runes are still used today can be found In the logo for the wireless technology Bluetooth they’re the equivalent runes For H and B have been put together to Symbolize the 10th century King of Denmark and Norway Harald Bluetooth over The centuries rooms have evolved in Different ways and are still used by Many who claim that they possess Mystical qualities described as having An occult power a rune is said to be Able to express itself as a basic force As an intelligent spirit or as an astral Vironment one of the most popular ways People use the purported occult power Off runes is for divination for those Wishing to divine the future several

Sources offer instructions taking a bag Of rune stones either purchased or made By the user one must sit in a quiet room Whilst thinking of a question one must Mix the rune stones in the bag with one Hand once the question has been Formulated a single stone is pulled from The bag this rune should provide the Answer to the question whilst this is a Common practice for many who believe in The power of runes some authors claim That this is not the correct way to Perform rune magic it is stated that if Someone is anxiously seeking to know the Future the messages they will receive And the energies they attract will be Negative instead occult authors have Recommended that rune stone should only Be used for gaining self knowledge in Order to help people find their purpose King Solomon has been a byword for wise And just rule throughout the ages his Reign was characterized by peace and Prosperity in the Bible it is said that God appeared to him in a dream and asked Him for what he would like when he Answered wisdom God was pleased and Granted it for it was not a selfish wish However some say that the wisdom God Gave Solomon extended far beyond the Natural world for it was said that he Could control demons and spirits indeed It is even claimed in rabbinical

Literature that he enslaved them with His knowledge commanding them to bring Him precious stones and water from Foreign countries to water his exotic Plants supposedly he even used his magic To summon animals to his kitchen in Order to surrender their meat to his Cook a whole range of incredible powers Are claimed to have come from Solomon’s Knowledge of the arcane arts it was in a Grimoire which appeared in the Renaissance called the Key of Solomon That it was proposed that such mastery Of the natural world could be replicated By anyone if they followed the Instructions laid out in the text the Book has been attributed to King Solomon Himself and outlines a ritual which was Supposedly bestowed the participants With the ability to control demons and Spirits before starting the ritual the Text states that both the master of the Ceremony and his disciples must abstain With great and thorough countenance During the space of nine days from Sensual pleasures and from vain and Foolish conversation during this Preparatory period everyone should also Dedicate themselves to prayer and So as to be as spiritually clean as Possible this would involve being bathed From head to foot in consecrated and Exorcised water alongside spiritual Cleansing the place where the ritual

Circle is to be constructed and the Ceremony to be performed should be Located then on the ninth day the ritual Would begin the first disciple will bear The sensor the perfumes and the spices The second disciple will bear the book Papers pens ink and any stinking or Impure materials the third will carry The knife and the sickle of magical art The lantern and the candles the fourth The Psalms and the rest of the Instruments the fifth the crucible or Chafing-dish and the charcoal or fuel But it is necessary for the master Himself to carry in his hand the staff And the wand or rod the master of the Ceremony and his disciples will go as Such to the place they have decided to Perform the ritual there once the area Has been lit up by the flame of fire Different circles can be constructed for The master to speak with his spirits the Circles and symbols drawn during the Ceremony each have a particular Significance such as mimicking the four Quarters of the earth to end four Hexagonal Pentacles would be drawn Whilst the details of the ritual may Seem somewhat pagan in nature prayers And religious invocations are a large Feature of the ceremony not only that Their purpose is supposedly to ensure That the participants intentions are Honorable and as

Have the protection of God the different Names of God are also an essential Element in the ritual in one segment of The ritual which is supposed to grant Participants the power to command Spirits a prayer must be said to ensure That the spirits who are summoned are Gentle and peaceable and thus be Obedient to their commands to do this They invoke the name almost holy Adonai Which is a Hebrew name for God the Request for obedience becomes all the More explicit when demons are summoned In the ritual according to the text the Master must state I conjure yeonu and I Powerfully ergy ode Eamon’s in Whatsoever part of the world ye may be So that ye shall be unable to remain in Air fire water earth or in any part of The universe or in any Pleasant place Which may attract you but that ye come Promptly to accomplish our desire and All things that we demand from your Obedience whether or not this ritual is Grounded in biblical truths or was Written by King Solomon himself is not Known however the Key of Solomon Represents the spirit of the Renaissance When there was an explosion of esoteric Teaching and learning across Europe Indeed this wave of occultism only Started to wane in the 18th century with The Enlightenment but before that even Renowned intellectuals like Isaac Newton

Were heavily invested in mystical Matters the Key of Solomon is a part of That tradition and has inspired other Variants such as the Lesser Key of Solomon this tradition of rituals and Paranormal games has continued into the Modern day with this knowledge still Being disseminated and expanded upon by Many who believe in their power And the power of ritual Thank you for watching and thank you Also to the team behind raid shadow Legends for sponsoring the creation of This video don’t forget you can check Out their game using my special link in The description below and if you cannot Wait until my next video why not watch The one suggested on screen now until Next time You